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Full text of "Annual register of the Alumnae Association of Smith College"

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3 1833 00860 7928 

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APRIL, 1917 


Entered as second-class matter November 27, 1906, at the post office Northampton, 
Massachusetts, under the Act of Congress of July 16, 1894. 







/\/orihOrnptcn, /^QSJ 

Organized 1881 
Incorporated 1914 

W. // 

Sm 5 Sol cl with 

Report for 1915-1916-/7 




Alumnae association officers ......... 3 

Alumnae trustees .......... 3 

Officers of branch associations and local clubs . . . . . 3 

Class secretaries association officers ....... 8 

Class secretaries . . . . . . . 8 

Class presidents .......... 9 

Alumnae association officers since 1881 . . . . . . 10 

Agreement of association 11 

Certificate of incorporation ........ 11 

By-laws 12 

Plan for nomination of alumnae trustees . . . . . . 16 

Alumnae trustee electors for 1916-17 . . . . . 18 

The alumnae council ......... 22 

Constitution and by-laws of the alumnae council ... . . 22 

Alumnae councillors for 1916-17 ....... 24 

The alumnae fund .......... 26 

Alumnae fund committee for 1916-17 ...... 26 

Plan for nomination and election of A. C. A. councillors and delegates . 26 

Minutes of the annual meeting . . . . . . . 27 

Recommendations of the alumnae council to the alumnae association . 29 

Report of the secretary ......... 30 

Report of the treasurer ......... 32 

Alumnae association budget for 1916-17 . . . . . 36 

Summarized reports ......... 37 

Percentage of membership in the alumnae association ... 40 

Report of local associations ........ 41 

Announcements of Alumnae Quarterly, college pin, college rooms for com- 
mencement, and form of bequest ...... 53 

College calendar for 1916-17 . . . . . . . . 54 

Explanatory note .......... 55 

Academic graduates 1879-1916 55 

Honorary members . . . . . ... . . 235 

Associate members . . . . . . . . 235 

Class of 1916 . . 248 

Geographical list .......... 255 






General Secretary 
Assistants to the General 

OFFICERS 1916-17 

Alice Lord Parsons 97 
Helen C. Gross 05 
Harriet Seel ye Rhees 88 
Ruth C. Holm an 06 
Grace P. Fuller 03 

Florence H. Snow 04 
Ruth W. Higgins 13 
Katharine Boutelle 15 

Alumnae Trustees 

Term expires 

Susan Fuller Albright 91 1918 

Marguerite M. Wells 95 1920 

Ellen T. Emerson 01 1922 





Assistant Secretary 


^ Vice-president 
/ Secretary 
\ Treasurer 

Berkshire County Club 1914* . 

Mabel A. Rice 98 
Madeline E. Pfeiffer 13 
Mildred L. MacDonald 10 
Catherine A. Ferry 13 

Boston Association 1887 

Lizzie Parker McCollester 88 
Rachel Whidden Merchant 13 
Mary Poland Cushman 96 
Ruth Lawrence 12 
Lucy P. O'Meara 12 
Elisabeth B. Thacher 98 

Buffalo Club 1909 

Eleanor Hotchkiss Potter 01 
Laura A. Brown 02 
Maudita Clement 15 
Virginia E. Bartlett 10 

Chicago Association 1887 

Mary Hastings Bradley 05 
Edna M. True 09 
Frances M. Hooper 14 
Helen M. Northup 12 

Date of organization 



Secretary and Treasurer 


Secretary and Treasurer 

Secretary and Treasurer 





Recording Secretary 
Corresponding Secretary 

Cincinnati Club 1906 

Mary Caldwell Merrell 01 
Stella Goss Wohlgemuth 02 
Evelyn Rheinstrom Hirsch 14 

Cleveland Club 1903 

Marion Carr Condit 07 
Edna Wood Williamson 07 
Rachel Hoge Ford 14 
Gertrude Richmond Turck 98 

Colorado Club 1908 

Dr Margaret Long 95 
Ethel L. Adams ex-15 

Detroit Club 1910 

Maud W. McBride 04 
Florence M. Boyle 08 
Beatrice Springer Church 05 
Angie Dresser Cole 98 

Eastern New York 1916 

Alice Clute Ely 91 
Carolyn Peck Boardman 91 
Alice M. Adams 13 
Beatrice Manning Oliver 02 

Fitchburg Club 1902 

Frances L. Lockey 04 
Elsie Damon Simonds 06 
M. Beatrice Lyons 10 
Helen H. Rice 01 

Hartford Club 1896 

Mary Shute Thayer 87 
Elizabeth Thorndike Saville ex-91 
Jane Hills Beardsley 99 
Marguerite James 15 
Anne W. Moore ex-95 
Margaret B. Foley 90 



Indiana Association 1909 

Anne Fraser 99 
Ruth Hellekson 14 
Dora E. Bosart 08 
Ruth Edwards 15 

Kansas City Club 1914 

Jessica Burnham Downing 90 
Ethel B. Ridenour 99 

Secretary and Treasurer Dorothy Browne 14 


Minneapolis and St Paul Club 1903 
President Alice Gale Jones 87 

Vice-president Caroline Saunders Lindeke 01 

Secretary Edith Moore Atwood 06 

Treasurer Agnes R. Carter 10 


Nebraska Club 1914 

Elizabeth Greene Capen 07 
Myrtie Robinson Preston ex-99 
Nelle Ryan 15 
Katherine L. Grable ex-10 



New Hampshire Club 1916 

Beatrice Flather Flagg 05 
Leonora Bates 07 
Fanny V. Hazen 10 
Marion Roby Ingersoll ex-12 
Helen Barr Smith 08 
Elisabeth Brown Stearns 01 

Secretary and Treasurer 

Recording Secretary 
Corresponding Secretary 

New Haven Club 1911 

Bertha Ray Harriman 86 
Lois de M. Robinson 09 
Grace P. Fuller 03 

New York Club 1890 

Elizabeth Meier Schevill 00 
Blanche W. Hull 02 
Carolyn P. Swett 95 
Millicent V. Lewis 07 
Sara C. Evans 11 

Northern California Club 
President Mary E. Wilson 91 

Vice-president Mary H. Post 96 

Secretary and Treasurer Eleanor A. Barrows 11 



Philadelphia Club 1903 

Mary D. Bergen 10 
Dr Alice W. Tallant 97 
Anna R. Taylor 14 
Margaret Shoemaker 11 


Pittsburgh Club 1907 

Helen Stevenson Stevenson 09 
Mary Coburn Rust 02 
Frances P. Siviter 10 
Jane M. Kerr 01 



Secretary and Treasurer 


Rhode Island Club 1905 

Eleanor S. Upton 09 
Edith Thornton 10 
Florence M. McConnell 14 
Helen H. Hatch 03 

Rochester Club 1908 

Virginia J. Smith 07 
Agnes Slade Smith ex-97 
Marjorie Taylor 14 

St Louis Club 1897 

Myrtle Alderman Neuhoff 11 
Mary Wham 06 
Clarace Eaton Galt 99 
Edith E. Souther 02 

Southern California Club 1903 
President Mary Eleanor Bissell 97 

Vice-President Harriet Morris 97 

Secretary and Treasurer Edith C. Egbert ex- 14 



Syracuse Club 1896 

Caroline Snow Merrell 96 
Lois Barnard Vickers 97 
Lorraine H. Comly 15 
Annie D. Tuttle 03 

Vermont Association 1914 

Louise C. Perkins 02 
Gertrude Cahee Chittenden 95 
Amy Jones Rice 01 
Aloysia Hoye Davis 00 

Washington D. C. Club 1903 

President Edith Willis Kauffmann ex-05 

Vice-president Katharine Graves Busbey 94 

Secretary and Treasurer Margaret P. Larner 14 

Western Massachusetts Association 1894 
President Leona May Peirce 86 

Vice-president Anne Mead Hammond 04 

Secretary Hart-Lester Harris 13 

Treasurer Dorothy Pearson Abbott 11 

Western Washington Club 1912 

President Alletta M. GilletteJ)7 

Vice-president Edna MacRobert Morse 06 

Secretary Inez H. Craven 10 

Treasurer Louise Keyes 08 


Secretary and Treasurer 

Winchester Club 1912 

Marion True Redfern 00 
Ruth McCall 06 
Helen A. Hall 04 



Wisconsin Club 1916 

Mary F. Carpenter 90 
Nellie Brown Downes 06 
Alma C. Schlesinger 10 
Anna Colman 14 


Secretary and Treasurer 

Worcester Club 1894 

Olive Tolman 07 
Eleanor Brown Whitney 05 
Clara Carter Higgins ex-04 
Amy W. Greene 15 

Secretary and Treasurer 



Bridgeport Club 1915 

Hannah Johnson Stoddard 01 
Elizabeth F. Nichols 10 
Mildred Foster 15 

Brooklyn Club 1912 

Anna S. Jenkins 90 
Mabel Holmes 07 
Florence E. Meakin 09 

Secretary and Treasurer 

Columbus Club 1912 

Florence Jeffrey Carlile 93 
Abbie Hedges Tallmadge ex-81 
Lucile Atcherson 13 


Secretary and Treasurer 

Eastern Connecticut Club 1916 

Helen Boss Cummings 97 
Eunice H. Gulliver 91 

President and Secretary 
ice-president and 

Gloucester Club 1902 

Harriet Patch Woodbury 97 

Adeline W. Procter 93 


ecretary and Treasurer 

Haverhill Club 1915 

Margaret Love joy Butters 89 
Valerie Veasey ex- 12 


Japan Club 1911 

President Florence Brooks Cobb 00 

Vice-president Annie Foster Murray 00 

Secretary and Treasurer Charlotte B. Deforest 01 

Portland Ore. Club 1914 

President Isabella R. Gauld 09 

Vice-president Mabel Knowlton Strong 98 

Secretary and Treasurer Louise B. Boyd ex-14 

Salt Lake City Club 1915 

President Corinne Tuckerman Allen ex-79 

Secretary and Treasurer Eleanor Dooly Bamberger 01 

Southern Club 1916 

President Anna Casler Chesebrough 97 

Vice-president Eliza Lord Jaquith 96 

Secretary Mathilde M. Parlett 13 

Treasurer Alice C. Greene 07 


President Mary P. Allison 02 

Secretary and Treasurer Muriel S. Haynes 04 

Class Secretaries 


Kate Morris Cone 


Elisabeth B. Thacher 


Netta Wetherbee Higbee 


Grace P. Chapin 


Eliza P. Huntington 


Elizabeth F. Whitney 


Mary Gulliver 


Edith S. Tilden 


Charlotte C. Gulliver 


Mary P. Allison 


Helen F. Whitten 


Grace P. Fuller 


Ruth B. Franklin 


Muriel S. Haynes 


M. Adele Allen 


Emma P. Hirth 


Clara M. Reed 


Maud Skidmore Barber 


Jennie Chamberlain Hosford 


Virginia J. Smith 


Lucy E. Allen 


Helen Hills Hills 


Mary V. Thayer 


Alice M. Pierce 


Bertha Dwight Cole 


Jessie W. Post 


Katherine Haven Upton 


Margaret Townsend O'Brien 


Harriet Holden Oldham 


Mary A. Clapp 


Sarah E. Bawden 


Helen E. Hodgman 


Bessey Borden 


Margaret L. Farrand 


Margaret Manson Holcomb 


Barbara Cheney 


Dr Alice Weld Tallant 


Frances E. Hall 


Class Presidents 


1880 May Seymour 

1881 Charlotte Cheever Tucker 

1882 Katherine E. McClellan 

1883 Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke 

1884 Caroline B. Sergeant 

1885 Elizabeth Cheever Wheeler 

1886 Annie Russell Marble 

1888 Martha Everett St John 

1889 Anna Gilmour de Forest 

1890 Louisa S. Cheever 

1891 Susette Lauriat Lane 

1892 Mary Rankin Wardner 

1893 Susan V. Knox 

1894 Gertrude Gane 

1895 R. Adelaide Witham 

1896 Clara Burnham Platner 

1897 Alice Lord Parsons 

1898 Adeline F. Wing 

1899 Edith E. Rand 

1900 Marguerite Gray 

1901 Agnes Childs Hinckley 

1902 Blanche W. Hull 

1903 Marion Evans Stanwood 

1904 Emma Dill Grand 

1905 Marian Rumsey Ewing 

1906 Anna Wilson Dickinson 

1907 Laura Geddes Miller 

1908 May S. Kissock 

1909 Harriet Byers Deans 

1910 Helen Bigelow Hooker 

1911 Sara C. Evans 

1912 Amy Waterbury Safford 

1913 Dorothy Olcott 

1914 Katharine Knight 

1915 Dorothy W. Dulles 

1916 Eleanor Adams 

Secretary only 




Eleanor P. Cushing 81-83 
Charlotte B. Cheever 83-85 
Amelia L. Owen 85-87 
Charlotte C. Gulliver 87-91 
Mary E. Duguid 91-95 
Elizabeth B. Cheever 95-99 


Lucia Clapp Noyes 99-03 
Kate Morris Cone 03-05 , 
Martha Wilson 05-09 
Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke 09-11 
Ellen T. Emerson 11-13 
Alice Lord Parsons 13- 


Amelia L. Owen 81-83 
J. Justina Robinson 81-84 
Kate E. Morris 83-85 
Mary S. Locke 84-86 
Margarette M. Osgood 85-87 
Mary L. Mason 86-88 
Clara French 87-89 
Grace A. Preston 88-90 
Elizabeth C. Lawrence 89-91 
Elizabeth B. Cheever 90-92 
Louise A. Husted 91-93 
Alice Gale Jones 92-94 
Helen Holmes 93-95 
Caroline S. Austin 94-96 
Grace A. Bruce 95-97 
Grace A. Hubbard 96-98 
Ruth Bowles Baldwin 97-99 
Charlotte S. Stone 98-99 


Mary B. Whiton 99-00 

Gertrude Gane 99-00 

Ellen Holt 00-02 

Mary Frost Sawyer 00-03 

Anna Gilmour de Forest 02-04 

Eleanor E. Cutler 03-05 

Cornelia R. Trowbridge 04-06 

Mary F. Knox 05-07 

*Charlotte Wilkinson Bragdon 06- 

Dec. 07 
Sara Duryea Hazen Ja-Je 08 
Florence Lord King 07-09 
Caroline Hungerford Mills 08-10 
Anne W. Safford 09-13 
Ruth Johnson (Mrs Campion) 10-14 
Helen Rand Thayer 13-15 
Eunice Wead 14-16 
Helen C. Gross 15- 
Seelye Rhees 16- 

Mary S. Locke 81-84 

Mary B. Daniels 84-88 

Helen C. Rand 88-92 

Netta Wetherbee Higbee 92-94 

Julia H. Caverno 94-96 

Abbie W. Covel 96-00 


Eleanor H. Nichols 00-01 
Margaret Kennard (Mrs Woodworth) 

Ellen T. Emerson 06-10 
Elizabeth F. Whitney 10-14 
Marian C. Yeaw 14-16 

Ruth C. Holman 16- 


S. Alice Brown 81-05 
Mary H. A. Mather elected 85 but did not serve 

' Abbie W. Covel 05-07 
Ethel H. Freeman 07-12 
Grace P. Fuller 12- 

■ Deceased. 



We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do, by this agreement, associate our- 
selves with the intention to constitute a corporation according to the provi- 
sions of the one hundred and twenty-fifth chapter of the Revised Laws of the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Acts in amendment thereof and in 
addition thereto. 

The name by which the Corporation shall be known is 


The Corporation is constituted for the purpose of furthering the well being of 
the College and its graduates by increasing the interest of members in the College 
and in each other. 

The place within which the Corporation is established or located is the city 
of Northampton Within said Commonwealth. 
The amount of its capital stock is 
The par value of its share is 

The number of its shares is ......$ 

(If seven days' notice is waived, use the following form.) 

We hereby waive all requirements of the statutes of Massachusetts for notice 
of the first meeting for organization, and appoint the 16th day of 
December, 1913, at 10 o'clock A. M., at Room 603, 110 State Street, 
Boston, as the time and place of holding said first meeting. 
In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hands this 16th day of 
December in the year nineteen hundred and thirteen 
Alice Tullis Lord Parsons 
Ruth Baird Johnson Campion 
Helen Rand Thayer 
(Signed) Elizabeth Fay Whitney 

Grace Pierpont Fuller 
Lucia Clapp Noyes 
Mary Rankin Wardner 
Ellen Tucker Emerson 


BE IT KNOWN, That whereas Alice Tullis Lord Parsons, Grace Pierpont 

Fuller, Elizabeth Fay Whitney, Ruth Baird 
Johnson Campion, Helen Rand Thayer, Lucia 
Clapp Noyes, Mary Rankin Wardner and 
Ellen Tucker Emerson 
Have associated themselves with the intention of forming a corporation under the 

for the purpose of furthering the well being of the college and its graduates by- 
increasing the interest of members in the college and in each other ; 


and have complied with the provisions of the statutes of this Commonwealth in 
such case made and provided, as appears from the certificate of the 

Proper Officers 

of said corporation, duly approved by the Commissioner of Corporations and re- 
corded in this office: 

Now, Therefore, I, Frank J. Donahue, Secretary of the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts, do hereby certify that said 

Alice Tullis Lord Parsons, Grace Pierpont 
Fuller, Elizabeth Fay Whitney, Ruth Baird 
Johnson Campion, Helen Rand Thayer, Lucia 
Clapp Noyes, Mary Rankin Wardner and 
Ellen Tucker Emerson, 
their associates and successors, are legally organized and established as, and are 
hereby made, an existing corporation, under the name of the 


with the powers, rights and privileges, and subject to the limitations, duties and 
restrictions, which by law appertain thereto. 

Witness my official signature hereunto sub- 
scribed, and the Great Seal of The Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts hereunto affixed, this 
(Seal) second day of January in the year of our Lord 

one thousand nine hundred and fourteen. 
Frank J. Donahue, 

Secretary of the Commonwealth. 


Article I Name 

The name of this corporation shall be The Alumnae Association of Smith 

Article II Purpose of the Corporation 

The purpose of the corporation is to further the well-being of the college 
and its graduates by increasing the interest of members in the college and in 
each other. 

Article III Seal 

The corporate seal shall be a disc bearing the name of the corporation and 
the year of its organization. Its design in other respects shall be such as the 
board of directors may determine. 

Article IV Membership 

Section 1 There shall be three classes of members, active, associate, and 


Section 2 Any graduate of the college may become an active member by 
notifying the secretary of the corporation of her desire so to do and by paying 
in advance the dues for one year as hereinafter provided, and the membership 
so acquired shall be continued as long as the annual dues are paid. 

Section 8 Active or associate membership for life may be acquired by the 
payment in advance of the life membership fee as hereinafter provided. 

Section ^ Any person who has completed satisfactorily a course of not less 
than one year in the academic department of the college, or who is a graduate of 
the schools of music or of art, after her class shall have been graduated, may be- 
come an associate member by notifying the secretary of the corporation of her 
desire so to do and by paying in advance the dues for one year as hereinafter 
provided, and the membership so acquired shall continue as long as the annual 
dues are paid. 

Section 5 The following persons may be made honorary members of the 
corporation by a vote of three-fourths of the active members of the corporation 
present at an annual meeting, namely, any person who has taken a higher degree 
than B. A. at Smith College, and, at the request of her class, any person who has 
had a collegiate course of four years, provided two years of the same have been 
at Smith College. 

Section 6 The privileges and obligations of all classes of members shall be 
the same, except that neither associate nor honorary members shall vote or be 
eligible to office, and except that honorary members shall not be liable for dues. 

Section 7 All persons who were, prior to the formation of this corporation, 
members, active, associate, or honorary, of the Alumnae Association of Smith 
College, shall be respectively active, associate, and honorary members of this 

Article V Officers 

The officers of the corporation shall be a president, two vice-presidents, 
(first and second, in the order of their election),, a treasurer, and a secretary. 
There shall be a board of five directors, of which the above named officers shall 
be ex officio members. 

No one shall be eligible for the office of president who has not been a member 
of this corporation or of the Alumnae Association of Smith College existing prior 
to this corporation, for at least three years. 

Article VI Duties of Officers and Directors 

Section 1 The duties of the president, vice-president, treasurer, and secre- 
tary shall be those commonly appertaining to these offices. 

Section 2 The treasurer shall receive the funds of the corporation and dis- 
burse them as directed by not less than four of the directors. She shall make an 
annual report and present the same at the annual meeting. Her books and 
accounts shall be audited by an auditor appointed for the purpose by the board 
of directors. 


Section 3 The board of directors shall take care of the general interests of 
the society, have charge of all arrangements for meetings, shall exercise such 
powers as are provided for by the by-laws and the laws of the Commonwealth, 
and shall have general charge of the property and affairs of the corporation, 
subject to such orders and resolutions as shall from time to time be adopted by 
the members, and shall have and exercise all the powers of the corporation not 
inconsistent with these by-laws and the laws of the Commonwealth. 

Section 4. A majority of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum. 

Section 5 The board of directors may fill all vacancies occurring in the 
board or in the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, or treasurer. 


Article VII Meetings j 

Section 1 The regular annual meeting shall be held during commencement 
week. The precise time in said week and the precise place of meeting shall be 1 
fixed by the board of directors not less than six weeks prior to the date of said 
meeting. For the year 1913 the first meeting of the organizers of this corporation 
shall be considered the annual meeting and no other annual meeting shall be 
required for that year. 

Section 2 Special meetings may be called at any time by the board of 
directors and shall be so called at the request in writing of any ten active mem- 
bers of the corporation. 

Section 3 After the board of directors have fixed the precise time and place 
of the annual meeting, the secretary shall send by mail, or cause to be sent by 
mail, to all members, notice in writing of the time and place of said meeting as 
fixed by the board of directors, not less than one month before the time appointed 
for the meeting. 

Section 4- The secretary shall send, or cause to be sent by mail, to all mem- 
bers, notice in writing of the time and place of any special meeting, at least two 
weeks before the time appointed for the meeting. 

Section 5 The minutes of each annual meeting shall be printed with the 
annual register and sent to all members of the corporation as soon after the annual 
meeting as is possible. 

Section 6 At the annual or special meetings of the corporation twenty-five 
members present in person will constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may, 
for lack of a quorum, adjourn the meeting to a future day and hour. 

Section 7 Regular meetings of the board of directors may be held at such 
times and places as the board may by vote fix. 

Section 8 Special meetings of the board may be called by the president at 
any time or by the secretary at the request in writing of any two directors. Such 
meetings may be called on one day's notice in writing given to each director by 
delivery in hand or mailing to her last known address. Notice may be waived 
and the presence of a director at any meeting shall constitute such a waiver. 


Article VIII Elections 

Section 1 All officers and directors shall be elected at the annual meeting. 

Section 2 Election of officers and directors shall be by printed ballot which 
shall be sent to each active member of the corporation with the call for the annual 
meeting, at least one month previous thereto. 

Section 3 To vote a member must either be present in person at the annual 
meeting or must send her ballot with authority and instructions to cast the same, 
to the secretary of the corporation, provided that if the latter method is adopted, 
such instructions and authority must reach the secretary at least three hours 
before the time set for the annual meeting. 

Section 4- A majority of all the votes cast shall be necessary for an election. 

Section 5 All officers and directors shall be elected to serve for one year or 
until their successors are elected. 

Section 6 No graduate shall be entitled to vote until one year after her 

Article IX Dues 

Section 1 The annual dues shall be one dollar. 

Section 2 Active and associate members, but not honorary members, shall 
pay annual dues. 

Section 3 Any alumna may become a life member by a single payment of 
thirty dollars. 

Section 4 The annual dues shall be payable whenever a person becomes a 
member of the corporation and thereafter on June 15 of each year, and the mem- 
bership of each person becoming a member shall date from June 15 of the year 
in which she becomes a member. 

Section 5 The annual fee of one dollar may be remitted sub silentio by the 
president and treasurer when they deem it advisable. 

Article X Property 

Section 1 All funds and property of the unincorporated association known 
as the "Alumnae Association of Smith College", upon the formation of this cor- 
poration, shall be and become the funds and property of this corporation. 

Section 2 The resignation or death of a member or the termination of her 
membership in any other manner shall operate as an assignment and release to 
the corporation of all right, title, and interest of such member in and to the prop- 
erty and assets of the corporation. 

Article XI Alumnae Association Branches 

Section 1 Any local Smith College club having a membership of twenty- 
five or over, with object analogous to the purposes of this corporation, may be 
registered as a branch thereof, provided, first, such club passes a formal vote to 



become a branch of the Alumnae Association of Smith College and abide by the 
provisions of this article, and, second, sends notice of such vote to the secretary! 
of this corporation. 

Section 2 Graduate members of each club, who are members of this cor-j 
poration, shall elect from their number three who shall serve as trustee electors I 
in accordance with the provisions outlined in the plan for nomination of alumnaeu 
trustees as published in the annual register. 

Section 8 Only graduate members of the club who are members of this! 
corporation shall vote in the nomination of candidates for alumnae trustees.! 
Alumnae councillors shall be members of this corporation. Only members of] 
this corporation, either graduate or non-graduate, shall vote in the election off 
alumnae councillors or in any other matters pertaining directly to this corpora4 
tion. In all other matters the privileges and obligations of the members o^ 
such club, whether or not they are members of this corporation, and whether; 
they are graduates or non-graduates, shall be the same. No member of the, J 
Alumnae Association shall exercise her franchise more than once in any one! 
year on any one matter. (By amendment June, 1916.) 

Section 4 Officers, electors, and councillors of all local Smith College clubs| 
becoming branches of this corporation, as hereinbefore provided, shall be electee! 
after April 1 and before June 1, and their names must be sent to the secretary! 
of this corporation within two weeks of their election. (By amendment June,! 

Section 5 Local clubs becoming branches of this corporation shall makes, 
their own by-laws governing all points except those herein specified. 


Adopted June 15, 1912 

Graduates of Smith College of not less than ten years' standing are eligible 
for election to the board of trustees as representatives of the alumnae. Alumnae 
who are members of the college faculty are not eligible. Alumnae trustees are 
nominated by the Alumnae Association and elected by the board of trustees 
every other year. They serve for a period of six years and are not eligible for re- 
election until two years after their terms have expired. 

Concerning electors 

1 At its annual meeting of each odd year, or at a special meeting called foi 
the purpose, each branch association of the general Alumnae Association shall 
choose one elector to serve for six years, except that at the first election after 
the adoption of this plan three electors must be chosen to serve for six, four and. 
two years respectively, in accordance with the numbers of their votes. Am 
elector must always be a graduate member of the Alumnae Association, as pro-j 
vided in the by-laws of the corporation, Article XI, section 2. 


2 The duties of electors shall be: 

a To present at a meeting of their branch association, which meeting must be held not later 
than December 30 of each odd year, the names of not less than three nominees for each 
vacancy in the number of alumnae trustees. 

b To forward to the secretary of the Alumnae Association before the following January 1 the 
name of the one candidate for each vacancy chosen by the branch association. 

c To forward to the secretary of the Alumnae Association at the same time a statement of 
the year of graduation of this candidate, degrees received by her, positions of trust or re- 
sponsibility held and such other facts as may, in the judgment of the electors, be useful 
to the voters. 

3 Only voting members of the corporation, whose annual dues are paid or 
have been remitted by the president and treasurer, are entitled to vote for an 
elector or for a nominee for the office of alumnae trustee. 

Concerning a committee on nominations 

4 The officers of the Alumnae Association, consisting of the president, the 
vice-presidents, the secretary and the treasurer, shall constitute a committee on 
nominations, whose duties it shall be, on or before December 1 of each odd year, 
to ask from the electors of the branch associations the names of the candidates 
of such associations. On or before March 1 of the following year the nominating 
committee shall select from the list thus obtained and present to the members 
of the corporation who are qualified to vote for alumnae trustees the names of 
not less than two, except in the case where but one candidate is nominated by the 
branch associations, and, except in the case of ties, not more than three candi- 

j-j--- r__ 1- 1 _1 j. j t>i i_ 

i-O Members ot tne Alumnae Association wno are not members ot a orancn asso- 
ciation, but who are eligible to vote for alumnae trustees (as provided in section 
3 of this plan) , may nominate a candidate for alumnae trustee by petition. Such 
petitions must be signed by at least twenty-five such alumnae and sent to the 
secretary of the Alumnae Association, in accordance with b and c of section 2 of 
this plan. The petition shall be worded as follows: 


"We, the undersigned, members of the Alumnae Association who are not members of any 
branch association, and who have not this year cast a vote for nominee to the office of alumnae 

trustee, do hereby present the name of as our candidate to succeed as 

alumnae trustee." 

Such petition shall have equal rank with the nomination of a branch asso- 
ciation and its candidate shall be so counted by the committee on nominations. 

7 An announcement of the year in which choice of alumnae trustee is to be 
made together with a copy of this plan shall be mailed by the secretary of the 
Alumnae Association to each member of the corporation not later than the Novem- 
ber 1 preceding the year in which this choice is to be made. 

Concerning a vacancy 

8 If a vacancy by death or resignation occurs in the number of alumnae trus- 
tees within eighteen months after the regular election of a nominee, a special 
nomination shall be held according to the plan for a regular nomination, except 
that the candidate chosen shall merely serve out the unexpired term of her 

Berkshire County 

Term expires 

Helen Davison Cleland 03 1917 

Mira H. Hall 83 1919 

Isabella V. Power 13 . 1921 


Abigail C. Howes 86 
Katherine Haven Upton 92 
Mary B. Lewis 01 



Eleanor Hotchkiss Potter 01 ........ 1917 

Louise Michael 12 1919 

Marion Gemmel 97 ......... 1921 


Charlotte Emerson Hitchcock 95 . . . ' . . . 1917 

Anna R. Haire 83 ......... 1919 

Mary F. Willard 90 1921 


Ethel S. Thalheimer 02 1917 

Caroline A. Bryant 95 ........ 19191 

Mary Knox Buch waiter 85 ....... 1921 ' 



Term expires 

Elizabeth L. Mansfield 94 . ... 1917 

Julia Miller 11 1919 

Rhea Talmage 13 1921 


Agnes Slocum Biscoe 00 . . . . . . . . 1917 

Mary S. Sabin 91 1919 

Alice McClintock Graham 99 . 1921 


Florence M. Boyle 08 . . . 1917 

Beatrice Springer Church 05 1919 

Winifred MacLachlan 06 . . 1921 

Eastern New York 

Not yet elected 1917 

W* " « • 1919 

B * a 1921 


M. Beatrice Lyons 10 1917 

Marion Conant Damon 03 ....... 1919 

Margaret Lockey Hayes 12 ....... 1921 


Dorothy Davis Goodwin 07 1917 

Alice Raymond Biram 06 1919 

Katherine Lewis Bradley 95 1921 


Maria Woollen Hyde 93 1917 

Franc Hale Wales 97 .1919 

Sara Lauter 05 ■ . 1921 

Kansas City 

Martha Criley 01 1917 

Caro Taylor Martin 91 1919 

Georgianna Brackett King 99 . 1921 

Minneapolis and St Paul 

Helen Janney Case 00 1917 

Alice Gale Jones 87 1919 

Agnes Patton Woodhull 01 1921 




Janet Wallace Curtis 91 

Caroline L. Dodge 90 . . . . . . • 

Myra Breckenridge Gordon 11 ....... 

New Hampshire 

Not yet elected ......... 

u u a 
a a « 

New Haven 

Ethel M. Gower 98 

Edla Stout Steele 02 

Helen Curtis Taylor 07 

New York 

Sarah Sanderson Vanderbilt 00 

A. Isabel Norton 03 

Ethelyn McKinney 95 . ^ . 

Northern California 

Mary Barrows Irwin 97 . 

Frances C. Smith 96 

Dr Adelaide Brown 88 . 


Jane B. Provost 08 

Helen McF. O'Neill 96 

Caroline L. Steele 92 .... 


Bertha T. Randall 93 

Anne McConway McEldowney 93 . 
Emma Tyler Leonard 05. 

Rhode Island 

Grace P. Chapin 99 

Edith Thornton 10 

Laura Sawin Tilley 91 


Charlotte A. Henderson 10 ... 

Isabella G. Taylor 81 

Bertha Groesbeck Haskell 00 . 

St Louis 

Mildred McCluney 04 

Elizabeth Hays 09 

Edith E. Souther 02 


Southern California 

Term expires 

Maude Carpenter Murphy 96 1917 

Minerva Barton Foote 88 1919 

Jennie Gould Hopkins 85 . 1921 


Margaret Silsbee Wade 99 1917 

Kate Dunn Spalding 84 . . 1919 

Jean M. Richards 95 • . . 1912 


Marion Gary 05 1917 

Aloysia Hoye Davis 00 1919 

Sarah Allen Leavenworth 94 1921 

Washington D. C. 

Mabel Grandin 09 1917 

Eunice Wead 02 1919 

Annie Denham Pimper 04 . . . . . . . . 1921 

Western Massachusetts 

Grace T. Lyon 97 1917 

Mary Eastman 86 1919 

Anne Mead Hammond 04 1921 

Western Washington 

Hilda Schricker Swift 07 1917 

Florence Curtis Harrah 10 1919 

Muriel Seeley Welles 10 1921 


Elisabeth Redfern Dennett 97 1917 

Edith Kimball Metcalf 98 1919 

Ella M. Emerson 05 1921 


Martha Mason 94 1917 

Mina M. Kerr 00 1919 

Mildred R. Perry 10 1921 


Ruth Vaughan 08 1917 

Anne Barrows Seelye 97 . 1919 

Helen C. Marble 04 (.■'.. 1921 


Established 1906 
Reorganized June 13, 1914 

1 The alumnae trustees, the former alumnae trustees, the officers of the 
Alumnae Association, the editor-in-chief of the Alumnae Quarterly, one delegate 
from each registered local association or club having a membership of at least 
twenty-five and an additional delegate from each association or club having a 
membership of more than one hundred, two councillors-at-large appointed by 
the board of directors, and the secretary of each class holding a formal reunion 
the year of the meeting, shall constitute an Alumnae Council. 


2 The said Alumnae Council shall meet in Northampton during the winter 
term of the college, each year, to confer with the president, the faculty and the 
undergraduates in regard to efficient lines of service open to the Alumnae 

3 The said Alumnae Council shall meet in Northampton within a week before! 
commencement to prepare recommendations to be submitted to the Alumnae! 
Association at its annual meeting. 

4 The Alumnae Association shall bear the expenses of the board of directors! 
and of the councillors-at-large; the expenses of the other delegates shall be met 
by their local associations, by their classes or by them individually. 


Adopted February, 1915 

The constitution of this council shall be identical with the constitution 
of the Alumnae Association as included in the act of incorporation. 


Article I Name 

The name of this organization shall be the Alumnae Council of Smith College. 
Article II Object 

The object of the council shall be to further the best interests of Smith 
College, by strengthening the relations between the college and its alumnae, by 
acting as a medium for securing and disseminating accurate information con-, 
cerning the college, and by indicating and undertaking the lines of active alumnae 

Article III Membership 

Section 1 The Alumnae Council shall be composed of the following members: 

a The board of directors of the Alumnae Association 

b Alumnae trustees of Smith College 

c Former alumnae trustees of Smith College 

d One councillor for each registered local association or club having a member- 
ship of at least 25, and an additional councillor from each association or club 
having a membership of more than 100 


e Two councillors-at-large appointed by the board of directors of the Alumnae 

f Class secretaries, in the years of the formal reunions of their classes 
g General secretary of the Alumnae Association 
h Editor-in-chief of the Smith Alumnae Quarterly 

i President and treasurer of the Smith Students Aid Society. (By amendment 
February, 1916.) 

j Chairmen of council committees not otherwise provided for. (By amendment 
February, 1916.) 

Section 2 In the event of the necessary absence of a local councillor, a 
councillor-at-large, or a class secretary, from a meeting of the council, her place 
shall be filled by an alternate appointed by the president of the local club or 
association, the board of directors or the president of her class respectively. 

Article IV Officers 

The officers of the council shall be a president, two vice-presidents, secretary 
and treasurer. The officers of the Alumnae Association shall be ex-officio the 
officers of the council. Their duties shall be such as generally appertain to these 
officers and such as may from time to time be designated by the council. The 
president shall be ex-officio a member of all committees. 

Article V Executive Committee 

There shall be an executive committee composed of the officers of the council 
and the chairmen of all standing committees. This committee shall have all the 
powers of the council in the interim of council meetings. Seven members shall 
constitute a quorum. 

Article VI Standing Committees 

Section 1 There shall be 12 standing committees of the council as follows: 

1 Finance 

2 Publicity 

3 Preparatory schools 

4 Class organization and records 

5 Curriculum 

6 Graduate work 

7 Alumnae publications 

8 Undergraduate interests 

9 Statistics 

10 Commencement 

11 Vocations 

12 Local clubs 

Section 2 The Alumnae Fund Committee as provided for by the Alumnae 
Association of Smith College shall constitute the committee on finance. The 
chairmen of the other standing committees shall be members of the council and 
be appointed by the officers of the council; other members of these committees 
shall be appointed annually, upon nomination of the chairmen of committees, by 
the executive committee of the council as early as possible in the February session, 
and in any case before that session disbands. The president of the council shall 
have power to fill all vacancies occurring in the interim between annual meet- 
ings. (By amendment February, 1916.) 


Section 8 The duties of these committees shall be defined by the executive 

Article VII Council Meetings 

Section 1 Stated meetings of the council shall be held twice yearly, the 
exact dates to be determined by the executive committee. Special meetings 
may be called at any time at the discretion of the officers of the council. Notice 
of stated meetings shall be mailed to each member a month in advance. 

Section 2 At all meetings 15 members shall constitute a quorum. 

Article VIII 

These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the council. (By 
amendment February, 1916.) 

Article IX 

Where not otherwise specified, the council shall at all times be governed by 
the usage laid down in Robert's Rules of Order. 

Alumnae Trustees 

Former Trustees 


Susan Fuller Albright 91 
Marguerite M. Wells 95 
Ellen T. Emerson 01 
Charlotte Cheever Tucker 81 
Kate Morris Cone 79 
Anna L. Dawes 
Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke 83 
Charlotte C. Gulliver 83 
Mary Duguid Dey 84 
Helen Rand Thayer 84 
Helen Shute Moulton 87 
Alice Peloubet Norton 82 
Ruth Bowles Baldwin 87 
Lucia Clapp Noyes 81 
Laura D. Gill 81 
Ada L. Comstock 97 
Elisa May Willard 94 

Officers of the 
Alumnae Association 

Editor-in-chief of the 
Alumnae Quarterly 

Berkshire County 


Term expires 

Alice Lord Parsons 97, president 
Helen C. Gross 05, 1st vice-president 
Harriet Seelye Rhees 88, 2d vice-president 
Ruth C. Holman 06, secretary 
Grace P. Fuller 03, treasurer 
Florence H. Snow 04, general secretary 

Edith N. Hill 03 

Delegates from Clubs 
Ruth A. Mills 04 
Jessie Rand Goldthwait 90 
Mary A. Clapp 12 
Elizabeth Seabury Guthrie 90 




Eastern New York 



Kansas City 

Minneapolis and St Paul 

New Hampshire 
New Haven 
New York 

Northern California 



Rhode Island 


St Louis 

Southern California 



Washington D. C. 
Western Massachusetts 

Western Washington 








Secretaries of classes 
holding reunions 

Gertrude E. Gladwin 00 

Albertine Flershem Valentine 97 

Evelyn Rheinstrom Hirsch 14 

Mary E. Raymond 91 

Dr Elsie S. Pratt 

Flora Ray Best 11 

Jessamine Kimball Draper 01 

Helen F. Stratton 01 

Lucy O. Hunt 97 

Helen E. Brown 01 

Caroline Marmon 00 

R. Adelaide Witham 95 

Caroline Saunders Lindeke 01 

Edith Moore Atwood 06 

Lorraine Comstock Evarts ex-08 

Ethel W. Devin 94 

Eleanor Cutler Daggett 92 

Susan S. Titsworth 97 

Elizabeth Meier Schevill 00 

Bertha Richardson Lucas 01 

Mildred W. Wilson 08 

Anne McConway McEldowney 93 

Eleanor S. Upton 09 

Emily Betts Strayer 96 

Mary Wham 06 

Maude Carpenter Murphy 

Margaret Silsbee Wade 99 

Caroline H. Arms 01 

Edith J. Goode 04 

Hart-Lester Harris 13 

M. Adele Allen 86 

Lea Gazzam 13 

Elisabeth Redfern Dennett 

Dorothy Reed Mendenhall 95 

Josephine Sewall Emerson 97 

Ruth C. Holman 06 

None elected this year 

Not yet elected 

Eliza Lord Jaquith 96 

Mary Gulliver 82 
Clara M. Reed 87 
Katherine Haven Upton 92 
Dr Alice W. Tallant 97 
Mary P. Allison 02 
Virginia J. Smith 07 
Mary A. Clapp 12 
Margaret L. Farrand 14 
Frances E. Hall 16 


Established June 15, 1912 

1 A standing committee of five members, of whom the alumnae treasurer shall 
be one, shall be elected by the association. One member shall be elected each year 
to serve five years. In addition to these five members the president and secretary 
of the Alumnae Association shall be ex- officio members of the Alumnae Fund 
Committee. (By amendment June, 1916.) 

2 This committee shall issue each year an appeal to each graduate of the college 
asking her to give what she can, however small the sum, to the Alumnae Fund. 
(By amendment June, 1913.) 

3 The Alumnae Fund thus raised may be used each year at the discretion of the 
committee, in conference with the college authorities, for increasing the principal 
of the endowment fund or as a "living endowment," that is, as income, or as a 
building fund. All action taken by the Alumnae Fund Committee concerned with 
the use and investment of funds must be ratified by the board of directors of the 
Alumnae Association, an affirmative vote of four members being necessary for 
such ratification. (By amendment June, 1916.) 

4 From time to time the Alumnae Fund Committee shall present to the 
Alumnae Association for its endorsement and its active cooperation plans for 
raising through the Alumnae Fund money for specific purposes approved or 
suggested by the college authorities. (By amendment June, 1916. 


Term expires 

Grace P. Fuller 03 ex-officio, chairman ..... 1917 

Mary A. Van Kleeck 04 1918 

Eleanor Cutler Daggett 92 ....... 1919 

Katherine Garrison Norton 95 . . . . . . . 1920 

Elizabeth Cutter Morrow 96 ...... 1921 

Alice Lord Parsons 97 ex-officio ....... 1917 

Ruth C. Holman 06 ex-officio ....... 1918 


Adopted June 13, 1914 

1 In the year preceding the biennial convention of the A. C. A. the nominating 
committee of the Alumnae Association shall present, at the annual meeting of the 
association, to be voted on by the members present, a ballot* of candidates for 
councillors and delegates to the conferences of the affiliated alumnae associations 
and the biennial convention of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae. (By amend- 
ment June, 1916.) 

2 Each candidate shall be elected with the power of appointing a substitute, 
subject to the approval of the president, in the event of her inability to attend a 
conference or convention. 

* See page 28 for June, 1916 ballot 


June 19, 1916 

The annual meeting of the Alumnae Association was held in the Students 
Building, Northampton, June 19, at 10 a. m. About 500 members were present. 
Mrs Alice Tullis Lord Parsons 97 presided. 

Upon motion duly seconded, it was voted to omit the reading of the minutes 
of the last annual meeting. 

The reports of the president, secretary, and treasurer, were read and accepted 
with applause. It was voted to accept the budget as read by the treasurer. 

Miss Florence Snow 04 read the office report, which was accepted with 

The commencement marshal, Miss Antoinette Putman-Cramer 01, an- 
nounced that all alumnae wishing to attend commencement should come to 
Seelye 10 on Tuesday morning before 9:40 o'clock. 

Printed, summarized reports* of the alumnae trustees, the College Settlements 
Association, the College Settlements fellowship committee, the seal committee, 
the committee in charge of the Sophia Smith Homestead, the 96 committee in 
charge of the refurnishing and restoring of the homestead, the A. C. A. conven- 
tions, the alumnae publications committee, and the committee appointed to study 
the lighting system at the San Francisco Exposition, were distributed. 

The secretary read the note from the Alumnae Council by which it endorsed 
the recommendation of the board of directors — that the new alumnae song be 
adopted for permanent use. 

A discussion of the song and the possibility of securing better music and 
words from the alumnae followed. It was moved and seconded that the song be 
adopted. The motion was lost. 

Upon motion duly seconded, it was 

Voted: To have a permanent alumnae song committee appointed by the chair. 
The report of the seal committee submitted with the design that the com- 
mittee had selected was read by the secretary. The use of the seal was explained. 
Mrs Lucia Clapp Noyes 81 expressed an objection to the word "activity," sug- 
gesting that it might mean "pernicious activity" and moved that "a sum of one 
hundred dollars be appropriated to conduct a competition among professional 
artists." An amendment was offered and accepted that the word professional 
be omitted. Mrs Noyes's motion with the amendment was lost. 
Upon motion duly seconded, it was 

Voted: That the matter of a seal be left in the hands of a committee em- 
powered to act and appointed by the chair. 

Miss Ruth Cooper 12 spoke in behalf of the Drama Room which Miss 
Ludella Peck, late professor of elocution, had been very much interested in start- 
ing, and for which money had been given by 1911, 1912, 1913, and 1914. She 
presented the following resolution, which was adopted: 

Resolved: That the Alumnae Association, as an expression of its interest in the Drama 
Room, appoint a committee to consider plans for opening such a room in the Students Building 
until more suitable quarters shall be provided. 

* See page 37 


Voted: To adopt the following amendment to the plan for the nomination 
and election of councillors and delegates to the A. C. A. conventions and con- 
ferences of affiliated alumnae associations (adopted June 13, 1914): 

1 In the year preceding the biennial convention of the A. C. A. the nominating committee 
of the Alumnae Association shall present, at the annual meeting of the association, to be voted 
on by the members present, a ballot of candidates for councillors and delegates to the conferences 
of the affiliated alumnae associations and the biennial convention of the Association of Collegiate 

2 Each candidate shall be elected with the power of appointing a substitute, subject to the 
approval of the president, in the event of her inability to attend a conference or convention. 

The nominations for councillors and delegates to A. C. A. conventions, 
April, 1917, were read as follows: 

For councillors: 

Mary Clark Mitchell 83 
Alice Lord Parsons 97 
Eunice Wead 02 
Florence H. Snow 04 
Helen C. Gross 05 

For delegates: 

Anna Casler Chesebrough 97 
Dr Alice Tallant 97 
Grace Smucker Schenck 05 
Vardrine McBee 06 
Carolyn V. Tucker 07 
Mildred W. Wilson 08 
Marian C. Yeaw 11 
Frances A. Carpenter 12 
Mathilde M. Parlett 13 
Margaret P. Larner 14 

Voted: That the secretary cast the ballot, and it was declared elected. 

The following recommendation was read from the Alumnae Council: 

The Alumnae Council recommends that a committee of five be appointed 

to study the reorganization of the Alumnae Association and to report to the 

council in February. 

Voted: To accept the recommendation. 

Upon motion by Mrs Baldwin, duly seconded, it was 

Voted: That the president and treasurer should be ex-officio members of the 

Mrs Elizabeth Cutter Morrow 96 gave a report for the committee on restor- 
ing and refurnishing the Sophia Smith Homestead. It was received with great 
applause and a rising vote of thanks was extended to the Class of 1896 by the 
Alumnae Association. 

All who had visited the homestead on or since Saturday were requested to 
sign sheets of the guest book which were circulated. 

Mrs Parsons explained that it was hoped that some class or individual would 
give $1,000 for the restoration of the barn as a recreation place for undergraduates. 
A sketch of the barn as it could be made to look was passed around. 


The secretary read the report for the polling committee which announced 
that the following officers of the Alumnae Association had been elected: 

President Mrs Alice Lord Parsons 97 (re-elected) 
1st vice-president Miss Helen C. Gross 05 (re-elected) 
2nd vice-president Mrs Harriet Seelye Rhees 88 
Secretary Miss Ruth C. Holman 06 
Treasurer Miss Grace P. Fuller 03 (re-elected) 

A rising vote of thanks was extended to Miss Eunice Wead and Miss Marian 
Yeaw, the retiring officers. 

Mrs Parsons announced that Miss Elisa May Willard 94 had just completed 
her term of office as alumna trustee. Upon motion, duly seconded, it was 

Voted: That an expression of gratitude be sent to Miss Willard for her loyal 
and disinterested service. 

Miss Fuller as chairman of the Alumnae Fund Committee read the report 
which contained the following recommendations: 

1 That the alumnae of Smith College raise a fund of $100,000: $25,000, to be invested as part 
of the endowment of the college, for the promotion of graduate work and productive scholarship 
in general, and $75,000 to be given to the college for an infirmary. 

2 That the whole amount be in the hands of the treasurer of the association by June 15, 1917. 

3 That $500 be appropriated from the surplus funds in the checking account of the Associa- 
tion on June 15, 1916, for raising this money, and that an adding machine be purchased for the 
alumnae office (the 1916-17 budget appropriates $200 for the expenses of the Alumnae Fund). 

Upon motion duly seconded it was 

Voted: That the report be adopted. 

Voted: That subscription lists be opened immediately. 

About $14,000 was soon subscribed. 

There being no further business the meeting adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Marian C. Yeaw, Secretary. 



June 19, 1916 

1 That article 1 of the plan of organization be revised to read: 

"A standing committee of five members, of whom the alumnae treasurer 
shall be one, shall be elected by the association. One member shall be elected 
each year to serve five years. In addition to these five members the president 
and secretary of the Alumnae Association shall be ex officio members of the 
Alumnae Fund Committee." 

2 That article 3 of the plan of organization be amended by adding (after 
the words "The Alumnae Fund thus raised may be used each year at the discre- 
tion of the committee, in conference with the college authorities, for increasing 
the principal of the endowment fund or as a 'living endowment,' that is, as in- 
come") the words: "or as a building fund." 

3 That there be added to the plan of organization of the fund a fourth 
article, to read: "From time to time the Alumnae Fund Committee shall present 
to the Alumnae Association for its endorsement and its active cooperation plans 

* See page 27 of Minutes of the Annual Meeting. 


for raising through the Alumnae Fund money for specific purposes approved or 
suggested by the college authorities." 

4 That the alumnae of Smith College raise a fund of $100,000: $25,000 to 
be invested as part of the endowment of the college, for the promotion of graduate 
work and productive scholarship in general, and $75,000 to be given to the college 
for an infirmary. 

5 That the whole amount be in the hands of the treasurer of the associa- 
tion by commencement day 1917. 

6 That the following be adopted as an outline of work to be followed in the 
raising of this money. 

a The working force of the Alumnae Fund Committee shall be enlarged 
by the addition of sub-committees for work with classes, with clubs, and with 
outside donors. 

b Until February the efforts of the committee among alumnae shall be 
directed toward the classes, the general appeal being sent out in the fall in co- 
operation with class committees. 

c At the council meeting in February active work among the clubs shall 
be begun, due precautions being observed to see that alumnae who have already 
given individually be not approached. 

d The clubs shall be asked not to undertake any canvass among their 
members individually until after the council meeting in February, but that their 
efforts up to that time be confined to raising money from outsiders, by entertain- 
ments or by personal appeals. 

e Donors may specify to which of these objects their money shall go, or 
may even give to the income fund if they wish to. 

7 That $500 be appropriated from the surplus funds in the checking account 
of the association on June 15, 1916, for raising this money, and that an adding 
machine be purchased for the alumnae office. 

June 19, 1916 

During the past year the Alumnae Association has been called upon to play 
a new rdle, that of landlord. Immediately after the necessary sum was raised at 
the annual meeting last June, the Sophia Smith Homestead was purchased and 
in November the barn and plot surrounding the barn were added to our holdings. 
The property will be used as a rest and recreation place for alumnae and members 
of the faculty. 

The Alumnae Council has completed one year as an enlarged and reorganized 
body and through its standing committees and the enthusiasm of the councillors 
has done much to increase the service of the alumnae to the college. 

In November a plan for the reorganization of the Alumnae Quarterly as the 
publishing department of the association was adopted. After a careful study of 
other alumni publications it was seen that the Quarterly ranks with the largest 
and most successful magazines of its kind. According to the new plan the salary 
of the editor-in-chief was increased to $900, the checking account of the Quarterly 
combined with that of the association, the advertising manager's remuneration 


placed on a purely percentage basis and a finance committee created to manage 
the business of the magazine. 

The board of directors of the association have held eight meetings, three in 
New York and five in Northampton. 

The following appointments have been made: 

1 Councillors-at-large : 

Mary W. Calkins 85, chairman 

Martha Wilson 95, and upon the resignation of Miss Wilson 
Hannah Dunlop Andrews 04 

2 Committee to study the Dix plan of reunions: 

Ruth B. Franklin 85, chairman 
Dr Elsie Pratt 95 
Susan M. Rambo 05 

3 Committee in charge of the Sophia Smith Homestead: 

Martha Wilson 95, chairman 
Lois James 04 
Mary V. Thayer 90 
Virginia J. Smith 07 
Elizabeth Cutter Morrow 96 
Marguerite M. Wells 95 

The president and treasurer of the Alumnae Association 

4 Committee to study the lighting system at the San Francisco Exposition with a view to 

adapting it to our campus: 
Elizabeth F. Whitney 00, chairman 
Anna A. Cutler 85 
Marguerita Isola Hyde 99 

5 Member of the Alumnae Fund Committee for 5 years: 

Katherine Garrison Norton 95 

6 Parade committee: 

Cassandra Kinsman 06, chairman, and upon her resigna on 

Marion E. Dodd 06, chairman 

Mary Curtis 01 

Catharine B. Hooper 11 

Constance Fowler 13 

Adele Glogau 15 

7 Nominating committee: 

Helen C. Gross 05 ex-officio, chairman 
Mary Clark Mitchell 83 
Carolyn V. Tucker 07 

8 Polling committee to count the trustee ballot: 

Grace P. Fuller 03, chairman 
Agnes Childs Hinckley 01 
Florence H. Snow 04 

9 Assistant in the alumnae office: 

Helen C. Moodey 07, and upon her resignation 
Ruth W. Higgins 13 

10 Editors of the Quarterly: 

Helen A. Barnum 13, to succeed Sophia L. Smith 13 resigned 
Elizabeth Eddy 10, to succeed Edith E. Rand resigned 

Edith K. Dunton 97, editor-in-chief during Miss Hill's leave of absence caused 
by ill health 

11 Commencement marshal: 

Antoinette Putman-Cramer 01 


12 Polling committee: 

Helen Moodey Moog 07 
Ysabel Swan 98 
Frances T. Krause 12 

Four new clubs have been formed, one in the South, one in New Hampshire, 
one in eastern Connecticut, one in eastern New York. 

According to the vote of the annual meeting in 1915, resolutions were sent 
to President Burton, congratulating him on completing five years as president, 
to President McCracken expressing our regret at his departure, and to the family 
of Mr A. Lyman Williston expressing our sympathy. Appreciative letters were 
received in reply. 

The polling committee to count the trustee ballot met in Northampton on 
May 24 and counted the ballots which had been cast by the alumnae for the 
candidates for the nomination of an alumna trustee for the term 1916-1922. The 
total number of ballots returned was 1926. Of these 44 were cast out. The name 
of the candidate will be presented to the trustees at their meeting to-day and the 
result will be announced at the Alumnae Assembly to-morrow. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Marian C. Yeaw, 

Seer etary 


Balance in the treasury June 15, 1915 

Life membership fund $6,151.65 

Alumnae office account 2,781.72 $8,933.37 






Balance on hand 




Life memberships, 15 at $30 












Alumnae office account 








Balance on hand 

Balance divided as follows: 

Connecticut Savings Bank $1,092.02 

Charles Hine first mortgage 3,000.00 

Deutsch and Mogil first mortgage bonds 1,000.00 

Annie Dzurenda 500.00 

M. and F. Kravitz 500.00 

John Perenich 500.00 










1915 Balance on hand 







1915 Annual dues 



Interest on checking account 




1916 Interest on life membership account 




Office fees 


Sale of Register 


Quarterly account 




June 15, 1915 Office expenses 


June 15, 1916 




Clerical assistance 


Express and freight 






Telephones and telegrams 
Telephone service 




Regular activities 
Alumnae parade 

June, 1915 $54.25 

June, 1916 29.10 

belt for banner 2.00 
storeroom boxes 

(to be replaced) 1.50 
2 standards replaced 7.25 


Council: expenses 
graduate study 

iocal clubs com- 








preparatory schools 

committee 8.16 

publications com- 
mittee 10.00 

publicity committee 13.90 

vocations com- 
mittee 11.94 175.27 

Electors meeting .90 
Fund 205.19 
Traveling expenses 341.63 

Class presidents meeting 

Intercollegiate bureau of 

occupations $187.50 

C. S. A. joint fellowship 200.00 

Sophia Smith Homestead 

Purchase, deficit $766.00 

($512 due in unpaid pledges) 
Maintenance 196.98 

Quinquennial Catalog 

June 15, 1916 Balance on hand 
Balance divided as follows: 

Northampton National Bank 

Savings Bank 





117.72 6,297.88 








Advertising department : 





Sale of July number to 

salaries and commissions 




Advertisement in Weekly 








Copyright fee 







To gain 




To loss 


$4,234.00 Original property $4,500.00 
766.00 Additional land and barn 500.00 


$512 due in unpaid pledges. 





Gifts $150 Annual fee $150 

Balance in the treasury June 15, 1916 

Life membership fund $6,592.02 

Alumnae office account 2,803.19 $9,395.21 

Value of Sophia Smith Homestead as an asset 

House and land $5,000.00 

Reconstruction 4,802.39 

Furnace 388.00 

Furniture 1,732.34 




Balance June 15, 1915 $3,193.98 

Class of 1914 $250.49 

Individual alumnae and non-graduates: 

Unspecified account 1,958.50* 

Income 389.50 

Principal 364.50 

1904 fund 163.00 

Biological fund 19.00 

1908 fund 21.50 

Interest and exchange 70.78 3,237.27 



Smith College 

Reference books $1,450.00** 

History monographs 50.00 

Scholarship for 16-17 500.00 

Books on drama (1914) 150.49 

Smith College Council, scenery (1914) 100.00 

Electric clock system for Biological Building 617.00 2,867.49 

Balance on hand June 15, 1916 $3,563.76 
Balance divided as follows: 
Income $401.46 
Unspecified 1,904.70 
Principal 843.50 
1904 254.00 
1894 100.00 
Biological fund 38.60 
1908 21.50 


Grace Pierpont Fuller, Treasurer. 

* Includes $1,050 from 1900 class treasurer at Commencement 1915. 
** $50 reserved for balance of gift. 


Northampton, Mass., June 15, 1916. 


This is to certify that I have made an examination of the books of the secre- 
tary and treasurer of the Alumnae Association of Smith College, at the close of 
business June 15, 1916, have inspected the securities and vouchers and have 
found them to be correct and as called for. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Frederic A. Pelton, Auditor. 
Annual dues $4,600 
Office fees and sales 8 
Interest, checking account 90 
Interest, investment account 375 
Quarterly subscriptions 3,730 
advertising 1,400 
sale of single copies 25 
sale to classes 40 

classes, excess notes 50 $10,318 


Office expenses 


Clerical assistance 


Express and freight 






Telephones and telegrams 
Telephone service 


Regular activities 
Alumnae parade 

Council: Committees, publications 


local clubs 



graduate study 

other expenses 













Electors 5 

Fund 200 

Lantern slides 10 

Quarterly: salaries 900 

printing 2,600 

advertisement in weekly 10 

copyright fees 4 

advertising department 500 

editorial assistance 50 4,064 

Traveling expenses 275 5,164 

Appropriations, C. S. A. fellowship 200 
Sophia Smith Homestead 300 
Contingent fund 544 10,318* 

Balance (checking account) June, 1916 $2,803.19 
Balance (investment account) June, 1916 6,592.02 


June 19, 1916 

The reports of the various standing committees of the Alumnae Association 
and of the organizations in which the association has been especially interested 
for the past year are summarized as follows: 


Miss Elisa May Willard, our senior alumna trustee, writes that the need of 
new dormitories for 950 girls who are now obliged to live off campus must be urged 
until the houses are built. She says: "We can hardly congratulate ourselves on 
fulfilling our obligations to the students who are in our charge when we cannot 
house half of them in buildings which are entirely under our own control. In other 
matters the year is marked by important advances, chief among them being the 
increase in our faculty, the completion of the revised curriculum, and the adoption 
of the new method of admission. The trustees have also made decisions on the 
advisability of conferring degrees 'with distinction,' the establishment of profes- 
sional foundations and on changes in fellowships. The trustee committee on col- 
lege houses, which formerly dealt directly with many of the problems of house 
management, acts now chiefly in an advisory capacity. This change has been 
brought about by Mr Clark's improved organization of the business management 
of the houses and by the Dean's direction of their social life. 

Two alumnae trustees attended the A. C. A. Conference of Women Trustees 
in February and enjoyed the opportunity of discussing questions of college ad- 
ministration with the alumnae trustees of five other women's colleges. 

The trustees who represent you on the board urge you individually and as an 
association to use them as your representatives, and assure ycu that they have 
constant evidence of the genuine interest shown by the administrators of the col- 
lege in the ideas and desires of the alumnae." 



The Sophia Smith Homestead Committee reports that it held one meeting in 
Northampton and Hatfield on October 15, when the property was carefully in- 
spected and plans for its future considered. 

It seemed best that the Alumnae Association should hold the house for a term 
of years instead of immediately turning it over to the college and it was decided 
that it should be used for the entertainment of alumnae, faculty, and possibly, 
under restrictions, of undergraduates. The question of undergraduate entertain- 
ment is to be determined later. 

The committee felt that the kitchen should be equipped to supply simple 
meals to guests staying in the house. It was felt that the Alumnae Association 
should undertake the expense of installing a heating plant but that the matter 
should be held in abeyance until a full report on the restoration of the house is 
obtained by the committee of 96. It was voted to recommend to the Board of 
directors of the association the purchase of the barn and lot before the expiration 
of the option, and Miss Mary Lois James was appointed chairman of a commit- 
tee of which President Burton should be a member to work out a plan for the use 
and equipment of the barn. 

The work of reconstructing and furnishing the homestead was given over to a 
sub-committee made up chiefly of members of the Class of 96 which voted to pay 
for the work as its reunion gift. 

In the April Quarterly appeared an announcement calling for applicants for 
the position of resident alumna. 


The 96 Committee on Restoring and Refurnishing the Sophia Smith Home- 
stead is responsible for the house as it is now to be found. The decision that an 
alumna and maid should be permanent residents necessitated structural changes 
far beyond the original plans of the committee. They have succeeded in making 
the house historically accurate except where a literal copy would have hampered 
its usefulness. Mr Karl Scott Putnam, of Northampton, was selected as architect 
and after consulting several of Miss Smith's old neighbors and Mrs Batchelor, the 
occupant who followed her in the house, he submitted a plan of restoration which 
with some modification has been carried out. An addition has been built at the 
north of the house of a cellarway and a bedroom formerly used by Sophia Smith's 
brother Austin, but torn away when the house was modernized. The front en- 
trance porch has been rebuilt, the attic furnished off into two rooms, the hardware 
and old-fashioned woodwork as well as the chimney and fireplace restored, and the 
plumbing and electric wiring renovated. One alteration has required another and 
no list could be complete. Some of Miss Smith's furniture has been obtained 
through the generosity of friends and other pieces true to the period have been 
bought. The house is now thoroughly equipped and ready for use and the cost has 
been $6,021.82, of which approximately $4,871 was spent for construction work 
and $1,150 for furnishing. These figures include everything but the furnace, 
which cost the Alumnae Association and a friend of the Class of 96, $368. 


The committee appointed to select a seal for the Alumnae Association has 
1 ieen greatly aided in its efforts this past year by Mr Monte, of the Department of 


Art, who introduced as a special problem in his class a suitable seal for the associa- 
tion. About 40 designs were obtained in this way. The students encountered 
difficulties in trying to find aspects of the college campus that could be successfully 
used and which would be in some way characteristic of the association. However, 
the committee finally selected a design, the symbolism of which is inspiring, the 
motto of which is peculiarly fitting for an alumnae association, and which also 
possesses artistic merit. A student whose technical skill was marked was asked to 
collaborate with the designer in working up the first sketch. Should the associa- 
tion not be satisfied with this design the committee would propose that the sum of 
$100 be appropriated to use in conducting a prize competition among professional 
artists. They feel that they have done the best they can in securing a design from 
alumnae and undergraduates and that only professional artists would be likely to 
produce anything more satisfactory. 


The Smith Alumnae Chapter of the College Settlements Association reports 
that although the fiscal year is not over until October first the financial condition 
of the chapter is most satisfactory. Already $1,355 has been sent to the treasurer, 
an amount larger than the total contribution of last year when 470 members gave 
$1,327. It is hoped that by the final count the high water mark of $1,500 in 1912- 
13 will be equalled. There is still a total of only 500 Smith members, which seems 
pitifully small from an alumnae body of 6,000, and the College Settlements Associa- 
tion needs every one of us. 

The vice-electors of each class are : 



Eleanor Bissell 



Alma Baumgarten 


Isabel Taylor 


Louise Barber Hoblit 


Alice Peloubet Norton 


Bertha Groesbeck Haskell 


Jean Fine Spahr 


Caroline Saunders Lindeke 


Helen Rand Thayer 


Faith Potter Weed 


Elizabeth Cheever Wheeler 



Ellen Davis Wood 


Edith Camp 


Carrie E. Day 


Charlotte Chase 


Marian Dwight 


Catherine Mitchell 


Grace G. White 


Isabel Lindsay Helmholz 


Ruth Sherrill 


Dorothy Camp Shelton 


Susan Fuller Albright 


Eleanor Upton 


Helen Wolcott 


Marcia Beebe Flannery 


Virginia Lyman 


Louise Fielder Black 


Helen Whiton 


Ruth Paine Blodgett 


Bessey Borden 


Lucille Atcherson 


Margaret Manson Holcomb 


Margaret Spahr 

15 Dorothy Thayer 


The holder of the Smith-College Settlements Association fellowship in settle- 
ment training for 1915-16 as announced last June, Miss Elinor Jones 13, was forced 
by ill health to resign the fellowship just before the date when she was to begin 
work at the Philadelphia College Settlement. 

Miss Helen Story Readio 13 was appointed in her place and began work in 
December. As Miss Readio had worked for the two years since her graduation 
among the people of the North Carolina Mountains she was sent to the summer 


home of the New York College Settlement at Mt Ivy, N. Y., near the village of 
Ladentown, to receive under Miss Elizabeth Williams 91, the headworker of the 
settlement, training for rural settlement work. In place of the regular studies of 
the School of Philanthropy she has followed a course of reading under the direction 
of Miss Mary Van Kleeck 04, a member of the fellowship committee and of the 
staff of the School of Philanthropy. In addition she has been making for Miss 
Claghorn of the same school a study of the causes of rural juvenile delinquency in 
the neighborhood of her work, which is to be part of the larger study of the same 
problem which the School is carrying on for the United States Children's Bureau. 


In Miss Nina E. Browne's report for the Committee on Alumnae Publications 
she says: "The recording and collecting of the published work of Smith alumnae 
has continued as heretofore, with this difference that the alumnae are cooperating 
more and more with the committee by reporting new work. Some of the alumnae 
can always be relied upon to send their publications for inclusion in the collection. 
Since the record of current publications has been printed in the Quarterly, 168 dif- 
ferent authors have been noted and 583 publications. During the past year 73 
authors have been noted and 142 publications. " 


The committee appointed last June to observe the lighting system at the ex- 
position in San Francisco with a view to using it at Smith reported that it seemed 
better adapted to displaying certain statues and buildings than to lighting up 
paths like those on the campus. They recommended that an expert be consulted 
about the campus situation. This report was put into the hands of the trustees. 


The A. C. A. met in San Francisco in August 1915. A report of this meeting 
is contained in the Quarterly for February 1916. The A. C. A. council meeting 
was held on April 22, 1916, at the Hotel La Salle in Chicago. Five councillors 
represented the Alumnae Association, among them Mrs Alice Lord Parsons 97. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Marian C. Yeaw, Secretary 

BY CLASSES, JUNE 15, 1916 



Per cent 



Per cent 




















































Per cent 


1 otal 

Per cent 




1 A AC 






















1 AAA 









1 A 1 A 


o — o 














1 A 1 O 










t AA 




















Total number of alumnae 6610 — * 


Number of members 



Berkshire County 

Fee $0.50 Meetings : annual as stipulated,* others at call of the executive committee 
The club shows a most promising year for a "two year old. " The fall meet- 
ing was enlivened by a presentation of "Alice at Smith" following the transaction 
of much business. Membership and scholarship committees were appointed. It 
was voted to hold an entertainment sometime during the winter and start a schol- 
arship fund. Owing to the territory covered by the membership and the unre- 
liability of trolley service in the winter storms this "entertainment " resolved itself 
into three parts, and on February 14 and 15 three Valentine whist parties were 
held in the three sections of the county. These proved very successful both social- 
ly and financially and the patrons cheered the club by hoping "this would be an 
annual affair. " At the spring luncheon the club was enabled to award two schol- 
arships — one for the year 1916-17 of $75, and one of $60, to two Berkshire County 
students already doing good work at college. The guests at the luncheon were 
Dean Comstock who spoke on many recent developments at college, and Miss 
Mary B. Smith 08, the president of the Students Aid Society, who reported 
the work of that society. 

The club constitution has been amended to be in harmony with that of the 
Alumnae Association. The paid membership for the year is 55. 


Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, at least two others at call of board of managers 
The first three of the five meetings of the Boston Association were held at the 
College Club. At the first, there was presented the report of the council meeting 
in June, after which the members of 1914 took charge of the meeting and furnished 
entertainment. At the second, Professor Mensel, of the Department of German 
at Smith College, spoke on the manners and customs of a small town in Northern 
Germany. During the winter the play "A Twig of Thorn, " with a short program 
of music and dancing, was given successfully for the benefit of the Smith Students 
Aid Fellowship Endowment Fund. The amount cleared by this was $221.30. 
Miss Katherine Reikhart, who held the fellowship of the Women's Educational 

* This phrase means that the annual meeting is held "after April first and before June first." 


and Industrial Union during the year at the University of Michigan, spoke of her 
work at the third, or vocational meeting. Miss Dorothy Eaton 16, president of 
the Smith College Student Council, also spoke, as did a few members of the as- 
sociation. President Burton, Dr Goldthwait, and Mrs Parsons were the speak- 
ers at the annual luncheon, at which there were 435 alumnae and undergraduates 
present. At the business meeting the following amounts were voted from the 
treasury: $40 to the A.C.A. Fellowship Fund; $50 to the Appointment Bureau 
of the Women's Educational and Industrial Union; and $100 to the Alumnae 
Fund. The membership is at present 545. 


Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, others at call of executive committee 

The club has held three meetings during the year beside the annual meeting. 
The average attendance was 13 from a paid membership of 25. At the fall meet- 
ing one of the members told of her impressions of college while back at college in 
June, and the councillor reported the council meeting. At one other meeting the 
lantern slides of college views were shown. By means of a rummage sale the club 
raised $37.50 which was sent as a half scholarship for the second semester to a 
local girl in the class of 1919. 

Brooklyn Club 

Fee $0.50 Meetings: second Friday of each month from October to May 

This club has no formal organization as so many are also members of the New 
York club and exercise their franchise there. The club hopes by some change in 
its dates of meeting to enlarge its attendance next year, finding that no one day or 
hour can be arranged that is practicable for all of its members. The membership 
for the year has been 19. 


Fee $1.00 Meets at call of the executive committee five times a year 

The club has a membership of 80. It held two business meetings during the 
year, one on December the 15th and the annual meeting on May the 20th. In 
November the club entertained the Rochester and Cleveland clubs at luncheon, 
in January President Burton addressed the club, and in April the club gave a 
musicale, inviting the members and guests to hear Mrs Eleanor Hazard Peacock, 
a soloist from Detroit. 


Fee $1.00 Meetings : annual as stipulated, at least two others at call of executive committee 

The club has held four meetings, one of which took the form of the annual 
luncheon. At the first, there were two speakers in addition to the councillor who 
reported the council meeting in June. At the luncheon, which was held in the 
Christmas holidays, President Burton and Professor Gardiner were the guests of 
honor, both speaking. President MacCracken of Vassar spoke at the April meet- 
ing on the new college entrance requirements, Ethel de Long 01, on the Pine 
Mountain Settlement School, and the report of the last council meeting was given. 
In May the business meeting was combined with a picnic and an informal discus- 
sion on suffrage was held. 



Fee $0.50 Meets three times a year 

(No report has been received.) 


Fee $1.00 Meetings: annual as stipulated, Christmas luncheon, other meetings at call of 
the executive committee 

Since the annual spring business meeting of 1915, the club has held the follow- 
ing large gatherings: in July, a garden party and sale at which a substantial sum 
was added to the treasury; in December, at the College Club, the annual Christ- 
mas luncheon at which Helen Wright 05 spoke of the work of the Students Aid 
Society; in March, two entertainments, one at the College Club and one at the 
home of Elizabeth (Hasbrouck) Nutt ex-02, at which stories were told by Margaret 
Sayward 08, for the benefit of the scholarship fund of $150. The club in May 1916 
adopted the constitution for local clubs suggested by the Alumnae Association. 
The two annual business meetings were held in November 1915 and in May 1916. 
Seven other informal meetings were held. One pleasant event of the year was the 
trip to Buffalo in November when members of the Rochester and Cleveland clubs 
were delightfully entertained by the Buffalo club. The membership of the club 
is 114. 


Fee $0.50 Meets November, February and annually in spring 

During the year only two meetings were held : one in November and one in 
June. The club still has a registration of 25. 


Fee $1.00 Meetings : annual as stipulated, and Christmas luncheon 

The club has decided to hold two regular meetings a year: the annual busi- 
ness meeting in May, with a speaker from the college if possible, and a luncheon 
during the Christmas holidays to which the undergraduates will be invited. In 
May the retiring president gave a most interesting account of the February meet- 
ing of the council which she was able to attend, and the secretary was present at 
the June meeting. Although thus represented at the council the club has not 
formally elected any councillor, for as the registration does not yet show 25 gradu- 
ate members it did not think it was entitled to a councillor or to the elector priv- 
ilege. There are now 21 graduate members and eight nongraduates. The class 
of 1916 will bring three new members so that the club hopes to become a branch 
of the Alumnae Association in the near future. The fee has been raised to $1.00 


Fee $0.75 Meets third Saturday of each month 

The club has held six regular meetings and one special meeting. The constitu- 
tion was revised in accordance with the constitution sent out by the Local Club 
Committee and it was voted to become a branch of the Alumnae Association. The 
efforts of the club during the year have been directed mainly to raising the money 
necessary to keep Elizabeth Keans at the Van Leuven Browne School for Cripple 


Children, — $15 a month. The club also voted to give $25 toward starting member- 
ships in the proposed vocational bureau at the College Club. Five new members 
have joined during the year, giving a total of regular paid members of 29. Mr 
Charles L. Freer, a generous benefactor of Smith, has accepted the invitation of 
the club to be the first honorary member. 

Eastern Connecticut 

Fee $1.00 Meetings: annual as stipulated, others at call of the executive committee 

The club was organized informally November 19, 1915, at which time Presi- 
dent Burton was present and spoke on College Affairs of the Present. The organi- 
zation was completed and the first annual meeting held in May, and the president 
of the club entertained the members at a lawn party at her home in Willimantic in 
June. The club closes its first year with 21 paid members and hopes to increase 
its membership in the early fall sufficiently to entitle it to a councillor. 

Eastern New York 

Fee $1.00 Meetings : first Saturday of November and May, special at call 

This club was organized May 29, 1916, at a luncheon held in Troy. Members 
were present from distances of over 60 miles up and down the eastern side of the 
state. Mrs Elizabeth L. Clarke was present to represent the Committee on Local 
Clubs and help in the organization. Frequent meetings will be impossible be- 
cause the membership is so scattered, but two regular meetings will be held, and 
probably mid-winter local meetings in several localities where small groups are 
possible. Even its first year the club has a paid membership of 52 and was rep- 
resented at the June council meeting by its councillor. The promise is for a large 
increase in membership in the fall. 


Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, at least two others at call of executive committee 

During the year the club has held four regular meetings, two special meetings, 
had a picnic and conducted a professional concert. At the time of the concert 
Madame Homer became interested in the club scholarship and generously offered 
to start another scholarship fund, giving $50 with the understanding that six other 
donors for a like amount be secured. Friends interested in the college and in the 
club added to the fund so that next year the club will give partial scholarships to 
three girls besides continuing the scholarship begun three years ago. The constitu- 
tion of the club has been revised making it more like the model constitution. The 
membership is 42. 

Gloucester Club 

Fee $0.50 Meetings : annual as stipulated, others at call of executive committee 

An excellent stimulus for further activity was given the club on September 15, 
1915, when a luncheon in honor of President Burton was given by the president of 
the club, Mrs Helen Andrew Patch. After the luncheon prospective Smith stu- 
dents, their mothers, and other guests were invited to a reception at which Presi- 
dent Burton talked informally of the needs of the college and his hopes for its 
future. The club had frequent meetings in the fall and early winter to discuss 


plans for raising money for the scholarship. "The Gloucester Smith College Club 
offers a loan of $150 to some student in need of financial assistance who desires to 
enter Smith College in September, 1916. This amount will be loaned yearly, dur- 
ing the four years of her college course, if she proves worthy and desires it. ... " 
A candidate for this scholarship has been accepted. The paid membership for the 
year is 18. 

Hartford Club 

Fee $1.00 Meetings: annual as stipulated, others at call of executive committee 

The club held 12 meetings during the year. Among the speakers were 
President Burton, Dean Comstock, Miss Caverno, and Dorothy Eaton 16. Miss 
Dale and Miss Hamilton, of the Department of Music, gave a recital for the bene- 
fit of the club's scholarship fund. The establishment of this fund has been the 
chief work of the club the past year. A partial scholarship has been given to a girl 
now in college ; $50 has been contributed to the Students Aid Society and $25 to- 
wards the purchase of the Sophia Smith Homestead. The membership is 126. 

Haverhill Club 

The club has not yet been officially organized, nor has it adopted a constitu- 
tion. It is hoped that this will be done in the fall of 1916, however. 


Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, social meetings monthly 

During the past year the association has had monthly meetings for the first 
time. Last year's plan has been carried out and at most of the meetings sewing 
has been done for the Pine Mountain Settlement School. There have been two 
luncheons this year, one the annual holiday luncheon on December 31, when 
President Burton was present and spoke on The Educated Person. The other was 
at the time of the business meeting in May, in honor of the delegates to the Nation- 
al Conference of Charities and Corrections, Miss Ethel de Long of the Pine Moun- 
tain Settlement School in Kentucky, and Miss Maude Miner, Secretary of the 
New York Probation and Protection Association. Both of the guests spoke on 
their work. 


Fee $0.10 Meets only annually 

It was impossible to have any meeting of the club in 1915 as only three of the 
members were at Karuizawa at the usual time, so many of the members were at 
home on furlough. Miss Charlotte DeForest has recently been appointed Presi- 
dent of Kobe College, and has just officiated at ceremonies connected with the 
40th anniversary of that institution. After the visit of one of the members of this 
small club to our Alma Mater, when she was at home on her furlough, she wrote a 
letter suggesting some things it would be possible for the club to do. As a result 
of this interest of Miss Loomis and by the efforts of Miss DeForest and the kind- 
ness of the Kobe college girls in furnishing material it has been possible for Mrs 
Dunning, now in this country on furlough, to bring to the college and present to 
the Art Department some 50 samples of textiles as a gift from the Japan Club. 
"Samples of silk, linen, plain, figured, striped, etc., to help the American girls of 


her Alma Mater to see their far away Japanese sisters in all their pretty dresses. ' ' 
The club has a|membership varying from 8 to 10. 

Kansas City 

Fee $1.00 Meetings: annual as stipulated, at least three other meetings at call of executive 


The club has given two luncheons: one at the home of the president followed by 
a business meeting, the other at the Muehlback Hotel, when Miss Marguerite 
Wells of Minneapolis was the guest of honor. At one meeting a play, "Omelet 
and Oatmelia, " which was written by one of the members, was presented to the 
club and a few guests. This was followed by a business meeting and a tea. The 
club has also taken an active part in "The Tempest, " recently staged by the A. C. 
A. $50 was the club's contribution to the Sophia Smith Homestead Fund. The 
councillor was present at both the meetings of the Alumnae Council. There have 
been no changes in the constitution, as it has been adopted but recently. The 
number of paidjnembers is 25; the fee has been raised from $.50 to $1.00. 

Minneapolis and St Paul 
Fee $1.00 Meetings: annual as stipulated, two others at call of executive committee 

The club has held the three regular meetings during the year ; one was a busi- 
ness meeting and tea in November, and one a holiday luncheon in December. At 
the luncheon a local speaker, whose subject was College Women in England, was 
the guest. The club has raised a scholarship ($150) to be given to a Minneapolis 
girl. This was done by chartering a moving-picture house, when twice the sum 
needed was secured. "The Beloved Vagabond" in color was presented as well as 
current news and the Smith slides, making the performance an hour and a half 
long. Afterwards tea, sandwiches and candies were sold in the lobby. The consti- 
tution of the club has been adapted to the model constitution. The membership 
is 130. 


Fee $0.50 Regular monthly meetings at call of executive committee 

The club has held five meetings this year. During the Christmas holidays a 
play, "The Greatest Gift, " was given for the benefit of the club scholarship fund. 
The parts were taken by children, a large number of whom were either younger 
sisters or daughters of Smith alumnae. Although fear of the epidemic of scarlet 
fever so reduced the audience as to make the receipts small the club was given 
good newspaper notices and it is hoped that several students were turned towards 
Smith. Thirty dollars and 25 cents was cleared and $25 sent to a Nebraska girl 
in college. On May 22, a luncheon was given in honor of Miss Marguerite Wells 
to Smith alumnae, friends and mothers of prospective college girls, and the annual 
luncheon was held on July 1. At the annual meeting in May, several changes 
were made in the constitution, the most important of which was the provision for 
a monthly meeting instead of only two a year. The membership is 34. 

New Hampshire 

Fee $1.00 Meetings: annual as stipulated, at least one other at call of executive committee 

In response to the suggestion from the Local Clubs' Committee and the 
invitation of Mrs Lucius Thayer 84, of Portsmouth, 45 Smith women met at the 


Eagle Hotel in Concord N. H., on April 15, 1916, for lunch and the organization 
of a New Hampshire Smith College Club. After the meeting was opened by Mrs 
Thayer, the acting chairman, the constitution sent out by the Local Clubs 
Committee was adopted and officers elected. The membership list contains 52 
members, which made it possible for the club to have a councillor at the June 

New Haven 

Fee $0.50 Meets October and May and at call of executive committee 

The New Haven Club has held three meetings, the first of which was ad- 
dressed by Mrs Elizabeth Lawrence Clarke 83, chairman of the Committee on 
Local Clubs, and by President Burton. A social meeting was held on December 
28 at the home of the president and the guests included not only the New Haven 
alumnae and students of the college but also the New Haven girls who are planning 
to enter Smith in the future. The third meeting was held Feburary 26, the Satur- 
day following the meetings of the Alumnae Council in Northampton, which were 
reported to the club. The speakers at the spring luncheon were the Rev. Arthur 
Gillett, trustee of the college, and Miss Florence Snow. Representatives of the 
Mount Holyoke and Vassar Clubs and of the Bryn Mawr graduates of New Haven 
were present and made short speeches of greeting as did also the president of the 
Hartford Smith Club. The membership of the club is 70. 

New York 

Fee $2.00 Meets at least five times at call of executive committee 

The general program for the year of the Smith College Club of New York has 
been What Smith Women are Doing. There have been four regular meetings, an 
annual luncheon and a special Shakespeare meeting. At the October meeting 
Marguerite Wells 95 illumined the dark subject of Alumnae Trustees and Trustee 
Electors; at the December meeting Ellen Emerson 01, Kristine Mann 95, Made- 
leine Doty 00, and Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon 98 were the speakers. Writ- 
ings, music, and art work of other Smith alumnae took up the regular February 
meeting, while alumnae also furnished a part of the program at the special meeting 
in the same month. This meeting was the club's contribution to the Shakespeare 
Tercentenary; the subject on which Mr Alfred Brown spoke was Lights and 
Shadows on Lady Macbeth. The club also met socially, with a play in October 
and a dance in January. Over five hundred alumnae were present at the luncheon 
on April 1. The speakers were President Burton, Mr Mark Sullivan, of Collier's 
Weekly, and Mr Raymond Fosdick, former Commissioner of Accounts in New 
York City. A feature of the luncheon was the long distance telephone service 
which was installed by the telephone company making it possible to exchange 
greetings with President Wheeler of Berkeley and various Smith women. "Smith 
Day" began the College Settlements Week held in December to arouse interest 
in the College Settlements Association and to raise money, each college club in 
New York having one day in charge of a tea room and salesroom. The club has, 
with legal advice, very carefully revised its constitution. The membership is 584 
and three honorary members. 


Northern California 
Fee $0.50 Meets fall and spring at call of executive committee 
The club has held two meetings during the year. During the A. C. A. conven- 
tion it held a very inspiring meeting when many visiting alumnae joined the club 
members at luncheon. Miss Elizabeth Whitney 00, representing the Alumnae 
Association, and Miss Anna Cutler 85, representing the faculty, were the guests of 
honor. The other meeting was largely given over to business. New officers were 
elected, the secretary was instructed to learn what changes were necessary in the 
club constitution to make it harmonize with the constitution of the Alumnae 
Association, and to present such amendments as were necessary at the next meet- 
ing. It does not seem feasible to have the councillor a member of the executive 
committee as it is often necessary to make the appointment of the councillor at a 
late moment when it is known what club member is able to go East. Ways and 
means of working for the college were discussed but no action was taken. The 
membership for the year was 50, 14 of these being nongraduates. 

Fee $1.00 Meets third Wednesday of each month 

During the year seven meetings were held at the homes of members or at the 
College Club, in addition to an organ recital given by Professor Sleeper and the 
annual luncheon at which President Burton was the guest of honor. The speakers 
for the year have been Miss Adelaide Dwight 00 on Turkey and Her People, Miss 
Mary Nixon 92 on the Development of Florentine Art, and Miss Ethel de Long 01 
on School Work in the Mountains of Kentucky. 

A theatre benefit was given which enriched the treasury by $107.40. Of this 
amount $100 was given to a Smith senior from the locality of the club. A donation 
of $25 was given to the Bureau of Occupations for Trained Women. The club 
membership for the year was 95. 


Fee $1.00 Meets October and May and at call of executive committee 
There have been six regular meetings during the year of 1915-16, with an 
average attendance of between 18 to 25. At the Easter meeting the undergradu- 
ates were the honor guests. 

The model constitution has been adopted by the club with only a few neces- 
sary changes. 

On January the 28th the club gave a benefit dance. The net proceeds were 
$89.50. From this amount $50 was taken to liquidate the club's pledge to the 
Collegiate Vocational Bureau of Pittsburgh. 

Portland Ore. 

Fee "as assessed" Meets four times a year 

The club held three meetings during the winter and raised by direct subscrip- 
tion a scholarship of $75 for a Portland girl now at Smith in the class of 1917. The 
club has subscribed to the Weekly and the Monthly which are to be placed in the 
Portland Library. The graduate members number 16 and the nongraduate three, 
the club having lost three members and gained only one since last year. 


Rhode Island 

Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual in April, others at call of executive committee 

A picnic and a lecture in addition to two regular business meetings marked the 
twelfth year of the Rhode Island Smith Club. The picnic was in June 1915 at 
Newport, when the members of the club were the guests of Miss S. Alice Brown 81, 
at "Tolethorpe-on-the-Cliffs." The lecture was by Miss Hayward, the executive 
secretary of the International Institute for Girls in Madrid, who spoke on The 
Spanish Woman of To-day. A number of new members have been added to the 
club and plans are under way for the raising of a scholarship by the club, the 
amount to be used to assist some Rhode Island girl through Smith. 


Fee $1.00 Meets first Monday of each month 

The club is fortunate in being situated near two other Smith college clubs and 
thereby often sharing with them their privileges. In this way we were entertained 
by the Syracuse Club in October and heard an address by Dean Comstock, and by 
the Buffalo Club in November and enjoyed their dramatic ability. In December 
the club had an address from Mrs Smith, the probation officer of the Children's 
Court, and thus became interested and later helped in her work. The club will 
continue the half- scholarship which it started last year; for the year 1916-17 it is 
offered to a Leroy girl who enters college in September 1916. The plans for an 
entertainment to raise the amount finally proved impracticable so that the sum 
has been raised by volunteer subscriptions. The club closes the year with an en- 
rollment of 64, not quite all fees paid. The constitution has been amended and the 
councillor and senior elector made members of the executive committee. 

St Louis 

Fee $1.00 Meetings : annual in May, others at call of executive committee 

The activities for the year consisted of several social and business meetings 
held at different members' houses, a luncheon during the Christmas vacation to 
which the undergraduates at present in college were invited, and a very successful 
afternoon gathering in April. At this latter, held at the Artists' Guild, possible 
sub-freshmen were invited. There was a large attendance, a play was given, 
refreshments served, and two talks were made to present college life and ideas: 
one on Good Times at Smith ; the other Serious Reasons for Choosing Smith. The 
annual luncheon was held as usual in May. The registration shows about 60 
members but not more than half of these pay dues. 

Salt Lake City 

The alumnae and non-graduates living in Salt Lake City are desirous of show- 
ing their loyalty and while not enough for any formal organization as yet have 
within the year met and elected a president and a secretary-treasurer. They have 
no dues and no constitution but meet twice a year at an informal luncheon and 
exchange all Smith news possible. In May the president was able to give a tea for 
Miss Edith Goode, the councillor of the Washington Club. The club will be glad 
to know of any visiting alumnae. At present the membership is about 19, five of 
these being nongraduates. 



Fee $1.00 Meets annually 

The Southern Smith College Club was formed at Montgomery, Ala., on April! 
14, 1916. The annual meeting of the Southern Association of College Women,! 
which was to be addressed by President Burton, offered what seemed to be a most 
promising opportunity for the organization of this long-desired association, which! 
would unite the Smith alumnae scattered over the Southern States. Mrs Condit 
07, of the Committee on Local Clubs, sent out 125 letters to the potential members, 
with the result that 11 "Smithites" gathered around the table at the Exchange 
Hotel for the momentous dinner that was to launch the new club. In addition to 
President and Mrs Burton, Mrs Parsons had come from New York to act as chair-I 
man. After dinner Mrs Parsons called the meeting to order, and the Southern Smith! 
College Club was no longer a dream but an actual fact. It was decided that the 
next annual meeting should be held in Washington in April 1917. The present! 
membership is 30, three of whom are nongraduates. 

Southern California 

Fee $0.75 Meets usually three times a year 

The first of the three meetings of the year was held at the home of the presi- 
dent and combined a luncheon and a business meeting. At the mid-winter lunch- 
eon, held at the Girls' Collegiate School in Los Angeles, a part of the entertainment 
was a presentation of living pictures of the president and faculty, supposedly taken 
from an old "Smith Family" album. The annual spring meeting was as usual an 
out-of-doors luncheon, at which Miss Dorothy Caverno spoke of affairs about 
college. The true college atmosphere which Miss Caverno's talk brought to the 
club was greatly enjoyed and the club wishes it might have frequent visitors who 
are closely connected with the college. The attendance at the meetings has been 
increasing and meetings will probably be held more frequently during the coming! 
year. The Copper Kettle Tea Room serves as the Headquarters of the club and 
visiting alumnae will be welcomed there at any time during the year. 

Fee $1.00 Meets monthly 

At the close of the year 1915-16 the club has a membership of 62, 37 of these 
being residents of Syracuse while the others are from near by towns. There haveli 
been five regular "luncheon meetings" and three special business meetings. TheH 
plan of the monthly luncheon at the Wolcott which was inaugurated last year was < 
continued with success. The January luncheon was held at the Sherbrooke Teaj'i 
Room and was made most interesting by the fact that all but one or two of thea 
undergraduates from Syracuse were present. Two of the seniors spoke very in-H 
terestingly on current events at college. Miss Egan, of the college English Depart-lJ 
ment, was the guest at the April meeting and spoke on the new plan of admission!! 
In October the Rochester Smith College Club was invited to be our guest j 
and share with us the privilege of hearing Dean Comstock. A committee wasl 
appointed to take under investigation the question of the establishment of a 
scholarship and at the close of the year reported $90 pledged for the purpose. ThefJ 
club voted to try to complete the amount necessary and chose a girl from one of 1 
the local high schools who wished to attend Smith in the fall of 1916. 


Fee $0.50 Meets annually, local meetings at call of officers 


The club held two local meetings during the year in addition to the annual 
meeting. In July a summer meeting was held at the home of Mrs Cone, the presi- 
dent, in Hartford when several alumnae from New Hampshire were able to be 
present. In November a meeting was held at the home of Miss Marion Gary in 
Rutland. A committee was appointed to take charge of the raising of a fund to 
provide a Vermont scholarship and a plan was made for securing contributions 
through the various local groups. 

The third annual meeting was held in May at Brattleboro. Luncheon was 
served at one o'clock at the Country Club and was followed by the business meet- 
ing. The councillor gave a detailed report of the February council meeting held 
at the college, officers were elected and the constitution amended to be more in 
accord with that of the Alumnae Association. The councillor is now made a 
member of the executive committee. 

At the close of the business meeting Miss Anna Cutler, who was present as the 
guest of the association, gave a most interesting and instructive talk on the new 
method of admission which has been agreed upon by Smith, Mount Holyoke, 
Wellesley, and Vassar, and also reported other college interests. 

The club has held three regular meetings, Dr Van Schaick of the Belgium 
Relief Committee and Miss Falk of the Consumers' League being the speakers at 
the first and second of these. There was also a tea during the Christmas vacation 
to meet the visiting members of the faculty and the undergraduates, as well as a 
luncheon in April in honor of President and Mrs Burton and Mrs Lansing. On 
May 5, the club presented a play "Beauty is Only Skin Deep," realizing over 
$213. The money is to be given to the college or to a scholarship, the decision will 
be made at the fall meeting. The club feels that it has had a more successful year 
than the year before. 

Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, two others at call of executive committee 

A business meeting and luncheon, held in October at the Hotel Nonotuck, in 
Holyoke, opened the year for the club. The club was fortunate in having both 
President Seelye and President Burton as guests and speakers at the luncheon, 
i which was attended by 136 alumnae. $100 was given toward the purchase of the 
I Sophia Smith Homestead in Hatfield, and $700 toward the completion of the fel- 
. lowship fund of the Students Aid Society. At the business meeting in May the 
J club's representative in the Students Aid Society described the aims of that society 
,h and its campaign for members, the report of the council meeting was read, and the 

I two offices of secretary and treasurer were created from the one office previously 
s existing. The executive committee was authorized to give $150 to be known as the 

I I Western Massachusetts Scholarship to a suitable candidate or candidates from the 
> junior or senior class, preference being given to students from this locality. Dur- 
[! ing the year 51 new members have joined the club and 21 withdrawn, making the 

total membership 184. 

Washington D. C. 

Fee $0.50 Three regular meetings 

Western Massachusetts 


Western Washington 

Fee $0.50 Meets third Saturday of January, April, July, October 

Ever since the visit of President Burton to Seattle in October 1915, the Smith 
alumnae of that city and its vicinity have drawn closer together and have shown a 
greater interest in working for their Alma Mater. The third Saturday in each 
month is Smith Club Day at the Women's University Club, on which day the 
members meet for luncheon and an informal afternoon. In April, however, a garden 
luncheon was held in the Palm Room of the Hotel Sorrento. The club has filled 
its pledge of $500 to the Million Dollar Fund and made a pledge to the Sophia 
Smith Homestead Fund. The members are 60 in number. 


Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, usually two other meetings 

During the year the club held two meetings, in December and May. Thirty- 
one names are on the role, as the club considers as a member every resident of 
Winchester who has been at Smith. The constitution has been amended to be in 
harmony with the general constitution, and the councillor has been made a mem- 
ber of the executive committee. Ten dollars was raised and given as a special} 
Commencement gift to a member of the class of 1916. 


Fee $0.50 Meetings: annual as stipulated, others at call of executive committee 

With the word received from the Committee on Local Clubs that President 
Burton was to be in Madison from January 13 to 16 and would be glad to meet the 
Smith alumnae, plans were quickly made for a luncheon to be held on Saturday 
the 15th. On that date over 30 alumnae, or women formerly associated with the ii 
college, were able to be present. Dean Mathews, of the University, made a brief 
speech on the situation of women in a co-educational institution and President 
Burton responded with a discussion of the situation at Smith. The Wisconsin 
Smith College Club was organized and closes its first six months with a paid mem-|j 
bership of 38, five of these being associate members. The councillor was able tol 
attend the council meeting at the college in June and the club looks forward to anl 
enthusiastic meeting in the fall when she presents her report. It is .planned to havel 
at least two meetings each year, one during the Christmas vacation in Milwaukee!] 
and one in the spring in Madison. 


Fee $1.00 Meets at least four times a year at call of executive committee 

In this very successful year, the club has held four regular meetings, twol 
executive meetings, a luncheon and a pageant. At the November meeting Mrsl 
Annie Russell Marble 86 spoke on The History of Pageantry; in January a "book \ 
party" was given for the students at home for the holidays; and in February thepj 
club councillor read her report, while at the luncheon in May, President Seel ye i 
spoke on The Art Department, its History and Present Standing. There have . ( 
been no other guests nor speakers during the year, as the meetings have been 
devoted to business about the pageant, but the average attendance has been about ! 
50, which is better than ever before and is felt to be very encouraging. The 


pageant, which was given February 17 and 18, was entitled Heroines of 
Literature and presented nearly 100 familiar characters from Helen of Troy to 
Pippa, the whole being divided into four chronological groups: Mrs Marble 
compiled and largely directed it and all of the club members worked together, 
producing a pageant which was original and instructive as well as a great success 
artistically and financially. The net proceeds were $725, a sum which enables the 
club to continue its plan for a scholarship. The membership of the club is now 
111, every graduate class with the exceptions of 1879, 1880, 1881, 1887, and 1888, 
being represented. The finance committee supplements the work of the treasurer 
and the club closes the year with every member in good standing. 

Alumnae Quarterly 

The Smith Alumnae Quarterly is published four times a year: November 
15, February 15, April 25, July 25. The subscription price is $1.00 and should 
be sent to the business manager, Florence Homer Snow, at the office of the 
Quarterly, College Hall, Northampton, Mass. All manuscripts and correspond- 
ence should be sent to the editor-in-chief, Edith N. Hill, College Hall, Northamp- 
ton, Mass. Correspondence in regard to advertisements should be sent to the 

College Pin 

Alumnae desiring to procure college pins may send to Miss Mary Eastman, 
Smith College, for an order upon Tiffany & Co., who will forward the pin upon 
receipt of the order and the price of the pin. The price of the pin is $3.50, with 
full name and safety clasp. 

College Rooms for Alumnae at Commencement 

As usual, the available rooms in the college houses will be open to the alumnae 
at commencement. Members of the classes holding reunions should make appli- 
cations for these rooms through their class secretaries, through whom also pay- 
ment should be made. Rooms will be assigned to as many of the reuniting classes 
as possible in the order of their seniority. For the five days or less time the 
price of board and room will be five dollars. Alumnae to whom assignments 
are made will be held responsible for the full payment unless notice of with- 
drawal is sent to the class secretary before June 1. After June 1, notices of 
withdrawal and requests for rooms should be sent directly to the Alumnae Office . 
At this time any vacancies left by the reuniting classes will be assigned to mem- 
bers of the classes not holding reunions, in the order in which the applications 
have been received. So far as possible, alumnae who expect to be present for 
only a day or two should engage places off the campus, reserving the campus 
rooms for alumnae who remain during the whole or the greater part of the com- 
mencement period. 


Secretaries of the reuniting classes and members of classes not holding re- 
unions should make applications as early as possible to the Alumnae Office, 
College Hall. It will be taken for granted that class secretaries who have not 
been heard from by March 1 do not wish to reserve campus places for their 

Form of Bequest 

I hereby give and bequeath to the Alumnae Association of Smith College, 

a Massachusetts corporation, the sum of dollars, to 

be used for the purposes of the said association. 

from Wednesday, Dec. 20, 11.50 a. m., to Thursday, Jan. 4, 8.30 a. m. 

from Wednesday, March 28, 11.50 a. m., to Thursday, April 12, 8.30 a. m. 


College year began 

Thursday, Oct. 5 

Mid-year examinations begin 
First semester ends 
Second semester begins 
Day of prayer for colleges 
Holiday (Washington's Birthday) 

Monday, Jan. 22 
Wednesday, Jan. 31 
Thursday, Feb. 1 
Sunday, February 11 
Thursday, February 22 

Holiday (Decoration Day) 
Final examinations 
Baccalaureate sermon 
Ivy day 

Commencement exercises 

Wednesday, May 30 

Sunday, June 17 
Monday, June 18 
Tuesday, June 19 

June 4-14 

CALENDAR FOR 1917-1918 

Entrance examinations 
College year begins 

September 17-20 
Thursday, Sept. 20 



The Register consists of a list of the graduates, the honorary members of the 
Alumnae Association, non-graduates who are associate members of the associa- 
tion, a class list of 1916 issued as a supplement to the class lists given in the Alum- 
nae Catalog of April, 1916, and a geographical list of the alumnae and associate 
members of the association. 

Names of life members are in heavy type; names of non-members are in 
small type ; others are annual members. 

Names before and after marriage are inserted. The full address of married 
alumnae will be found only under married names. When the name of the state is 
omitted Massachusetts is to be understood. All other states are given except in 
the case of New York City, which is written simply New York. 

Names of alumnae deceased are marked with a*. 

Degrees conferred on alumnae by other institutions are inserted so far as 

Any change of address should be reported immediately to the general secre- 
tary of the association, College Hall, Northampton, and to the secretary of the 

Membership blanks may be obtained at any time from the general secretary 
or the secretary by alumnae wishing to join the association. 

Abbe Elizabeth Kennard b.a. 11 

180 Archer av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Abbot Dorothy b.a. 11 

1146 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Abbot Ella Caroline b.a. 89 (Mrs A. S. 

Abbot Florence Hale b.l. 91 m.d. 97 

Woman's med. col. of N. Y. inf. 

419 Waverley av. Newton 
Abbot Helen Barbara b.a. 05 (Mrs 

R. D. Lapham) 
Abbot Helen Munro b.l. 99 

R. F. D. Route 1 Galloway O. 

Abbot Mrs Henry D. (Dorothy Mer- 

riam 13) 206 Remington gables 

Abbot Mrs Prentice (Louise Lee 

Weems 11) 5 First pi. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

* Abbott Mrs Alfred Houghton (Susan 
Florantine Orr 09) d. Ap 15 

Abbott Constance Lavinia b.a. 04 
26 Park st. Haverhill 

Abbott Mrs Donald B. (Dorothy 
Cowgill Smith 09) Oyster Bay 
Long Island N. Y. 

Abbott Eleanor Alice b.a. 13 
16 Franklin st. Watertown 

Abbott Ellis b.a. 09 (Mrs R. W. 

Abbott Florence L. b.a. 11 (Mrs 
G. P. Torrence jr) 

Abbott Harriet Parsons b.a. 04 
42 West st. Northampton 

Abbott Harriette Frances b.a. 08 
16 Franklin st. Watertown 

Abbott Helen Louise b.a. 96 
258 Main st. Easthampton 

Abbott Mrs James Trumbull (Dorothy 
Pearson 11) 66 West st. North- 

Abbott Martha Harriet b.a. 16 
35 Lincoln st. Maiden 

Abbott Mary Lucille b.a. 06 (Mrs F. 
C. Cate) 

Abbott Mrs Tilden Grafton jr (Jose- 
phine Dormitzer 11) 
21 Erwin Park road Montclair N.J. 

Abbott Mrs William T. (Elsie Parsons 
Bourland 95) 1829 Hinman av. 
Evanston 111. 

Achilles Mrs Laurence (Helen Newell 
10) Cherry Valley N. Y. 

Ackerman Mildred b.a. 16 
Wyckoff N.J. 


Ackermann Elfriede Marie b.a. 10 

1918 Eddy st. Chicago 111. 
Acton Mrs Edward H. (Yeoli Stimson 

10) Shawinigan Falls Quebec 

Adams Alice Miller B.A. 13 

134 Mohawk st. Cohoes N. Y. 

Adams Anna Brooks b.a. 08 (Mrs E. C. 

Adams Mrs Burton A. (Mary King 

Humphrey 94) 41 Irvington st. 

Adams Mrs Chauncey Allen (Marion 

Fairbanks 03) Danville Vt. 

Adams Dorothy b.a. 13 

1801 Connecticut av. Washington 

D. C. 

Adams Dorothy Quincy b.a. 15 

520 Union av. Fergus Falls Minn. 

Adams Eleanor b.a. 16 

475 Mt Prospect av. Newark N. J. 

Adams Ella Maria b.a. 93 (Mrs L. J. Tuck) 

Adams Eva Bryant b.a. 15 (Mrs T. D. 

Adams Mrs Francis jr (Florence 

Spears Bannard 05) 1125 Gage st. 

Hubbard Woods 111. 
Adams Mrs George Sheldon (Valborg 

Sophia Smith 07) Yankton S. D. 
Adams Helena Belle b.a. 92 (Mrs F. 

J. E. Woodbridge) 
Adams Mrs Huntington (Elsie Rut- 
ledge Baskin 11) Care White 

Weld & co. 14 Wall st. New York 
Adams Isabel Fay b.a. 96 (Mrs F. S. 

Adams Laura Louise b.a. 14 

10 Arlington pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Adams Marion Harriette b.a. 13 

88 Chestnut st. Oneonta N. Y. 
Adams Martha Rumery b.a. 93 (Mrs 

F. H. Stebbins) 
Adams Mary b.a. 07 7 Riedesel av. 

Adams Mary Dean b.l. 99 The Judson 

53 Washington sq. New York 
Adams Pamelia Skilton b.l. 00 

90 Longwood av. Brookline 
Adams Mrs Robert Winthrop (Laura 

Josephine Galaear 97 ) 115 Mill st. 

Adams Ruth B.A. 08 (Mrs R. D. Lord) 
Adams Mrs W. C. (Grace Fairchild 

James 87) 165 W. 58th st. New 


Adams Mrs Walter Booth (Anna 
Louise Carter 88) New Hartford 

* Adams Mrs Warren Austin (Grace Smith 94) 
d. F 16 

Adams Mrs William Wallace jr (Louise 
Morrill Shattuck 03) Navahoe st. 
St Martins Chestnut Hill Pa. 

Adamson Ethel wynne Mary b.a. 06 
(Mrs H. W. Barker) 

Adamson Mrs James M. (Katharine Elsie 
Hall 09) 832 Neal st. Dayton O. 

Adamson Mrs William H. (Ernestine 

Fowler 04) 100 Ridge st. Glens 

Falls N. Y. 
Addis Barbara b.a. 14 

Brewster N. Y. 
Addis Marjorie Lobdell b.a. 11 

Brewster N. Y. 

Adkins Mary b.a. 79 (Mrs E. M. 

Adler Carolyn b.a. 99 (Mrs A. H. Lauer) 

Adler Eleanor Henriette b.a. 05 152 W. 77th 
st. New York 

Adler Jeanne b.a. 16 2625 Highland av. 

Birmingham Ala. 
Adler Margaret b.a. 13 

152 W. 77th st. New York 

Adler Mrs Sigmund (Ethel Alyne Farrill 08) 

Gwinn Mich. 
Adsit Marie Clifton b.a. 07 Voorheesville 

N. Y. 

Agard Florence Edna b.a. 02 (Mrs H. J. Bab- 

Agard Lilla Sumner b.a. 06 (Mrs H. B. Saf- 

Agnew Mrs James Carson (Margaret 
MacLaren Edwards 08) Hibbing 

Ahern Agnes Madeleine b.a. 06 192 Farm- 
ington av. Hartford Ct. 

Ahern Katharine Cecilia b.a. 98 m. a. 99 
Univ. of N. C. 192 Farmington av. 
Hartford Ct. 

Ahlborn Mrs Frederick W. (Marion Livia 
Ashley 01) 72 Sullivan st. Wilkesbarre Pa. 
Aikens Mary Lydia b.s. 91 (Mrs B. V. Davies) 

Ains worth Dorothy Sears b.a. 16 
1025 15th st. A Moline 111. 

Ainsworth Mrs George R. (Eleanor Butler 
Hutchinson 10) Great Neck Station Long 
Island N. Y. 

Ainsworth Sarah Andrews b.a. 14 
1025 15th st. A Moline 111. 

Aitkin Isobel Graham b.l. 99 (Mrs 
Holland Thompson) 

Albert Margaret Mansfield b.a. 13 
1702 N. Cleveland av. Canton O. 


Albert Mrs Sigmund S. (Ruth Jose- 
phine Hess 11) 955 Park av. New 

Albright Mrs James Robert ("Madeline Melissa 
Chase 00) 614 N. 7th st. St Joseph Mo. 

Albright Mrs John Joseph (Susan Ger- 
trude Fuller 91) 730 Ferry st. 
Buffalo N. Y. 

Albright Ruth b.l. 00 (Mrs Evan 

Alcott Helen b.a. 10 

124 2d av. Upper Troy N. Y. 

Alden Annie Morse b.a. 05 
Camden Me. 

Alden Dorothy Hazel b.a. 13 
21 Clifton av. Springfield 

Alden Edith Carroll b.a. 13 
11 Newbury st. Brockton 

Alden Evelyn Frances b.a. 12 
11 Newbury st. Brockton 

Alden Florence Delia b.l. 04 1432 McCulloh 
st. Baltimore Md. 

Alden Mrs Langford Taylor (Louise 
Howard Comstock 09) 3021 Ful- 
ton st. Berkeley Cal. 

Alden Mary Elizabeth b.a. 82 m.a. 85 
103 Montague st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Alder Mrs Eugene Charles (Helen 
Cilley 04) 183 Steuben st. Brook- 
lyn N. Y. 

Alderman Myrtle Irene b.a. 11 (Mrs G. L. 
Neuhoff jr) 

Aldrich Amey Owen b.l. 95 m.a. 98 
Brown 4 E. 39th st. New York 

Aldrich Annette Howland b.a. 83 
Freeport Me. 

*Aldrich Gladys Franksford b.a. 03 
(Mrs G. A. Hutchins) d. 13 My 10 

Aldrich Mrs L. Sherman (Bessie 
Adele Knight 03) 1 160 Oakley av. 
Hubbard Woods 111. 

Aldrich Marion b.s. 02 (Mrs Nathaniel 

Aldrich Mary Louise b.a. 85 (Mrs E. J. 

Aldridge Harriet Agnes b.a. 12 

26 Gansevoort st. Little Falls N. Y. 

Alexander Mrs George Paul (Alice 
Allen Lynch 99) 37 Blymyer av. 
Mansfield O. 

Alexander Mrs Henry Morgan (Kathe- 
rine Harter 02) 2919 Fairmount 
blvd Shaker heights Cleveland O. 

Alexander Jean b.a. 15 

707 Main st. Monongahela Pa. 

Alexander Mrs Jerome (Gertrude Elea- 
nor Hammerslough 97) 255 W. 
108th st. New York 

Alexander Margaret Charlotte b.a. 14 
m.a. 16 586 74th st. Brooklyn N.Y. 

Alexander Margaret Jean b.a. 09 
713 Irving av. Syracuse N. Y. 

Alexander Martha Maud b.a. 11 

822 Eastern av. S. E. Grand 
Rapids Mich. 

Alexander Mary b.a. 10 

5567 Waterman av. St Louis Mo. 

Alford Helena Bassett b.a. 06 
Winsted Ct. 

Allaman Mary Katharine b.a. 09 (Mrs 
John Simpson) 

Allan Vina Mary b.a. 16 

Orchard st. Cranford N. J. 

Allen Abby Louise b.a. 99 (Mrs J. N. 

Allen Adaline White b.a. 90 (Mrs F. F. 

Allen Anna Kittredge b.l. 95 (Mrs 

Seaver Buck) 

Allen Anna Mabel b.l. 95 (Mrs F. L. 

Allen Annie Elizabeth b.a. 82 
263 Harvard st. Cambridge 

Allen Mrs Archibald John (Grace 
Brown McGuire 10) 142 St Paul's 
pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Allen Bertha b.l. 95 (Mrs G. W. 

Allen Bertha Bolivia b.a. 95 (Mrs 
J. H. Holmes) 

*Allen Mrs Charles D. jr (Margaret Virginia 
Lusch 02) d. 29 Jl 09 

Allen Mrs Charles Rollin jr (Mabel 
Stanley Calef 96) 172 Spring st. 
Saratoga Springs N. Y. 

Allen Clara Harrington b.a. 02 175 Somerset 
av. Winthrop 

Allen Doris Irene b.a. 15 
45 Jason st. Arlington 

Allen Dorothea Towne b.a. 15 
76 Tenney st. Lawrence 

Allen Mrs Edgar Fletcher (Sheila 
Foster 09) 86 County road Ip- 

Allen Edith Marshall b.a. 12 

Clinton Corners Dutchess co. N. Y. 

Allen Florence Cardwell b.a. 09 (Mrs 
A. C. Rogers) 


Allen Frances b.l. 04 m.a. 05 Washing- 
ton univ. (Mother Frances Kath- 
arine) Holy Name convent 419 
Clinton st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Allen Mrs George Franklin (Ruth Louise 
Homer 99) Munro park and Lake shore 
Toronto Canada 

Allen Grace Weston b.l. 91 (Mrs F. S. 

Allen Mrs Harry F. (Lois Mitchell 
Shattuck 03) Fisher st. Norwood 

Allen Mrs Harry Vass (Georgiana Alice 

Jackson 07) 3 Lenox av. East 

Orange N. J. 
Allen Hazel Laberta b.a. 08 (Mrs 

T. J. Farmer) 
Allen Helen Eva b.a. 03 (Mrs H. E. 


Allen Helen Gertrude b.a. 10 17 Pelham 
terrace Arlington 

Allen Mrs Herbert Edwin (Ruth Louise 
Strickland 99) Clinton N. Y. 

Allen Mrs Horace J. (Eleanor Quayle 
Malone 08) 11330 Hessler road 
Cleveland O. 

Allen Mrs J. Warner (Ruth Tomlinson 01) 
1353 North av. Elizabeth N. J. 

Allen Mrs J. Weston (Caroline Cheney 
Hills 99) Lake av. Newton High- 

Allen Jessie Reed b.a. 07 (Mrs R. C. 

Allen Mrs Leslie Lyle (Sara Beaufort 

Sims 09) 418 Connecticut av. 

Spartanburg S. C. 
Allen Lucy Ellis b.a. 89 

35 Webster st. West Newton 
Allen Lula Myra b.a. 16 

100 Court st. Plattsburg N. Y. 
Allen Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 13 

7 Lynes pi. Norwalk Ct. 
Allen Marjorie Stephens b.a. 06 (Mrs 

O. H. Seiffert) 
Allen Mary Adele b.a. 86 

206 Pine st. Holyoke 
Allen Mary Emily b.a. 16 

1041 Lake av. Rochester N. Y. 
Allen Maude Bernice b.a. 09 (Mrs L. S. 


Allen May Alice b.a. 01 ph.d. 08 Yale 
Yarmouthville Me. 

Allen Myra Leonard b.l. 03 b.s. 07 
Simmons East Freetown 

Allen Mrs Park West (Dolly Kathrina 
Searle 11) 69 Franklin st. West- 

Allen Sadie Dora b.a. 08 (Mrs J. F. 

Allen Sarah Theodosia b.a. 94 (Mrs 

P. R. Leavenworth) 
Allen Mrs Victor Maxon (Blanche 

Rebekah Percy 92) 

Petersburg N. Y. 
Alley Mrs Harold C. 

(Gladys Viola Bailey) 13 

213 Main st. Nashua N. H. 
Allin Mrs Cephas D. (Martha Wilcox 

Washburn 10) 721 7th st. S. E. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Ailing Grace Caroline b.a. 10 (Mrs R. 

G. DeBow) 
Allis Annie Amelia b.a. 84 (Mrs H. M. 


Allis Fannie Augusta b.a. 84 

Allison Catherine De Puy b.a. 07 

(Mrs G. A. Underwood) 
Allison Elizabeth Shand b.a. 09 

16 Paradise road Northampton 
♦Allison Ethel b.a. 01 d. 24 F 13 
Allison Mrs Horatio Wood (Hazel Ives 

Douglas 09) 48 Westminster road 

Flatbush Long Island N. Y. 
Allison Mary Pardee b.a. 02 

8 Bedford terrace Northampton 
Allison Mrs Nathaniel (Marion Aldrich 

02) 4917 Berlin av. St Louis Mo. 

Allmond Mary Helen b. a. 08 (Mrs 

A. T. Wanamaker) 
Allyn Rhoda Leila b.a. 12 (Mrs R. P. Schelly) 
Almand Mrs John F. (Frances Reeve 

Edmonson 12) 1612 W. 9th st. 

Little Rock Ark. 
Almirall Nina Louise b.l. 01 (Mrs 

William Royall) 
*Almquist Mrs J. F. (Grace Evelyn 

Gould 86) d. 92 
Alofsin Anna Sarah b.a. 16 

750 Main st. New London Ct. 
Alpaugh Elsie Lorena b.a. 14 

41 Hawthorne av. East Orange 


Alsop Elizabeth Febiger b.a. 09 (Mrs 
L. H. Shepard) 

Altheimer Selma Eisenstadt b.l. 02 
(Mrs A. W. Weil) 

Alton Mrs Alfred Edward (Blanche 
Louise Warren 04) Colgate univer- 
sity Hamilton N. Y. 

Alvord Alice Whitney b.a. 93 Easthampton 


Alvord Amy Mary b.a. 11 (Mrs W. A. 

Alvord Mrs James Church (Lucy Fairbanks 91) 

Alyea Martha Brinkerhoff b.a. 09 

397 Orient way Rutherford N. J. 

*Amadon Mrs Alfred Mason (Bertha 
Blanche Smith 90) d. 21 My 01 

Ambrose Cora Janet b.a. 09 (Mrs G. 

M. Champney) 
Amerman Bessie Ely b.a. 06 

185 Liberty st. Bloomfield N. J. 

Ames Blanche b.l. 99 (Mrs Oakes 

Ames Emily b.a. 16 (Mrs H. E. 

Ames Ethel Taylor b.a. 11 

Ames Grace Edith b.l. 91 

456 E. 19th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Ames Helen Mar b.a. 11 433 Woodlawn av. 
Topeka Kan. 

Ames Jessie b.l. 03 (Mrs Andrew 

Ames Katharine Hunt b.a. 11 (Mrs 

Robert George) 
Ames Mrs Oakes (Blanche Ames 99) 

North Easton 

Amsden Marion Frances b.a. 13 
11 Dell av. Melrose 

Andelfinger Mrs Charles Erwin (Grace Sophro- 
nia Packard 88) 645 Marcy av. Brook- 
lyn N. Y. 

Andersen Sigrid Christina A. b.a. 09 
69 Lynde st. Gardner 

Anderson Carol b.a. 09 (Mrs W. T. 

Anderson Mrs Charles A. (Florence 

Stewart 96) 400 William st. East 

Orange N. J. 
Anderson Mrs Eugene Stewart (Mary 

Lunette Ellis 09) 70 Brayton road 


Anderson Florence Judd b.l. 98 (Mrs 
F. M. Gilbert) 

Anderson Jessie McMillan b.a. 86 (Mrs R. S. 

Anderson Lena Lord b.a. 12 (Mrs F. 

D. Dimond) 
Anderson Marjorie b.a. 13 

603 Wayne st. Sandusky O. 

Anderson Norma MacLeod B.A. 10 
(Mrs R. W. Hyde) 

Anderson Mrs R. M. (Alice Myers 05) 
719 Lake av. Racine Wis. 

Anderson Mrs William France (Mary 
Abbe Gardner 02) Hinsdale 111. 

Anderson Willie b.a. 16 

403 W. 4th st. Charlotte N. C. 

Andersson Mrs Alfred O. (Ruth Holmes 
Harper 12) 3900 Bowser av. 
Dallas Tex. 

Andrew Helen Merrell b.l. 99 (Mrs 
Isaac Patch) 

Andrews Mrs Barrett (Hannah Dun- 
lop 04) Laurence park Bronxville 
N. Y. 

Andrews Gertrude Hayden b.a. 14 

238 Andrews blvd Los Angeles 

Andrews Helen Hirst b.a. 08 (Mrs J. J. Walsh) 

Andrews Helen Rhoda b.a. 09 (Mrs 

F. C. Minkler) 
Andrews Katharine Hannah b.s. 94 

(Mrs J. J. Healy) 
Andrews Lois Jean b.a. 12 (Mrs J. H. 

Van Wagenen) 
Andrews Virginia Vernon b.a. 16 

1427 Glenwood road Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Andrus Ida Bourne b.a. 10 

Hudson terrace Yonkers N. Y. 
Angell Bertha b.a. 07 Sidney N. Y. 

Angell Edith Peckham b.a. 11 (Mrs H. 

B. Cranshaw) 

Angell Florence Alberta b.a. 11 
42 Franklin st. Northampton 

Annett Mrs Cecil B. (Helen Wallace Arnold 
07) 310 E. Central av. Moorestown N.J. 

Anslow Gladys Amelia b.a. 14 
116 Spring st. Springfield 

Anthony Mary Stuart b.a. 83 
49 Elmhurst road Newton 

Anthony Mrs William Gardner (Ruth Gilman 
Cushman 92) 103 S. Angell st. Provi- 
dence R. I. 

Apgar Mildred Higgins b.a. 09 
375 W. State st. Trenton N. J. 

Appelt Mrs Frank (Mary Ethel 
Bates 03) Torrington Ct. 

Appleton Helen Lincoln b.a. 08 (Mrs 

C. A. Read jr) 

Appleton Mrs Russell (Ruth Lewis 
Crossett 04) 304 Commonwealth 
av. Boston 

Arbuckle Phebe Antoinette B.A. 13 
(Mrs J. H. Russell) 

Archibald Rosamond Mansfield b.a. 07 Wolf- 
ville Nova Scotia 

Arey Helen Louise b.a. 13 
17 Briggs st. Salem 


Arey Mrs Homer (Edna Lillian Jones 
13) 116 McCallie av. Chattanooga 

Armijo Beatrice Louise b.a. 13 
269 W. 79th st. New York 

Arms Adelaide Heriot b.a. 16 

Arms Caroline Holt b.l. 01 

2 School st. Bellows Falls Vt. 

Armstrong Agnes Maria b.a. 00 

Western Theological seminary Pitts- 
burgh Pa. 

Armstrong Emma Dow b.a. 04 (Mrs H. H. 

Armstrong Mrs Herbert Julius (Har- 
riet Margaretta Gold 97) 
11353 S. Irving av. Morgan Park 

Armstrong Mrs Horace White (Theresa Jean 
Cochrane 03) 1101 Ridge av. Evanston 

Armstrong Jane Buckingham b.a. 10 
102 W. Liberty st. Rome N. Y. 

Armstrong Mrs Robert G. (Esther Francis 
Porter 10) Amherst O. 

Arnold Abby Noyes b.a. 92 m. a. 98 

Radcliffe 325 Adams st. North 

Arnold Elizabeth Parker b.a. 06 (Mrs Arthur 

♦Arnold Ethel Hall b.a. 98 (Mrs H. B. Fobes) 
d. 12 F 02 

Arnold Mrs Harry Bartley (Grace 
Louise Russell 00) 1584 Hawthorn 
park Columbus O. 

Arnold Helen Wallace b.a. 07 (Mrs G. B. 

Arnold Mrs John Bullard (Ruth Hill 
97) Misses Masters' school 
Dobbs Ferry N. Y. 

Arnold Julie Isabel b.l. 97 
115 Park st. Braintree 

Arnold Mrs Morris LeRoy (Kate Kellogg 
Fairchild 05) 

2628 Park av. Minneapolis Minn. 

Arnold Mrs Warren Holmes (Ethel 

Sumner Page 08) 3750 Broadway 

New York 
Arnold Mrs William Percy (Ethel 

Swan Cobb 01) 125 Adams st. 

North Abington 
Arrowsmith Mary Noel h.a. 13 

119 E. 19th st. New York 

Arthur Mrs James Hope (Mary Elmer 

Bushee 97) HE. Manning st. 

Providence R. I. 
Arts Mrs John L. 2d (Jessica Faxon 

Perkins 08) 6 Collins av. Troy 

N. Y. 

Ashley Margaret b.a. 14 m. a. 16 
Columbia 3 The Miltimore 

Toledo O. 

Ashley Marion Livia b.a. 01 (Mrs F. W. 

Ashley Marjorie Lois b.a. 13 

31 8th st. New Bedford 
Ashlev Mildred Frances b.a. 12 

31 8th st. New Bedford 
Ashworth Annie May b.a. 01 (Mrs 

F. W. Fish) 

Ashworth Lillian Frances b.a. 10 
721 Highland av. Fall River 

Aspinwall Helen Ingham b.a. 12 
24 Norwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Atcherson Lucile b.a. 13 

258 E. Gay st. Columbus O. 

Atkins Bertha Myers b.a. 06 1502 Centennial 
av. Philadelphia Pa. 

* Atkinson Mrs George H. (Frances 
Antoinette Bridges 98) d. 9 Je 06 

Attwill Dorothy b.a. 16 

33 Atlantic terrace Lynn 

Atwater Mrs Charles Brewster (Mary Granger 
Stebbins 86) 250 Sumner av. Springfield 

Atwater Mrs Charles Woodard (Alice 

Caroline Merriam 08) 36 W. 93d 

st. New York 
Atwater Elsie Welling b.a. 89 

1335 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Atwater Helen Woodard b.l. 97 

The Burlington Washington D. C. 
Atwater Lucretia May b.a. 10 (Mrs S. 

G. Camp) 

Atwood Alice Chapman b.l. 94 (Mrs 

G. C. Coit) 
Atwood Carolyn Mary b.a. 13 

113 Prospect st. Northampton 
Atwood Mrs Eben (Edith Moore 06) 

2732 Irving av. S. Minneapolis 


Atwood Mrs Frank Sumner (Alice 
Cook Osborne 79) 10 Monroe st. 

Atwood Marion Elaine b.a. 15 

113 Prospect st. Northampton 
Augheltree Mrs James W. (Ruth 

Potter Maxson 05) 700 Home av. 

Oak Park 111. 
Aull Mary Wilson b.l. 01 (Mrs Elisha 

Austin Caroline Sprague b.a. 88 

Merriam Park station St Paul 


Austin Clara Mellona b.a. 99 (Mrs G. 
M. Winslow) 


Austin Jennie Maude b.a. 84 
Ely court Greenwich Ct. 

Austin Jessie Mabel b.a. 01 

42 Center st. New London Ct. 

Austin Mrs John Eddy (Mabel Watkins 08) 
639 E. 5th st. Chattanooga Tenn. 

Austin Mabel Mae b.a. 16 
337 N. 7th st. Erie Pa. 

Austin Martha b.s. 92 m.a. 10 ph.d. 98 
Yale (Mrs L K. Phelps) 

Austin Mrs Roswell M. (Katharine 
Mussey Sewall 09) 234 N. Main 
st. St Albans Vt. 

Averill Mary Halsey b.a. 08 

176 S. Parsons av. Flushing N. Y. 

Avery Mrs Edward Strong (Rebecca 
Janet Gilfillan 03) 20 E. 83d st. 
New York 

Avery Lydia Coonley b.a. 15 
Aurora-on-Cayuga N. Y. 

Avirett Mrs Philip Williams (May 
Amelia Goodwin 89) 1023 Carroll 
st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Axtell Rachel Enslee b.a. 15 
Stratford Ct. 

Ayer Eugenia b.a. 08 (Mrs O. F. 

Ayer Frances May b.l. 93 (Mrs H. H. Teb- 

Ayer Mrs John (Josephine Flint 
Stevens 05) 11 Boylston terrace 
West Medford 

Ayer Welcome b.a. 11 

Schofield barracks Honolulu T. H. 

Ayers Eleanor Hall b.a. 16 
1512 av. H Galveston Tex. 

Ayers Ethel Benedict b.a. 10 (Mrs J. W. 

Ayers Julia Caswell b.a. 06 

208 S. Palouse st. Walla Walla 

Ayers Nellie Brownell b.l. 01 (Mrs W. H. 

Ayres Alene b.a. 13 

(Mrs A. H. Clark) 
*Ayres Edith Jane b.a. 82 (Mrs M. W. 

Howe) d. F99 

Ayres Mrs Frederic Murray (Alma 
Hoegh 00) 1204 N. Delaware st. 
Indianapolis Ind. 

Ayres Marjorie b.l. 95 (Mrs A. S. 

Ayres Mrs Philip W. (Alice Stanley Taylor 89 

Franconia N. H. 
Ayres Winifred b.a. 92 m.a. 95 (Mrs T. S. Hope) 


Babcock Christine Bell b.a. 13 m.a. 15 
Chicago univ. Brownell hall 
Omaha Neb. 

Babcock Elizabeth Theodora b.a. 05 
(Mrs D. P. Cruikshank jr) 

Babcock Mrs Harry Jaynes (Florence Edna 
Agard 02) 539 E. 20th st. N. Portland 

Babcock Mrs William Sumner (Edith 
Hovey Carter 93) Chicopee 

Babson Mrs George Lowe (Gladys 
Ralston 09) 92 Hillcrest av. Park 
hill Yonkers N. Y. 

Babson Mrs Herman (Carrie Anna Richardson 
96) 125 Russell st. West Lafayette Ind. 

Bachelor Mrs C. Daniel (Hazel Gerow 

Deyo 13) 226 5th av. New York 
Bache-Wiig Ruth b.a. 13 m.a. 15 

507 Cumberland av. Portland Me. 
Bachman Helen b.a. 16 

Jenkintown Pa. 
*Backus Mrs Grosvenor Hyde (Susan 

Emily Foote 96) d. 28 Ap 15 
Backus Jean Wallace b.a. 04 (Mrs A. 

N. Dawson) 
Bacon Mrs George Wood (Caroline 

Tilden Mitchell 97) 23 W. 67th St. 

New York 
Bacon Mabel Ginevra b.a. 96 (Mrs P. 

F. Ripley) 
Bacon Mary Randall b.a. 11 

704 S. Jefferson st. Spokane Wash. 
Bacon Mrs Newton Samuel (Anna 

Rogers Dustin 94) 1688 Massa- 
chusetts av. Cambridge 
Bacon Mrs Selden (Josephine Dodge 

Daskam 98) Beech hill Pleasant- 

ville Station N. Y. 
Badger Mrs Richard Gorham (Edith 

Tomlinson 99) 102 Hunnewell av. 


Bagg Mrs Aaron Clark (Helen Perrin 
Moore 06) 70 Fairfield av. Hol- 

Bagg Mrs Linus Worthington (Anna 

Sophia Hudson 04) 712 Clinton 

av. Newark N. J. 
Bailey Mrs (Alice Ward 83) 2732 

Girard av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Bailey Anna Gertrude b.a. 13 

Ocean av. Patchogue N. Y. 
Bailey Bessie Bingham b.a. 15 

River st. Brookfield 
Bailey Ethel Zoe b.a. 11 

Sage pi. Ithaca N. Y. 


Bailey Florence Kate b.a. 88 

174 Broad st. Claremont N. H. 
Bailey Gladys Viola b.a. 13 

(Mrs H. C. Alley) 
Bailey Katharine Jeannette b.a. 12 

(Mrs H. D. Dozier) 
Bailey Louise Morse b.a. 10 

53 Magnolia st. Hartford Ct. 

Bailey Lucia Matilda b.a. 03 (Mrs R. F. Bliss) 
Bailey Marcia Curtis b.a. 03 (Mrs F. G. Marsh) 
Bailey Mildred Louise b.a. 16 

838 Union st. Schenectady N. Y. 

Bailey Mrs Percy Smith ( Lucretia 
Derby Massey 09) 
33 Middlesex av. Swampscott 

Bailey Mrs Sidney A. (Mary Olive 
Phillips 14) 19 East st. Northamp- 

Bailey Mrs W. Howard (Marion Stevens Rich- 
ards 10) Conway N. H. 

Baily Gladys b.a. 12 

264 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Baine Ethel Mildred b.a. 07 (Mrs C. C. 

*Baine Helen Winifred b.a. 05 (Mrs 
D. W. Isaacson) d. 20 Mr 14 

Baird Mary Ellen b.a. 91 (Mrs Robert 

Baird Mrs Warner Green (Julia Lenore 
Dole 09) 927 Michigan av. Evans- 
ton 111. 

Baker Ada Cary b.a. 15 

31 Evergreen pi. East Orange N. J. 

Baker Alice Wardell b.a. 10 m.a. 13 

Ogontz school Montgomery co. Pa. 

Baker Caroline Isabel b.l. 93 m.a. 02 

Radcliffe 65 Paradise road 

Baker Mrs Edwin Carlos (Mabel 

Carver 00) 83 Genesee st. New 

Hartford N. Y. 
Baker Emily Huntington b.a. 12 


Baker Eva b.a. 07 1728 Columbia road 

Washington D. C. 

Baker Mrs Everett Herbert (Nellie Judith 
Prince 04) 2 Graves av. Northampton 

Baker Florence b.a. 13 (Mrs Donald 

Baker Florence Mathews b.a. 11 

31 Evergreen pi. East Orange N.J. 

Baker Katherine Stevens b.a. 12 
1112 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Baker Mrs Louis F. (Rodericka Canfield 03) 
178 Emerson st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Baker Louisa Burnell b.a. 14 


Baker Margaret Adrienne b.a. 12 

St Mark's chapel 288 E. 10th st. 
New York 

Baker Marian Towne b.a. 96 (Mrs 

Walter Lloyd) 
Baker Mary Chamberlain b.a. 86 

(Mrs E. A. Fisher) 

Baker Mary Coggeshall b.a. 16 
Oak st. Willimantic Ct. 

Baker Mary Tryphosa b.a. 08 350 Chestnut 
Hill av. Brookline 

Baker Ruth b.a. 11 

241 Green st. Fairhaven 
Baker Ruth Stephens b.a. 03 

Bradford academy Bradford 

Baker Mrs Warren S. (Hannah Mary 
Griffin 12) Fort Lauderdale Fla. 

Baker WilmaC. b.a. 10 

1129 22d av. N. Seattle Wash. 

Balch Edna May b.a. 13 

604 W. Main st. Marshalltown la. 

Balch Gratia Dean b.a. 09 

Nyack school Nyack N. Y. 

Balch Mrs James Bird (Mabel Severens 
91) 405 Stuart av. Kalamazoo 

Balch Mary Elizabeth b.l. 94 (Mrs 

A. W. Jackson) 
Balcom Louise b.a. 15 

1720 Dorchester road Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Baldwin Belle Gertrude b.a. 97 (Mrs 
J. R. McColl) 

Baldwin Mrs Burchard Reynolds (Flora May 
Sheldon 09) Cincinnatus Cortland co. 

N. Y. 

Baldwin Ella Mabel b.l. 00 (Mrs G. 
F. Root) 

Baldwin Mrs Fritz W. jr (Louise Ellis 06) 
3 Copley st. Brookline 

Baldwin Josephine Fairchild b.a. 16 

405 E. Town st. Columbus O. 
Baldwin Rachel b.l. 97 

Carnegie library Schenley park 

Pittsburgh Pa. 
Baldwin Rose Estelle b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Robert Meech) 
Baldwin Ruth b.a. 10 (Mrs A. L. 


Baldwin Ruth Standish b.a. 12 (Mrs 
J. F. Folinsbee) 

Baldwin Sidney b.a. 10 

Peoria Star co. Peoria 111. 


Baldwin Mrs William Henry jr (Ruth 
Standish Bowles 87) 10 E. 58th st. 
New York 

Ball Louise Herriott b.a. 14 

4028 Lake Park av. Chicago 111. 

Ball Madeline Robinson b.a. 10 
62 Clarendon st. Springfield 

Ballantine Margaret Winthrop b.a 12 
Stafford Springs Ct. 

Ballard Elizabeth Bishop b.a. 07 (Mrs R. T. 

Ballard Mrs Harlan Hogue jr (Alice 
Whiting Barker 06) 
7 Mt Vernon terrace Newtonville 

Ballard Mrs Harold L. (Aline Morley 
Smith 13) 3226 Maple av. Berwyn 

Ballard Lucy Bishop b.a. 09 
247 South st. Pittsfield 

Ballou Katherine Wallace b.a. 96 
39 Linnet st. West Roxbury 

Ballou Marie Louise b.l. 99 

74 Harris av. Woonsocket R. I. 

Bamberger Mrs Ernest (Eleanor Frances Dooly 
01) Salt Lake City Utah 

Bancroft Mrs Alvin Warren (Emily 
Washburn 95) 23 Elm st. Gardner 

Bancroft Elizabeth b.a. 14 

(Mrs J. R. McLane) 
Bancroft Frances Marsh b.l. 94 (Mrs 

W. J. Long) 
Bancroft Mary Ethel b.a. 04 

Abbot academy Andover 

Bancroft Mary Louise b.a. 02 m.a. 07 
Columbia The Knox school 

Tarry town-on-Hudson N. Y. 

Bangs Ruth Lincoln b.a. 06 (Mrs 
Marcus Rhodes) 

Banker Mrs H. J. (Bertha Louise 
Place 07) Gloversville N. Y. 

Banks Mary Fletcher b.a. 98 (Mrs 
Herbert Marples) 

Bannard Florence Spears b.a. 05 (Mrs 

Francis Adams jr) 
Bannon Mrs Arthur Hurd (Edith May 

Leeds 96) 

1404 Offnere st. Portsmouth O. 

Bannon Charlotte b.l. 95 

Portsmouth O. 
Barber Mrs Albert H. (Lucie Relief 

Barber 12) 5429 Woodlawn av. 

Chicago 111. 
Barber Alfa Curtis b.a. 00 (Mrs A. B. 


Barber Annie Mildred b.a. 02 

40 Beacon st. Boston 
Barber Bernice b.a. 10 (Mrs J. S. 

Barber Carrolle b.l. 99 (Mrs Lincoln Clark) 

Barber Mrs Earl Huntington (Maud 
Whipple Skidmore 06) 19 Agassiz 
st. Cambridge 

Barber Helen Mary b.a. 07 
91 Atwater av. Derby Ct. 

*Barber Mrs James (Mary Cordelia 
Pettibone 82) d. 30 Jl 86 

Barber Katherine Dewalt b.a. 08 (Mrs 

H. S. Belden jr 
Barber Louise b.l. 99 (Mrs F. M. 


Barber Lucie Relief b.a. 12 (Mrs A. H. 

Barber Mary Clarissa b.a. 14 

Polo 111. 

Barbour Amy Louise b.a. 91 ph.d. 02 
Yale Crescent st. Northampton 

Barbour Corinne Estelle b.a. 11 (Mrs Sheldon 

Barbour Ellen Gray b.l. 03 (Mrs W. A. Glines) 

Barclay Inez Hunter b.a. 05 (Mrs P. L. Kirby) 

Barclay Jessie Caroline b.a. 06 (Mrs R. H. 

Bardeen Bertha Foote b.a. 95 

1109 E. Genesee st. Syracuse N. Y. 

Bardwell Ruby Irene b.a. 04 (Mrs A. J. 

Bare Mrs Geoffrey (Lilian Dyott 
Major 07) 1329 Carroll st. Brook- 
lyn N. Y. # 

Barker Alice Whiting b.a. 06 (Mrs H. 
H. Ballard jr) 

Barker Florence Marion b.a. 92 (Mrs W. O. 

Barker Mrs Frederick Dale (Helen 

Rebecca Rice 91) 29 N. Perry st. 

Dayton O. 
Barker Mrs George (Mariana Higbie 

01) 257 Mt Prospect av. Newark 

N. J. 

Barker Helen Almira b.a. 06 433 Broadway 

Barker Mrs Herbert William (Ethel- 
wynne Mary Adamson 06) 7 Pine 
st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

Barker Mrs James Madison (Margaret 
Clark Rankin 08) 46 Rockledge 
road Newton Highlands. 

Barker Mrs John (Miriam Augusta 
Trowbridge 01) 30 Taylor st. 


Barker Katherine Devereux b.a. 00 
10 Church st. Woburn 

Barker Luliona May b.a. 06 m.a. 08 
64 Commonwealth road Water- 

Barker Martha b.a. 10 

360 Monroe av. Rochester N. Y. 
Barkley Mabel Merwyn b.a. 04 

18 Malcolm st. Boston 

Barkwill Mrs Ernest Streetor (Charlotte Ray 
Dering 99) 8909 Cedar av. Cleveland O. 

♦Barkwill Margaret Childs b.a. 99 (Mrs S. K. 
Johns) d 10 Ap 11 

Barlow Achsa Leona b.l. 02 (MrsE. H. 

Barlow Alpha Winifred b.s. 96 89 Bristol st. 
New Haven Ct. 

Barlow Mrs Harry Edward (Helen Eva 
Allen 03) 157 Main st. Amherst 

Barlow Mrs Henry Newell (Gladys 
Elsie Burlingame 11) Sharon Ct. 

Barlow Lola Delphine b.s. 99 (Mrs J. 
A. Derby) 

Barnard Elizabeth Finley b.a. 04 (Mrs 

G. H. Stewart) 

Barnard Mrs Everett Larkin (Therina 

Townsend 97) Stonyhurst 

Rochelle park New Rochelle N. Y. 
Barnard Katherine Eugenie b.a. 15 

7 Strathallan park Rochester N. Y. 
Barnard Lois Elizabeth b.l. 97 (Mrs 

T. McE. Vickers) 
Barnard Mary Amelia b.a. 81 (Mrs 

F. H. Daniell) 
Barnard Ruth Colburn b.a. 98 (Mrs 

Alexander Bowler) 
Barnard Mrs Seymour (Eunice Fuller 

08) 85 Hicks st. Brooklyn N.Y. 

Barnard Mrs Wilbur Edward (Marv Dyer 
Bond 89) 48 Vernon st. West Medford 

Barnes Alice Maria b.a. 04 (Mrs F. S. Brown) 

Barnes Blanche Elizabeth b.l. 02 (Mrs 

H. C. Wilson) 

Barnes Ethel b.l. 02 (Mrs Edward 
Burns jr) 

Barnes Harriet Anna b.l. 01 992 Beacon st. 
Newton Center 

Barnes Harriet Lycinthia b.l. 00 (Mrs 

H. I. Pratt) 
Barnes Helen Belle b.a. 12 

136 Pearl st. Rochester N. Y. 
Barnes Mrs John Sheldon (Hope 

Newell Walker 04) Guilford road 

R. F. D. 3 Rockford 111. 
Barnes Mary Elson b.a. 14 

843 W. State st. Jacksonville 111. 

Barnes Ruth b.a. 11 (Mrs J. C. Gor- 
man jr) 

Barnes Mrs William Robbins (Ella Mae 
Hurtt 97) 

5029 Kenmore av. Chicago 111. 
Barnett Mrs Charles Alfred (Lucy 
Kurtz 05) Brookside farms Great 

Barney Elizabeth Hunt b.a. 14 

346 Whitney av. New Haven Ct. 
Barney Ida b.a. 08 ph.d. 11 Yale 

8 Paradise road Northampton 
Barnhart Marion Emma b.a. 16 

Box 1012 Ouray Col. 
Barnhart Nancy Elizabeth b.a. 11 

5507 Waterman av. St Louis Mo. 
Barnhisel Mrs Walter B. (Ethel 

Keeler Betts 02) Dufur Ore. 

Barns Eva b.a. 10 (Mrs Walter Doll) 
Barns Mrs Maxwell (Jane Garey 13) 

229 Central park W. New York 
Barnum Helen Adelaide b.a. 13 

261 Crescent st. Northampton 
Barr Helen b.a. 08 (Mrs E. C. Smith) 
Barr Mrs Joseph W. (Florence Laura 

Byles 01) 

115 W. 3d st. Oil City Pa. 
Barrangon Mrs Emile (Lucy Eloise 
Lord 00) 

4 Sanderson av. Northampton 
Barrett Alice Gertrude b.a. 04 
35 Forbes av. Northampton 

Barrett Anita Brienne b.a. 11 

Quassaick hall Newburgh N. Y. 

Barrett Mrs Hugh Campbell (Eleanor Hunter 
Riker 08) Park av. Orange N. J. 

*Barrett Laura Stoughton b.l. 91 
d. 16 D 93 

Barrett Lillian Foster b.a. 06 Dresser st. 

Newport R. I. 

Barrett Mary Franklin b.l. 01 m.a. 05 
Columbia 19 Elm st. Bloom- 
field N. J. 

Barrows Anne Ide b.l. 97 m.a. 00 
(Mrs W. C. Seelye) 

Barrows Charlotte Lou b.a. 13 
71 Princeton st. Springfield 

Barrows Eleanor Agnes b.a. 11 

1540 Hawthorne terrace Berkeley 

Barrows Florence Louise b.a. 11 
291 Main st. West Haven Ct. 

Barrows Harriet Louise b.a. 93 

7 Pearl street pi. Springfield 

Barrows Marguerite b.a. 07 
East Lansing Mich. 


Barrows Mary Eleanor b.a. 97 (Mrs 
Frank Irwin) 

*Barrows Mrs Raymond C. (Helen 
Augusta Brown 11) 
d. 2 Mr 15 

Barrows Mrs Robert Lincoln (Gene- 
vieve Hall Scofield 05) 120 Argyle 
road Ardmore Pa. 

*Barry Florence Stuart b.a. 93 d. N 07 

Barry Gertrude Martha b.a. 10 

(Mrs N. R. Peet) 
Barry Katherine Edwina b.a. 14 

189 Harvard st. Rochester N. Y. 

Barry Mrs Phillips (Kate Fairbanks 
Puffer 00) 

83 Brattle st. Cambridge 
Barse Stella Louise b.a. 00 (Mrs G. C. Cole) 

Barstow Mrs Donald McLean (Clara 
Arabella Gerrish 02) 675 Con- 
gress st. Portland Me. 

Barstow Mary Mason b.l. 01 (Mrs H. H. 

Barta May Wallace b.a. 02 (Mrs Kel- 
logg Birdseye) 

Bartholomew Ethel May b.a. 07 (Mrs 
J. D. Kirkpatrick) 

Bartholomew Helen Gertrude b.a. 12 
The Belgravia 18th and Chestnut 
sts. Philadelphia Pa. 

Bartholomew Jennette Benton b.l. 01 (Mrs. 
W. W. Robotham) 

Bartholomew Ruth b.a. 15 
12 Green st. Northampton 

Bartle Mildred Kathryn b.a. 13 

419 West av. Rochester N. Y. 
Bartle Ruth b.a. 08 (Mrs S. R. Strong) 

Bartle Virginia b.l. 03 

419 Lee st. Evanston 111. 

Bartleson Mrs Charles Albert (Susan 
Hurlbut Mason 09) 913 12th av. 
Spokane Wash. 

Bartlett Mrs C. Edwin (Helen Ains- 
worth Reed 07) 209 Cresswell st. 
Ridley Park Pa. 

Bartlett Mrs Ernest Perley (Mildred Morse 00) 
1324 Elmwood av. Wilmette 111. 

Bartlett Florence Dibell b.l. 04 

5111 Blackstone av. Chicago 111. 

Bartlett Francesca b.a. 10 (Mrs C. E. 

Bartlett Isabella Hunter b.l. 96 (Mrs G. T. 

Bartlett Mrs Lawrence V. (Elsie Hay- 
ford Hastings 10) 
16 Grey stone park Lynn 

Bartlett Levantia White b.a. 09 

636 W. Adams st. Los Angeles Cal. 

Bartlett Lucy Pierce b.a. 96 (Mrs W. L. Walsh) 
Bartlett Marion Fuller b.a. 16 
Box 46 Walpole N. H. 

Bartlett Sarah Ripley b.a. 06 b.s. OS 

15 Sudbury road Concord 

Bartlett Virginia Evans b.a. 10 

1083 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Barton Alice b. l. 90 (Mrs E. L. Bur- 

Barton Anna Eliza b.l. 92 499 Stephenson st. 
Freeport 111. 

Barton Mrs F. P. (Harriet Maria 
Pratt 81) North Sudbury 

Barton Katharine Louise b.l. 00 
28 Concord st. Nashua N. H. 

Barton Mary Louise b.a. 84 

1270 S. El Molinoav. Pasadena Cal. 

Barton Maude Gertrude b.a. 13 

Massachusetts General hospital 

Barton Minerva May b.a. 88 (Mrs 
T. H. Foote) 

Bartter Mrs George Charles (Frances 
Crosby Bufhngton 01) 
Care Church Missions house 
281 4th av. New York 

B a scorn Mrs Charles E. (Ida Rebecca 
Holliday 10) St Regis apts St 
Louis Mo. 

Bascom Mrs Frank Preston (Lucy 
Runey Tufts 99) Lancaster 

Baskin Elsie Rutledge b.a. 11 (Mrs 
Huntington Adams) 

Basnett Bertha b.a. 09 (Mrs George Floyd) 

Bassett Mrs Arthur F. (Rose Adele 
Kinsman 03) 223 Forest Park av. 

Bassett Marie Couwenhoven b.a. 12 
(Mrs L. C. Bell) 

Bassett Mrs Robert V. R. (Harriett 

Baldwin Hibberd 10) 15 Ross st. 

Owego N. Y. 
Bassett Mrs William Manning 

(Katharine Romeyn Varick 09) 

Park hill Yonkers N. Y. 

Bastert Florence Emma b.a. 11 
1850 Jersey st. Quincy 111. 

Batchelder Alice L. b.a. 01 

318 S. Ashland blvd Chicago 111. 
Batchelder Annie b.a. 13 

318 S. Ashland blvd Chicago 111. 


Bateman Mrs Frank Elliott (Sophia 
Clarke Washburn 96) 163 High- 
land av. Somerville 

*Bates Mrs Charles Francis (Charlotte Augusta 
Wolcott 86) d. 16 Ap 12 

Bates Clara Whitmore b.l. 96 (Mrs 
Howard Clarke) 

Bates Mrs Edgar Asa (Evelyn Trull 04) 
218 S.Mountain av.Montclair NJ. 
Bates Edith Wright b.l. 99 (Mrs A. M. Clapp) 

Bates Ellen Coalter b.l. 99 ph.m. 05 Chicago 
univ. 3522 Washington av. St Louis Mo. 

Bates Elsie Wright b.a. 00 (Mrs A. E. 

Bates Helen Clementina b.a. 10 
295 12th st. Portland Ore. 

Bates Mrs Horace Freeman (Mary Amsden 
Sayward 01) Hanover Center 

Bates Leonora b.a. 07 . 4 Grand st. 
Somersworth N. H. 

Bates Mary b.a. 11 (Mrs Roger Hinds) 

Bates Mary Ethel b.l. 03 (Mrs Frank 

Bathgate Mabel Agnes b.a. 07 (Mrs R. E. Hall) 

Bathrick Mrs Walter Frank (Florance Emilie 
Lovett 04) 

4 Brunswick way Melrose Highlands 

Batson Allison Blanche b.a. 08 (Mrs P. J. 

Batterson Florence b.a. 08 Care Mr Fred 
Warren 52 Prospect drive Yonkers N. Y. 

Battles Beth b.a. 15 

358 Elm st. Braintree 
Battles Edith Howard b.a. 06 

428 N. Main st. Brockton 

Bauder Mrs George Tyrrell (Clara Marie Paton 
10) Coleridge road Shaker heights Cleve- 
land O. 

Bauer Dorothea Louise b.a. 15 

301 The Ontario Washington D. C. 

Baum Charlotte b.a. 15 

35 E. 62d st. New York 

Baumann Mrs Edward Steinhauer (Frances 
May Osgood 98) 739 Lincoln av. Win- 
netka 111. 

Baumann Frances Margaret b.a. 09 

(Mrs Adolph Hartmann jr) 
Baumann Nettie Anna b.a. 06 

530 Hawthorne pi. Chicago 111. 
Baumbach Mrs Gilbert R. (Alice May 

Otman 10) 114 High st. Peoria 111. 
Baumgarten Alma b.a. 98 

Bay State Trust co. 222 Boylston st. 


Baumgarten Mrs Walter (Louise 
Knapp 02) 5063 Westminster pi. 
St Louis Mo. 

Bawden Sarah Elizabeth b.l. 94 
912 Willett st. Jamaica N. Y. 

Baxter Mildred Ernestine b.a. 10 (Mrs 
G. F. Weaver) 

Bayard Mrs Maurice Francis (Martha Dalzell 
Gilchrist 00) 1319 N. Pennsylvania st. 
Indianapolis Ind. 

Bayles Helen Horton b.a. 13 (Mrs F. 
S. Child jr) 

Bayliss Mrs Jerome Zerbe (Agnes Eulalie 
Martin 98) 11420 Fairchild av. S. E. 
Cleveland O. 

Bayliss Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 14 
316 W. Spruce st. Titusville Pa. 

Beach Cora Louise b.a. 13 

466 Ford st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 

Beach Mrs Goodwin Batterson (Ethel 
Gertrude Curry 07) 220 Farming- 
ton av. Hartford Ct. 

Beach Mrs Sylvester Judd (Harriet 
Louise Harris 01) 24 Stone st. 
Augusta Me. 

Bealin Nella Ellery b.a. 94 Care Mrs O. S. 

Gaither 4455 Champlain av. Chicago 111. 

Beals Mrs Lester Hayes (Rose Fair- 
bank 95) Wai, Satara district India 

Beaman Mrs David Webster (Jane Witter 
Stetson 99) 8 Anthony st. New Bedford 

Bean Caroline van Hook b.l. 03 
(Mrs B. J. Blommers jr) 

Beane Elizabeth Silsbee b.a. 99 8 Oak st. 


Beane Katherine Edna b.a. 08 Newington 
N. H. 

Beane Nellie Bailey b.a. 99 Attica N. Y. 

Beard Emma Burlew b.l. 95 

Fayetteville N. Y. 
Beardsley Elizabeth Coley b.a. 09 

(Mrs George McKeever) 
Beardsley Mrs Guy Erastus (Jane 

Reed Hills 99) 153 Oxford st. 

Hartford Ct. 
Beardsley Marion Way b.a. 11 

St Paul's school Walla Walla Wash. 
Beardsley Mrs Otis L. (Grace Lane 93) 

615 Lincoln av. Highland Park 111. 
Beasley Martha Mabel b.a. 08 (Mrs 

G. A. Hill jr) 

*Beattie Mrs Edward William jr (Ethel 
May Dickinson 98) d. 10 

Beattie Grace May b.a. 05 (Mrs C. E. 

Beaupre Olive Kennon b.l. 04 (Mrs 

H. E. Miller) 
Beaver Mabel b.a. 12 

(Mrs Raymond Ziesmer) 


Becker Christine Katharine b.a. 14 
407 Westminster road Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

Becker Edythe Berenice b.a. 15 

215 S.Van Dien av.Ridgewood N.J. 

Becker Elsie Roemer b.a. 12 

Welshbush road Utica N. Y. 

Becker Eva May b.l. 03 (Mrs J. E. Shippee) 
Becker Louise b.a. 12 

5132 Hyde Park blvd Chicago 111. 
Becker Louise Margaret b.a. 15 

407 Westminster road Brooklyn 


Beckley Margaret Enella b.a. 14 
253 W. 91st st. New York 

Beckman Martha Frances b.a. 16 
(Mrs Nathan Ransohoff) 

Bedell Elizabeth Caroline b.l. 99 (Mrs Franklin 

Bedell Mrs Frederick (Mary Louise Crehore 
92) Cornell heights Ithaca N. Y. 

Bedlow Elinor Isabel b.a. 14 

1832 Bennett av. Dallas Tex. 

Beebe Decia b.a. 16 

263 Foster st. Melrose 

Beebe Katherine Martin b.a. 05 4 Franklin 
terrace Hyde Park 

Beebe Marcia b.a. 10 (Mrs H. C. 

Beebe Margaret B.A. 16 

263 Foster st. Melrose 
Beecher Gertrude Roxana b.a. 03 (Mrs 

C. F. Park jr) 
Beecher Josephine b.a. 13 

Livonia N. Y. 
Beecher Julie Lillian b.a. 15 

Bethel Ct. 
Beecher Mabel Louise b.a. 95 

226 Lawrence st. New Haven Ct. 

Beecher Marion Esther b.a. 12 

Port Chester N. Y. 
Beecher Ruth Hellawell b.a. 14 

115 Broadway Youngstown O. 

Beecher Sara Elizabeth b.a. 03 m.a. Grad. cert. 
06 Yale (Mrs D. H. Ray) 

*Beeken Mrs Lewis L. (Kate Keith 10) 
d. 26 Mr 14 

Beers Keturah Sherman b.a. 00 (Mrs 
Woodward Holmes) 

Beers Mrs Lucius Hart (Helen Hep- 
burn Patton 99) 120 E. 39th st. 
New York 

Behr Florence b.a. 12 
National City Cal. 

Behr Katharine b.l. 04 (Mrs H. L. Minshall) 
Belcher Lucy Frances b.a. 15 
29 Whitney st. Roxbury 

Belden Dorothy b.a. 10 

29 High st. Northampton 

Belden Mrs Henry Seymour jr (Kath- 
erine Dewalt Barber 08) 
140 19th st. N. W. Canton O. 

Belden Ora Madeline b.a. 14 
130 Appleton av. Pittsfield 

Belfield Mrs Andrew Miller (Elizabeth 
Tiffany Mills 97) 696 Prospect av. 
Winnetka 111. 

Bell Barbara b.a. 13 

229 5th av. S. E. Minneapolis 

Bell Caroline Stowell b.a. 99 (Mrs 
David Foster) 

Bell Mrs Clinton Edward (Charlotte 
Webber 95) 13 Avon pi. 


Bell Edith b.a. 16 Walbridge and 
Herschel sts. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Bell Helen Florentine b.a. 14 
824 Radcliffe st. Bristol Pa. 

Bell Lalla Rookh b.a. 15 

821 Diamond st. Williamsport Pa. 

Bell Mrs Leslie Cabell (Marie Couwen- 

hoven Bassett 12) 

3611 Powelton av. Philadelphia Pa. 
Bell Mrs Louis (Sarah Gross Hemen- 

way 86) 32 Sylvan av. 

West Newton 

Bell Mary White b.l. 99 
65 Bartlet st. Andover 

Bellhouse Mrs Tom Wynyard (Helen 
Van Deren Morgan 01) Alto Ga. 

Bellows Mary Howland b.l. 01 

Walpole N. H. 
Belser Gertrude Lois b.a. 12 

'381 Central park W. New York 

Belz Mrs J. O. (Ella Caroline Mayo 09) 
705 Upshur st. N.W. Washington 
D. C. 

Bement Dorothy Montgomery b.a. 12 

51 Henshaw av. Northampton 
Bemis Florence Louise b.a. 05 Charlemont 

Benchley Mrs Robert Charles (Ger- 
. trade Darling 12) 

Pennsylvania av. Crestwood N. Y. 
Bender Bertha Katherine b.a. 11 (Mrs F. J. 


Benedict Bertha b.l. 01 1 W. 10th st. New 

Benedict Mrs Edward Grenville (Eloise 
Clara Piatt 91) 
301 W. 91st st. New York 


Benedict Mrs James D. (Ada Susan 
Piatt 94) 7 Douglas road Glen 
Ridge N.J. 

Benedict Myrtis b.a. 04 491 Boylston st. 


Benedict Ruth Allen b.l. 02 

Central Union church Honolulu 
T. H. 

Benedict Suzan Rose b.s. 95 m.a. 06 
Columbia Clark house 


Benham Cora May b.l. 99 (Mrs J. M. Neff) 
Benjamin Louise Stern b.a. 12 

43 W. 88th st. New York 
Benjamin Ruth Avery b.a. 12 

Wampsville N. Y. 
Benkema Mrs Herman (Margaret 

Whitman Shaw 15) 

West Point N. Y. 

Bennett Addie Imogene b.a. 10 
Danforth Me. 

Bennett Bertha Lee b.l. 95 (Mrs 

Bennett Mrs Charles R. (Mary Dudley 
Freeman 08) International Bank- 
ing corporation Kobe Japan 

Bennett Mrs Coma Lewman (Nelle 
Carolyn Odbert 12) Dexter Mo. 

Bennett Dolly Chaplin b.a. 10 Bridgton Me. 

Bennett Edith Edwidge b.a. 14 
Concord N. H. 

Bennett Mrs James Ewing (Bertha 
Bogue 97) 5333 University av. 
Chicago 111. 

Bennett Mrs James Stark (Ethelwyn 
Foote 97) 646 St John av. Pasa- 
dena Cal. 

Bennett Katherine b.a. 10 (Mrs George 

Bennett Marion b.a. 06 

Bennett Mildred Waldron b.a. 04 

Monticello Sullivan co. N. Y. 

Bennett Mrs Moodybell Stephen (Grace 
Maria Page 97) 295 Laurel st. 
Manchester N. H. 

Bennett Mrs Thomas Henry (Maie Bernadette 
Byrne 03) 212 St Johns pi. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

Bensen Mrs Albert Van Voast jr 
(Marion Rice Prouty 04) 
Gramatan court Bronxville N. Y. 

Benson Bessie Pendleton b.a. 04 (Mrs 

S. B. Gray) 
Benson Eleanor Perry B.A. 10 (Mrs 

Ralph Lawson) 

Benson Sarah Louise b.a. 88 60 Baltimore st. 

Bent Amelia Guild b.a. 06 (Mrs 

Russell Burnett) 
Bent Mrs James Stuart jr (Frances 

Gleason Manning 06) 68 Columbia 

st. Brookline 
Bent Mary Emily b.l. 04 (Mrs R. S. Conklin) 
Bentley Grace Elizabeth b.a. 16 

19 Adams st. Somerville 
Bentley Meta Ellis b.a. 00 

1392 Union st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Benton Mrs Arthur Hulbert (Ruth Dickinson 
White 98) 176 Kenyon st. Hartford Ct. 

Benton Mrs C. King (Ednah Hall Burton 02) 
55 R. R. 1 Hood River Ore. 

Berenson Rachel b.a. 02 m.a. 04 

Radcliffe (Mrs R. B. Perry) 
Bergen Mary Disbrow b.a. 10 

44 West End av. Haddonfield N.J. 
Bergen Mildred Adiene b.a. 10 (Mrs 

C. M. Hart) 
Berkey Marion Sarah b.a. 16 

874 S. 3d st. Grand Rapids Wis. 
Berry Dorothy b.a. 14 

828 Henry st. E. Savannah Ga. 
Berry Harriette Esselstyn b.a. 06 

Canaan N. Y. 
Berry Katherine Fiske b.a. 02 

28 Trowbridge road Worcester 

Berry Mary Lillian b.a. 04 Care Rear- 

Admiral A. G. Berry U. S. N. Navy dept 
Washington D. C. 

Best Mrs Albert Starr (Marjorie Ayres 
95) 2911 Sheridan road Evans- 
ton 111. 

Best Wanda Dorothy b.a. 14 

235 W. 71st st. New York 
Best Mrs William J. (Flora Ray 11) 

69 Euclid av. W. Detroit Mich. 
Betterley Helen Mariette b.a. 13 

Rice farm Brattleboro Vt. 
Betts Agnes b.a. 16 

4700 Beacon st. Chicago 111. 
Betts Emily Julia b.l. 96 (Mrs P. M. 


Betts Ethel Keeler b.a. 02 (Mrs W. 

B. Barnhisel) 
Betts Mrs Nelson B. (Esther Dorothea 

Cook 12) Betts av. Troy N. Y. 
Bevans Mrs George Esdras (Ila 

Carmichael Miller 14) 1025 E. 

Jersey st. Elizabeth N. J. 
Beye Marian b.a. 06 (Mrs C. H. Hurlbut) 
Bickel Mary Stevenson b.a. 06 (Mrs 

W. McB. Connell) 


Bickford Frances Henrietta b.a. 09 

b.s. 13 Simmons 42 Merchant st. 

Bridgeport Ct. 
Bicknell Marguerite Elizabeth b.a. 16 

1025 Wildwood av. Fort Wayne 


Bicknell Ruth Ernestine b.a. 14 

1025 Wildwood av. Fort Wayne 

Biddlecome Elizabeth b.a. 04 Newport N. H. 

Bidwell Agnes Slingerland b.a. 11 

1 Madison av. Jersey City N. J. 

Bidwell Helen Emeline b.a. 13 

Biele Mrs Fred J. (Bertha Katherine Bender 11) 

216 81st st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Bien Corabel b.a. 12 

1130 Lamont st. N. W. Washington 
D. C. 

Bien Mrs Van Tuyl Hart (Bertha Viola 
Conn 14) 3600 13th st. Wash- 
ington D. C. 

Bigelow Mrs Edward B. (Bertha Cleora 
Sumner 01) 1 Northampton st. 

Bigelow Emily Marguerite b.a. 00 
(Mrs C. S. Emery) 

Bigelow Harriet Williams b.a. 93 ph.d. 
04 Univ. of Mich. Smith College 
observatory Northampton 

Bigelow Helen b.a. 10 (Mrs F. B. 

*Bigelow Laura Gertrude b.l. 95 

d. 31 D 97 
Bigelow Lucy May b.a. 96 

445 W. 21st st. New York 

Bigelow Marie Louise b.a. 06 (Mrs J. C. 

Bigelow Ruth Tracy b.a. 05 (Mrs 

J. W. Christie) 
Biggs Arline Elizabeth b.a. 12 (Mrs E. N. Gott) 
Biggs Mrs James Douglas (Marguerite 

Louise Tweedy 15) 10 Terrace pi. 

Danbury Ct. 
Bikle Mrs Henry Wolf (Lucy Lemng- 

well Cable 01) The Clinton 

Philadelphia Pa. 

Billings Anna Hunt b.l. 91 ph.d. 98 
Yale General delivery New York 

Billings Charlotte Lane b.a. 16 
Woodstock Vt. 

Billings Hannah Louisa b.a. 05 
Main st. Hatfield 

Billings Marian Caroline b.a. 01 
Main st. Hatfield 

Binford Mrs Victor A. (Marcia Reed 
09) Roxbury Me. 

Bingham Jennie Belle b.a. 98 (Mrs 

F. F. Dowlin) 
Bingham Mary Homer b.a. 92 

1125 W. 21st st. Los Angeles Cal, 

Bingham Mrs Norman Williams jr (Ethel 
Prescott Stetson 01) 109 Prince st. West 

*Bingham Sarah Louise b.a. 03 d. 29 O 09 
Binkerd Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 12 (Mrs 

F. W. H. Stott) 
Biram Mrs James H. (Alice Gilbert 
Raymond 06) 73 Imlay st. Hart- 
ford Ct. 

Birch Ethel H. b.l. 02 (Mrs W. Hale Horton) 

Bird Louise b. a. 16 

1126 Evergreen av. Plainfield N. J. 
Bird Elsie Emery b.a. 15 

1126 Evergreen av. Plainfield N.J. 

Birdseye Mrs Kellogg (May Wallace 

Barta 02) 351 Egmont av. 

Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Birdseye Miriam b.a. 01 

Cornell university Ithaca N. Y. 
Bireley Mrs John Myers (Florence Evelyn 

Smith 02) 4285 Gilbert st. Oakland Cal. 

Bisbee Mrs Henry Vivian (Florence 
Regina Sternberger 06) Hingham 

Biscoe Mrs Maurice Bigelow (Agnes 
Elizabeth Slocum 00) 
320 Humboldt st. Denver Col. 

Bishop Mrs Edmund S. (Annar Marie Wait 10) 
1522 Jessup av. New York 

Bishop Mrs George Conarroe (Emma 

Rebecca Loomis 06) 

Garden City Long Island N. Y. 
Bishop Jessie Elizabeth b.a. 11 

1726 Ridge av. Evanston 111. 
Bishop Lola Lorraine b.a. 06 

1911 Center av. Bay City Mich. 
Bissell Blanche Watson b.a. 02 

750 Jefferson a v. E. Detroit Mich. 
Bissell Mary Eleanor b.l. 97 

572 Prospect blvd Pasadena Cal. 
Bissell Mrs Norman A. (Mabel Louise 

McElwain 09) 196 Spring st. 

Amsterdam N. Y. 
Bittman Anne Marguerite b.a. 11 

306 N. Michigan av. Saginaw Mich. 
Bixby Alice Martin b.l. 99 

45 Summer st. Salem 
Bixby Mabel Symonds b.l. 99 (Mrs 

W. E. Hoyt) 

Bixby Mrs William Peet (Gertrude Place 12) 
13 Maynard st. Pawtucket R. I. 


Bixler Mrs James Wilson (Mabel 

Seelye 94) 27 Broad st. 

New London Ct. 
Black Mrs Carlyle H. (Louise Cage 

Fielder 11) 32 Webster pi. 

East Orange N. J. 
Black Gertrude May b.a. 15 

2251 Warren st. Toledo O. 
Blackburn Mrs Alexander Maxwell 

(Jean Gertrude Jouett 02) 

Bacon st. Warren 
Blackburn Cornelia Long b.a. 13 

531 E. Main st. Georgetown Ky. 
Blackinton Alice Anna b.l. 96 

69 High st. North Attleboro 

Blackmer Mrs Albert W. (Helen Trask Dana 
09) 53 Institute road Worcester 

*Blackstone Martha Blackwell b.l. 93 
d. 1 Ap 10 

Blagden Mrs J. Converse (Florence Ward 97) 

Blaikie Lillias Stone b.l. 97 (Mrs H. 

L. Thomas) 
Blaikie Mary Kerr b.a. 07 (Mrs J. W. 


Blair Abbie Florence b.l. 97 (Mrs 

Llewelyn Owen) 
*Blair Alice Amelia b.l. 96 (Mrs M. B. Butler) 

d. D 09 

Blair Margene b.a. 99 

34 Floral av. Binghamton N. Y. 

Blaisdell Daisy Luana b.a. 88 m.a. 94 
908 W. Nevada st. Urbana 111. 

Blake Mrs Clinton Hamlin jr . (Mar- 
garet Duryee Coe 07) Bray ton st. 
Englewood N. J. 

*Blake Edith b.a. 97 d. 4 Ag 03 

*Blake Mrs Herbert A. (Harriet May White 86) 
d. 16 Je 16 

Blake Mrs James Kingsley (Helen Langley 
Putnam 93) Lakewood N. J. 

Blake Lucy Edith b.a. 97 Care J. A. Toole 
R. F. D. Scotland Mass. 

Blake Sarah Augusta b.a. 09 

Hampton N. H. 
Blakeslee Mrs George H. (Edna 

Frances Day 05) 21 Downing st. 

Blakeslee Mrs Harvey D. jr (Eleanor 

Cartwright Mann 09) 48 In wood 

pi. Buffalo N. Y. 
Blakeslee Mrs Robert Erastus (Caro- 
line Russell Brackett 08) 16 Bemis 

road Wellesley Hills 
Blanc Mrs (Elsie Terry 14) 

85 Jefferson av. Springfield 
Blanchard Alice Arabella b.l. 03 

165 Wood side av. Newark N. J. 

Blanchard Edith b.l. 02 

38 School st. Montpelier Vt. 

Blanchard Mrs Ferdinand Quincy 

(Ethel Hebard West 99) 

1953 E. 101st st. Cleveland O. 
Blanchard Gertrude Helena b.a. 07 

192 Pearl st. Gardner 
Blanchard Grace b.a. 82 

Public library Concord N. H. 
Blanchard Grace Eliza b.a. 98 m.a. 09 

1033 Main st. Fitchburg 

Blandin Ethel Irene b.a. 09 

Women's dormitories University of Penn- 
sylvania Philadelphia Pa. 

Blanke Mrs Everett Nexsen (Harriet 
Isabelle Cutler 97) Field Point 
road Greenwich Ct. 

Blaque Mrs Giles (Helen Hulbert 12) 
20 Lafayette st. Springfield 

Blenkiron Florence Eleanor b.a. 13 
1816 Crenshaw blvd Los Angeles 

Blickley Esther b.a. 16 

343 Wealthy st. S. E. Grand 

Rapids Mich. 
Blinn Harriet Louise b.l. 89 (Mrs C. H. Dorr) 
Bliss Anna Maria b.a. 02 (Mrs L. C. Phelps) 
Bliss Mrs Charles H. J. (Amy Elmira 

Powell 96) 862 Gramercy drive 

Los Angeles Cal. 
Bliss Elizabeth Howe b.a. 08 

130 E. 22d st. New York 
Bliss Ethel May b.a. 02 (Mrs A. L. 

Wood worth) 
Bliss Florence McDowell b.a. 16 

Sharon Hill Pa. 
Bliss Harriet Chalmers b.l. 99 

(Mrs G. B. Ford) 
Bliss Mrs Raymond V. (Julia Augusta 

Robinson 09) Bluehill Me. 

Bliss Mrs Robert Farwell (Lucia Matilda 
Bailey 03) 23 Winter st. Montpelier Vt. 

Bliven Emma Alma B.A. 08 

4 Beech terrace Yonkers N. Y. 
Block Agnes Sophia b.a. 15 

469 Moss av. Peoria 111. 
Block Anna Christina b.a. 09 (Mrs 

C. C. Vance) 
Block Harriet Freda b.a. 15 

469 Moss av. Peoria 111. 
Blodgett Anna Elizabeth b.a. 10 

85 Walnut Hill road Orange 
Blodgett Florence Wilson b.a. 11 

1416 Indiana av. Chicago 111. 
Blodgett Grace Allen b.a. 89 m.a. 94 

(Mrs R. H. Seelye) 


Blodgett Helen b.a. 13 

Faribault Minn. 
Blodgett Mrs John Henry (Ruth Sar- 

(gent Paine 12) Beach Bluff 

Blodgett Mary Emma b.l. 00 (Mrs 

C. A. Burley) 
Blodgett Ruth Hartwell b.a. 16 

174 Temple st. West Newton 

Blodgett Ruth Robinson b.a. 05 

35 Williams st. Brookline 
*Blodgett Sara Elizabeth b.l. 01 

d. 6 Mr 07 
Blommers Mrs Bart J. jr (Caroline van 

Hook Bean 03) Smithtown Branch 

Long Island N. Y. 
Bloom Margaret b.a. 14 

1030 Maple av. Evanston 111. 

Bluethenthal Mrs Herbert (Janet Weil 
14) Wilmington N. C. 

Blunt Mrs John Ellsworth jr (Carlene 
Mabelle Curtis 96) 
1570 Ashland av. Evanston 111. 

Board Mrs Harold E. (Vesta Raven 
Foster 08) 703 Judson av. Evans- 
ton 111. 

Boardman Emma Irene b.a. 15 

20 Montmorenci st. Springfield 

*Boardman Harriette Holland b.a. 88 (Mrs M. 
H. Hunt) d. 13 

Boardman Mrs Henry Bradford (Caro- 
lyn Peck 91) Lowell road 
Schenectady N. Y. 

Boardman Mabel b.a. 08 (Mrs R. W. 

Boardman Mrs Richard Mather (Dorcas Floyd 
Leese 01) 915 Madison av. Plainfield 
N. J. 

Bodel Mrs John Knox (Eleanor Chester Put- 
nam 03) Box 417 Hilo T. H. 

Bodenschatz Rubina Lina b.a. 09 R. F. D. 3 
Lake Geneva Wis. 

Bodine Bertha b.a. 10 

6 Atkinson st. Bellows Falls Vt. 

Bodine Louise Warren b.a. 06 (Mrs 

H. W. How) 
*Bodman Rose Maria b.a. 87 

d. 28 Ja 14 
Bod well Bertha Tamenia b.a. 11 

(Mrs Richard Potter) 

Bogan Mrs Fred Macon (Helen Margery Dean 
07) 106 E. 24th st. Minneapolis Minn. 

Bogart Nell Stevens b.a. 10 Glenwood la. 

Bogue Anna Tefft b.a. 03 836 Union st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Bogue Bertha b.l. 97 (Mrs J. E. 

Bogue Mrs Joseph Creswell (Gladys 
Irene Wheelock 12) 140 Hillside 
road Watertown 

Bogue Stella Margaret b.a. 91 (Mrs A. T. 

Campbell jr) 
Bohannan Mary MacDonald b.a. 02 (Mrs C. 

St J. Chubb jr) 

Bohning Anne Lizettia b.a. 15 
715 5th av. Fort Worth Tex. 

Boies Bessie b.a. 03 m.a. 08 Chicago 
univ. 98 Morningside av. New 

Bole Mrs John Archibald (Anna 
Sheldon Kitchel 95) 
Boling Green farm Wallkill N. Y. 

Bolman Mrs Frederick DeWolf (Flor- 
ence Louise Tullock 03) 624 S. 
Broadway Leavenworth Kan. 

Bolster Julia Agnes b.l. 01 (Mrs F. A. 
Ferris jr) 

Bolster May Morrill b.l. 97 (Mrs R. S. Twitchell) 
Bolster Mrs William Wheeler (Maude 

Louise Furbush 03) 166 College 

st. Lewiston Me. 
Bolton Hazel Marie b.a. 14 

2300 E. 2d st. Long Beach Cal. 
Bond Edith Howell b.l. 04 (Mrs L. A. 

Bond Florence M. b.a. 12 

112 N. 10th st. Richmond Ind. 

Bond Mrs Joseph Waldo (Pearl Smith Sanborn 
03) 103 Highland av. Winchester 

Bond Mary Dyer b.a. 89 (Mrs W. E. Barnard) 

Bond Nancy Kimball b.a. 12 

875 W. 7th st. Superior Wis. 

Bonfoey Emma Comstock b.a. 02 Center- 
brook Ct. 

Bonney Mrs Frank Sherman (Julia Adaline 
Greene 00) 93 Mt Pleasant st. New 


Bonney Mrs Harry Charles (Harriett 

Jackson Lytle 08) 2152 Park av. 

Montreal Canada 
Bonney Mary Herrick b.a. 79 (Mrs 

F. E. Smith) 
Booker Myrta May b.a. 03 (Mrs C. F. 

Bookwalter Alice b.a. 03 (Mrs A. A. Ward) 
Bookwalter Grace b.a. 06 (Mrs S. M. Frink) 
Boone Charlotte Keach b.l. 96 (Mrs 

L. P. Slade) 
Booth Mrs Charles Maclay (Rejoyce 

Ballance Collins 98) Bryman Hal- 

leck P. O. San Bernardino co. 


Booth Mrs John Allison Sheriffs 
(Gladys Paige Pierce 06) 74 The 
Brunswick Washington D. C. 


Booth Marguerite b.a. 14 

321 Grant st. Sewickley Pa. 

Booth Marion Elizabeth b.a. 10 (Mrs H. S. 

Booth Mary Martvn b.a. 91 

205 W. Main st. New Britain Ct. 

Booth Minnie Day b.a. 90 
28 Gray st. Hartford Ct. 

Booth Myra Budlong b.l. 99 36 School st. 
Pawtucket R. I. 

Booth Olive Agnes b.a. 11 

The Wood- Norton Germantown 

Booth Mrs Sheldon (Corinne Estelle Barbour 11) 
1511 E. 52d st. Chicago 111. 

Booth Vera Douglas b.a. 09 (Mrs 

H. R. Philbrick) 
Borden Bessey b.l. 95 

618 Rock st. Fall River 
Bordon Elizabeth b.a. 16 

87 Portland st. Hartford Ct. 

Borland Mrs William Patterson (Ona 

Lorene Winants 01) 1113 16th st. 

Washington D. C. 
Borst Mrs William A. (Amy Mary 

Alvord 11) Hobard lane 

Ansonia Ct. 
Bortz Mrs Walter James (Hannah 

Olive Kummer 08) 3751 Pine 

Grove av. Chicago 111. 

Bosart Dora Ellen b.a. 08 

4704 E. Washington st. Indian- 
apolis Ind. 

Boss Helen b.l. 97 (Mrs F. R. Cum- 

Bostelmann Mrs John Charles jr 
(Sophie Pratt 14) 58 W. 2d st. 
Corning N. Y. 

Boswell Mrs George Copeland (Mary 
Page Foskett 87) 45 Catlin st. 
Meriden Ct. 

Bothfeld Mrs Henry Edmund (Haidee 
Hobart Soule 82) 
12 Braemore road Newton 

Botsford Mrs Austin Nichols (Sarah Elizabeth 
Goodwin 99) Watertown Ct. 

Bourland Caroline Brown b.a. 93 ph.d. 02 
Bryn Mawr 10 West st. Northampton 

Bourland Elsie Parsons b.l. 95 (Mrs 
W. T. Abbott) 

Bourland Julia Preston b.a. 05 (Mrs Arthur 

Bou telle Mrs George Jenks (Ethel 
Monroe Roome 11) 209 Underhill 
av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Boutelle Katharine b.a. 15 

35 College av. Waterville Me. 

Boutwell Alice Bradford b.a. 04 r.n. 08 
Presbyterian hospital (Mrs G. N. 


Boutwell Mrs Cyrus (Margaret 

McCrary 11) 4705 E. 6th av. 

R. R. 2 South Denver Col. 
Bowden Emma Bartoll b.a. 07 (Mrs 

G. N. Proctor jr) 
Bowen Ethel Mills b.a. 09 

(Mrs W. F. Fisher) 
Bowen Mrs Everett Anthony (Jane 

Stetson 91) Middleboro 
Bowen Fanny Corey b.a. 90 

187 Rock st. Fall River 
Bowen Katharine b.a. 14 

330 Summit av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Bowers Mrs Herbert O. (Lillian Es- 

tella Shepard 92) 52 N. Elm st. 

Manchester Ct. 
Bowers Mary Alice b.l. 95 m.a. 98 

Radcliffe ph.d. 09 Univ. of Pa. 

(Mrs R. W. Hall) 

Bowes Jessie Reeves b.a. 09 100 Beechdale 
road Roland Park Md. 

Bowker Mrs Charles Henry (Eliza- 
beth Dickinson 09) 
59 Henshaw av. Northampton 

Bowler Mrs Alexander (Ruth Colburn 
Barnard 98) 57 Cedar st. 


Bowles Mary b.a. 09 

1015 Leeland av. Houston Tex. 

Bowles Ruth Standish b.a. 87 (Mrs 

W. H. Baldwin jr) 
Bowley Flora Juliet b.l. 04 (Mrs J. C. 

Bowman Agnes Gertrude b.a. 11 

4 W. 40th st. New York 
Bowman Alice Bertha b.l. 03 (Mrs 

I. T. Hawk) 
Bowman Blanche Wetherell b.a. 91 

(Mrs E. G. Watkins) 
Bowman Helen Parthene b.a. 11 m.a. 12 

Pittsburgh univ. 471 McKee av. 

Monessen Pa. 
Bowman Helen Sarepta b.a. 16 

2 W. 83d st. New York 
Bowman Katherine b.a. 10 

815 E. High st. Springfield O. 
Bowne Ethel Middlebrook b.a. 08 

(Mrs H. C. Keith) 
Boyd Blanche Ruth b.a. 06 

Moodus Ct. 
Boyd Mrs Edwin Ruthven (Gertrude 

Wells Lyford 11) Stirling Scotland 


Boyd Harriet Ann b.a. 92 l.h.d. 10 
(Mrs C. H. Hawes) 

Boyd Marion Margaret b.a. 16 
Glenwilde Oxford O. 

Boyden Mrs Frank Learoyd (Helen 
Sears Childs 04) Albany road 

Boye Mrs Frederic W. (Beatrice 
Wentworth 14) Fort Leavenworth 

Boyer Elizabeth Leona b.a. 14 

31 S. Stentonpl. Atlantic City N. J. 

Boyle Florence McCollough b.a. 08 

* 130 Canfield av. W. Detroit Mich. 

Boynton Carolyn Adelia b.l. 99 

33 Beacon st. Florence 
Bovnton Etta Taylor b.a. 

* Warren N. H. 
Boynton Frances Clark b.a. 08 

33 Beacon st. Florence 

Bovnton Mrs Guy E. (Marion Alberta 
~ Butler 11) 
The St James State st. Springfield 

Boynton Josephine Anna b.a. 08 

87 Main st. Concord 
Bracken Margaret b.a. 10 Box 139 Porto Rico 
Brackett Caroline Russell b.a. 08 

(Mrs R. E. Blakeslee) 

*Brackett Ellen Augusta b.a. 04 

d. 8 Mr 08 
Brackett Georgianna May b.l. 99 

(Mrs F. C. King) 

Bradbury Alice Emerson b.a. 86 (Mrs F. D. 

Bradbury Mrs Eben Trask (Gertrude 
Frieda Riddle 01) 6143 West- 
minster pi. St Louis Mo. 

Bradbury Ellen Brooks b.a. 93 (Mrs 
Russell Brittingham) 

Bradbury Katharine Lord b.a. 12 

34 Highland av. Somerville 

Bradbury Marion b.a. 86 (Mrs W. B. Hovey) 

Bradbury Pearle Lord b.a. 07 (Mrs 
F. L. Palmer) 

Bradbury Winifred Parry b.a. 07 
20 Lexington st. Dover N. H. 

*Bradford Clara Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs 
Binnie Morison) d. 18 Mr 12 

Bradford Cornelia b.l. 97 (Mrs J. A. 

Bradford Elise Lord b.a. 10 

52 Arlington pi. Buffalo N. Y. 

Bradford Flora Belle b.l. 02 
84 N. Main st. Florence 

Bradford Stella Stevens b.a. 93 m.d. 02 

Cornell 29 The Crescent Mont- 

clair N.J. 
Bradford Mrs Walter (Doris Patterson 

11) 131 Sumner road Brookline 
Bradley Alma Christy b.a. 05 (Mrs 

J. H. Rush). 
Bradley Emma Louise b.a. 86 

485 Westford st. Lowell 
Bradley Ethyl Haskell b.a. 01 

210 Washington st. Gloucester 
Bradley Helen Osgood b.a. 10 (Mrs 

H. B. Wood) 
Bradley Mrs Herbert Edwin (Mary 

Wilhelmina Hastings 05) 

5344 East End av. Chicago 111. 
Bradley Kate b.a. 08 (Mrs B. S. Lacy) 
Bradley Mrs Leonard Gansevoort 

(Corinne Woodward Davis 04) 

1732 E. First st. Duluth Minn. 

Bradley Lillian Alice b.l. 03 (Mrs H. W. 

Bradley Louise Cannon b.a. 02 (Mrs Hermann 

Bradley Lucile Katharine b.a. 10 (Mrs 

R. F. Paul) 
Bradley Mrs Lyman Richard (Kather- 

ine Lewis 95) 22 Huntington st. 

Hartford Ct. 
Bradshaw Frances Margaret b.a. 16 

267 Crescent st. Northampton 
Brady Mrs Frank A. (Alma Frances 

Ranger 15) 507 Appleton st. 


Brady Margerv Neave b.a. 12 (class of 
11) (Mrs W. A. Mitchell) 

Bragdon Mrs Charles Ridgawav (Helen 
Field Cobb 07) 7 Peasenhall lane 
Hyde park Cincinnati O. 

*Bragdon Mrs Claude (Charlotte Wil- 
kinson 94) d. Ja 08 

Bragg Agnes Wingate b.l. 00 
91 Grove st. Bangor Me. 

Bragg Florence Margaret b.a. 05 (Mrs 

E. S. Paine) 
Brainerd Mrs Arthur T. (Rena Jenks 

Thomas 08) 6124 S. Park av. 

Chicago 111. 
Brainerd Heloise b.a. 04 

1754 Lanier pi. Washington D. C. 

Brainerd Jessie Johnson b.a. 02 

1754 Lanier pi. Washington D. C. 

Braley Carolyn b.l. 95 4 Pearl st. St Johns- 
bury Vt. 

Branch Anna Hempstead b.a. 97 Hemp- 
stead house New London Ct. 


Branch Caroline Ferre b.a. 96 (Mrs 

E. P. Massonneau) 
Branch Leonora b.a. 14 

Care K. P. Smith Second cliff 


Brander Edith Elizabeth b.a. 07 470 10th st. 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Brander Emily Jeannette b.a. 13 

470 10th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Brandon Gwendolen b.a. 16 

122 W. 75th st. New York 
Brank Mrs Rockwell Smith (Virginia 

Roberts Cox 06) 25 W. Oglethorpe 

av. Savannah Ga. 

Brannick Catherine Elizabeth b.a. 02 
20 Spring st. Somerville 

Brannon Alice Margaret b.l. 01 

611 Southbridge st. Worcester 
Bray Mrs Charles Willard (Grace 

Evelyn Harlow 04) 10 Summer st. 

Chicopee Falls 
Bray Josephine Compton b.a. 95 

(Mrs H. F. Sill) 
Bray Mabel Hubbard b.a. 13 

"145 Branch av. Red Bank N. J. 
Bray Pauline b.a. 15 

Baldpate Inn Georgetown 
Bray Wilhelmine SpofTord b.a. 13 

Baldpate Inn Georgetown 
Brayton Nancy Jarette Bowers b.a. 90 

(Mrs J. M. Morton jr) 
Brearley Lucy Bernice b.a. 14 

1701 Harlem blvd Rockford 111. 
Brearley Margaret b.a. 12 

221 E. Hazel wood av. Rahway N. J. 

Breckenridge Alice Hannah b.a. 03 
67 Church st. Ware 

Breckenridge Almyra Morton b.a. 11 

(Mrs A. W. Gordon) 
Breckenridge Grace Edith b.l. 97 

(Mrs J. B. Fisk jr) 
Breckenridge Mary Lois b.a. 15 

406 Casino av. Cranford N. J. 

Breckenridge Maud b.l. 98 (Mrs H. B. 

Monges jr) 
Breckinridge Lucy Hayes b.a. 03 

2139 Wvoming av. Washington 

D. C. 

Breed Mrs Edward Fortesque (Celia 
Allen Kimball 10) 11 King's Beach 
road Lynn 

Breed Mrs Frederick Stephen (Mildred 
Jeannette Mack 15) 
220 S. Thayer st. Ann Arbor Mich. 

Breene Vila Luella b.a. 06 (Mrs J. C. Harris) 

Breese Mrs Arthur Bacon (Rena 

Schermerhorn 94) 434 James st. 

Syracuse N. Y. 
Brehm Mrs George (Katherine Bennett 

10) 528 Rochelle terrace 

Pelham Manor N. Y. 
Breier Louise Gertrude b.a. 14 

305 Crescent av. Peoria 111. 

Brem Mrs Walter Vernon (Marion Wolcott 
Winkler 00) 932 Maltman av. Los 

Angeles Cal. 

Brennan Mildred Louise b.a. 11 
41 William st. Worcester 

Brewer Eda May b.a. 11 (Mrs F. F. 

Brewer Mabel Arva b.a. 01 (Mrs R. 

P. Higgins) 
Brewer Mildred Nancy b.a. 15 

1 1 Devon av. Beverly 
Brewster Caroline Williams b.a. 96 

18 South st. Northampton 
Brewster Mrs Earl Henry (Achsa 

Leona Barlow 02) Minori per 

Carosiello (Salerno) Italy 

Brewster Katharine Grant b.a. 85 Box 418 
Derby Ct. 

Brewster Mary Bunce b.a. 10 

Warehouse Point Ct. 
Brewster Susan b.a. 12 

838 14th st. Boulder Col. 

Breyman Edna Cranston b.a. 04 

555 Montgomery drive Portland Ore. 

Bridgeman Mrs Walter A. (Mabel 
Lainhart Parmelee 10) 
2075 Lamberton road Cleveland O. 

Bridgers Annie Preston b.a. 15 
32 Kilsyth road Brookline 

Bridges Eliza Wadsworth McMechan 
b.a. 92 ll.b. 00 Boston univ. law 
sch. Hopkinton 

*Bridges Frances Antoinette b.a. 98 
(Mrs G. H. Atkinson) d. 9 Je 06 

Bridges Margaret Dickson b.a. 06 
Florence Nightingale hall 
37 E. 71st st. New York 

Bridgham Mrs Elmer Gerrish (Belle Florence 
Briggs 98) Sheldon-Jackson school 

Sitka Alaska 

Bridgman Amy Burt b.a. 12 
618 W. 136th st. New York 

Bridgman Mrs John Cloves (Ethel Young 
Comstock 01) 118 W. River st. Wilkes- 
barre Pa. 

Bridgman Mrs Percy Williams (Olive 
Ware 04) 12 Arlington st. 


Briggs Belle Florence b.a. 98 (Mrs E. G. 


Briggs Ethel Nettie b.a. 16 

91 Main st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 

Briggs Grace Catharine b.a. 10 (Mrs 
P. S. Watters) 

Brigham Katharine b.l. 00 (Mrs 
P. R. Fox) 

Brigham Maude Flora b.a. 03 28 Townsend 
st. Roxbury 

Bright Florence Jessie b.l. 02 310 Elm st. 
New Haven Ct. 

Bright Margaret b.a. 08 (Mrs E. H. 

Briley Beatrice Annie b.a. 08 1893 Pacific st. 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Briley Elsie Nora b.a. 10 

1893 Pacific st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Brimson Alice Worthington b.a. 05 426 W. 
62d st. Chicago 111. 

Brimson Mrs Charles Tamlin (Julia Childs 05) 
2984 Hampshire road Cleveland O. 

Brimson Mary Hunt b.a. 01 (Mrs F. A. Grow) 
Brindley Mrs Thaddeus Hayward 
(Agnes Armitage Roosevelt Mc- 
Cord 06) 215 N. 8th st. 

LaCrosse Wis. 

Brintnall Gertrude b.a. 13 

736 H. W. Hellman bldg Los 
Angeles Cal. 

Bristol Mrs Leverett D. (Addie Louise 
Knox 04) Princeton st. University 
N. D. 

Brittingham Mrs Russell (Ellen 
Brooks Bradbury 93) 123 Wash- 
ington st. East Orange N. J. 

Britton Jasmine Marie b.a. 07 

Public library Los Angeles Cal. 

Broadhead Helen Elizabeth b.a. 03 
(Mrs H. C. Smith) 

Broadhurst Ruth Lavinia b.a. 07 m.a. 
08 Columbia 320 Greene av. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Brockie Mrs Edward S. (Dorothy 
Moore Rowley 13) Englewood 
N. J. 

Brocklebank Ethel Susan b.a. 01 
3 Taft st. Fitchburg 

Brockway Alice b.a. 10 

7 Jaques av. Worcester 

*Brockway Bessie Norton b.a. 03 
d. 3 F 08 

Brodel Mrs Max (Ruth Marian 
Huntington 99) 320 Suffolk st. 
Guilford Baltimore Md. 

Brodie Edith Pauline b.a. 14 

Brodie Eleanor Marianne b.a. 13 

10 Sewall av. Brookline 
Brodrick Isabel b.a. 07 (Mrs D. M. 


Bronson Mrs Charles Eli (Amey 
Talbot Taintor 95) 4050 Aspen st. 
Philadelphia Pa. 

Bronson Mrs Walter Teed (Laura May Graham 
10) Care C. F. and I. dispensary Pueblo 

Brooks Anne Smith b.a. 84 

120 Salem st. Maiden 
Brooks Annie Mabel b.a. 98 

443 School st. Athol 
Brooks Arline Greenlee b.a. 11 (Mrs 

C. A. G. Pease) 
Brooks Bertha Phelps b.a. 05 (Mrs 

O. E. Parks) 
*Brooks Mrs Charles Edward (Ruth 

Fayerweather 01) d. 6 D 11 

Brooks Esther Clara Herrick b.a. 82 m.d. 86 
Univ of Mich. A35 Charlesbank homas 
Charles st. Boston 

Brooks Ethel Wallace b.a. 05 (Mrs 

Harold Cheney) 
Brooks Florence b.l. 00 (Mrs E. S. 
, Cobb) 

Brooks Frona Marie b.a. 83 m.a. 93 
(Mrs Morgan Brooks) 

Brooks Grace Leonard b.a. 97 (Mrs F. B. 

Brooks Mrs H. Kibbe (Mary Alice 
Read 00) Swanton Vt. 

Brooks Helen Marcia b.a. 14 
Box 522 Woodward Okla. 

Brooks Mrs Jonas Hastings (Maude 
Elizabeth McLeod 96) 
Boynton av. St Johnsbury Vt. 

Brooks Mrs Lawrence Ralston (Ethel 
Frances Fifield 95) 18 S. Broad- 
way Yonkers N. Y. 

Brooks Mabel Frances b.a. 98 
417 W. 120th st. New York 

Brooks Mrs Maro Spalding (Matilda 

Sewell Wilder 91) 14 Elm st. 

Exeter N. H. 
Brooks May Wallace b.a. 14 

(Mrs R. E. Wynne) 
Brooks Mrs Morgan (Frona Marie 

Brooks 83) 1004 Mathews av. 

Urbana 111. 
Brooks Mrs N. Reynolds (Esther Baker 

Porter 06) 2620 Lake View av. 

Chicago 111. 
Broomell Mrs Clyde Washburn (Grace 

Ethel wyn Browne 97) Broomell - 

croft Sharon 


Brotherton Blanche Elisabeth Mae 

b.a. 15 801 Omaha National 

Bank bldg Omaha Neb. 
Broughton Mary b.a. 14 

Dayton Wash. 
Brouwer Sara Anne b.a. 13 

(Mrs C. R. Heaume) 
Brower Gladys b.a. 09 

41 Kenyon st. Hartford Ct. 

Brower Lesley Williams b.a. 12 

28 Lexington av. Montclair N. J. 

Brown Adelaide b.a. 88 m.d. 92 Cooper 
med. col. 45 16th av. San Fran- 
cisco Cal. 

Brown Mrs Albert James (Mary Iola 
Clark 98) 1279 Harvard av. 

Claremont Cal. 

Brown Alice Kelsey b.a. 11 

424 Rockingham av. Toledo O. 

Brown Aneita Doty b.a. 00 
162 W. 76th st. New York 

Brown Annie Gertrude b.a. 08 m.a. 09 (Mrs 
H. F. Simpson) 

Brown Cellissa b.l. 98 (Mrs J. A. 

Brown Mrs Charles David (Stella De 
Land Sanford 94) 95 West- 

minster road Rochester N. Y. 

Brown Mrs Charles H. jr (Edith War- 
ner Brown 02) 41 Saybrook pi. 
Buffalo N. Y. 

Brown Mrs Chester Holbrook (Bertha 
Richards Nichols 07) Pomfret 
school Pomfret Center Ct. 

Brown Clara May b.l. 90 (Mrs F. A. 

Brown Dorothy Helen b.a. 13 

43 S. Fullerton av. Montclair N.J. 
Brown Edith Baker b.a. 92 

50 Pinckney st. Boston 
Brown Edith Imogene b.a. 00 

Care A. J. Brown Claremont Cal. 

Brown Edith Warner b.l. 02 (Mrs C. 

H. Brown jr) 
Brown Mrs Edward Miles (Marv 

Adkins 79) Milford Del. 

Brown Eleanor Hinkley b.a. 05 (Mrs 

W. A. Whitney) 
Brown Elinor Garretson b.a. 10 

125 S. Bridge st. Somerville N. J. 

Brown Elisabeth Scribner b.a. 01 
(Mrs H. A. Stearns) 

Brown Elizabeth b.a. 10 (Mrs P. T. Coons) 
♦Brown Emma Elizabeth b.a. 91 

Brown Fanny Chamberlain b.a. 82 
m.a. 85 (Mrs W. G. L. Taylor) 

Brown Mrs Fletcher Stuart (Alice Maria 
Barnes 04) 250 Columbia st. Adams 

Brown Frances Evelyn b.a. 12 (Mrs 
Vernon Day) 

Brown Grace Adella b.a. 05 133 Lowell av. 

Brown Mrs H. W. (Ruth Sherman 
Hawley 11) Naugatuck Ct. 

Brown Mrs Harold Winthrop (Kath- 
erine Van Hovenberg 96) 
38 Silver st. Dover N. H. 

Brown Harriet Langdon b.l. 91 (Mrs 
H. H. Darling) 

Brown Harriet Mildred b.a. 14 

2035 Chestnut Hills drive Ambler 
heights Cleveland O. 

Brown Helen b.l. 97 

50 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 

*Brown Helen Augusta b.a. 11 (Mrs R. 
C. Barrows) d. 2 Mr 15 

Brown Helen Everton b.l. 01 m.a. 10 
270 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 

Brown Helen Gould b.a. 12 
Proctor Vt. 

Brown Henrietta Thomson b.a. 00 406 Con- 
necticut st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Brown Inez b.l. 94 135 East terrace 
Chattanooga Tenn. 

Brown Mrs James Franklin jr (Lucy May 
Wheeler 98) Box 33 North Stonington Ct. 

Brown Mrs John Quincy (Helen Gager 00) 
127 Bayo Vista av. Oakland Cal. 

Brown Laura Alice b.l. 02 

545 Lafayette av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Brown Louise Boyd b.a. 16 

735 Chestnut st. Manchester N. H. 
Brown Lucy Caroline b.a. 11 


Brown Mrs M. Richard (Helen Bufhn- 
ton Win ward 08) 
321 Belmont st. Fall River 

Brown Mabel b.a. 87 1533 Chalk- 
stone av. Providence R. I. 

Brown Mabel Robinson b.a. 04 

Brown Mary Belle b.l. 91 (Mrs J. S. 

Brown Mattie Ireson b.l. 98 (Mrs C. 

L. Fincke) 
Brown Maude Hooker b.l. 04 (Mrs 

Raymond Mazeine) 
Brown Mildred Tenney b.a. 01 (Mrs E. E. 

Brown Nellie Manville b.a. 06 (Mrs 
R. H. Downes) 


Brown Nellie Pauline b.a. 16 

Perry apt 305 Walnut av. Syracuse 
N. Y. 

Brown Ophelia Sanger b.l. 94 

Brown Mrs Philip Lamson (Clara 

Sherman Clark 05) Winsor road 

N. Lonsdale P. O. 

North Vancouver B. C. Canada 

Brown Mrs Richard Crosby (Clara 
Steele Ottman 13) Strawberry hill 
Stamford Ct. 

Brown Ruth Annie b.a. 13 
Oak st. Brattleboro Vt. 

Brown Ruth Gray b.a. 97 (Mrs W. H. Page) 

Brown Ruth Lydia b.a. 14 

N. Y. State Library school Albany 

:. N. Y. 

Brown Ruth Porter b.a. 00 (Mrs Har- 
man Newell) 

Brown Sara Maude b.a. 00 Hudson 

Brown Sarah Alice b.a. 81 

Tolethorpe Newport R. I. 

Brown Sarah Elizabeth b.a. 92 
938 E. 5th st. York Neb. 

Brown Mrs Theodore Backus (Anna 
Louise Sanborn 01) 254 N. 25th 
st. Portland Ore. 

Browne Mrs Arthur Graham (Eliza- 
beth Louise Roberts 06) 
1115 N. E st. Tacoma Wash. 

Browne Dorothy b.a. 14 

3654 Belleview Kansas City Mo. 

Browne Frances Eliza b.a. 94 Erasmus Hall 
High school Brooklyn N. Y. 

Browne Grace Ethelwyn b.l. 97 (Mrs 

C. W. Broomell) 
Browne Helen Harriet b.a. 15 

109 Carnegie av. East Orange N.J. 

Browne Helen Swale b.a. 94 Geneva 111. 

Browne Mary Genevieve b.a. 14 
1114 W. Hampden st. Holyoke 

Browne Nina Eliza b.a. 82 m.a. 85 
b.l.s. 92 Univ. of State of N. Y. 
Smith college Northampton 

Brownell Ella Jennie b.a. 13 
Oswegatchie N. Y. 

Browning Helen Palmer b.a. 16 
116 Union st. Norwich Ct. 

Browning Katharine Clark b.a. 10 

(Mrs R. P. Campbell) 
Browning Mabel Marjorie b.a. 14 

Westerly R. I. 

Browning Marjorie b.a. 11 (Mrs H. F. Murchie) 

Browning Marjorie Lathrop B.A. 10 
(Mrs D. H. Leavens) 

Browning Sarah Perry b.a. 85 
The Osgood Norwich Ct. 

Brownlee Edith b.a. 08 

6 Fuller st. Brookline 

Brubaker Mrs Lawrence G. (Carolyn 
Maria Goodwin 04) R. 3 Eugene 

Bruce Grace Adelle b.a. 91 

10 Conway st. Roslindale 

Bruce Lucy Helen b.a. 05 (Mrs James 

Brumaghim Annette Danforth b.a. 12 
(Mrs J. B. Porter) 

Brumaghim Marguerite Ellsworth b.a. 10 (Mrs 
W. H. Fleet) 

Brumley Joan Duane b.a. 05 (Mrs 

W. O. Cooper) 
Bruna Eda von Leska b.a. 02 (Mrs C. 

S. Fallows) 
Brundage Mrs Frank Homer (Olive 

Louise Mann 00) 

1432 C st. N. E. Washington D. C. 

Bruner Caroline Sneath b.a. 16 

359 Chestnut st. Columbia Pa. 

Bruner Mrs Warren Day (Jane Foster 12) 

2526 Palmetto st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Brunet Elizabeth Marion b.a. 09 

11 Moreland st. Roxbury 
Brush Elizabeth Parnham b.a. 09 

792 14th st. Boulder Col. 
Brush Ella Mead b.l. 04 

R. F. D. 54 Danbury Ct. 

Bryan Elizabeth Ewing b.a. 09 

1330 18th st. Washington D. C. 

Bryan Margaret Shaw b.a. 13 (Mrs 

W. F. Washburn) 
Bryant Mrs Arthur Alexis (Louise 

Frances Stevens 08) 578 City hall 

Philadelphia Pa. 
Bryant Caroline Amelia b.l. 95 

2407 Ingleside pi. Cincinnati O. 

Bryant Flossie Eddvinnia b.a. 13 

Honesdale Pa. 
Bryant Helen Winifred b.a. 02 m.a. 11 

Columbia 272 Lewis av. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Bryant Martha Jane b.a. 81 (Mrs 

J. H. Cary) 
Bryant Olive Mary b.a. 11 

317 16th st. Honesdale Pa. 
Bryant Pearl Edna b.a. 09 

317 16th st. Honesdale Pa. 
Bryant Sara b.a. 15 

4514 N. Hermitage av. Chicago 111. 


Bryant Sheila b.a. 09 

41 Prospect av. Montclair N. J. 

Bryant Mrs William Sohier (Martha 
Lyman Cox 84) Snow pi. Cohasset 

Brydon Madeleine Claire b.a. 14 

Buchanan Mrs DeWitt (Helen Mar- 
garet Stoppenbach 12) 
5488 Everett av. Chicago 111. 

Buchwalter Margaret Louise b.l. 03 

(Mrs H. B. Martin) 
Buchwalter Mrs Morris Lyon (Mary 

Fake Knox 85) 3315 Reading road 

Cincinnati O. 
Buck Mrs Seaver (Anna Kittredge 

Allen 95) Sheffield 

Buckhout Carolyn Reed b.a. 14 

134 E. Beaver av. State College Pa. 

*Buckingham Grace Hammersley b.l. 93 (Mrs 
J. C. Campbell) d. 20 Mr 05 

Buckley Harriet Frederica b.a. 10 
(Mrs Harry Spencer) 

Buckley Mrs James Francis (Helen 
Porter Garfield 12) 71 Ellis st. 

Budd Helen Ridgway b.a. 09 (Mrs 
V. A. Schwartz) 

Budlong Jessie Valentine b.l. 98 

189 Governor st. Providence R. I. 

Buell Gertrude Frances b.a. 89 (Mrs H. E. 

Buell Katharine Loving b.a. 11 

National Editorial service 225 5th 

av. New York 
Buffington Frances Crosby b.l. 01 

(Mrs G. C. Bartter) 
Buffum Annie Maria b.a. 01 (Mrs 

N. W. Williams) 
Buffum Ethel Vryling b.l. 00 (Mrs 

H. B. McGraw) 
Buffum Mrs Frederick Delano (Helen 

Constance Kerruish 00) 

3130 Middle town road Sheridan- 

ville P. O. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Buffum Mrs Wilder Stoddard (Wilhelmina von 

Colson Walbridge 92) 

Fairfields Newfane N. Y. 
Bufkin Mary Lee B. l. 90 (Mrs W. R. Jones) 
Bugbee Lura Alice b.a. 07 (Mrs M. B. 

Buhler Dorothy b.a. 16 

East Gloucester 

Bulfinch Mrs Francis Vaughan (Mar- 
garet vSargent Lunt 03) Spring- 
dale av. Dover 

Bulkley Harriet Collins b.a. 04 

(Mrs P. W. Redfield) 
Bull Florence Louise b.a. 11 

Washington Depot Ct. 
Bull Helen Roberts b.a. 07 

25 Chester court Brooklyn N. Y. 
Bull Vera Liliian b.a. 09 

114 Pierrepont st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Bull Mrs William Follansbee (Rosa 
Smith 01) 700 Wood av. 

Bridgeport Ct. 

Bullard Clara Madalene b.a. 11 (Mrs 
D. S. Patton) 

Bullard Mrs Herbert Spencer (Eliza- 
beth Williston 93) 21 Marshall st. 
Hartford Ct. 

Bulley Marion Elizabeth b.a. 16 

150 Blatchley av. New Haven Ct. 

Bullis Ruth Nancy b.a. 05 (Mrs G. G. 

Bumsted Mrs E. Bradford (Clara Louise War- 
ren 02) 2421 Prospect av. Berkeley Cal. 

Bunker Mrs George Tracy (Isabella Hunter 
Bartlett 96) 108 Waiola av. Lagrange 111. 

Bunnell Edna Maria b.a. 10 

396 2d av. S. St Cloud Minn. 

Bunnell Sarah Marguerite b.a. 13 
396 2d av. S. St Cloud Minn. 

Burbank Mrs Edith b.s. 01 
39 West st. Northampton 

Burbridge Mrs Hereward (Julia Anna 
Oakes 94) Woodstock Vt. 

Burch Cara Van Cott b.l. 98 
640 Madison av. New York 

Burch Eleanor b.a. 09 (Mrs J. E. 

Burchard Mrs Edward Lawver (Alice 

Barton 90) 2254 Marshall blvd 

Chicago 111. 
Burck Mrs Lawrence Burroughs (Phila 

Borden Johnson 04) Havenoaks 

Pasadena Cal. 
Burdett Ruth Evelyn b.a. 09 (Mrs 

Vaughan Dabney) 
Burdett Mrs W. C. (Marion Belmont Clough 
84) 67 Orchard st. Leominster 

Burge Hazel Delavan b.a. 09 (Mrs 

P. T. Burtis) 
Burgess Charlotte Barkley b.a. 10 

84 Watchung av. Montclair N. J. 

Burgess Gladys b.a. 11 (Mrs A. L. Clifton) 

♦Burgess Mary Ellen b.l. 93 (Mrs L. A. Good- 
enough) d. 24 Ja 03 

Burgess Mrs Thomas Foljambe (Laura 
Vernon Crane 96) Scarsdale N. Y. 


Burgin Mrs Edwin (Lucy Cornelia 
Smith 98) 

139 Chestnut st. Holyoke 
Burgoyne Mrs Stephen Hunt (Ina 

Forest Davis 93) Florence 
Burke Adelaide Louise b.l. 02 (Mrs 

T. H. Jameson) ' . 
Burke Mrs Clinton (Ruth Chipman 

Segur 11) 231 E. 9th st. Plainfield 


Burke Ellen Dawson b.a. 11 

Ravine road Plainfield N. J. 
*Burke Mildred Alice b.a. 13 

d. 31 My 13 
Burleigh Anita Merithew b.a. 10 

12 Ellsworth av. Cambridge 
Burleigh Clara Matilda b.a. 04 

South Berwick Me. 
Burleigh Margaret Thompson b.a. 11 

(Mrs W. M. Titus) 
Burlew Ada Dorothy b.a. 15 

Seaside Park N. J. 
Burley Mrs Clarence A. (Mary Emma 

Blodgett 00) 848 Dearborn av. 

Chicago 111. 
Burling Margaret Grace b.a. 12 

(Mrs Ernest Kremers) 
Burlingame Gladys Elsie b.a. 11 

(Mrs H. N. Barlow) 
Burne Caroline Stinson b.a. 10 

Huntington N. Y. 
Burne Charlotte Eden b.a. 15 

Huntington N. Y. 
Burne Elizabeth Ray b.a. 14 

Huntington N. Y. 
Burnett Mary Alice b.a. 07 (Mrs 

William Cleveland) 
Burnett Mrs Russell (Amelia 

Guild Bent 06) 38 Mapes av. 

Newark N. J. 
Burnham Mrs Albert Elliott (Jennie 

Foster Emerson 02) 873 High st. 

Central Falls R. I. 
Burnham Mrs Allen Stanley (Florence 

Dustin 97) 212 Washington st. 

Burnham Clara Avery b.l. 96 (Mrs 

J. W. Platner) 
Burnham Ella Kellogg b.a. 05 (Mrs 

H. S. May) 
Burnham Grace Emma b.a. 10 

418 Ensign st. Fort Morgan Col. 
Burnham Jessica Emma b.l. 90 (Mrs 

J. F. Downing) 
Burnham Mary Dorothea b.a. 03 (Mrs 

W. R. Pond) 

Burnham Mary Genevieve b.a. 05 
932 E. 50th st. Chicago 111. 

Burnham Odilee Gertrude b.a. 06 (Mrs 
J. C. Gray) 

Burnham Sophia Lord b.a. 04 (Mrs 
W. R. Westcott) 

Burns Mrs Allen Tibbals (Jessie Ger- 
trude Wadsworth 02) 1520 E. 
115th st. Cleveland O. 

Burns Avis Adella b.a. 07 (Mrs H. E. 

Burns Mrs Edward jr (Ethel Barnes 
02) 904 President st. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

Burns Janet Mary b.l. 96 

99 Western av. St Paul Minn. 
Burns Mrs Joseph Lawrence (Catherine 

Joseph Home 09) 267 Maine st. 

Burns Loretta Veronica b.a. 15 

630 North av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Burns Madeline Agnesia b.a. 11 

Box 404 Ayer 
Burns Marion Agnes b.a. 15 

68 Richmond av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Burpee Carolyn May b.a. 08 

219 Harvard st. Brookline 
Burpee Ethel Theodate b.a. 05 

Lakeport N. H. 
Burr Edith b.a. 15 Pemberton N.J. 
Burr Florence Jennings b.a. 15 

Westport Ct. 
Burr Mrs G. Houston (Regina Muriel 

Robinson 07) 87 Commonwealth 

road Watertown 
Burr Mrs Henry (Ursula Minor 02) 

4101 Warwick blvd Kansas City 


Burrage Edith May b.a. 99 

Burrell Katharine Benedict b.a. 11 

(Mrs G. H. Sicard) 
Burrell Monica b.a. 13 

58 Downing st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Burrington Grace Alice b.a. 88 Adamsville 

Burrington Venila Spaulding b.l. 94 (Mrs G. W. 

Burritt Marion Tilden b.l. 92 534 W. 124th st. 
New York 

♦Burroughs Ethel b.a. 08 d. 18 My 08 

Burroughs Mrs George W. (Mary Blanchard 
Nelson 99) West Acton 
♦Burroughs Mabel b.l. 00 (Mrs R. W. San- 
derson) d. 2 S 14 

Burrows Mrs Warren B. (Emily 
Avery Copp 07) Groton Ct. 


Burt Margaret Allen b.a. 12 

124 Pierrepont st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Burt Mrs Oren Clark (Frances Pease Lyman 
88) Easthampton 

Burtch Mrs John (Esther May Howe 
07) North Crystal Lake 111. 

Burtis Mrs Prentis T. (Hazel Delavan 
Burge 09) Care Hale Bros. inc. 
San Francisco Cal. 

Burton Ednah Hall b.a. 02 (Mrs C. K. Benton) 
Burton Flora Emma b.a. 08 
157 Newbury st. Boston 

Busbey Mrs L. White (Katherine Olive Graves 
94) 2336 Massachusetts av. Washington 
D. C. 

Busbey Winifred Grace B.L. 93 (Mrs 

J. M. Mayhew) 
Busey Jeannette Anabel b.a. 11 

Ridge Col. 
Bush Eleanor Howard b.l. 96 (Mrs 

R. A. Woods) 
Bush Mrs James Freeman (Mary Etta 

Gorham 79) Care Mrs S. B. 

Parsons 50 West st. Northampton 

Bush Sally b.a. 83 Salem Ore. 

Bush Selma Ingersoll b.a. 10 

2301 N. Capitol av. Indianapolis 


Bushee Florence Fannie b.a. 97 (Mrs 

J. G. Theobald) 
Bushee Grace Lydia b.a. 07 


Bushee Mary Elmer b.a. 97 (Mrs J. H. 

*Bushnell Mrs Henry Davis (Edith 

Taber Johnson 02) d. 17 My 04 
Bushnell Maude Edna b.a. 10 (Mrs 

C. W. Green) 
Buss Margaret b.a. 07 

21 Royal st. Medford 
Bussard Gertrude Elise b.a. 09 (Mrs 

F. S. McCarthy) 
Buswell Alice Maude b.a. 89 (Mrs 

H. P. Towle) 
Butler Annah Parkman b.a. 11 (Mrs 

A. B. Richardson) 
Butler Mrs Fergus Almy (Gladys 

Warren Crowley 12) Clifton 

Springs N. Y. 
Butler Gertrude Mary b.a. 08 

205 Haverhill St. Lawrence 
Butler Grace Marjorie B.A. 08 

527 Riverside Niagara Falls N. Y. 
Butler Harriet Rosetta b.a. 04 (Mrs 

W. E. Crittenden) 

Butler Irene Livingston b.l. 00 (Mrs 

W. S. James) 
Butler Isabel b.l. 96 

Care W. S. James 60 Glen wood ay. 

East Orange N. J. 
Butler Marion Alberta b.a. 11 (Mrs 

G. E. B^pynton) 

Butler Mary Elizabeth b.a. 08 

18 Clearview av. Worcester 

Butler Mary Jackson b.a. 12 (Mrs 
C. W. Wright) 

*Butler Mrs Morris Bradford (Alice Amelia 
Blair 96) d. D 09 

Butler Mrs Pierce (Cora Waldo 98) 
2224 Milan st. New Orleans La. 

Butterfield Alice b.a. 03 m.a. 08 

Pennsylvania College for women 
Pittsburgh Pa. 

Butterfield Marguerite b.a. 11 (Mrs 

H. D. Ervin) 

Butters Mrs Robert Green Walker 
(Margaret Waldo Love joy 89) 
83 Main st. Haverhill 

Butterworth Mrs Louis Henry (Svlvia Church- 
hill Stoddard 01) Care H. D. Stoddard 
North Brookfield 

Buttfield Blanche b.a. 11 (Mrs Harlan Pratt) 

Buttrick Sibyl Andrews b.a. 07 
120 Hemenway st. Boston 

Butzel Mrs Henry M. (Mae Schlesinger 
07) 36 Marston court 

Detroit Mich. 

Buston Grace Agnes b.a. 07 
25 Shore av. Salem 

Buzzard Lucile Pearl b.a. 12 

Box 174 Station A Waterloo la. 

Buzzell Edith Virginia b.a. 99 (Mrs 

H. F. Cameron) 
By am Kathleen Isabel b.a. 15 

523 W. 121st st. New York 
Byers Harriet Gertrude b.a. 09 

(Mrs J. S. Deans jr) 
Byers Mrs Vincent G. (Marie Luise 

von Horn 16) 149 Winthrop road 


Byles Emma Axtell b.a. 98 (Mrs Allan Cow- 

Byles Florence Laura b.a. 01 (Mrs 
J. W. Barr) ' 

*Byrne Madalene Marie b.a. 00 d. 2 Ag 00 
Byrne Maie Bernadette b.l. Q.S (Mrs T. H. 


Cable Lucy Leffingwell b.a. 01 (class of 
98) (Mrs H. W. Bikle) 

Cadmus Mrs Harold Jasper (Ruth 
Anne Wood 12) 203 S. Maple av. 
Ridgewood N. J. 


*Cadwallader Edith Warner b.s. 91 
m.d. 00 Woman's med. col. of Pa. 
(Mrs T. R. Crowder) d. Ag 06 

Cadwell Helen Grace b.a. 16 

45 Hawkins st. New Britain Ct. 
Cady Louise b.a. 14 

16 Quincy st. North Adams 

Caesar Mrs David Cowan (Annie Marion King 
05) 4 Gibbs av. Newport R. I. 

Cahee Gertrude Marie b.a. 95 (Mrs 

M. D. Chittenden) 
Cahill Rachel Ellen b.a. 16 

219 W. Ash st. Piqua O. 
Cahoon Jean Clark b.a. 11 

Valleycroft Newfoundland N. J. 

Cairns Mrs Edward (Metta Josephine 

Holloway 04) 348 N. Fullerton av. 

Upper Montclair N. J. 
Caldwell Adelaide b.a. 15 

417 N. Kenil worth av. Oak Park 


Caldwell Mary Louise b.l. 01 (Mrs 

S. W. Merrell) 
Calef Mabel Stanley b.a. 96 (Mrs 

C. R. Allen jr) 

Calhoun Corinne Harmon b.l. 01 (Mrs W. H. 
Gray jr) 

Calhoun Mrs Harold Gilmore (Dorothy Don- 
nell 09) 473 W. 158th st. New York 

Calkins Mrs Arthur Beecher (Alfa 
Curtis Barber 00) 11 Granite st. 
New London Ct. 

Calkins Mary Whiton b.a. 85 m.a. 88 
ll.d. 10 litt.d. 09 Columbia 
22 Bellevue st. Newton 

Calkins Mrs Raymond (Emily Black- 
well Lathrop 92) 19 Berkeley st. 

Calkins Susan Frenche b.a. 10 
Canadensis Pa. 

Callahan Mrs Charles M. (Anna 
Frances Rogers 04) 
27 Catharine st. Worcester 

Callender Mrs Arthur William (Enola Gene- 
vieve Stephens 01) 26 Forest st. Tor- 
ington Ct. 

Calvert Lydia b.a. 11 
Newtown Square Pa. 

Came Mrs William O. (Florence Marion Barker 
92) 623 Georgia av. Bristol Tenn. 

Cameron Mrs Harry F. (Edith Virginia 
Buzzell 99) Union Me. 

Cameron Mrs W. Wallace jr (Cora May 
Kent 97) 37 W. 25th st. New York 

|€amp Dorothy Hale b.a. 08 (Mrs H. 
W. Shelton) 

Camp Edith Caroline b.l. 04 

98 Woodlawn terrace Waterbury 

Camp Hilda Mary b.a. 10 

98 Woodlawn terrace Waterbury 

Camp Mary Beidler b.a. 11 (Mrs E. A . 

Camp Mrs Samuel Granger (Lucretia 
May Atwater 10) Canaan Ct. 

Camp Mrs Thomas James (Mary 

Katherine Mattis 11) Fort Shatter 

Honolulu T. H. 
Campbell Mrs Andrew Thomson jr (Stella 

Margaret Bogue 91) 271 Midland av. 

Montclair N. J. 

Campbell Frances Drummond b.a. 11 

(Mrs C. A. Cary) 
Campbell Grace b.a. 16 

Warren Pa. 

Campbell Mrs Grover C. (Bertha Louise 
Johnson 03) Woodstock N. B. 

Campbell Jennie Isabel b.a. 93 
Clyde Kan. 

*Campbell Mrs John Charles (Grace Ham- 
mersley Buckingham 93) d. 20 Mr 05 

Campbell Martha Alice b.a. 08 (Mrs Maxwell 

Campbell Mary Alice b.a. 05 m.a. 09 Columbia 
m.e. 09 Teachers col. 1318 Beacon st. 

Campbell Mary Elizabeth b.a. 07 

(Mrs E. L. Ford) 
Campbell Mrs Raymond Potter 

(Katharine Clark Browning 10) 

2737 Sutler st. San Francisco Cal. 
Campbell Sarah Ethel b.a. 96 

277 High st. Orange N. J. 

Campbell Mrs Stuart M. (Clara Louise Cooley 
06) 36 High st. Northampton 

Campion Mrs Edward Winslow (Ruth 

Baird Johnson 05) 1324 E. Broad 

st. Columbus O. 
Canedy Ruth Barbara b.a. 02 (Mrs 

P. B. Hadley) 
Canfield Avis Ballou b.a. 13 (Mrs P. C. 

Canfield Rodericka b.l. 03 (Mrs L. F. Baker) 
Canning Evelyn Isabel b.a. 10 (Mrs H. F. 

Canon Bertha Violet b.a. 12 Box 43 Enfield 

Capelle Mabel b.a. 99 (Mrs T. E. 

Capen Anne b.a. 85 

51 Highland av. Haverhill 
Capen Mrs Bernard Winslow (Elizabeth Alice 

Greene 07) 528 S. 26th av. Omaha Neb. 

Capen Julie Edna b.a. 05 (Mrs J. H. 


Carberry Jennie b.a. 03 

7 Sunny side st. Hyde Park 

Carey Mildred b.a. 12 (Mrs Whiton 

Carey Zoe b.a. 16 

219 Aycrigg av. Passaic N. J. 

Carhart Anna Georgine b.a. 97 
Dorset Vt. 

Carhart Mrs W. H. C. (Margaret 
Mabel Manker 06) 6030 Dor- 
chester av. Chicago 111. 

*Carle Katherine Elizabeth b.l. 01 
d. 5 My 12 

Carleton Bertha b.a. 04 (Mrs W. A. Welch) 

Carleton Faith Halstead b.a. 15 
R. F. D. Rowley 

Carleton Mrs Philip Greenleaf (Sarah Swift 
Schaff 02) 18 Willard st. Cambridge 

*Carleton Mrs Spencer (Ernesta 
Marion Stevens 03) d. 31 My 10 

Carleton Mrs Stanley (Mary Isabella Davis 94) 
231 N. Kenilworth av. Oak Park 111. 

Carley Mrs Glenn (Clara McDowell 03) 

541 E. State st. Sharon Pa. 
Carlile Mrs W. Wilson (Florence 

Jeffrey 93) 1306 Capitol Trust 

bldg Columbus O. 
Carman Dorothy b.a. 15 

69 Maple av. Patchogue N. Y. 
Carpenter Ada Esther b.a. 07 

38 Prospect av. Binghamton N. Y. 
*Carpenter Bertha Eleanor b.a. 07 

d. 8 My 12 
Carpenter Catherine May b.a. 15 

Orchard pi. Foxboro 
Carpenter Elizabeth b.a. 15 

16 Kennard road Brookline 
Carpenter Eloise Cameron b.l. 95 

(Mrs Robert Wickham) 
Carpenter Frances Aretta b.a. 12 

1223 Connecticut av. Washington 

D. C. 

Carpenter Marion Geneva B.A. 09 

Orono Me. 
Carpenter Mary Frances b.l. 90 

21 E. Wilson st. Madison Wis. 

Carpenter Mary Maude b.l. 96 (Mrs 

W. D. Murphy jr) 
Carpenter Natalie b.a. 15 

151 Winslow st. Watertown N. Y. 

Carpenter Roma Blanche b.a. 03 (Mrs N. D. 

Carpenter Winifred Gillett b.a. 99 

23 Union av. New Rochelle N. Y. 

Carr Agnes b.a. 89 

Post road White Plains N. Y. 

Carr Mrs Arthur Wyman (Elsie Allen Laugh- 
ney 05) Central sq. Bridgewater 

Carr Mrs Burton James (Lucretia . 

Thomas 14) Keyston apts 

Richmond Ind. 
Carr Katherine b.a. 13 

68 Carnegie av. East Orange N. J. 

Carr Marion Codding b.a. 07 (Mrs P. B.l 

Carr Marjorie Leigh b.a. 09 

2045 E. 100th st. Cleveland O. 

Carr Mrs William Watts (Margaret Mac- 
Dougall 92) Fort Shaw Mon. 

Carroll Mrs J. F. jr (Muriel Delia 
Spicer 11) 1820 Mulberry st.j 
Scranton Pa. 

Carroll Mrs Otis Swan (Mary Strana-| 
han Dutcher 04) 129 Columbia 
heights Brooklyn N. Y. 

Carrott Mrs Matthew Finlay (Esther) 
Wells Montgomery 98) 1617! 
Hampshire st. Quincy 111. 

Carruth Mrs William Massey (Ella Boyntoni 
Kaiser 03) Clinton N.Y. 

Carsley Fannie Belle b.a. 08 
Bridgton Me. 

Carson Ada Chase b.a. 12 (Mrs M. S. 

Carson Edith Nancy b.a. 10 

3 Pearl st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

Carson Eleanor Lucille b.a. 15 
37 Chatham av. Buffalo N. Y. 

*Carson Ethel Daggett b.l. 93 
d. 26 S 93 

Carson Katherine Waller b.a. 03 1705 ClincH 
av. Knoxville Tenn. 

Carson Mrs Russell Mack Little (Mary 
Isabelle Goodman 07) 20 Coolidge 
av. Glens Falls N. Y. 

Carstein Mrs (Florence Matilda Edge 08) 

148 W. 121st st. New York 
Carswell Harriet Townsend b.a. 08 

128 S. 19th st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Carter Ada b.a. 16 

11 Piatt pi. Scranton Pa. 
Carter Agnes Ruth b.a. 10 

3120 Humboldt av. S. Minneapolis! 


Carter Anna Louise b.a. 88 (Mr;i 

W. B. Adams) 
Carter Mrs Dewey J. (Nellie France: 

DuBois Henderson 02) 115 Coud 

st. Herkimer N. Y. 
Carter Edith Hovey b.a. 93 (Mrs wl 

S. Babcock) 

Carter Helen Richmond b.l. 03 (Mrs Herber 

Carter Jessie b.a. 87 (Mrs A. P. White 


Carter Mrs Lemuel Ray (Mae Lucile Dillon 98) 
5041 McPherson av. St Louis Mo. 

Carter Mary Abigail b.a. 86 (Mrs 

G. M. Duncan) 
Carter Olive Ingalls b.a. 11 m.a. 13 

Columbia 282 Dwight st. New 

Haven Ct. 
Carter Phebe b.a. 10 m.a. 13 Columbia 

11 Piatt pi. Scranton Pa. 

Carver Mabel b.l. 00 (Mrs E. C. Baker) 

Carver Mrs William Burgett (Clara 
Belle Finney 95) 923^ Walnut st. 
Binghamton N. Y. 

Cary Alice b.a. 06 (Mrs J. A. New- 

Cary Bessie Ella b.a. 08 (Mrs W. F. 

Cary Mrs Burton Wolcott (Mildred 
Edgarton Tilden 13) 23 Linnaean 
hall Cambridge 

Cary Mrs C. A. (Frances Drummond 
Campbell 11) 7 Stillwell pi. Ridge- 
wood N. J. 

Cary Hazel b.a. 06 (Mrs C. H. Kerr) 

Cary Mrs James Hussey (Martha Jane 
Bryant 81) Schaller la. 

Cary Margaret Stone b.a. 15 

South Shore hotel Chicago 111. 

Cary Mrs Walter (Laura Anna Lattner 12) 
2114 Erie st. Toledo O. 

Casavant Gertrude Jessie b.a. 09 

78 Oak st. Gardner 
Case Mrs Charles Merritt (Helen 

Mary Janney 00) 21 18 Pillsbury 

av. Minneapolis Minn. 
Case Edith Livonia b.a. 11 (Mrs G. W. 


Case Mrs Edward Ralph (Mildred 
Ackerly Spring 12) South st. East 
Aurora N. Y. 

Case Elizabeth Browning b.a. 14 

157 Greenwood av. Trenton N. J. 

I Casey Alice Myers b.a. 12 (Mrs James 
Dowd jr) 

Casey Ella Josephine b.l. 04 Lee 

Casler Anna Delia b.l. 97 (Mrs T. U. 

Casler Lotta Alice b.a. 96 m.a. 11 Johns Hopkins 

246 W. Main st. Little Falls N. Y. 
Cass Annie Amelia b.a. 02 (Mrs H. S. Crouse) 
Castle Mrs Ward Church (Alice 
Rebecca Kilburn 09) Park Ridge 

Cate Carrie Quincy b.a. 90 
5 Chase st. Danvers 

Cate Mrs Frank C. (Mary Lucille 
Abbott 06) Ellis av. Reading 

Cather Elsie Margaret b.a. 12 » 
1654 R st. Lincoln Neb. 

Catherwood Hazel Hart well b.a. 07 

Hoopeston 111. 
Catlin Evelyn Esta b.a. 05 (Mrs 

Christian Groezinger) 
Catlin Mrs Frederick Ward (Mary 

Louise Ensign 81) 285 Henry st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Catlin Mary Helen b.a. 11 

Franklin Sussex co. N. J. 

Caughey Mrs Francis M. (Grace Adelaide 
Hazeltine 09) 1423 Severn st. E. E. 
Pittsburgh Pa. 

Cavanagh Mary Margaret b.a. 10 
193 Aycrigg av. Passaic N. J. 

Caverno Dorothea Jeannette b.a. 16 
522 S. Tremont st. Kewabee 111. 

Caverno Dorothea Ruth b.a. 97 
45 Elm st. Northampton 

Caverno Ellen Chesley b.a. 12 

522 S. Fremont st. Kewanee 111. 

Caverno Julia Harwood b.a. 87 m.a. 90 
Lawrence house Northampton 

Cerf Mrs Barry (Emily Pratt Owen 07) 
1911 Monroe st. Madison Wis. 

Cerren Dorothy Vesta b.a. 14 

85 N. Walnut st. East Orange N.J. 

Chace Mrs Edward G. (Christine Isabel Mac- 
Leod 01) 17 Exchange st. Providence 
R. I. 

Chadbourne Martha Fabyan b.a. 14 
41 Hawthorn st. Cambridge 

Chalfant Mrs James Graham (Edla Sperry 
Steele 03) 1327 Singer pi. Wilkinsburg Pa. 

Chamberlain Emily Hazard b.a. 13 
127 Mulberry st. Springfield 

Chamberlain Mrs Henry Gale (Mar- 
gareth Arnold Pitman 07) 339 
Charles st. Boston 

Chamberlain Jennie b.a. 88 (Mrs 
H. H. Hosford) 

Chamberlain Mrs William Edward 
(Bertha Dalrymple Mansfield 05) 
13 Garfield av. Medford 

Chamberlin Louise b.l. 99 (Mrs C. J. 

Chamberlin Mary Louise b.l. 99 m.a. 08 Mari- 
etta col. (Mrs A. J. Folsom) 

Chambers Mrs Herbert James (Marian 
Leslie French 94) 121 Primrose av. 
Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Chambers Mary Ballard b.a. 04 (Mrs 
P. D. Folwell) 


Champine Mrs Clifford C. (Marjorie Esta- 

brook Roberts 10) 2525 Pleasant av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Champion Florence Augusta b.l. 98 (Mrs 

R. W. Roundy) 
Champion Gertrude Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs G. F. 


Champney Mrs George Mather (Cora 
Janet Ambrose 09) 38 Warren av. 

Chandler Ada May b.a. 00 (Mrs W. R. 

Chandler Mrs Buckingham (Rebecca 
Elmer Smith 11) 777 Prospect av. 
. Winnetka 111. 
*Chandler Eloise Ruggles b.a. 10 d. 15 

Chandler Frances Woods b.l. 94 

Box 198 Enfield 
Chandler Mrs George W. (Blanche 

Lauriat 03) 235 W. 71st st. New 


Chandler Gertrude Burbank b.a. 10 
(Mrs H. C. Fisher) 

Chandler Jean Emily b.a. 08 419 W. 144th st. 
New York 

Chandler Mrs Robert W. (Lucie Aline 
Tower 05) 23 Lime st. Boston 

Chandler Ruth b.a. 12 

1733 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 

Chapin Anne McClallan b.a. 04 
290 State st. Springfield 

Chapin Catharine Lines b.a. 13 m.a. 15 

Pine Meadow Ct. 
Chapin Clara Maria b.a. 98 (Mrs H. A. Phelps) 
Chapin Edith b.a. 05 (Mrs F. E. 

Chapin Edna Gertrude b.a. 01 

105 Chestnut st. Andover 

Chapin Gertrude b.a. 10 96 S. Fullerton av. 
Montclair N. J. 

Chapin Grace Porter b.l. 99 

150 Meeting st. Providence R. I. 

Chapin Julia Bliss b.a. 11 (Mrs L. C. 

Chapin Leila b.a. 11 

East Bloomfield N. Y. 
Chapin Leslie b.l. 04 (Mrs Charles 


Chapin Mary Comfort b.a. 06 (Mrs A. S. 

Chapin Mrs Roy Dikeman (Inez 
Tiedeman 13) Beverly road 
Grosse Point Farms Mich. 

Chapman Carita Atwill b. a. 91 (Mrs Robert 

Chapman Elizabeth b.a. 09 

69 Caroline st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 

Chapman Elizabeth Kimball b.a. 94 
2118 Pleasant av. Minneapolis 

Chapman Hulda Day b.a. 16 
446 Park pi. Bridgeport Ct. 

Chapman Marguerite Elizabeth b.a. 94 
705 Madison av. Lakewood N. J. 

Chapman Marion Elise b.a. 98 (Mrs George 

Charles Pauline Margaret b.l. 92 448 Elm st. 
Chicago 111. 

*Charnley Constance b.a. 01 

d. 22 Ap 14 
Chase Mrs Alfred Lucius (Blanche Edith Libby 

93) 147 Weston st. Waltham 

*Chase Allace Corbett b.l. 99 
d. 5 Je 03 

*Chase Bertha Antoinette b.a. 86 M.A. 

88 (Mrs E. G. Lancaster) d. 17 S 99 
Chase Charlotte Goldsmith b.a. 05 

205 Quincy st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Chase Mrs Cornelius Thurston (Lena 

Louise Tyler 92) 26 Nahant pi. 


Chase Edith b.l. 95 (Mrs Newton) 

Chase Ethel Withington b.a. 02 250 W. 
104th st. New York 

Chase Mrs Frederick (Ruth Everett 
Gallagher 05) Hillside st. Milton 

Chase Mrs Howard (Hope Beatrice Hayes 99) 
R. F. D. 3 Nashua N. H. 

Chase Jessie Churchill b.a. 09 (Mrs 

J. L. Malcolm) 
Chase Mabelle b.a. 88 

102 Linden st. Everett 

Chase Madeline Melissa b.l. 00 (Mrs J. R.j 

Chase Marion Abbott b.l. 96 (Mrs W. 

H. Howard) 
Chase Marian Coe b.a. 15 

986 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Chase Mary Louise b.a. 08 m.a. 10 

Columbia 16 Nutting av. Amherst 
Chase Nellie Gertrude b.l. 98 m.a. 05j 

Cornell 16 Prescott st. Newton- 


Chase Mrs Richard Wade (Jean Scott 
Richardson 09) 109 Madison av.S 

Chase Mrs Robert Savage (Jessie McMillan 
Anderson 86) 2 Brimmer st. Boston 

Chase Mrs Stuart (Margaret Hatfield 09) 
1697 Commonwealth av. Brighton 

Chase Mrs William H. (Clara Eliza 
Sherman 00) 216 Middle st. New 

Chase Mrs Wilson (Lillian Ballance 
Rice 94) 1414 21st st. N. W. 
Washington D. C. 


Chauncey Mrs Egisto Fabbri (Edith Lockwood 
Taft 93) Mt Kisco N. Y. 

Cheever Charlotte Barrell b.a. 81 (Mrs 

W. J. Tucker) 
Cheever Elizabeth Bancroft b.a. 85 

(Mrs Leonard Wheeler) 
Cheever Louisa Sewall b.a. 90 m.a. 97 

Columbia Chapin house 

Chenery Margaret b.a. 11 

151 Woodford st. Portland Me. 
Cheney Barbara b.a. 15 

30 W. 86th st. New York 
Cheney Emily Grace b.l. 99 

South Manchester Ct. 
Cheney Mrs Harold (Ethel Wallace 

Brooks 05) 18 Church st. Concord 

N. H. 

Cheney Mrs Robert Francis (Irma 
Genette Port 93) St Mark's rec- 
tory Southboro 

Cheney Sarah b.a. 13 

30 W. 86th st. New York 

Cherryman Edna Gladys b.a. 12 (Mrs Howard 

Chesebrough Mrs Thomas Upson 
(Anna Delia Casler 97) Burnsville 
Yancey co. N. C. 

Chesley Eleanora Sanborn b.a. 12 
Epsom N. H. 

Chesnutt Ethel Perry b.a. 01 (Mrs 
E. C. Williams) 

Chesnutt Helen Maria b.a. 02 

9719 Lamont av. N. E. Cleve- 
land O. 

Chester Ruth Miriam b.a. 14m. a. 16 
55 Forest av. Caldwell N. J. 

Chew Mrs Oswald (Ada Caroline Knowlton 97) 
Radnor Pa. 

Chew Ruth Ethel b.l. 02 

145 E. 35th st. New York 

Chick Mabel b.a. 05 (Mrs J. O. Foss) 

Chidester Mrs Albert J. (Ruby Irene 
Bardwell 04) Warren 

Child Mrs Frank S. jr (Helen Horton 
Bayles 13) Belle Terre N. Y. 

Childs Agnes Chamberlin b.a. 01 m.a. 

05 (Mrs B. B. Hinckley) 
Childs Alice Louise b.l. 96 

9 Westland st. Worcester 
Childs Breta Willis b.a. 10 

9 Westland st. Worcester 
Childs Carolyn Helfenstein b.a. 02 

6 College View av. Arlington N. Y. 
♦Childs Ethelind Thorpe b.a. 01 (Mrs 

W. A. Dyer) d. 10 Mr 04 

Childs Harriet Evelyn b.a. 08 

Attica N. Y. 
Childs Helen Sears b.a. 04 (Mrs F. L. 


Childs Julia b.a. 05 (Mrs C. T. Brimson) 

Childs Mary Chaffin b.l. 99 

48 Richardson st. Newton 
Childs Mrs Merrill Furbush (Frances 

Emelyn Shepard 98) 622 White st. 

Childs Muriel Worthington b.a. 05 

(Mrs W. A. Dyer) 

Chilson Mrs Wallace Streeter (Helen Barbour 
Evans 10) 215 Academy st. South 
Orange N. J. 

Chippendale Elizabeth Burton b.a. 15 
53 Montana st. North Adams 

Chittenden Edith Russell b.a. 99 
83 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct. 

Chittenden Mrs Merritt Darrow (Ger- 
trude Marie Cahee 95) 
305 Main st. Burlington Vt. 

Chiville Eva Harriet b.a. 07 
3449 Elaine pi. Chicago 111. 

Choate Helen Ashhurst b.a. 04 m.a. 09 

Choate Helen Raymond b.a. 14 

82 Tudor st. Chelsea 
Choate Miriam Foster b.a. 99 m.a. 02 

Columbia Essex 

Christian Grace b.a. 08 (Mrs W. K. M. Whar- 

Christiansen Bertha Elfrida b.a. 07 

131 High st. Greenfield 
Christie Mrs John Watson (Ruth 

Tracy Bigelow 05) Van Wert O. 

Chrysler Josephine Lee b.a. 01 

139 24th av. San Francisco Cal. 

Chubb Mrs Charles St John jr (Mary Mac- 
Donald Bohannan 02) 315 16th av. 
Columbus O. 

*Chubb Mrs Percival (Louise Wal- 
ston 90) d. 21 Ja 05 

Church Mrs Charles Noble (Evelyn 
Sherman Dalrymple 14) Burling- 
ton Vt. 

Church Cornelia Chapell b.a. 88 

520 W. Colorado st. Pasadena Cal. 

Church Mrs Elliott Southworth (Mar- 
garet Huntington 10) 59 Center st. 

Church Mrs Eugene (Louise Akerly Husted 88) 
Box 28 Tacoma Wash. 

Church Mrs Harold D. (Beatrice Cong- 
don Springer 05) 165 Burlingame 
av. Detroit Mich. 

Church Mrs John William (Virginia Woodson 
Frame 99) San Diego Cal. 


Church Lesley Frasher b.a. 11 (Mrs 

H. C. Eaton) 
Churchill Anna Quincy b.a. 07 m.a. 10 

Radcliffe 32 Percival st. 

Churchill Mrs Charles Whittier (Avis 

Josephine Coburn 02) 214 3d st. 


Churchill Gertrude Holbrook b.l. 99 (Mrs W. 
A. Whitney) 

Churchill Jessie Naomi b.a. 12 
398 Spring st. Portland Me. 

*Churchill Lillian b.l. 95 d. 31 Ja 00 

Churchyard Constance b.a. 08 

Rosemary hall Greenwich Ct. 
Churchyard Grace b.l. 88 (Mrs S. A. 

Churchyard Mary b.l. 91 

169 Mariner st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Churchyard Mary Bell b.a. 13 

St Mary's school Garden City 

N. Y. 

Chute Mrs Arthur Lambert (Eliza Robinson 
Swift 92) 350 Marlboro st. Boston 

Cilley Helen b.l. 04 (Mrs C. E. Alder) 

Cladek Margaret Cullarton b.a. 16 

93 W. Milton av. Rah way N. J. 
Claflin Edith Lilian b.a. 02 

144 Pleasant st. Attleboro 
Claflin Helen Mildred b.a. 13 

144 Pleasant st. Attleboro 
Clancy Agnes Grace Williams b.a. 08 

(Mrs R. M. Smith) 
Clancy Alice Mary b.a. 16 

411 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 

Clapp Mrs Arthur M. (Edith Wright Bates 99) 
79 Buckingham st. Springfield 

Clapp Emily Blanchard b.a. 16 
49 Temple st. West Newton 

*Clapp Esther Fanny b.a. 98 
d. 30 Mr 00 

Clapp Grace Lucretia b.a. 05 m.a. 07 
277 Crescent st. Northampton 

Clapp Lilian Saunders b.a. 14 

27 Merriam st. Lexington 
Clapp Lucia Maria b.s. 81 m.a. 93 

Brown (Mrs William Noyes) 
Clapp Marion Lazell b.a. 04 

67 Winchester st. Brookline 
Clapp Mary Antoinette b.a. 12 

Galloupe's point Swampscott 
Clark Abigail Williams b.a. 93 

1 1 Joy st. Boston 
Clark Mrs Alden Hyde (Mary Sheafer 

Whitcomb 00) Ahmednagar India 

Clark Mrs Alfred Henry (Alene Ayres 

13) 41 Long av. Allston 
Clark Alice b.a. 98 

Burnham school Northampton 
Clark Alice Benson b.l. 03 

36 Summer st. Dover N. H. 
Clark Mrs Allen Gates (Clara Stetson 

85) North Amherst 
Clark Alsie Crosby b.a. 12 

Windsor Ct. 
Clark Amy Faith b.a. 10 

3343 N. 20th st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Clark Anne Maud b.a. 02 (Mrs C. S. Joy) 
Clark Annetta Isabel b.a. 04 

177 Prospect st. Northampton 
*Clark Annie Louise b.a. 85 d. 27 O 90 

Clark Mrs Arthur (Julia Preston Bourland 05) 

628 N. Elizabeth st. Peoria 111. 
Clark Clara May b.a. 84 

149 Elm st. Northampton 

Clark Clara Sherman b.a. 05 (Mrs 
P. L. Brown) 

Clark Mrs Clifford (Rose Veronica Guilfoil 05)1 

Clark Doris b.a. 15 

North Amherst 
Clark Edith Ethelyn b.a. 91 (Mrs C. R. Sligh) 
Clark Edith Lucia b.a. 92 m.a. 94 

(Mrs W. C. Maynard) 
Clark Edith Lyman b.a. 98 (Mrs D. S.j 


Clark Eleanor Billings b.a. 07 90 Maple st.|i 

Clark Mrs Eliot R. (Eleanor Achesonj 
Linton 09) Care University ofi 
Missouri Columbia Mo. 

Clark Elizabeth Spader b.a. 09 

The Knox school Tarrytown-on-f 

Hudson N. Y. 
Clark Ella Cleveland b.a. 84 

400 S. Los Robles av. Pasadena! 


Clark Emily Lucretia b.a. 09 
Pulaski N. Y. 

Clark Emma Irene b.a. 06 (Mrs F. W. CI 

Clark Evelyn Elizabeth b.a. 16 
824 Summer av. Springfield 

Clark Flora Clapp b.a. 96 (Mrs G. W. 

Clark Florence Jeannette b.a. 04 

265 Henry st. New York 
Clark Mrs Frederic B. (Marion Stewart! 

Ditman 11) St Albans Vt. 
Clark Geneva b.a. 16 

277 Woodford st. Portland Me. 


Clark Genevieve Mary b.a. 13 

3 Lafayette st. Springfield 
Clark Genevra Fuller b.a. 96 Thorndike 

Clark Gifford Foster b.a. 12 

Faunce house Northampton 
Clark Grace Dorothy b.a. 16 

105 North st. Ware 
Clark Grace Thompson b.a. 11 (Mrs 

N. S. Dillingham) 
Clark Hannah Belle b.a. 87 ph.d. 97 

Chicago univ. (Mrs A. V. Powell) 
Clark Harriet Sumner b.l. 03 

Shannock R. I. 

Clark Helen Ballou b.a. 14 

Cumberland Hill R. I. 
Clark Helen Isabel b.a. 02 (Mrs F. B. 

Clark Helen May b.l. 99 (Mrs W. F. 

B. Leavitt) 

Clark Hilda Goulding b.a. 05 

2 Oliver st. Salem 
Clark Josephine Adelaide b.a. 80 

Smith College library Northampton 
Clark Josephine Maud b.l. 98 (Mrs Ward) 
Clark Katharine b.a. 05 (Mrs Frederick 


Clark Mrs Lincoln (Carrolle Barber 99) 
646 S. Madison av. Pasadena Cal. 

Clark Margaret Benton b.a. 11 (Mrs 
H. D. Williams) 

♦Clark Margaret Holmes b.l. 03 d. 11 S 06 
Clark Marion Elizabeth b.a. 12 

8 West st. Northampton 
Clark Mary Annie b.a. 83 (Mrs E. V. 


Clark Mary Barnard b.a. 94 (Mrs 

C. H. Putnam) 

Clark Mary Iola b.l. 98 (Mrs A. J. 

Clark Mary Paddock b.a. 05 m.di. 08 la. state 
teachers col. (Mrs S. B. Elbert) 

Clark Mary Webster b.a. 95 (Mrs C. 

W. Jackson) 
Clark Miriam Belden b.a. 04 

90 Maple st. Northampton 

Clark Mrs Robert Cushman (Anna 
Katherine Perkins 97) 5 Bullock 
st. Brattleboro Vt. 
Clark Ruth Swan b.a. 09 m.a. 13 

8 West st. Northampton 
Clark Sophia Cook b.a. 82 m.a. 86 
52 Crescent st. Northampton 

Clark Mrs Stephen Cutter (Grace 
Miller Greene 82) 482 Eldorado st. 
Pasadena Cal. 

Clark Mrs Thaddeus R. (Marlea Wells 
09) Marathon N. Y. 

Clark Mrs Walter Haven (Julia Ellen 
Gilman 96) 60 Washington st. 
Hartford Ct. 

Clark Mrs Walter Mack (Sarah Thorn- 
dike Keniston 03) Port Angeles 

Clark Mrs William Abbott (Alice 
Robbins Johnson 89) 94 Crescent 
st. Northampton 

Clarke Caroline Rowley b.a. 13 (Mrs 
H. F. Ferry) 

*Clarke Edith Culbertson b.l. 03 (Mrs C. H. 
Lund) d. 22 Je 11 

Clarke Elizabeth Dunton b.a. 05 (Mrs 

R. L. Williams) 
Clarke Elizabeth Lawrence b.a. 16 

50 South st. Williamstown 
Clarke Florence Ralston b.l. 97 Ironton O. 
Clarke Helen b.a. 05 

33 Washington st. Newton 
Clarke Mrs Howard (Clara Whitmore 

Bates 96) 17 Ridgeview av. 

White Plains N. Y. 

Clarke Mary Whitney b.a. 12 (Mrs J. M. 

Clarke Norma Willis b.a. 13 
1207 7th av. Spokane Wash. 

Clarke Pauline Esther b.a. 16 

500 N. Park av. Warren O. 

Clarke Rachael Chadsey b.a. 81 m.a. 83 
Box 344 R. F. D. 1 Pasadena Cal. 

Clarke Mrs Samuel Fessenden (Eliza- 
beth Crocker Lawrence 83) 
50 South st. Williamstown 

Clarke Mrs Walter (Emily Van Order 
13) Hull house Chicago 111. 

Clary Frances Ward b.a. 08 (Mrs Silas 

Clay Mrs Howard (Elizabeth Camp- 
bell Fisher 92) Godley Halifax 

Clay Martha Elliot b.a. 05 240 Union av. 

S. E. Grand Rapids Mich. 

Clay Miriam Elliot b.a. 10 

240 Union av. S. E. Grand Rapids 

Cleaver Ruth Margaret b.a. 14 
Meyersdale Somerset co. Pa. 

Cleaves Mrs Charles H. (Clara Louise Ernst 02) 
Pigeon Cove 

Cleland Mrs Herdman Fitzgerald 
(Helen Williams Davison 03) Wil- 

Clement Emma Geraldine b.a. 14 
403 Hamilton st. Albany N. Y. 


Clement Fannie Fletcher b.a. 03 

Glencarlyn Va. 
Clement Maud Morrison b.a. 15 

Rutland Vt. 
Clements Mrs Harry Vernon 

(Victoria Porter 02) 112 Owasco st. 

Auburn N. Y. 
Clerihew Mrs Alexander jr (Evelyn 

Jean Forman 83) 2305 Park av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Cleveland Mrs Leslie Linwood (Helen Maud 

Nelson Parsons 01) 16 Linnaean st. 


Cleveland Mrs Paul Williams (Mary 

Louise Spring 01) 905 Forest av. 

Evanston 111. 
Cleveland Mrs William (Mary Alice 

Burnett 07) Park av. Greenville 

S. C. 

Cleverly Alice Lincoln b.a. 16 

61 St James av. Springfield 
Clexton Florence Emeline b.a. 02 (Mrs 

A. C. Hall) 
Cliff Anna Search b.a. 12 

Langhorne Pa. 
Clifford Dora Louise b.a. 01 (Mrs 

C. E. Monroe) 
Clifton Mrs Alfred Lee (Gladys Burgess 11) 

Naval hospital Brooklyn N. Y. 

Clough Mrs Albert L. (Sara Hunt 95) 
181 Walnut st. Manchester N. H. 

Clough Blanche Emeline b.a. 01 (Mrs L. M. 

Clough Mrs Clarence Edward (Mary 
Ellen Shepard 97) 19 Shaw st. 
Lebanon N. H. 
Clough Etta Louise b.a. 99 (Mrs W. H. Merritt) 
Clough Marion Belmont b.a. 84 (Mrs W. C. 

Clough Nathalie Duley b.a. 85 
79 Middle st. Gloucester 

Cloyd Genevieve b.a. 97 m.a. 12 Columbia 
228 W. 137th st. New York 

Clum Uarda Marion b.a. 12 (Mrs H. 

F. Fisher) 
Clute Alice b.l. 91 (Mrs W. G. Ely jr) 
Coale Mary Arabella b.a. 08 

56 Elm st. Montclair N. J. 
Coates Marion Slocomb b.a. 16 

43 Highland av. Greenfield 
Cobaugh Florence Hannah b.a. 13 

523 Allen st. Allentown Pa. 
Cobb Anna West b.a. 13 

12 Middle st. Rockland Me. 
Cobb Mrs Edward Scribner (Florence 

Brooks 00) Karasumaru Dori 

Kyoto Japan 

Cobb Ethel Swan b.a. 01 (Mrs W. P 

Cobb Mrs Frank Macmillan (Mildrec 

Elm Ford 01) 1601 Magnolu 

drive Cleveland O. 
Cobb Harriet Redfield b.a. 89 m.a. 9l| 

36 Bedford terrace Northampton! 
Cobb Helen Field b.a. 07 (Mrs C. r| 

Cobb Helen Frances b.a. 16 

28 Tudor st. Lynn 
Cobb Ruth b.a. 14 

cor. Great and Little Falls st. Fallsf 

Church Va. 
Cobbs Margaret b.a. 15 

682 E. Buchtel av. Akron O. 

Coburn Avis Josephine B.A. 02 (MrsfJ 

C. W. Churchill) 
*Coburn Grace Eleanor b.l. 98 (Mrs , 

B. C. Mossman) d. 29 My 09 
Coburn Harriet b.l. 99 

275 Andover st. Lowell 
Coburn Helen b.l. 01 (Mrs H. N. 

Coburn Mary Hilton b.a. 02 (Mrs Sj 
M. Rust) 

Cochrane Mrs Frank jr (Frances Rice Roger-| 
son 91) 88 Green st. Hudson N. Y. 

Cochrane Gertrude b.a. 10 (Mrs 

Cochrane Mrs James G. (Mabel Emmaf 
Wiggins 08) South Byfield 

Cochrane Theresa Jean b.l. 03 (Mrs H. W| 

Cockle Kathleen b.a. 10 (Mrs R. P.J 

Seaton) ; 
Codding Adele Bonfield b.a. 14 (Mrs! 

L. R. Thibault) 
Codding Harriet McElroy b.a. 12 (Mrsl 

W. H. Maxwell) 
Coe Anne Harriet b.l,. 02 (Mrs B. E. Curry) I 
Coe Elizabeth Hamilton b.a. 05 

26 Richards st. Worcester 
Coe Frantzel b.a. 14 

832 37th av. N. Seattle Wash. 
Coe Margaret Alice b.l. 96 (Mrs D. B.I 


Coe Margaret Duryee b.a. 07 (Mrsl 

C. H. Blake jr) 

Coe Margaret Elmer b.a. 97 m.a. 02| 


42 W. 52d st. New York 

Coe Miriam Storrs B.s. 99 diploma 141 
Teachers col. m.a. 15 Columbia! 
42 W. 52d st. New York 


Coester Mrs Alfred (Laura Belle Haven 
81) 1081 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Coffey Mrs Reuben Burton (Elinor Gertrude 
Scollay 09) Care A. H. Lane 24 S. 6th st. 
Philadelphia Pa. 

Coggeshall Mary Bancroft b.a. 01 

Pleasantville N. Y. 
Cohen Ethel Harrison b.a. 07 184 High st. 
I Orange N.J. 

Cohen Eva b.a. 16 

23 Pawtucket st. Hartford Ct. 
Cohen Selma b.a. 16 

645 Beacon st. Boston 

Cohn Beatrice Daube b.a. 11 

4541 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 

Coit Eleanor Gwinnell b.a. 16 

277 Mt Prospect av. Newark N. J. 

Coit Mrs George Chandler (Alice 

Chapman Atwood 94) 19 Hillside 

av. Winchester 
Coit Gertrude b.a. 13 m.A. 15 Columbia 

146 Huntington st. New London 


Coit Jessie Barker b.a. 13 

277 Mt Prospect av. Newark N. J. 

Colburn Mary Peabody b.a. 04 m.a. 10 Colum- 
bia 106 Morningside drive New York 

Colby Helen Louise b.a. 05 578 E. Broadway 
South Boston 

Colby Ruth Hart well b.a. 11 Warren 

Colby Mrs William Roberts jr (Alice Ward 
Roberts 07) 2222 Crescent drive Inter- 
laken Seattle Wash. 

Colclazer Helen Mary b.l. 94 (Mrs J. 

B. Monroe) 
Cole Beulah Virginia b.a. 10 

521 W. 135th st. New York 

Cole Mrs Charles Buckingham (Bertha 
Woolsey D wight 91) 371 Upper 
Mountain av. Montclair N. J. 

Cole Mrs Edward Smith (Mary Wat- 
kinson Rockwell 97) 133 Bellevue 
av. Upper Montclair N. J. 

Cole Mrs George Campbell (Stella Louise 
BarseOO) Care M. D. Cole 111 Broadway 
New York 

Cole Mrs Harry F. (Mabel Noyes Fill- 
more 09) 189 High st. Newbury- 

Cole Mrs Henry (Christine Tillson 
Mansfield 92) 17 Chestnut st. 

Cole Mrs John Silas jr (Angie Mary Dresser 98) 
39 W. Philadelphia av. Detroit Mich. 

Cole Julia Elizabeth b.l. 97 (Mrs D. J. 

Cole Lucy Brooks b.a. 09 

275 Union st. Springfield 

Cole Pauline Elizabeth b.a. 13 

1 Lincoln pi. Worcester 
Cole Vera Giddings b.a. 13 

Didsbury Alta. Canada 
Coleman Edith b.a. 10 

1318 Linden st. Scranton Pa. 

Coleman Florence Hoyt b.a. 10 Newington 
N. H. 

Coleman Mrs George Edwin (Anna Williams 
Edwards 88) 21 Aspinwall road Dor- 

Coleman Helen b.a. 12 

28 W. Lincoln st. Shamokin Pa. 

Colgan Mary Ella b.a. 89 

The Burlington Washington D. C. 

Collier Amy Evelyn b.a. 05 (Mrs J. 

M. Patterson) 
*Collin Grace Lathrop b.l. 96 m.a. 99 

Columbia d. 5 N 13 

Collin Harriet Beebee b.a. 03 (Mrs 

C. D. Knapp) 
Collin Louise Park b.a. 05 (Mrs H. E. 


Collinge Lillian Elizabeth b.a. 15 
58 Henry st. Passaic N. J. 

Collins Ada Fae b.a. 07 (Mrs J. G. Holne) 

Collins Annie Olivia b.a. 02 

42 Barker av. White Plains N. Y. 

Collins Mrs Arthur Nelson (Florence 

Edna Johnson 05) 1931 E. 3d st. 

Duluth Minn. 
Collins Edna White b.l. 01 

1554 Logan st. Denver Col. 
Collins Elizabeth Tracy b.a. 15 

Virginia 111. 
Collins Helen Moseley b.a. 13 

115 Yale st. Springfield 
Collins Katherine Estelle b.a. 07 18 Clinton av. 

Cortland N. Y. 

Collins Rejoyce Ballance b.l. 98 
(Mrs C. M. Booth) 

Collins Mrs William French (Alice 
Derfla Howes 95) _ 89 Norwood 
av. Upper Montclair N. J. 

Collins Mrs William Oliver (Edna 
Lindsay 07) 124 Westford av. 

Colman Anna b.a. 14 

401 West av. S. La Crosse Wis. 

Colson Mrs George W. (Venila Spaulding 
Burrington 94) 95 Geneva av. Grove 
hall Dorchester 

Colwell Mrs Howard Spencer (Mary 
Elizabeth Stevens 11) Care 
International Health commission 
6 A Dere st. Port-of-Spain Trini- 
dad B. W. I. 

Combs Mrs G. Ralph (Helen Marie 
Schott 12) 404 Olive st. 

Leavenworth Kan. 

Comer Mary b.l. 04 (Mrs M. B. Lane) 

*Comey Effie Marion b.l. 98 (Mrs D. 

E. Manson) d. N 07 

Comey Gertrude Julietta b.l. 04 m.a. 16 

Columbia The Hill Augusta Ga. 

Comins Ellen Maria b.a. 91 (Mrs H. K. 

Comins Sara b.a. 15 

12 Lombard st. Dorchester 

Comly Lorraine Hendrickson b.a. 15 
1816 W. Genesee st. Syracuse N.Y. 

Common Mrs William Coleman (Ruth 
Morrison Fletcher 06) Sumpter 

Compton Mrs Paul (Irene Lathrop Smith 01) 
5241 Von Versen av. St Louis Mo. 

Comstock Ada Louise b.l. 97 m.a. 99 
Columbia ll.d. 12 Mt Holyoke 
Smith college Northampton 

Comstock Alice May b.a. 12 

76 Humboldt av. Providence R. I. 

Comstock Edith Claire b.a. 12 

25 Henshaw av. Northampton 

Comstock Ethel Young b.l. 01 (Mrs J. C. 

Comstock Frances Eloise b.l. 98 (Mrs 
Copeland Morton) 

Comstock Harriet Elizabeth b.l. 01 (Mrs 
Edward Robertson) 

Comstock Louise Howard b.a. 09 (Mrs 

L. T. Alden) 
Comstock Marjorie Stuart b.a. 07 (Mrs 

H. C. Hart) 
Conant Beatrice b.a. 08 

420 Boylston st. Boston 
Conant Esther b.l. 03 Duxbury 

Conant Jennie Frances b.a. 86 m.a. 96 
Radcliffe 26 Prospect st. Melrose 

Conant Marie Bassett b.a. 04 (Mrs 

N. W. Faxon) 
Conant Marion Masury b.a. 03 (Mrs 

I. N. Damon) 
Conant Mary Sybil b.a. 00 

12 Clifton pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Conard Mrs Henry S. (Laetitia Moon 

94) Grinnell la. 

Conde" Bertha b.a. 95 600 Lexington 

av. New York 
Condict Mrs S. H. (Elizabeth Mason 

Montgomery 07) 79 Washington 

st. East Orange N. J. 

Oondit Mrs Paul Brainard (Marion Codding 
Carr 07) 2078 E. 90th st. Cleveland O. 

Cone Alice Weston b.a. 13 
Hartford Vt. 

Cone Mrs Charles Morris (Kate Euge- 
nia Morris 79) Hartford Vt. 

Cone Mrs Frederick H. (Ethel Wool- 
verton 07) 170 W. 59th st. New 

Coney Ruth Eaton b.a. 05 (Mrs A. V. 

Conger Bertha b.a. 16 

New Hackensack Dutchess co. 
N. Y. 

Conklin Agnes b.a. 13 

Susquehanna Valley home Bing- 
hamton N. Y. 

Conklin Mrs Robert Smith (Mary Emily 
Bent 04) 610 Riverside drive New York 

Conklin Viola Percy b.a. 97 
265 Henry st. New York 

Conklin Mrs William Eltinge (Bertha 
Augusta Robe 04) 129 Maple av. 
Troy N. Y. 

Conkling Mrs Roscoe (Grace Walcott Hazard 
99) 32 Bedford terrace Northampton 

Conly Mrs Leslie Marsland (Agnes Mary 
O'Brien 07) 1159 Lake av. Rochester 
N. Y. 

Conn Bertha Viola b.a. 14 (Mrs V. H. 

Conn Mrs Harold J. (Anna Carter 
Mansfield 04) 89 Lewis st. 

Geneva N. Y. 

Connell Mrs Edgar William (Annie Margaret | 
Lowe 06) 619 Stewart st. Shamokin Pa. ! 

Connell Mrs James Carl (Marie Louise Bigelow § 
06) Baldwinsville N. Y. | 

Connell Mrs Wilson McBride (Mary j 
Stevenson Bickel 06) 9th st. and | 
California av. Oakmont Pa. 

Connelly Mrs Willard (Laurel Louise Fletcher 
00) 130 W. 57th st. New York 

Connely Bertha Lillian b.a. 84 m.d. 96 Woman's i 
med. col. of Pa. Wynnefield Pa. I 

Connett Mrs Lyndon Rutan (Carol \ 
Morrow 98) Red Top Wood- 
stock Vt. 

Connolly Mrs James T. (Ellen Frances 
Cuseck 04) 142 State st. New- 

Connor Mrs Theobald Mathew (Ellen 
Hedican Duggan 01) 22 Kensing- j 
ton av. Northampton 

Conrad Dorothy b.a. 14 

Conro Ruth Dexter b.a. 95 (Mrs W. P. 


Converse Clara Adra b.a. 83 
19 Clark av. Northampton 

Cook Anita Marie b.a. 16 

310 Marion st. Herkimer N. Y. 

Cook Anna Emeline b.l. 93 (Mrs A. 

L. Rice) 
Cook Edith b.a. 15 

121 W. Wells st. Geneseo 111. 

Cook Elizabeth Christine b.a. 99 m.a. 02 
Columbia Whittier hall 

1230 Amsterdam av. New York 

Cook Ellen Parmelee b.s. 93 m.a. 06 
Columbia Albright house 


Cook Emeline Lucy b.a. 06 (Mrs Alden 

Cook Esther Dorothea b.a. 12 (Mrs 

N. B. Betts) 
Cook Eva Lendell b.a. 96 (Mrs M. D. 


Cook Hazel Margaret b.a. 06 (Mrs R. D. 

Cook Isabelle Bailey b.a. 12 

342 Spring st. Portland Me. 

Cook Margaret Cooper b.s. 03 
514 Fulton st. Troy N. Y. 

Cook Margaret Seabury b.a. 11 

Bleecker pi. New Brunswick N. J. 

Cook Mary Augusta b.a. 93 Hadley 
Cook Mrs Maxfield (Hazel Josephine 

Goes 06) R. F. D. 6 Chula Vista 


Cook Ruth Anna b.a. 05 pd.b. 07 
N. Y. state normal col. 
52 Saratoga av. Cohoes N. Y. 

Cook Sara Josephine b.a. 00 Holley N. Y. 

Cooke Dorothy Perkins b.a. 15 (Mrs 

A. T. Sihler) 
Cooke Florence Marks b.a. 15 

100 E. Main st. Wallingford Ct. 

Cooke Mrs Harte (Clara Dwight 

Sprague 01) 10 Jefferson st. 

Auburn N. Y. 
*Cooke Lucy Ethel b.a. 02 d. 13 O 03 
Cooke Mrs Thomas Skidmore (Clara 

Jeannette Thieme 10) 321 Central 

av. Whiting Ind. 

Cooley Clara Louise b.a. 06 (Mrs S. M. Camp- 

Cooley Mrs Robert Charles (Harriet 
Chidsey Mills 93) 171 Dartmouth 
terrace Springfield 

Cooley Mrs Thomas Rockwell (Helen 
Sears Shepard 11) 
83 Court st. Westfield 

Coolidge Mrs- Arthur William (Mabel 
Frances Tilton 08) 49 Beech st. 

Coolidge Cora Helen b.l. 92 

Pennsylvania College for women 
Pittsburgh Pa. 

Coolidge Helen b.l. 00 

4752 Kimbark av. Chicago 111. 

Coolidge Mrs Marcus Allen (Ethel 
Louise Warren 96) 164 Blossom 
st. Fitchburg 

Coolidge Susan Lois b.a. 06 (Mrs H. C. Sanford) 
Coons Mrs Perry Townsend (Elizabeth 

Brown 10) 11 Hawthorne pi. 

Montclair N. J. 

Cooper Anne Elizabeth b.a. 15 

Romney pi. Cape May Court 
House N. J. 

Cooper Florence Estelle b.a. 12 

255 Montclair av. Newark N. J. 

Cooper Gertrude May b.a. 06 (Mrs P. 

D. Dean) 
Cooper Lenita b.a. 14 

195 Washington av. Belleville N.J. 

Cooper Ruth Wendell b.a. 12 
37 Prospect st. Northampton 

Cooper Mrs William Bain (Harriet Frances 
Drake 02) 33 Woodruff av. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

Cooper Mrs William O. (Joan Duane 
Brumley 05) 

Burnett terrace Maplewood N. J. 

Copeland Mrs William Rogers (Annie 
Horton Young 96) 565 Hartford 
av. Milwaukee Wis. 

Copp Emily Avery b.a. 08 (Mrs W. B. 

Copp Gladys b.a. 12 

Copps Irene Lalor b.a. 16 

Central house Granville N. Y. 

Corbet Mary b.a. 16 

340 Main st. Brookville Pa. 

Corbett Clara Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs 
D. S. Phelps) 

Corbett Mrs Elliott Ruggles (Alta 
Smith 08) Box 738 Portland Ore. 

Corbin Jessie Ola b.a. 11 

469 Chenango st. Binghamton 
N. Y. 

Corey Marion Elizabeth Margaret b.a. 
14 19 Deering st. Portland Me. 

Corliss Florence Haskell b.s. 93 m.a. 98 
Columbia (Mrs T. W. Lamont) 


Cornelius Mary Anne Shiercliffe b.a. 15 
373 Commonwealth av. Boston 

Cornell Helen Gray b.l. 98 (Mrs H. D. French) 

Cornell Louise b.a. 13 

259 Tremont av. Orange N. J. 

Cornish Mrs Chanter (Christine Seward 04) 
164 N. Parkway East Orange N.J. 

Cornish Mrs Robert Harrison (Ida 
Galpin Skilton 84) 211 Walnut st. 
Montclair N. J. 

Cornish Mrs Ross Carleton (Bertha Marie 
Harris 99) Merion Pa. 

Corns Sara Ann b.a. 86 

102 Prospect st. Massillon O. 

Cornwell Mrs H. King (Dorothea 
Page 11) 2219 California st. 
Washington D. C. 

Corwith Mrs Henry Phelps (Grace 
Kennedy 97) Saluda N. C. 

Cory Eleanor b.a. 13 (Mrs H. S. Leiper) 

Costello Mrs Francis D. (Julia Alice 
Gragg 09) Island farm South 

Cotter Julia Theresa b.a. 04 384 E. 18th st. 
Flatbush Long Island N. Y. 

Coulter Mabel Post b.a. 02 (Mrs 

Albert Smith) 
Coulton Mildred Louise b.a. 14 

3209 E. 116th st. Cleveland O. 

Coursen Aline Toppin b.a. 08 (Mrs W. 

M. Ward) 
Courshon Mrs Jacob B. (Ida Roselle 

Galinsky 15) 514 18th st. Sioux 

City la. 
Covel Abbie Walker b.a. 94 

96 Bay State road Boston 
Covel Ina Frances b.l. 97 

279 Walnut st. Fall River 

Covey Mrs Frank Howard (Josephine Winifred 
England 04) Care Thomaston P. O. 
Great Neck Long Island N. Y. 

Covey Mrs James G. (Katherine 

Knox 03) 107 S. Main st. Couders- 

port Potter co. Pa. 
Covey Mrs Wilkes P. (Katharine 

King 10) Van Hook N. D. 
• *Cowan Elaine b.a. 03 

d. 28 F 15 
Cowdrick Frances Elizabeth b.a. 15 

Washington st. Toms River N. J. 

Cowing Amy Louise b.a. 16 

Springfield pike Wyoming O. 

Cowing Ruth b.a. 07 (Mrs G. T. 

Cowperthwait Agnes Shepard b.l. 98 
(Mrs H. L. Houghton) 


Cowperthwait Mrs Allan (Emma Axtell Byles 
98) Hydewood park Plainfield N. J.; 

Cowperthwaite Edith Adele b.a. 08 

(Mrs H. D. Egbert) 
Cox Ethel Lucy b.a. 11 (Mrs J. B.i 


Cox Frances Maria b.l. 00 (Mrs R. P. Tarr) 
Cox Margaret Griswold b.a. 97 (Mrs F. A. 

Cox Martha Lyman b.a. 84 (Mrs W. 
S. Bryant) 

Cox Sybil Lavinia b.a. 02 

10309 Wilbur av. S.F. Cleveland O. 

Cox Virginia Roberts b.a. 06 (Mrs 
R. S. Brank) 

Coy Mrs Sherman L. (Katherine Bos- 
worth Rising 01) Cloquet Minn. 

Coye Emily Chapin b.a. 12 (Mrs N. E. 

Coyle Georgiana Dunn b.l. 98 (Mrs 

L. H. Hall) 
Coyle Mary Frances b.a. 11 (Mrs G. 

E. Reynolds) 
Coyle Susan Edmond b.a. 94 

1326 19th st. Washington D. C. 
Coyle Virginia DuCasse b.a. 11 

Lake st. Bridgeton N. J. 
Crafts Florence Kate b.a. 04 

State normal school Indiana Pa. 

Cragin Alice Gregory b.a. 15 

10 W. 50th st. New York 
Cragin Miriam Willard b.a. 12 

10 W. 50th st. New York 
Craighead Ethel b.l. 98 (Mrs S. T. 

Crandall Anna Elizabeth b.a. 09 (Mrs 

R. S. Polk) 
Crandall Annie Ruth b.a. 16 

46 Sprague st. Maiden 
Crandall Ethel Geneva b.a. 15 

24 W. Water st. Wakefield 
Crandall Jessica Frances b.a. 11 

176 Sigourney st. Hartford Ct. 
Crandall Leona b.a. 02 (Mrs O. R. 


Crandall Regina Katherine b.a. 90 

ph.d. 02 Chicago univ. 

Low bldgs Bryn Mawr Pa. 
Crandon Laura Bishop b.a. 99 

509 W. 121st. New York 
Crane Cassie Louise b.a. 10 

Groton Ct. 
Crane Esther b.a. 10 m.a. 14 

Foster hall Chicago university 

Chicago 111. 


Crane Katharine Elizabeth b.a. 16 
Kenton O. 

Crane Katharine Priest b.a. 97 m.a. 07 
Columbia American 
Board mission Pekin China 

Crane Laura Vernon b.l. 96 (Mrs T. 
F. Burgess) 

Crangle Mrs Benjamin Carroll (Leona 
Estelle Tarbell 98) 1817 Fremont 
av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Cranshaw Mrs Harold B. (Edith Peck- 
ham Angell 11) 106 Strathmore 
road Brookline 

Cranska Annie Louise b.l. 02 (Mrs 
W. A. Hill) 

*Cranston Augustine Louise b.a. 94 
d. 25 My 97 

Cranston Bertha b.a. 99 (Mrs E. M. 

Cranston Hannah Gertrude b.a. 14 

Stanton Del. 
Cravath Elizabeth Northway b.a. 90 

M.A. 01 Vanderbilt (Mrs H. A. 


Craven Gertrude b.l. 99 Roxbury Ct. 

Craven Inez Helena b.a. 10 4719 15th av. 
N. E. Seattle Wash. 

Craven Virginia Coryell b.a. 10 
(Mrs R. M. Lupton) 

Cravioto Mrs Carlos (Louise Marshall Ryals 
06) 203 W. 91st st. New York 

Crawford Leslie Stafford b.a. 04 (Mrs 
J. G. Hun) 

♦Crawford Mrs Lyndon S. (Jeanie Grace 
Greenough 85) d. 5 F 88 

Crawford Mrs Rush P. (Glenn Alda 

Patten 08) 1226 Walnut st. 

Kokomo Ind. 
Cray Marguerite b.a. 10 

2304 Pillsbury av. Minneapolis 


Creelman Helen b.l. 03 (Mrs J. J. Jackson) 
Creevey Elizabeth Hale b.a. 05 

839 West End av. New York 
Creevey Mrs George Mason (Lucy 

Morris Ellsworth 01) 40 E. 63d st. 

New York 

Crehore Mary Louise b.a. 92 (Mrs Frederick 

Creighton Emilie b.a. 04 (Mrs A. T. Gould) 
Crema Mrs George Pattison (Carrie Carswell 
McKay 06) Cape May Court House N. J. 

Crespi Alberta Rosealba b.a. 12 

346 Rutland road Brooklyn N. Y. 

Crew Caroline Ladd b.a. 87 
Mt Holly N. J. 

Crew Winona Bell b.a. 90 (Mrs W. F. Wicker- 

Criley Martha b.l. 01 

Coates house Kansas City Mo. 

Crim Annie Johnston b.a. 09 (Mrs C. W. 

Crim Erma Jane b.a. 09 Jordanville N. Y. 

Critcherson Mary Elizabeth b.a. 01 
(Mrs B. H. Miller) 

Crittenden Mrs Walter E. (Harriet 

Rosetta Butler 04) 396 Livingston 

st. New Haven Ct. 
Crocker Augusta Percival b.a. 85 

(Mrs J. V. Turner) 
Crocker Vesta Leach b.a. 09 

161 Highland st. Brockton 

Croll Elsie Lydia b.l. 01 3733 Walnut st. 
Philadelphia Pa. 

Cromer Mary Elizabeth b.a. 12 

115 Glen wood blvd Schenectady 
N. Y. 

Cromwell Otelia b.a. 00 m.a. 10 Co- 
lumbia 1815 13th st. 
Washington D. C. 

Crooks Mrs Charles Melvis (Annie 
Maude Marcy 99) 24 Oberlin st. 

Crosby Anna Katharine b.a. 06 

1 Hancock st. West Somerville 

Crosby Eliza Hale b.a. 13 

Littleworth road Dover N. H. 
Crosby Helen Ames b.a. 07 (Mrs R. C. Dobson) 
Crosby Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 16 
. "Stonebridge" River blvd St 

Paul Minn. 
Cross Mrs Harold L. (Gertrude Elaine 

Foster 12) 70 Delaware av. South 

Orange N. J. 
Cross Mrs Henry B. (Mary Hilda Sted- 

man 09) 69 Keene st. 

Providence R. I. 
Crossett Ruth Lewis b.a. 04 (Mrs 

Russell Appleton) 

Crossman Mrs Samuel Sutton (Pauline Haskell 
11) 12 Pearl st. Melrose Highlands 

Crosthwaite Mrs Burwell Morgan (Helena 
Wenberg Porteous 02) 1014 Esplanade 
Pelham Manor N. Y. 

Croston Rose Elaine b.a. 09 
83 Emerson st. Haverhill 

Crouse Mrs Harvey Sherman (Annie Amelia 
Cass 02) Mercedes Tex. 

Crouse Martha Parsons b.a. 85 (Mrs Thomas 

Crow Martha Worrell b.a. 08 

2112 Spring Garden st. Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

Crowder Mrs Herbert Alexander (Katherine 
Clara Kerr 08) 1157 Federal av. Seattle 


♦Crowder Mrs Thomas Reid (Edith 

Warner Cadwallader 91) d. Ag 06 
Crowell Jane Caroline b.a. 95 

21 Amity st. Amherst 
Crowell Mary Etta b.a. 12 

35 Green av. Madison N. J. 
Crowell Mary Savage b.a. 84 (Mrs L. B. 

Frieze jr) 

Crowell Minerva Evelyn b.a. 01 

Center st. East Dennis 
Crowell Mrs Wilbur Saunders (Grace 

Putnam Wenham 94) Forest Cliff 

drive Lake wood O. 
Crowley Gladys Warren b.a. 12 (Mrs 

F. A. Butler) 

Crowley Helen Caroline b.a. 16 
40 Hamilton av. Lynn 

Crozer Laura Esther b.a. 06 1943 Dwight way 

Berkeley Cal. 
Crozier Harriet Sneaden b.a. 10 9 Upland 

road Brookline 

Crozier Marion Augusta b.a. 10 
9 Upland road Brookline 
Cruden Gertrude b.a. 07 University of 
Washington Seattle Wash. 

Cruikshank Alice Dorothy b.a. 02 

Library State university Colum- 
bia O. 

Cruikshank Mrs D. Phelps jr (Eliza- 
beth Theodora Babcock 05) 
Rockliffe park Ottawa Canada 

*Cryan Mrs Albert Newell (Florence Munroe 
Reed 98) d. Ja 08 

Cubberly Mrs George (Annie Jones Ellis 03) 
130 Chesterfield blvd Chesterfield 
heights Norfolk Va. 

Cubbon Mrs Robert C. (Mary Watkins 08) 
130 Norwood av. Providence R. I. 

Cull Florence Estey b.a. 09 

Cambridge N. Y. 
Cullinan Catherine b.a. 89 (Mrs J. E. Sullivan) 

Cummings Alice Sylvia b.a. 01 (Mrs 

G. K. Hudson) 

Cummings Frances Walkley b.a. 00 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

Cummings Mrs Frederic Russell (Helen 
Boss 97) 100 Windham road 
Willimantic Ct. 

Cummings Mabel Homer b.a. 95 
16 Kennard road Brookline 

Cummings Mrs Marshall B. (Lura 
Alice Bugbee 07) 230 Loomis st. 
Burlington Vt. 

Cumston Charlotte b.a. 08 
40 Hawes st. Brookline 

Cunniffe Elisabeth Waldron b.a. 15 
340 E. 194th st. New York 

Cunningham Mrs Kenneth Reese 
(Edna Chipman Moehring 10) 
6500 Bartlett st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Cunningham Laura b.a. 15 

406 Vine st. La Crosse Wis. 

Cunningham Lois b.a. 11 

414 S. Graham st. Pittsburgh E. E. Pa. 

Cunningham Nellie b.a. 03 The Dewey 

Washington D. C. 

Curial Marie Thorndike b.a. 12 

Anoka Minn. 
Curr Anna Murray Yule b.l. 96 (Mrs Roland 


Curran Mrs John M. (Mae Rawson 
Fuller 97) 696 Prospect av. 
Winnetka 111. 

Currier Mrs James S. (Alice Constance 
Thompson 11) 31 Bliss road New- 
port R. I. 

Curry Mrs Berton Edwin (Anne Harriet Coe 
02) Durham N. H. 

Curry Mrs Edward Thomas (Ethel 
Vincent Reeve 12) 211 Woodland 
av. Haddonfield N. J. 

Curry Ethel Gertrude b.a. 07 (Mrs 
, G. B. Beach) 

Curtis Alice Johnson b.a. 05 (Mrs 
F. E. Mansfield) 

Curtis Alice Louise b.l. 02 (Mrs J. H. Steane) 

Curtis Carlene Mabelle b.l. 96 (Mrs 

J. E. Blunt jr) 
Curtis Elizabeth Randall b.a. 15 

Falmouth Foreside Portland Me. 

Curtis Elnora Whitman b.a. 92 m.a. 08 and 
ph.d. 10 Clark univ. Bigelow hill 


Curtis Florence Freeland b.a. 10 (Mrs 

E. E. Harrah) 

Curtis Frances Florida B.A. 95 (Mrs 

F. O. Fish) 

Curtis Mrs Frank Irving (Elizabeth King Free- 
land 86) 310 E. Harrison st. Seattle 

Curtis Mrs Frank W. (Mary Louisa 
Harwood 10) Warren 

Curtis Gertrude Freeman b.a. 03 (Mrs A. K. 

Curtis Helen Very b.a. 07 (Mrs E. L. 

♦Curtis Irene b.a. 12 d. Ap 16 

Curtis Lena Riley b.a. 08 

986 5th av. New York 
Curtis Louise Hadley b.a. 10 

760 Church st. San Francisco Cal. 

Curtis Margaret b.a. 07 61 Trumbull st. 
New Haven Ct. 

Curtis Mary Beach b.a. 01 

24 S. Maple av. East Orange N.J. 


Curtis Mary Isabel b.l. 03 

1031 E. 50th st. Chicago 111. 

Curtis Mrs William S. (Janet Monroe 

Wallace 91) Ganges Mich. 
Curtiss Elizabeth Hulda b.a. 12 

Y. W. C. A. 600 Lexington av. 

New York 
Curtiss Ethel Loraine b.a. 12 

(Mrs A. G. Davis) 
Curtiss Mrs Harold Marshall (Edith 

Gray Hollis 00) 94 Congress st. 


Curtiss Mabel Hassard b.a. 12 (Mrs 

R. I. Downs) 
Curtiss Maude Somers b.l. 96 

407 Perry av. Peoria 111. 
Curts Cordelia Ruth b.a. 07 (Mrs H. 

L. Kempster) 
Cuseck Ellen Frances b.a. 04 (Mrs 

J. T. Connolly) 
Cushing Edith Hazel b.a. 13 Box 334 

Cushing Edna b.a. 04 (Mrs N. A. 

Cushing Eleanor Philbrook b.a. 79 

m.a. 82 76 Elm st. Northampton 
Cushing Jane Delia b.a. 89 

The Misses Masters' school Dobbs 

Ferry N. Y. 
Cushman Mrs C. T. (Anna Emily 

Sigafus 10) 225 E. 17th st. 

New York 
Cushman Mrs James Stewart (Vera 

Charlotte Scott 98) 26 E. 95th st. 

New York 
Cushman Margaret Adams b.a. 10 

(Mrs C. P. Warren) 
Cushman Mary Allerton b.a. 16 

256 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Cushman Mrs Norman L. (Madeline 
Porter 07) 7 Ridgefield road 

Cushman Mrs Robert (Mary Reed Poland 96) 

11 Griggs road Brookline 
Cushman Ruth Gilman b.l. 92 (Mrs W. G. 


Cushwa Mrs Frank William (Elizabeth 
Washburn Tucker 12) Exeter 
N. H. 

Cutler Anna Alice b.a. 85 m.a. 89 ph.d. 

96 Yale Tyler house 

Cutler Eleanor Evelyn b.a. 92 (Mrs 

L. M. Daggett) 
Cutler Harriet Isabelle b.l. 97 (Mrs 

E. N. Blanke) 

Cutler Jane Ruth b.a. 92 

70 Pearl st. East Somerville 
Cutler Martha Hill b.a. 97 

36 Gramercy park New York 
Cutler Mrs Roland R. (Mary Edith 

Goodnow 99) Landham road 

South Sudbury 
Cutter Edith Louise b.a. 10 (Mrs S. 

S. Yates) 

Cutter Edna b.a. 08 Ipswich 
Cutter Elizabeth Reeve b.l. 96 (Mrs 

D. W. Morrow) 
Cutter Esther b.a. 14 

Shelter Island N. Y. 
Cutting Ruth Geraldine b.a. 14 

821 Whitney av. New Haven Ct. 
Cutts Mrs Oliver Frost (Eugenia Ayer 

08) 812 Columbia st. Lafayette 



Dabney Mrs Vaughan (Ruth Evelyn 
Burdett 09) Santa Monica Cal. 

Da Camara Marian b.a. 15 
West Palm Beach Fla. 

Daggett Ethel Augusta b.a. 09 Whitehouse 
N. J. 

Daggett Mrs Leonard Mayhew (Elea- 
nor Evelyn Cutler 92) 60 Wall st. 
New Haven Ct. 

Dailey Frances Douglass b.l. 98 (Mrs E. P. 

Dakin Mrs Wilson Sheldon (Bertha 

Louise Kirkland 97) 31 Norfolk st. 

Hartford Ct. 
Dale Florence b.a. 13 

206 4th av. E. Minot N. D. 
Daley Eva Loretta b.a. 12 

200 Richmond turnpike Tompkins- 

ville S. I. N. Y. 
Dalrymple Mrs Alfred Vernon (Hannah 

Katherine O'Malley 09) Tucson 


Dalrvmple Evelyn Sherman b.a. 14 

(Mrs C. N. Church) 
Dalrymple Mrs John Stuart (Bernice 

Barber 10) Casselton N. D. 
Dalrymple Mrs Louis A. (Phoebe 

Olive Struble 09) 43 Linwood av. 

Newton N. J. 
Daly Mrs D. D. (Katherine Jane 

Powell 11) Ellenburg N. Y. 
Damon Mrs Edward Orne jr (Georgia 

Anna Mason 01) 1013 First av. S. 

Fort Dodge la. 
Damon Elsie Cushing b.a. 06 (Mrs 

H. K. Simonds) 


Damon Estella Louise b.a. 09 (Mrs 

Raymond Warner) 
Damon Mrs I. Newton (Marion 

Masury Conant 03) 73 Edgell st. 

Damon Marion Lena b.a. 15 

(Mrs Raymond Sylvester) 

Damon Mrs William Ward (Mabel Darrow 
Searl 94) Pelham Manor N. Y. 

Dana Mrs Arthur Dwight (Alice Abi- 
gail Smith 94) 135 Argyle road 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Dana Mrs Edward (Harriette Man- 
dana Dunton 81) 26 Madison st. 
Rutland Vt. 

Dana Elizabeth Mabel b.a. 04 
5 Forestdale road Worcester 

Dana Helen b.a. 09 (Mrs J. B. Draper) 

Dana Helen Trask b.a. 09 (Mrs A. W. Black- 

Dana Henrietta Silliman b.a. 12 (Mrs 

T. D. Hewitt) 
Dana Marian Alexander b.a. 07 (Mrs 

W. H. Mason) 
Dana Marion b.a. 04 

26 Madison st. Rutland Vt. 
Dana Mrs Philip (Florence Hinkley 01) 

723 Main st. Westbrook Me. 
Dana Mrs Ripley L. (Edith Maynard 

Kidder 04) 34 Westbourne road 

Newton Center 
Danforth Alice Foster b.a. 05 163 West- 
minster st. Springfield 
Danforth Mrs Benjamin (Mary Elizabeth 

Englel2) Deer Creek 111. 
Daniel Mrs Frank Joseph (Charlotte Johnson 

Mitchell 96) 435 Clay av. Scranton Pa. 

Daniell Mrs Frederick Hayward 
(Mary Amelia Barnard 81) 
60 View st. Franklin N. H. 

Daniell Marguerite b.a. 14 

60 View st. Franklin N. H. 

Daniells Mrs Ralph Peabody (Helen 
West Kitchel 01) 928 Lincoln av. 
Toledo O. 

Daniels Elinor Lothrop b.a. 07 (Mrs P. 
C. Washburn) 

Daniels Mrs F. Harold (Eleanor Grace 
Goddard 11) 2 Regent st. Wor- 

Daniels Lucy Adaline b.l. 96 (Mrs L. S. Doane) 
♦Daniels Mary Bryant b.a. 82 d. 8 Jl 09 

Daniels Susan Elizabeth b.a. 83 

Grafton Vt. 
Darby Mrs Morgan A. (Josephine 

Lydia Fowler 11) 55 Pearl st. 


Darling Beatrice b.a. 13 

138 Brattle st. Cambridge 

Darling Blanche Lovina b.a. 14 
1303 Broadway Lorain O. 

Darling Mrs Bryon Clary (Sarah 
Vedder Van Benschoten 12) 
122 E. 34th st. New York 

Darling Ethel Maria b.a. 99 r.n. 04 
Presbyterian hosp. 
38 N. Main st. Thompsonville Ct. 

Darling Frances b.a. 93 (Mrs Edward 

Darling Gertrude b.a. 12 (Mrs R. C. 

Darling Mrs Herbert Henry (Harriet 

Langdon Brown 91) 22 Keiffer st. 


Darling Ida May b.l. 97 (Mrs B. L. Engelke) 

Darling Laura Keene b.a. 09 (Mrs E. P. 

Darling Mary Louise b.a. 05 (Mrs 

E. S. Hethrington) 
Darr Marjorie Helen b.a. 16 

390 Chestnut st. St Mary's Pa. 

Darrow Alice Chamberlain b.a. 14 
202 Riverside drive New York 

Dart Hazel Julia b.a. 13 

2504 Lamont st. Spokane Wash. 

Daskam Josephine Dodge b.a. 98 (Mrs 

Selden Bacon) 
Dauchy Katharine b.a. 08 

870 Carroll st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Dauchy Margaret b.a. 10 (Mrs J. A. 

Daugherty Anna May b.a. 11 (Mrs C. 

K. Sutton) 
Daugherty Caroline Garman b.a. 13 

(Mrs Ernest Stewart) 

Daugherty Dorothy Mitchell b.a. 14 
1003 Church st. Indiana Pa. 

Davenport Sarah Bertha b.a. 04 

437 Main st. Greenfield 
Davidson Adeline Theresa b.a. 02 

36 N. Arlington av. East Orange N. J. 

Davidson Clara Willoughby b.a. 05 
m.a. 08 Pleasantville Venango co. 

Davidson Eleanor Schureman b.a. 01 
(Mrs H. N. White) 

Davidson Elizabeth Matilda b.a 10 
South Berwick Me. 

Davidson Mrs Frank Forest (Adaline 
White Allen 90) 59 Woodland road 


Davidson Gwendolen Elizabeth b.a. 16 
2128 Calumet av. Chicago 111. 

Davidson Helen Buffum b.a. 08 (Mrs 
Bartlett Walton) 

Davidson Mary Claybaugh b.a. 16 
South Berwick Me. 

Davidson Mary Richmond b.a. 08 
59 Woodland road Auburndale 

Davidson Mrs William G. (Vera Beryl Urqu- 
hart 10) Ernescliffe apts Wellesley and 
Sherbourne sts. Toronto Ontario Canada 

Davies Mrs B. V. (Mary Lydia Aikens 91) 
Bryngolan Claremont Cape Colony 
South Africa 

Davies Gile b.a. 15 

56 Walnut st. Reading 

Davies Margery Eileen b.a. 13 
54 Union st. Camden N. Y. 

Davis Mrs Albert Samuel . (Mary Comfort 
Chapin 06) Poplar st. and E. 3d av. 
Roselle N. J. 

Davis Mrs Alexander Gridley (Ethel 
Loraine Curtiss 12) W. Henrietta 
road R. F. D. 2 Rochester N. Y. 

Davis Mrs Bradley Moore (Anna 
Elizabeth Paret 95) 4411 Sansom 
st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Davis Carolyn Virginia b.a. 14 (Mrs 
T. K. O'Connar) 

Davis Clara Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs Gerald Ma- 

Davis Corinne Woodward b.a. 04 
(Mrs L. G. Bradley) 

Davis Mrs David (Edith Elizabeth Melluish 
97) 1005 E. Jefferson st. Bloomington 111. 

Davis Dorothy b.a. 13 
(Mrs A. S. Jenkins) 

Davis Dorothy Smith b. a. 15 

28 Harrison av. Northampton 

Davis Dorothy Wendell b.a. 07 (Mrs J. 

L. Goodwin) 
Davis Dorrice Vigneron b.a. 16 

74 Monroe st. Chicopee Falls 

Davis Ellen Margaret b.a. 15 

Old Town Me. 
Davis Ellen Rich b.a. 86 (Mrs W. C. 


Davis Emily Porter b.a. 09 

1 105 Worthington st. Springfield 

Davis Fannie Stearns b.a. 04 (Mrs A. 
M. Gifford) 

Davis Frances LeBaron b.a. 12 
105 Sisson av. Hartford Ct. 

Davis Mrs Francis Berry (Martha 
Woodward Westcott 12) 140 
Woodland av. Woodbury N. J. 

Davis Mrs Frank Parker (Edith 

Amanda Kelly 99) 1117 Sheridan 

road Evanston 111. 
Davis Mrs George Melvin (Bessie 

Graham Fuller 09) 45 Whitfield 

road West Somerville 

Davis Mrs Gilbert Franklin (Aloysia 

Mary Hoye 00) 45 State st. 

Windsor Vt. 
Davis Gwen b.a. 16 

Redlands Cal. 
Davis Mrs Herbert E. (Edith Stewart 

Mott 95) 21 Hillcrest road Glen 

Ridge N. J. 
Davis Ina Forest b.a. 93 (Mrs S. H. 

Davis Mrs Irving G. (Alice Ida Sawin 

12) Connecticut Agricultural 

college Storrs Ct. 

Davis Josephine Elizabeth b.a. 06 
6 Loudon st. Worcester 

Davis Julia Anna b.s. 02 (Mrs C. F. 

Davis Letty Lucile b.a. 10 

505 W. 187th st. New York 

Davis Louise b.a. 11 (Mrs W. C. 

Davis Lucy May b.a. 02 (Mrs W. E. 

Davis Lydia b.a. 09 

162 Glenmary av. Clifton Cincin- 
nati O. 

Davis Margaret Eliza b.a. 06 (Mrs 

C. E. Ide) 
Davis Mary Emily b.a. 95 (Mrs E. Y. 


Davis Mary Isabella b.l. 94 (Mrs Stanley 

Davis Mattie Mabel b.a. 11 

209 Barbey st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Davis Olive Elizabeth b.a. 15 
Pomfret Center Ct. 

Davis Mrs Roswell (Helena Stone 08) 
37 Bank st. Princeton N. J. 

Davis Mrs S. G. (Harriet Elizabeth 
Gilbert 09) 13 Winter st. Nashua 
N. H. 

Davison Helen Williams b.a. 03 (Mrs 
H. F. Cleland) 

Dawson Mrs Archibald N. (Jean Wal- 
lace Backus 04) 16742 Detroit av. 
Lake wood O. 

Dawson Mrs Percy Millard (Agnes 
Wakefield Learned 94) University 
of Wisconsin Madison Wis. 

Day Alice Fairbanks b.a. 10 
179 Pleasant st. Worcester 

Day Alice Henrietta b.a. 96 ll.b. 01 Buffalo 
univ. (Mrs F. M. Gardner) 

Day Alice Wilder b.a. 05 (Mrs J. W. 

Day Anna Barnes b.l. 96 (Mrs P. L. Hunt) 
Day Carrie Elizabeth b.a. 87 
280 Newbury st. Boston 

Day Mrs Clive (Elizabeth Dike Lewis 

95) 44 Highland st. New Haven Ct. 
Day Daisy Toles b.a. 01 

West Hartford Ct. 
Day Mrs Edmund Ezra (Emily Sophia 

Emerson 05) 32 Avon Hill st. 

Cambridge B " 
Day Edna Frances b.a. 05 (Mrs G. H. 

Day Florence b.a. 97 (Mrs J. R. 

Day Harriet Burr b.a. 90 (Mrs C. S. 


Day Harriet Greene b.a. 87 (Mrs 

C. R. Hansel) 
Day Hazel Sanderson b.a. 04 (Mrs 

G. W. Pike) 

Day Helen Louise b.a. 12 

1936 Aldrich av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Day Mrs Lee Sumner (Maude Bernice 
Allen 09) 239 2d st. Elyria O. 

Day Louise Van Ness b.a. 06 (Mrs 
W. E. Duffy) 

Day Lucy Elizabeth b.a. 00 Hopedale 
Day May Violet b.a. 15 

134 Dunellen av. Dunellen N. J. 
Day Mrs Vernon (Frances Evelyn 

Brown 12) 624 N. Jennings av. 

Anthony Kan. 
Dean Agnes Louise b.a. 04 

106 E. 24th st. Minneapolis Minn. 

Dean Blanche Amelia b.a. 07 71 Fairfield av. 

Dean Carolyn Elizabeth b.a. 14 

106 E. 24th st. Minneapolis Minn. 
Dean Mrs Dudley Stuart (Kate Saxton 

Raynolds 95) Sandy Cove 

hill Cohasset 
Dean Emma Jane B.A. 85 (Mrs W. D. 

Dean Mrs Harry Northrup (Adelle 

Emarette Prentice 95) Dalton Pa. 

Dean Helen Margery b.a. 07 (Mrs F. M. 

Dean Mrs Paul Dudley (Gertrude May 
Cooper 06) 90 Salisbury road 

Dean Ruth b.a. 15 

Williamsburg Pa. 
*Deane Harriet Robinson b.a. 89 
Deane Mrs Joseph Griswold (Rachel Shevelson 

88) 200 W. 79th st. New York 

Deane Mary Louise b.a. 00 (Mrs L. G. 

Deans Mrs John Sterling jr (Harriet 
Gertrude Byers 09) 461 Linwood 
av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Dearborn Bernice Walker b.a. 06 m.a. 07 
107 Cedar st. Springfield 

DeBow Mrs Robert Garrett (Grace 
Caroline Ailing 10) 204 4th av. 
Bradley Beach N. J. 

Decker Elizabeth Cordelia b.a. 10 

269 Hempstead st. New London Ct. 

Decker Mrs Hiram Edmund (Gertrude Frances 
Buell 89) 609 Clark st. Evanston 111. 

Deering Annie Katharine b.a. 15 

371 Main st. Saco Me. 
DeForest Charlotte Burgis b.a. 01 m.a. 

07 Kobe college Kobe Japan 

DeForest Mrs F. M. (Winifred Helen Ripley 
94) 65 Buckingham st. Springfield 

de Forest Mrs Henry Pelouze (Anna 
Catherine Gilmour 89) 59 W. 54th 
st. New York 

DeForest Louise Hyde b.a. 07 (Mrs R. K. 

De Forest Sarah Lydia b.a. 01 (Mrs 

W. B. Pettus) 
Defrees Mrs Donald (Florence Baker 

13) 318 S. 5th st. Goshen Ind. 
DeGroat Mrs Harry DeWitt (Helen 

Louise Goodrich 95) 61 Railroad 

st. Cortland N. Y. 

Delabarre Cora Estella b.l. 00 (Mrs R. W. 

Deland Mrs Frank Stanton (Isabel 
Fay Adams 96) 31 Beaufort road 
Jamaica Plain 

De Land Helen Parce b.l. 92 
Fairport N. Y. 

Delaney Agnes Tallent b.a. 14 
34 Arlington av. Holyoke 

Delaney Eileen Louise b.a. 15 
34 Arlington av. Holyoke 

Delano Sally Haskell b.a. 84 401 W. 
118th st. New York 

De La Vergne Katharine b.a. 05 (Mrs 
A. E. Stevenson) 

Delesderniers Mrs Roy A. (Frances 
Josepha Eddy Mann 10) 58 Emer- 
son road Winthrop Center 

de Long Ethel Marguerite B.A. 01 
Pine Mountain Harlan co. Ky. 

de Long Helen Bray b.a. 10 Norwich Ct. 


Demarest Mrs Garret H. (Margaretta Duncan 
86) Fair Lawn Bergen co. N. J. 

Deming Gertrude Chester b.a. 13 

4356 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 

Demond Anna Louise b.a. 02 

8 Bacon st. Warren 
Demond Helen Keyes b.l. 99 (Mrs 

Albert Robinson) 
Dempsey Leah Boylan b.a. 09 (Mrs 

W. H. Earle) 
Dempsey'Mary Rosamond b.a. 15 

45 Main st. Millbury 

Denham Annie Turton b.a. 04 (Mrs 

Charles Pimper) 
Denham Mary Harriet b.a. 95 (Mrs 

R. L. Lovelace) 

Denison Mrs (Bertha Lee Bennett 95) 
83 Washington pi. New York 

Denison Eva b.a. 14 (Mrs H. H. 

Denison Mrs Henry (Jeannette Welch 
07) 1450 Washington st. 

Denver Col. 

Denison Rosamond b.a. 06 (Mrs Hugh 

Denman Helen Charlotte b.a. 10 

50 Washington road Springfield 

Denman Marion A. b.a. 12 

32 Clinton av. Montclair N.J. 

Dennen Grace Atherton b.a. 92 m.a. 95 

Hoover and Adams sts. Los Angeles Cal. 

Dennett Mrs Daniel C. (Elisabeth 
Goodwin Redfern 97) 7 Washing- 
ton st. Winchester 

Dennison Martha Priscilla b.a. 12 
Y. W. C. A. Toledo O. 

De Normandie Sylvia Yardley b.a. 91 

Denton Louise Hardy b.a. 13 

Instituto internacional 53 Fortuny 

Madrid Spain 
Derby Mrs Joseph A. (Lola Delphine 

Barlow 99) 120 Huntington st. 

New Haven Ct. 

Derby Mrs Warren Eveleth (Gertrude James 
90) Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 

Dering Charlotte Ray b.a. 99 (Mrs E. S. 

de Rochemont Marie b.a. 01 Maynard 

De Rose Mrs Charles Anthony (Har- 
riet Atwood Williams 98) 
11 School st. Northampton 

Dervin Teresa Rose b.a. 03 (Mrs J. J. Donag- 

de Schweinitz Dorothea b.a. 12 
18 Church st. Bethlehem Pa. 

*Deshon Marjorie b.a. 09 (Mrs L. B. 
McAfee) d. Ap 16 

Detmold Amy b.a. 09 (Mrs W. P. Tucker) 

Detmold Elsa b.a. 11 

245 W. 127th st. New York 
Deusner Mrs Charles W. (Helen Agnes 

Dupuy 07) R. F. D. 1 Batavia 111. 
Devin Ethel Wyatt b.a. 94 

172 Central av. Dover N. H. 
Devine Jeannette Craig b.a. 13 

540 W. 7th st. Erie Pa. 
De Vol Mary Frances b.a. 88 (Mrs 

W. C. Wilcox) 
Devoll Ida Eugenia b.a. 80 (Mrs C. A. 


Deware Arlene Theresa b.a. 16 

East Pepperell 
Dewey Lucia Coyle b.a. 02 (Mrs F. C. 

Dewey Mildred Winslow b.a. 01 (Mrs 

W. C. Hay) 

Dewing Winifred Woodford b.l. 02 (Mrs W. K. 

Dexter Florence Jeannette b.a. 10 

200 Trowbridge st. St Johns Mich. 

Dexter Hazel Frances b.a. 13 
Morrisville N. Y. 

Dexter Mrs Russell E. (Mary Lawrence Smith 
01) 154 Van Dyke av. Detroit Mich. 
Dexter Mrs Wilson Chase (Helen Thomas 

Fillebrown 06) 106 Waverly pi. New 


Dey Mrs Donald (Mary Evelyn 

Duguid 84) 207 De Witt road 

Syracuse N. Y. 
Dey Harriet Duguid b.a. 16 

207 De Witt road Syracuse N. Y. 
Deyo Anne Margaret b.a. 14 

(Mrs D. C. Van Buren) 
Deyo Hazel Gerow b.a. 13 

(Mrs C. D. Bachelor) 
Diamond Mrs William Carrell (Edith 

Wheeler Vanderbilt 02) 26 Burnett 

pi. Nutley N. J. 
Dibble Clara May b.a. 07 

27 Bayview av. South Norwalk Ct. 
Dibble Mary Frances b.a. 81 (Mrs 

Everett Smith) 
Dibble Mrs Wallace E. (Edith Fitz- 
gerald 12) Fuller bldg Springfield 

Dice Elizabeth Lind b.a. 05 19 W. 2d st. 
Portsmouth O. 

Dickerman Amy Eliot b.a. 00 (Mrs M. 

C. Humstone) 
Dickerman Elizabeth Street b.a. 94 

ph.d. 96 Yale 140 Cottage st. 

New Haven Ct. 


Dickerman Mrs Gilbert G. (Ruth 
Nancy Bullis 05) 55 Kent road 
Duluth Minn. 

Dickey Mrs Maurice W. (Lilla Marion Melius 
98) 224 Washington blvd Springfield 

Dickinson Elizabeth b.a. 09 (Mrs C. 

H. Bowker) 
♦Dickinson Ethel May b.l. 98 (Mrs 

E. W. Beattie jr) d. 10 

Dickinson Eveline b.a. 83 m.a. 92 

Stanford m.d. 07 Woman's med. 

col. of Pa. 22 Oakwood av. 

White Plains N. Y. 

Dickinson Mary Ella b.a. 11 
248 W. 73d st. New York 

Dickinson Mrs William Reynolds 
(Anna Mary Wilson 06) 1544 N. 
State st. Chicago 111. 

*Dickson Mrs James (Mary Weston Tewks- 
bury 93) d. 16 

Dickson Louie Eleanor b.a. 07 

52 Summit av. Jersey City N. J. 

Diebitsch. Mrs Emil (Roberta Franc 
Watterson 93) 38 Burnett pi. 
Nutley N. J. 

Dielhenn Dorothy Elizabeth b.a. 16 
409 E. Main st. Massillon O. 

Dieter Margaret Albertina b.a. 10 
Massachusetts General hospital 

Dietrich Ruth Lucile b.a. 09 m.a. 12 
Columbia (Mrs M. S. Tuttle) 

Dike Alice Norton b.l. 96 

113 Hancock st. Auburndale 

Dike Elizabeth Anderson b.l. 01 m.a. 

08 Radcliffe 113 Hancock st. 

Dikeman Ethel White b.a. 15 


Dill Emma Hansell b.a. 04 (Mrs Gor- 
don Grand) 

Dill Hope b.a. 02 b.e. Shippensburg normal 
sen. (Mrs J. H. Raney) 

Dillingham Mrs Norman Slade (Grace 
Thompson Clark 11) Beach Bluff 

Dillon Harriet Martha b.l. 00 

6 Elmwood terrace Swampscott 

Dillon Katherine Louise b.l. 01 
20 Myrtle av. Fitchburg 

Dillon Mae Lucile b.a. 98 (Mrs L. R. Carter) 

Dimond Mrs Fred DeGrand (Lena 
Lord Anderson 12) 124 Center st. 
Bethel Ct. 

Dingle Mrs John Harvey (Florence 
Lewis Thomas 08) 4721 Green- 
wood av. Chicago 111. 

Dinsmore Mrs Charles A. (Mary Jane 
Getchell 11) Machias Me. 

Dinsmore Mabel Lee b.a. 04 (Mrs 

J. H. Hill) 
Dinsmore Marguerite Esther b.a. 15 

364 W. 121st st. New York 

di Olliqui Mrs Valentine (Helen 
Aldyth Hawgood 13) 630 Sheridan 
road Chicago 111. 

Ditman Marion Stewart B.A. 11 (Mrs 

F. B. Clark) 

Dixon Elizabeth Marguerite B.A. 06 
241 Franklin pi. Flushing N. Y. 

Dixon Florence b.a. 08 241 Franklin pi. 
Flushing N. Y. 

Dixon Mrs Frank Haigh (Alice Lester 
Tucker 95) Hanover N. H. 

Dixon Mrs. J. Byron (Ethel Aurelia Green 02) 
Brentwood Cal. 

Dixon Mrs John E. (Martha Elizabeth Sher- 
man 01) 68 Harrison st.East Orange N.J. 

Dixon Margaret Elizabeth b.l. 95 

34 Westfield st. Holyoke 
Doane Caroline Ida b.a. 89 m.a. 03 

Brown (Mrs R. F. Miner) 
Doane Jessie b.a. 03 

176 Charlton av. South Orange 


Doane Mrs Levi Stevens (Lucy Adaline Daniels 
96) 906 Grove st. Jacksonville III. 

Dobson Marguerite Elaine b.a. 16 


Dobson Mrs Robert C. (Helen Ames Crosby 
07) 224 N. High st. Albuquerque N. M. 

Dodd Marion Elza b.a. 06 

45 Washington av. Northampton 

Dodge Mrs A. Y. (Geraldine Hopkins 
13) 1574 E. 60th st. Grand Cross- 
ing station Chicago 111. 

Dodge Anna Marion b.a. 99 Bridgewater Vt. 

Dodge Caroline Louise b.a. 90 ll.b.96 
N. Y. univ. law sch. 244 5th av. 
Council Bluffs la. 

Dodge Charlotte Peabody b.a. 06 
Oahu college Honolulu T. H. 

Dodge Ellen b.l. 97 (Mrs E. H. Scott) 

Dodge Mrs Everett Francis (Florence Aurelia 
Grey 08) Corning st. Beverly 

Dodge Louise b.a. 05 (Mrs C. L. Whitaker) 

Dodge Margaret Nutter b.a. 09 (Mrs 

G. W. Morrill) 

Dodge Mrs Samuel Douglass (Mar- 
garet Stone 06) Mahwah N. J. 

Dohan Mrs Joseph M. (Edith Hay ward 
Hall 99) 3715J/£ Chestnut st. 
Philadelphia Pa. 


Dolbeer Edna Virginia b.a. 15 

318 E. Central av. Moorestown 
N. J. 

Dole Catherine Augusta b.a. 91 

Lebanon N. H. 
Dole Josephine Hannah b.a. 12 

1104 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 

Dole Julia Lenore b.a. 09 (Mrs W. G. 

Dole Miriam Drummond b.l. 00 
122 Court st. Bangor Me. 

Dole Pauline Carolyn b.a. 12 

4915 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

Dole Sara L. b.a. 86 

2008 La Salle av. Los Angeles Cal. 

Doll Mrs Walter (Eva Barns 10) 
Fairfield Pa. 

Donaghue Mrs John J. (Teresa Rose Dervin 
03) 127 Oak st. Clinton 

Donaldson Margaret b.a. 16 

Beaver Pa. 
Donlan Anne Coughlin b.a. 13 


*Donnegan Jane b.a. 11 d. 14 

Donnell Dorothy b.a. 09 (Mrs H. G. Calhoun) 

Donnell Edna Bowden b.a. 16 
Cedar Grove N. J. 

Donnell Rachel Eleanor b.a. 10 

University of Michigan Ann Arbor Mich. 

Donohoe Marie Lois b.a. 05 Worcester 
State hospital Worcester 

Donovan Grace Dorothy b.a. 05 256 Branch 
st. Lowell 

Donovan Helen Elizabeth b.a. 13 
135 E. 52d st. New York 

Donovan Marianna Louise b.a. 05 
256 Branch st. Lowell 

Donovan Ruth Warren b.a. 14 
384 Union st. Rockland 

Doolittle Clara Sterling b.l. 97 (Mrs H. R. 

Doolittle Louise Searls b.a. 13 
36 Watson pi. Utica N. Y. 

Dooly Eleanor Frances b.l. 01 (Mrs Ernest 

Doremus Nellie Budlong b.a. 12 

230 Prospect st. Ridgewood N. J. 

Doris Mary Monica b.a. 08 
44 Berkeley st. Somerville 

Dormitzer Josephine b.a. 11 (Mrs T. G. 
Abbott jr) 

Dorr Mrs Charles H. (Harriet Louise Blinn 89) 
17 Westminster st. Pittsfield 

Dorr Cora Louise b.l. 93 (Mrs F. H. Miller) 
Dorr Marion Harvey b.a. 08 

249 Lake av. Newton Highlands 

Dorr Mrs Percy Orrin (Mabel Holman 

Lee 09) 119 Maple wood terrace 

Doty Helen Harriet Parkes b.a. 88 

(Mrs Walter Wray) 
Doty Madeleine Zabriskie b.l. 00 5 Nassau st. 

New York 

Doubleday Mrs Edwin C. (Gertrude 
Russell 11) 216 Pearl st. Spring- 

Doughty Antoinette Varick b.a. 08 
170 Engle st. Englewood N. J. 

Douglas Dorothy b.a. 13 

523 W. 112th st. New York 

Douglas Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 04 m.a. 07 
Cornell Lake Erie college Painesville O. 

Douglass Alice Maud b.a. 01 p.b. 02 
N. Y. state normal col. (Mrs J. W. 

Douglass Hazel Ives b.a. 09 (Mrs H. 

W. Allison) 
Douglass Josephine b.a. 14 

164 Harvard st. Brookline 
Dow Ada Florence b.a. 03 

Plymouth Inn Northampton . 

Dow Mrs Alva M. (Carrie Gertrude Hilliard 07) 
87 Middle st. Braintree 

Dow Blanche Hinman b.a. 13 

West Medway 
Dow Doris Stella b.a. 12 

1705 10th av. Spokane Wash. 
Dow Ethel Robinson b.a. 07 

46 Warren av. Woburn 

Dow Florence Estelle b.l. 99 (Mrs 
Dana Estes) 

Dow Mrs Frederick Thompson (Maud Melina 
Skinner 03) 3428 Cliff road Birmingham 

Dow Helen Katherine b.a. 07 Grand River 
college Gallatin Mo. 

Dow Madalene Fay b.a. 12 

Wethersfield Ct. 
Dow Marion Durant b.l. 93 (Mrs W. C. Eaton) 
Dow Mary Windsor b.a. 08 

Broad st. Claremont N. H. 

Dow Sally Eaton b.a. 16 

Searsport Me. 
Dowd Mrs James jr (Alice Myers 

Casey 12) 144 W. 88th st. New 


Dowd Lillian Angele b.a. 13 
11 Spruce st. Nashua N. H. 

Dowlin Mrs Fred Forest (Jennie Belle 
Bingham 98) 61 Church st. 
North Adams 

Dowling Cora Inis b.l. 00 Elmwood Nunda 
N. Y. 


Dowling Florence Louise b.l. 02 (Mrs 

F. G. Olp) 
Dowries Edith Gray b.a. 13 

Freehold N. J. 
Dowries Elizabeth Sargent b.a. 16 

63 Prospect av. Winthrop 

Downes Mrs Robert Hugh (Nellie 
Manville Brown 06) 456 New 
York av. Oshkosh Wis. 

Downing Dorothy Elizabeth b.a. 16 

London O. 
Downing Mrs John Franklin (Jessica 

Emma Burnham 90) 520 E. 

Armour blvd Kansas City Mo. 

Downs Mrs Frederick D. (Florence 

Calista Sheldon 08) 265 Division 

st. Ansonia Ct. 
Downs Mrs Roscius Irving (Mabel 

Hassard Curtiss 12) 46 Scott st. 

Riverside N. J. 
Doyen Gladys b.a. 16 

421 W. Cedar st. Kalamazoo Mich. 
Doyle Anna Teresa b.a. 14 

N. Main st. North Brookfield 

Doyle Mrs Edward C. (Elaine Payne 
Gray 10) 242 Saratoga st. 
Cohoes N. Y. 

Doyle Hannah Katherine b.a. 11 
12 Lexington st. Worcester 

Doyle Mrs John (Marion Willard Woodbury 
05) 592 Cambridge st. Allston 

Doyle Mary Margaret b.a. 12 (Mrs J. A. 

Dozier Mrs Howard Douglas (Kath- 
arine Jeannette Bailey 12) 
354 Whalley av. New Haven Ct. 

Drabble Mrs Robert Fife (Martha Tenney 
Vance 99) Mountain st. Haydenville 

Drake Edith Allen b.a. 03 (Mrs W. L. 

♦Drake Frances Hobbs b.a. 97 (Mrs E. A. 

Sammis) d. 13 Ja 12 

Drake Harriet Frances b.l. 02 (Mrs W. B. 


Drake Stella Dorothy b.l. 98 37 Fairfield st. 

Draper Charlotte Hartley b.a. 09 
1350 Washington st. Canton 

Draper Mrs Edward Elliott (Jessamine 
Kimball 01) 215 6th av. 

Lansingburg Troy N. Y. 

Draper Mrs James Battles (Helen 
Dana 09) 1429 Washington st. 

Draper Mrs Warren Fales (Margaret Ganse- 
voort Maxon 06) 15 Royal st. Allston 
Dresser Angie Mary b.a. 98 (Mrs J. S. Cole jr) 

Drew Emily Fuller b.a. 03 Kingston 

Drew Katharine van Valkenburgh B.A. 

10 (Mrs V. A. Smith) 
*Drew Marion b.a. 92 d. 1 Ag 03 

Drinkwater Mrs Frederick A. W. (Alice Wilbur 
Hill 99) Llangollen North Wales 

Driscoll Lucile Josephine b.a. 16 

Poquonock Ct. 
Droste Louise Charlotte b.a. 01 (Mrs 

W. M. Sanders) 
Drummond Gladys B.A. 12 (Mrs T. D. 

Drury Marian b.a. 13 

66 Paradise road Northampton 
Drury Miriam b.l. 99 

24 Newtonville av. Newton 

Drury Mrs Parmelee F. (Gertrude 
Martha Gilbert 09) 1124 Summit 
av. Springfield Mo. 

Drury Mrs Samuel Dwight (Celeste 
Frances Hough 87) 66 Paradise 
road Northampton 

Drysdale Mrs James William (Theo- 
dora Williams Reed 89) 
28 Chestnut st. Westfield 

DuBois Anne Lamson b.a. 01 (Mrs C. W. 

DuBois Mrs Coert (Margaret Beauvais 
Mendell 04) Care U. S. Forest 
service San Francisco Cal. 

DuBois Irene b.a. 11 (Mrs L. B. 

DuBois Lilian b.l. 88 (Mrs H. K. 

DuBois Mary Susan b.a. 93 

Randolph Vt. 
Duckworth Alice France b.a. 01 (Mrs 

G. W. Pearson) 
Duckworth Ellen Burrows b.a. 96 

(Mrs E. W. Trull) 
Dudley Gertrude Melissa B.A. 13 

76 Park st. Malone N. Y. 

Dudley Rose b.a. 08 408 E. Jackson st. 

Georgetown Ky. 

Duff Mrs John (Ruth Harland Duncan 
98) 27 Eliot st. Jamaica Plain 

Duffee Gladys Smith b.a. 07 

Duffey Cherrie Edna b.a. 07 (Mrs W. D. 


Duffield Elizabeth Green F. b.a. 11 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

Duffy Mrs Ward Everett (Louise Van 
Ness Day 06) South Manchester 


Dufphey Mrs John B. (Helen Louise 
Tanner 11) Battle Creek Neb. 

Dugan Edith May b.a. 96 (Mrs E. S. 

Dugan Ethel Rae b.a. 10 Leland 
Stanford university Palo Alto Cal. 

Duggan Ellen Hedican b.l. 01 (Mrs 
T. M. Connor) 

Duggan Mary Elizabeth b.a. 99 17 Lorraine 
st. Hartford Ct. 

Duguid Mary Evelyn b.a. 84 (Mrs 

Donald Dey) 
Dulles Dorothy Winslow b.a. 15 

Hotel Gotham New York 

Dunbar Helen Lincoln b.a. 09 (Mrs 

H. M. Holmes) 
Dunbar Helen Otis b.a. 09 

2400 Durant St. Berkeley Cal. 

Dunbar Olivia Howard b.l. 94 (Mrs Ridgely 

Dunbar Ruth B.A. 08 (Mrs E. M. 

Duncan Alice Boorum b.s. 98 (Mrs 
MacGregor Jenkins) 

Duncan Annie Holbrook b.l. 01 

297 Jefferson av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Duncan Mrs George Martin (Mary 
Abigail Carter 86) 299 Edwards 
st. New Haven Ct. 

Duncan Mrs James Cameron (Jessie Ginevra 
Fuller 86) 168 Walnut st. Clinton 

Duncan Margaretta b.a. 86 (Mrs G. H. 
Demarest) 4 

Duncan Ruth Harland b.s. 98 (Mrs 

John Duff) 
Dunham Ella Mosher b.a. 06 (Mrs 

L. L. Moore) 
Dunham Gertrude Helen Cosgrove 

b.a. 12 11 Franklin st. 

New London Ct. 
Dunham Grace b.a. 00 (Mrs J. A. 

Dunlop Annie b.a. 13 

419 Forest av. Oak Park 111. 
Dunlop Hannah b.a. 04 (Mrs Barrett 


Dunn Agnes Maud b.a« 09 
171 Cabot st. Holyoke 

Dunn Annie Elizabeth B.A. 03 
41 Arlington st. Fitchburg 

Dunn Esther Marie b.a. 13 
1723 6th av. Moline 111. 

Dunn Gertrude Eleanor b.a. 12 
191 Walnut st. Holyoke 

Dunn Helen Rachel b.a. 16 
39 Arlington st. Fitchburg 

Dunn Kate Clark b.a. 84 (Mrs Wil- 
liam Spalding) 
Dunn Mary Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs F. D. 

Dunn Rose Gertrude b.a. 13 

172 Cohannet st. Taunton 
Dunne Mary Louise b.a. 13 

33 Academy hill Derby Ct. 
Dunne Olive Henderson b.a. 06 (Mrs 

N. C. Maynard) 
Dunning Mrs Frederick U. (Eunice Pearl 

Klock 99) 712 Lancaster av. Syracuse 

N. Y. 

Dunning Mrs Morton Dexter (Mary 

Kingsbury Ward 97) 

Care Walker Missionary home 

Dunphy Anna Theresa b.a. 13 

64 Main st. Haydenville 
Dunton Edith Kellogg b.a. 97 

15 Washington st. Rutland Vt. 
Dunton Emily Morgan b.l. 02 

Hollis Long Island N. Y. 
Dunton Florence Prouty b.l. 03 

204 Main st. Spencer 
Dunton Harriette Mandana b.a. 81 

(Mrs Edward Dana) 
Dunton Mary Baxter b.a. 06 (Mrs 

Arthur Graves) 
Dupuy Helen Agnes b.a. 07 (Mrs 

C. W. Deusner) 
Durand Mabel Edna b.l. 96 (Mrs 

F. W. Pine) 
Durbin Mrs Harvey R. (Elsie Milne 

Harris 04) 415 N. Windomere av. 

Dallas Tex. 
Durfee Mrs Walter H. (Mabel Keith 

11) Turners Falls 

Durflinger Florence Imogene b.a. 03 (Mrs 
R. D. Logan) 

Durham Winifred Eleanor b.a. 13 
340 N. Grove av. Oak Park 111. 

Durkee Emma West b.l. 01 

East Patchogue Long Island N. Y. 

Durkee Helen Winslow b.l. 02 
50 W. 45th st. New York 

Duryea Mrs Francis Wright (Grace 
Comins Wolcott 95) 
145 W. 12th st. New York 

Duryea Sara Sefton b.l. 96 (Mrs C. D. 

*Duryee Alice b.a. 02 d. 29 Ja 11 

Duryee Margaret Elmendorf b.a. 04 

(Mrs Elmer Weld) 
Dustan Grace Nichols b.a. 97 (Mrs 

J. S. Rawson) 


Dustin Anna Rogers b.a. 94 (Mrs 
N. S. Bacon) 

Dustin Florence b.a. 97 (Mrs A. S. 

Dustin Litz b.l. 96 (Mrs A. L. Rust) 
Dustin Nita Ford b.l. 95 

Batavia N. Y. 

Dutcher Amelia Tuttle b.a. 13 

37 Linn wood av. Newton N. J. 

Dutcher Mary Stranahan b.a. 04 (Mrs 
O. S. Carroll) 

Dutton Martha Sweet b.l. 95 
61 Hancock st. Auburndale 

Dutton Maude Barrows b.a. 03 (Mrs 
Frederick Lynch) 

D wight Adelaide Susan b.l. 00 
500 W. 122d st. New York 

Dwight Bertha Woolsey b.l. 91 (Mrs 
C. B. Cole) 

Dwight Isabel b.a. 12 

Chicago commons 955 W. Grand 
av. Chicago 

Dwight Julia Strong Lyman b.a. 93 
1651 Beacon st. Brookline 

Dwight Marion Edith b.a. 10 

31 Mt Morris park W. New York 

Dwight Marion McGregor b.l. 88 
1651 Beacon st. Brookline 

Dwinnell Mrs Clifton Howard (Elisa- 
beth Adamson Marshall 96) 
67 Berkeley st. West Newton 

Dwyer Mrs Frank Wesley (Belle Budd Gorm- 
ley 09) 214 S. Kenilworth av. 

Oak Park 111. 

Dyar Gladys Eleanor b.a. 08 376 W. 5th st. 
Winona Minn. 

Dyar Nora Gertrude b.l. 97 (Mrs 
F. W. R. von L. ter Meulen) 

Dyer Mrs Charles F. (Irma Lois Miller 
10) 845 E. Penn st. 

Hoopeston 111. 

Dyer Mrs Don C. (Lucy Smith 04) 
416 The Cavendish Columbia road 
and 16th st. Washington D. C. 

Dyer Lora Genevieve b.s. 03 m.d. 14 
Woman's med. col. of Pa. 
Ponasang Foochow China 

Dyer Mrs Walter A. (Muriel Wor- 
thington Childs 05) Rockwalls 
farm R. F. D. 2 Amherst 

♦Dyer Mrs Walter Alden (Ethelind 
Thorpe Childs 01) d. 10 Mr 04 

Dyer Winifred Henderson b.a. 10 659 E. 3d 
South st. Salt Lake City Utah 


Eames Ella Florence b.a. 83 (Mrs E. E. 
Wood jr) 

*Earle Mrs Charles Henry (Jennie May 
Perry 90) d. 31 O 12 

Earle Helen b.a. 11 (Mrs Henry Johns- 

Earle Mrs William Hughes (Leah 
Boylan Dempsey 09) 
197 Fulton av. Rochester N. Y. 

Eastman Mrs Clyde Leslie (Mary Frances 
Holmes 06) Fort Leavenworth Kan. 

Eastman Elizabeth b.a. 86 

Low bldgs Bryn Mawr Pa. 
Eastman Emma b.l. 99 (Mrs E. R. 

Eastman Fanny Mears b.a. 99 

Tufts College 
Eastman Mrs Lucius Root jr (Eva 

Louise Hills 96) 43 Glenwood road 

Upper Montclair N. J. 
*Eastman Maria Rebecca b.a. 82 d. 88 

Eastman Mary b.a. 86 

Smith college Northampton 
Eastman Mary Bentley b.a. 94 (Mrs 

H. W. Whittemore) 

Eastwood Alice Laura b.a. 02 122 Clifton av. 
Louisville Ky. 

Eaton Annie Thaxter b.a. 03 b.l.s 06 
N. Y. state lib. sch. Univer- 
sity of Tennessee Knoxville Tenn. 

Eaton Clarace Goldner b.l. 99 (Mrs 
T. F. Gait) 

Eaton Dorothy b.a. 16 

2902 Jackson st. Sioux City la. 

Eaton Ella Elizabeth b.a. 80 m.a. 83 
(Mrs A. C. Gill) 

Eaton Emma Florence b.a. 96 
328 Main st. Wakefield 

Eaton Mrs E. H. (Esther Woodman 98) 
Hobart college Geneva N. Y. 

Eaton Frances b.a. 16 

271 Main st. Calais Me. 

Eaton Mrs H. C. (Lesley Frasher 
Church 11) 62 Lyman st. 


Eaton Isabel b.l. 88 m.a. 98 Columbia 

Fisk university Nashville Tenn. 
Eaton Mrs John Nicholson (Abby 

Louise Allen 99) 53 Brook st. 

Pawtucket R. I. 
Eaton Mary Emma b.a. 95 

Wilton Me. 
Eaton Mary Field b.a. 93 (Mrs E. B. Foth) 
Eaton Mrs William Colby (Marion Durant 

Dow 93) 15 Dow st. Portland Me. 


Eaton Mrs William Edward (Fanny 
Howe Fiske 09) The Farnsboro 
Washington D. C. 

Ebersol Mrs Charles B. (Alma Eliza- 
beth Roberts 06) 5878 Darlington 
road Pittsburgh Pa. 

Eckerson Sophia Hennion b.a. 05 m.a. 
07 ph.d. 11 Chicago univ. Bot- 
any bldg Chicago university 
Chicago 111. 

Eckstorm Mrs Jacob Andreasen (Fannie Pear- 
son Hardy 88) 173 Wilson 3t. Brewer 

Eddy Elizabeth b.a. 10 

30 State st. Boston 
Eddy Mrs Henry F. (Ethel Adelaide Willard 

07) 319 Park av. Rochester N. Y. 

Eddy Marjorie Kneeland b.a. 09 

304 Waver ly av. Syracuse N. Y. 

Eddy Mary Billings b.a. 07 pd.b. 09 
N. Y. state normal sch. 
22 Lancaster st. Albany N. Y. 

Edgar Edith Howard b.a. 16 
11 Stewart av. Nutley N. J. 

Edgar Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs E. T. See) 

Edgarton Mildred Morse b.a. 14 

94 Main st. Concord 
Edgcomb Jennie Florence b.a. 00 

214 Quincy av. East Braintree 
Edge Florence Matilda b.a. 08 (Mrs Carstein) 
Edmands Marian Elizabeth b.a. 07 

38 Devon road Chestnut Hill 

Edmonson Frances Reeve b.a. 12 

(Mrs J. F. Almand) 
Edsall Elizabeth b.a. 16 

1311 W. 13th st. Wilmington Del. 

Edson Eleanor Frances b.a. 14 

502 Western av. Lynn 
Edson Suzane Grace b.a. 07 Ludlow Vt. 

Edwardes Ethel lone b.a. 02 (Mrs 

C. W. Fryhofer) 

Edwards Mrs Alfred Dunton (Mar- 
garet Edna Peck 01) 
706 Highland av. Elgin 111. 

Edwards Anna Williams b.a. 88 (Mrs G. E. 

Edwards Mrs F. Boyd (Jennie Frances 

McCarroll 03) 23 Tremont pi. 

Orange N. J. 
Edwards Hilda Blanche b.a. 12 (Mrs 

T. F. Hamlin) 
Edwards Margaret MacLaren b.a. 08 

(Mrs J. C. Agnew) 

Edwards Mrs Preston Hampton (Mabel 
Emma Griffith 03) Jamna mis- 
sion Allahabad India 

Edwards Mrs Richard Elbert (Marie 
Stuart 01) Peru Ind. 

Edwards Ruth Beatrice b.a. 15 

1610 N. Penn st. Indianapolis Ind. 

Egbert Alice Edith b.a. 02 (Mrs J. C. 

Egbert Carolyn Louise' b.a. 15 
77 Bowne av. Flushing N. Y. 

Egbert Mrs Harry Drew (Edith Adele 
Cowperthwaite 08) 626 Lenox av. 
Westfield N. J. 

Egerton Esther b.a. 09 

209 E. 7th st. Plainfield N. J. 

Eggleston Charlotte b.a. 00 1402 Pacific st. 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Eggleston Mrs George Mahon (Amy 
Whittington 95) Care Whitting- 
ton & co. 31 State st. Boston 

Eggleston Isabella b.a. 95 (Mrs W. A. 

Ehrich Lilian Ida b.a. 04 (Mrs C. A. 

Eicher Lydia Somer b.a. 15 

325 E. Main st. Washington la. 

Eis Florence Marion b.a. 16 

134 S. Elm st. Centralia 111. 

Eisemann Mrs Ludwig (Selma Weil 02) 
Puritan lane Swampscott 

Ekins Mrs Grove F. (Gertrude Louise Cham- 
pion 02) Middlebury Ct. 

Elbert Mrs Samuel Bass (Mary Paddock Clark 
05) Yerington Nev. 

Elder Mrs Joseph Ayres (Mary Lamb Potter 
98) 68 Williams st. New London Ct. 

Elder Louise Elliott b.a. 13 

Tidioute Pa. 
Elder Margaret Ellen b.a. 14 

Tidioute Pa. 
Elder Marjorie Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs G. S. 


Eldred Stella Rennie b.l. 00 (Mrs 
W. W. Whitmore) 

Eldred Mrs Warren B. (Edith Luella 
Midgley 12) 5215 Ainslie st. 

Chicago 111. 

Eldredge Mrs Allan M. (Ella Robbins 
Mathewson 13) 17 Orchard st. 
Auburn N. Y. 

Eldridge Mrs Stanley Hall (Ethel Norcross 
Fish 00) Slocum road Lexington 

Elgutter Nellie Rosaly b.a. 14 (Mrs 

H. S. Feil) 
Eliot Elizabeth Maud b.a. 15 

Guilford Ct. 
Eliot Esther Harrison b.a. 15 

209 Church st. New Haven Ct. 


Eliot Mary b.a. 08 

48 Gordon av. Hyde Park 

Eliot Ruth Forbes b.a. 08 

209 Church st. New Haven Ct. 

Elkins Mrs Wendell Phillips (Ruth 
Dexter Conro 95) Andover N. H. 

Ellin wood Cornelia b.a. 14 
Box 1069 Bisbee Ariz. 

Elliott Florence Mima b.a. 11 
11 Beeching st. Worcester 

Elliott Lucy MacMillan b.a. 06 Greene N. Y. 

Elliott Mrs Luther Forrester (Harriet Bell Hill 
86) 1110 Walnut st. Newton Highlands 

Elliott Margaret Knight b.a. 16 

120 Crescent av. Brighton 
Elliott Ruth b.a. 12 

2704 Channing way Berkeley Cal. 
Elliott Virginia Marie b.a. 07 

5132 East End av. Chicago 111. 
Ellis Amy Elizabeth b.a. 14 

61 Forest av. E. Detroit Mich. 

Ellis Annie Jones b.a. 03 (Mrs George Cub- 

Ellis Barbara b.a. 14 

R. F. D. 3 Paterson N. J. 

Ellis Edith Almira b.l. 99 (Mrs H. E. 

Ellis Edith Zeruiah b.a. 06 (Mrs N. A. 

Ellis Harriet Ame b.a. 11 

36 Adams st. Somerville 
Ellis Helen Angeline b.a. 14 

307 S. Peterboro st. Canastota 

N. Y. 

Ellis Louise b.a. 06 (Mrs F. W. Baldwin jr) 

Ellis Marian b.a. 06 (Mrs O. B. Gilbert) 

Ellis Martha Elizabeth b.l. 00 (Mrs 

G. F. Parmenter) 
Ellis Mary Elizabeth b.a. 96 39 Pine st. 

Portland Me. 

Ellis Mary Lunette b.a. 09 (Mrs E. S. 

Ells Mrs Arthur F. (Dorothea Gross 

04) 137 Tower road 

Waterbury Ct. 
Ellsworth Helen Clare b.a. 08 

362 Main st. Athol 
Ellsworth Lucy Morris b.l. 01 (Mrs 

G. M. Creevey) 

Elmendorf Louise Frelinghuysen b.a. 09 
Stone lodge East Haddam Ct. 

Elmer Edith b.l. 90 (Mrs A. N. Wood) 

Elmer Mrs S. Lewis (Helen Shoemaker 01) 
188 Hawthorne st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Elwell Edith Madeleine b.a. 00 (Mrs 
E. J. Rowse) 

Ely Edith Goodhue b.a. 02 

Pennsylvania College for women 

Pittsburgh Pa. 
Ely Mrs John Calvin jr (Margaret 

Hawley 13) Mifflintown Pa. 

Ely Mrs John Montague (Jessie Laurel 

Sullivan 10) 2222 First av. Cedar 

Rapids la. 
Ely Mary Esther b.a. 11 

,2222 First av. Cedar Rapids la. 
Ely Mrs William Grosvenor (Alice 

Clute 91) 14 Lenox road 

Schenectady N. Y. 
Ely Mrs William S. (Helen Lincoln 

Gamwell 87) 501 East av. 

Rochester N. Y. 
Emerson Mrs Benjamin Kendall (Anna 

Hawley Seelye 89) Amherst 

Emerson Mrs Benjamin Kendall jr 
(Josephine Devereux Sewall 97) 
56 William st. Worcester 

Emerson Charlotte Frelinghuysen B.s. 
95 (Mrs A. W. Hitchcock) 

Emerson Mrs Earl A. (Mary Hamilton James 
11) 629 Security bldg Los Angeles Cal. 

Emerson Edith Wellington b.l. 00 b.a. 

01 Radcliffe 320 Walnut av. 

Emerson Ella May b.a. 05 

29 Rangeley Winchester 

Emerson Ellen Tucker b.l. 01 m.a. 04 

Lowell road Concord 
♦Emerson Emilie Elizabeth b.a. 97 (Mrs G. R. 
Montgomery) d. 1 My 03 

Emerson Emily Sophia b.a. 05 (Mrs 

E. E. Day) 
Emerson Mrs George W. (Susan Mabel Hood 
01) 431 Maple st. Danvers 

Emerson Jane Little b.l. 01 (Mrs 
Thomas McMullen) 

Emerson Jennie Foster b.a. 02 (Mrs 

A. E. Burnham) 
Emerson Josephine Burt b.a. 08 

Miss Sayward's school Overbrook 


Emerson Louise Kingman b.a. 12 
72 Mt Vernon av. Braintree 

Emerson Malleville Wheelock b.a. 08 
(Mrs William Haller) 

Emerson Marguerite Eliza b.a. 04 
395 Broadway Cambridge 

Emerson Minnie Grover b.a. 12 (Mrs 

J. P. Keith) 
Emerson Ruth Virginia b.a. 12 

395 Broadway Cambridge 


Emery Mrs Clifton Sawyer (Emily 
Marguerite Bigelow 00) 
73 Pleasant st. Marlboro 

Emery Emma Darling b.l. 00 (Mrs Elmer 

Emmons Lorena Bates b.a. 09 

9th and Market sts. Wilmington 

Eneboe Mrs Arthur (Carolyn Howe 
Read 99) Tuxedo Park N. Y. 

Engelke Mrs Bernard L. (Ida May Darling 97) 
5203 Washington av. Chicago 111. 

England Josephine Winifred b.a. 04 (Mrs F. H. 

Engle Mary Elizabeth b.a. 12 (Mrs Benjamin 

Eno Margret b.a. 13 (Mrs K. G. 

Enright Anna Hyland b.a. 06 

249 Pearl st. Burlington Vt. 
Enright Elizabeth Evelyn b.a. 08 (Mrs 

J. I. Lindsay) 
Ensign Mary Louise b.a. 81 m.a. 84 

(Mrs F. W. Catlin) 
Ensign Ruth Otis b.a. 13 

65 Bartlett av. Pittsfield 

Ernst Mrs Arthur O. (Florence Belle 
Pakas 12) 508 W. 139th st. 

New York 

Ernst Clara Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs C. H. Cleaves) 
Ervin Mrs Henry D. (Marguerite 

Butterfield 11) Okolona Miss. 
Erving Mrs William Gage (Emma 

Lootz 97) 1645 31st st. 

Washington D. C. 
Erwin Blanche b.a. 03 (Mrs W. J. Frawley) 
Erwin Mary Emily b.a. 16 

3 Woodlawn av. Worcester 
Erwin Myra b.a. 05 

295 McKinley av. Salem O. 
Erwin Mrs Raymond William (Helen 

Louise Sherman 10) Sherman 

apts Fremont O. 
Espy Emily Baldwin b.a. 16 

Caldwell N. J. 
Espy Laura Frances b.a. 12 

153 Westville av. Caldwell N. J. 
Esselstyn Mrs Charles (Helen Peirce 

91) 357 Allen st. Hudson N. Y. 

Estabrook Jane Dodge b.l. 96 (Mrs A. W. 

Estabrook Margaret Clarissa b.a. 04 
29 Longwood av. Brookline 

Estabrook Millicent Barrett b.a. 95 
8 Lagrange st. Worcester 

Estee Helen Pierpont b.a. 13 

109 Ashland av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Esterbrook Edith Marsh b.a. 98 

Brattleboro Vt. 
Estes Mrs Dana (Florence Estelle 

Dow 99) 23 Englewood av. 


Estes Jean Louisa b.l. 93 (Mrs W. E. 

Estey Helen Sewall b.a. 11 

819 Harrison st. Topeka Kan. 

Etheridge Fanny Sarah b.l. 94 (Mrs 

J. MacG. Grant) 
Evans Ada Lesure b.a. 10 (Mrs A. D. 


Evans Alice b.a. 05 S. University av. 

Ann Arbor Mich. 

Evans Augusta Dillman b.a. 11 

112 S. Grand av. Bozeman Mon. 

Evans Mrs Cadwallader jr (Myra 
Haldeman Thornburg 09) 
1602 Munroe av. Scranton Pa. 

Evans Dorothy b.a. 07 (Mrs L. F. 

Evans Mrs E. Mark (Nannie Louise 
Morgan 08) Dingle pi. Normal 111. 

Evans Mrs George Fullerton (Clara 
Denison Ripley 13) Palo Alto Cal. 

Evans Helen Barbour b.a. 10 (Mrs W. S. 

Evans Mrs John H. (Ellen M. Spring 
03) 149 Allen st. 

Buffalo N. Y. 

*Evans Laura Livingston b.a. 94 (Mrs H. F. 

Jordan) d. Jl 05 

Evans Louise b.a. 04 (Mrs Edward Hiscox) 

Evans Marion b.a. 03 (Mrs Edward 

Stanwood jr) 
Evans Marion Rose B.A. 15 

Riverside 111. 
Evans Mildred Lydia b.a. 12 

205 Church st. Clinton 
Evans Ruth b.a. 12 

804 Summit av. Seattle Wash. 

Evans Sara Campbell b.a. 11 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

Evans Mrs Thomas Aneurin (Mary 
Darling Fairbank 99) Rasalpura 
Mhow Central India 

*Evans Winifred Margaret b.a. 08 d. 1 Ap 08 

Eveleth Mrs Edward S. (Edith May 
Dugan 96) 461 Luray pi. 

Washington D. C. 

Everett Amy King b.a. 08 (Mrs L. A. 

Everett Edith Mary b.l. 03 pd.b. 05 N. Y. 
state normal col. 68 Buckingham road 
Brooklyn N. Y. 


Everett Martha Elizabeth b.a. 88 

(Mrs C. E. St John) 
Everett Ruth b.a. 11 

107 Temple st. West Roxbury 
Everitt Ellen Marion b.a. 15 

104 Essex av. Orange N. J. 
Eversman Mrs Walter A. (Grace 

Lenore Greenhalgh 04) 620 Acklin 

av. Toledo O. 

Ewell Mrs Arthur W. (Jane Dodge Estabrook 
96) 90 Park av. Worcester 

Ewen Mrs William R. T. jr (Verna Rogene 
Harris 05) 1316 Judson av. Evanston 111. 

Ewing Mrs Addison A. (Elizabeth 
Learoyd 92) 116 W. Washington 
av. Madison Wis. 

Ewing Mrs Nathaniel William (Marian 
Elizabeth Rumsey 05) 
5290 Waterman av. St Louis Mo, 

Ewing Mrs Spencer (Lena Ullrich 96) 
1308 E. Washington st. Blooming- 
ton 111. 

*Eynard Mme Camille (Sylvia Sage Hyde 00) 
d. 9 Ag 11 


Fabens Marguerite Adelaide b.l. 03 (Mrs 

Clifford Lakin-Smith) 
Faber Elizabeth Madeline b.a. 11 (Mrs Giles 


Faber Mrs Fred M. (Emily Hall Hix 
11) 301 Indiana av. Peoria 111. 
*Fagnant Anna Marie b.a. 07 d. 15 
Fahnestock Mrs Wallace Weir (Har- 
riette Zephine Humphrey 96) 
Dorset Vt. 

Failing Ernestine b.a. 07 (Mrs Horatio Smith) 

Fairbank Mary Darling b.a. 99 (Mrs 

T. A. Evans) 
Fairbank Rose b.a. 95 m.d. 00 Johns 

Hopkins (Mrs L. H. Beals) 
Fairbanks Charlotte b.a. 94 ph.d. 96 

Yale m.d. 02 Woman's med. col. of 

Pa. 24 Main st. St Johnsbury Vt. 
Fairbanks Dorothy b.a. 10 

Littleton N. H. 
Fairbanks Lucy b.l. 91 (Mrs J. C. Alvord) 
Fairbanks Marion b.a. 03 (Mrs C. A. 


Fairbrook Mrs Joseph Henry (Iva 
Valeria Smith 95) 
1859 Chautauqua blvd University 
park Portland Ore. 

Fairchild Kate Kellogg b.a. 05 (Mrs M. L. 

Fairchild Marion b.a. 15 

67 Kensington av. Northampton 
Fairchild Nellie Rebecca b.l. 98 (Mrs 

W. V. Wallace) 

Fairgrieve Amita b.a. 12 

55 Broad st. Norwich Ct. 

Falding Phyllis b.a. 08 

1660 Fulton st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Fales Edith Elizabeth b.l. 02 

4407 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Fales Leal May b.l. 01 (Mrs P. N. Hall) 
Fallows Alice Katharine b.a. 97 

Care E. H. Fallows 30 Church st. 

New York 
Fallows Mrs Charles Samuel (Eda von 

Leska Bruna 02) 30 Church st. 

New York 
Fargo Amy Amanda b.a. 14 

196 Main st. Easthampton 

Farley Sarah Matilda b.a. 90 342 W. 67th st. 
Chicago 111. 

Farman Mary Catharine b.a. 08 30 Cross st. 
Jamestown N. Y. 

Farman Nell Day b.a. 05 30 Cross st. James- 
town N. Y. 

Farmer Mrs Thomas J. (Hazel Laberta 
Allen 08) 372 Meridian st. 

East Boston 

Farnham Mrs Ellsworth (Florence May 
Sprague 12) Colchester Ct. 

Farnum Alice Randall b.a. 15 

261 Crescent st. Northampton 

Farquhar Mrs Frederick George (Fran- 
ces Adeline Parker 98) Billerica 

Farrand Margaret Louise b.a. 14 

157 Ralston av. South Orange N.J. 

Farrell Agnes b.a. 02 

69 E. Mohawk st. Oswego N. Y. 

Farrill Ethel Alyne b.a. 08 (Mrs Sigmund 

Farrington Mrs Leander Morton (Blanche 
Emeline Clough 01) 267 N. River road 
Manchester N. H. 

Farrington Mabel Idell b.s. 97 Mondovi Wis. 

Farwell Catherine Arvilla b.a. 98 (Mrs 

E. R. Hyde) 
Fassett Anne Morrill b.l. 96 

Peterborough N. H. 
Fassett Mrs James Hiram (Bertha 

Chester Smith 93) 14 Abbott st. 

Nashua N. H. 

Fassett Mary Adams b.a. 01 (Mrs S. J. Suther- 

Fast Louisa Kimball b.a. 98 

115 N. Sandusky st. Tiffin O. 

Faulkner Alice b.a. 06 (Mrs W. E. 

Faulkner Mrs Charles Edward jr (Caroline 
Elizabeth Mann 02) 140 W. Elmwood pi. 
Minneapolis Minn. 

Faunce Dorothy Winslow b.a. 12 
525 Chestnut st. Carnegie Pa. 


Fawcett Edna Hague b.l. 01 

1348 Euclid st. Washington D. C. 
Faxon Mrs Nathaniel Wales (Marie 

Bassett Conant 04) Stoughton 
Fay Adra Mary b.a. 12 

1512 Clintonav. Minneapolis Minn. 
Fay Mrs Harold (Nina Edgerton 

Thompson 08) Wilmington 
Fay Lillian Watkins b.a. 87 m.a. 94 

881 Hampshire st. Holyoke 
Fay Mary Bell b.a. 14 

71 King st. Northampton 
Fay Mary Caroline b.l. 93 (Mrs J. L. 


*Fayerweather Ruth b.a. 01 (Mrs 
C. E. Brooks) d. 6 D 11 

Fear Mrs James Wells (Alice Maud 
Douglass 01) Holland Patent N.Y. 

Featherston Mrs Ren (Florence Merrill 98) 
Lompoc Cal. 

Fechheimer Mrs Frederic (Louise 
Meyer 01) 4259 Drexel blvd 

Chicago 111. 

Federer Alice b.a. 09 (Mrs L. P. 

Feil Mrs Harold S. (Nellie Rosaly 

Elgutter 14) 1365 East blvd 

Cleveland O. 
Fellows Elizabeth Amanda b.a. 16 

278 Myrtle st. Manchester N. H. 
Fellows Helen b.a. 06 (Mrs Alfred 

Fellows Helen Beckwith b.a. 11 

173 Summer st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Fellows Madeleine b.a. 13 

278 Myrtle st. Manchester N. H. 

Fellows Margaret Alline b.a. 10 

38 Paradise road Northampton 

Fellows Marguerite b.l. 01 (Mrs F. G. 

Felt Marion b.a. 07 (Mrs W. D. 

Felton Fannie Ethel b.a. 07 

Agricultural Experiment station 

Fennell Guinevere b.a. 10 

908 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Fenton Josephine Agnes b.a. 08 27 Suffolk st. 


Fenton Louise Gwendolyn b.a. 16 

121 Suffolk st. Holyoke 
Fenton Theresa Elizabeth b.a. 14 

121 Suffolk st. Holyoke 
Fergus Margaret Phyllis b.a. 13 

720 Waveland av. Chicago 111. 

Ferguson Mrs Luther M. (Edith Gray 

12) 195 St Paul st. Brookline 
Ferguson Violet Hazel b.a. 16 

397 Stevens av. Portland Me. 
Ferman Mrs Royal (Lillian Holferty 

14) 202 N. Kenilworth av. 

Oak Park 111. 
Fernald Ethel Frances b.a. 02 

104 W. Emerson st. Melrose 
Fernald Helen Louise b.a. 16 

Ferrell Abigail Lucy b.a. 05 

93 Kemper st. Wollaston 

Ferrin Abbe Frances b.a. 10 (Mrs 

C. R. Skinner jr) 
Ferris Amy b.l. 01 

6 E. 37th st. New York 
Ferris Mrs Frank A. jr (Julia Agnes 

Bolster 01) 51 Warren pi. 

Montclair N. J. 
Ferris Mrs Joel Edward (Clara Louise 

Hughes 08) 319 Sumner av. 

Spokane Wash. 
Ferris Mrs Mortimer Yale (Elizabeth 

Leavitt 02) Ticonderoga N. Y. 
Ferriss Mrs Henry T. (Edith Grace 

Piatt 02) ' 6447 Cecil av. 

St Louis Mo. 
Ferriss Margery b.a. 02 (Mrs N. M. 

Ferry Catherine Anita b.a. 13 

88 Elizabeth st. Pittsfield 
Ferry Mrs E. Hay ward (Amie Olm- 

stead Parsons 85) 26 W. 56th st. 

New York 
Ferry Mrs Horace F. (Caroline Rowley 

Clarke 13) Lake Forest 111. 

*Ferry Mrs Newell Simmons (Caroline Wayland 
Taylor 00) d, 25 D 12 

Fertig Ellen Margaret b.a. 15 

2008 Aldrich av. S. Minneapolis 

*Fessenden Alice Grosvenor b.a. 03 

d. 23 O 11 
Fessenden Frances Alida b.a. 16 

10 Wilmore st. Mattapan 
Fessenden Mrs William (Alida Mary 

Mehan84) 10 Wilmore st. 

Field Bertha Frances b.s. 95 

53 Crescent st. Northampton 
Field Dorothy Leonora b.a. 12 

43 S. Goodman st. Rochester N. Y. 
Field Elizabeth Peck b.l. 93 (Mrs J. L. Field) 
Field Georgie Louise b.a. 03 ph.d. 13 Univ. of 

Col. State Normal school Mankato 



Field Grace Bowers b.a. 93 (Mrs G. E. 

Field Juanita Emily b.a. 10 (Mrs 

W. A. Wells) 

Field Mrs Judson Leon (Elizabeth Peck Field 
93) 160 N. Euclid av. Oak Park 111. 

Field Mary Bates b.a. 04 

40 Commonwealth av. Boston 
*Fielden Mrs Joseph Flanders (Ada 

Grant Gardner 82) d. 21 Mr 08 
Fielder Louise Cage b.a. 11 (Mrs C. H. 


Fifield Ethel Frances b.a. 95 b.s. 00 
Mass. inst. of tech. (Mrs L. R. 

♦Filer Grace Lillian b.a. 10 d. 20 S 15 

Fillebrown Helen Thomas b.a. 06 (Mrs W. C. 

Fillebrown Mrs Winthrop (Elizabeth Penn 
Hammond 98) Bryantville 

Fillmore Mabel Noyes b.a. 09 (Mrs 

H. F. Cole) 
Finch Delia Maria b.l. 98 (Mrs E. A. 

Finch Ruth Stella b.a. 06 

200 Main st. Easthampton 
Fincke Mrs Charles Louis (Mattie 

Ireson Brown 98) 100 Bayard lane 

Princeton N. J. 
Findley Mrs Edwin L. (Maud Kinsley 

95) 7108 Hough av. Cleveland O. 
Fine Jean Gurney B.A. 83 (Mrs C. B. 


Finger Hazel Louise b.a. 14 

177 34th st. Milwaukee Wis. 
Fink Eugenie Valeska b.a. 12 (Mrs 

H. G. Whipple) 
Finkbine Anna b.a. 10 

2929 Grand av. Des Moines la. 
Finney Clara Belle b.l. 95 (Mrs W. B. 


Finucane Mrs B. Emmet (Freda 
Zimmer 12) 20 Portsmouth ter- 
race Rochester N. Y. 

Finucane Mrs Jack (Harriett Frances 
Murphy 07) Clover st. Rochester 
N. Y. 

Fischer Faith Avery B.A. 00 (Mrs 
N. L. Johnson) 

Fish Ethel Norcross b.l. 00 (Mrs S. H. Eldridge) 

Fish Mrs Frank W. (Annie May Ash- 
worth 01) 133 N. Main st. 
Tucson Ariz. 

Fish Mrs Fred Ober (Frances Florida 
Curtis 95) 9 Lakeview road 


Fish Mary Washburn b.a. 16 

Salt Point N. Y. 
Fisher Alice Evelyn b.a. 97 

62 Maple st. Hyde Park 

Fisher Mrs Edgar Alexander (Mary 
Chamberlain Baker 86) 25 Elm st. 

Fisher Edith b.a. 03 

1019 East av. Elmira N. Y. 

Fisher Edith Richmond b.a. 13 
260 Franklin st. Newton 

Fisher Eleanor b.a. 11 

142 Davis av. Brookline 

Fisher Elizabeth Campbell b.l. 92 
(Mrs Howard Clay) 

Fisher Emma Catharine b.s. 98 

Winchester N. H. 
Fisher Florence Lyon b.a. 05 (Mrs 

D. L. Jackson) 
Fisher Fronia Ernestine b.a. 13 

321 Cherry st. E. Grand Rapids 


Fisher Mrs G. E. (Martha Elizabeth 
Plack 88) 4330 Larchwood av. 
Philadelphia Pa. 

Fisher Mrs Harold Cooke (Gertrude 
Burbank Chandler 10) 3516 
Holmes av. Minneapolis Minn. 

Fisher Mrs Harold F. (Uarda Marion 
Clum 12) 1194 East av. 

Rochester N. Y. 

Fisher Mrs Harry Ernest (Avis Adella 
Burns 07) Ayer 

Fisher Mrs J. William (Alice Wilder 
Day 05) Rancho del Sol 

Lemon Grove San Diego Cal. 

Fisher Margaret Emma b.a. 11 (Mrs 

J. P. Madden) 
Fisher Mary Balberine b.a. 01 

809 S. Lafayette st. Macomb 111. 

Fisher Mary Harriet b.a. 16 

321 Cherry st. Grand Rapids Mich. 
Fisher Ruth b.a. 14 

1581 E. 115th st. Cleveland O. 

Fisher Sara Lawrence b.a. 01 
7 Center st. Cambridge 

Fisher Mrs Warren F. (Ethel Mills 
Bowen 09) 813 Main st. 

East Aurora N. Y. 

Fisk Elizabeth Samantha b.a. 95 b.m. 
97 45 Waldo st. Holyoke 

Fisk Elsie Irene b.a. 16 

137 N. Oakland av. Green Bay 


Fisk Helen Imlay b.a. 14 

35 Badeau av. Summit N. J. 
Fisk Mrs Joseph Baker jr (Grace Edith 

Breckenridge 97) 3 Calle 27 

Vedado Havana Cuba 
Fisk Nina Perry b.a. 84 (Mrs F. U. 


Fiske Fanny Howe b.a. 09 (Mrs W. E. 

Fiske Mavida b.l. 03 Grafton 

Fitch Mrs Walter Allen (Isabella 
Eggleston 95) 154 Hempstead st. 
New London Ct. 

Fitzgerald Edith b.a. 12 (Mrs W. E. 

Fitzgerald Eleanor Elizabeth b.a. 08 
124 Washington st. Hempstead 
Long Island N. Y. 

Fitzgerald Helen Gertrude b.a. 11 (Mrs B. 
C. Leonard) 

Fitzgerald Irene b.a. 08 

124 Washington st. Hempstead 

Long Island N. Y. 
Fitzsimmons Frances Jose b.a. 15 

Gates hotel Los Angeles Cal. 
Flack Ruth Jane b.a. 13 

808 Beech st. Manchester N. H. 

Flagg Edith Mabelle b.a. 06 Littleton 

Flagg Gertrude Eusebia b.a. 93 m.a. 
01 48 Green st. Northampton 

Flagg Mrs Guy E. (Beatrice Grace 
Flather 05) 269 Main st. 

Nashua N. H. 

Flaherty Mrs John J. (Bridget Katharine Smith 
03) 31 Wyman st. Lowell 

Flanders Mrs Roger Y. (Annette Ladd 

Hoyt 10) 686 Franklin pi. 

Milwaukee Wis. 
Flannery Mrs Henry C. (Marcia Beebe 

10) 2416 Blaisdell av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Flannery Margaret b.a. 09 (Mrs M. R. 

Flansburgh Mrs Samuel T. (Ada May 

Gifford 11) Hoosick Falls N. Y. 
Flather Beatrice Grace b.a. 05 (Mrs 

G. E. Flagg) 
Flather Ruth Patience b.a. 06 (Mrs 

W. N. MacBriar) 
Flavell Paulyle Waldron b.a. 16 

145 Court st. Plymouth 

Fleet Mrs William H. (Marguerite Brumaghim 
10) 34 N. Pine av. Albany N. Y. 

Fleming Mrs Daniel Johnson (Julia 
Elizabeth Cole 97) Booth av. 
Englewood N. J. 

Fleming Frances b.a. 16 

137 A st. N. E. Washington D. C. 
Flershem Albertine Whitney b.s. 97 

(Mrs J. L. Valentine) 
Fletcher Katharine Ogden b.a. 00 

100 Stuyvesant pi. New Brighton 

Staten Island N. Y. 

Fletcher Laurel Louise b.l. 00 (Mrs Willard 

Fletcher Mabel b.a. 85 Exeter N. H. 

Fletcher Mabel b.a. 89 

The Hudson hospital Hudson N. Y. 
Fletcher Ruth Morrison b.a. 06 (Mrs 

W. C. Common) 
Flett Pauline Telma b.a. 13 

154 Youle st. Melrose 
Flinn Lula Glaze b.a. 15 

Tuscaloosa Ala. 

Flint Georgiana Elizabeth b.a. 06 
Box 44 R. F. D. 1 Pasadena Cal. 

Flower Olive b.a. 01 

126 E. Church st. Oxford O. 

Floyd Mrs Cleaveland (Harriet Louise 
Goodwin 00) 246 Marlboro st. 

*Floyd Mrs Ernest Eldred (Harriet 
Luella Vanderhoof 95) d. 17 O 09 

Floyd Mrs George (Bertha Basnett 09) 

419 Richmond st. Richmond Hill N. Y. 

Flynn Helen Gertrude b.a. 15 
199 Eastern av. Springfield 

Flynn Helen Virginia b.a. 12 (Mrs 
E. R. Fritsche) 

Flynt Esther Holmes b.a. 16 
High st. Monson 

*Fobes Mrs Harold Bartlett (Ethel Hall 
Arnold 98) d. 12 F 02 

Fobes Olive Northrop b.a. 09 (Mrs 

H. O. Tilton) 
Fogaty Catherine Elizabeth b.a. 02 

144 Mansfield st. New Haven Ct. 
Fogel Mildred Leigh b.a. 12 

130 Home av. Rutherford N. J. 

Fogle Mrs James Underhill (Amanda 
Moore Harter 99) 982 N. Cleve- 
land av. Canton O. 

Foley Edna Lois b.l. 01 r.n. 05 Hart- 
ford hosp. 104 S. Michigan av. 
Chicago 111. 

Foley Margaret Baker b.l. 90 
60 Lorraine st. Hartford Ct. 

Folinsbee Mrs John Fulton (Ruth 
Standish Baldwin 12) 
New Hope Pa. 

Follett Harriet Hopkins b.a. 07 
Faunce house Northampton 


Folsom Agnes Johnson b.a. 13 
10 Hall av. Nashua N. H. 

Folsom Mrs Arthur James (Marv Louise 
Chamberlin 99) 120 E.'Taber st. 

Fort Wayne Ind. 

Folsom Bertha Carrie b.a. 03 

118 Ash st. Manchester N. H. 

Folsom Helen Christian b.a. 90 (Mrs E. W. 

Folsom Mrs Henry H. (Mary Rust Hardy 96) 
State hospital Concord 

Folsom Martha Thayer b.a. 92 (Mrs 
L. E. Marple) 

Folwell Mrs Philip Donald (Mary 
Ballard Chambers 04) 2006 
Spring Garden st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Foot Mary Alice b.a. 07 (Mrs James Lord) 
Foote Mrs Edmund W. (Lucy Esther 
Swift 09) 93 Lincoln st. 

Montclair N. J. 

Foote Ethelwyn b.a. 97 m.a. 00 North- 
western univ. (Mrs J. S. Bennett) 

Foote Mrs Henry Lewis (Harriet Eliza Risley 
86) 18 Devereux st. Marblehead 

Foote Isabella Southworth b.l. 96 

(Mrs W. S. Pinkham) 
Foote Mrs Roger Lee (Margaret 

Randolph Lake 04) 1716 

Ridge av. Evanston 111. 

*Foote Susan Emily b.l. 96 m.a. 04 
(Mrs G. H. Backus) d. 28 Ap 15 

Foote Mrs Thomas Heermans (Minerva 
May Barton 88) Port Henry 

N. Y. 

Forbes Florence Dorothy b.a. 09 (Mrs 
S. D. Killam) 

Forbes Helen Maria b.a. 12 (Mrs P. G. 

Forbes Lillian Albertina Gordon b.a. 97 (Mrs 

C. A. L. Wright) 
Forbes Louise Holt b.a. 07 (Mrs E. G. Nellis) 
Forbes Vivien Jean b.a. 09 

375 Westminister road Rochester 

N. Y. 

Forcier May b.a. 08 57 Liberty st. 

Meriden Ct. 

Ford Clara Ray b.a. 08 

Rosemary hall Greenwich Ct. 

Ford Mrs Cyrus (Rachel Martha Hoge 
14) 2047 E. 90th st. 

Cleveland O. 

Ford Eleanor b.a. 13 

Huntington Long Island N. Y. 

Ford Mrs Everett Leander (Mary 
Elizabeth Campbell 07) Tyler st. 

Ford Mrs George Burdett (Harriet 
Chalmers Bliss 99) 404 W. 115th 
st. New York 

Ford Janet b.a. 13 

Huntington Long Island N. Y. 

Ford Mignonne b.a. 06 

R. F. D. 2 Milford Ct. 

Ford Mildred Elm b.a. 01 (Mrs F. M. 

Fordyce Bertha Marguerite b.a. 16 
221 N. 7th st. Cambridge O. 

*Forepaugh Edith b.a. 01 d. 4 D 08 
Forest Katherine b.a. 05 

45 E. 59th st. New York 
Foreman Gertrude F. b.a. 16 

4550 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

Forman Evelyn Jean b.a. 83 (Mrs 
Alexander Clerihew jr) 

Forman Mrs Frank Bridge (Florence Mar- 
guerite Harrison 83) 3450 Irving av. S. 
Minneapolis Minn. 

Forrest Jean b.a. 16 

722 Montgomery road Highland 
Park 111. 

Forrest Katharine b.a. 11 (Mrs C. C. 

Forrest Virginia b.a. 90 (Mrs V. N. 


Forsyth Anne Louise b.l. 01 
Claremont N. H. 

Forte Eva Sophie b.a. 99 m.a. 08 Radcliffe 
(Mrs A. H. Tucker) 

Fosdick Mrs Harry Emerson (Florence 

Allen Whitney 00) 

Englewood N. J. 
Fosdick Nellie b.a. 01 

14 Norfolk terrace Wellesley 
Foskett Mary Page b.a. 87 (Mrs G. C. 


Foss Mrs James Owen (Mabel Chick 
05) 226 Bay State road Boston 

Foss Margaret b.a. 11 

19 Fairmont av. Newton 

Foster Mrs (Lydia Williams Kendall 
95) 25 Chestnut st. Boston 

Foster Alice Harrison b.a. 06 (Mrs 

F. H. McCulloch) 
Foster Annie Louise Ardagh b»l. 00 

(Mrs D. A. Murray) 
Foster Blanche b.a. 16 

280 Franklin st. Woodbury N. J. 
Foster Claire Pearl b.a. 01 (Mrs F. T. 


Foster Mrs David (Caroline Stowell 
Bell 99) 45 Oriole st. 

West Roxbury 


Foster Edith Marguerite b.a. 11 (Mrs H. S. 
Huntington jr) 

Foster Eva Cornelia b.l. 00 (Mrs 

W. L. Righter) 
Foster Florence May b.a. 11 (Mrs H. H. 


Foster Gertrude Elaine b.a. 12 (Mrs 

H. L. Cross) 
Foster Mrs Graham (Ruth Harriet 

Lewin 12) 114 Broad st. 

Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Foster Jane b.a. 12 (Mrs W. D. Bruner) 
Foster Jennie Groendyke b.l. 97 
332 W. 72d st. New York 

♦Foster Leila Lincoln b.l. 98 d. 13 My 07 
Foster Margaret Harlow b.a. 06 (Mrs 

M. W. Melcher) 
Foster Mary Louise b.a. 91 m.a. 12 

PH.D. 14 Chicago univ. 

36 Bedford terrace Northampton 
Foster Mildred b.a. 15 

255 Park av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Foster Minnie Winchell b.a. 00 (Mrs 

H. L. Riley) 
Foster Myra Isabel b.a. 11 

Candia N. H. 
Foster Mrs Nellis Barnes (Julia Catha- 
rine Morris 98) Ann Arbor Mich. 
Foster Sara Edith b.a. 15 

925 W. 7th st. Plainfield N. J. 
Foster Sheila b.a. 09 (Mrs E. F. Allen) 
Foster Vesta Raven b.a. 08 (Mrs 

H. E. Board) 

Foth Mrs Erdman B. (Mary Field Eaton 93) 
92 Park st. Montclair N. J. 

Fountain Jessamy Lucille b.a. 15 
Stratham N. H. 

Fowler Mrs (Marion Roberta Manross 07) 
352 Willow st. New Haven Ct. 

Fowler Constance b.a. 13 

40 Ingersoll grove Springfield 

Fowler Ernestine b.a. 04 (Mrs W. H. 

Fowler Florence Gove b.a. 11 


Fowler Mrs Franklin W. C. (Emma Irene Clark 
06) 30 Spafford road Milton 

Fowler Mrs George S. (Marguerite 

Louise Woodruff 07) 122 Forest 

av. Glen Ridge N. J. 
Fowler Jeannette Elizabeth b.l. 96 

(Mrs C. J. Geer) 
Fowler Jessie Agnes b.s. 95 

79 Court st. New Bedford 
Fowler Josephine Lydia b.a. 11 (Mrs 

M. A. Darby) 

Fowler Mary Pickering b.a. 98 

35 Burroughs st. Jamaica Plain 
Fox Eleanor Beatrice b.a. 06 

61 Grove st. New Haven Ct. 
Fox Flora Augusta b.a. 14 

5 Eleanor st. Allston 
Fox Genevieve May b.a. 11 

72 Cypress st. Brookline 
Fox Hulda Marie b.a. 15 

Hotel St Paul St. Paul Minn. 
Fox Mrs Philip Reginald (Katharine 

Brigham 00) 28 W. Wilson st. 

Madison Wis. 

Foye Mrs Wilbur Garland (Evelyn 
Louise Ryder 10) Middlebury Vt. 

Frame Virginia Woodson b.l. 99 (Mrs J. W. 

Francis Margaret Eveleth b.a. 15 

16 Plymouth st. Montclair N. J. 

Francis Vida Hunt b.l. 92 

1225 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Frank Klara Elisabeth b.a. 03 (Mrs 
G. A. Smith) 

Frank Marion Benney b.a. 05 7 Thane st. 

Frank Sonah Marian b.a. 10 (Mrs 

W. J. McMillen) 
Frankenstein Katherine Dixon b.a. 

07 140 W. Broad st. 

Westerly R. I. 
Frankenstein Sally Moss b.a. 12 

105 E. 22d st. New York 

Franklin Charlotte Graves b.s. 91 68 War- 
renton st. Boston 

Franklin Clara Violet b.a. 11 (Mrs 

E. S. Stockbridge) 
Franklin Florence b.a. 14 

329 Amsterdam av. New York 
Franklin Laura Isabella Porteus b.a. 98 

Barnes hospital St Louis Mo. 
Franklin Ruth Barker b.a. 85 m.a. 86 

Cornell 23 Sherman st. Newport 

R. I. 

Franz Dorothy Norton b.a. 14 

266 Maple st. Holyoke 
Franz Edith Violet Elvira b.a. 15 

41 Maple st. Northampton 
Fraser Anne b.l. 99 

1438 N. Pennsylvania st. Indian- 
apolis Ind. 
Fraser Marjorie b.a. 10 (Mrs W. F. 

Fraser Mildred Cross b.a. 15 

101 Palfrey st. Watertown 
Frawley Josephine Elizabeth b.a. 10 

(Mrs A. L. Yantis) 


Frawley Mrs W. J. (Blanche Erwin 03) 
246 Belmont st. Worcester 

Frederickson Marion Emma b.a. 10 
22 E. Gilman st. Madison Wis. 

Frederiksen Elsie Marie b.a. 12 (Mrs 
P. B. Williams) 

Freeland Elizabeth King b.a. 86 (Mrs F. I. 

Freeman Angeline Smith b.a. 15 

799 Lawrence st. Appleton Wis. 

Freeman Elizabeth b.a. 05 (Mrs 

E. H. Peirce) 

Freeman Ethel Hale b.l. 02 m.a. 15 
8 West st. Northampton 

Freeman Mrs G. Willard (Olive Beatrice 
Watson 10) 121 Lincoln av. Marion O. 

Freeman Mrs Hermon Martin (Elizabeth 
Warner Morse 92) 54 S. Valley road 
Orange N. J. 

Freeman Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs J. H. 

Freeman Mabel Loring b.l. 00 (Mrs W. E. 

Freeman Marion Delamater b.a. 14 

Try on N. C. 
Freeman Mary Dudley b.a. 08 (Mrs 

C. R. Bennett) 
Freeman Paulina b.a. 03 

Windsor road Wellesley Hills 
French Amy Hayes b.a. 08 (Mrs A. P. Hosford) 

French Mrs Charles Austin (Ida 
Eugenia Devoll 80) 72 Gardner 
st. Allston 

*French 'Clara b.a. 84 m.a. 88 Cornell 
d. O 88 

French Edna Bradstreet b.a. 02 
225 Bishop st. New Haven Ct. 

French Helen Elizabeth b.a. 11 (Mrs 

G. C. Graham) 

French Mrs Howard Dean (Helen Gray Cornell 
98) 1136 W. State st. Jacksonville 111. 

French Mrs Lester Gray (Mary Louise 
Deane 00) 70 Fisher av. 

White Plains N. Y. 

French Louise Hewitt b.a. 09 
Hartford Vt. 

French Marian Leslie b.a. 94 (Mrs 

H. J. Chambers) 

French Marion Ellen b.l. 98 (Mrs 

F. N. Hawley) 

French Ruth Hawthrone b.l. 02 b.s. 
10 Teachers col. 75 Concord st. 
Nashua N. H. 

French Mrs Samuel Pingree (Florence Kelsey 
90) West Lebanon N. II . 

Freund Marie Rose b.a. 11 
Honesdale Pa. 

*Frey Mrs C. P. (Mary Grace Rogers 84) 
d. 20 Ja 10 

Frey Helen Virginia b.a. 15 
42 North st. Saco Me. 

Frick Mrs William Henry (Mary 

Foster Gaylord 89) 559 West End 

av. New York 
Friedlander Mrs Theo (May Louise 

Silberman 14) 1009 Chestnut st. 

Wilmette 111. 
Friedman Mrs Adolph (Elsie Fletcher 

Mihalovitch 06) 635 Madison av. 

S. E. Grand Rapids Mich. 

Friedman Mrs Oscar J. (Clara Schle- 
singer 98) 5419 Hyde Park blvd 
Chicago 111. 

Friedmann Ernestine Louise b.a. 07 
1487 E. 10th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Friend Alice Hinman b.a. 08 (Mrs P. H. 

Frieze Mrs Lyman Bowers jr (Mary Savage 
Crowell 84) Clinton av. New Brighton 
Staten Island N. Y. 

Frink Miriam b.a. 15 

Milwaukee- Downer college Mil- 
waukee Wis. 
Frink Mrs Sidney Millard (Grace Bookwalter 
06) Fairview Kan. 

Frissell Mrs Nelson E. (Frances Willard 

Huston 12) 22 Elm st. 

Newton N. J. 
Fritsche Mrs Edward Renz (Helen 

Virginia Flynn 12) 32 Beach 

Bluff av. Beach Bluff 
Frost Elizabeth Rollins b.l. 03 

119 Locust st. Dover N. H. 

*Frost Mary Adeline b.a. 90 m.a. 95 

d. 16 Mr 99 
Frost Mary Pepperell b.a. 94 (Mrs 

J. C. Sawyer) 
Frost Miriam b.a. 12 

Berlin N. H. 
Fryhofer Mrs C. Wesley (Ethel lone 

Edwards 02) R. F. D. 3 

Plainfield N. J. 
Fujita Mrs Unjiro (Tei Ninomiya 10) 

Nishitobe Kencho Kansha Yoko- 
hama Japan 
Fuller Alice Harrison b.a. 15 

736 Dayton av. St Paul Minn. 

Fuller Bessie Graham b.a. 09 (Mrs 

G. M. Davis) 
Fuller Caroline Macomber b.l. 95 

Crocker studio Lake wood N. J. 
Fuller Carolyn Malbone b.a. 03 (Mrs 

L. A. Wheeler) 


Fuller Edna May b.a. 10 

Springville N. Y. 
Fuller Eunice b.a. 08 (Mrs Seymour 


Fuller Florence b.a. 10 (Mrs F. S. 

Fuller Grace Pierpont b.a. 03 

366 Whalley av. New Haven Ct. 

Fuller Jessie Ginevra b.a. 86 (Mrs J. C. 

Fuller Louise Stetson b.a. 04 m.a. 05 

Columbia 36 Bedford terrace 

Fuller Mae Rawson b.a. 97 (Mrs John 

M. Curran) 
Fuller Marietta b.a. 13 

437 80th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Fuller Mary Breese b.a. 94 m.a. 99 

65 Paradise road Northampton 
Fuller Mrs R. T. (Mary Learned 

Palmer 09) 210 College av. 

Davenport la. 
Fuller Susan Gertrude b.a. 91 (Mrs 

J. J- Albright) 
Fullerton Pauline Valentine b.a. 05 

106 E. 52d st. New York 
Fulton Blanche Dorothea b.a. 95 

2325 Ashland av. Walnut Hills 

Cincinnati O. 
Fulton Margaret b.a. 15 

Box 648 Reno Nev. 
Furbish Dorothy Reed b.a. 16 

67 Church st. Winchester 
Furbush Edith Mildred b.a. 06 

69 Horton st. Lewiston Me. 
Furbush Maude Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs 

W. W. Bolster) 
Furman Fannie b.a. 06 

254 Alexander st. Rochester N. Y. 


Gaffield Eleanor Neidich b.a. 16 

1954 Commonwealth av. Boston 

Gage Mary Agnes b.l. 00 (Mrs A. H. 

Gage Mrs Robert Thompson (Elizabeth Bishop 
Ballard 07) 1815 E. 90th st. 

Cleveland O. 
Gager Helen b.l. 00 (Mrs J. Q. Brown) 
Gager Katharine b.a. 06 (Mrs William Star- 

Gaillard Marion Louise b.a. 02 
15 Chatham pi. Worcester 

Gaines Ruth Louise b.a. 01 Associated chari- 
ties Detroit Mich. 

Galacar Laura Josephine b.l. 97 (Mrs 

R. W. Adams) 
Galbraith Mrs John Sayward (Clara 

Burt Parsons 95) 147 Main st. 

Gale Alice b.l. 87 (Mrs D. P. Jones) 
Gale Anna b.l. 89 (Mrs Clarkson 

Gale Marion b.l. 94 

2011 2d av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Galinsky Ida Roselle b.a. 15 (Mrs 

J. B. Courshon) 
Gallagher Amy b.a. 08 (Mrs Alva Morrison) 

♦Gallagher Edith Charters b.a. 07 
d. 7 My 08 

Gallagher Hera Shigemi b.a. 14 
76 Cottage st. New Haven Ct. 

Gallagher Mrs Rollin McCulloch 
(Julia Goodspeed Reed 08) 
Middlesex school Lowell road Con- 

Gallagher Ruth Everett b.a. 05 (Mrs 

Frederick Chase) 
Galleciez Helen Irene b.a. 16 

812 Sherman st. Watertown N. Y. 

Galleher Eleanor Margaret b.a. 13 

Windsor Vt. 
Gallert Aimee Paula b.a. 00 (Mrs 

W. S. Heilborn) 
Gallie Margaret Muir b.a. 12 

16 Marion road Upper Montclair 

N. J. 

Gallup Mrs C. W. (Helen Bordman Lambert 
94) 68 Cherry st. North Adams 

Gallup Mary Eloise b.a. 06 (Mrs J. H. 

Gait Mrs Thomas Franklin (Clarace 
Goldner Eaton 99) 5030 
Kensington av. St Louis Mo. 

Gamwell Helen Lincoln b.a. 87 (Mrs 

W. S. Ely) 
Gamwell Hester Thacher b.a. 13 

1001 16th st. South Bellingham 


Gane Gertrude b.s. 94 b.mus. 06 Co- 
lumbia sch. of music Chicago 
27 Bellevue pi. Chicago 111. 

Gane Marjory b.l. 01 
Wonalancet N. H. 

Ganong Susan Brittain b.s. 99 Netherwood 
Rothesay New Brunswick Canada 

Ganse Helen Woodbridge b.a. 16 
70 Hunnewell av. Newton 

Ganson Miriam Elizabeth b.a. 13 

2916 Fairmont blvd Cleveland O. 


Gara Edith Austin b.a. 08 

404 S. Narberth av. Narberth Pa. 
Gardiner Frances Mary b.a. 02 m.a. 07 

Western Reserve univ. 

The Oaks Norwalk O. 
Gardiner Lucy Agnes b.a. 09 

The Oaks Norwalk O. 
Gardiner Ruth b.a. 13 

567 3d st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Gardiner Mrs William H. jr (Edith McElroy 
07) 24 Brookside av. Menands N. Y. 

♦Gardner Ada Grant b.a. 82 (Mrs J. F. 

Fielden) d. 21 Mr 08 

Gardner Anna Elizabeth b.a. 95 (Mrs 

H. C. Van Note) 
Gardner Anna Warren b.a. 88 Falmouth 
Gardner Mrs Charles H. (Florence Grace 

Murray 10) ' 19 N. Church st. Cortland 

N. Y. 

Gardner Charlotte Riggs b.a. 06 (Mrs 
S. T. McCall) 

Gardner Mrs Fred M. (Alice Henrietta Day 96) 
Locust Level farm Alexander N. Y. 

Gardner Marian Wakelee b.a. 13 

Nan Hsu Chow Anhwei (via 

T. P. R. R.) China 
Gardner Mary Abbe b.l. 02 (Mrs 

W. F. Anderson) 
Gardner Pauline b.a. 12 

4 Arlington st. Cambridge 
Gardner Ruth b.a. 13 

4711 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 
Garey Jane b.a. 13 (Mrs Maxwell 


Garey Pauline Marie b.a. 01 
119 Pinckney st. Boston 

Garfield Helen Porter b.a. 12 (Mrs 

J. F. Buckley) 
Garfield Mrs James Lyon (Josephine 

Alberta Hill 09) Drexel Hill Pa. 
Garland Olive Rosamond b.a. 91 ll.b. 

02 N. Y. univ. law sch. 

277 Broadway New York 
Garlichs Edith Mary b.a. 16 

101 S. 17th st. St Joseph Mo. 
Garnett Anne b.a. 10 

619 N. 3d av. Phoenix Ariz. 
Garretson Etta Booth b.a. 00 (Mrs 

U. L. Leonhauser) 
Garrett Caroline Elizabeth b.a. 09 

(Mrs R. S. Tuthill jr) 
Garrett Mary Louise b.a. 15 

Fort Garrett Ky. 

Garrett Mrs Willard Hayes (Nellie Brownell 
Ayers 01) Baldwin Kan. 

Garrison Eleanor b.l. 04 m.a. 06 Rad- 
cliffe 1763 Beacon st. Brookline 

Garrison Fanny b.a. 01 17 Fairview 
terrace West Newton 

Garrison Katherine McKim b.l. 95 
(Mrs C. D. Norton) 

Garst Mrs Julius (Mary Emma King 84) 
29 Oread st. Worcester 

Garver Anna Madeline b.a. 15 

2262 Hollywood av. Toledo O. 

Gary Marion b.a. 05 

94 Grove st. Rutland Vt. 

Gasche Miriam Louise b.a. 07 (Mrs K. E. 

Gates Alice Lincoln b.l. 97 (Mrs G. T. 

Gates Ethel b.s. 01 (Mrs G. A. Tasker) 

Gates Hazel Merritt b.a. 06 360 Pearl at. 
Burlington Vt. 

Gates Helen Fay b.a. 12 

45 Hollywood st. Worcester 
Gates Mrs Leslie Freeman (Josephine 

Roland Lamson 02) 723 8th st. 

Wilmette 111. 
Gates Louise Knapp b.a. 10 

40 Chedell pi. Auburn N. Y. 

Gates Mrs S. E. (Louisa Frances Niles 07) 

Care General Electric co. Portland Ore. 

Gates Theoda Elizabeth b.a. 08 (Mrs 
G. M. Hubbard) 

Gauld Isabella Rebecca b.a. 09 252 King st. 
Portland Ore. 

Gaunt Mrs Ernest Henry (Helen Starr 
Spring 13) Wellesley Farms 

Gauntt Olive b.a. 15 

1221 W. Wayne st. Fort Wayne 

Gauthier Carrie Addie b.a. 04 
19 Clark av. Northampton 

Gay Florence Webster b.a. 96 
35 School st. Andover 

Gay Ingovar b.a. 05 

Mohican hotel New London Ct. 

Gay Jessie Aline b.l. 02 Sharon Ct. 

Gay Laura Shepard b.s. 96 Jamaica High school 
Jamaica Long Island N. Y. 

♦Gaylord Edith Edwards b.a. 86 m.a. 

89 d. 23 D 95 
Gaylord Helen Margaret b.a. 14 

Winsted Ct. 
Gaylord Joanna Lanman b.a. 93 

Care W. S. Gaylord 15 Waldron av. 

Summit N. J. 

Gaylord Mary Foster b.a. 89 (Mrs 
W. H. Frick) 

Gaylord Mrs Paul Putnam (Anne Hibbard Hall 
98) Pewee Valley Ky. 

Gazzam Lea b.a. 13 

Crystal Springs Kitsap co. Wash. 


Gear Anna Margaret b.a. 14 
246 D wight st. Holyoke 

Geballe Pauline I. b.a. 04 

1791 E. 17th st. Portland Ore. 

Gebhard Mrs Peter T. E. (Isabel Rich- 
mond Harder 11) Cornwall N. Y. 

Geddes Florence b.a. 13 (Mrs John 

Geddes Laura Casey b.a. 07 (Mrs W. 
S. Miller) 

Geddes Mrs Norman (Helen Belle 
Sneider 13) 171 Wilson av. 

Detroit Mich. 

Geeding Mrs Asa Howard (Emma 
Gertrude Schleier 95) Morgan 
Harjes & co. Paris France 

Geer Mrs Clarence James (Jeannette 
Elizabeth Fowler 96) 5563 Co- 
lombo st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Geesaman Mary Ellen b.a. 10 

403 W. 25th st. Minneapolis Minn. 

Geitz Elsie Kaye b.a. 14 

263 Rich av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Gelders Emma Josephine b.a. 16 

1525 Beech st. Birmingham Ala. 
Geller Mrs Frederick (Anne Dravo Van 

Kirk 87) Greenfield Hill Ct. 
Gemmel Marion b.l. 97 

228 Linwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 
George Mrs Robert (Katharine Hunt 

Ames 11) 300 Highland st. West 

Geran Olive Carolyn b.a. 15 

38 Avon pi. Springfield 
Gere Laura Ella b.a. 01 

102 Summit av. Syracuse N. Y. 
Gere Mary Elizabeth b.a. 89 

75 High st. Northampton 
German Grace Miller b.a. 12 

121 N. 13th st. Allentown Pa. 
Gernon Mrs Reginald Henry (Emma Jane 
Winchester 00) 116 N. May av. Monrovia 


Geromanos Mrs H. W. (Lillian Alice Bradley 
03) 835 South st. Roslindale 

Gerould Theodora Annette b.a. 03 
281 Lynn Shore drive Lynn 

Gerrans Gertrude b.a. 09 (Mrs C. W. 

Gerrans Grace Orpha b.a. 13 

Hotel Iroquois Buffalo N. Y. 

Gerrish Clara Arabella b.l. 02 (Mrs 
D. McL. Barstow) 

Gerrish Mrs Herbert T. (Ednah Au- 
gusta Whitney 10) 10 Haskell st. 

Gerry Annie Irene b.a. 09 
12 Carver st. Boston 

Gesell Margaret Elizabeth B.A. 09 

Tomahawk Wis. 
Gesner Sara Louise b.l. 03 (Mrs L. L. 

Robbins jr) 
Getchell Mrs H. Eugene (Edith Almira 

Ellis 99) 205 Prospect st. Woon- 

socket R. I. 
Getchell Mary Jane b.a. 11 (Mrs C. A. 

Gibbon Dorothy Stewart b.a. 14 

708 2d st. Hudson Wis. 
Gibbons Eleanor Haller b.a. 15 

Clark's Summit Pa. 
Gibbs Mrs Ralph (Harriet Belle Lane 99) 

Care Library bureau 316 Broadway New 


Gibling Sophie Pauline b.a. 15 

593 Riverside drive New York 
*Gibson Alice Edith b.a. 98 d. 7 My 05 
Gibson Edna Theresa b.a. 10 

15 Myrtle st. Springfield 
Gibson Genevieve Marguerite b.a. 10 

1806 Northampton st. Holyoke 
Gibson Mrs Hamilton (Brooke van 

Dyke 04) Berkshire school 


Gibson Helen b.a. 09 (Mrs A. H. Jacks) 
Gieseler Mrs Alfred Martin (Bertha Elizabeth 
Lang 97) Alexandria Minn. 

Giffen Susan Olliffe b.a. 15 

53 Philip st. Albany N. Y. 

Gifford Ada May b.a. 11 (Mrs S. T. 

Gifford Alice Eliza b.a. 83 

34 Jackson st. Palmyra N. Y. 

Gifford Mrs Augustus McKinstry 
(Fannie Stearns Davis 04) 65 Wil- 
liam st. Pittsfield 

Gifford Helen Sturtevant b.a. 10 (Mrs 
L. E. Varnum) 

Gifford Maud Lena b.a. 95 
75 Blossom st. Fitchburg 

Gilbert Clara Culver b.a. 92 
12 Scott st. Chicago 111. 

Gilbert Emily Lindsley b.l. 04 490 21st st. 
Portland Ore. 

Gilbert Esther Lucile b.a. 16 

9404 Talbot av. Cleveland O. 
Gilbert Mrs Fred Macdonald (Florence 

Judd Anderson 98) 1081 Park pi. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Gilbert Gertrude Martha b.a. 09 (Mrs 

P. F. Drury) 
Gilbert Grace b.a. 03 (Mrs C. F. 



Gilbert Harriet Elizabeth b.a. 09 (Mrs 

S. G. Davis) 
Gilbert Kate b.a. 11 (Mrs A. L. Rice) 

Gilbert Lucia Fessenden b.l. 97 m.a. 
00 Columbia Malone N. Y. 

Gilbert Margaret Loring b.a. 10 (Mrs 

W. L. Haven) 
Gilbert Mrs Oscar Bowen (Marian 

Ellis 06) 179 Prospect st. 

Woonsocket R. I. 

Gilchrist Agnes Hastings b.a. 01 (Mrs J. S. 

Gilchrist Lucy Convers b.a. 08 

Suffern N. Y. 
Gilchrist Marie Emilie b.a. 16 

R. F. D. Painesville O. 

Gilchrist Martha Dalzell b.l. 00 (Mrs M. F. 

Gilchrist Mrs Thomas Byron (Alice 

Edith Goodman 07) 9106 Ridge 

blvd Brooklyn N. Y. 
Gildersleeve Genieve Northam b.a. 13 

618 W. 136th st. New York 
Giles Anne Harper b.a. 87 

2537 Michigan av. Chicago 111. 
Giles Mrs Henry Snow (Ethelind Howe 

Ripley 08) Lake av. Troy N. Y. 

Giles Mrs J. Edward (Mary Courtland 

Vanderbeek 93) 144 E. 22d st. 

New York 
Giles Louise b.a. 09 

5 Summit av. Winchester 
Giles Mabel b.l. 96 950 Hedding st. San 

Jos6 Cal. 
Giles Ruth Marion b.a. 09 

North Wilmington 

Gilfillan Rebecca Janet b.l. 03 (Mrs 
E. S. Avery) 

Gill Mrs Adam Capen (Ella Elizabeth 
Eaton 80) 403 WyckofT av. Cor- 
nell heights Ithaca N. Y. 

Gill Bessie Faunce b.a. 87 

26 Prospect st. Northampton 

Gill Edith Upham b.a. 10 Cameron hill 

Chattanooga Tenn. 

Gill Isabella Rachel b.a. 05 m.a. 07 
Univ. of Pa. 140 N. 15th st. 
Philadelphia Pa. 

Gill Laura Drake b.a. 81 m.a. 85 d.c.l. 
07 Univ. of the South 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

Gillet Mrs J. E. (Myrtle Margaret 
Mann 08) 806 S. 3d st. Cham- 
paign 111. 

Gillette Alletta Maria b.a. 07 

412 E. Howell st. Seattle Wash. 

Gillette Mrs Edmond Stephen (Ethel 

Eleanor Seamans 12) 345 Galena 

blvd Aurora 111. 
Gillette Helen Burns b.a. 13 

R. F. D. 1 White River Junction Vt. 
Gillette Mrs John Westfield (Grace 

Fidelia James 87) 601 Union st. 

Hudson N. Y. 
Gilligan Annie Louise b.a. 04 

37 Pearl st. Holyoke 
Gillis Chloe Parish b.a. 11 (Mrs C. P. 


Gillis Margaret Church b.a. 10 

56 Franklin st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 
Gilman Amelia b.a. 14 (Mrs K. I. 

Gilman Ethel Sears b.a. 99 

9 Baldwin, st. Newton 
Gilman Julia Ellen b.l. 96 (Mrs W. H. 


Gilman Margaret Ellsworth b.a. 04 

b.s. 07 Simmons 

327 Franklin st. Newton 
Gilman Mrs William Stewart (Mar- 

jorie King 99) 815 Nebraska st. 

Sioux City la. 
Gilmore Evelyn Langdon b.a. 83 

Library Maine Historical society 

Portland Me. 
Gilmore Gladys Chase b.a. 08 

21 Park pi. Newtonville 
Gilmore Marion Bowker b.a. 14 m.a. 16 

37 Beaver st. Keene N. H. 

Gilmore Marjorie Parkhurst b.a. 11 (Mrs C. E. 

Gilmour Anna Catherine b.a. 89 (Mrs 

H. P. de Forest) 
Gilpin Irma Hazel b.a. 16 

City Schools Savanna 111. 
Gilson Marjary Lawrence b.a. 02 (Mrs 

C. H. Lund) 
Girard Mabel Helen b.a. 13 

40 Pratt st. Winsted Ct. 
Gitterman Mrs (Alice Louie Sterne 91) 

116 C st. N. E. Washington D. C. 
Gladden Alice b.a. 84 

Parsons pi. Columbus O. 
Gladwin Gertrude Ella b.a. 00 

1931 Orrington av. Evanston 111. 

Gladwin Mrs Harry W. (Lucy Emma 
Raymond 08) 47 Day av. West- 

Glascock Mrs Hardin Rhoades (Doro- 
thy Leavitt Stoddard 12) 57 
Crescent st. Northampton 


Glasheen Winifred Ursula b.a. 13 
175 Oak st. Holyoke 

Glass Mrs Edgar Toll (Carolyn Wool- 
ley 11) 84 Tremont st. Hartford 

Glazier Laura Estelle b.a. 04 

44 Willard st. Hartford Ct. 

Gleason Caroline Teller b.a. 02 (Mrs T. S. 

Gleason Mrs Charles Bemis (Helen 
Zabriskie Howes 01) 45Waterston 
road Newton 

Gleason Clara Belle b.a. 83 
59 Washington st. Hudson 

Gleason Ellen Harris b.a. 08 

83 Elm st. Jamaica Plain 

Gleason Ethel Maria b.a. 06 (Mrs R. R. 

Gleason Hazel b.a. 11 Van Wert O. 

Gleason Mary Eliza b.a. 09 

65 South st. Northampton 

Glendenning Gwendolen b.a. 16 

Glennie Ella Louise b.a. 00 (Mrs H. 
E. Riexinger) 

Glidden Mrs Waldo F. (Marcia Holmes 
Shaw 06) 540 Massachusetts av. 

Glines Mrs Walter Ashley (Ellen Gray Bar- 
bour 03) Box 820 San Juan Porto Rico 

Gloeckler Christine Alma b.a. 08 (Mrs 

E. O. Griff enhagen) 

Glogau Adele Rose b.a. 15 

113 W. 75th st. New York 

Glover Mary Wales b.a. 02 
550 Center st. Newton 

Goddard Mrs Alpheus John (Abby 
Mary Rogers 96) Glove av. 

Freeport 111. 

Goddard Annie Celestine b.a. 12 

Care Mrs H. L. Thomas 443 Park 
av. New York 

Goddard Mrs Charles B. (Beatrice 
Montgomery 02) 3506 Sullivan 
av. St Louis Mo. 

Goddard Eleanor Grace b.a. 11 (Mrs 

F. H. Daniels) 

Goddard Mrs Thomas Jewett (Jean 
Tewksbury Johnson 11) Dongan 
hills Staten Island N. Y. 

Godfrey Mrs Edward Rawson (Emma 
Eastman 99) 172 Kenduskeag av. 
Bangor Me. 

Godfrey Ethel b.l. 01 m.a. 09 Univ. of Me. 
(Mrs H. R. Loud) 

Godsoe Mrs B. Walter (Florence 
Louise Palmer 01) 77 Erie av. 
Newton Highlands 

Godwin Alice b.a. 11 

91 Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 

Goes Hazel Josephine b.a. 06 (Mrs 
Maxfield Cook) 

Goetz Else Wilhelmina b.a. 15 

552 Stowell av. Milwaukee Wis. 

Goff Bertha Neeper b.a. 14 
Crafton Pa. 

Gold Harriet Margaretta b.a. 97 (Mrs 
H. J. Armstrong) 

Goldberg Dora b.a. 16 

47 Clark st. Hartford Ct. 

Golden Mrs William Morris jr (Eliza- 
beth Lathrop 95) Sherburne N. Y. 

Goldsmith Gertrude Brown b.a. 99 
12 Lincoln st. Manchester 

Goldthwait Eleanor Rand b.l. 99 (Mrs J. C. 
Graves jr) 

Goldthwait Mrs Joel Ernest (Jessie 
Sophia Rand 90) 1 Charles River 
sq. Boston 

Goldthwaite Bertha Louise b.a. 09 
257 Albion st. Wakefield 

Good Mary Estella b.a. 13 
Westwood N. J. 

Goodcell Mrs Henry (Marion Helena 
Lamson 93) 864 D st. San 
Bernardino Cal. 

Goode Dorothy Howard b.a. 16 

170 Bellingham av. Beachmont 

Goode Edith Jeannette b.a. 04 

1714 N st. N. W. Washington D.C. 

Goode Mrs Frederick Dickinson (Doro- 
thy Whitley 12) 78 Hale st. White 
Plains N. Y. 

Goodell Mrs Charles E. (Francesca 
Bartlett 10) 63 Allen st. James- 
town N. Y. 

Goodell Florence b.a. 12 

63 Park st. Montclair N. J. 

Goodell Mrs James McLain (Mary 
Whitney Clarke 12) Sault Ste 
Marie Mich. 

Goodell Mary Janet b.a. 14 
271 Foster st. Lowell 

Goodell Mrs Roscoe Harris (Helen 
Peabody 04) Bronxville N. Y. 

*Goodenough Mrs Louis A. (Mary Ellen 
Burgess 93) d. 24 Ja 03 

Goodhind Cora Mabel b.a. 97 
Unionville Ct. 


Goodhue Mrs N. D. (Roma Blanche Carpenter 
03) 2231 E. 3d st. Dayton O. 

Gooding Edith b.a. 86 

12 College st. Brockport N. Y. 
Goodman Alice Edith b.a. 07 (Mrs T. 

B. Gilchrist) 
Goodman Mary Alm£e b.l. 96 

834 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Goodman Mary Isabelle b.a. 07 (Mrs 

R. M. L. Carson) 

Goodnow Anna Marion b.a. 86 
51 Broad st. Westfield 

Goodnow Mary Edith b.l. 99 (Mrs 

R. R. Cutler) 
Goodnow Mary Elizabeth b.a. 12 (Mrs L. E. 


Goodrich Anna Mason b.a. 92 

Hampton institute Hampton Va. 

Goodrich Mrs Clinton Burr (Josephine Fisk 
Jolley 98) East Orange N. J. 

Goodrich Helen Louise b.a. 95 (Mrs 
H. DeW. De Groat) 

Goodrich Julia Irene b.a. 97 

Station for Experimental evolu- 
tion Cold Spring Harbor N. Y. 

Goodrich Mary Ida b.a. 93 

8 Ridge road Concord N. H. 

Goodrich Mrs N. L. (Alice Lyman 99) 
Hanover N. H. 

Goodrich Mrs William McPherson 
(Helen Jeffers 10) 3408 Locust st. 
Kansas City Mo. 

Goodridge Elinor Moody b.a. 08 
543 Boylston st. Boston 

♦Goodsell Eliza Jane b.a. 00 (Mrs J. F. 
Selleck jr) d. 30 Jl 15 

Goodsell Marguerite b.a. 08 

22 Grove pi. East Orange N. J. 
Goodspeed Helen Jane b.a. 03 

Pearl hill Fitchburg 
Goodwin Alice Phelps b.l. 97 (Mrs 

J. W. Schirmer) 
Goodwin Carolyn Maria b.l. 04 (Mrs 

L. G. Brubaker) 
Goodwin Clara Kenrick b.a. 82 Franklin 

Falls N. H. 

Goodwin Frances Cullis b.a. 86 m.a. 94 Rad- 
cliffe 50 Maple st. Auburndale 

Goodwin Harriet Louise b.a. 00 (Mrs 
Cleaveland Floyd) 

Goodwin Mrs James Lippincott (Doro- 
thy Wendell Davis 07) 71 Wood- 
land st. Hartford Ct. 

Goodwin Lucy Elizabeth b.a. 16 

13158 Forest Hill road East Cleve- 
land O. 

Goodwin Maria Bangs b.a. 95 
201 E. Main st. North Adams 

Goodwin May Amelia b.a. 89 (Mrs 
P. W. Avirett) 

Goodwin Sarah Elizabeth b.a. 99 m.a. 01 Brown 
(Mrs A. N. Botsford) 

Goodwin Sarah Storer b.l. 92 
Hathaway house Milton 

Goodyear Anna Lyman b.l. 99 North Haven 

Gordon Mrs Alfred Wallace (Almyra 
Morton Breckenridge 11) 
3611 Jackson st. Omaha Neb. 

Gordon Mrs George Wadsworth (Janet 

Somerville Sheldon 01) 874 North 

av. Winnetka 111. 
Gordon Grace b.a. 03 (Mrs T. B. Young) 
Gordon Mrs Lewis Edward (Elizabeth 

Keeney 97) 948 Asylum av. 

Hartford Ct. 
Gordon Margaret b.a. 14 

2719 Jackson st. Sioux City la. 

Gordon Margery b.a. 16 

1434 Cass st. La Crosse Wis. 

Gorham Mary Etta b.a. 79 (Mrs J. F. 

Gorin Katharine Douglas b.a. 15 

318 W. Prairie av. Decatur 111. 

Gorman Mrs J. Carvill jr (Ruth Barnes 

11) 132 W. 2d st. Mansfield O. 
Gormley Belle Budd b.a. 09 (Mrs F. W. Dwyer) 
Goss Stella Elizabeth b.a. 02 (Mrs E. J. 

Gott Mrs Edgar Nathaniel (Arline Elizabeth 
Biggs 12) Old Colonial apts Seattle Wash. 

Gottfried Mary b.a. 11 

165 Summit av. Upper Montclair 

Gould Mrs Albert Trowbridge (Emilie Creigh- 
ton 04) 12 Avon pi. Cambridge 

*Gould Cornelia Brownell b.a. 00 
(Mrs F. T. Murphy) d. 6 D 07 

*Gould Grace Evelyn b.a. 86 (Mrs 
J. F. Almquist) d. 92 

Gould Helen b.a. 13 
Riverside 111. 

Gould Mrs James A. (Grace Dunham 
00) 2515 Irving av. S. Minne- 
apolis Minn. 

Gould Jennie Etta b.a. 85 (Mrs George 

Gould Mrs John Harold (Mary Louise Paine 
96) Union N. H. 

Gould Lois Cleveland b.a. 14 (Mrs 
P. W. Robinson) 

Gould Margaret Mitchell b.a. 12 

1011 Magnolia av. Los Angeles Cal. 


Gould Mrs Maurice P. (Anna Jaffray 
Smith 00) Stewart av. Garden 
City Long Island N. Y. 

Gould Miriam Caris b.a. 11 m.a. 13 
Pittsburgh univ. 126 Sycamore st. 
Mt Washington Pittsburgh Pa. 

Gould Nelle Julia b.a. 98 (Mrs W. C. 

Gould Theo Masson b.a. 12 (Mrs R. 

D. Hunting) 
Gove Lydia Pinkham b.a. 07 

254 Lafayette st. Salem 
Gowdey Catharine b.a. 13 

Roslyn Long Island N. Y. 
Gower Ethel Margaret b.a. 98 

559 Orange st. New Haven Ct. 
Graefe Elizabeth Theresa b.l. 04 

1225 Columbus av. Sandusky O. 
Graff Mrs Carroll F. (Grace Gilbert 03) 

1601 E. First st. Duluth Minn. 
Graff Marie Doris Schipper b.a. 15 

304 Lafayette av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Gragg Julia Alice b.a. 09 (Mrs F. D. 


Graham Bertha Ellen b.a. 98 199 Elm st. 

West Haven Ct. 
Graham Mrs Charles Andrew (Alice McClin- 

tock 99) 1109 Marion st. Denver Col. 

Graham Christine Alexander b.a. 10 

(Mrs S. M. B. Long) 
Graham Mrs George Cooley (Helen 

Elizabeth French 11) 24 Appleton 

st. Watertown 
Graham Laura May b.a. 10 (Mrs W. T. 


Grand Mrs Gordon (Emma Hansell 
Dill 04) Brook lane Llewellyn 
park West Orange N. J. 

Grandin Mabel b.a. 09 

1515 New Hampshire av. Wash- 
ington D. C. 

Granger Edith b.a. 91 (Mrs William Hawkes) 
Grannis Mrs George Deming 2d 
(Louise Cummings Winthrop 09) 
2301 Portland av. Minneapolis 

Grannis Mrs Pierrepont (Marguerite Ruggles 
Miller 12) 217 Turrell av. South Orange 
N. J. 

Grant Edith Annie b.s. 01 4 Nonotuck av. 

Grant Florence Anthine b.a. 10 

291 Prospect st. Willimantic Ct. 

♦Grant Mrs Homer Blaikie (Florence Helen 
Paul 91) d. 06 

Grant Mrs Homer Blaikie (Isabel Poland 
Rankin 03) Fort Adams R. I. 

♦Grant Janet Clara b.l. 93 (Mrs W. A. Mac- 
kenzie) d. 24 Je 02 

Grant Mrs John MacGregor (Fanny 
Sarah Etheridge 94) Care Ameri- 
can Express co. 65 Broadway 
New York 

Grant Rosamond b.a. 13 

324 6th st. Faribault Minn. 

Grant Stephanie b.a. 03 j.b. 08 Boston univ. 
(Mrs Hutcheson Page) 

Graves Mrs Arthur (Mary Baxter 

Dunton 06) 284 Orange st. New 

Haven Ct. 
Graves Charlotte Mason b.a. 14 

344 West av. Rochester N. Y. 
*Graves Mrs Chester White (Ruth 

Leigh O'Donnel 08) d. 19 Ja 15 
Graves Eva Wing b.a. 08 

1119 38th av. Seattle Wash. 
Graves Mrs James C. jr (Eleanor Rand Goldth- 

wait99) 1108 W. 8th av. Spokane Wash. 
Graves Katherine Olive b.l. 94 (Mrs L. W. 


Graves Mrs Lewis Eugene (Flora Belle Hall 99) 
64 Grove st. Northampton 

Graves Marion Edson b.a. 15 
22 Butler pi. Northampton 

Graves Mrs Stanley H. (Rebecca 
Vedder McDouglall 07) 2 Say- 
brook pi. Buffalo N. Y. 

Gray Agnes Russell b.a. 06 (Mrs 
F. B. Skinner) 

Gray Edith b.a. 07 

121 N. Linden av. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Gray Edith b.a. 12 (Mrs L. M. Fergu- 

Gray Elaine Payne b.a. 10 (Mrs E. C. 

Gray Elizabeth MacLean b.a. 16 

Care James Gray 901 Colorado 

bldg Washington D. C. 
Gray Emma Cutting Bent b.a. 81 

d. 2 S 89 
Gray Hazel Pearl b.a. 13 

Lancaster N. H. 

Gray Jessie Callam b.a. 05 121 N. Linden av. 
Pittsburgh Pa. 

Gray Mrs John Clifford (Odilee Ger- 
trude Burnham 06) College green 
Annapolis Md. 

Gray Julia Marguerite b.l. 00 200 
Oak Grove st. Minneapolis Minn. 

Gray Marjorie b.l. 03 b.s. 10 Simmons 
212 Newbury st. Boston 

Gray Mrs Maurice H. (Marian Doug- 
lass Keith 11) Middle st. Old 
Town Me. 

Gray Mildred Olney b.a. 11 

68 Wood st. Olney ville Providence 
R. I. 


Gray Nellie b.a. 89 (Mrs W. H. Young) 

Gray Mrs Samuel Braley (Bessie Pen- 
dleton Benson 04) Old Town Me. 

Gray Mrs Solon Goodridge (Harriet 
Winter Simons 97) 16 Henry st. 
Bellows Falls Vt. 

Gray Mrs William Dodge (Henrietta 
Sheldon . Seelye 98) Round hill 

Gray Mrs William Holder jr (Corrinne Harmon 
Calhoun 01) Dedham 

Green Mrs Clarence Whitaker (Maude 
Edna Bushnell 10) 65 Hempstead 
av. Rockville Center N. Y. 

Green Elsie b.a. 16 
Schenevus N. Y. 

Green Ethel Aurelia b.l. 02 (Mrs J. B. 

Green Mrs James W. jr (Helen Hays 

Tate 07) 45 Grant av. Amster- 
dam N. Y. 
*Green Mrs Joseph Coy (Harriet 

Stearns 11) d. Ag 12 

Green Mrs Nathan Williams (Anna 

Louise Harrington 95) 152 W. 

57th st. New York 
Green Susan Allen b.a. 05 m.a. 06 

Chicago univ. Maryville college 

Maryville Tenn. 
Green Sybil Caroline b.a. 13 

253 Main st. Spencer 
Greene Alice Cummings b.a. 07 

240 Westminster drive Atlanta Ga. 
Greene Amy Whitney b.a. 15 

21 West st. Worcester 
Greene Anna Edith b.a. 85 (Mrs C. A. Stearns) 
Greene Mrs Carleton (Anna Bartow 

Lathrop 90) 151 W. Turrell av. 

South Orange N. J. 
Greene Mrs Edward Miller (Katharine 

Strong Jameson 84) 45 Chestnut 

st. Boston 
Greene Elizabeth b.a. 13 

Johns Hopkins hospital Baltimore 


Greene Elizabeth Alice b.a. 07 (Mrs B. W. 

Greene Esther Follansbee b.l. 01 
Ivy Depot Va. 

Greene Grace Miller b.a. 82 m.a. 85 
(Mrs S. C. Clark) 

Greene Helen French b.a. 91 m.a. 01 
80 Pinckney st. Boston 

Greene Mrs James Taylor (Faith 
Hamilton Reed 08) New Braintree 

Greene Mrs John Adolph (Hulda Eliza- 
beth Pettengill 02) Rumford Me. 

Greene Julia Adaline b.a. 00 (Mrs F. S. 


Greene Katharine Elizabeth b.a. 15 
45 Chestnut st. Boston 

Greene Mary Seymour b.l. 93 (Mrs 

Charles Patch) 
Greene Rina Maude b.a. 03 

78 Day st. Fitchburg 
Greenhalgh Grace Lenore b.a. 04 

(Mrs W. A. Eversman) 

Greenhalgh Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 09 

464 W. Lockwood av. Webster Groves Mo. 

Greenhood Marion Charlotte b.a. 10 
330 Walnut av. Roxbury 

Greenman Mary b.a. 99 (Mrs E. S. 

Greenough Clara Mary b.a. 94 m.d. 99 

Northwestern univ. 17% Federal 

st. Greenfield 
Greenough Elizabeth Jean b.a. 03 

(Mrs J. P. Krogh) 

♦Greenough Jeanie Grace b.a. 85 (Mrs L. S. 
Crawford) d. 5 F 88 

Greenwood Mrs Albert Henry (Mary 
Agnes Gage 00) 9 Grand View ter- 
race Hartford Ct. 

Greenwood Grace b.a. 97 (Mrs C. E. 

Greenwood Helen Barbara b.a. 15 

531 First av. Salt Lake City Utah 

Greenwood Vodisa Emilie b.a. 13 
Farmington Me. 

Gregory Anne Chapman b.a. 04 
(Mrs J. W. Young) 

Gregory Elizabeth Stone b.a. 10 M.A. 15 
(Mrs Enoch Perkins) 

Gregory Mrs William Arthur (Marie Louise 
Sexton 01) 1210 W. 22d st. Minneapolis 

Grey Florence Aurelia b.a. 08 (Mrs E. F. 

Gribbel Idella Louise b.a. 09 

Wyncote Pa. 
Griepenkerl Mrs William (Florence 

Virginia Smith 93) Tiburon 

Point Marin co. Cal. 

Grier Caroline King b.a. 00 (Mrs H. B. 

Grier Isabel Hooker b.a. 03 (Mrs W. A. Jack) 
GrifTenhagen Mrs Edwin O. (Chris- 
tine Alma Gloeckler 08) 
819 Junior terrace Chicago 111. 

Griffin Anna Maria b.a. 10 

N. Main st. South Hadley Falls 
Griffin Hannah Mary b.a. 12 (Mrs 

W. S. Baker) 


Griffin Josie Magdalene b.a. 10 

41 Bardwell st. South Hadley 

Griffith Mrs M. Dison (Grace Kellogg 08) 

5516 Pemberton st. West Philadelphia Pa. 

Griffith Mabel Emma b.a. 03 (Mrs P. 

H. Edwards) 
Griffith Ruth Marie b.a. 11 (Mrs A. W. 


Griffiths Alice Frances b.a. 13 (Mrs 
A. C. Wiswall) 

Griggs Katharine Charlotte b.a. 00 
Office of Trustees of Canton Chris- 
tian college 165 5th av. New York 

Grimes Natalie b.a. 15 

The Farm Jonesboro Me. 

Grinnell Mrs Ralph H. (Evelyn Bos- 
worth Smythe 06) 7 Belvidere pi. 
Montclair N. J. 

Griswold Mrs Harold (Ruth Hayes Redington 
05) 1232 Ridge av. Evanston 111. 

Griswold Mrs Lyman Williams (Grace Clarke 
Kimball 97) 17 Crescent st. Greenfield 

Griswold Ruth Lee b.a. 12 
292 State st. Guilford Ct. 

Griswold Mrs Stanley (Ruth Selden 

16) 6 Ahwaga av. 

Griswold Mrs William Church (Helen 

Ruth Stout 00) 88 Prospect park 

W. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Groesbeck Bertha Wendell b.a. 00 

(Mrs C. K. Haskell) 
Groezinger Mrs Christian (Evelyn 

Esta Catlin 05) Wareham 

Grose Mrs Waldo (Ethel Oviatt Lewis 
09) Box 253 Great Neck Station 
N. Y, 

Gross Dorothea b.a. 04 (Mrs A. F. 

Gross Elizabeth. Hayden b.a. 09 

1528 First av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Gross Helen Clarissa b.a. 05 

840 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

Gross Irene Treat b.a. 09 

41 Elmhurst av. Elmhurst New 

Grossenbacher Ethel Louise b.a. 14 
914 Oakwood av. Toledo O. 

Ground Maud Mansfield b.a. 13 

3516 Summit st. Kansas City Mo. 

Grover Mrs Chester Metcalf (Flor- 
ence May Whiting 97) 33 Hurlbut 
st. Cambridge 

Groves Margaret Field b.a. 14 
600 Lexington av. New York 

Grow'Mrs Fred^Allen (Mary?Hunt'Brimson 01 
426 W. 62d£st. Chicago 111. 

Gruber Agatha Elizabeth b.a. 07 (Mrs 
E. R. Rayher) 

Gruening Martha b.a. 09 

36 E. 57th st. New York 

Grumbine Agnes Emeline b.a. 98 (Mrs 

A. J. Nock) 
Grumbine Lucy Coates b.l. 01 

334 E. Walnut st. Titusville Pa. 
Gubbins Genevra Ethel b.a. 09 

16 8th av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Guernsey Mrs Henry H. (Mary Mason Bar- 
stow 01) 31 2d st. Stamford Ct. 

Guilbert Isabel Amelie b.a. 11 (Mrs 

Q. W. Wales) 
Guild Mrs G. Clark (Mary Austin 

Phelps 05) 8 Mountain av. 

Maplewood N. J. 
*Guild Lora Elsine b.a. 88 d. 23 Je 95 

Guilfoil Rose Veronica b.a. 05 (Mrs Clifford 

Guion Mrs LeRoy Partridge (Ellen 

Frances Lormore 97) 3 Prospect 

st. Seneca Falls N. Y. 
Gulick Helen Farnsworth b.a. 16 

12 Fairbanks st. Brookline 
Gulliver Charlotte Chester b.a. 83 

30 Huntington lane Norwich Town 


Gulliver Eunice Henrietta b.l. 91 

30 Huntington lane Norwich Town 

Gulliver Julia Henrietta b.a. 79 ph.d. 
88 ll.d. 10 Officier d'Academie 09 
Rockford college Rockford 111. 

Gulliver Mary b.a. 82 m.a. 89 
Rockford college Rockford 111. 

Gundaker Winifred Belle b.a. 11 
600 Maple av. Oak Park 111. 

Gunderson Lily Elnora b.l. 99 
576 W. 161st st. New York 

Gunn Elizabeth Annabelle b.a. 09 
1253 S.t Nicholas av. New York 

Gunn Pearl Adair b.a. 95 (Mrs B. S. 

Gunning Hester b.a. 15 

238 N. Main st. Fall River 
Gushee Vera Marie b.a. 16 

Yerkes observatory Williams Bay 


Guthrie Mrs Edward Buckingham 
(Maria Elizabeth Seabury 90) 
512 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Guyer Caroline Clarkson b.a. 81 
101 Rock st. Fall River 



Haake Annah Dora b.a. 88 Indianapolis Ind. 

Haberstroh Mabel Juliet b.l. 03 (Mrs C. N. 

Hackett Bertha b.a. 05 74 Highland 

av. Newtonville 
Hackett Mrs John T. (Linda Harding 

05) 636 Belmont av. Westmount 
Montreal Canada 

Hackett Sarah Balch b.a. 09 

74 Highland av. Newtonville 
Hadd Eugenie Celine Irene b.l. 02 

131 W. 110th st. New York 
Hadkins Marion Lockwood b.a. 11 

Tottenville Staten Island N. Y. 
Hadley Mrs Philip Bardwell (Ruth 

Barbara Canedy 02) Kingston 

R. I. 

Hadley Mrs Walter E. (Alice Faulkner 

06) 518 Parkway drive Fairfield 

Hadsel Mrs Fred Latimer (Mary Lucinda 
Perine 04) Oxford O. 

Haeske Inez Lorene b.a. 15 

922 E. Jefferson st. South Bend 

*Haeske Marguerite Irene b.a. 13 
d. 27 S 14 

Hafey Eileen Cecilia b.a. 10 88 Beacon av. 

Hagan Mrs Joseph T. (Helen Marie Kilborn 
09) 2574 Monroe st. Toledo O. 

Hagar Mary Lyon b.l. 93 

337 College st. Burlington Vt. 

Hagen Mrs Orville R. (Leona Cran- 
dall 02) 167 Carroll st. Pater- 
son N. J. 

Hager Edith Rey b.a. 09 (Mrs Man- 
ning Martin) 

Hager Laura Winifred b.a. 03 
South Deerfield 

Hager Mary Earle b.a. 87 (Mrs G. R. Wedge- 

Haggett Kate Estelle b.a. 86 (Mrs 

A. F. Warren) 
Hague Florence Amelia b.a. 09 

106 N. 9th st. Newark N. J. 
Haines Mabel b.a. 85 (Mrs J. B. Martin) 
Haire Anna Roberta b.a. 83 

1106 Lake Shore drive Chicago 111. 

Haire Mrs John (Margaret Mary 

Mason 04) 1026 2d av. S. Fort 

Dodge la. 
Haire Mildred Moore b.a. 07 

Schoville school 2042 5th av. 

New York 

Haire Paula Loraine b.a. 11 (Mrs R. R. 

Van Valkenburgh) 
Hale Mrs Arthur Ernest (Edna Frances 

Lang 95) Bradford Vt. 

Hale Franc b.l. 97 (Mrs E. de W. 


Hale Mrs Henry Erving (Frances 

Hibbard Ward 95) 64 W. 50th st. 

New York 
Hale Louise b.a. 13 

1103 State st. Lafayette Ind. 
Hale Martha Davis b.s. 96 (Mrs W. 

W. Harts) 
Hale Mary Kimball b.a. 07 

Newbury Vt. 
Hall Adine Vinson b.a. 14 (Mrs J. C. 


Hall Anne Hibbard b.a. 98 (Mrs P. P. Gaylord) 
Hall Mrs Arthur Cleveland (Florence 
Emeline Clexton 02) 82 Gains- 
borough st. Boston 
Hall Mrs Basil D. (Anna Loraine 
Washburn 10) 710 Coster st. 
Bronx New York 

Hall Mrs Crowell Clarinton jr (Marjory Ismene 
Waite 08) Dover Me. 

Hall Edith Hay ward b.a. 99 ph.d. 07 
Bryn Mawr (Mrs J. M. Dohan) 

Hall Elizabeth Newcomb b.l. 99 (Mrs 
J. S. Todd) 

Hall Flora Belle b.a. 99 (Mrs L. E. Graves) 
Hall Frances Evelyn b.a. 16 

58 Corey road Brookline 
Hall Frances Shedd b.l. 96 (Mrs 

Samuel Sparhawk) 
♦Hall Gertrude Fiske b.l. 01 (Mrs 

J. N. Hood) d. 26 F 09 

Hall Gladys b.a. 14 

241 Maple st. Holyoke 
Hall Mrs Harvey Herrick (Florence 

May Foster 11) 1324 Virginia st. 

Charleston W. Va. 
Hall Helen Annette b.a. 04 

8 Summit av. Winchester 
Hall Mrs Joseph A. (Lucia Mae 

Wheeler 98) 2513 Auburn av. 

Cincinnati O. . 

Hall Katharine Elsie b.a. 09 (Mrs J. M. 

Hall Linda b.a. 06 m.a. 09 Columbia 

35 High st. South Norwalk Ct. 
Hall Mrs Louis Harrison (Georgiana 

Dunn Coyle 98) S. Main st. 

New Canaan Ct. 
Hall Lucy Pond b.a. 05 (Mrs Alvan 



Hall Mira Hinsdale b.a. 83 

Holmes road Pittsfield 
Hall Mrs Percy Newell (Leal May Fales 01) 

15 Chestnut st. Westfield 
Hall Mrs Robert E. (Mabel Agnes Bathgate 

07) Dover Me. 

Hall Mrs Robert William (Mary Alice 

Bowers 95) 133 Church st. 

Bethlehem Pa. 
Hall Ruth Bartlett b.l. 93 

Guilford Ct. 
Halla Juliette Dorothy b.a. 13 

12 2d st. Troy N. Y. 
Haller Mrs William (Malleville Whee- 

lock Emerson 08) 603 W. 139th st. 

New York 

Hallisey Mrs Joseph Edward (Eleanor Somes 

Trafton 07) 672 Broadway 

South Boston 
Hallock Clara Dougrey b.a. 06 

227 S. Cherry st. Galesburg I1L 
Hallock Eula b.a. 09 (Mrs H. D. Walmsley) 
Hallock Harriet Prentice b.a. 97 (Mrs 

T. W. Moore) 
Hallock Josephine b.l. 97 

The Pines Falls Village Ct. 
Hallock Nellie Elizabeth b.a. 85 (Mrs 

A. T. Livingston) 
Halloran Elizabeth Anna b.a. 13 

288 Riverside drive Northampton 
Halpin Eleanor Louise b.a. 14 

177 Union st. Montclair N. J. 

Halsey Marion Spencer b.a. 13 

356 W. 120th st. New York 
Ham Berniece Barker b.a. 10 

64 Horton st. Lewiston Me. 
Hamblett Julia Emeline B.A. 14 

26 King st. Dorchester 
Hamburger Mrs Jonas (Amy Esther 

Stein 04) * 2350 Eutaw pi. 

Baltimore Md. 
Hamilton Caroline Elvira b.a. 95 

Chestnut hill Greenfield 

Hamilton Caroline Frances b.a. 85 
m.d. 88 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
inf. Aintab Turkey-in-Asia 

Hamilton Mrs Emmett Smith (Mabel Fielder 
Havens 10) 73 W. 36th st. 

Bayonne N. J. 

Hamilton Mrs Ernest D. (Helen Par- 

menter Smith 01) Old Ashfield 

road Shelburne Falls 
Hamilton Mrs George Edward (Stella May 

Morse 97) 981 Fremont st. 

Santa Clara Cal. 

Hamilton Helen May b.a. 95 

106 Van Ruypen st. Jersey City 
N. J. 

Hamilton Mrs Horatio Arnold (Alice 
Willard Warner 03) 215 S. Main 
st. West Hartford Ct. 

Hamilton Jane Steele b.a. 07 (Mrs 
L. T. Wilcox) 

Hamilton Josephine b.a. 12 (Mrs 

Clifford Hubbell) 
Hamilton Mary b.a. 04 

35 Fruit st. Worcester 

Hamilton Mary Emma b.l. 93 

240 Highland av. W. Redlands Cal. 

Hamilton Maude Lines b.a. 10 
65 Pleasant st. Meriden Ct. 

Hamilton Mrs Sidney M. (Hannah Belle Weid- 
man 92) Franklin Pa. 

Hamlin Mrs Arthur George (Ella Payne 83) 
De Land Fla. 

Hamlin Margaret Ruth Pomeroy b.a. 
04 12 East st. Amherst 

Hamlin Mrs Talbot Faulkner (Hilda 
Blanche Edwards 12) 
100 Convent av. New York 

Hamlin Mrs William R. (Ada May 
Chandler 00) Hyde Park Vermont 

Hammer Mabel White b.a. 16 
153 W. 46th st. New York 

Hammerslough Elsa Sachs b.l. 97 
. (Mrs M. C. Herrmann) 

Hammerslough Gertrude Eleanor b.l. 
97 (Mrs Jerome Alexander) 

Hammond Claire Forbes b.a. 96 (Mrs 

H. W. Rand) 
Hammond Edna Elizabeth B.A. 01 

31 Park st. Adams 

Hammond Elizabeth Penn b.a. 98 (Mrs Win- 
throp Fillebrown) 

Hammond Ethel b.a. 06 

222 Elm st. Northampton 

Hammond Juliet b.l. 94 m.a. 11 
Chicago univ. Care Morgan 

Harjes & co. 31 blvd Haussmann 
Paris France 

Hammond Mrs Karl Raymond (Chris- 
tine Shuart 07) 59 Maple st. 

♦Hammond Mary Grace b.a. 82 (Mrs C. H. 
Northrop) d. 13 My 14 

Hammond Maud Bernice b.a. 10 

1459 W. 22d st. Los Angeles CaV 

Hammond May b.a. 03 

222 Elm st. Northampton 

Hammond Mrs Thomas (Annie Kim- 
ball Mead 04) 222 Elm st. 


Hammond Mrs Trevor Owen (Alice 
Mae Lindman 06) 421 Spruce st. 
Helena Mon. 

Hanchett Hazel b.a. 12 
89 Harvard st. Lowell 

Hancock Helen b.a. 12 

1239 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 

Hancock Mary Elizabeth b.l. 00 
1412 Elk st. Franklin Pa. 

Hancock Mrs Stewart Freeman 
(Marion McLennan 08) 1532 E. 
Genesee st. Syracuse N. Y. 

Hancox Edith b.l. 02 27 Pearl st. 


Hanford Florence Lillian b.a. 15 
27 Lenox pi. New Britain Ct. 

Hanford Mrs Parmly (Ruth Lowrey 
09) Kinderhook N. Y. 

Hanitch Mary b.a. 12 

767 W. 4th st. Superior Wis. 

Hankerson Jeannette b.a. 16 

422 Orchard pi. La Crosse Wis. 

Hann Winifred Travers b.a. 10 

700 Springfield av. Summit N. J. 

Hannahs Helen Elizabeth b.a. 16 

719 Washington st. Watertown 
N. Y. 

Hannan Ruth Constance b.a. 15 
36 Rogers av. Lynn 

Hannigan Dorothy Frances b.a. 14 
233 River st. Braintree 

Hanscom Mrs Ralph Warren (Frances 
Moseley 13) 41 Wyman terrace 

Hansel Mrs Charles R. (Harriet 
Greene Day 87) 1144 Prospect 
av. Hartford Ct. 

Hansen Mrs Emil (Ruth Leighton 10) 
325 Holland st. Syracuse N. Y. 

Hanson Alice Marion b.a. 09 (Mrs 

M. A. Smith) 
Hanson Mrs Joseph O. (Sally Jane 

McMullin 10) 4728 Kenwood av. 

Chicago 111. 
Hanson Mollie Farrar b.a. 11 

16 Calais av. Calais Me. 

Harder Isabel Richmond b.a. 11 (Mrs 
P. T. E. Gebhard) 

Hardies Mrs Charles E. (Grace May 
Beattie 05) 19 Grant av. Amster- 
dam N. Y. 

Harding Elizabeth Boyd b.a. 10 
Whitehall N. Y. 

Harding Mrs John Slosson (Mary 
Belle Brown 91) 141 S. Franklin 
st. Wilkesbarre Pa. 

Harding Linda b.a. 05 (Mrs J. T. 

Hardwick Rose Standish b.a. 90 m.a. 09 
11 Cleveland st. Cambridge 

Hardy Mrs Ashley Kingsley (Adelaide Benton 
Sanford 93) Hanover N. H. 

Hardy Beatrice b.a. 11 

10 Livermore road Wellesley Hills 

Hardy Blanche Guy b.a. 03 (Mrs Moritz 

Hardy Fannie Pearson b.a. 88 (Mrs J. A. 

Hardy Mrs James Graham (Nona 

Burnett Mills 01) 232 Main st. 

Hardy Mary Chapman b.a. 85 

107 Winthrop st. Roxbury 
Hardy Mary Frances b.a. 07 (Mrs 

F. A. Pemberton) 
Hardy Mary Rust b.s. 96 (Mrs H. H. Folsom) 
Hardy Mrs William C. (Almeda 

Frances Reed 03) 124 Pleasant st. 


Hargraves Mrs Charles N. (Mabel Juliet 
Haberstroh 03) 10 Nelson pi. 

South Framingham 

Harkness Edith Alice b.l. 94 

2252 Ridge av. Evanston 111. 
*Harkness Mrs Frank E. (Una Mc- 

Mahan 94) d. 4 Ap 15 

Harlow Grace Evelyn b.a. 04 (Mrs C. 

W. Bray) 
Harlow Helen b.a. 14 

16 Summer st. Montpelier Vt. 
Harney Esther Loyola b.a. 14 

142 Ocean st. Lynn 
Harper Ruth Holmes b.a. 12 (Mrs A. 

O. Andersson) 
Harrah Mrs Edgar Everett (Florence 

Freeland Curtis 10) 2215 22d av. 

N. Seattle Wash. 
Harriman Mrs Charles C. (Mary 

Hilliard Phillips 02) 105 State st. 

Albany N. Y. 
Harriman Mrs Edward Avery (Bertha 

Cornwall Ray 86) 72 Edgehill road 

New Haven Ct. 
Harrington Anna Louise b.a. 95 (Mrs 

N. W. Green) 

Harrington Julia Gertrude b.a. 04 (Mrs J. G. 

Harris Bertha Marie b.l. 99 (Mrs R. C. Cor- 

Harris Elsie Catherine b.a. 13 
541 E. 78th st. New York 


Harris Elsie Milne b.l. 04 (Mrs H. R. 

Harris Gertrude Bertha b.l. 97 

587 Riverside drive New York 

Harris Harriet Louise b.l. 01 (Mrs 

S. J. Beach) 
Harris Hart-Lester b.a. 13 

1104 Worthington st. Springfield 
Harris Helen Fancher b.a. 08 (Mrs 

N. L. Snow) 
Harris Helen Osborne b.a. 09 (Mrs J. P. 


Harris Helen Sophia b.l. 98 (Mrs C. F. Wil- 

Harris Henrietta Clark b.a. 83 (Mrs 

W. A. Harris) 
Harris Henrietta Corson b.a. 09 

1104 Worthington st. Springfield 

Harris Mrs Julian Chapin (Vila Luella Breene 

06) Box 636 Fort Worth Tex. 

Harris Mabel Austin b.a. 97 (Mrs S. M. Rose) 
Harris Minnie Mildred b.a. 00 (Mrs 

F. L. Taylor) 
Harris Rachel Dearborn b.a. 09 (Mrs 

J. H. Johnson) 
Harris Sophie Oliver b.a. 07 (Mrs R. A. 


Harris Verna Rogene b.a. 05 (Mrs W. R. T. 
Ewen jr) 

Harris Mrs William Allen (Henrietta 
Clark Harris 83) 1104 Worth- 
ington st. Springfield 

Harris Mrs William Johnson jr (Theona 
Clare Peck 95) Care W. J. 

Harris 92 Beaver st. New York 

Harrison Elizabeth Vincent b.a. 12 
124 Prospect st. Canastota N. Y. 

Harrison Florence Louise b.a. 06 
Rogers hall Lowell 

Harrison Florence Marguerite b.a. 83 (Mrs 
F. B. Forman) 

Harrison Mrs John Smith (Elisabeth 
Shepard Southworth 04) 
323 N. Audubon road Indianapo- 
lis Ind. 

Harrison Kathleen b.a. 16 

31 Randolph av. Meriden Ct. 

Harrison Louise b.l. 98 

Glendale terrace Kirk wood Mo. 

Harroun Mrs Bryant Mower (Bessie 
Whitney Ripley 05) Hingham 

Harsha Helen Louise b.l. 01 (Mrs E. 
M. Sherman) 

Harshaw Mrs William Andrew (Fran- 
ces Pauline Lips 01) 11440 Juni- 
per road Cleveland O. 

Hart Mrs Charles Mansfield (Mildred 
Adiene Bergen 10) 160 Merrick 
road Freeport Long Island N. Y. 

Hart Mrs Henry C. (Marjorie Stuart 
Comstock 07) 57 University av. 
Providence R. I. 

Hart Margaret b.a. 10 (Mrs H. McC. 

Harter Amanda Moore b.l. 99 (Mrs 

J. U. Fogle) 
Harter Cornelia Sherman b.l. 98 (Mrs 

W. D. Stiger) 
Harter Katherine b.a. 02 (Mrs H. M. 

Hartford Emma Helen b.a. 16 

133 Miller av. Portsmouth N. H. 

Hartman Mrs Harry W. (Marie Louise Lotze 
09) Mt Carroll 111. 

Hartman Mrs R. V. (Estelle Clarissa 
Kaster 07) 

Salina Westmoreland Co. Pa. 
Hartmann Mrs Adolph jr (Frances 

Margaret Baumann 09) 616 Cor- 
nelia av. Chicago 111. 
Hartog Mrs Martin (Florence Theresa 

Plaut 11) Van Eeghenstraat 91 

Amsterdam Holland 
Harts Mrs William Wright (Martha 

Davis Hale 96) 1842 Mintwood 

pi. Washington D. C. 
Hartsuff Mabel Winifred b.l. 00 (Mrs 

L. S. Trowbridge jr) 
Hartwell Mary Ann b.l. 94 

1919 Calvert st. Washington D. C. 
Hartwell Maud Appleton b.l. 93 

253 Norfolk st. Dorchester 
Harvey Eloise b.a. 12 

506 Court st. Belleville 111. 
Harvey Florence Gertrude b.a. 08 

832 Manhattan pi. Los Angeles Cal. 

Harwood Anne Penfield b.a. 09 
515 Meade st. Appleton Wis. 

Harwood Mrs Ernest M. (Emily 
Douglas Huntington 02) Water- 
ford Ct. 

Harwood Mary Emma b.a. 93 

22 Washington st. Rutland Vt. 

Harwood Mary Louisa b.a. 10 (Mrs 

F. W. Curtis) 
Hasbrouck Gertrude Marie b.a. 99 117 State 

st. Bristol R. I. 

Hasbrouck Katherine Roosa b.a. 16 
S. Broadway Dobbs Ferry N. Y. 

Hasey Alice Mabel b.a. 10 

2613 3d av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Haskell Mrs Albert Adams (Margaret 
Leslie Weatherston 12) 
172 Gallatin st. Providence R. I. 


Haskell Mrs Charles Houston (Louise 
Woodward 83) 11 Lincoln av. 
Norwich Ct. 

Haskell Mrs Clayton Kendall (Bertha 
Wendell Groesbeck 00) 560 Mon- 
roe av. Rochester N. Y. 

Haskell Mrs George Dotson (Blanche 
Mary Valentine 05) Elm st. 

Haskell Pauline b.a. 11 (Mrs S. S. Crossman) 
Haskins Alice Crane b.a. 03 (Mrs D. 

B. Swingle) 
Haskins Anna Catherine b.a. 00 

106 E. 52d st. New York 
Hassett Mary Christina b.a. 13 Lee 
Hasson Helen Arlene b.a. 07 (Mrs T. S. 


Hastings Mrs Alfred (Helen Fellows 

06) Anaconda Mon. 
Hastings Alice Irene b.a. 96 

1 Wachusett st. Worcester 
Hastings Anna Lucretia b.a. 06 

2420 Canal st. New Orleans La. 

Hastings Bertha Almenia b.a. 99 
Demorest Ga. 

Hastings Delia Almira b.a. 03 (Mrs S. F. 

Hastings Dora Loomis b.a. 91 Southwick 
Hastings Elsie Hayford b.a. 10 (Mrs 

L. V. Bartlett) 
Hastings Ethel Deane b.a. 99 (Mrs J. L. Todd) 
Hastings Fanny b.a. 03 70 5th av. 

New York 
Hastings Mrs James Monroe (Emma 

Tate 80) Owego Tioga co. N. Y. 
Hastings Lucy Webb b.l. 03 (MrsW. 

N. Horsfall) 
Hastings Mary Alice b.a. 16 

3015 Washington av. Cairo 111. 
Hastings Mary Wilhelmina b.a. 05 

(Mrs H. E. Bradley) 
Hastings Myra b.a. 05 29 Rope Ferry 

road Hanover N. H. 
Hatch Mrs Azel Farnsworth (Elizabeth 

Boleyn Wright 82) 75 West st. 

Hatch Mrs Charles Collins (Ethel 

Mildred Baine 07) 510 Walnut av. 

Redlands Cal. 
*Hatch Edith Hodgen b.a. 09 (Mrs W. 

H. Rucker) d. 7 F 14 

Hatch Eleanor b.a. 16 

202 W. 8th st. Plainfield N.J. 

Hatch Helen Hamilton b.l. 03 

416 Brook st. Providence R. I. 
Hatch Margaret Hamilton b.a. 06 416 Brook 
st. Providence R. I. 

Hatch Marguerite Southmayd b.a. 09 (Mrs B. 
E. Sargent) 

Hatch Mrs Roscoe Conkling (Sophie Ridgely 
Lytle 07) Tarrytown N. Y. 

Hatfield Margaret b.a. 09 (Mrs Stuart Chase) 
Hauxhurst Florence Clark b.a. 10 205 N. 
Walnut st. Bay City Mich. 

Havell Mrs Harry Peck (Mabel 

Hedden 01) 52 Hedden pi. East 

Orange N. J. 
Haven Katherine Lillian b.a. 92 (Mrs 

I. H. Upton) 
Haven Laura Belle b.a. 81 (Mrs Alfred 


Haven Mrs W. LeRoy (Margaret 
Loring Gilbert 10) Dorset Vt. 

Havens Mabel Fielder b.a. 10 (Mrs E. S. 

Haver Jessie Rehwoldt b.a. 09 
19 W. Cedar st. Boston 

Hawes Mrs C. H. (Harriet Ann Boyd 

92) Hanover N. H. 

Hawes Mary Corintha b.l. 96 

229 Winter st. Fall River 
Hawgood Helen Aldyth b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Valentine di Olliqui) 
Hawk Mrs Ira Tapper (Alice Bertha 

Bowman 03) 441 Front st. Fort 

Madison la. 
Hawkes Edith May b.l. 95 

46 Forest park av. Springfield 

Hawkes Mrs William (Edith Granger 91) 
Fulton Sonoma co. Cal. 

Hawkins Dorothy Lawson b.a. 12 
910 Delaware av. Wilmington Del. 

Hawkins Ethel Wallace b.l. 01 31 Wendell av. 

Hawkins Mrs Guy Carleton (Mary 

Burnham Stevens 09) Box 204 

Winchester N. H. 
Hawks Emma Beatrice b.a. 92 

941 S st. N. W. Washington D. C. 
Hawley Mrs Amos Peck (Alice Mann 

Wheeler 95) 10 Ridgewood pi. 

Hawley Mrs Francis Nelson (Marion 

Ellen French 98) 122 Cambridge 

st. Winchester. 
Hawley Mrs George M. B. (Ruth Wilson 01) 

473 S. Main st. Geneva N. Y. 

Hawley Gertrude Morgan b.a. 10 
1909 7th av. Troy N. Y. 

Hawley Margaret b.a. 13 (Mrs J. C. 
Ely jr) 

Hawley Mary Frances b.a. 07 (Mrs 

M. H. Salmon) 
Hawley Ruth Sherman b.a. 11 (Mrs 

H. W. Brown) 


Haworth Grace Elizabeth b.l. 04 (Mrs A. M. 

Haws Florence Adelaide b.a. 08 (Mrs 

William Strobridge) 
Haws Mrs Henry E. (Louise Park 

Collin 05) 35 Mull av. Akron O. 
Hawthorne Rosamond b.a. 15 

(Mrs E. J. Snyder) 

Hay Isabel Bancroft b.a. 85 m.a. 89 

27 Storer st. Portland Me. 
Hay Louise Catharine b.a. 09 
3 Oak road Milton 

Hay Mrs William W. (Helen Foster McManigal 
11) Fort Sam Houston Tex. 

Hay Mrs Willis Chenery (Mildred 

Winslow Dewey 01) Cragmoor 

Cape Elizabeth Me. 
Hayden Ruth Sara b.a. 07 (Mrs A. R. Nagle) 
Hay den Viola Pauline b.a. 07 

Bedford Springs 
Hayden Mrs Warren S. (Elizabeth 

Strong 03) 1884 E. 89th st. 

Cleveland O. 
Hay dock Alma Estelle b.a. 09 


Hayes Mrs Bertram Hatch (Margaret 
Lockey 12) 69 West st. Leominster 

Hayes Mrs Edward C. (Grace Theresa 
Osborne 02) Greensboro Vt. 

Hayes Hope Beatrice b.l,. 99 (Mrs Howard 

Hayes Lucretia Caroline b.a. 02 (Mrs 
N. B. Sherry) 

Haynes Margery b.a. 10 (Mrs F. E. Held) 

Haynes Muriel Sturgis b.l. 04 

Augusta Me. 
Hays Elizabeth b.a. 09 

5260 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 
Hays Mrs Harry Cornwall (Marie Angeline 

Mohr 99) Bonner Springs Kan. 

Hays Mrs John Edward (Elizabeth Wood 00) 

Johnstown N. Y. 

*Hayward Grace b.a. 85 d. 23 F 91 
Hayward Mrs Harry (Lillian Woolson 

94) Newark Del. 

Hayward Mrs John Albert (Florence Mary 

Homer 01) Biddeford Me. 

Hayward Mrs Julian Stevens (Ruth 
Elizabeth Shepherd 12) 
1528 W. First st. Glendale Cal. 

Hazard Grace Walcott b.l. 99 (Mrs Roscoe 

Hazeltine Grace Adelaide b.a. 09 (Mrs F. M. 

Hazeltine Marian B.A. 11 

Northport av. Belfast Me. 

Hazen Annah Putnam b.l. 95 m.s. 97 
Dartmouth 68 Washington sq. 
New York 

Hazen Mrs Charles Downer (Sara 

Sefton Duryea 96) 42 E. 75th st. 

New York 
Hazen Elizabeth b.a. 12 

25 Maple st. Northampton 
Hazen Emily b.a. 89 

236 Auburn st. Auburndale 
Hazen Ethel Augusta b.a. 04 (Mrs 

W. H. Lillard) 
Hazen Fanny Vose b.a. 10 

Hanover N. H. 
Hazen Louise Coleman b<a. 98 

68 Washington sq. New York 
Hazen Mabel Gibson b.a. 96 

414 Winthrop av. New Haven Ct. 

Hazlehurst Elizabeth Kimberly b.a. 16 
1021 Greenwood blvd Evanston 111. 

Hazlewood Ethel March b.a. 11 

98 Beech st. Roslindale Boston 

Heacock Mrs James Walker (Lucy 
Dwight Orne 02) Mather av. 
Wyncote Pa.' 

Head Mary Harriett b.a. 12 
Hooksett N. H. 

Headden Margaret b.a. 09 (Mrs L. W. Pope) 
Heald Lucy Daisy b.a. 95 m.a. 98 Co- 
lumbia 15 Wendell st. Cambridge 

Healey Mrs Arthur Everett (Ruth Emma 
Manley 03) 655 High st. Denver Col. 

Healey Leonore b.a. 16 

133 Howe st. New Haven Ct. 

Healy Mrs John Jay (Katharine Han- 
nah Andrews 94) 2728 Pine Grove 
av. Chicago 111. 

Healy Mrs Thomas Davis (Mary Lucv Huff- 
man 90) 923 First av. S. Fort Dodge la. 

*Heard Sarah Webster b.a. 81 

d. 30 S 96 
Hearn Olive Elizabeth b.a. 13 

422 Union st. Hudson N. Y. 
*Heath Lucie Florena b.l. 99 d. 3 S 00 

Heathman Mrs Frank Boltin (Grace Leonard 

Brooks 97) 1022 Grand av. Dayton O. 

Heaume Mrs Clarence Robin (Sara 
Anne Brouwer 13) Rawang 
Federated Malay States Asia 

Hedden Gertrude Searing b.a. 10 

72 Maplewood av. Maplewood N.J. 

Hedden Mabel b.l. 01 (Mrs H. P. 

Hedges Harriet Heloise b.a. 10 (Mrs 

P. R. Tappan) 
Hedlund Ruth Fredericka b.a. 16 

217 Shaw st. New London Ct. 

Hedrick Ellen A. b.a. 92 Yale Uni- 
versity library New Haven Ct. 


Hedrick Florence b.a. 12 (Mrs C. F. 

Heffron Emilie Lane b.a. 11 

1014 James st. Syracuse N. Y. 

Heidrich Bertha Estelle b.l. 98 (Mrs 
W. S. Miles) 

Heidrich Mathilde Louelle b.a. 01 (Mrs T. H. 

Heilborn Mrs Walter S. (Aimee Paula 

Gallert 00) 603 W. 138th st. 

New York 
Heilbron Adelaide b.a. 15 

Hotel Perry Seattle Wash. 
Heilbrunn Jeannette Rose b.a. 14 

1440 President st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Heine Aida Agnes b.a. 03 m. a. 05 

49 Dryads' green Northampton 
Heinemann Eda Gertrude b.l. 02 

Lake Erie college Painesville O. 
Heintz Agnes Walker b.a. 11 (Mrs W. 

H. Kennedy) 
Heisler Mrs Edward B. (Louise Priest Putnam 

02) 364 Douglas st. Salt Lake City Utah 
Held Mrs Felix E. (Margery Haynes 10) 

110 N. University av. Oxford O. 

Hellekson Ruth b.a. 14 

1942 N. Alabama st. Indianapolis 

Helmholz Mrs Henry Frederic (Isabel Gray 
Lindsay 07) 1015 Michigan av. Evanston 

Hemenway Sarah Gross b.a. 86 (Mrs 

Louis Bell) 
Hemphill Helen Elma b.a. 10 

35 Charles st. New York 
Henderson Charlotte Avery b.a. 10 

76 Meigs st. Rochester N. Y. 
Henderson Irene May b.a. 16 

1776 Girard av. S. Minneapolis 


Henderson Nellie Frances DuBois b.a. 

02 (Mrs D. J. Carter) 
Hendrick Ruby Edna b.a. 04 (Mrs 

W. T. Newcomb) 
Hendrie Gladys Lorraine b.a. 14 

843 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Henley Ruth b.a. 09 (Mrs W. P. Kirk) 

Henne Mrs George (Jeannette Chase Kraffert 
08) Titusville Pa. 

Hennion Louise Morrow b.a. 09 

366 Van Houten st. Paterson N. J. 
Henry Eugenia May b.a. 04 b.l.s. 06 

N. Y. state lib. sch. 

208 Lincoln st. Middletown Ct. 
Henry Gertrude Mead b.a. 00 (Mrs 

E. B. Mead) 
Henry Margaret Farquhar b.a. 16 

179 Crystal st. East Stroudsburg 


Henry Marjorie Louise b.a. 08 

62 Clark road Brookline 
Henry Mrs Robert Edward (Virginia Bell Tolar 

02) 185 St John's pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Henry Ruth Whipple b.a. 08 Amherst 
Henshaw Mary Dana b.a. 92 

49 High st. Brattleboro Vt. 
*Hepburn Mrs (Alice May Smith 03) 

d. 26 F 14 
*Hepburn Anna Hathaway b.a. 13 

(Mrs Stoddard Lane) d. 3 Ag 16 
Hepburn Clara Elizabeth b.a. 09 (Mrs 

Jack Many) 
Hepburn Dollie Booth b.a. 13 

1 Prospect terrace East Orange 

N. J. 

Hequembourg Marion Gertrude b.a. 11 
(Mrs S. F. Nixon) 

Herbert Mrs Edward (Clara Holmes Lyle 02) 
308 S. Spring av. LaGrange 111. 

Herbold Charlotte Louise Marguerite 
b.a. 14 394 Jersey st. Buffalo 
N. Y. 

Herman Mrs John Frederick (Katherine Hun- 
gerford 92) 609 S. Story st. Boone la. 

Herman Maida b.a. 12 (Mrs H. C. 

Herrick Ada Elizabeth b.a. 94 17 Washington 
road Springfield 

Herrick Bertha Frances b.a. 96 (Mrs 

J. W. Husted) 
Herrick Mrs I. Arthur (Clara Board - 

man Piatt 94) 3654 Blaisdell av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Herrick Percy Ruth b.a. 09 (Mrs 

Douglas Macduff) 

Herrington Isabel b.a. 09 680 Emerson st. 
Denver Col. 

Herrmann Mrs Milton Charles (Elsa 

Sachs Hammerslough 97) Dobbs 

Ferry N. Y. 
Hersey Mrs Walter Albert (Marguerite 

Cutler Page 01) 134 Abbott road 

Wellesley Hills 
Hershey Mrs Harry B. (Julia Leah 

Stapleton 09) 821 W. Main Cross 

st. Taylorville 111. 
Hersom Mabel Lord b.l. 97 (Mrs R. 

H. Jones) 

Hess Ruth Josephine b.a. 11 (Mrs S. S. 

Hesselberg Tillie Beatrice b.a. 11 

9 Wood apts Salt Lake City Utah 
Hethrington Mrs Ernest T. (Mary 

Louise Darling 05) Brandon Vt. 
Heuchling Mrs Fred G. (Mabel Anna 

Koch 07) 1310 Glenlake av. 

Chicago 111. 


Hewes Carrie Madeleine b.a. 02 

Porter road Andover 
Hewes Rebekah Crider b.a. 13 

Care of 616 Masonic temple Erie 


Hewett Mrs Charles Mackintosh (Mar- 
garet Adams Sargent 12) 129 Lan- 
don av. Watertown 

Hewett Mrs Freeman R. (Alice Townsend 

Mitchell 06) Ritzville Wash. 
Hewitt Helen Witter b.a. 91 Williamstown 
Hewitt Mrs Henry M. (Ena Vinal 

Wilder 00) 235 W. 75th st. New 


Hewitt Mrs Herbert (Helen Richmond Carter 
03) Peoria 111. 

Hewitt Mary Cornwall b.a. 97 ph.d. 01 
- Yale (Mrs S. K. Mitchell) 

Hewitt Mrs Thomas Denison (Hen- 
rietta Silliman Dana 12) 
118 Hicks st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Heyman Clara Winifred b.a. 11 (Mrs 
J. S. Weinberg) 

Heywood Clara Emily b.l. 00 (Mrs C. E. Scott) 

Hey wood Lucy Florence b.a. 84 (Mrs 
John Holden) 

Hibberd Harriett Baldwin b.a. 10 (Mrs 
R. V. R. Bassett) 

Hibberd Helen Laura b.a. 08 (Mrs O. B. 

Hickey Lucy Agnes b.a. 97 

177 Elm st. Holyoke 

Hickey Marguerite Theresa b.a. 12 
41 Revelle av. Northampton 

Hickok Dorothy B.A. 11 (Mrs McClain 

Hickok Mary Whiting b.l. 03 (Mrs 

G. M. Sabin) 

Hidden Mrs William Henry jr (Isabel Din- 
widdie McKee 82) Greenwood Va. 

Higbee Alice Frances b.a. 06 

4 Rhode Island av. Newport R. I. 
Higbee Mrs Edwin Wilbur (Netta 

Elizabeth Wetherbee 80) 8 West 

st. Northampton 
Higbee Marguerita Emmons b.a. 12 4 Rhode 

Island av. Newport R. I. 

Higbie Mariana b.l. 01 (Mrs George 

Higby Janet Baker b.a. 12 (Mrs 

Malcolm Lewis) 
Higgins Louise Marie b.l. 98 (Mrs 

H. R. Tarbox) 

Higgins Olive Chapin b.l. 04 (Mrs L. I. 

Higgins Mrs R. Paul (Mabel Arva 
Brewer 01) 48 Church st. 

Cortland N. Y. 

Higgins Ruth Whitney b.a. 13 
75 Bay st. Manchester N. H. 

High Mrs J. Freeman (Ruth Elizabeth 
Tuttle 10) 2064 65th av.German- 
town Pa. 

Higinbotham Mrs Robert G. (Julia 

Dorothea Schauffler 07) Franklin- 

ville N. Y. 
Hilburn Edna Muriel b.a. 11 (Mrs 

A. R. Little) 
Hildebrand Alice Lyon b.a. 06 

46 Allen pi. Hartford Ct. 
Hildebrant Mrs Walter G. (Winifred 

Williams 09) 1050 Sterling pi. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Hildreth Mrs Alfred (Alice Symmes Russell 
99) 12 Chestnut st. Winchester 

Hildreth Ellen Elizabeth b.a. 04 
6 Linnaean st. Cambridge 

Hill Ada Marion b.a. 15 
Hinsdale N. H. 

Hill Adalene Rogers b.a. 08 
34 Elm st. Oshkosh Wis. 

Hill Alice Wilbur b.l. 99 (Mrs F. A. W. Drink- 

Hill Edith Naomi b.a. 03 

312 N. Euclid av. Oak Park 111. 
Hill Ellen Elizabeth b.l. 91 

198 Park av. Yonkers N. Y. 
Hill Mrs Frederick (Katharine Clark 

05) Garden City N. Y. 
Hill Mrs Frederick Trevor (Mabel 

Wood 91) 257 W. 86th st. 

New York 

Hill Mrs Frederick William (Edna Bryne 
Owsley 03) Glencoe 111. 

Hill Mrs George Albert jr (Martha 
Mabel Beasley 08) 50 Riverdale 
st. West Springfield 

Hill Harriet Bell b.a. 86 (Mrs L. F. Elliott) 

Hill Helen Fairbanks b.a. 03 
10 Astor st. Lowell 

Hill Mrs Joseph Hall (Mabel Lee Dins- 
more 04) 509 Canyon drive 
Beverly hills Los Angeles Cal. 

Hill Josephine Alberta b.a. 09 (Mrs J. 
L. Garfield) 

Hill Justina Hamilton b.a. 16 
8 Cottage st. Ware 

Hill Louise Carter b.a. 07 

1910 Stevens av. Minneapolis Minn. 

Hill Mabel Anna b.a. 03 

865 Madison av. Albany N. Y. 

Hill Mildred b.a. 09 (Mrs John Lowry 

Hill Pansy Alice b.a. 05 (Mrs H. R. 


*Hill Mrs Robert Thomas (Jennie Jus- 

tina Robinson 80) d. 16 N 13 

Hill Ruth b.l. 97 b.s. 16 Simmons 

(Mrs J. B. Arnold) 
Hill Susan Leland b.l. 03 

32 Ripley st. Worcester 
Hill Mrs William Austin (Annie Louise 

Cranska 02) 21 Oakland st. 


Hilliard Caroline Elizabeth b.a. 83 
New Paltz N. Y. 

Hilliard Carrie Gertrude b.a. 07 (Mrs A. M- 

Hillman Harriet Louisa b.a. 84 89 Bridge st. 

Hills Bertha b.a. 15 

59 N. Prospect st. Burlington Vt. 

Hills Caroline Cheney b.l. 99 (Mrs 
J. W. Allen) 

Hills Eva Louise b.a. 96 m.a. 00 Rad- 
cliffe (Mrs L. R. Eastman jr) 

Hills Helen Margaret b.a. 08 (Mrs 
J. M. Hills) 

Hills Mrs James Mandly (Helen Mar- 
garet Hills 08) 135 Prospect park 
W. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Hills Jane Reed b.l. 99 (Mrs G. E. 

Hilton Mrs Benjamin DeLong (Doro- 
thy Emma Pomeroy 04) 2 Mid- 
wood road Ridge wood N. J. 

Hilton Mary b.a. 07 

152 Congress st. Bradford Pa. 

Hinch Geneva Ella b.a. 11 
Danforth Me. 

Hinchliff Mrs Fred (Alice Newton 04) 
1257 Norwood st. Chicago 111. 

Hinckley Mrs Benjamin B. (Agnes 

Chamberlin Childs 01) Barrett pi. 

Hinckley Mercy Adeline b.a. 95 

38 Warren av. Woburn 
Hinckley Rose b.a. 95 

54 Prospect st. Northampton 
Hincks Anne Perry b.a. 00 

58 Washington av. Cambridge 
Hinds Ellen Maria b.a. 89 103 Gover- 
nor st. Providence R. I. 
Hinds Mrs Roger (Mary Bates 11) 

22 Midland av. East Orange N. J. 
Hine Edith Caroline b.a. 83 

47 Hinsdale av. Winsted Ct. 
*Hines Mrs F. B. (Laura Maria Saun- 

derson 81) d. 27 F 94 
Hines Marion b.a. 13 R. 37 

Anatomy bldg Chicago university 

Chicago 111. 

Hinkley Florence b.a. 01 (Mrs Philip 

Hinkley Helen Hartwell b.a. 07 

131 West st. Portland Me. 
Hinkley Marion b.l. 91 

711 N. Madison st. Rome N. Y. 
Hinman Caroline Borden b.a. 06 

189 Summit av. Summit N. J. 
Hinman Eunice Bowditch b.a. 13 (Mrs 

J. S. Rodman) 
Hinman Katharine Duble b.a. 08 

189 Summit av. Summit N. J. 
Hirsch Mrs Bertram J. (Evelyn Rhein- 

strom 14) 771 Greenwood av. 

Avondale Cincinnati O. 
Hirsch Natelle Mollie b.a. 16 

2421 West End av. Nashville 


Hirsch Mrs Walter A. (Hortense 
Lucille Mayer 07) The Wellsmore 
Broadway and 77th st. New York 

Hirscheimer Florence Rose b.a. 13 
(Mrs P. M. Rosen wasser) 

Hirschhorn Mrs Fred (Hannah 
DeRothschild Scharps 06) 
135 Central park W. New York 

Hirth Emma Pauline b.a. 05 

76 Jefferson st. Hartford Ct. 

Hiscox Mrs Edward (Louise Evans 04) 

184 Mayflower av. New Rochelle N. Y. 

Hiss Sophie Knowlton b.a. 04 b.l.s. 06 
N. Y. state lib. sch. 1720 E. 116th 
pi. Cleveland O. 

Hitchcock Mrs Albert Wellman (Mar- 
garette Manton Osgood 83) 5 Bar- 
ton sq. Salem 

Hitchcock Mrs Albert White (Char- 
lotte Frelinghuysen Emerson 95) 
73 Chicago av. Hinsdale 111. 

Hitchcock Anna Stella b.l. 01 

321 N. 24th st. Portland Ore. 

Hitchcock Florence Weller b.a. 99 
(Mrs J. M. James) 

Hitchcock Harriet b.a. 14 
5 Barton sq. Salem 

*Hitchcock Mrs Henry Steadman 
(Emilie Curtiss Tomlinson 99) 
d. 16 Je 10 

Hix Emily Hall b.a. 11 (Mrs F. M. 

Hixon Maria Louise b.a. 04 (Mrs H. 

F. Newhall) 
Hixson Blanche Virgilia b.a. 14 (Mrs 

A. H. White) 
Hoadley Sarah Jeannette b.a. 14 

1574 Chapel st. New Haven Ct. 


Hoag Mary Stirling b.a. 99 (Mrs N. 

K. Moody) 
♦Hobart Bessie Jewett b.a. 85 d. S 85 
Hobbs Elizabeth Kittredge b.a. 97 

North Berwick Me. 
Hobbs Mrs John Howard (Clara Man- 

dana McFarland 85) 311 Rutger 

st. Utica N. Y. 
Hoblit Mrs Frederic Maltby (Louise 

Barber 99) 624 E. California st. 

Pasadena Cal. 
Hoblit Jean Frances b.a. 14 

630 E. Main st. Carlinville 111. 
Hoblit Norma Abigail b.a. 10 (Mrs 

C. H. Woods) 

Hoblitt Margaret Smith b.a. 90 

10163^ av. A Cedar Rapids la. • • 

Hobson Mrs Elmer Stoughtenburgh 
(Eva Alfrieda Price 08) The 
Circle 114 Morningside drive 
New York 

Hockenberger Lillian Belle b.a. 11 
Union Hill N. Y. 

Hodgdon Nancy Plumer b.a. 08 
18 Wellington st. Arlington 

Hodges Mrs Clarence W. (Anne Lamson Du- 
Bois 01) 111 Waverly pi. Schenectady 
N Y. 

Hodges Florence May b.a. 16 

77 Main st. Hatfield 
Hodges Margaret Burnet b.a. 14 

3 Mason st. Cambridge 
Hodgman Edna Barton b.a. 11 

314 E. 17th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Hodgman Helen Emerson b.a. 13 

314 E. 17th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Hoegh Alma b.l. 00 (Mrs F. M. 


Hoffecker Mrs Douglas M. (Emma 

Frances Long 13) 56 Pacific st. 

New London Ct. 
Hoffman Grace May b.a. 12 

62 W. 71st st. New York 
Hoffman Mrs J. C. (Flora Juliet 

Bowley 04) 251 Churchill av. 

Palo Alto Cal. 
Hoge Rachel Martha b.a. 14 (Mrs 

Cyrus Ford) 
Hogel Helen Edith b.a. 16 

1433 Boscobel av. New York 
Hoiles Bee Seymour b.a. 09 

Hospital auxiliaire 43 St Valery- 

en-Caux France 
Hoisington Nancy Lyman b.l. 96 

Moores Pa. 
Hokanson Valborga Matilda b.a. 14 

Box 24 Bath N. H. 

Holbrook Anna Laura b.a. 08 

162 Belmont av. Jersey City N. J. 

*Holbrook Marion Goodhue b.l. 01 d. 23 N 04 

Holbrook Mrs William C. (Mary 
B aimer Rayner 88) 25 Pilgrim 
road Waban 

Holbrooke Lilian b.a. 02 

140 Sargent st. Hartford Ct. 

Holcomb Mrs Harry Clifford (Mar- 
garet Manson 96) 292 Clinton 
road Brookline 

Holcombe Mrs Harold Goodwin (Ethel Percy 
Monson 06) 61 Spring st. Hartford Ct. 

Holden Alice Margaret b.a. 05 

Vassar college Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
Holden Anna Charlotte b.a. 03 (Mrs 

Leicester Warren) 
Holden Bertha Haynes b.a. 02 (Mrs 

L. A. Olney) 
Holden Eleanor Gilbert b.a. 95 (Mrs 

Joseph Ingelfinger) 
Holden Harriet Eleanor b.s. 93 (Mrs 

J. E. Oldham) 
Holden Mrs John (Lucy Florence 

Heywood 84) 8 Rochelle park 

blvd New Rochelle N. Y« 

Holden Ruth Madeline b.l. 00 (Mrs C. H. 

Holden Mrs Samuel Hiland (Louise 
Caroline Milliken 09) Care 
Vermont Marble co. Peterborough 
Ontario Canada 

Holder Mrs Frederic B. (Agnes Lloyd Wood- 
ruff 90) 144 Brattle st. Cambridge 

Holder Julia Montrose b.a. 07 213% E. 

Jefferson st. Bloomington 111. 

Holferty Lillian b.a. 14 (Mrs Royal 

Holland Lillian Viola b.a. 12 (Mrs H. W. Smart) 
Holland Susie Warren b.a. 09 

1045 W. 77th st. Los Angeles Cal. 

Holliday Ida Rebecca b.a. 10 (Mrs 

C. E. Bascom) 
Hollinger Georgie Anna b.l. 99 

3530 Central st. Kansas City Mo. 
Hollinshead Mrs S. Thornton (Ethel 

Craighead 98) 425 Camden av. 

Moorestown N. J. 
Hollis Edith Gray b.l. 00 (Mrs H. M. 


Hollis Mrs Frederick Stearns (Grace 
Weston Allen 91) Dudley road 

Hollis Mrs John T. (Nettie Melville Ripley 
99) Hingham 

Hollister Mrs Evan (Ruth Albright 00) 
762 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 


Hollister Mary Lois b.a. 05 (Mrs H. J. 

Holloway Anna Lyne b.a. 07 

182 E. High st. Lexington Ky. 

Holloway Metta Josephine b.a. 04 

(Mrs Edward Cairns) 
Holly Olive Margaret b.a. 16 

Branchville N. J. 
Holman Edith b.a. 08 

701 Macon st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Holman Margaret b.a. 02 (Mrs R. S. 

Holman Ruth Colburn b.a. 06 
Southport Ct. 

Holmes Abby Bradley b.a. 97 136 Cam- 

bridge pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Holmes Eleanore b.a. 13 

265 Otis st. West Newton 

Holmes Florence Isabel b.a. 10 
78 N. Allen st. Albany N. Y. 

Holmes Frances Randolph b.a. 08 

4296 Washington blvd St Louis Mo. 

Holmes Mrs Hector Mcintosh (Helen 
Lincoln Dunbar 09) 138 Waban 
av. Waban 

Holmes Helen b.a. 87 Kingston 

Holmes Mrs Jonathan H. (Bertha 
Bolivia Allen 95) Care J. H. 

Holmes 111 5th av. New York 

Holmes Katharine Wheeler b.a. 02 

N. Y. Nursery and Child's hospital 161 
W. 61st st. New York 

Holmes Leila Strobridge b.l. 98 (Mrs 

D. L. Vaill) 
Holmes Mabel b.a. 07 

135 Kenmore pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Holmes Mary Frances b.a. 06 (Mrs C. L. 


Holmes Rosamond Drexel b.a. 14 

Y. W. C. A. Worcester 
Holmes Mrs Woodward (Keturah 

Sherman Beers 00) 4333 Hazel av. 

Chicago 111. 
Holne Mrs John G. (Ada Fae Collins 07) 

545 O'Farrel st. San Francisco Cal. 

Holsapple Mrs Lloyd Burdwin (Mary 

Langford Peck 04) 

3816 Davenport st. Omaha Neb. 
Holt Ellen b.l. 90 

920 Lincoln parkway Chicago 111. 
Holt Lucinda Maribel b.l. 00 m.d. 

04 Tufts (Mrs L. V. Walker) 

Holt Mrs Milton C. (Edith Gray Pope 00) 
Jennings La. 

Holt Mrs Philetus H. (Dorothea Wells 
04) 70 Oak Ridge av. 

Summit N. J. 

Holton Sarah Cross b.a. 11 

697 Union st. Manchester N. H. 

Holton Susan May b.l. 97 

Massachusetts General hospital Boston 

Homans Susan Manning b.l. 90 (Mrs 

Homer Dora b.a. 09 

169 Forest st. Medford 
Homer Florence Mary b.a. 01 (Mrs J. A. 


Homer Ruth Louise b.l. 99 (Mrs G. F. Allen) 
Honey Mildred Keith b.a. 13 

302 Stuart av. Kalamazoo Mich. 
Honeyman Mrs Arthur (Carlotta Parker 03) 

Ilwaco Wash. 

Honigman Edith Lloyd b.a. 09 

204 W. 86th st. New York 
Honigman Helen b.a. 11 

204 W. 86th st. New York 
Hood Helen Dodge b.a. 13 
57 Sylvan st. Danvers 
*Hood Mrs J. Nelson (Gertrude Fiske 
Hall 01) d. 26 F 09 

Hood Susan Mabel b.a. 01 (Mrs G. W. Emer- 

Hooker Evelyn Russell b.a. 05 
4 Crescent apts Cincinnati O. 

Hooker Mrs F. Brewster (Helen 
Bigelow 10) 467 Pleasant st. 


Hooker Florence Elizabeth b.a. 12 

(Mrs E. DeW. Moon) 
Hooper Catharine Baker b.a. 11 

57 Lloyd road Montclair N. J. 
Hooper Christine Maxwell b.a. 07 

(Mrs G. A. Mahl) 
Hooper Frances Milliken b.a. 14 

4649 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 
Hooton Mrs Earnest Albert (Mary 

Beidler Camp 11) Care E. A. 

Hooton Peabody museum Cam- 

Hope Mrs Theodore Sherwood (Winifred Ayres 
92) 55 Heights road Ridgewood N. J. 

Hopewell Mrs Frank Blake (Helen 

Isabel Clark 02) 169 Park st. 

Hopkins Alice Lucile b.a. 05 

23 Lancaster st. Cambridge 
Hopkins Mrs George (Jennie Etta 

Gould 85) 138 N. Catalina av. 

Pasadena Cal. 
Hopkins Geraldine b.a. 13 (Mrs A. Y. 


Hopkins Hester Adams b.a. 12 

316 Oxford st. Rochester N. Y. 

Hopkins Martha Austin b.l. 89 
Care 16 State st. Boston 


Hopkins Mary Murray b.a. 99 m.a. 11 
ph.d. 16 Columbia Smith 
College observatory Northampton 

Hopkins Mrs Sheldon (Ella Scribner 
89) Wilson park 

Tarry town N. Y. 

Hopper Elizabeth Mary b.a. 16 

12th and Harlan sts. Spokane 

Hopson Myra Haxtun b.a. 07 
Kent Ct. 

Hopwood Florence Elizabeth b.a. 10 

(Mrs H. L. Judd) 
Home Beatrice May b.a. 12 (Mrs R. C. 


Home Catherine Josephine b.a. 09 

(Mrs J. L. Burns) 
Horsfall Mrs William Nicolls (Lucy 

Webb Hastings 03) Hamilton 

N. S. W. Australia 
Horton Mrs Charles Arthur (Maria 

Louise Keller 96) Prospect st. 

White Plains N. Y. 
Horton Mildred Lange b.a. 11 

1431 N. Washington av. Scranton 


Horton Mrs W. Hale (Ethel H. Birch 02) 

Fargo N. D. 
Hosford Mrs Arthur P. (Amy Hayes French 08) 

56 Lincoln st. Maiden 

Hosford Mrs Henry Hallock (Jennie 
Chamberlain 88) Crete Neb. 

Hosford Mrs William F. (Marjorie 
Fraser 10) 814 Fair Oaks av. 
Oak Park 111. 

Hosick Lou Hinckley b.l. 01 

711 Court st. Fort Wayne Ind. 

Hosmer Kathleen Sanders b.a. 14 
85 Spring st. Portland Me. 

Hotchkiss Eleanor Benedict b.l. 01 

(Mrs Roderick Potter) 
Hotchkiss Margaret Linton b.l. 04 

(Mrs R. E. Streit) 
Hotchkiss Mildred Viletta b.a. 11 

Fair st. Guilford Ct. 
Hough Celeste Frances b.a. 87 (Mrs 

S. D. Drury) 

. Hough Jean Winifred b.a. 97 

Lake Erie college Painesville O. 

Hough Marjorie Hamilton b.a. 09 
430 W. 118th st. New York 

Hough Mary Elizabeth b.a. 97 
Wheaton college Norton 

Hough Mrs Will M. (Florence Lord 05) 
912 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 

Houghton Mrs Albert Beebe (Eleanor 

Minturn Taylor 12) Hotel 

Stewart San Francisco Cal. 
Houghton Mrs Elihu Russell (Mary 

Louise Phillips 91) Miss Knox's 

school Tarrytown N. Y. 
Houghton Helen Wetmore b.a. 12 

(Mrs R. J. Shortlidge) 
Houghton Mrs Herbert Lincoln (Agnes 

Shepard Cowperthwait 98) 

26 Hancock st. Lexington 
Houghton Isabel b.a. 15 

11 Manchester road Brookline 
Houpt Lucia Maria b.a. 12 

559 LaFayette av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Houston Alice Barse b.a. 16 

500 E. 44th st. Kansas City Mo. 

Hovey Eleanor Frances b.a. 16 

2506 Military st. Port Huron Mich. 

Hovey Grace b.a. 16 

29 Lancaster st. Cambridge 

Hovey Madge b.a. 15 

6 Stratford road Winchester 

Hovey Mrs W. B. (Marion Bradbury 86) 
29 Lancaster st. Cambridge 

How Mrs Harold W. (Louise Warren 
Bodine 06) Care Mrs Samuel T. 
Bodine Villa Nova Pa. 

Howard Alma Wells b.a. 12 

187 Huntington av. Boston 

Howard Ethel Barstow b.a. 01 25 Crawford st. 

Howard Mrs Heermance M. (Mary 

Vidaud 11) 194 Clinton 

st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Howard Mrs Lawrence Augustus 

(Edith Howell Bond 04) 

Farmington Ct. 
Howard Miriam Adella b.a. 14 

Hill Top av. Brattleboro Vt. 

Howard Mrs Tasker (Mary Woodbury 02) 
383 Clinton st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Howard Mrs William Henry (Marion 

Abbott Chase 96) R. F. D. 1 

Newington N. H. 
Howden Mary Stuart b.a. 16 

104 E. Park av. Savannah Ga. 
Howe Alice Gardner b.a. 10 

Howe Mrs Charles B. (Annie Prindle 

Kellogg 88) Crestwood av. 

Crestwood N. Y. 
Howe Edith Helen b.l. 96 (Mrs C. W. 

Howe Esther May b.a. 07 (Mrs John 



Howe Florence Harriet b.l. 03 
Box 631 Concord 

Howe Frances Cruft b.l. 00 (Mrs H. L. Sut- 

Howe Mrs Gordon Milne (Madge Edna Moody- 
OS) 60 N. Columbus av. Mt Vernon 
N. Y. 

Howe Jennie b.a. 93 (Mrs W. E. 

Howe Mrs John Dawson (Roberta 

McGee Keith 99) Upland Cal. 

Howe Lora Agnes b.a. 04 (Mrs W. L. Robinson) 

Howe Louise Russell b.a. 14 

211 Atlantic av. Providence R. I. 
Howe Mary Reed b.l. 02 

35 Belmont terrace Yonkers N. Y. 
*Howe Mrs Myron W. (Edith Jane 

Ayres 82) * d. F 99 

Howe Nathalie b.a. 07 

149 W. 93d st. New York 
Howe Rose Anne b.a. 09 

O. I. T. Tonkawa Okla. 
Howell Mrs James Cox (Alice Edith 

Egbert 02) Salisbury Ct. 

Howes Abigail Christina b.a. 86 

17 Pleasant st. Hyde Park 
Howes Alice Derfla b.a. 95 pd.b. 98 

N. Y. state normal col. (Mrs W. F. 


Howes Mrs Almon Dyer (Ada Lesure 
Evans 10) 579 Laurel av. St Paul 

Howes Mrs Benjamin Alfred (Ethel 
Dench Puffer 91) Scarsdale N. Y. 

Howes Caroline Bradford b.a. 04 

Howes Helen Zabriskie b.l. 01 (Mrs 

C. B. Gleason) 
Howey Martha Melissa b.l. 01 

48 Hamilton st. Geneva N. Y. 
Howison Margaret Hinds b.a. 11 

9 Union st. Milford N. H. 
Howk Mrs Horace John (Mary Lois 

Hollister 05) Mt McGregor 

Wilton Saratoga co. N. Y. 
*Howland Mrs Frank C. (Elizabeth 

Washburn Mason 04) d. 31 Ag 11 
Howland Marion b.a. 10 

108 Eliot av. West Newton 

Hoy Mary Elizabeth b.l. 98 The Congress 
hotel Chicago 111. 

Hoye Aloysia Mary b.a. 00 (Mrs 

G. F. Davis) 

*Hoyt Anna Marilla b.a. 81 (Mrs G. 

H. Washburn) d. 8 Ap 15 
Hoyt Annette Ladd b.a. 10 (Mrs R. Y. 


Hoyt Mrs Charles Sumner (Florence 

Smith 86) 110 S. Fulton st. 

Auburn N. Y. 
Hoyt Hildegarde b.a. 12 

15 Seminary st. Auburn N. Y. 
Hoyt Irene Emma b.a. 10 

22 Balding av. Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
Hoyt Mrs W. Everett (Mabel Symonds 

Bixby 99) 12 Loring av. Salem 
Hoyt Winifred b.a. 15 

110 S. Fulton st. Auburn N. Y. 
Hubbard Alice Clark b.l. 94 b.s. 10 

Teachers col. 169 E. 62d st. 

New York 
*Hubbard Alice J. b.a. 87 d. 25 O 07 

Hubbard Mrs Allen Skinner (Harriet 

Ellen Richardson 13) 157 E. 81st 

st. New York 
Hubbard Amy Louise b.a. 12 

100 Hillside av. West Newton 

Hubbard Ethel May b.a. 08 (Mrs 

R. F. Webster) 
Hubbard Mrs Frank Allen (Elizabeth 

Anna Wheeler 94) 157 High st. 


Hubbard Mrs Giles Munro (Theoda 

Elizabeth Gates 08) 268 Paris av. 

Grand Rapids Mich. 
Hubbard Mrs G. Tracy (Alice Lincoln 

Gates 97) 151 High st. 

Middletown Ct. 
Hubbard Grace A. b.a. 87 m.a. 93 

Cornell Washington Ct. 

Hubbard Olive Houghton b.a. 09 
32 Union st. Greenfield 

Hubbell Clara Marvin b.a. 87 232 E. 79th st. 
New York 

Hubbell Mrs Clifford (Josephine 

Hamilton 12) 230 North st. 

Buffalo N. Y. 
Hubbs Katharine Schuyler b.a. 10 

198 Market st. Amsterdam N. Y. 
Huber Alice Elise b.a. 16 

9 Irving st. Jersey City N. J. 

Hubinger Rene Gertrude b.a. 11 (Mrs 

Alexander Timm) 
Hudnut Isabel b.a. 14 

6 Beaufort road Jamaica Plain 
Hudson Anna Sophia b.l. 04 (Mrs 

L. W. Bagg) 
Hudson Mrs Gardner Kirk (Alice 

Sylvia Cummings 01) 63 South 

st. Fitchburg 
Hudson Harriet Louise b.a. 93 

Suite 5 500 Boylston st. Boston 


Huffman Harriet Foley b.l. 00 (Mrs 

C. C. Miller) 
Huffman Mary Lucy b.a. 90 (Mrs T. D. Healy) 
Huggins Edna Pearl b.a. 07 (Mrs C. J. Norton) 
Hughes Clara Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs J. E. 


Hughes Mrs Henry M. (Dorothy 

Eunice Williams 14) 44 W. Park 

st. Franklin Pa. 
Hughes Mrs J. Huey (Mary Elizabeth 

Luce 10) 1805 Pocahontas st. 

Dallas Tex. 
Hugus Elizabeth Ward b.a. 16 

Wheeling W. Va. 

Hulbert Ella Gertrude b.a. 86 m.a. 03 Chicago 

univ. (Mrs E. B. Wylie) 
Hulbert Helen b.a. 12 (Mrs Giles Blaque) 
Hull Mrs Aubrey Cameron (Adele 

Keys 04) 1311 Wesley av. 

Evanston 111. 
Hull Belsita Maud b.l. 01 (Mrs L. H. 

Hull Blanche Wyckoff b.l. 02 

27 E. 62d st. New York 
Hull Mrs C. Hadlai (Grace Margaret 

Stoddard 08) 73 Vauxhall st. 

New London Ct. 
Hull Lillian Preston b.a. 02 

118 Franklin st. Rochester N. Y. 
Hull Mrs Reginald Mott (Frances 

Speck Loney 10) 37 Kirkland st. 

Hull Rosamond b.l. 01 (Mrs H. F. 


Hulse Mrs Hiram Richard (Frances 
Barrows Seymour 97) Calle 15 
Y8 Vedado Havana Cuba 

Hulst Mrs Charles Wesley (Maud 
Alliott Jackson 98) Englewood 

Hume Marguerite b.a. 09 (Mrs Robert Sears) 
Humphrey Beatrice Isabel b.a. 07 (Mrs J. It. 

Humphrey Harriette Zephine b.l. 96 
(Mrs W. W. Fahnestock) 

Humphrey Mrs Herbert Sydney (Con- 
stance Plumer McCalmont 96) 
Kalamazoo Mich. 

Humphrey Martha King b.a. 95 
168 W. 75th st. New York 

Humphrey Mary King b.l. 94 (Mrs 
B. A. Adams) 

Humphrey Vivian b.a. 14 (Mrs H. S. 

Humphreys Ethel b.a. 07 Andover 
Humstone Mary Cumming b.a. 04 

213 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Humstone Mrs Millard Cumming 

(Amy Eliot Dickerman 00) 

Englewood N. J. 
Hun Mrs John Gale (Leslie Stafford 

Crawford 04) 150 Mercer st. 

Princeton N. J. 

Hungerford Caroline Marsh b.a. 82 m.a. 84 
(Mrs S. R. Mills) 

Hungerford Charlotte Elizabeth b.a. 85 (Mrs 

W. H. Zantzinger) 
Hungerford Katherine b.a. 92 (Mrs J. F. 


Hunt Mrs A. Everett jr (Janet Waring 

Roberts 99) 481 Palisade av. 

Yonkers N. Y. 
Hunt Agnes b.a. 97 ph.d. 00 Yale 

103 South st. Northampton 
Hunt Anna Isabel b.a. 11 

226 Paris av. Grand Rapids Mich. 
Hunt Mrs Charles Colman (Maud Lilian Luce 

87) 4 Lewis apts Tacoma Wash. 

Hunt Harriet Larned b.a. 13 

Moorhead Minn. 
Hunt Lucy Olcott b.l. 97 

185 Beacon st. Hartford Ct. 

*Hunt Mrs Myron Hubbard (Harriette Hol- 
land Boardman 88) d. 13 

Hunt Mrs Per Lee (Anna Barnes Day 
96) 705 E. Main st. 

Massillon O. 

Hunt Sara b.l. 95 (Mrs A. L. Clough) 
Hunt Shirley May b.a. 01 

10 Brook st. Pawtucket R. I. 

Hunt Mrs William B. (Anna Mary 

Lloyd 96) Chai Ryung Korea 
Hunter Elizabeth Lewis b.a. 16 

3d st. Ashland Pa. 
Hunter Frances b.a. 13 

Hillcroft Adams 
Hunter Grace b.a. 07 481 Franklin st. 

Buffalo N. Y. 

Hunter Leila May b.a. 15 

Tidioute Pa. 
Hunter Mary Seelye b.a. 01 (Mrs F. W. 


Hunter Mrs Matthew Albert (Mary 
Hattie Pond 04) 8 Whitman 

court Troy N. Y. 

Hunter Mrs Raymond Wright (Cora Estella 
Delabarre 00) 52 Orchard st. Greenfield 

Hunting Mrs Raymond Davis (Theo 
Masson Gould 12) 41 Long av. 

Hunting Ruth Amanda b.a. 15 

Country Club road Albany N. Y. 

Huntington Eliza Prentiss b.a. 81 
37 Winchester road Newton 


Huntington Emily Douglas b.a. 02 
(Mrs E. M. Harwood) 

Huntington Mrs Henry Strong jr (Edith 
Marguerite Foster 11) 122 Gale st. 

Watertown N. Y. 

Huntington Margaret b.a. 10 (Mrs 

E. S. Church) 
Huntington Ruth b.l. 97 

Hindman Ky. 
Huntington Ruth Marian b.s. 99 (Mrs 

Max BrSdel) 

Huntley Kate Eleanor b.a. 07 10 Broad st. 
Oneida N. Y. 

Hurd Dorothy Katharine b.a. 11 

3805 E. Douglas av. Wichita Kan. 

Hurd Mabel b.l. 95 ph.d. 02 Columbia 
(Mrs A. H. Willett) 

Hurlburt Edith Laurana b.l. 01 
76 Mill st. Springfield 

Hurlburt Katherine Maria b.a. 86 501 W. 
123d st. New York 

Hurlburt Maude Ella b.a. 03 (Mrs 
W. B. Rine) 

Hurlbut Mrs C. H. (Marian Beye 06) 
2727 Lincoln st.^Evanston 111. 

Hurlbut Elizabeth Judson b.a. 95 

1554 Dearborn parkway Chicago 

Hurlbut Olive Ruth b.a. 07 

215 Cheyenne road Colorado 

Springs Col. 
Hurlbutt Ida Mae b.a. 02 

Plymouth Inn Northampton 
Hurley Grace Loretta b.l. 02 (Mrs T. F. Walsh) 
Hurley Margretta Mary b.a. 06 

195 West av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Hurtt Ella Mae b.s. 97 (Mrs W. R. 

Hussa Mrs Theodore Frederic (Cora Isabel 
Warburton 94) 42 Forest st. Montclair 
N. J. 

Hussey Margaret Clapp b.a. 16 

274 Hamilton st. Albany N. Y. 

Hussie Mrs William M. (Mary Frances 
O'Malley 11) 2309 W. Lehigh av. 

Philadelphia Pa. 

Husted Mrs James W. (Bertha Frances 
Herrick 96) 536 South st. 

Peekskill N. Y. 

Husted Louise Akerly b.a. 88 m.d. 93 Woman's 
med. col. of N. Y. inf. (Mrs Eugene 

Huston Frances Willard b.a. 12 (Mrs 
N. E. Frissell) 

Hutchens Mrs Martin J. (Leila Mantha Ken- 
nedy 88) 99 County Line road Hinsdale 

Hutchings Alice Marie b.l. 96 m.a. 99 
Cornell 1621 N. 16th st. 

Philadelphia Pa. 

Hutchins Mrs Frank Asbury (Frances Rebecca 
Story 83) 16 Cuyler st Palmyra N. Y. 

*Hutchins Mrs George Amasa (Gladys 
Franksford Aldrich 03) 
d. 13 My 10 

Hutchins Margaret b.a. 06 b.l.s. 08 
Univ. of 111. 1105 S. Busey av. 
Urbana 111. 

Hutchins Mrs Walter Dean (Emma 
Jane Dean 85) 202 W. Brookline 
st. Boston 

Hutchinson Mrs Albert Savage (Vir- 
ginia Walker Mellen 00) 69 Aller- 
ton road Newton Highlands 

Hutchinson Eleanor Butler b.a. 10 (Mrs G. R. 


Hutchinson Ethel b.a. 03 

7 Fairfax st. Dorchester Center 

Hutchinson Mildred b.a. 15 

International institute Miguel 
Angel 2 Madrid Spain 

Hutchison Georgia Thea b.a. 12 
866 Elm st. New Haven Ct. 

Hyde Mrs Alvan (Lucy Pond Hall 05) 
100 Church st. Ware 

Hyde Mrs Charles Gilman (Margherita 
Isola 99) 2579 Buena Vista way 
Berkeley Cal. 

Hyde Mrs Edgar Rhuel (Catherine 
Arvilla Farwell 98) 47 Main st. 
Middletown Ct. 

Hyde Mrs Harlow (Maria Woollen 93) 
1628 N. Pennsylvania st. Indian- 
apolis Ind. 

*Hyde Jessie Litchfield b.l. 98 d. 25 S 05 

Hyde Margaret Ellen b.a. 95 
la 5th av. New York 

Hyde Marietta Adelaide b.a. 05 
St Johnsville N. Y. 

Hyde Mrs Royal W. (Norma MacLeod 
Anderson 10) 110 Ocean st. 


*Hyde Sylvia Sage b.a. 00 (Mme Camille 
Eynard) d. 9 Ag 11 

Hyde Mrs Walter L. (Edith Allen 
Drake 03) 328 N. Main st. 

Canton 111. 

Hyde Mrs W. Francis (Florence Eliza- 
beth Keith 97) Care J. H. Kirk 
Pleasant Valley Wheeling W. Va. 

Hyman Lillian b.a. 16 

4305 St Charles av. New Orleans 

Hyndman Helen Whitten b.a. 08 
50 John st. Lowell 



Ibershoff Mrs Adolph Ernest (Mary 

Ballou Storrs 96) Coleridge road 

and Stillman st. Shaker heights 

Cleveland O. 
Ickes Lois Marguerite b.a. 12 

12582 Clifton blvd Cleveland O. 
Ide Mrs Charles E. (Margaret Eliza 

Davis 06) Sunnyside av. 

Redlands Cal. 
Ide Eleanore Fellowes b.a. 11 

268 Henry st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Idema Mrs Chester Frederick (Marion 

Mead 13) 43 Union av. S. E. 

Grand Rapids Mich. 
Iglauer Mrs Charles (Clara Senior 07) 

841 Windham av. Cincinnati O. 
*Iles Constance Hurford b.l. 95 

d. 15 Mr 03 
Imig Mrs George F. (Mary Osborn 

Schureman 06) 1223 N. 6th st. 

Sheboygan Wis. 
Ingelfinger Mrs Joseph (Eleanor Gil- 
bert Holden 95) Ameisenbergstr. 

18 Stuttgart Germany 

Ingersoll Mildred b.a. 10 

1239 National av. Rockford 111. 

Ingham Katrina Anne b.a. 14 

71 N. Ann st. Little Falls N. Y. 

Inglehart Dorothy Gladys b.a. 10 
(Mrs M. D. Steever) 

Ingling Mrs Harry W. (Carolyn Ward 12) 
51 W. Main st. Freehold N. J. 

Ingraham Clara Martha b.l. 02 56 Maple- 
dell st. Springfield 

Ingram Rosaline Ethel b.a. 16 
Madison av. Dumont N. J. 

♦Inman Edith Loraine b.l. 95 (Mrs J. R. Tite) 
d. D 14 

Ireland Leah b.a. 10 228 N. Perry st. John- 
stown N. Y. 

Irish Elizabeth b.a. 15 

308 Nesmith st. Lowell 
Irons Helen Hathaway b.l. 96 Assonet 
Irvin Grace Edna b.s. 01 R. F. D. Box 3 

Puento Cal. 

Irving Charlotte Bertha Augusta b.l. 

04 102 Henderson av. 

New Brighton Staten Island N. Y. 
Irving Helen Anna b.a. 15 

7 Auburn st. Framingham Center 
Irving Louise Henderson b.l. 02 m. a. 06 

Columbia 102 Henderson av. 

New Brighton Staten Island N. Y. 

Irwin Elisabeth Antoinette b.a. 03 
1 Patchin pi. New York 

Irwin Ellen Allwell b.a. 13 (Mrs A. D. 

Irwin Mrs Frank (Mary Eleanor Bar- 
rows 97) 2632 Haste st. 
Berkeley Cal. 

Irwin Katherine Louise b.a. 05 (Mrs 
W. H. Murray) 

*Isaacson Mrs Deming W. (Helen 
Winifred Baine 05) d. 20 Mr 14 

Isola Margherita b.l. 99 (Mrs C. G. 


Jack Elizabeth b.a. 03 720 Moss av. 

Peoria 111. 

Jack Mrs William Alexander (Isabel Hooker 
Grier 03) 204 Callender av. Peoria 111. 

Jacks Mrs Arthur Hill (Helen Gibson 09) 
905 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 

Jackson Adeline Louise b.a. 05 

125 S. Grove st. East Orange N. J. 

*Jackson Alice b.s. 98 d. 13 D 06 

Jackson Mrs Allen Winchester (Mary 
Elizabeth Balch 94) 202 Brattle , 
st. Cambridge 

Jackson Annie Brown b.a. 82 m.a. 85 
6 Quincy st. North Adams 

Jackson Mrs Charles William (Mary 
Webster Clark 95) 20 Cedars road 
Caldwell N. J. 

Jackson Mrs Delbert L. (Florence 
Lyon Fisher 05) 362 Common- 
wealth av. Boston 

Jackson Edith Bertha b.a. 10 (Mrs 
F. S. Warren) 

Jackson Elizabeth Higgie b.a. 10 
De Pere Wis. 

Jackson Elizabeth Robinson b.l. 04 
1101 Washington st. Wilmington 

Jackson Florence b.s. 93 m.a. 02 
264 Boylston st. Boston 

Jackson Florence Alberta b.a. 07 (Mrs R. K. 

Jackson Georgiana Alice b.a. 07 (Mrs 

H. V. Allen) 
Jackson Mrs John Elliott (Eleanor 

Burch 09) 85 Harvard st. 

Dubuque la. 
Jackson Mrs Jonathan J. (Helen Creelman 03) 

65 Central park W. New York 

Jackson Lilian b.a. 13 

Three Arts club 340 W. 85th st. 
New York 

Jackson Marietta Annie b.a. 96 

20 Thames st. New London Ct. 

Jackson Mary Craig-Essie b.a. 95 
33 Rockland av. Swampscott 


Jackson Mary Kathryn b.a. 14 

1915 N. Front st. Harrisburg Pa. 

Jackson Maud Alliott b.s. 98 (Mrs 
C. W. Hulst) 

Jacobs Etta Luella b.a. 93 
24 Bates road Brockton 

Jacobs Harriet Ethel b.l. 92 Stephens college 

Columbia Mo. 
Jacobs Maude Eugenia b.a. 09 

Downer court Dorchester 
Jacobson Marjorie Frances b.a. 14 

308 W. 73d st. New York 
Jacobus Dorothy b.a. 13 

Great Neck Station N. Y. 

Jacobus Mrs George (Marion Elise Chapman 
98) 92 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Jacot Alice Blanche b.a. 10 

210 Ward av. Tompkinsville N. Y. 
Jacot Helene Louise b.a. 12 

210 Ward av. Tompkinsville N. Y. 
James Edith Marion b.a. 08 (Mrs S. F. 


. James Eloise Prindle b.a. 07 (Mrs 

H. J. Turner) 
James Ethel b.a. 99 (Mrs E. A. Quin) 
James Gertrude b.l. 90 (Mrs W. E. Derby) 
James Grace Fairchild b.a. 87 (Mrs 

W. C. Adams) 
James Grace Fidelia b.a. 87 (Mrs J. W. 

James Helen Hunt b.a. 16 

51 Park st. Montclair N. J. 

James Isabel b.a. 12 51 Park st. 

Montclair N. J. 

James Mrs John M. (Florence Weller 
Hitchcock 99) 154 Madison av. 

James Mary Hamilton b.a. 11 (Mrs E. A. 

James Mary Lois b.a. 04 m.a. 06 

8 Bedford terrace Northampton 

James Mary Marguerite b.a. 15 
352 Laurel st. Hartford Ct. 

James Mrs William Scott (Irene Liv- 
ingston Butler 00) 60 Glenwood 
av. East Orange N. J. 

Jameson Caroline Cogswell b.a. 88 
45 Chestnut st. Boston 

Jameson Elizabeth Woodworth b.a. 10 
330 N. Jefferson st. New Castle Pa. 

Jameson Katharine Strong b.a. 84 
(Mrs E. M. Greene) 

Jameson Lilian b.a. 90 (Mrs R. H. 

Jameson Mrs Theodore H. (Adelaide 
Louise Burke 02) 

285 Westminster road Rochester 
N. Y. 

Jamieson Mrs Lewis C. (Julia Bliss 

Chapin 11) 201 4th av. 

Warren Pa. 
Jamison Mrs Herbert Brotherson 

(Caroline King Grier 00) 210 

Callender av. Peoria 111. 
*Janes Mary Olmstead b.a. 90 (Mrs 

P. E. Seabrook) d. 28 S 96 

Janney Helen Mary b.l. 00 (Mrs 

C. M. Case) 
Jaquith Mrs Charles Arthur (Eliza 

Nelson Lord 96) Talladega college 

Talladega Ala. 
Jaretzki Maud b.a. 13 

121 E. 73d st. New York 
Jarvis Edith Lillian b.a. 09 

146 Bartlett av. Pittsfield 
Jeffers Helen b.a. 10 (Mrs W. McP. 

Jeffery Adelaide Balmforth b.a. 15 

205 W. Palm av. Redlands Cal. 
Jeffrey Agnes b.a. 97 (Mrs Frederick 


Jeffrey Florence b.l. 93 (Mrs W. W. 

Jellerson Louise b.a. 07 

21 Kimball terrace Newton ville 

Jenckes Mrs Ray Greene (Sarah Marie Pratt 
94) 2020 N. Illinois st. Indianapolis Ind. 

Jenison Eva b.a. 10 (Mrs F. M. Pruyn) 
Jenkins Mrs Algernon Sidney (Dorothy 

Davis 13) Germantown Pa. 

Jenkins Anna Spalding b.a. 90 m.a. 97 

Girls High school Brooklyn N. Y. 
Jenkins Caroline Augusta b.a. 96 

70 University pi. Princeton N. J. 

Jenkins Mrs Donald Vandewater (Caroline 
Elizabeth Marsh 03) Boonton N. J. 

Jenkins Katherine Eleanor b.a. 10 

(Mrs Karl Kiedaisch) 
Jenkins Mrs MacGregor (Alice Boorum 

Duncan 98) Farm st. Dover 

Jenkins Minnie Ethel b.a. 08 (Mrs 

Bedford Leighton) 

Jenkins Mrs Robert Moore (Ruth Dutilh 
Jenkins 97) 207 Main st. Evanston 111. 
Jenkins Ruth Dutilh b.l. 97 (Mrs R. M. 


Jenks Jessica Estelle b.a. 09 

1 Center st. Adams 
Jenks Mildred Dean b.a. 05 (Mrs R. L. 


Jenney Mrs Alexander Davis (Caroline King 
00) 5 Brattle road Syracuse N. Y. 

Jennings Mrs John F. (Marjorie Squire 
08) 33 Benedict terrace Long- 


Jennings Mary Fosdick b.a. 01 

54 E. Hancock av. Detroit Mich. 
Jennison Elizabeth Carey b.a. 15 

Janesville Minn. 
Jennison Janette Hope b.a. 16 

Janesville Minn. 
Jepson Mrs Harry Benjamin (Mabel Preston 

Wyatt 93) 331 Temple st. 

New Haven Ct. 

Jobst Natalia b.a. 12 (Mrs H. J. Klotz) 

Joerder Hazel b.a. 08 5536 Cates av. 

St Louis Mo. 

Johns Ella Smith b.a. 16 

Bayside Long Island N. Y. 

♦Johns Mrs Samuel Karl (Margaret Childs 
Barkwill 99) d. 10 Ap 11 

Johnson Alice Eline Theodora b.l. 03 (Mrs 

G. W. West) 

Johnson Alice Hannah b.a. 05 Mountain st. 

Johnson Alice Robbins b.a. 89 (Mrs 

W. A. Clark) 
Johnson Anna Louise b.s. 93 

104 Marengo park Springfield 
Johnson Mrs Arthur Mills (Mabel 

Lucretia Prouty 94) Corcoran 

manor Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Johnson Bertha Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs G. C. 

Johnson Beulah Winn b.a. 03 (Mrs 

H. M. Parker) 

Johnson Mrs Cameron (Belle Richardson 94) 

201 Allen av. Richmond Va. 
Johnson Dora Lucille b.a. 08 (Mrs D. V. 


♦Johnson Edith Taber b.l. 02 (Mrs 

H. D. Bushnell) d. 17 My 04 
Johnson Mrs Edward (Grace Rich 

Treadwell 06) 54 Warren av. 

Johnson Eleanor Hope b.a. 94 

77 Irving pi. New York 
Johnson Elizabeth b.a. 98 

145 Highland av. Somerville 
Johnson Elizabeth Holmes b.a. 13 

Care American consulate Changsha 


Johnson Mrs Ernest Phelps (Frances Douglass 
Dailey 98) 1325 12th st. Moline 111. 

Johnson Florence Edna b.a. 05 (Mrs 

A. N. Collins) 
Johnson Florence Merriam b.l. 97 

129 E. 17th st. New York 
Johnson Grace Eleonora b.a. 09 

180 St. Paul st. Brookline 
Johnson Hannah Gould b.l. 01 (Mrs 

Sanford Stoddard) 
Johnson Helen b.a. 13 

5211 University av. Chicago 111. 

Johnson Helen Augusta b.a. 92 
27 Shipley st. Auburn Me. 

Johnson Helen Lorella b.a. 16 

61 White st. Springfield 
Johnson Hilda Sherman b.a. 04 (Mrs 

Ernest Truslow) 
Johnson Mrs James Herbert (Rachel 

Dearborn Harris 09) 36 King st. 

Johnson Jean Tewksbury b.a. 11 (Mrs 

T. J. Goddard) 

Johnson Mrs Lane (Marie Emilie M. Jones 00) 
531 Yankee road Middletown O. 

Johnson Lucia Belle b.a. 06 

2138 E. 107th st. Cleveland O. 

Johnson Marcia Pratt b.a. 05 
1004 West st. Utica N. Y. 

Johnson Mary Almeda b.a. 14 
Hillside av. Metuchen N. J. 

Johnson Mary Augusta b.l. 85 m.a. 88 m.d. 92 
Woman's med. col. of Pa. h.m. 94 Phila. 
post-grad. sch. of homeopathics (Mrs 
C. L. Olds) 

Johnson Mary Hooker b.l. 97 

509 W. 121st st. New York 
Johnson Nelle b.a. 16 

368 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Johnson Mrs Nicholas Leveric (Faith 

Avery Fischer 00) N. Batavia road 

Batavia 111. 
Johnson Phila Borden b.a. 04 (Mrs 

L. B. Burck) 
Johnson Mrs Robert Hunt (lima Mary 

Sessions 11) 296 Woodward st. 

Johnson Ruth b.a. 12 

5 Warren av. Woburn 
Johnson Ruth b.a. 13 (Mrs J. C. 


♦Johnson Ruth Anne b.a. 04 (Mrs 

H. C. Newell) d. 05 

Johnson Ruth Baird b.a. 05 (Mrs E. W. 

Johnston Angeline b.a. 09 

215 Myrtle av. Boonton N. J. 
Johnston Edith Gilmore b.a. 06 165 Vose av. 

South Orange N. J. 

Johnston Mrs Henry (Helen Earle 11) 
75 Prospect av. Montclair N. J. 

Johnston Jessie Durant b.a. 13 

211 S. Oak Park av. Oak Park 111. 

Johnston Mary Gertrude b.a. 09 

323 Rochester st. Fulton N. Y. 

Johnston Muriel b.a. 10 (Mrs C. A. 

Johnston Sarah b.a. 11 

215 Myrtle av. Boonton N. J. 


Johnston Zita Wall b.a. 11 
Bessemer Mich. 

Johnstone Frances Adelaide b.a. 10 
(Mrs R. C. Miller) 

Johnstone Mary Margaret Sewell b.a. 
94 m.d. 99 Northwestern univ. 
1703 Jackson blvd Chicago 111. 

Jolley Josephine Fisk b.a. 98 (Mrs C. B. 

Jones Agnes Christina b.a. 16 

34 Ridgewood road Maplewood 
N. J. 

Jones Mrs Alfred Hathaway (Elizabeth 
Waldron 83) 477 Highland av. 

Jones Alice Gertrude b.a. 13 
Boston road Billerica 

Jones Alice Martin b.a. 04 m.a. 11 
Univ. of Cal. 852 Myrtle av. 
Albany N. Y. 

Jones Amy Stetson b.a. 01 (Mrs H. C. 

Jones Anna b.a. 15 

2005 3d av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Jones Constance Newcomb b.a. 02 

722 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

Jones Mrs David Percy (Alice Gale 
87) 2005 3d av. S. Minneapolis 

Jones Dorothy Louise b.a. 13 

Hampton institute Hampton Va. 

Jones Edna Lillian b.a. 13 (Mrs Homer 

Jones Eleanor Poore b.a. 04 

225 Mill st. Haverhill 
Jones Elinor b.a. 13 

Wabasha Minn. 
Jones Elizabeth Dickerman b.a. 16 

189 Lincoln st. Newton Highlands 

Jones Elizabeth Phoebe b.a. 12 
Burlington la. 

Jones Ellen Bodley b.a. 16 

671 Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 

Jones Ellen Permelia b.a. 94 (Mrs H. C. 
Sanders jr) 

Jones Frances Eaton b.a. 96 
345 W. 70th st. New York 

Jones Mrs Frank W. (Evelyn Frances 
Thompson 14) Woodlands New 
Hartford Ct. 

Jones Mrs Fred P. (Ruth Abby Smith 
14) 39 Harriet av. Waverley 

Jones Mrs George Canfield (Gertrude 
Brownlee McKelvey 11) 
247 Lora^av.^YoungstowmO. 

Jones Mrs Guilford (Vera Roxana 

O'Donnel 13) 601 N. Cascade av. 

Colorado Springs Col. 
Jones Mrs Harry T. (Catherine Roddey 

12) 5 Warwick apt 

Redgate av. Norfolk Va. 
Jones Helen Sedgwick b.a. 15 

New Hartford Ct. 
Jones Helen Swift b.a. 10 

434 Washington av. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Jones Mrs Henry Titus (Mabel Bailey Large 
98) Whitehouse N. J. 

Jones Lucy Dunbar b.a. 13 

625 N. Cascade av. Colorado 

Springs Col. 
Jones Lydia Annie b.a. 12 

378 Main st. North Andover 
Jones Mabel Elizabeth b.a. 08 (Mrs 

D. D. McKay) 
Jones Marcia Esterbrook b.l. 97 (Mrs 

J. B. Taylor) 
Jones Margaret Norris b.a. 16 

422 Worcester st. Wellesley Hills 
Jones Marguerite Elizabeth b.a. 13 

9 Cliff st. Waterbury Ct. 
Jones Marian Hastings b.l. 97 

R. F. D. 1 South Canterbury Ct. 

Jones Marie Emilie M. b.l. 00 (Mrs Lane 

Jones Marjorie Kip b.a. 14 

131 W. 79th st. New York 

Jones Mrs Matt Bushnell (Grace 
Angeline Smith 94) The Ledges 
road Newton Center 

Jones Mildred Katherine b.a. 10 (Mrs 
A. E. Snyder) 

Jones Perrie b.a. 08 Wabasha Minn. 

Jones Rebecca Pauline b.a. 12 

State School for the deaf Colum- 
bus O. 

Jones Mrs Rufus Horton (Mabel Lord 
Hersom 97) 106 Pine st. 

Portland Me. 

Jones Mrs William Russell (Flora Arvilla 
Kellogg 90) 805 18th st. Harrisburg Pa. 

Jones Mrs Wilmot R. (Mary Lee Bufkin 90) 
Mill brook Concord 

Jordan Mrs Edwin Oakes (Elsie Fay 
Pratt 92) 5603 Kenwood a v. 

Chicago 111. 

Jordan Grace Cushman b.a. 13 
345 Central st. Springfield 

*Jordan Mrs Henry Francis (Laura Livingston 
Evans 94) d. Jl 05 

Jordan Marion Rollinson b.a. 14 
228 North st. Willimantic Ct. 


Jordan Mary Adela b.a. 92 

33 Plymouth st. Montclair N. J. 
Jordan Mildred Myra b.a. 11 

21 Worthington st. Pittsfield 
Joslin Mary Reed b.l. 98 

46 Burroughs st. Jamaica Plain 
Joslin Ruth b.a. 12 

1300 N. Dearborn st. Chicago 111. 
Jouett Jean Gertrude b.a. 02 (Mrs 

A. M. Blackburn) 
Jouett Priscilla b.a. 04 

21 Forest st. Cambridge 
Jourdan Fannie Ella b.a. 15 

Branford Ct. 
Jourdan Mildred b.a. 16 

Branford Ct. 
Joy Mrs Charles S. (Anne Maud Clark 02) 

Woodland st. Bristol Ct. 

Joyce Mrs Whitney Hotaling (Ada 
Belle Reeve 08) Unadilla N. Y. 

Joyner Mary Cross b.a. 12 

310 Palmetto drive Alhambra Cal. 

Judd Clarise Sophia b.a. 15 

3030 Sheridan road Chicago 111. 

Judd Climena Lyman b.a. 97 

1495 Northampton st. Holyoke 

Judd Mrs Harold Lee (Florence Eliza- 
beth Hop wood 10) 2501 Lake of 
the Isles Minneapolis Minn. 

Judd Jessie Axtell b.a. 97 
Bellows Falls Vt. 

Judge Mabel Estelle b.a. 08 

29 Camp st. New Britain Ct. 

Judson Mary Eunice b.a. 99 13 High st. 
Thomaston Ct. 

Juliand Clara Cornelia b.a. 01 (Mrs R. D. Van 


Kahleis Margaret P. b.a. 16 

Hawley Pa. 
Kahn Marguerite Frank b.a. 16 

178 E. Broadway Winona Minn. 

Kaiser Ella Boynton b.l. 03 (Mra W. M. 

Kaltenbach Alice Winifred b.a. 09 

Park hill Yonkers N. Y. 
Kaltenbach Naomi b.a. 13 

2404 Foster av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Kane Mrs John Innes jr (Marjorie 
Elliott Simmons 10) 1302 Noble 
st. El Paso Tex. 
Karlson Mrs Charles B. (Mildred 
Sawyer 10) 2533 S. Lambert st. 
Philadelphia Pa. 
Kaster Estelle Clarissa b.a. 07 (Mrs 
R. V. Hartman) 

Kastl Norma Bogard b.a. 14 

30 Magnolia terrace Albany N. Y. 

Kastler Mrs Arthur Coquelin (Fanny Blanche 
Ordway 91) 3125 Chestnut st. New 
Orleans La. 

KaufTmann Barbara b.a. 06 (Mrs L. N. 

Keach Mrs John E. (Alice Belle Ricker 
98) Missoula Mon. 

Keane Margaret Mary b.a. 14 

2936 N. Main st. Bridgeport Ct. 

Kearns Elsie Herndon b.a. 06 

830 President st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Kedney Mrs Frederick S. (Florence 
Fuller 10) 736 Dayton av. St 
Paul Minn. 

Keefer Mary Belle b.a. 07 1204 Romero st. 
El Paso Tex. 

Keeler Helen b.a. 14 (Mrs O. P. 
Richardson jr) 

Keeler Katherine b.l. 92 m.a. 04 (Mrs 
Arthur Pearman) 

Keeler Mrs Lawrence Murray (Eliza- 
beth Klock Whitin 02) Whitins- 

Keeler Marion Holmes b.a. 06 

120 Dudley av. W. Westfield N. J. 

Keen Margaret Proctor b.a. 11 

408 S. Lansdowne av. Lansdowne Pa. 
Keenan Angela Mary b.a. 11 

38 Aldrich st. Roslindale Boston 
Keenan Mary Veronica b.a. 08 

7 Sackett st. Westfield 

Keene Annie Florence b.a. 08 (Mrs 
N. D. Stanley) 

Keener Mrs Andrew Ivory (Ruth Edma Pratt 
07) University pi. Lincoln Neb. 

Keener Mabel Ruth b.a. 07 (Mrs 

F. M. Walker) 
Keeney Elizabeth b.l. 97 (Mrs L. E. 

Keeney Flora Strong b.a. 04 

932 Beach st. Flint Mich. 
Keep Ethel Savory b.a. 03 (Mrs F. D. 


Keezer Madelyn Moore b.a. 14 

1243 Columbine st. Denver Col. 

Keim Mrs William Franklin (Augusta 
Morris Madison 95) 25 Roseville 
av. Newark N. J. 

Keiser Mrs Arthur Lowell (Mary Kerr Mc- 
Currach 06) 290 Ocean av. Long Beach 
N. J. 

Keith Clara May b.a. 09 

1219 Main st. (Campello station) 

Keith Florence Elizabeth b.a. 97 (Mrs 
W. F. Hyde) 


Keith Mrs Harold Cheeseman (Ethel 

Middlebrook Bowne 08) 1383 

Main st. Brockton 
Keith Mrs James Perkins (Minnie 

Grover Emerson 12) 59 Woodside 

av. Campello 
*Keith Kate b.a. 10 (Mrs L. L. Beeken) 

d. 26 Mr 14 
Keith Mabel b.a. 11 (Mrs W. H. Dur- 


Keith Marian Douglass b.a. 11 (Mrs 

M. H. Gray) 
Keith Roberta McGee b.l. 99 (Mrs 

J. D. Howe) 

Keithley Mrs Giles (Elizabeth Madeline Faber 
11) 415 N. Elizabeth st. Peoria 111. 

Keizer Josephine b.a. 10 (Mrs Kenneth Little- 

Keller Helen Rex b.l. 99 

Library Columbia university New York 

Keller Maria Louise b.l. 96 (Mrs C. A. 

Kelley Grace Marten b.l. 97 (Mrs H. 

A. Tenney) 
Kelley Helen Esther b.l. 02 (Mrs 

C. H. Marsh) 

Kelley Lena Elizabeth b.a. 11 

645 Greene av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Kellogg Annie Prindle b.a. 88 (Mrs 

C. B. Howe) 
Kellogg Emma Ada b.a. 16 

223 Glen st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

Kellogg Flora Arvilla b.a. 90 (Mrs W. R. Jones) 
Kellogg Georgina b.l. 04 (Mrs R. S. Reynolds) 
Kellogg Grace b.a. 08 (Mrs M. D. Griffith) 

Kellogg Mrs Oliver Dimon (Edith 
Taylor 97) 307 Thilly av. Colum- 
bia Mo. 

Kellogg Sarah Delano b.a. 81 

Plymouth Inn Northampton 

Kelly Edith Amanda b.a. 99 (Mrs 
F. P. Davis) 

Kelly Jane Downes b.a. 88 m.d. 94 
Northwestern univ. (Mrs W. C. 

Kelly Mrs Robert jr (Charlotte Thrus- 

ton Webb 14) 2212 Pleasant av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Kelly Susan Marie b.a. 93 125 Salem 

st. Bradford 
Kelsey Florence b.a. 90 (Mrs S. P. French) 
Kelsey Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 15 

1500 Henry st. Alton 111. 
Kelsey Mrs Harlan Page (Florence 

Low 97) 365 Essex st. Salem 
Kelsey Louise Hoyt b.a. 84 m.a. 87 

150 E. 35th st. New York 

Kelsey Mary Alice b.a. 15 

11 Panoramic way Berkeley Cal. 
Kelso Effie Marguerite b.a. 10 

45 Suburban av. Stamford Ct. 
Kelso Mrs Robert W. (Susie Bell Starr 

05) 24 Clover st. Belmont 

Kelton Minnie Arlena b.a. 12 

Fassifern Hendersonville N. C. 
Kemlo Elizabeth Wilson b.a. 04 

2 W. 121st st. New York 
Kempshall Helen Cabot b.a. 13 

240 S. Broad st. Elizabeth N. J. 
Kempster Mrs Harry L. (Cordelia 

Ruth Curts 07) 1408 Rosemary 

lane Columbia Mo. 

Kempton Mrs Andrew Judson (Ella Blodgett 
Van Tuyl 02) 1119 W. Franklin av. 
Minneapolis Minn. 

Kendal Mrs Clifford Henry (Margaret 
Rhodes Leatherbee 04) 29 Belle- 
vue av. Summit N. J. 

Kendall Annis b.a. 10 (Mrs Malcolm 

Kendall Lydia Williams b.a. 95 (Mrs 

Kendall Mildred Angelene b.a. 13 
1880 E. 97th st. Cleveland O. 

Kendall Ramona Laura b.a. 13 
97 Gainsborough st. Boston 

Kendig Katharine Downer b.a. 16 
65 Clark st. Glen Ridge N. J. 

Kendrick Mrs Carrol Crosby (Katha- 
rine Forrest 11) 2317 Common- 
wealth av. Chicago 111. 

Kendrick Marv Pearson b.a. 98 
67 E. 54th st. New York 

Keniston Sarah Thorndike b.l. 03 

(Mrs W. M. Clark) 
Kennard Margaret b.l. 98 (Mrs A. V. 

Kennard Mary b.a. 99 (Mrs G. C. 


Kennedy Mrs (Cora Elizabeth Sweeney 00) 
2426 N. Capitol st. Washington D. C. 

Kennedy Claire Louise b.a. 06 

361 Commonwealth av. Newton 

Kennedy Esther Jeannette b.a. 11 

292 Madison av. Youngstown O. 

Kennedy Grace b.l. 97 (Mrs H. P. 

Kennedy Josephine Gertrude b.a. 14 
59 Cottage st. Derby Ct. 

Kennedy Leila Mantha B.a. 88 (Mrs M. J. 

Kennedy Margaret Fay b.a. 14 
Red Hook N. Y. 


Kennedy Marguerite Florence b.a. 15 

93 Edwards st. Hartford Ct. 
Kennedy Muriel b.a. 16 

94 Franklin st. Greenfield 

Kennedy Mrs Sidney R. (Natalie Stanton 04) 
200 Hicks st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Kennedy Susan Pratt b.a. 03 (Mrs 

F. W. Tully) 
Kennedy Mrs William H. (Agnes 

Walker Heintz 11) 101 Windsor 

av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Kent Alice Steele b.a. 13 

65 Hobart a v. Summit N. J. 

Kent Mrs Charles Foster (Elizabeth 

Middleton Sherrill 90) 

415 Humphrey st. New Haven Ct. 
Kent Cora May b.a. 97 (Mrs W. W. 

Cameron jr) 
Kent Mrs Everett E. (Mary Clement 

Wilder 00) 42 Waterston road 


Kent Helen French b.a. 07 (Mrs R. E. 

Kent Mabel Watson b.a. 06 
134 Pleasant st. Worcester 

Kent Mrs Royden E. (Helen French 

Kent 07) Box 128 Pawtucket R. I. 
Kent Ruth Josephine b.a. 02 

744 Benefit st. Pawtucket R. I. 
Kenyon Alice May b.a. 12 

579 Albany av. Hartford Ct. 
Kenyon Dorothy b.a. 08 

321 W. 82d st. New York 
Kenyon Ethel Belle b.a. 07 (Mrs J. C. Loomis) 
Kenyon Mrs Wallace D. (Mildred 

Frances Webster 12) North Attle- 


Kerley Mary Elizabeth b.a. 12 

72 High st. Ballston Spa N. Y. 

*Kern Mary Murison b.a. 07 (Mrs 
P. W. Tutt) d. 4 N 12 

Kerr Mrs Charles H. (Hazel Cary 06) 
R. D. 2 Box 14 Tarentum Pa. 

Kerr Mrs Guy Manning (Bertha Mary 
Thompson 93) Care Garfield 
Smelting co. Garfield Utah 

Kerr Jane Mercer b.a. 01 

462 Rebecca st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Kerr Katherine Clara b.a. 08 (Mrs H. A. 

Kerr Mina Mahala b.a. 00 ph.d. 09 
Univ. of Pa. Milwaukee-Downer 
college Milwaukee Wis. 

Kerruish Helen Constance b.l. 00 
(Mrs F. D. Buffum) 

Kerruish Miriam Gertrude b.a. 92 
m.d. 95 Wooster (Mrs C. W. Stage) 

Kershaw Mrs Abraham Malcolm (Grace 
Elizabeth Haworth 04) Laurelville O. 

Kerwin Alice Maud b.a. 06 516 E. Forest av. 
Neenah Wis. 

Ketcham Anna Marie b.a. 04 d.o. 07 Phila. col. 
of osteopathy 1806 H st. N. W. Wash- 
ington D. C. 

Ketchum Florence b.l. 99 (Mrs W. 

R. Westerfield) 
*Ketchum Helen Anna b.a. 07 

d. 3 My 13 
Kevlin Frances Hildagarde b.a. 15 

74 Tennyson av. Pittsfield 
Keyes Bertha Anna b.a. 91 

169 Mariner st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Keyes Mrs Harold Francis (Evelyn Isabel 
Canning 10) 16 Meadow st. Florence 

Keyes Louise b.a. 08 

1712 Summit av. Seattle Wash. 
Keyes Maria Augusta b.a. 96 (Mrs 

Walter Mooers) 
Keyes Mary Willard b.l. 99 

Wilton N. H. 
Keys Adele b.l. 04 (Mrs A. C. Hull) 

Kidder Alice Frothingham b.a. 02 (Mrs M. C. 

Kidder Edith Maynard b.a. 04 (Mrs 

R. L. Dana) 
Kidder Katharine Laura b.a. 11 

1000 Valentine road Kansas City 


Kiedaisch Mrs Karl (Katherine Elea- 
nor Jenkins 10) 301 Morgan st. 
Keokuk la. 

Kiehel Constance Amelia b.a. 15 

435 Washington st. Rochester 
N. Y. 

Kiekhofer Mrs William Henry (Gladys 

Owen 11) University of Wisconsin 

Madison Wis. 
Kiely Helen Ursula b.a. 13 

10 Munroe st. Northampton 
*Kilbon Amelia Jeannette b.a. 92 

d. 4 Mr 97 
Kilborn Hazel Ogden b.a. 14 

Union Broome co. N. Y. 

Kilborn Helen Marie b.a. 09 (Mrs J. T. Hagan) 

Kilborn Ruth Amelia b.a. 16 

Sidney O. 
Kilborne Mary Allerton b.a. 10 

47 High st. Orange N. J. 

Kilbourne Edna Frances b.a. 08 (Mrs Lambert 

Kilburn Alice Rebecca b.a. 09 (Mrs 
W. C. Castle) 


Kilduff Mrs Gilbert (Louise Marguer- 
ite Weber 13) 150 Plaza av. 
Waterbury Ct. 

Killam Mrs S. Douglas (Florence 
Dorothy Forbes 09) University of 
Alberta Edmonton Canada 

Killmer Mrs Frederick Anthony (Clara 

May Brown 90) 287 Glen st. 

Glens Falls N. Y. 
Kilpatrick Lulu Evelyn b.a. 09 

1230 Amsterdam av. New York 
Kilpatrick Marjorie Kent b.a. 11 

Care Mr Charles Johnson Beigen- 

field N. J. 
Kimball Alice b.l. 99 

16 Montague st. Providence R. I. 
Kimball Alice b.a. 01 

810 W. Hamilton st. Baltimore Md. 

Kimball Celia Allen b.a. 10 (Mrs E. F. 

Kimball Edith Amanda b.l. 98 (Mrs 

R. B. Metcalf) 
Kimball Emily b.a. 07 

605 W. 156th st. New York 

Kimball Mrs Everett (Elizabeth Lore 

McGrew 01) 16 Washington av. 

Kimball Florence Blanche b.a. 96 (Mrs 

J. W. Phelan) 
Kimball Grace Clarke b.l. 97 (Mrs L. W. 


Kimball Jessamine b.a. 01 (Mrs E. E. 

Kimball Louisa Bleecker b.a. 01 
568 Chapel st. New Haven Ct. 

Kimball Martha Hayward b.l. 94 Box 32 

Kimball Martha Smith b.a. 92 

South road and Union st. Ports- 
mouth N. H. 

*Kimball Mary Frank b.a. 10 
d. 26 Ja 11 

Kimball Mrs Maulsby (Harriet Sarah 

Stockton 99) 103 Linwood av. 

Buffalo N. Y. 
Kimball Myrtle Lydia b.l. 98 (Mrs A. 

H. Wilde) 
Kimball Rosamond b.a. 09 

St Cloud Orange N. J. 
Kimberly Mary Emma b.a. 04 (Mrs 

E. W. Shirk) 

Kincaid Anna Douglas b.a. 04 (Mrs A. H. 

King Annie Marion b.a. 05 (Mrs D. C. Caesar) 

King Bertha Pratt b.a. 01 King-Crawford 
Classical school Terre Haute Ind. 

King Caroline b.l. 00 (Mrs A. D. Jenney) 

*King Elizabeth b.l. 96 d. 28 Mr 12 

King Elsie Maud b.a. 03 High school Santa 
Cruz Cal. 

King Fanny b.a. 82 m.a. 86 

4824 Lake Park av. Chicago 111. 

King Florence Maud b.a. 94 

17 Kensington av. Northampton 

King Mrs Frank Campbell (Georgianna 
May Brackett 99) 3732 Belle- 
view av. Kansas City Mo. 

King Genevieve b.l. 01 

1898 Broadway San Francisco Cal. 

King Helen Cushman b.a. 10 
47 Francis st. Maiden 

King Katharine b.a. 10 (Mrs W. P. 


King Katharine Lawrence b.a. 16 
103 Elm st. Malone N. Y. 

King Mrs Landreth Hezekiah (Flor- 
ence Lord 95) 157 Park av. 
Orange N. J. 

King Lila Minerva b.a. 11 

304 Glen st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

King Margaret b.a. 16 

120 Bigelow road West Newton 

King Margaret Josephine b.a. 08 
10 Kay st. Newport R. I. 

King Marjorie b.l. 99 (Mrs W. S. 
Gilman) • 

King Mary Chase b.a. 10 (Mrs J. P. 

King Mary Emma b.a. 84 (Mrs Julius Garst) 
King Minerva Richards b.a. 11 
228 Glen st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

King Roberta Gilchrist b.a. 14 
10 Kay st. Newport R. I. 

Kingman Mrs Alton Hayward (Ethel 
Marie Wales 11) 131 Market st. 

Kingman Cornelia Amey b.a. 00 

170 Slater av. Providence R. I. 

Kingsbury Edith Wheeler b.a. 04 
(Mrs W. H. Watson) 

♦Kingsbury Mrs John H. (Alice McElroy 07) 
d. 4 Mr 13 

Kingsbury May belle Gifford b.a. 08 
(Mrs J. B. Littlefield) 

Kingsbury Mrs Robert Tilden (Helen 
Edna Putnam 06) 110 Court st. 
Keene N. H. 

Kingsley Frances Hubbard b.a. 00 
12 Leyfred terrace Springfield 


Kingsley Mrs G. A. (Lucy Evelyn 

Sinclair 99) 1925 Irving av. S. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Kingsley Mrs James Morse (Gladys 

Megie 11) 402 Morris av. 

Boonton N. J. 
Kingsley Julia Kingman b.a. 16 

47 North st. Binghamton N. Y. 

Kingsley Louise b.a. 05 918 18th st. Washing- 
ton D. C. 

Kingsley Margaret Appleton b.a. 08 
m.a. 10 Columbia (Mrs O. F. 

Kinsley Maud b.a. 95 (Mrs E. L. 

Kinsman Mary Cassandra b.a. 06 

10 Cross st. Montclair N. J. 
Kinsman Rebecca Nichols b.l. 95 

(Mrs F. C. Munroe) 
Kinsman Rose Adele b.l. 03 (Mrs A. 

F. Bassett) 
Kirby Mrs John P. (Alice Teresa 

Lawlor 05) 336 Springfield st. 


Kirby Mrs Paul Lantz (Inez Hunter Barclay 
05) Box 498 Harrison N. Y. 

Kirk Jeannie Milligan b.a. 13 

14271 Superior road Cleveland O. 
Kirk Mrs William Parker (Ruth 

Henley 09) 423 Rockdale av. 

Cincinnati O. 
Kirkby Olive Isabel b.a. 12 

517 Walbridge av. Toledo O. 
Kirkland Bertha Louise b.l. 97 (Mrs 

W. S. Dakin) 
Kirkley Ella b.l. 00 

1624 Gramercy pi. Los Angeles 


Kirkpatrick Mrs James D. (Ethel May 
Bartholomew 07) 60 W. 162d st. 
New York 

Kirkpatrick Mrs William Dawson 
(Mary Anne Staples 10) 34 Mill- 
bourne av. Millbourne Philadel- 
phia Pa. 

Kirley Ada Mabel b.a. 14 
911 3d av. Utica N. Y. 

Kissock May Sutherland b.a. 08 

Care John Kissock 71 Wall st. 
New York 

Kitchel Anna Sheldon b.a. 95 (Mrs 
J. A. Bole) 

Kitchel Anna Theresa b.a. 03 

297 Ogden av. Milwaukee Wis. 

Kitchel Harriet Tyrrell b.a. 05 

48 Church st. Bethlehem Pa. 

Kitchel Helen West b.a. 01 (Mrs R. 

P. Daniells) 
Kittredge Mary b.a. 06 (Mrs Guy 


Klein Elsie Margaret b.a. 06 (Mrs 
G. B. Rosenblatt) 

Klemm Mrs Russell (Elsie Adele Meding 04) 
359 E. 30th st. Paterson N. J. 

Klock Eunice Pearl b.a. 99 (Mrs F. U. Dun- 

Klotz Mrs Harry J. (Natalia Jobst 12) 
328 N. Edward st. Decatur 111. 

Knapp Alice Alden b.a. 07 (Mrs G. M. Taylor) 
Knapp Mrs Carroll Duff (Harriet 

Beebee Collin 03) 64 Granger pi. 

Buffalo N. Y. 
Knapp Florence b.l. 97 (Mrs J. H. 


Knapp Genevieve b.l. 97 (Mrs Guthrie 

Knapp Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs Walter 

Knapp Mrs Robert Cole (Jessie Reed 

Allen 07) 90 5th st. Garden 

City Long Island N. Y. 
*Knapp Mrs Rodney A. (Irma Louise 

Richards 97) d. 12 Je 09 

Knapp Mrs Waldo Gray (Mary 
Worthen 13) Webster av. Han- 
over N. H. 

Kneeland Clara Louise b.a. 00 304 Park av. 

Kneeland Mary Margaret b.a. 10 
487 Clinton av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Kneifel Inez Howard b.a. 16 
Friendship N. Y. 

Knight Bessie Adele b.a. 03 (Mrs L. S. 

Knight Mrs John Watrous (Mary 

Lillian Ware 97) 

1031 Michigan av. Evanston 111. 
Knight Katharine b.a. 14 

1847 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 
Knight Marian Vera b.a. 12 m.a. 14 

65 South st. Northampton 
Knight Sarah Winifred b.l. 98 (Mrs 

L. H. Thornton) 
Knight Mrs Walter O. (Ethel Mina Trask 06) 

Forest Hill av. East Cleveland O. 
Knowlton Ada Caroline b.l. 97 (Mrs Oswald 


Knowlton Clara Myers b.l. 01 (Mrs Frederick 

Knowlton Dorothy b.a. 15 

245 Stephenson st. Freeport 111. 
Knowlton Joyce b.a. 11 

61 E. 77th st. New York 


Knowlton Mabel b.l. 98 (Mrs R. H. Strong) 

Knox Addie Louise b.l. 04 (Mrs L. D. 

Knox Alice Adelaide b.a. 99 m.a. 06 
Columbia 84 Cornelia st. Utica 
N. Y. 

Knox Evelyn Van Santvoord b.a. 12 
58 Bayard st. New Brunswick N.J. 

Knox Gertrude Emma b.a. 04 

1614 Summer st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Knox Helen Estelle b.a. 13 

Suffield Ct. 
Knox Katherine b.l. 03 (Mrs J. G. 

Knox Marguerite b.a. 13 

243 Washington st. Glen Ridge 

N. J. 

Knox Mary Fake b.a. 85 (Mrs M. L. 

Knox Susan Varick b.l. 93 

58 Bayard st. New Brunswick N.J. 

Koch Mabel Anna b.a. 07 (Mrs F. G. 

Koehler Mary Margaret b.a. 12 

153 E. Erie st. Chicago 111. 

Koelker Mrs William F. (Elizabeth 

Sumner Steele 99) The Bellevue 

Madison Wis. 
Kohlrausch Dorothea Edna b.a. 11 

North Billerica 
Kohn Mrs Oscar W. (Mary Elizabeth 

Root 06) 340 Parker st. 

Newark N. J. 
Koons Mrs Franklin S. (Bertha Eliza 

Niles 09) 78 Prospect park W. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Koop Margarete Emily b.a. 14 

2220 N. Kedzie blvd Chicago 111. 

Kotzschmar Dorothea b.l. 99 m.a. 09 Columbia 
(Mrs Arthur Sachsse) 

Koues Mary Parmly b.a. 12 (Mrs 
Ernest Sachs) 

Kraffert Jeannette Chase b.a. 08 (Mrs George 
. Henne) 

Kraft Helen Martha b.a. 16 

Towanda 111. 
Kramer Grace Frances b.a. 14 

(Mrs J. D. Wachman) 
Krause Frances Theresa b.a. 12 

293 Elm st. Northampton 

Kreinheder Charlotte Louise b.a. 03 
111 Highland av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Kremers Mrs Ernest (Margaret Grace 
Burling 12) 517 4th st. Niagara 
Falls N.Y. 

Krieger Mrs George W. jr (Allana 
Butler Small 04) 416 W. 1 18th st. 
New York 

Kriegsmann Anna Katrina b.a. 07 
(Mrs Howard Maxwell) 

*Kriegsmann Eva Helena b.l. 01 (Mrs 
W. R. Pritchard) d. 23 F 06 

Krogh Mrs James Paulsen (Elizabeth 
Jean Greenough 03) West Hart- 
ford Ct. 

*Kroll Grace b.a 12 d. 25 D 15 

Krusen Viola Marguerite b.a. 14 

19 S. Maple av. East Orange N. J. 

Kuhfuss Gertrude b.a. 06 (Mrs Otto Lyding) 
Kuhn Helen Belden b.l. 07 m.a.06. 

(Mrs W.N. Palmer) 
Kummer Hannah Olive b.a. 08 

(Mrs W. J. Bortz) 
Kurtz Lucy b.a. 05 (Mrs C. A. Bar- 


Kyle Helen Sherwood b.a. 86 (Mrs 
H. R. Piatt) 


Labaree Mrs John Randolph (Mar- 
guerite Underwood 11) West 

Lacey Mrs Edward N. (Katharine 

Woods 07) 15 Jason st. 

LaCroix Orpha Marie b.a. 13 

Care LaCroix co. 222 N. Broadway 

Fargo N. D. 
Lacy Mrs Burritt Samuel (Kate Brad- 
ley 08) Sewaren N. J. 
Ladd Mary Everett b.l. 00 

Lancaster N. H. 
Ladd Mrs Percy Chandler (Esther 

Josephine Sanderson 04) 

2213 7th av. Moline 111. 
Laderer Olive Joy b.a. 11 

McPherson Kan. 
Lahm Katherine Hamilton b.l. 97 

(Mrs Frank Parker) 
Laird Elizabeth McCutchen b.a. 15 

Potlatch Idaho 

Lake Gertrude Randolph b.a. 12 (Mrs Clinton 

Lake Margaret Randolph b.l. 04 (Mrs 

R. L. Foote) 
Lakin-Smith Mrs Clifford (Marguerite 

Adelaide Fabens 03) Rowington 

W. Warwick England 
Lamb Lucy Inez b.l. 94 

6 Arlington av. Holyoke 
Lambert Helen Bordman b.l. 94 (Mrs C. W. 




Lambert Helen Margaret b.l. 95 
283 Pawtucket st. Lowell 

Lambert Mary Adelaide b.a. 16 
Glastonbury Ct. 

Lamont Mrs Thomas William (Flor- 
ence Haskell Corliss 93) Beech 
road Englewood N. J. 

LaMonte Helen Dean b.l. 95 
Westover Middlebury Ct. 

LaMonte Isabel b.a. 13 
Bound Brook N. J. 

Lamprey Eva Blanche b.a. 91 

The Castle Tarry town N. Y. 

Lamson Josephine Roland b.a. 02 (Mrs 
L. F. Gates) 

Lamson Marion Helena b.a. 93 (Mrs 
Henry Goodcell) 

*Lancaster Mrs E. G. (Bertha An- 
toinette Chase 86) d. 17 S 99 

Land Mrs Emory Scott (Elizabeth 
Catharine Stiles 03) 7 Parker st. 
Newton Center 

Landers Mabel Edward b.l. 96 (Mrs J. M. 

Landon Grace b.l. 93 (Mrs W. J. Rickey) 
Landon Mary b.l. 93 

736 Union st. Schenectady N. Y. 

Landy Lillian Mary b.a. 10 

270 Bay State road Boston 

Lane Mrs Alfred Church (Susette Fos- 
ter Lauriat 91) 22 Arlington st. 

Lane Annie Leighton b.a. 09 

Vine st. Manchester-by-the-Sea 

Lane Mrs Carl Rugg (Edith Lillian Merritt 09) 
755 Albany av. Hartford Ct. 

Lane Ethel b.l. 01 (Mrs Wellington 
Smith jr) 

Lane Grace b.a. 93 (Mrs O. L. Beards- 

Lane Grace Grover b.l. 94 (Mrs J. H. 

Lane Harriet Belle b.l. 99 (Mrs Ralph Gibbs) 
Lane Josephine Augusta b.a. 06 353 Main st. 

Lane Martha Grace b.a. 04 

215 Boyer av. Walla Walla Wash. 

Lane Mildred Hansell b.a. 09 
51 Rex av. Chestnut Hill Pa. 

Lane Mrs Mills Bee (Mary Comer 04) 
26 E. Gaston st. Savannah Ga. 

Lane Ruth Eleanor b.a. 12 m.a. 16 
353 Main st. Stoneham 

*Lane Mrs Stoddard (Anna Hathaway 
Hepburn 13) d. 3 Ag 16 

Lane Mrs Walter O. (Ellen Clement 
Putney 99) 55 Cliff st. Burling- 
ton Vt. 

Lang Bertha Elizabeth b.l. 97 (Mrs A. M. 

Lang Edna Frances b.a. 95 (Mrs A. E. 

Lang Helen Claire b.a. 12 

Main and Macon sts. Carthage Mo. 
Lang Isoline Louise b.l. 99 First and Redwood 

sts. San Diego Cal. 
Lang Mary Susan b.a. 91 (Mrs G. M. Strout) 
Lange Florence Elizabeth b.a. 12 

239 Brown st. Dayton O. 
Lange Mildred Edith b.a. 11 

27 Elm Hill park Roxbury 

Langenberg Mrs Harry H. (Alice Morton 00) 

Portland pi. St Louis Mo. 
Langford Alice Gertrude b.a. 09 
127 High st. Fall River 

Langford Mrs William Speaight (Marie 

Louise Weeden 03) 21 Shounard 

pi. Yonkers N. H. 
Langmade Eloise Thornton b.a. 09 

College terrace Mayfield Cal. 
Langworthy Jessica Linnell b.a. 92 

Perkins institution Watertown 
Lapham Mrs John H. (Julie Edna 

Capen 05) 250 Brahan blvd San 

Antonio Tex. 
Lapham Mrs Roger D. (Helen Barbara 

Abbot 05) 2235 Washington st. 

San Francisco Cal. 

Laporte Anna Marie b.a. 02 157 Brown av. 

Larabie Mary Ann b.a. 03 611 W. 

111th st. New York 
Lardner Mrs Ringgold Wilmer (Ellis 

Abbott 09) ' Riverside 111. 
Large Mabel Bailey b.a. 98 (Mrs H. T. Jones) 
Larkin Mr3 Harold (Susan Lucinda Tanner 06) 

38 Vineland terrace Hartford Ct. 

Larkin Mary Elizabeth b.a. 13 
12 Chestnut st. Milford 

Larkin Mrs Thomas S. (Caroline Teller Gleason 
02) 130 S. Barry st. Olean N. Y. 

Larmonth Grace King b.l. 01 (Mrs C. B. Snow) 
Larmonth Helen Mar b.a. 06 401 E. 6th st. 
Jamestown N. Y. 

Larmour Victoria Amanda b.a. 08 

m.a. 12 College of St Teresa 

Winona Minn. 
Larner Margaret Parker b.a. 14 

1709 19th st. Washington D. C. 
Larrison Eleanor Rose b.a. 82 m.a. 88 

Cornell 1016 Dearborn av. 

Chicago 111. 
Lary Mrs Harold Raymond (Harriet 

Amalie Schdlermann 13) 7351 

Dante av. Chicago 111. 


Laskey Edith DeBlois b.l. 01 (Mrs J. E. 

Latham Mrs Harry Milton (Agnes 

Gleason Vaughan 07) 

74 Court st. Dedham 
Latham Hattie Maude b.a. 12 

222 Clearfield st. Clearfield Pa. 

Latham Mrs Rex Knight (Florence Alberta 
Jackson 07) Wentworth Military 

academy Lexington Mo. 

*Lathe Mary Agnes b.a. 81 m.a. 94 

Chicago d. 20 D 01 

Lathrop Anna Bartow b.l. 90 (Mrs 

Carleton Greene) 
Lathrop Elizabeth b.a. 95 (Mrs 

W. M. Golden jr.) 
Lathrop Emily Blackwell b.a. 92 (Mrs 

Raymond Calkins) 

. Lathrop Mary Helen b.a. 98 (Mrs B. B. Nelson) 

Lattner Laura Anna b.a. 12 (Mrs Walter Cary) 

Lauer Mrs Alvin Henry (Carolyn Adler 99) 
534 Hale av. Avondale Cincinnati O. 

Lauferty Lillian b.a. 03 98 Westbourne 

terrace Brookline 

Laughlin Helen b.a. 13 (Mrs E. M. 

Laughney Elsie Allen b.a. 05 (Mrs A. W. Carr) 

Lauriat Blanche b.l. 03 (Mrs G. W. 

Lauriat Susette Foster b.l. 91 (Mrs 

A. C. Lane) 
Lauritzen Mrs Max R. (Margaret 

Flannery 09) 1208 W. 22d st. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Lauter Carolyn b.a. 00 (Mrs F. P. 

Lauter Sara b.a. 05 

612 E. 13th st. Indianapolis Ind. 

Lavenas Mrs Fernando (Margaret 
Louise Sullivan 11) Calle Barto- 
lome Mitre 114 Buenos Aires 
Argentine Republic 

*Law Mrs Frederick Houk (Mary Kenniston 
Thorp 95) d. 23 N 07 

Law Helen Margaret b.a. 09 

30 Marlborough av. Providence 
R. I. 

Lawlor Alice Teresa b.a. 05 (Mrs J. 
P. Kirby) 

Lawrence Edith Collin b.a. 10 
Grove park Asheville N.C. 

Lawrence Elizabeth Crocker b.a. 83 
m.a. 89 (Mrs S. F. Clarke) 

Lawrence Frances Temple b.a. 03 

Lock drawer L North Brookfield 

Lawrence Katharine Frances b.a. 12 
26 W. High st. Somerville N. J. 

Lawrence Lulu Nell b.a. 09 
Public library Waltham 

*Lawrence Marion b.a. 85 d. 5 S 99 

Lawrence Ruth b.a. 12 

30 Rural av. Medford 
Laws Mrs Herbert N. (Bertha Butler 

Reeves 99) Lawrenceville Va. 

Lawson Mrs Ralph (Eleanor Perry 
Benson 10) 88 Washington sq. 

Laylin Mrs Robert Weyburn (Mabel 

Boardman 08) 2096 Summit st. 

Columbus O. 
Layton Mrs Frank Davis (Ethel 

Savory Keep 03) 180 N. Oxford 

st. Hartford Ct. 
Lazard Marguerite b.a. 11 

207 S. 37th st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Leach Alice Lydia b.a. 94 (Mrs E. C. 

Leach Edith b.a. 83 

269 Court st. Binghamton N. Y. 
Leach Mrs Osborne (Alice Choate 

Perkins 99) 417 Maple st. 


Leake Mrs Eugene Walter (Marion 
Bancroft Paige 04) 13 Warren pi. 
Montclair N. J. 

Leake Mrs James P. (Mary Chase 
King 10) 1410 Girard st. Wash- 
ington D. C. 

Learned Agnes Wakefield b.a. 94 (Mrs 
P. M. Dawson) 

Learned Harriet Palmer b.l. 96 (Mrs 
A. E. Taussig) 

Learoyd Elizabeth b.l. 92 (Mrs A. A. 

Leatherbee Margaret Rhodes b.a. 04 

(Mrs C. H. Kendal) 
Leavens Alice Emily b.a. 03 

464 Center st. Jamaica Plain 
Leavens Delia Dickson b.a. 01 

202 Broadway Norwich Ct. 
Leavens Mrs Dickson H. (Marjorie 

Lathrop Browning 10) Changsha 


Leavens Faith Robinson b.l. 00 
202 Broadway Norwich Ct. 

Leavens Sarah Hall b.a. 87 138 Laurel 

Hill av. Norwich Ct. 
Leavenworth Mrs Clarence Eldredge (Annie 

Johnston Crim 09) 241 Genesee st. 

Utica N. Y. 

Leavenworth Mrs Philip Reynolds 
(Sarah Theodosia Allen 94) Cas- 
tleton Rutland co. Vt. 


Leavitt Elizabeth b.l. 02 (Mrs M. Y. 

Leavitt Helen Whitman b.a. 15 
4840 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 

Leavitt Mrs William Foster Biddle 
(Helen May Clark 99) Essex Fells 

LeCran Mrs Wilbur L. (Susan Wat kins 02) 
444 Kenilworth pi. Milwaukee Wis. 

Lee Mrs George Barstow (Anna Leoca- 

die Mead 85) 25 Granite st. 

New London Ct. 
Lee Mrs Gerald Stanley (Jeannette 

Barbour Perry 86) 88 High st. 

Lee Helen Foster b.a. 13 

31 Abbott st. Beverly 
Lee Mrs Lawrence Frederick (Eileen 

McMillen 13) 523 N. 11th st. 

Albuquerque N. M. 
Lee Mabel Holman b.a. 09 (Mrs P. O. 


Lee Mrs Ronald C. (Louise Day Put- 
nam 09) 4 W. 40th st. New 

Lee Mrs Walter O. (Lydia Parrott 
Sargent 02) 44 Gloucester st. 

Leedom Mrs Edwin Conover (Helen 
Baxter Peddrick 12) 338 
S. 17th st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Leeds Edith May b.a. 96 (Mrs A. H. 

♦Leeming Winifred Claxton b.l. 00 

(Mrs K. M. Vogel) d. 14 My 08 

Leese Alida King b.a. 00 
(Mrs. S. M. Milliken jr) 

Leese Dorcas Floyd b.l,. 01 (Mrs R. M. Board- 

Leete Mrs Percy (Susea Bates Tower 

05) 28 Albion st. Hyde Park 
Leffingwell Ada Nicola b.a. 13 

Care C. A. Nicola Hickox bldg 

Cleveland O. 
Leffingwell Edith Dyer b.a. 13 

Care C. A. Nicola Hickox bldg 

Cleveland O. 

Legate Grace Howe b.a. 03 (Mrs J. L. 

Legate Laura Fisher b.a. 10 (Mrs P. C. Ware) 
Legate Marion Hunt b.a. 07 (Mrs Paul 

Leggett Blanche Chipman b.a. 93 
412 Ocean av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Le Gro Alice Blanche b.a. 10 
37 Converse st. Palmer 

Le Gro Ruth Lucilla b.a. 13 
37 Converse st. Palmer 

Lehman Louise Catherine b.a. 07 

Metropole hotel 20th Street station 
Chicago 111. 

Lehmann Cara Barbara b.a. 14 

Box 73 Station R Springdale Cin- 
cinnati O. 

Lehmann Mrs Frederick W. jr (Mar- 
garet Adelia Mills 08) 4017 
Woodlawn av. Des Moines la. 

Leidersdorf Mrs Carl Bernard (Elsa 
Katherine Levy 04) 
614 Hackett av. Milwaukee Wis. 

Leighton Mrs Bedford (Minnie Ethel 
Jenkins 08) 82 Walnut st. 

Binghamton N. Y. 

*Leighton Emma Elizabeth b.l. 94 
(Mrs H. A. Miller) d. 8 F 14 

Leighton Grace Barry b.a. 97 
21 Parker st. Melrose 

Leighton Margaret Dominica b.a. 16 
Box 63 New Haven Ct. 

Leighton Ruth b.a. 10 (Mrs Emil 

Leiper Mrs Henry Smith (Eleanor 
Cory 13) 620 W. 122d st. New 

Leitch Harriet Elizabeth b.a. 06 

Yesler Branch library 23d st. and 

Yesler way Seattle Wash. 
Leiter Mrs Frank S. (Edna May Mc- 

Cardell 08) 940 Oak Hill av. 

Hagerstown Md. 
Leland Leslie b.a. 10 

10 Elm st. Concord 
LeMassena Mrs William (Margery Lockwood 

05) Glen Ridge N. J. 

Lenhart Laura Edna b.a. 08 

St Elizabeth's hospital 2 Avenue road 

Shanghai China 

Lennon Alice Louise b.l. 95 74 W. 

124th st. New York 
Lent Rosamond Roberta b.l. 01 

159 W. 103d st. New York 

Leonard Mrs B. Campfield (Helen Gertrude 
Fitzgerald 11) 855 Lancaster av. Syra- 
cuse N. Y. 

Leonard Mrs Burt Hayes (Mabel Etta 
Norris 07) R. F. D. 2 Pomona 

Leonard Mrs Edward DeWitt (Grace 
Kyle Richardson 09) 661 Com- 
monwealth av. Newton Center 

Leonard Florence b.a. 88 

4243 Walnut st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Leonard Mrs F. E. jr (Marguerite 
Tuthill 15) 33 Egremont road 


♦Leonard Henrietta b.a. 79 d. 21 Ap 92 

Leonard Leola Baird b.a. 09 

Care The Morning Telegraph New 

^Leonard Lois Angie b.l. 99 d. 26 O 10 

Leonard Mrs Louis Roussy (Emma 
Bickford Tyler 05) Carnegie Insti- 
tute of technology Pittsburgh Pa. 

Leonard Margaret Shaw b.a. 14 
20 Sylvan av. West Newton 

Leonard Ruth b.a. 10 (Mrs J. G. 

Leonard Mrs William Jackson (Pauline 
Gertrude Wiggin 90) Accord 

Leonhauser Mrs Ulysses L. (Etta 
Booth Garretson 00) New Market 
N. J. 

LeVeque Pearl Evelyn b.a. 10 (Mrs Walter 

Levi Anna Beatrice b.l. 00 (Mrs T. W. 

Levi Miriam Stella b.a. 11 Care 
Marion Lane Box 517 Cincinnati 

Levy Elsa Katherine b.l. 04 (Mrs C. B. 

Lewi Elka Saul b.a. 15 

401 West End av. New York 

Lewin Mrs Louis C. A. (Emilie Frances 
Martin 09) 124 Smith st. Port 
Chester N. Y. 

Lewin Ruth Harriet b.a. 12 (Mrs 
Graham Foster) 

Lewis Mrs Archibald H. (Bessie Hast- 
ings Williams 93) 444 S. Stone av. 
La Grange 111. 

Lewis Edith Labaree b.a. 02 5 Bank st. New 

Lewis Elizabeth Dike b.l. 95 m.a. 98 

(Mrs Clive Day) 
Lewis Ethel Oviatt b.a. 09 (Mrs Waldo 


*Lewis Frances Wright b.a. 81 d. S 08 

Lewis Mrs Frank D. (Alice Emerson Bradbury 
86) 1506 W. 8th st. Riverside Cal. 

Lewis Helen Turnor b.l. 98 (Mrs 
G. B. Wilson) 

Lewis Katherine b.a. 95 (Mrs L. R. 

Lewis Laura Barr Foster b.a. 16 

406 Rutger st. Utica N. Y. 

Lewis Leila Gordon b.a. 10 136 Mohawk st. 
Cohoes N. Y. 

Lewis Letitia Ashley b.a. 12 
Douglas Ga. 

Lewis Mrs Malcolm (Jane Baker 
Higby 12) 20 Shepard terrace 
West Orange N. J. 

Lewis Mamie Jay b.a. 11 

Martha Washington college Abing- 
don Va. 

Lewis Margaret b.a. 93 m.a. 96 Radcliffe (Mrs 

W. S. Nickerson) 
Lewis Marjorv b.a. 08 Hotel Richmond 

70 W. 46th st. New York 

Lewis Mary Bell b.a. 01 

32 Harvard av. Brookline 

Lewis Mary Delia b.a. 94 m.a. 09 Univ. 

of Mich. Smith college 

Lewis Mary Pratt b.l. 95 

Box 616 Collinsville Ct. 
Lewis Millicent Vaughan b.a. 07 

Irvington-on-Hudson N. Y. 
Lewis Ora Mabelle b.a. 00 

South Lancaster 
Libbey Vivian Betsey b.a. 08 

419 S. 15th st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Libby Blanche Edith b.l. 93 (Mrs A. L. Chase) 

Libby Edith Frances b.a. 08 (Mrs J. B. 

Libby Fanny Margaret b.a. 12 

16 Manthorne road West Roxbury 

Libby Mary Ethel b.a. 13 
206 High st. Springfield 

Lillard Mrs Walter Huston (Ethel 
Augusta Hazen 04) 77 Bartlett 
st. Andover 

Lillibridge Grace Rie b.a. 96 (Mrs 
W. S. C. Russell) 

Lillie Florence b.l. 98 (Mrs F. E. 

Lillie Mrs Ralph Stayner (Helen Eva Make- 
peace 99) 21 Dayton st. Worcester 

Lilly Mrs William D. (Margaret Ross 
Putnam 99) 100 Park lane 

Roland Park Md. 

Lincoln Alice Velma b.l. 99 43 Pleasant st. 
Brunswick Me. 

Lincoln Mrs Frederic Foster (Alice 
Gertrude Lothrop 04) 510 W. 
140th st. New York 

Lincoln Helen Stoddard b.a. 88 (Mrs 
A. F. Stone) 

Lincoln Kate Leland b.s. 99 (Mrs 
R. B. Porter) 

Lincoln Marion Buck b.a. 10 

583 Orange st. New Haven Ct. 

Lincoln Marjorie b.a. 13 

243 Otis st. West Newton 


Lincoln Nancy Louise b.a. 05 (Mrs L. 

W. Newell) 
Lindauer Blanche Rothschilde b.a. 15 

3631 West End av. Nashville Tenn. 

Lindeke Mrs Albert W. (Caroline 

Rhoda Saunders 01) 345 Summit 

av. St Paul Minn. 
Lindley Mrs Clarkson (Anna Gale 89) 

1920 Stevens av. Minneapolis 


Lindman Alice Mae b.a. 06 (Mrs 
T. O. Hammond) 

Lindquist Lilly b.a. 99 

334 Hogarth av. Detroit Mich. 

Lindsay Edna b.a. 07 (Mrs W. O. 

Lindsay Isabel Gray b.a. 07 (Mrs H. F. Helm- 

Lindsay Mrs John M. (Grace Steiner 
09) 527 Terrace av. Milwaukee 

Lindsay Mrs Julian Ira (Elizabeth 
Evelyn Enright 08) 1 137 Massa- 
chusetts av. Cambridge 

Lingley Mrs Charles Ramsdell (Harriet Bram- 
well Teasdale 96) 18 Occom road Han- 
over N. H, 

Linke Edith Adelaide b.a. 08 

89 Bruce av. Yonkers N. Y. 

Linsley Mrs Charles Allen (Julia Ran- 
dell Taylor 93) 47 Mendum st. 

Linsley Margaret Ellen b.a. 12 

202 East st. Three Rivers Mich. 

Linthicum Eda b.a. 07 (Mrs E. O. 

McNair jr) 
Linton Eleanor Acheson b.a. 09 (Mrs 

E. R. Clark) 
Linton Mrs Raymond Aaron (Lulu 

Morley Sanborn 07) 811 S. 

Jefferson av. Saginaw Mich. 
Lips Francis Pauline b.l. 01 (Mrs W. 

A. Harshaw) 
*Lips Minerva Ella b.l. 94 d. 8 Ja 96 

Lisman Charlotte Josephine b.a. 08 

(Mrs F. F. Skinner) 
Litchfield Mary Beatrice b.a. 13 

Lake Mahopac N. Y. 
Litchfield Ruby b.a. 10 

184 Boylston st. Boston 
Little Mrs Amos Rogers (Edna Muriel 

Hilburn 11) Ox Bow road Lincoln 
Little Eleanor Johnson b.a. 07 

215 High st. Newburyport 

Little Esther Louise b.a. 03 m.a. 12 and ph.d. 
14 Univ. of Pa. 107 York av. Towanda 

Little Mrs George R. (Edith Norton 
McBurnie 09) Kasson Minn. 

Little Mrs Herbert W. (Sara Marie 
Southard 15) 1706 Common- 
wealth av. Brookline 

Little Lenore Millicent b.a. 11 
89 Atwood st. Hartford Ct. 

Little Margaret b.a. 08 1824 Beacon st. 


Little Mary Prescott b.a. 11 

The Westminster Perth Amboy 
N. J. 

Little Rachel Thayer b.a. 09 
(Mrs R. W. Pettengill) 

Littlefield Mrs James Bancroft (May- 
belle Gifford Kingsbury 08) 
109 Arlington av. Providence R. I. 

Littlejohn Mrs Kenneth (Josephine Keizer 10) 
2125 17th st. Bakerfield Cal. 

Liu Fung Yan b.a. 15 

Canton Christian college Canton 

Livermore Mrs Robert Gurdon (Mary 
Alice Smith 99) Brookfield 

Livingston Mrs Alfred Tennyson 
(Nellie Elizabeth Hallock 85) 
322 Chadakoin bldg Jamestown 
N. Y. 

Lloyd Anna Mary b.l. 96 

(Mrs W. B. Hunt) 
Lloyd Elisabeth Armstrong b.a. 11 

(Mrs E. H. Wardwell) 
Lloyd Mrs Walter (Marian Towne 

Baker 96) 12 Lloyd road Mont- 

clair N. J. 
Lloyd Mrs William Bross (Lola Mav- 
erick 97) Winnetka 111. 
Lobdell Edith b.a. 11 

2716 Prairie av. Chicago 111. 
Lobdell Edith White b.a. 02 (Mrs W. 

W. Pusey 2d) 
Locke Alison Neal b.a. 01 217 W. 

Ashley st. Jacksonville Fla. 
Locke Emily Pauline b.l. 00 m.a. 02 

Columbia (Mrs A. H. Ward) 
Locke Gladys b.a. 08 106 E. 52d st. New York 

Locke Mary Stoughton b.a. 80 m.a. 92 

Radcliffe Westwood 
Locke Mrs Owen A. (Mary Louise 

Young 08) 2951 E. Overlook 

road Cleveland O. 
Lockett Jessie Walston b.l. 97 

125 Cobb av. Decatur 111. 
Lockey Frances Lord b.a. 04 

69 West st. Leominster 
Lockey Margaret b.a. 12 (Mrs B. H. 



Lockhart Marie Roberta b.l. 03 (Mrs 
G. G. Merry) 

Lockhart Mary Annette b.a. 01 (Mrs F. D. 

Lockwood Jeanne Julia b.a. 94 (Mrs 
A. B. Thompson) 

Lockwood Margery b.a. 05 (Mrs William 

Lockwood Ruth Carolyn b.a. 14 
Old Town Me. 

Loeb Mrs Joseph Livingston (Elsie 
Josephine Rosenberg 05) 
10619 Grant wood av. Cleveland O. 

Lofton Euphemia Rosalie b.a. 14 

1414 17th st. Washington D. C. 

Logan Mrs George Wood (Bertha 
Allen 95) The Wyoming Wash- 
ington D. C. 

Logan Julia b.l. 01 

65 Downing st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Logan Mrs Richard D. (Florence Imogene 
Durflinger 03) 616 Acklin av. Toledo O . 

Logan Mrs Thomas Henry (Edith 
Magdalene Manning 10) Kimball 
road Lynn) 

Loheed Bertha Miriam b.a. 00 12 Clifton av. 
Campello Brockton 

Lombard Mrs Albert Eaton (Marie 

Pugsley 02) 12 W. 53d st. 

terrace Kansas City Mo. 
Lombard Mrs Oliver C. 2d (Helen 

Jeannette Marcy 12) 

63 Neshoberoad Waban 
London Lucie Smith b.l. 04 (Mrs 

Hansen Moore) 
Loney Frances Speck b.a. 10 (Mrs 

R. M. Hull) 
Long Emma Frances b.a. 13 (Mrs 

D. M. Hoffecker) 
Long Margaret b.a. 95 m.d. 03 Johns 

Hopkins 2070 Colorado blvd 

Denver Col. 
Long Mrs Omera Floyd (Margaret 

Appleton Kingsley 08) 

827 Colfax st. Evanston 111. 

Long Pauline Adele b.a. 02 20 Livingston av. 
New Brunswick N. J. 

Long Mrs S. M. Breckenridge (Chris- 
tine Alexander Graham 10) 
5145 Lindell av. St Louis Mo. 

Long Mrs William J. (Frances Marsh 
Bancroft 94) ~ Noroton hill 
Stamford Ct. 

Longdon Mrs Francis James jr (Harriet 
Marsh Ruger 94) 603 66th av. 
Oak Lane Philadelphia Pa. 

Longworthy Mrs Louis Russell (Grace Parker 
00) Prospect st. Wollaston 

Loomis Clara Denison b.a. 00 m.a 01 
Columbia 212 Bluff Yokohama 

Loomis Emma Rebecca b.a. 06 (Mrs 

G. C. Bishop) 
Loomis Mrs J. Carleton (Ethel Belle Kenvon 

07) 20 S. High st. New Britain Ct. 

Loomis Mrs James (Lucy Helen Bruce 
05) Granby Ct. 

Loomis Mrs John (Florence Geddes 13) 
414 W. 121st st. New York 

Loomis Medora Eva b.a. 95 (Mrs 

Loomis Mrs Paul Henry (Mary Ellery 
Trask 00) 55 Marengo park 

Lootz Emma b.a. 97 m.d. 02 Johns 
Hopkins (Mrs W. G. Erving) 

Lord Alice Tullis b.l. 97 m.a. 15 Colum- 
bia (Mrs Edgerton Parsons) 

Lord Eleanor Louisa b.a. 87 m.a. 90 
ph.d. 98 Bryn Mawr 
Goucher college Baltimore Md. 

Lord Eliza Nelson b.a. 96 (Mrs C. A. 

- Jaquith) 
Lord Florence b.l. 95 (Mrs L. H. 

Lord Florence b.a. 05 (Mrs W. M. 

Lord Mrs George (Emma Josephine Luck 82) 
129 Primrose av. Monrovia Cal. 

Lord Grace Ethel b.l. 01 (Mrs G. A. 

*Lord Helen Augusta b.a. 91 m.d. 96 
Woman's med. col. of Pa. 
d. 28 Mr 00 

Lord Helen Tucker b.a. 11 

16 Prospect st. East Orange N. J. 

Lord Mrs James (Mary Alice Foot 07) 
73 Bradford st. Pittsfield 

Lord Laura Woolsey b.l. 01 (Mrs 

R. L. Scales) 
Lord Lucy Eloise b.a. 00 m.a. 13 (Mrs 

Emilie Barrangon) 
Lord Mally Graham b.a. 13 

623 W. 113th st. New York 
Lord Marguerite Anne b.a. 14 

49 Kensington av. Northampton 

*Lord Mary Caroline b.a. 88 d. 15 O 99 

Lord Mary Tate b.a. 00 (Mrs R. E. 


Lord Mrs Raymond D. (Ruth Adams 

08) "Heartbreak road Ipswich 
Lorenz Mary b.a. 13 (Mrs Courtland 

Van Deusen) 


Lormore Ellen Frances b.l. 97 (Mrs 
L. P. Guion) 

Loth Sara Edna b.a. 14 m.a. 16 Colum- 
bia 119 W. 74th st. New York 

Lothrop Alice Gertrude b.a. 04 (Mrs 
F. F. Lincoln) 

Lothrop Margaret Mulford b.a. 05 
The Wayside Concord 

Lotze Hazel Catherine b.a. 07 Vermilion S. D. 

Lotze Marie Louise b.a. 09 (Mrs H. W. 

*Loud Alice Chapman b.a. 06 

d. 11 My 08 
Loud Mrs Herbert R. (Ethel Godfrey 

01) 419 W. 114th st. New York 
Loud Mrs Lingard (Marion Fisher 

Tanner 12) 10 E. 38th st. New 


Loutrel Mrs Cyrus H. (Ethel McClu- 

ney 08) 270 Irving av. South 

Orange N. J. 
Love Mrs Chase Whitney (Adelaide 

Warren Peterson 11) 

812 Montrose blvd Chicago 111. 
Lovejoy Deborah Eliza b.a. 98 Pennsylvania 

College for women Pittsburgh Pa. 

Lovejoy Mrs Herman Samuel (Mabel 

Hyde Workman 99) 

101 S. Main st. Branford Ct. 
Lovejoy Margaret Waldo b.a. 89 

(Mrs R. G. W. Butters) 
Lovelace Mrs Robert L. (Mary Harriet 

Denham 95) 11 Blaine av. 

Loveland Helen Isabella b.a. 89 Morningside 

college Sioux City la. 
Lovell Bertha Chace b.a. 05 

25 Bennet st. Boston 
Lovett Florance Emilie b.a. 04 (Mrs W. F. 

Low Mrs Clarence H. (Madeleine 

Eloise Mayer 14) Sherbrooke 

road Scarsdale N. Y. 
Low Mrs David Scott (Edith Lyman 

Clark 98) Easthampton 
Low Florence b.a. 97 (Mrs H. P. 

Lowe Anne Elizabeth b.a. 09 

1822 Washington blvd Chicago 111. 
Lowe Annie Margaret b.a. 06 (Mrs E. W. 


Lowe Gwendolyn Robbins b.a. 12 

(Mrs M. H. Wiseman) 
Lowell Annette Marion b.a. 95 (Mrs 

A. H. Thorndike) 
Lowell Mrs James Bennett (Ethel 

Lucy Cox 11) 18 Stoneland road 


Lower Mrs William E. (Mabel Loring Freeman 
00) 6912 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

Lowman Dorothy Stix b.a. 16 

668 Gholson av. Avondale Cin- 
cinnati O. 

Lowrey Ruth b.a. 09 m.a. 10 Columbia 
(Mrs Parmly Hanford) 

Lowry Mrs John jr (Mildred Hill 09) 
324 Prospect av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Lucas Marion b.a. 11 m.a. 13 Wellesley 
61 Broadway New York 

Lucas Mrs William Palmer (Bertha 
June Richardson 01) 2513 Pierce 
st. San Francisco Cal. 

Luce Mary Elizabeth b.a. 10 (Mrs J. 
H. Hughes) 

Luce Maud Lilian b.a. 87 (Mrs C. C. Hunt) 
Lucey Margaret Mary b.a. 10 18 Gothic st. 

Lucia Mrs Victor Nathan (Virginia 
Forrest 90) Dryads' green 


Luck Emma Josephine b.a. 82 m.d. 88 Woman's 
med. col. of Pa. (Mrs George Lord) 

Luitwieler Helen b.a. 10 

24 Duncklee st. Newton Highlands 
Lumbard Mrs John Wheeler (Elizabeth 

Dearborn Tarbox 98) 55 N. 

Broadway White Plains N. Y. 
*Lund Mrs Carl H. (Edith Culbertson Clarke 

03) d. 22 Je 11 

Lund Mrs Carl Hayes (Marjary Law- 
rence Gilson 02) 1131 10th st. 
Douglas Ariz. 

Lund Frida Frimann b.a. 16 

63 Dryads' green Northampton 

Lundagen Martha Agatha b.a. 13 
94 Graham st. Leominster 

Lunt Margaret Sargent b.a. 03 (Mrs 
F. V. Bulfinch) 

Luntz Jenny b.a. 14 
East Hampton Ct. 

Lupton Belle Corwin b.l. 04 (Mrs O. G. 

Lupton Mrs Robert Mather (Virginia 
Coryell Craven 10) Mattituck 
N. Y. 

*Lusch Margaret Virginia b.l. 02 (Mrs C. D. 

Allen jr) d. 29 Jl 09 

Lusch Mrs Reuben Moffat (Marion MofHt 

Smith 03) The Orchard Isle of Pines W. I. 
Lusk Ruth Alida b.a. 01 (Mrs W. R. Ramsey) 
Lutz Nellie b.a. 03 (Mrs Collins Thompson) 

Lyall Bertha b.l. 94 230 W. 76th 
st. New York 

Lyding Mrs Otto (Gertrude Kuhfuss 06) 
408 Beacon st. Boston 

Lyford Gertrude Wells b.a. 11 (Mrs 
E. R. Boyd) 


Lyle Clara Holmes b.a. 02 (Mrs Edward 

Lyman Alice b.l. 99 b.l.s. 05 N. Y. 
state lib. sch. (Mrs N. L. Good- 

Lyman Alma b.a. 11 Middlefield Ct. 

Lyman Mrs Charles Gleason (Beulah Wells 05) 
22 Vick park B Rochester N. Y. 

Lyman Esther b.a. 13 Middlefield Ct. 

Lyman Ethel b.a. 96 

86 High st. Greenfield 

Lyman Mrs Eugene William (Bertha 
Burton Thayer 97) 70 S. Cedar 
st. Oberlin O. 

Lyman Frances Pease b.a. 88 (Mrs O. C. Burt) 

Lyman Mrs Frank Dean (Ethel Somers 
Wilson 10) 534 Clarke av. West- 
mount Montreal Canada 

Lyman Grace Greenleaf b.a. 96 m.a. 99 
212 W. 120th st. New York 

Lyman Helen b.a. 04 42 High st. Greenfield 

Lyman Katharine Hart b.l. 00 

700 Oneida bldg Minneapolis 

Lyman Laura Agnes b.a. 97 (Mrs 

Austin Rice) 
Lyman Louie Marguerite b.a. 13 

Florence st. Easthampton 

Lyman Margaret Hyde b.a. 00 841 Judson av. 
Evanston 111. 

Lyman Rose Clarissa b.a. 90 
197 Main st. Easthampton 

Lyman Virginia Dummer b.s. 93 

67 D wight pi. Englewood N. J. 

Lyman Winnifred Clare b.a. 11 
109 West st. Mansfield 

Lynch Alice Allen b.a. 99 (Mrs G. P. 

Lynch Beatrice Hollister b.a. 16 

48 Hollister st. Cincinnati O. 
Lynch Caroline Vinia b.a. 94 m.a. 08 

Columbia 217 Norfolk st. 

Dorchester Center Boston 
Lynch Clara Julia b.l. 03 

103 South st. Northampton 
Lynch Frances Henrietta b.a. 00 (Mrs 

J. J. Miller) 
Lynch Mrs Frederick (Maude Bar- 
rows Dutton 03) Spuyten Duyvil 

N. Y. 

Lynch Katherine Gertrude b.a. 94 m.a. 99 
Brown 605 Academy av. Providence R. t. 

Lyon Georgia Elizabeth b.a. 03 
297 Broadway Chicopee Falls 

Lyon Georgia West b.a. 12 425 Oak 
Grove st. Minneapolis Minn. 

Lyon Grace Taylor b.a. 97 

58 Church st. Chicopee Falls 

*Lyon Louise Whiting b.a. 92 

d. 25 Ag 11 
Lyons Elisabeth Louise b.a. 15 

717 N. 4th st. Steubenville O. 
Lyons Mary Beatrice b.a. 10 

130 Day st. Fitchburg 

Lytle Florence Rebekah b.a. 09 

306 W. 100th st. New York 

Lytle Harriett Jackson b.a. 08 (Mrs 
H. C. Bonney) 

Lytle Sophie Ridgely b.a. 07 (Mrs R. C. Hatch) 

Mabie Carmen Crittenden b.a. 07 (Mrs 
Stephen Wamsley) 

Mabie Helen Rockwell b.l. 04 

3 Fernwood road Summit N. J. 
*Mabie Lorraine Trivett b.l. 00 d. 23 S 06 

Mabury Eloise b.l. 02 311 Waverly 

drive Pasadena Cal. 
McAfee Helen Flora b.a. 03 m.a. 14 

94 York sq. New Haven Ct. 
*McAfee Mrs Larry B. (Marjorie 

Deshon 09) d. Ap 16 

MacAlister Julia Clyde b.l. 98 4031 Walnut 
st. Philadelphia Pa. 

McAllister Mrs William Barriss 
(Martha Gladys Weed 08) 
Mentor Lake co. O. 

McAuley Millie Gordon b.l. 99 
Windsor Locks Ct. 

McBee Mary Vardrine b.a. 06 m.a. 08 
Columbia 172 Rutledge av. 
Charleston S. C. 

MacBriar Mrs Wallace N. (Ruth Pa- 
tience Flather 06) 3247 Cascadia 
av. Seattle Wash. 

McBride Mrs Arthur (Elizabeth Hub- 
bard Viles 03) Ahmednagar India 

McBride Maud Walker b.a. 04 

865 2d av. Detroit Mich. 
McBurnie Edith Norton b.a. 09 (Mrs 

G. R. Little) 
McCabe Delia Jean b.a. 14 (class of 12) 

113 Elmhurst av. Detroit Mich. 
McCain Gladys Moulton b.a. 13 

2907 Grand av. Des Moines la. 

McCall Laura Margaret b.a. 08 (Mrs R. M. 

McCall Ruth b.a. 06 Myopia road 

McCall Mrs Sumner Thompson (Char- 
lotte Riggs Gardner 06) 
1022 Sheridan road Evanston 111. 

McCalmont Constance Plumer b.l. 96 
(Mrs H. S. Humphrey) 


McCardell Edna May b.a. 08 (Mrs F. 
S. Leiter) 

McCarroll Jennie Frances b.l. 03 (Mrs 

F. B. Edwards) 
MacCarthy Alice Mary b.a. 04 (Mrs H. M. 


McCarthy Anna Ursula b.a. 09 

200 King st. Northampton 
McCarthy Mrs F. Stephen (Gertrude 

Elise Bussard 09) 7 Glenada pi. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
McCarthy Leonora Muria b.a. 11 

82 Kay st. Newport R. I. 
McCarthy Mary Zita b.a. 11 

36 4th st. Derby Ct. 
McCarty Anna Gertrude b.a. 11 

163 Grove st. Fall River 
McCaskie Florence Agnes b.a. 07 

10 Chestnut st. East Orange N. J. 
McClellan Katherine Elizabeth b.a. 82 

40 State st. Northampton 
McClellan Priscilla Daggett b.a. 16 

Ludlow Vt. 

McClelland Myra b.a. 02 Tabor la. 

McClelland Mrs Robert Smiley (Mar- 
garet Holman 02) Tabor la. 

McClelland Ruth Marjorie B.A. 13 
656 N. Prairie st. Galesburg 111. 

McClench Marion Hill b.a. 03 

112 Sumner av. Springfield 
McClintock Alice b.l. 99 (Mrs C. A. Graham) 

McClintock Anna Colton b.l. 02 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

McClintock Gertrude Valerie b.a. 10 (Mrs 
P. W. Whitcomb) 

McClosky Inez b.a. 16 

304 Varick st. Jersey City N. J. 
McCloud Lucy Carter b.a. 85 

10 Madison av. Northampton 
McCluney Ethel b.a. 08 (Mrs C. H. 


McCluney Mrs James (Mabel Mc- 
Keighan 04) 379 N. Taylor av. 
St Louis Mo. 

McCluney Mildred b.a. 04 

4429 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 

McCluney Mrs Samuel Copp (Katha- 
rine Robinson 04) 4473 
McPherson blvd St Louis Mo. 

McClure Mrs Walter Scott (Edna Moith 
Roach 12) Winnebago road Tuckahoe 
N. Y. 

McClurg Mrs Ogden T. (Gertrude 
Florence Schwarz 09) 
999 Lake Shore drive Chicago 111. 

McColl Mrs Jay Robert (Belle Ger- 
trude Baldwin 97) 195 Chicago 
blvd Detroit Mich. 

MacColl Laura Ditto b.a. 10 Caledonia N. Y. 
McCollester Catharine b.a. 14 

Tufts College 
McCollester Mrs Lee Sullivan (Lizzie 

Southgate Parker 88) Tufts 


McConnaughy Hettie Grange b.a. 13 
1108 Portland st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

McConnell Edna Bertha b.a. 09 

The Ridge Suffern N. Y. 
McConnell Florence Marion b.a. 14 

129 Princeton a v. Providence R. I. 

McConnell Mrs Guthrie (Genevieve 

Knapp 97) 508 South st. 

Waterloo la. 
McConnell Mrs R. F. (Grace Otteson 

11) U. S. Naval station Tutuila 


McConway Anne b.a. 93 (Mrs A. W. 

McCord Agnes Armitage Roosevelt 

b.a. 06 (Mrs T. H. Brindley) 

McCormick Dorothy Vaughen b.a. 15 

316 Tappan road Ann Arbor Mich. 
MacCoy Edith Mildred b.a. 16 

295 N. Main st. Springfield 
McCrary Margaret b.a. 11 (Mrs Cyrus 

McCredie Margaret Jane b.a. 07 

722 Douglas av. Elgin 111. 
McCrory Madeleine b.a. 13 

46 Edgemere road Quincy 

McCulloch Mrs Frederick H. (Alice 
Harrison Foster 06) 2421 
Fairfield av. Fort Wayne Ind. 

McCurdy Mrs Robert Houston (Ethel 
Louise Tryner 00) 1451 E. 

52d st. Chicago 111. 

McCurrach Mary Kerr b.a. 06 (Mrs A. L. 

McCutchen Margaret Wilson b.a. 03 
21 Rockview av. Plainfield N.J. 

McDaniel Ada Baird b.a. 15 

6391 Woodbine av. Philadelphia 

McDonald Clara Bird b.l. 96 

Care Joel Funkhauser Plattsburg Mo. 

Macdonald Lucy Esther b.a. 05 (Mrs 

H. C. Pitts) 
MacDonald Margaret Dudley b.a. 13 

629 Cherry st. Erie Pa. 
McDonald Margaret Mary b.a. 14 

W. German st. Little Falls N. Y. 

MacDonald Mary Elizabeth b.a. 09 
2252 Main st. Stratford Ct. 


MacDonald Mildred Louise b.a. 10 
329 W. Main st. North Adams 

MacDonnell Mary Eulalia b.a. 02 
544 Sumner av. Springfield 

McDonough Nora Claire b.a. 16 

124 Randolph road Plainfield N. J. 

*McDonough Mrs P. F. (Helen Cecelia Mon- 
aghan 04) d. 28 Ag 12 

Macdougall Grace Agnes b.a. 02 
561 W. 186th st. New York 

MacDougall Margaret b.l. 92 (Mrs W. W 

McDougall Nettie b.l. 03 (Mrs C. P. 

McDougall Mrs Philip Sidney (Mary 
Louise Thornton 06) 33 Argyle 
park Buffalo N. Y. 

McDougall Rebecca Vedder b.a. 07 
(Mrs S. H. Graves) 

MacDougall Mrs Robert (Carita Atwill Chap- 
man 91) 2258 University av. New York 

McDougall Susanna Miller b.a. 11 
302 Summer st. Buffalo N. Y. 

MacDougall Mrs William Dugald 
(Charlotte Sackett Stone 93) 
Naval observatory Washington 
D. C. 

McDowell Clara b.a. 03 (Mrs Glenn 

Macduff Mrs Douglas (Percy Ruth 
Herrick*09) 120 Requa st. Peeks- 
kill N. Y. 

McDuffee Alice Louise b.l. 96 m.a. 98 
Kalamazoo 1012 W. Main st. 
Kalamazoo Mich. 

MacDufne Jean Challis b.a. 09 (Mrs 
G. D. Pirnie) 

McEldowney Mrs Allen Wilson (Anne 
McConway 93) 408 Maple av. 
Edgewood Park Pittsburgh Pa. 

*McElroy Alice b.a. 07 pd.b. 08 N. Y. state nor- 
mal col. (Mrs J. H. Kingsbury) 
d. 4 Mr 13 

McElroy Edith b.a. 07 (Mrs W. H. Gardiner 

McElwain Mabel Louise B.A. 09 (Mrs 

N. A. Bissell) 
McEwan Sally Rodes b.a. 11 

906 S. Negley av. Pittsburgh Pa. 
McFadden Elizabeth Apthorp b.l. 98 

106 E. 52d st. New York 
Macfarland Mrs Charles Stedman 

(Mary Perley Merrill 97) Achray 

Mountain Lakes N. J. 
McFarland Clara Mandana b.a. 85 

(Mrs J. H. Hobbs) 
MacFarland Lena Elizabeth b.a. 13 

624 N. James st. Rome N. Y. 

MacFarland Estella Gregg b.a. 16 

624 N. James st. Rome N. Y. 
McGeorge Mrs Robert R. (Ethel 

Maria Gleason 06) 250 Bryant 

st. Buffalo N. Y. 
McGinness Rose Mary b.a. 15 

27 Van Deventer av. Princeton 

N. J. 

McGrath Margaret Cecelia b.a. 13 

48 Monroe st. Northampton 
McGraw Agnes Childs b.a. 13 

McGraw Cortland co. N. Y. 
McGraw Mrs Harrison B. (Ethel 

Vryling Buffam 00) 2061 E. 83d 

st. Cleveland O. 
MacGregor Elizabeth b.a. 13 

189 Fainnount av. Hyde Park 
McGregor Julia Moore b.a. 16 

126 Market st. Amsterdam N. Y. 

McGrew Elizabeth Lore b.s. 01 m.a. 05 

(Mrs Everett Kimball) 
McGuire Alice Browne b.a. 10 

3310 Washington blvd Chicago 111. 

McGuire Grace Browne b.a. 10 (Mrs 

A. J. Allen) 
Machado Salome Amelia b.a. 83 (Mrs 

Minton Warren) 
McHardy Ethel b.a. 15 

438 Lebanon st. Melrose 
Machette Ruth Howard b.a. 13 

306 Wyoming av. Scranton Pa. 

Maclntyre Ida Whitcomb b.a. 03 (Mrs F. W. 

Mack Anne Allen b.a. 12 25 S. 4th st. 

Aurora 111. 
Mack Dorothy Anne b.a. 16 

1705 Lamont st. Washington D. C. 

Mack Efne Mona b.a. 12 428 Hill st. 
Reno Nev. 

Mack Isabella b.a. 98 m.d. 03 Woman's med. 
col. of Pa. (Mrs C. E. Patton) 

Mack Marion Allen b.l. 03 (Mrs C. A. 

Mack Mildred Jeannette b.a. 15 (Mrs 

F. S. Breed) 
Mack Rebecca Robins b.l. 01 

5121 Willows av. Philadelphia Pa. 

McKay Carrie Carswell b.a. 06 (Mrs G. P. 

McKay Mrs Donald Dana (Mabel 

Elizabeth Jones 08) 49 Columbus 

st. Newton Highlands 
Mackay Susan Haslett b.l. 98 

1822 Beacon st. Brookline 
McKee Isabel Dinwiddie b.a. 82 (Mrs W. H. 

Hidden jr) 


McKeever Mrs George (Elizabeth 
Coley Beardsley 09) 1517 Haw- 
thorn av. Columbus O. 

McKeighan Mabel b.a. 04 (Mrs James 

McKelvey Gertrude Brownlee b.a. 11 

(Mrs G. C. Jones) 
McKelvey Katherine Isabella b.a. 04 

(Mrs C. F. Owlsey) 
McKenney Mrs Charles R. (Mary 

Alice Smith 97) Highland terrace 

North St Paul Minn. 
McKenney Ruth Arnold b.a. 14 

36 Bedford terrace Northampton 

MacKenzie Catherine b.a. 03 

House-by-the-Sea East Moriches Long 

Island N. Y. 
♦Mackenzie Mrs William Adams (Janet Clara 

Grant 93) d. 24 Je 02 

♦McKeown Ella Maranda b.a. 82 (Mrs 

J. A. Wright) d. 8 S 95 

McKey Josephine Appleton b.a. 12 

(Mrs H. F. Stock) 
McKinney Ida Ethelyn b.l. 95 

Innisfree Lake av. Greenwich Ct. 
McKinney Lois b.a. 16 

5720 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

McKnight Rachel Lowrie b.a. 12 

Sewickley Pa. 
MacLachlan Mary Winifred b.a. 06 

104 Erskine st. Detroit Mich. 

MacLam Grace Ruth b.a. 10 
East Ryegate Vt. 

McLane Mrs John R. (Elizabeth 
Bancroft 14) 62 Munroe st. 
Manchester N. H. 

McLaren Mrs John Douglas (Frances Sherman 
Rockwell 06) Twin Oaks farm Glen- 
dale O. 

*MacLaren Mrs Malcolm Niell (Mabel War- 
ren Sanford 93) d. 16 S 04 

McLaughlin Helen Ursula b.a. 13 
80 Bay st. Glens Falls N. Y. 

McLaurin Dorothy b.a. 09 

99 Madison av. Toronto Ontario 

McLean Elizabeth Flora b.a. 16 

338 Goundry st. North Tona- 

wanda N. Y. 
McLean Mrs Hugh (Rosamond Deni- 

son 06) 1059 Pontiac st. Denver 


McLennan Mrs D. R. (Katherine Cole 
Noyes 05) Lake Forest 111. 

McLennan Marion b.a. 08 (Mrs S. F. 

MacLeod Christine Isabel b.a. 01 (Mrs E. G. 

McLeod Jennie Crammond b.a. 15 
117 Pearl st. Clinton 

MacLeod Mrs Kenneth E. (Miriam Louise 
Gasche 07) Dresden O. 

McLeod Maude Elizabeth b.l. 96 (Mrs 

J. H. Brooks) 
McLoughlin Ellen Veronica b.a. 15 

744 Rutger st. Utica N. Y. 
*McMahan Una b.a. 94 (Mrs F. E. 

Harkness) d. 4 Ap 15 

*McMahon Agnes Loretto b.a. 02 d. 25 Je 15 
McMahon Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 08 

606 State st. Bridgeport Ct. 
McManigal Helen Foster b.a. 11 (Mrs W. W. 


McMechan Erin Theresa b.a. 09 

Box 1053 Glsn Ellyn 111. 
MacMillan Mrs Daniel W. (Alice Robinson 

88) Whitings N.J. 

McMillan Elizabeth Short b.a. 14 
936 West End av. New York 

McMillan Martha b.a. 13 941 James 
st. Syracuse N. Y. 

McMillan Mary b.a. 16 

941 James st. Syracuse N. Y. 

Macmillan Mrs Thomas Dalgliesh 
(Eva Bryant Adams 15) 
30 Whitney av. Hartford Ct. 

McMillen Eileen b.a. 13 (Mrs L. F. 

McMillen Mrs William John (Sonah 

Marian Frank 10) 35 Outlook pi. 

Glen Ridge N. J. 
McMullen Mrs Thomas (Jane Little 

Emerson 01) 261 Garfield pi. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
McMullin Sally Jane b.a. 10 (Mrs 

J. O. Hanson) 

McMurray Susie Genevieve b.a. 09 
Hoosick Falls N. Y. 

MacNabb Marion b.a. 15 

615 W. Ferry st. Buffalo N. Y. 

McNair Mrs Even O. jr (Eda Linthi- 
cum 07) 415 Dempster st. Evans- 
ton 111. 

McNair Frances Dwight b.a. 16 
512 Lee st. Evanston 111. 

McNair Helen Manning b.a. 13 
528 Park pi. Cloquet Minn. 

McNair Marie Louise b.a. 14 
-Halstead Kan. 

*McNair Mrs Preston F. (Lucy Burgess Tay- 
lor 85) . d. 11 Ap 91 

MacNamara Anna Gardner b.a. 15 
Wightman av. Norwich Ct. 


McNamara Marion Katherine b.a. 14 

M.A. 16 

44 Eaton st. Fitchburg 
McNay Luella Gallagher b.a. 09 m.a. 

10 Waynesburg col. 

45 Johnson st. Carlinville 111. 
McNees Helen b.a. 15 

138 Allegheny av. Kittanning Pa. 
McNeill Mrs W. C. (Mary Alice 

Wheeler 06) 1526 L st. N. W. 

Washington D. C. 
Macniel Elizabeth Hamlin b.a. 02 

(Mrs C. M. Olmsted) 
*McNiven Agnes Spencer b.a. 12 

d. 12 Je 16 
Macomber Bertha May b.a. 03 

525 W. 120th st. New York 

McPherson Elizabeth b.a. 07 (Mrs R. G. 

McQuigg Winifred Moore b.a. 13 

724 Eleanor st. Kalamazoo Mich. 
McQuiston Marjory Fitch b.a. 13 

Dobbs Ferry-on-Hudson N. Y. 
McRae Mrs Cameron Farquhar (Sarah 

Nicoll Woodward 01) 39 Cornell 

av. Yonkers N. Y. 
MacRobert Edna Allan b.a. 06 (Mrs 

W. V. Morse) 
Macurda Mrs W. Hayward (Maud 

Genevieve Woolson 10) 

35 Liberty a v. New Rochelle N. Y. 
McVeigh Merle Mary b.a. 13 

150 Church st. North Adams 
McWilliams Anna Louisa b.l. 97 (Mrs 

W. P. Miller) 
McWilliams Mrs John jr (Julia Carolyn 

Weston 00) 625 Magnolia av. 

Pasadena Cal. 
McWilliams Mary b.a. 98 (Mrs J. P. 


Madden Mrs James P. (Margaret 

Emma Fisher 11) Bethlehem Pa. 
Madeira Mrs Charles (Alice Adelaide 

Maynard 97) Stony Creek Ct. 
Madison Augusta Morris b.s. 95 m.d. 

99 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. inf. 

(Mrs W. F. Keim) 
Magee Ruth Agnes b.a. 09 

2237 Putnam st. Toledo O. 

Magna Mrs Joseph Nicholas (Ethel Updike 09) 
188 Madison av. Holyoke 

Magna Mrs Russell William (Sarah 
Edith Scott 09) 178 Madi- 

son av. Holyoke 

Maher Amy Grace b.a. 06 

1808 Jefferson av. Toledo O. 

Mahl Mrs George Arthur (Christine 
Maxwell Hooper 07) 138 Grand- 
view road Ardmore Pa. 

Mahoney Ida May b.a. 08 

24 Adams st. Easthampton 

Mahony Emogene b.l. 00 

Scarborough on Hudson N. Y. 

Mahony Mrs Gerald (Clara Louise Davis 02) 
993 Green Bay road Hubbard Woods 111. 

Mainland Mary Bell b.a. 14 

121 Franklin av. Oshkosh Wis. 
Major Lilian Dyott b.a. 07 (Mrs 

Geoffrey Bare) 
Makepeace Helen Eva b.a. 99 (Mrs R. S. Lillie) 
Makepeace Mrs John Crocker (Grace 

Bursley Parker 93) High st. 


Malcolm Mrs James Lewis (Jessie 
Churchill Chase 09) 65 Greene 
st. Catskill N. Y. 

Malcolmson Mrs Charles Tousley 
(Margaret Ewing Wilkinson 99) 
522 Belmont av. Chicago 111. 

Mallett Audrey Langley b.a. 11 
125 W. 86th st. New York 

Malley Grace Beatrice b.a. 03 

227 Forest Park av. Springfield 

Malone Eleanor Quayle b.a. 08 (Mrs 

H. J. Allen) 
Malone Mary Stapler b.a. 00 

908 Franklin st. Wilmington Del. 

Malonev Alice May b.a. 00 
2 Stark st. Nashua N. H. 

Maltby Edith Frances b.a. 97 
159 Elm st. Northampton 

Manchester Mrs Arnold Roberts (Georgia 
Isabel Robotham 00) 137 Palmer av. 
Mamaroneck N. Y. 

Mangam Grace Lewis b.a. 11 

295 Monroe st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Manix Mrs Edward Tuck (Sarah Ethel 
Pool 03) 59 Lewis st. Lynn 

Manker Margaret Mabel b.a. 06 (Mrs 
W. H. C. Carhart) 

Manley Ruth Emma b.a. 03 (Mrs A. E. Hea- 

Mann Caroline Elizabeth b.l. 02 (Mrs C. E 
Faulkner jr) 

Mann Eleanor Cartwright b.a. 09 
(Mrs H. D. Blakeslee jr) 

Mann Elizabeth Ellen b.a. 95 
Plymouth Inn Northampton 

Mann Florence b.a. 06 (Mrs H. A. 

Mann Frances Josepha Eddy b.a. 10 
(Mrs R. A. Delesderniers) 

Mann Harriette Daniell b.a. 07 


Mann Helen Hunter b.a. 16 

189 Marrett st. Westbrook Me. 

Mann Kristine b.a. 95 m.a. 01 Univ. of 
Mich. m.d. 13 Cornell 
251 W. 100th st. New York 

Mann Lois Elizabeth b.a. 06 

189 Marrett st. Westbrook Me. 

Mann Myrtle Margaret b.a. 08 ph.d. 12 
m.a. 10 Radcliffe (Mrs J. E. Gillet) 

Mann Olive Louise b.a. 00 (Mrs F. H. 

Manning Beatrice Austin b.l. 02 (Mrs 

C. I. Oliver) 
Manning Edith Magdalene b.a. 10 

(Mrs T. H. Logan) 
Manning Ethel wyn b.a. 08 

204 Langley road Newton Center 

Manning Frances Gleason b.a. 06 
(Mrs J. S. Bent jr) 

Manning Helen Powers b.l. 02 (Mrs P. S. 

Manross Marion Roberta b.a. 07 (Mrs Fowler) 
Mansfield Anna Carter b.a. 04 (Mrs 

H. J. Conn) 
Mansfield Bertha Dalrymple b.a. 05 

(Mrs W. E. Chamberlain) 
Mansfield Christine Tillson b.l. 92 

(Mrs Henry Cole) 
Mansfield Elizabeth Langley b.l. 94 

2040 Stearns road Cleveland O. 

Mansfield Mrs Frank E. (Alice Johnson 
Curtis 05) 145 University road 

Mansfield Mrs Frederic E. (Anna 
Margaret Potter 15) 205 Mans- 
field st. New Haven Ct. 

Mansfield Hilda Brownell b.a. 08 

368 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

*Manson Mrs Daniel Edgar (Effie 
Marion Comey 98) d. N 07 

Manson Margaret b.a. 96 (Mrs H. C. 

Many Mrs Jack (Clara Elizabeth 

Hepburn 09) 1321 Calhoun st. 

New Orleans La. 
Mara Ellen b.a. 16 

25 3d st. Pittsfield 
Marble Anna Theresa b.a. 06 m.a. 16 

Columbia 28 Cedar st . Worcester 
Marble Mrs Charles Francis (Annie 

Maria Russell 86) 4 Marble st. 

Marble Helen Chase b.a. 04 

28 Cedar st. Worcester 

Marble Sarah Almy b.a. 12 
28 Cedar st. Worcester 

Marchand Mrs Richard Werner (Grace Blair 
Watkinson 02) 28 Mercer st. 

Princeton N. J. 

Marcus Dorothy b.a. 12 206 Upper 
Mountain av. Montclair N. J. 

Marcy Annie Maude b.a. 99 (Mrs 
C. M. Crooks) 

Marcy Helen Jeannette b.a. 12 (Mrs 
O. C. Lombard 2d) 

Marcy Mrs Henry Orlando jr (Eleanor 
Hunnewell Nichols 95) 140 Sar- 
gent st. Newton 

Marden Louise Estelle b.a. 10 (Mrs 

P. F. Wild) 
Marine Eleanor Graves b.a. 12 

606 5th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Marine Mabel Frances b.a. 15 
606 5th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Mark Bessie b.l. 03 Cyril lodge 26 Pem- 

bridge crescent Bayswater London W. 

Mark Pauline b.l. 95 Herkimer 
N. Y. 

Markle Mrs George Andrew (Rose Voetsch 05) 
30 River st. Greenfield 

Markley Eileen Hughes b.a. 07 
5245 Ellis av. Chicago 111. 

Marks Althea Hortense b.a. 11 

Marks Mary Helen b.a. 09 

Pennsylvania College for women 

Pittsburgh Pa. 
Marks Sophie Clara b.a. 14 

726 Adams av. Memphis Tenn. 

Marley Frances b.a. 16 
64 Forest st. Boston 

Marmon Caroline b.l. 00 

970 N. Delaware st. Indianapolis 

Marple Mrs Lucius Elliot (Martha 
Thayer Folsom 92) 3809 
Cascadia av. Seattle Wash. 

Marples Mrs Herbert (Mary Fletcher 
Banks 98) 113 Amersfort pi. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Marr Mrs (Jean Louisa Estes 93) 
986 Plymouth av. Fall River 

Marsh Anna Harris b.a. 03 (Mrs H. H. Suter) 

Marsh Caroline Elizabeth b.a. 03 (Mrs D. V. 

Marsh Carrie Amelia B.A. 83 
19 Main st. Amherst 

Marsh Charlotte Lowry b.a. 00 (Mrs 
M. M. Post) 


Marsh Mrs Chauncey Hunter (Helen 
Esther Kelley 02) Sunset park 
Upper Montclair N. J. 

Marsh Mrs Frederick G. (Marcia 
Curtis Bailey 03) 584 Chest- 
nut st. Waban 

Marsh Genevieve Lottie b.a. 96 m.a. 04 Univ. 

of Neb. The Ontario 

Washington D. C. 
Marsh H61 A ne Alicia b.a. 10 317 Cornelia st. 

Boonton N. J. 

Marsh Mrs John Porter (Mary Mc- 

Williams 98) 5545 Woodlawn 

av. Chicago 111. 
Marsh Marion Elizabeth b.a. 16 

La Sardirura Dorado Porto Rico 
Marsh Sara Bray ton b.a. 95 (Mrs John 


Marsh Mrs W. Judson (Rhoda Olive Rea 08) 

23 Sugar st. Niagara Falls N. Y. 
Marsh Winifred b.l. 03 (Mrs T. W. Whittelsey) 
Marshall Mrs Andrew (Jessie Ames 03) 
R. F. D. 1 Lowell 

Marshall Eleanor b.a. 09 Hanks Park Fla. 
Marshall Elisabeth Adamson b.a. 96 

(Mrs C. H. Dwinnell) 
Marshall Mrs Emory M. (Helen 

Laughlin 13) Globe Ariz. 

Marshall Sabina b.l. 02 

67 Berkeley st. West Newton 

Marshall Mrs William Frarer (Rena Pauline 

Moore 03) House on the point Rye 

Beach N. Y. 
Martin Agnes Eulalie b.a. 98 (Mrs J. Z. Bayliss) 
Martin Alice Lorinde b.a. 95 

The Studio bldg Taylor and Olive 

sts. St Louis Mo. 

♦Martin Anna Louise b.s. 01 d. 22 Je 12 

Martin Anna May b.a. 06 

11 Bradley st. Bristol Ct. 
Martin Anna Romeyn Varick b.a. 12 

(Mrs Royall Victor) 
Martin Mrs Arthur S. (Adaline Bell 

Moyer 11) 211 Valley road 

West Orange N. J. 
Martin Cora Minerva b.a. 98 

35 Arlington st. Chicopee Falls 
Martin Cyrena Van Syckel b.a. 12 

4717 Springfield av. Philadelphia 


Martin Emilie Frances b.a. 09 (Mrs 

L. C. A. Lewin) 
Martin Florence Irene b.a. 12 

1089 E. 18th st. Flatbush Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Martin Florence Marian b.a. 10 

103 First av. Joliet 111. 
Martin Grace Eileen b.a. 13 

68 Washington st. Hudson 

Martin Mrs Harrie B. (Margaret 

Louise Buchwalter 03) 

925 E. High st. Springfield O. 
Martin Harriet Goodrich b.a. 99 

9 W. Silver st. Westfield 
Martin Jane Culbertson b.a. 11 (Mrs 

G. M. Winwood jr) 
Martin Mrs John Bliss (Mabel Haines 85) 

59 Dexter st. Maiden 

Martin Mrs Manning (Edith Rey 
Hager 09) 612 44th st. 

Des Moines la. 

Martin Mary Etta Louise b.a. 10 
547 Gorham st. Lowell 

Martin Mary Virginia b.a. 13 

Euclid Village O. 
Martin Mrs Orville H. (Caro Cushing 

Taylor 91) 4343 Locust st. 

Kansas City Mo. 
Martindale Henrietta b.a. 13 

237 S. 10th st. La Crosse Wis. 
Martindale Katharine b.a. 12 

Baldwin Kan. 
Martsolf Mrs Jesse E. (Elsie Bell 

Mitchell 09) Myrtle av. Patter- 
son heights Beaver Falls Pa. 
Mason Mrs Charles A. (Muriel John- 
ston 10) 280 Harrison av. 

Jersey City N. J. 
Mason Christine White b.a. 11 

Mason Edna Harbour b.l. 98 

Suflfield Ct. 
Mason Elizabeth Spaulding b.a. 87 

53 Crescent st. Northampton 
*Mason Elizabeth Washburn b.a. 04 

(Mrs F. C. Howland) d. 31 Ag 11 
Mason Elsie Leonard b.a. 05 (Mrs 

A. W. Powell) 
Mason Georgia Anna b.a. 01 (Mrs 

E. O. Damon jr) 
Mason Grace Whiting b.a. 02 (Mrs 

P. S. Young) 
Mason Janet DeWitt b.a. 06 (Mrs 

Kinsley Slauson) 
Mason Margaret Mary b.a. 04 (Mrs 

John Haire) 
Mason Martha b.a. 94 

Barnard hall University of Wiscon- 
sin Madison Wis. 
Mason Mary Arlina b.a. 89 

Mason Mary Lyman b.a. 84 

The Normandie Columbus O. 
Mason Susan Hurlbut b.a. 09 (Mrs 

C. A. Bartleson) 


Mason Mrs William H. (Marian 
Alexander Dana 07) 
470 Richmond av. South Orange 
N. J. 

Massey Lucretia Derby b.a. 09 (Mrs 

P. S. Bailey) 
Massie Marguerite Amy b.a. 16 

66 Hamilton av. White Plains 

N. Y. 

Massonneau Mrs Edward Philip (Car- 
oline Ferre Branch 96) 
48 Meadow st. Florence 

Masterman Florence Clarra b.a. 11 
94 Seneca st. Hornell N. Y. 

Matchett Mrs John T. (Mabel Frazer Rae 08) 
275 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Mather Annie Elizabeth b.a. 13 

108 Comstock av. Syracuse N. Y. 
Mather Esther Henrietta b.a. 15 (Mrs 

Ellsworth Phelps) 
Mather Mary H. Askew b.a. 83 

1212 Gilpin av. Wilmington Del. 
Mathews Grace Elisabeth b.l. 97 (Mrs 

H. S. Philbrick) 

♦Mathews Mrs Milton H. (Frances Wuichet 
95) d. 16 N 07 

Mathews Sarah Elizabeth b.a. 03 Lidger- 
wood N. D. 

Mathewson Doris Roath b.a. 16 

81 Cliff st. Norwich Ct. 
Mathewson Ella Robbins b.a. 13 (Mrs 

A. M. Eldredge) 
Mathewson Mrs George L. (Winifred 

Barbara Smith 10) 33 Saybrook 

pi. Buffalo N. Y. 
Mathison Clara Clifford Sherman b.a. 

96 (Mrs A. J. Skinner) 
Matson Eleanor Sharp b.a. 16 

74 St Charles pi. Atlanta Ga. 
Matson Mrs Jesse R. (Edith Van Horn 

13) 246 Bryant st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Matthews Laura Adelaide b.a. 03 (Mrs L. W. 

Mattis Mary Katherine b.a. 11 (Mrs 

T. J. Camp) 
Maverick Lola b.a. 97 (Mrs W. B. 


Maxcy Helen Bartlett b.a. 07 m.a. 09 
Radcliffe Vose home Longwood 
av. Boston 

Maxon Margaret Gansevoort b.a. 06 (Mrs 
W. F. Draper) 

Maxson Ruth Potter b.a. 05 (Mrs J. W. 

Maxwell Mrs Howard (Anna Katrina 

Kriegsmann 07) 113 Glenwood 

blvd Schenectady N. Y. 

Maxwell Mrs Well wood H. (Harriet 

McElroy Codding 12) 

539 Boulevard Westfield N. J. 
May Anna b.a. 07 269 Rich av. 

Mt Vernon N. Y. 
May Florence Emeline b.a. 92 (Mrs 

W. F. Rice) 
May Mrs Herbert Schaw (Ella Kellogg 

Burnham 05) Manhasset av. 

Great Neck Station Long Island 

N. Y. 

May Mrs Kenneth Sargeant (Frances 
Osgood Stevens 09) 140 Lin- 
wood av. Newtonville 

*May Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 99 
(Mrs A. H. Ward) d. 07 

May Margarita Britton b.l. 93 m.l. 95 Univ. 
of Cal. 2613 Octavia st. San Francisco 

May Martha Morrow b.a. 16 

661 14th av. Paterson N. J. 
Mayer Elsa Sarah b.a. 05 

47 W. 87th st. New York 
Mayer Hortense Lucille b.a. 07 (Mrs 

W. A. Hirsch) 
Mayer Madeleine Eloise b.a. 14 (Mrs 

C. H. Low) 
Mayhew Mrs John Mills (Winifred 

Grace Busbey 93) 1544 B st. 

Lincoln Neb. 
Maynard Alice Adelaide b.l. 97 (Mrs 

Charles Madeira) 
Maynard Mrs Newell Carroll (Olive 

Henderson Dunne 06) 

9 Webster st. Middleboro 
Maynard Mrs William Clement (Edith 

Lucia Clark 92) 4112 Spruce st. 

Philadelphia Pa. 
Mayo Ella Caroline b.a. 09 (Mrs J. O. 


Mayo Esther Wilder b.a. 16 

34 Grove av. Leominster 
Mazeine Mrs Raymond (Maude 

Hooker Brown 04) 19 Murray st. 

New Britain Ct. 
Mead Abby Gray b.a. 06 101 Park 

st. East Orange N. J. 
Mead Anna Leocadie b.a. 85 (Mrs 

G. B. Lee) 
Mead Annie Kimball b.a. 04 (Mrs 

Thomas Hammond) 
Mead Mrs Edwin Bradley (Gertrude 

Mead Henry 00) 2618 Etna st. 

Berkeley Cal. 
Mead Frederica Rutherford b.a. 11 

Ginling college Nanking China 


*Mead Katherine Lois b.l. 91 d. 5 F 06 
Mead Lydia Abigail b.a. 84 

509 W. 122d st. New York 
Mead Mabel Converse b.l. 01 

1078 Madison av. New York 
Mead Marion b.a. 13 (Mrs C. F. 


Mead Marion Elizabeth b.a. 09 511 Indian 
Field road Greenwich Ct. 

Mead Mary Elizabeth b.a. 13 

240 Milbank av. Greenwich Ct. 
Mead Mildred b.a. 13 384 Field 

Point road Greenwich Ct. 
Meagher Mary Veronica b.a. 16 

Kemble st. Lenox 
Meakin Florence Eleand b.a. 09 

211 Congress st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Mealy Mrs Charles A. (Caroline Kerr 

Vanneman08) 18 W. Lexington 

st. Baltimore Md. 
Means Elinor Haven b.a. 10 

Middlebury Vt. 
Means Harriet Evelyn b.a. 16 

410 Lexington av. Ashland Ky. 
Means Margaret Appleton b.a. 10 

Middlebury Vt. 
Meara Mrs Frank Sherman (Alice May 

Sykes 88) 1041 Forest st. 

New Haven Ct. 
Meding Elsie Adele b.a. 04 (Mrs Russell 


Meech Mrs Robert (Rose Estelle 

Baldwin 13) 2212 Irving av. S. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Megie Dagmar Louise b.a. 05 (Mrs 

G. W. Ross) 
Megie Gladys b.a. 11 (Mrs J. M. 


Mehan Alida Mary b.a. 84 (Mrs Wil- 
liam Fessenden) 

Meidenbauer Mrs John George (Ida 
Frances Sargeant 99) 291 Maple 
st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Meier Clara Edna b.a. 08 (Mrs Fer- 
dinand Schevill) 

Meier Elizabeth Porter b.l. 00 (Mrs 
W. V. Schevill) 

Meigs Katharine Hedges b.a. 91 
70 Herkimer st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Meincke Helen Marie b.a. 15 

1010 Tribune bldg Chicago 111. 

Meisenhelder Mary Edna b.a. 08 
Lock box 167 York Pa. 

Melcher Mrs Frederic G. (Marguerite 
Fellows 01) 1842 N. Delaware 
st. Indianapolis Ind. 

Melcher Lucy Harwood b.a. 06 

33 Cross st. Whitinsville 
Melcher Margaret Sybil b.a. 16 

5 E. 51st st. New York 
Melcher Mary Merwin b.l. 95 
7 Union st. Laconia N. H. 

Melcher Mrs Metcalf Winthrop (Mar- 
garet Harlow Foster 06) 77 
Lakewood road Newton Highlands 

Melhorn Anna Katharine b.a. 15 
19 Baltimore st. Hanover Pa. 

Melius Lilla Marion b.l. 98 (Mrs M. W. 

Melius Pauline Charlotte b.a. 95 

162 Fort Pleasant av. Springfield 

Mellen Dorothy b.a. 16 

41 Queen st. Worcester 

Mellen Maude Ellis b.a. 02 (Mrs A. H. 

Mellen Virginia Walker b.l. 00 (Mrs 

A. S. Hutchinson) 
Mellor Ruth b.a. 12 130 Court st. 

Mellowes Mrs Alfred (Agnes Emma 

Nisbet 05) 3006 Thompson av. 

Fort Wayne Ind. 

Melluish Edith Elizabeth b.a. 97 (Mrs David 

Mendell Margaret Beauvais b.l. 04 
(Mrs Coert DuBois) 

Mendenhall Mrs Charles Elwood 
(Dorothy Mabel Reed 95) 
510 N. Carroll st. Madison Wis. 

Mendum Gladys b.a. 10 
Spring Valley N. J. 

Meng Florence Ellen b.a. 15 
Port Deposit Md. 

Mensel Margaret Lucinda b.a. 15 
93 Prospect st. Northampton 

Merchant Abby Shute b.a. 04 

34 Pleasant st. Gloucester 
Merchant Helen Purnham b.a. 99 

34 Pleasant st. Gloucester 

Merchant Mrs Roy R. (Rachel Whid- 
den 13) 31 Sewall st. West 


M err ell Mrs Irving Seaward (Caroline 
Louise Snow 96) 658 W. Onon- 
. daga st. Syracuse N. Y. 

Merrell Mrs Stanley W. (Mary Louise 
Caldwell 01) 2462 Observatory 
road East Walnut hills Cincinnati 

Merriam Alice Caroline b.a. 08 (Mrs 
C. W. Atwater) 


Merriam Bessie Greene b.a. 84 m.a. 92 
Cornell 1 63 Left erts pi. Brooklyn 
N. Y. 

Merriam Mrs Charles Wolcott (Julia 
Bemis Sturtevant 97) 201 
College av. N. E. Grand Rapids 

Merriam Dorothy b.a. 13 (Mrs H. D. 

Merrick Mrs Clinton (Gertrude Randolph Lake 
12) 1625 Ashland Av. Evanston 111. 

Merrick Mrs J. Leonard (Mary Caro- 
line Fay 93) 225 Walnut st. 

Merrick Lulu b.a. 06 

505 Kenwood av. Austin Minn. 

Merrick Mary Frances b.a. 92 

36 Bedford terrace Northampton 

Merrifield Ethel Janet b.a. 06 

89 Washington av. Batavia 111. 

Merrill Alberta Rosalind b.a. 16 

Merrill Mrs Alden (Emeline Lucy 
Cook 06) Newton terrace 

Waterbury Ct. 

Merrill Alice Frances b.a. 09 (Mr3 H. P. Ware) 
Merrill Bertha Alice b.l. 99 39 Abbott st. 

Merrill Mrs Clement Fessenden (Bertha Isabel 
Smith 00) Warwick N. Y. 

Merrill Mrs Edwin Augustus (Virgie 
Inez O'Brion 85) 3124 5th av. 
S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Merrill Ella Patten b.l. 99 

8 S. Portland av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Merrill Florence b.a. 98 (Mrs Ren Featherston) 
Merrill Grace Evelyn b.l. 02 39 Abbott st. 

Merrill Ida Nancy b.a. 06 56 Spar- 
hawk st. Amesbury 

Merrill Margaret Ellen b.l. 00 (Mrs T. H. 

Merrill Mary Perley b.l. 97 (Mrs C. S. 

Merrill Mrs Whitney (Gertrude Elizabeth 

Wilson 10) 2023 Bedford av. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Merriam Mabel Lilian b.s. 94 m.a. 01 
Radcliffe R. F. D. route 1 North- 

Merritt Ann Gordon b.l. 00 350 Main st. 

Danbury Ct. 
Merritt Edith Lillian b.a. 09 (Mrs C. R. Lane) 
Merritt Florence Mabel b.a. 07 69 Lincoln 

av. St Albans Vt. 
Merritt Mrs William Hatch (Etta Louise 

Clough 99) 113 E. 12th st. Fremont Neb. 

Merry Mrs George Gottlieb (Marie 
Roberta Lockhart 03) 
752 Highland av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Mersereau Mrs Eugene L. (Lucile Parker 08) 
Doty Wash. 

Mersereau Mrs Roland William (Eliza- 
beth Parker 08) Doty Wash. 

Mershon Emma Lea b.a. 14 
Cranberry N. J. 

Meserve Faith Lucena b.a. 16 
Rye N. Y. 

Metcalf Mrs Dellon Karl (Lucile 
French Simonds 12) 127 Electric 
av. Rochester N. Y. 

Metcalf Mrs Robert Burrill (Edith 
Amanda Kimball 98) 10 Wild- 
wood st. Winchester 

Metcalf Winifred Christina L. b.a. 10 
Clinton N. Y. 

Meyer Louise b.l. 01 (Mrs Frederic 

Meyer Mrs Maxwell (Martha Alice 
Campbell 08) 16 Bell st. 


Michael Frances b.a. 15 

625 Delaware av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Michael Louise b.a. 12 625 Dela- 

ware av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Middleton Grace Lee b.a. 14 
40 E. 62d st. New York 

Midgley Edith Luella b.a. 12 (Mrs 
W. B. Eldred) 

Migel Mrs Julius Adolphus (Margaret 
Dauchy 10) 136 Monterey av. 
Pelham Heights N. Y. 

Mihalovitch Elsie Fletcher b.a. 06 
(Mrs Adolph Friedman) 

Miles Mrs William Smith (Bertha 
Estelle Heidrich 98) 215 Ellis 
st. Peoria 111. 

Milham Gertrude Ethel b.a. 10 

The Hedges Portage road Kalama- 
zoo Mich. 

Milham Mabel b.l. 00 (Mrs C. K. Roys) 

Millard J. Blanche b.a. 06 (Mrs W. H. 

Millard Mrs Jesse A. (Sara Jane Vaugn 05) 
Springville N. Y. 

Miller Alice Mason b.a. 83 (Mrs 
Russell Whitman) 

Miller Mrs Benjamin H. (Mary Eliza- 
beth Critcherson 01) 325 Wal- 
nut st. Roselle N. J. 

Miller Mrs Charles A. (Leonora Merrill 
Paxton 00) 221 W. Monroe st. 
Princeton Ind. 

Miller Mrs Chester F. (Florence 
Hedrick 12) 401 S. Main st. 

Normal 111. 



Miller Mrs Clarence C. (Harriet Foley 
Huffman 00) 10 Lagrange st. 

Miller Emma Esther b.l. 03 

433 Christian st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Miller Emma La Barre b.a. 14 

4027 Powelton av. Philadelphia Pa. 

Miller Etta Laura b.l. 92 m.a. 97 
627 Franklin st. Napa Cal. 

Miller Mrs Frank Hayden (Cora Louise Dorr 
93) 9 Bullard pi. Flushing N. Y. 

Miller Grace Emma b.a. 09 

677 Chestnut st. Waban 
♦Miller Mrs H. A. (Emma Elizabeth 

Leighton 94) d. 8 F 14 

Miller Mrs Harry (Caroline Belle Nealley 96) 
2504 Bathgate av. New York 

Miller Helen Louise b.a. 11 

637 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 

Miller Helena Franklin b.a. 10 m.a. 12 
624 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 

Miller Mrs Henry Edward (Olive 
Kennon Beaupre 04) 4734 Mag- 
nolia av. Chicago 111. 

Miller Mrs Herbert Adolphus (Eliza- 
beth Northway Cravath 90) 
151 N. Professor st. Oberlin O. 

Miller Ila Carmichael b.a. 14 (Mrs 
G. E. Bevans) 

Miller Irma Lois b.a. 10 (Mrs C. F. 

Miller Mrs James R. (Olive Louise 

Seymour 10) Highland court 

659 State st. Springfield 
Miller Jeanne Marie b.a. 07 

511 Gladstone blvd Kansas City 


Miller Mrs John Jacob (Frances Henri- 
etta Lynch 00) 2022 E. 77th st. 
Cleveland O. 

Miller Julia b.a. 11 2034 E. 88th st. 
Cleveland O. 

Miller Kathleen Amy b.a. 07 

511 Gladstone blvd Kansas City 

Miller Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 10 

5625 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 

Miller Marguerite Ruggles b.a. 12 (class of 11) 
(Mrs Pierrepont Grannis) 

Miller Marie Belle b.a. 14 

Calvert hotel S. Virginia av. 

Atlantic City N. J. 
Miller Marjorie Freeland b.a. 16 

115 Catharine st. Elizabeth N. J. 

Miller May Irene b.a. 07 197 Summer 
st. Stamford Ct. 

Miller Mrs Milton Cheney (Edith Conoverl 
Sligh 97) 342 Cherry st. Grand Rapids 

Miller Mrs Paul Ernest (Louise Paul- 

ine Seaman 08) 510 Pine st. 

Catasauqua Pa. 
Miller Mrs Philip Northrup (Edith] 

Sinclair 08) 234 Irving av. 

South Orange N. J. 
Miller Mrs Robert C. (Frances Adelaide 

Johnstone 10) 23 Holly st. 

Cranford N. J. 
Miller Mrs Walter Siegrist (Laura I 

Casey Geddes 07) 

2116 Parkwood av. Toledo O. 
Miller Mrs William P. (Anna Louisa 

McWilliams 97) The Terrace 

Hagerstown Md. 
Milligan Mrs John R. (Beatrice Isabel Hum- ! 

phrey 07) 7210 Hough av. Cleveland O. 

Milligan Josephine Ewing b.a. 82 m.a. ! 

85 m.d. 89 Woman's med. col. of 

N. Y. inf. 1123 W. State st. 

Jacksonville 111. 
Milliken Annaymar b.a. 10 

Washington st. Eastport Me. 
Milliken Louise Caroline b.a. 09 (Mrs 

S. H. Holden) 
Milliken Mrs Seth M. jr (Alida King 

Leese 00) 951 Madison av. 

New York 
Millikin Frances b.a. 16 

311 S. 2d st. Hamilton O. 

Mills Blanche Ethel b.a. 07 47 Bartlett av. 

Mills Mrs Edward H. (Edna Roselle 

Terry 08) 26 Oak st. Glovers- 

ville N. Y. 
Mills Eleanor Ensign b.a. 11 

2170 Broadway New York 
Mills Elizabeth Tiffany b.a. 97 (Mrs 

A. M. Belfield) 
Mills Frances Hungerford b.a. 09 

The New Westminster Walnut 

Hills Cincinnati O. 
Mills Harriet Chidsey b.a. 93 (Mrs 

R. C. Cooley) 
Mills Margaret Adelia b.a. 08 (Mrs 

F. W. Lehmann jr) 
Mills Nona Burnett b.a. 01 (Mrs J. G. 


Mills Ruth Alice b.a. 04 126 Appleton 
av. Pittsfield 

Mills Mrs Silas Reed (Caroline Marsh Hunger- 
ford 82) 66 Fisher av. Newton High- 

*Milne Ruth Parsons b.a. 98 (Mrs 
Hawley Ward) d. 14 N 14 


Miner Affa Sophia b.a. 81 (Mrs C. A. 

Miner Dorothy b.a. 09 62 Oak st. 

Hyde Park 
Miner Editha b.a. 10 43 Crawford 

st. Roxbury 
Minor Maude Emma b.a. 01 m.a. 06 

Columbia 46 W. 9th st. 

New York 
Miner Mrs Robert Frank (Caroline 

Ida Doane 89) R. F. D. 

Wallingford Ct. 
Minkler Mrs Frederick C. (Helen 

Rhoda Andrews 09) 45 Nichol 

av. New Brunswick N. J. 
Minor Harriet May b.a. 96 19 Park 

pi. Naugatuck Ct. 
Minor Ursula b.a. 02 (Mrs Henry Burr) 
Minot Annie Stone b.a. 15 

40 Park st. West Roxbury 
Minsch Mrs William J. (Neva N. 

Reynolds 07) ' 11 Stewart av. 

Nutley N. J. 

Minshall Mrs Herbert Lucien (Katharine Behr 
04) National City Cal. 

Mitchell Alice Townsend b.a. 06 (Mrs F. R. 

Mitchell Anne Coe b.a. 09 

35 Madison av. Montclair N. J. 
Mitchell Besse Edith b.a. 08 Newtown Ct. 
Mitchell Blanche b.a. 14 

888 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Mitchell Caroline Tilden b.l. 97 m.a. 

99 Columbia (Mrs G. W. Bacon) 
Mitchell Catharine Adams b.a. 06 

Riverside 111. 

Mitchell Charlotte Johnson b.l. 96 (Mrs F. J. 

Mitchell Constance Moffit b.a. 15 

1102 E. First st. Duluth Minn. 
Mitchell Mrs David Eaton (Grace 

Whiting 97) 621 1 Kentucky av. 

Pittsburgh Pa. 
Mitchell Edith Jane b.a. 04 (Mrs E. A. 

Olds jr) 
Mitchell Eliza Lamb b.a. 92 

1520 Liberty st. Franklin Pa. 
Mitchell Elsie Bell b.a. 09 (Mrs J. E. 


Mitchell Mrs Emlyn Valentine (Mary 
Annie Clark 83) 888 Asylum av. 
Hartford Ct. 

Mitchell Mrs Frank Kollock (Isabel Caldwell 
Wight 03) 272 Bay av. Glen Ridge N. J. 

Mitchell Julia Post b.l. 01 m.a. 04 and 
ph.d. 15 Columbia Canton 
Christian college Canton China 

Mitchell Leslie b.l. 00 (Mrs O. A. 

Mitchell Mae Kehoe b.a. 14 

110 Enfield st. Thompsonville Ct. 

♦Mitchell Mary Belle b.l. 96 (Mrs Ralph Put- 
nam) d. 26 Ap 15 

Mitchell Mrs Max (Ida Marguerite 

Prager 00) 64 Wallingford road 

Mitchell Myra Agnes b.a. 06 

Hingham Center 
Mitchell Nellie Louise b.l. 99 

722 Asylum av. Hartford Ct. 
Mitchell Mrs Philip Henry (Alice 

Hinman Friend 08) 26 Rhode 

Island av. Providence R. I. 
Mitchell Ruth Hobby b.a. 10 

508 First av. S. St Cloud Minn. 
Mitchell Mrs Sydney Knox (Mary 

Cornwall Hewitt 97) 273 Norton 

st. New Haven Ct. 
Mitchell Mrs William A. (Margery 

Neave Brady 12) (class of 11) 

Care Mrs J. C. Brady Pleasant 

valley Wheeling W. Va. 
Moakley Katharine Hyland b.a. 12 

11 Norwood av. Northampton 
Moehring Edna Chipman b.a. 10 (Mrs 

K. R. Cunningham) 

Mohr Marie Angeline b.l. 99 (Mrs H. C. Hays) 

Moir Agnes Pond b.a. 12 Route 1 
Station F Minneapolis Minn. 

Mollenhauer Virginia b.a. 14 

167 Hewes st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

*Monaghan Helen Cecelia b.a. 04 (Mrs P. F. 
McDonough) d. 28 Ag 12 

Monfort Marguerite Morehead b.l. 00 

(Mrs L. B. Simrall) 
Monjes Mrs Henry Babad jr (Maud 

Breckenridge 98) Head of Ridge 

road Berkeley Cal. 
Monroe Mrs Charles E. (Dora Louise 

Clifford 01) 43 Winthrop av. 

Monroe Mrs James Barzilla (Helen 

Mary Colclazer 94) Hinsdale 111. 
Monroe Lenore Moore b.a. 09 

909 Harrison st. Topeka Kan. 
Monroe Mrs Samuel Frederick (Edith 

Marion James 08) 3 Powhatan 

st. Augusta Me. 

Monson Edith Dale b.l. 00 

156 Grove st. New Haven Ct. 

Monson Ethel Percy b.a. 06 (Mrs H. G. 

Montague Annah Juliette b.a. 13 
706 Stanley st. New Britain Ct. 


Montague Edith Florence b.a. 97 (Mrs 

H. W. White) 
Montague Lucy Wales b.l. 97 

504 Walnut st. Chattanooga Tenn. 
Montgomery Beatrice b.a. 02 m.a. 05 

Stanford univ. (Mrs C. B. God- 


Montgomery Caroline Louise b.a. 10 

(Mrs W. H. Nelson) 
Montgomery Elise Shattuck b.a. 10 

(Mrs J. C. Taylor) 
Montgomery Elizabeth Mason b.a. 07 

(Mrs S. H. Condict) 

Montgomery Esther Wells b.l. 98 (Mrs M. F. 

Montgomery Florence Isabel b.a. 14 
22 Columbus av. Northampton 

*Montgomerv Mrs George R. (Emilie Eliza- 
beth Emerson 97) d. 1 My 03 

Montgomery Georgina Gardiner b.i,. 99 m.a. 
Columbia 4 Ferguson pi. Holyoke 

Montgomery Mrs Thomas M. (Beulah Jose- 
phine Potts 03) 489 Berendo st. Los 
Angeles Cal. 

Montville Vera Lovina b.a. 16 

71 North st. Northampton 
Moodey Gertrude b.a. 11 

603 Watchung av. Plainfield N. J. 
Moodey Harriet Sheldon b.a. 13 

603 Watchung av. Plainfield N. J. 
Moodey Helen Chapin b.a. 07 (Mrs 

W. T. Moog) 

Moodey Lillian Hannah b.a. 12 Painesville 

Moody Madge Edna b.a 08 (Mrs G. M. Howe) 

Moody Marie Agnes b.a. 13 

3522 Jackson blvd Chicago 111. 
Moody Mrs Nelson Kingsland (Mary 

Stirling Hoag 99) 300 S. 4th st. 

Independence Kan. 
Mooers Mrs Walter (Maria Augusta 

Keyes 96) 9 Jason st. Arlington 

Moog Mrs Wilson Townsend (Helen 
Chapin Moodey 07) 84 Round 
hill Northampton 

Moon Mrs Eben DeWitt (Florence 
Elizabeth Hooker 12) 3 Harold 
arms Scottwood av. Toledo O. 

Moon Laetitia b.a. 94 m.a. 97 ph.d. 
99 Chicago (Mrs H. S. Conard) 

Mooney Aline b.a. 06 (Mrs W. V. 

Moore Alice Gertrude b.l. 99 (Mrs 

R. W. Nutter) 
Moore Anna Lewis b.a. 95 m.a. 00 

Columbia 187 Cooper av. 

Upper Montclair N. J. 

Moore Annie Crayton b.a. 04 198 Beech st. 

Moore Edith b.a. 14 

401 Pennsylvania av. Avondale Pa. 

Moore Edith b.a. 06 (Mrs Eben 


Moore Ethel Parsons b.a. 06 Brad- 

Moore Mrs George Albert (Bertha 

Louise Thresher 04) 202 Spring 

st. Brockton 
Moore Grace Harlow b.l. 00 

75 Elm st. Worcester 
Moore Gretchen b.a. 08 (Mrs R. T. 


Moore Gwendolin b.a. 13 

1339 Beacon st. Brookline 

Moore Mrs Hansen (Lucie Smith 
London 04) 2412 Western av. 
Los Angeles Cal. 

Moore Mrs Harriot Van Deventer 
(Mary Helen Sayles 01) 
Hamilton av. Englewood N. J. 

Moore Helen Perrin b.a. 06 (Mrs A. C. 

Moore Helen Ruth b.a. 14 

309 S. William st. Johnstown N. Y. 

Moore Julia Harrison b.l. 89 Care Mr H. H. 
Hanna 1512 N. Penn st. Indianapolis Ind. 

Moore Kathleen b.a. 15 

1419 Pleasant st. Port Huron 

Moore Mrs Laurence L. (Ella Mosher 

Dunham 06) 444 Walnut av. 

Redlands Cal. 
Moore Mabel Reynolds b.a. 94 (Mrs 

Eliot White) 
Moore Margaret b.a. 13 

4433 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 
Moore Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 11 

135 Franklin st. Astoria N. Y. 

Moore Margaret King b.l. 01 West- 
minster college Salt Lake City Utah 

Moore Marion Sara b.a. 11 
Avondale Pa. 

Moore Mary Winifred b.l. 01 

156 Willoughby av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Moore Mildred Dutton b.a. 16 

39 Chester st. Newton Highlands 

Moore Rena Pauline b.a. 03 (Mrs W. F. Mar- 

Moore Mrs Thomas Waterman (Har- 
riet Prentice Hallock 97) 
540 11th st. Huntington W. Va. 

Moore Virginia Elizabeth b.a. 02 
(Mrs C. M. Snow) 


Moorhead Bessie b.a. 07 (Mrs A. B. 

Moos Elizabeth Hoyte b.a. 11 (Mrs 

R. L. Redheffer) 
Mordecai Constance b.a. 16 

319 W. 105th st. New York 
Morey Charlotte Francis b.l. 96 

119 2d st. Troy N. Y. 
Morgan Edda Doretta b.a. 16 

Corning N. Y. 
Morgan Mrs Elisha (Mary Wilson Aull 

01) 431 Linden av. Highland 

Park 111. 

Morgan Helen Van Deren b.l. 01 (Mrs 

T. W. Bellhouse) 
Morgan Nannie Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs 

E. M. Evans) 
Morgan Mrs Raymond Beveridge 

(Laura Dana Puffer 95) 41 B st. 

Washington D. C. 
Morgan Ruth Anzonetta b.a. 13 

919 Monroe st. Evanston 111. 
Morgan Mrs William S. (Leolyn Seaver 

Smith 03) 1639 LaLoma av. 

Berkeley Cal. 
Morgenthau Agnes Josephine b.a. 14 

38 W. 73d st. New York 
Moriarty Harriet Elmira b.a. 16 

279 Hillman st. New Bedford 
*Morison Mrs Binnie (Clara Louise 

Bradford 03) d. 18 Mr 12 

Morman Florence Adelaide b.a. 13 

440 E. Fulton st. Grand Rapids 


Morrill Frances Ursula b.a. 07 80 Snow st. 

Morrill Mrs Gayden Wells (Margaret 
Nutter Dodge 09) 194 High st. 

Morris Anne Louise b.a. 93 (Mrs R. E. 

Morris Elizabeth b.a. 02 266 Houghton st. 
North Adams 

Morris Harriet b.a. 97 

1027 W. 25th st. Los Angeles Cal. 
Morris Julia Catharine b.s. 98 (Mrs 

N. B. Foster) 
Morris Kate Eugenia b.a. 79 ph.d. 82 

(Mrs C. M. Cone) 

Morris Margaret Cecilia b.s. 00 

266 Houghton st. North Adams 
Morrison Mrs Alva (Amy Gallagher 08) 

53 Middle st. Braintree 
Morrison Annie Stevens b.a. 00 411 Canal 

st. Lawrence 
Morrison Mrs David (Caroline Lee Hualani 
Thompson 94) Maplesbank Largs 

Ayrshire Scotland 

Morrison Frances Florian b.a. 13 
615 N. Front st. Harrisburg Pa. 

Morron Jean McLean b.a. 01 

305 N. Jefferson av. Peoria 111. 

Morrow Carol b.a. 98 (Mrs L. R. 

Morrow Mrs Dwight Whitney (Eliza- 
beth Reeve Cutter 96) Palisade 
av. Englewood N. J. 

Morrow Mrs Herbert Sproul (Vivian 
Humphrey 14) 2226 W. 17th st. 
Wilmington Del. 

Morrow Mildred Hammond b.a. 13 
113 Glenwood av. Woodfords Me. 

Morse Anna Louisa b.a. 83 

32 Franklin st. Hempstead N. Y. 

Morse Anna Louise b.a. 92 Millbury 

Morse Mrs Anson Ely (Ruth Esta- 
brook Tucker 98) 28 North- 

ampton road Amherst 

Morse Blanche Leonard b.a. 92 
4 Joy st. Boston 

Morse Mrs Bradish Philias (Anna 
Earll Reynolds 07) 1555 Sher- 
man av._ Denver Col. 

Morse Elizabeth Warner b.a. 92 (Mrs H. M. 

Morse Mrs Harold Francis (Rosamond 
Hull 01) 63 Dawes av. Pitts- 

Morse Jennie Cora b.a. 84 (Mrs E. B. 

Morse Mildred b.l. 00 (Mrs E. P. Bartlett) 

Morse Minnie Catherine b.a. 08 (Mrs 

R. E. Ward) 
Morse Stella May b.l. 97 (Mrs G. E. Hamilton) 
Morse Mrs Willard V. (Edna Allan 

MacRobert 06) 608 S. 2d st. 

Tacoma Wash. 
Morss Mrs Herbert R. (Pansy Alice 

Hill 05) 101 Seminary av. 

Rahway N. J. 

Morton Alice b.l. 00 (Mrs H. H. Langenberg) 

Morton Mrs Copeland (Frances Eloise 
Comstock 98) 10 E. Preston st. 
Baltimore Md. 

Morton Mrs James Madison jr (Nancy 
Jarette Bowers Brayton 90) 
130 Underwood st. Fall River 

Morton Mrs Lincoln Emerson (Mary Eliza- 
beth Goodnow 12) 7 Hooson st. Brighton 

Moseley Elizabeth Lee b.a. 09 

1870 Commonwealth av. Brighton 

Moseley Mrs F. Russell (Mary Liv- 
ingston Rice 11) Dover 

Moseley Frances b.a. 13 (Mrs R. W. 


Moseley Mrs Henry Perkins (Kate 
Mallory Williams 96) R. F. D. 1 
Monteceto valley Santa Barbara 

Moses Mrs James G. (Ruth Leonard 10) 
801 West End av. New York 

Moses Laila Floris B.A..15 

80 Emerson st. Portland Ore. 

Mosher Delia Evelyn b.a. 04 

1065 W. 61st st. Los Angeles Cal. 

*Mossman Mrs Burton C. (Grace 
Eleanor Coburn 98) d. 29 My 09 

Mossman Grace Ethel b.l. 99 (Mrs 
W. F. Sawyer) 

Mott Edith Stewart b.l. 95 (Mrs H. E. 

Motten Mrs Roger Henwood (Jessie Caroline 
Barclay 06) 7 Pelham pi. Colorado 

Springs Col. 

Motter Ellen Inslee b.l. 98 

Benson Mines St Lawrence co. 
N. Y. 

Moulton Elizabeth Morrison b.a. 05 

(Mrs J. R. Reigart) 
Moulton Gladys Ellsworth b.a. 10 

Greenland N. H. 

Moulton Susy Pressey b.a. 99 Duxbury 

Moulton Mrs Warren Joseph (Helen 

Winifred Shute 87) 

331 Hammond st. Bangor Me. 
Moyer Adaline Bell b.a. 11 (Mrs A. S. 


Muhleman Harriet Pettes b.a. 06 

20 Mitchell pi. East Orange N. J. 

Muir Margaret Purdum b.l. 01 329 Nelson 
av. St Paul Minn. 

Mullally Elizabeth Keith b.a. 98 
45 Elm st. Northampton 

Mullally Mary Clare b.a. 01 339 Highbrook 
av. Pelham N. Y. 

Mullane Frances Marion b.a. 15 
11 Laurel st. Hartford Ct. 

Mulligan Mary b.a. 09 
20 Mason st. Salem 

Mulvanity Elizabeth Catherine b.a. 16 
113 Blossom st. Nashua N. H. 

Mulvihill Catharine Margaret b.l. 03 
1341 Bedford av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Mulvihill Honora Elizabeth b.a. 09 

1112 Noble av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Munroe Mrs Frederick C. (Rebecca 

Nichols Kinsman 95) 4 Broad 

st. Salem 
Munroe Hazel Josephine b.a. 14 

North Jay Me. 
Munroe Mrs James Albert (Annie 

May Wright 04) Dudley road 

Newton Center 

Munroe Lucy Adelaide b.l. 00 (Mrs 
C. F. Poor jr) 

Munroe Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 08 (Mrs E. W. 


Munsie Margaret b.a. 15 
66 West st. Leominster 

Murch Mrs Elmer (Emma Darling Emery 00) 

55 Adams st. Somerville 
Murchie Mrs Howard Franklin (Marjorie 

Browning 11) 17 Mt Pleasant av. 

West Orange N. J. 

Murdock Dora McChesney b.a. 08 
11 Montgomery pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Murdock Mrs Henry Herbert jr (Elizabeth 
May Wright 09) 610 Rugby road 

Schenectady N. Y. 

Murison Dorothy b.a. 12 1225 E. 

50th st. Chicago 111. 
Murison Josephine Griswold b.a. 14 

1225 E. 50th st. Chicago 111. 

Murkland Charlotte Marie b.a. 93 
17 Gilbride terrace Lowell 

Murkland Marie b.a. 06 m.a. 08 m.a. 07 
Middlebury col. 27 William st. 
New York 

Murphey Carobel b.a. 07 Young Hotel apts 
17th and Grange av. Los Angeles Cal. 

Murphy Alice b.a. 03 

Killam's Point R. F. D. 1 Branford 

Murphy Clara Alberta b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Ordway Tead) 
Murphy Ella McCulloch b.a. 15 

405 Church st. Shenandoah la. 

*Murphy Mrs Fred Towsley (Cornelia 
Brownell Gould 00) d. 6 D 07 

Murphy Harriett Frances b.a. 07 (Mrs 

Jack Finucane) 
Murphy Kathleen b.a. 12 

50 Vandeventer pi. St Louis Mo. 

Murphy Mrs William Dudley jr (Mary 
Maude Carpenter 96) 1299 
Hillcrest av. Pasadena Cal. 

Murray Annie May b.a. 03 

Care Col. C. H. Murray War dept. 
Washington D. C. 

Murray Mrs Charles B. (Emily Upham 87) 
Box 760 El Paso Tex. 

Murray Mrs D. A. (Annie Louise 
Ardagh Foster 00) Tsu Japan 

Murray Florence Grace b.a. 10 (Mrs C. H. 

Murray Jessie b.a. 05 

Care Col. C. H. Murray War dept. 

Washington D. C. 
Murray Mrs Lewis Newton (Barbara 

Kauffmann 06) 609 Central av. 

Dunkirk N. Y. 


Murray Mildred Alice b.a. 15 

2051 E. 77th st. Cleveland O. 

Murray Mrs William Hilary (Kath- 
erine Louise Irwin 05) 5 Balsam 
av. Troy N. Y. 

Musgrave Mrs John K. (Elizabeth 
Goehring Steffen 09) 37th and 
Sansom sts. West Philadelphia Pa. 

Mussaeus Marie Guenther b.a. 06 m.a. 

14 Columbia 503 W. 122d st. 
New York 

Mustard Mrs John (Sara Brayton 
Marsh 95) 7207 Lincoln drive 
Germantown Pa. 

Myers Alice b.a. 05 (Mrs R. M. Ander- 

Myers Mary Margaret b.a. 11 

719 W. Washington av. South 
Bend Ind. 

Myers Miriam Alma b.a. 08 (Mrs Bernard 

Myers Sadie Rae b.a. 15 

143 S. 4th st. E. Salt Lake City 

Mynter Agnes b.a. 99 564 Delaware 
av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Myrick Hannah Gndden b.a. 96 m.d. 
00 Johns Hopkins N. E. Hospital 
for Women and children Roxbury 


Nagle Mrs Arthur R. (Ruth Sara Hayden 07) 

15 Claflin pi. Newtonville 

Nash Doris Louise b.a. 11 

430 William st. East Orange N. J. 
Nash Ethel Scott b.a. 09 44 Pleasant 

st. Amherst 
Nash Margaret b.a. 04 2576 Guil- 

■ ford road Cleveland O. 
Nash Marguerite Amy b.a. 11 

64 Melrose pi. Montclair N. J. 
Natt Josephine Agnes b.a. 85 

4004 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Naylor Annie Louise b.a. 12 

408 E. 8th st. Wilmington Del. 
Neal Elizabeth Louisa b.a. 02 

1577 Riverdale st. Chicopee 
Neal Mrs Homer C. (Carrie Wright 

Newhall 10) Care Braden Copper 

co. Rancagua Chili S. A. 
Neal Mrs M. Stanley (Laura Stiles Thayer 

01) Collinsville Ct. 

Neal Marie Catharine b.a. 12 

Southington Ct. 
Neale Mrs Harold H. (Eva Denison 14) 

2320 Murray Hill road 

Cleveland O. 

Nealley Caroline Belle b.a. 96 (Mrs Harry 

Neff Mrs James M. (Cora May Benham 99) 
Ortonville Minn. 

Neill Grace Miller b.a. 12 161 Shore 

drive Lynn 
Neill Jessie Evelyn b.a. 15 

1706 W. 9th av. Spokane Wash. 

Nellis Mrs Edward G. (Louise Holt Forbes 07) 
144 E. 22d st. New York 

Nelson Mrs Allen Henry (Maude Ellis 

Mellen 02) 14 Highland av. 

White Plains N. Y. 
Nelson Mrs Benjamin B. (Mary Helen Lathrop 
98) 196 E. McMillan st. Mt Auburn 
Cincinnati O. 
Nelson Christine Louise b.a. 06 

West Suffield Ct. 
NelsonMrs Frederick John (Ina Mabel 

Sprague 95) 483 Massasoit st. 

Nelson Mrs James W. (Mary Kerr 

Blaikie 07) 36 Livingston st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Nelson Lillie Harper b.l. 02 

9 Prospect park W. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Nelson Mary Blanchard b.a. 99 (Mrs G. W. 

Nelson Mrs William H. (Caroline 
"Louise Montgomery 10) West 
Suffield Ct. 

Nesmith Florence b.s. 04 Mountjoy Lowell 

Nethercut Mary Bell b.a. 09 

Rockford college Rockford 111. 

Neuhoff Mrs George Louis jr (Myrtle 
Irene Alderman 1 1 ) 5456 Maple 
av. St Louis Mo. 

Neumann Mrs George B. (Louisa Maria Stock- 
well 07) Care M. E. mission Chengtue 
West China 

Newcomb Clara Winifred b.a. 06 

Colegio international Sarria Barce- 
lona Spain 

Newcomb Mrs Clive S. (Helen Seymour 09) 
La Mutua 414 Mexico D. F. 

Newcomb Edith Turner b.l. 02 

31 Vauxhall st. New London Ct. 
Newcomb Helen Katharine b.a. 11 

302 Harrison av. Scranton Pa. 
Newcomb Rebecca b.a. 14 

18 Highland av. Greenfield 
Newcomb Mrs Warren T. (Ruby Edna 

Hendrick 04) Care Johnson & 

Higgins 49 Wall st. New York 
Newcomb Mrs William J. (Maybelle 

Rosamond Packard 03) 

118 High st. Greenfield 
Newell Anna Grace b.a. 00 m.a. 08 

1061 Madison av. New York 

Newell Gladys Weeks b.a. 12 (Mrs G. M. 



Newell Mrs Harman (Ruth Porter 
Brown 00) Mulberry st. Clare- 
mont N. H. 

Newell Helen b.a. 10 (Mrs Laurence 

*Newell Mrs Henry Clinton (Ruth 

Anne Johnson 04) d. 05 

Newell Josephine Cushing b.a. 09 

5543 Morris st. Germantown Pa. 
Newell Mrs Leonard Wheeler (Nancy 

Louise Lincoln 05) 109 Lincoln 

av. Wollaston 
Newell Madeleine b.a. 03 20 Percy 

road Lexington 
Newhall Addie May b.a. 06 

36 Mallery pi. Wilkes Barre Pa. 
*Newhall Blanche Annie b.a. 09 

d. 27 My 14 
Newhall Carrie Wright b.a. 10 (Mrs 

H. C. Neal) 
Newhall Mrs Edwin White jr (Jennie 

May Peers 05) 2974 Pacific av. 

San Francisco Cal. 
Newhall Mrs Harvey Field (Maria 

Louise Hixon 04) 51 Nahant st. 


Newhall Loella b.l. 03 m.a. 10 Boston 
univ. 343 Chatham st. Lynn 

Newkirk Grace Gilmore b.a. 14 
619 E. 28th st. Paterson N. J. 

Newland Sarah Luella b.a. 89 (Mrs W. J. 

Newlands Mrs James Andrew (Alice 

Cary 06) 940 Farmington av. 

West Hartford Ct. 
Newman Mrs John (Ruth Marian 

Watts 12) 408 77th st. Bay 

Ridge Brooklyn N. Y. 
Newton Mrs (Edith Chase 95) 

Box 137 South Lancaster 

Newton Alice b.l. 04 (Mrs Fred Hinchliff) 

Newton Edna Florence b.a. 08 

107 Field Point road Greenwich Ct. 

Newton Mrs Harold Pierrepont (Gwen- 
dolen Ross Wight 08) 124 Mil- 
bank av. Greenwich Ct. 

Nicholl Louise Townsend b.a. 13 
Scotch Plains N. J. 

Nichols Bertha Richards b.a. 07 (Mrs 
C. H. Brown) 

Nichols Eleanor Hunnewell b.l. 95 
(Mrs H. O. Marcy jr) 

Nichols Elizabeth Frances b.a. 10 
894 Clinton av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Nichols Mrs George (Louise Rogers 97) 
34 Lynwood pi. New Haven Ct. 

Nichols Helen Margaret b.a. 12 
Saco Me. 

Nichols Margaret Foster b.l. 04 (Mrs 

P. C. Staley) 
Nichols May Louise b.a. 88 m.a. 98 

Lock box 11 Farmington Ct. 
Nichols Mrs Rodman A. (Sophie Oliver 

Harris 07) 123 Federal st. Salem 
Nichols Rosa Aurelia b.a. 92 (Mrs 

C. L. Reed) 

Nickerson Lulu Alva b.a. 02 (Mrs O. E. Riford) 

Nickerson Mary Child b.a. 12 (Mrs 
E. H. Osgood) 

Nickerson Mrs Winfield Scott (Margaret Lewis 
93) 517 Essex av. S. E. Minneapolis 

Niles Bertha Eliza b.a. 09 (Mrs F. S. 

Niles Mrs Edward (Frances Darling 93) 
The Manse 1214 N. Caroline st. 
Baltimore Md. 
Niles Louisa Frances b.a. 07 (Mrs S. E. Gates) 
Niles Marion Agnes b.a. 07 m.a. 10 

284 Prospect st. Willimantic Ct. 

Ninde Mrs Daniel Benjamin (Margaret 
Alice Coe 96) 902 Wildwood av. 
Fort Wayne Ind. 

Ninomiya Tei b.a. 10 (Mrs Unjiro 

Nisbet Agnes Emma b.a. 05 (Mrs 

Alfred Mellowes) 
Nix Ruth b.a. 16 Homer City Pa. 
Nixon Mrs Boyd (Josephine Learning 

Whitney 09) Glassboro N. J. 

Nixon Mary Stites b.l. 92 4221 
Kenmore av. Chicago 111. 

Nixon Mrs Samuel Frederick (Marion 
Gertrude Hequembourg 11) 
119 Main st. Westfield N. Y. 

Noakes Elizabeth b.a. 12 The Ansonia 
73d st. and Broadway New York 

Noble Arlyle b.a. 11 Orchard Lake Mich. 

Noble Edith Moulton b.l. 97 

190 Clifford st. Providence R. I. 

Noble Mrs Levi Fratzinger (Dorothy 
Evans 07) Valvermo Los Angeles 
co. Cal. 

Nock Mrs Albert Jay (Agnes Emeline 

Grumbine 98) 319 Division av. 

Hasbrouck Heights N. J. 
Noland Leila b.a. 14 

35 W. 38th st. New York 
Nollen Mrs Gerard S. (Helen Witmer 

01) 2900 W. Grand av. Des 

Moines la. 


Noonan Marie Elizabeth b.a. 09 
547 3d st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Norcross Mrs Joseph Arnold (Cellissa 

Brown 98) 421 St Ronan st. 

New Haven Ct. 
Norman Mrs John Edward (Ella 

Warren 03) 1152 Ogden st. 

Denver Col. 
Norris Mrs Andrew Dickinson (Clara 

Weidler 12) 531 Montgomery 

drive Portland Ore. 
Norris Charlotte A. b.a. 93 

202 Beech st. Holyoke 
Norris Clara Maud b.a. 01 m.a. 02 

Boston univ. 283 Clifton st. 

Norris Grace May b.a. 04 

283 Clifton st. Maiden 
Norris Mabel Etta b.a. 07 (Mrs B. H. 


Norris Margaret b.a. 10 La Moille 111. 

North Marguerite Field b.a. 05 (Mrs 

J. Q. Tilson) 
♦Northrop Mrs Charles Henry (Mary Grace 

Hammond 82) d. 13 My 14 

Northrop Eleanore Hammond b.a. 09 Arnette 
hotel 615 E. 9th st. Kansas City Mo. 

Northrop Jessie Eastman b.a. 04 (Mrs 

M. C. Walston) 
Northup Helen Menzies b.a. 12 

5444 E. View park Chicago 111. 

Northup Mrs Robert Miles (Laura 
Margaret McCall 08) 13 Morton 
st. Malone N. Y. 

Norton Ada Isabel b.a. 03 

600 Lexington av. New York 

Norton Mrs Carl J. (Edna Pearl Huggins 07) 
Toppenish Wash. 

Norton Mrs Charles Dyer (Katherine 

McKim Garrison 95) 3 E. 85th 

st. New York 
Norton Dorothy Dewey b.a. 09 (Mrs 

H. C. Payson) 
Norton Ethel Louise b.a. 15 

The Brooks Flint Mich. 

Norton Mrs Lewis Mills (Mary Alice 
Peloubet 82) 1326 E. 58th st. 
Chicago 111. 

Norton Margaret b.a. 06 

Library Smith college Northamp- 

Norton Mildred Shaw b.a. 12 
46 Hodge av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Norton Mrs R. H. (Florence Mildred 
Sturtevant 11) 61 Walnut st. 

Norwell Helen Hunter b.a. 05 
5 Abbott st. Nashua N. H. 

Notman Winifred b.a. 11 Hotel 

Bossert Brooklyn N. Y. 
Nowell Mary Ethel b.l. 03 

180 Belmont av. Fall River 

Nowlan Nellie Waymouth b.a. 10 
Livermore Falls Me. 

Noyes Bertha Lizette b.l. 94 (Mrs O. 

L. Stevens) 
Noyes Katherine Cole b.a. 05 (Mrs 

D. R. McLennan) 
Noyes Mary b.a. 07 (Mrs H. B. Spel- 


Noyes Mrs William (Lucia Maria Clapp 
81) 11 St John st. Jamaica 


Nute Mabel Lavinia b.a. 98 The Ramblers 
Monsey N. Y. 

Nutter Mrs Richard Winslow (Alice 
Gertrude Moore 99) 210 Mo- 
raine st. Brockton 

Nye Caroline Huckins b.a. 85 Barnstable 

Nye Elizabeth Ellen b.a. 11 
St Johnsville N. Y. 

Nye Katherine Buell b.a. 15 

1906 E. 75th st. Cleveland O. 

Nye Margaret Fielding b.a. 13 (Mrs 
M. D. Vail) 


Oakes Mrs Herbert Henry (Emma Dow Arm- 
strong 04) 60 Wall st. New York 

Oakes Julia Anna b.l. 94 (Mrs Here- 
ward Burbridge) 

Oakes Methyl Gertrude b.a. 01 (Mrs 
J. G. Palfrey) 

Oakley Mrs J. Allyn (Cornelia Brad- 
ford 97) 117 Gates av. 
Montclair N. J. 

Oakman Fanny Davenport b.l. 04 (Mrs C. B. 

Ober Alice May b.a. 05 m.a. 07 Colum- 
bia Manual Training High school 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Ober Helen b.l. 00 55 Weston st. Waltham 

Ober Mabel Almira b.a. 12 205 Wal- 
nut st. Roselle Park N. J. 

Oberempt Margaret Wilhelmina b.a. 11 
(Mrs G. F. Palmer) 

O 'Brian Mrs Roland Lord (Jane Barker 
Wheeler 09) 43 Cleveland av. 
Buffalo N. Y. 

O'Brien Agnes Mary b.a. 07 (Mrs L. M. Conly) 

*0'Brien Mrs Hugh J. (Edna Culver Smith 95) 
d. 8 F 13 


O'Brien Mrs Joseph P. (Margaret 

Townsend 11) 232 Lark st. 

Albany N. Y. 
O'Brion Virgie Inez b.a. 85 (Mrs E. A. 

Ochtman Dorothy b.a. 14 

Cos Cob Ct. 
O'Connar Mrs Thomas K. (Carolyn 

Virginia Davis 14) 440 Appleton 

st. Holyoke 

O'Connell Frances Genevieve b.a. 15 
18 O'Connor av. Holyoke 

O'Connell Grace Claudine b.a. 08 
226 Bradhurst av. New York 

O'Connor May Eloise b.a. 14 

240 Maple st. Holyoke 
Odbert Nelle Carolyn b.a. 12 (Mrs C. 

L. Bennett) 
Odell Lillian Atherton b.a. 94 

Greenland N. H. 
Odiin Evelyn b.a. 15 

412 Magnolia st. Arcadia Fla. 

O'Donnel Jean Rhea b.a. 10 

6393 Station st. E. E. Pittsburgh 

*0'Donnel Ruth Leigh b.a. 08 (Mrs 
C. W. Graves) d. 19 Ja 15 

O'Donnel Vera Roxana b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Guilford Jones) 
O'Donnell Alice Elizabeth b.a. 09 

68 Fairfield av. Holyoke 

O'Donnell Sarah Catherine b.l. 96 
4004 Prairie av. Chicago 111. 

Oiesen Nellie Joan Mari b.a. 13 
9 Shady Hill sq. Cambridge 

Okey Catherine Warner b.a. 15 
514 Butler st. Marietta O. 

Olcott Dorothy b.a. 13 2316 E. First 
st. Duluth Minn. 

Olcott Elizabeth b.a. 13 2316 E. First 
st. Duluth Minn. 

Oldham Mrs John Elliott (Harriet 
Eleanor Holden 93) 16 Livermore 
road Wellesley Hills 

Olds Mrs Charles^ Louis (Mary Augusta John- 
son 85) Marco Fla. 

Olds Edna Allen b.a. 04 (Mrs F. B. Pease) 

Olds Mrs Edward Allen jr (Edith Jane 
Mitchell 04) 87 Dwight pi. Engle- 
wood N. J. 

Oliphant Margaret Sayre b.a. 16 
267 Congress st. Bridgeport Ct. 

Oliver Mrs Charles Irving (Beatrice 
Austin Manning 02) 175 Jay st. 
Albany N. Y. 

Oliver Mrs Frederick W. (Mary Seelye 
Hunter 01) 65 Berkeley st. 
Rochester N. Y. 

Oliver Hortense Lockwood b.a. 16 
8318 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

Oliver Jessie Stevens b.a. 07 (Mrs Chalmers 

Oiler Marie b.l. 03 m.a. 13 Columbia 

70 Morningside drive New York 
Olmstead Miriam Parmerton b.a. 08 

m.a. 12 335 E. 31st st. New York 
Olmsted Mrs Charles M. (Elizabeth 

Hamlin Macniel 02) 95 Ashland 

av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Olmsted Mrs Harold L. (Grace Howe Legate 
03) 1 10 Ashland av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Olmsted Mrs John Morgan (Helen 
Marguerite Prescott 03) 
644 Spruce st. Winnetka 111. 

Olney Mrs Louis Atwell (Bertha 
Haynes Holden 02) 118 River- 
side st. Lowell 

O'Loughlin Anne Loretta b.a. 04 

40 Buckington st. Hartford Ct. 

Olp Mrs Fred G. (Florence Louise 

Dowling 02) Nunda N. Y. 
O'Malley Alice Josephine b.a. 98 

Box 685 Manila P. I. 
O'Malley Elizabeth Gertrude b.a. 05 

269 Calle Bambang Manila P. I. 
O'Malley Hannah Katherine b.a. 09 

(Mrs A. V. Dalrymple) 
O'Malley Helen Parker b.a. 14 

Box 685 Manila P. I. 

O'Malley Mary Frances b.a. 11 (Mrs W. M. 

O'Meara Alice Stephanie b.a. 10 

585 Beacon st. Boston 
O'Meara Lucy Paulina b.a. 12 

585 Beacon st. Boston 

O'Neil Hazel Mae b.a. 11 31st st. and 5th av. 
New York 

O'Neill Ethel Marie b.a. 15 

762 Howe av. Shelton Ct. 
O'Neill Helen McFarlan b.l. 96 

3029 Queen lane Germantown Pa. 
Ongley Lucy Evelyn b.a. 08 m.a. 11 Columbia 

425 W. 114th st. New York 
Oppen Lucy von Hiddessen b.a. 08 

8 Summer st. Stoneham 

Oppenheimer Effie Kurz b.a. 14 

6 Auburndaleav. East Cleveland O. 

Opper Sophia Burr b.a. 08 m.a. 09 
Columbia (Mrs Harold Plimpton) 

Ordway Fanny Blanche b.a. 91 (Mrs A. C. 

Ordway Priscilla b . a. 12 111 Gibbs st . 
Newton Center 


Ormsbee Caroline Wyckoff b.l. 95 
Brandon Vt. 

Ormsbee Mary Royce b.a. 07 (Mrs 

W. H. Whitton) 
Orndoff Ada b.a. 16 

28 W. Wayne st. Waynesburg Pa. 

Orne Lucy Dwight b.l. 02 (Mrs J. W. 

Orr Luella May b.a. 16 

Range st. Manistique Mich. 
*Orr Susan Florantine b.a. 09 (Mrs 

A. H. Abbott) d. Ap 15 
Orwig Mrs Preston G. (Helen Maria 

Forbes 12) 4629 Baltimore av. 

Philadelphia Pa. 
Osborne Alice Cook b.a. 79 (Mrs F. 

S. Atwood) 
Osborne Grace Theresa b.l. 02 (Mrs 

E. C. Hayes) 
Osborne Marguerite Gelston b.a. 12 

East Hampton Long Island N. Y. 
Osborne Martha Louise b.a. 13 

11 Schermerhorn st. Brooklyn N.Y. 

Osgood Alice Florella b.a. 91 (Mrs 

S. F. Thomas) 
Osgood Mrs Edward Holyoke (Mary 

Child Nickerson 12) 

Box 73 South Hamilton 
Osgood Ellen Louise b.a. 02 

81 Washington pi. New York 
Osgood Ethel Lewis b.l. 02 

81 High st. Brattleboro Vt. 

Osgood Frances May b.a. 98 (Mrs E. S. Bau- 

Osgood Leslie b.a. 05 29 Faulkner st. 


Osgood Lilla May b.a. 09 19 Oak st. 

Osgood Margarette Manton b.a. 83 

(Mrs A. W. Hitchcock) 
O'Shea Elizabeth Mary b.a. 08 

252 Pleasant st. Laconia N. H. 

Osterberg Hildur Christina b.a. 13 
1077 W. 30th st. Los Angeles Cal. 

O 'Sullivan Isabelle Dorothea b.a. 16 

9 Gould st. Newport R. I. 
Otis Emma Heywood b.a. 02 (Mrs 

John Wilson) 
Otis Frances Louise b.l. 97 

Peoria 111. 
Otis Katharine Lois b.a. 12 

66 Church st. Bethlehem Pa. 

Otis Ruth Adelaide b.a. 13 

66 Church st. Bethlehem Pa. 

Otman Alice May b.a. 10 (Mrs G. R. 

O'Toole Sarah Lauretta b.l. 95 

Garrison hall Garrison st. Boston 

Otteson Grace b.a. 11 (Mrs R. F. 

Ottley Mrs William Vrooman (Winifred Eliza- 
beth Santee 02) 775 Richmond av. 
Buffalo N. Y. 

Ottman Clara Steele b.a. 13 (Mrs R. 

C. Brown) 
Overly Irene Leona b.a. 13 304 W. 

Newton av. Greensburg Pa. 

Owen Amelia Lucy b.a. 81 (Mrs James 

Owen Emily Pratt b.a. 07 m.a. 10 
Univ. of Wis. (Mrs Barry Cerf) 

Owen Gladys b.a. 11 (Mrs W. H. 

Owen Mrs Llewelyn (Abbie Florence 

Blair 97) 138 High st. Peoria 111. 

Owen Lucy Robbins b.a. 16 
136 5th av. Troy N. Y. 

Owen Mildred Van der Velde b.a. 10 
335 Spring st. Portland Me. 

Owsley Mrs Charles F. (Katherine 
Isabella McKelvey 04) Torfoot 
Youngstown O. 

Owsley Edna Byrne b.a. 03 (Mrs F. W. Hill) 

Owsley Georgiana b.a. 14 
Winnetka 111. 


Packard Esther b.a. 11 

19 W. 9th st. New York 

Packard Grace Sophronia b.a. 88 (Mrs C. E. 

Packard Maybelle Rosamond b.a. 03 
(Mrs W. J. Newcomb) 

Packard Stella Emily b.l. 03 
43 W. 9th st. New York 

Paddock Ida Imogene b.a. 84 (Mrs C. M. 

Padgham Elizabeth b.l. 98 

65 Ames av. Rutherford N. J. 

Page Alice b.a. 03 Hyde Park Vt. 

Page Mrs Benjamin Eldridge (Grace 

Rand 91) 521 Longwood av. 

Glencoe 111. 

Page Bertha Benson b.a. 05 (Mrs C. W. Smith) 

Page Dorothea b.a. 11 (Mrs H. K. 

Page Elizabeth Boot b.a. 15 



Page Ethel Sumner b.a. 08 (Mrs W. H. 

Page Grace Maria b.a. 97 (Mrs M. S. 

Page Mrs Hutcheson (Stephanie Grant 03) 
White River Junction Vt. 

Page Marguerite Cutler b.a. 01 (Mrs 
W. A. Hersey) 

Page Mrs Theodore Herbert (Mathilde Louelle 
Heidrich 01) 411 Moss av. Peoria 111. 

Page Mrs William Herbert (Ruth Gray Brown 
97) Station A, R. F. D. 5 Columbus O. 

Paige Marion Bancroft b.l. 04 (Mrs 

E. W. Leake) 

Paine Mrs Edward Stetson (Florence 
Margaret Bragg 05) Cedarhurst 
Long Island N. Y. 

Paine Elizabeth Elmore b.s. 89 (Mrs 

F. L. Palmer) 

Paine Esther Humphrey b.a. 15 

409 Commonwealth av. Boston 

Paine Florence Eva b.a. 09 

Bradford academy Bradford 

Paine Mabel Antoinette b.a. 95 
316 Fairview av. Chicopee 

Paine Mary Louise b.a. 96 (Mrs J. H. Gould) 

Paine Ruth Sargent b.a. 12 (Mrs J. H. 

Paine Theodora Lucy b.a. 96 

American Episcopal Church mis- 
sion Soo Chow China 

Painter Margaret b.a. 09 

340 W. 85th st. New York . 

Painter Rebecca b.a. 15 

519 N. McKean st. Kittanning Pa. 

Pakas Florence Belle b.a. 12 (Mrs 
A. O. Ernst) 

Palfrey Mrs John Gorham (Methyl 
Gertrude Oakes 01) 152 Mt Ver- 
non st. Boston 

Palmer Agnes Constance b.a. 14 

140 Cooper av. Upper Montclair 

Palmer Anna Louise b.a. 79 (Mrs 

Alexander Williams) 
Palmer Carolyn Leslie b.a. 11 

1463 Dean st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Palmer Mrs Charles Skeele (Harriet 

Blanche Warner 79) 23 Park pi. 

Palmer Clara Frances b.a. 83 

292 Chicopee Street Chicopee 
Palmer Edna Louise b.l. 00 

122 Elm av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Palmer Emeline b.l. 01 (Mrs G. B. 

Spalding jr) 

Palmer Florence Louise b.a. 10 (Mrs 

B. W. Godsoe) 
Palmer Mrs Francis Leseure (Elizabeth 

Elmore Paine 89) 215 N. 4th st. 

Stillwater Minn. 
Palmer Mrs Frank L. (Pearle Lord 

Bradbury 07) Beach road 

Saco Me. 

Palmer Mrs George Francis (Margaret 

Wilhelmina Oberempt 11) 

146 Union st. Easthampton 
Palmer Gladys Freeman b.a. 12 

72 Temple st. Springfield 
Palmer Helen Van Cleve b.a. 12 (Mrs 

P. A. Rideout) 
Palmer Leila Madge b.a. 99 

Millerton Dutchess co. N. Y. 
Palmer Mrs Lew Russell (Vesta Vetura 

Shoemaker 03) 2135 Green st. 

Harrisburg Pa. 
Palmer Marian Breed b.a. 15 

Box 157 Weston 
Palmer Mary Learned b.a. 09 (Mrs 

R. T. Fuller) 
Palmer Ola Stanton b.a. 11 

155 Lincoln st. Middletown Ct. 
Palmer Mrs William Newberry (Helen 

Belden Kuhn 97) 26 Lincoln st. 

Paltsits Florence b.a. 14 

1855 Morris av. New York 

Parent Ora Winnifred b.l. 97 Bondsville 

Paret Anna Elizabeth b.s. 95 (Mrs 

B. M. Davis) 
Paris Mrs Francis Ulshaeffer (Nina 

Perry Fisk 84) 124 E. 72d st. 

New York 
Park Caroline Doremus b.a. 10 

Englewood N. J. 
Park Mrs Charles Francis jr (Gertrude 

Roxana Beecher 03) Ly decker st. 

Englewood N. J. 
Park Eleanor Hollister b.a. 15 

221 Carmita av. Rutherford N. J. 
Park Julia Lyman b.a. 07 (Mrs J.L. 

Park Katherine Lucille b.a. 15 

Beaver meadows Warren N. H. 

Park Margaret Marion b.a. 10 

232 Kent st. Longmont Col. 

Park Marian Swift b.a. 15 

25 Sherwood pi. Englewood N. J. 

Parker Carlotta b.a. 03 (Mrs Arthur Honey- 

Parker Cora Ellen B.A. 15 


Parker Elisabeth Abbott b.a. 04 
238 N. Main st. Concord N. H. 

Parker Elizabeth b.a. 08 (Mrs R. W. 

Parker Emma Harriet b.s. 87 
Charlestown N. H. 

Parker Fanny Little b.a. 04 b.s. 07 Simmons 
933 Westminster st. Washington D. C. 

Parker Florence Addie b.a. 06 194 Forest st. 
Cumberland Mills Westbrook Me. 

Parker Frances Adeline b.a. 98 (Mrs 

F. G. Farquhar) 
Parker Mrs Frank (Katherine Hamil- 
ton Lahm 97) 43 Williams st. 

Burlington Vt. 
Parker Grace b.l. 00 (Mrs L. R. Longworthy) 
Parker Grace Bursley b.a. 93 (Mrs 

J. C. Makepeace) 
Parker Helen Eugenia b.a. 08 190 

Pleasant st. Winthrop 
Parker Mrs Herbert M. (Beulah Winn 

Johnson 03) 216 Vaughan st. 

Portland Me. 
Parker Mrs James Edgar (Edith DeBlois 
Laskey 01) 55 Union st. Water town 

Parker Julia Frances b.a. 83 (Mrs E. 

H. Sawin) 
Parker Lizzie Southgate b.a. 88 (Mrs 

L. S. McCollester) 
Parker Lucile b.a. 08 (Mrs E. L. Mersereau) 
Parker Lucy Persis b.a. 03 Trinity 

court Dartmouth st. Boston 
Parker Mabel Lavina b.a. 06 

Parker Marion b.a. 13 East Orleans 
Parker Nellie Joyce b.a. 14 

12 Belmont av. Northampton 
Parker Ruth b.a. 08 m.a. 11 Columbia 

East Orleans 
Parkhurst Mrs Edwin H. (Margaret 

Bright 08) 2565 Overlook road 

Cleveland O. 
Parkin Mrs Walter Harrah (J. Blanche 

Millard 06) 602 Main st. Niles 


Parks Mrs Oren E. (Bertha Phelps 

Brooks 05) Ridgeview terrace 

Parlett Mathilde Mayer b.a. 13 

728 Georgia av. Bristol Tenn. 
Parmelee Mabel Lainhart b.a. 10 (Mrs 

W. A. Bridgeman) 
Parmelee Ruby Elizabeth b.a. 13 (Mrs 

L. B. Phelps) 
Parmenter Mrs George Freeman 

(Martha Elizabeth Ellis 00) 

3 Center pi. Waterville Me. 

Parrish Mary Matilda b.a. 96 

Naples N. Y. 
Parry Frances Camp b.a. 99 

Margaret Morrisson Carnegie 

school Pittsburgh Pa. 
Parry Phoebe Mae b.a. 10 (Mrs P. B. Reed) 
Parson Mrs Artley B. (Lena Lewis 

Swasey 01) 41 Hawthorn st. 

Parsons Amie Olmstead b.a. 85 (Mrs 

E. H. Ferry) 

Parsons Anna Mae b.a. 02 (Mrs V. H. Voorhis) 

Parsons Anne Keene b.a. 11 

7 Chapman av. Easthampton 
Parsons Caroline Esther b.l. 02 (class 

of 98) 26 Church st. Gloucester 
Parsons Clara Burt b.a. 95 (Mrs J. S. 

Parsons Dorothy Dilworth b.a. 16 

12 Main st. Florence 
Parsons Mrs Edgerton (Alice Tullis 

Lord 97) 925 Park av. New York 

Parsons Ethel Earle b.a. 07 15 Sherman av. 

Parsons Grace Hobart b.a. 11 

Perryville Webster 
Parsons Harriet Louisa b.a. 86 (Mrs G. H. 


Parsons Mrs Harry R. (Clara Sterling Doolittle 

97) Fort Sumner N. M. 

Parsons Helen Maud Nelson b.a. 01 (Mrs L.L. 

Parsons Josephine Sewall b.a. 14 

Perryville Webster 
Parsons Katharine b.a. 14 

213 Vernon av. Fergus Falls Minn. 
*Parsons Martha Celina b.a. 92 

d. 25 O 05 
Parsons Mary Nesmith b.a. 15 


Parsons Mary Prescott b.a. 08 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

Parsons Pearl Frances b.a. 09 (Mrs 

W. H. Stevens) 
Parsons Susan Morse b.a. 95 

133 Dexter av. Watertown 
Parsons Mrs Theophilus (Florence 

Whitin 00) Hempstead Long 

Island N. Y. 
Parsons Mrs Thomas (Martha Parsons Crouse 

85) 974 East av. Rochester N. Y. 

Partenheimer Louise Schuler b.a. 04 
22 Leonard st. Greenfield 

Partridge Delia Morgan b.a. 09 Saun- 

Partridge Mrs Earl (Grace Margaret 
Townshend 07) 912 Mt Curve 
av. Minneapolis Minn. 


Paschal Nellie b.a. 13 

207 Florence av. Westfield N.J. 

Pastorious Mrs Francis Daniel (Mary Annette 
Lockhart 01) 720 N. Cascade av. 
Colorado Springs Col. 

Patch Mrs Charles (Mary Seymour 

Greene 93) 4437 Jefferson av. 

Detroit Mich. 
Patch Harriet Eliza b.l. 97 m.a. 07 

Columbia (Mrs G. W. Woodbury) 
Patch Mrs Isaac (Helen Merrell An- 
drew 99) Gloucester 
Paton Clara Marie b.a. 10 (Mrs G. T. Bauder) 
Paton Jean Agnes b.a. 14 

423 Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 
Paton Julia Bayles b.a. 00 m.a. 12 

97 Brownell st. New Haven Ct. 
Paton Margaret Young b.a. 07 

423 Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 
Patten Glenn Alda b.a. 08 (Mrs R. P. 

Patten Grace Edith b.a. 14 

30 Chestnut st. Stoneham 
Patten Mary Isabel b.a. 11 

401 Conklin av. Binghamton N. Y. 

Patterson Mrs Chester Arthur (Marie Elizabeth 
Sjostrom 08) 76 Echo av. New Rochelle 
N. Y. 

Patterson Doris b.a. 11 (Mrs Walter 

Patterson Ella Mae b.a. 11 Piketon O. 

Patterson Gertrude Ernestine b.a. 13 

Piketon O. 
Patterson Mrs James McDowell (Amy 

Evelyn Collier 05) 47 School st. 


Patterson Mrs Nathan R. (Florence 
Hemenway Rawson 12) 16 E. 
Illinois st. Tulsa Okla. 

Pattison Florence Helen b.a. 08 (Mrs 
F. J. Watson) 

Patton Agnes b.l. 01 (Mrs S. C. Wood- 

Patton Augusta b.a. 16 

261 Franklin st. Newton 

Patton Mrs Charles E. (Isabelle Mack 98) 
Ko Chow via Canton China 

Patton Constance Saltonstall b.a. 02 

9 Ivy close Forest Hills N. Y. 
Patton Mrs Dean Sage (Clara Madalene 

Bullard 11) 1064 Madison av. 

Albany N. Y. 
Patton Mrs Hamilton (Edith Piatt 

Warner 13) Eagle Point road 

Medford Ore. 
Patton Helen Hepburn b.l. 99 (Mrs 

L. H. Beers) 

Patton Mrs Herbert McC. (Margaret 
Hart 10) 134 Valley road Webster 
Groves Mo. 

Patton Marion Keep b.a. 10 (Mrs E. W. 

Paul Anne Marie b.l. 94 

68 Chestnut st. Boston 
Paul Eleanor Frances b.a. 98 Box 146 


*Paul Florence Helen b.a. 91 (Mrs H. B. 
Grant) d. 06 

Paul Mrs Richard Farnsworth (Lucile 
Katharine Bradley 10) 1200 
Commonwealth av. Boston 

Paul Zella May b.a. 14 

1153 Topeka av. Topeka Kan. 

Paulman Caroline Louise b.a. 13 
14 Holten st. Peabody 

Paun Isabella Frances b.a. 95 (Mrs H. H. 

Paxton Laura Jerauld b.l. 02 506 N. Main st. 
Princeton Ind. 

Paxton Leonora Merrill b.l. 00 (Mrs 

C. A. Miller) 
Payne Ella b.a. 83 (Mrs A. G. Hamlin) 

Payne Hazel Laura b.a. 09 (Mrs J. W. Van 


Payne Mrs Henry Mace (Annie Amelia 
Allis 84) Southold Long Island 
N. Y. 

Payne Lewella b.a. 08 (Mrs Garnett 

Payson Mrs Harold Conant (Dorothy 
Dewey Norton* 09) 68 Neal st. 
Portland Me. 

Peabody Helen b.l. 04 (Mrs R. H. 

Peabody Henrietta Chandler b.a. 12 

102 Fenway Boston 
Peabody Susan Perkins b.a. 82 

177 Woodruff av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Pearce Charlotte Crosby b.a. 15 
Blauvelt N. Y. 

Pearce Mrs Edward Ernest (Mildred Tenney 
Brown 01) Candle Alaska 

Pearce Helen Eliza b.a. 15 

673 Essex st. Plainfield N. J. 

Pearce Katharine Standish b.a. 15 

Blauvelt N. Y. 
Pearman Mrs Arthur (Katherine Keeler 

92) 1521 Camp av. Rockford 111. 

Pearman Mrs T. E. (Mabel Capelle 99) 
Hamilton Bermuda 

Pearsall Annie May b.a. 02 Oxford Chenango 

co. N. Y. 

Pearse Ruth b.a. 15 

905 Summit av. Milwaukee Wis. 


Pearson Mrs Dana (Lucy Fitts Wright 
86) 10 Henshaw av. Northamp- 

Pearson Dorothy b.a. 11 (Mrs J. T. 

Pearson Elizabeth b.a. 14 

10 Henshaw av. Northampton 
Pearson Mrs Gardner Whitman (Alice 

France Duckworth 01) 

69 Clitheroe st. Lowell 
Pearson Mrs George William (Edith 

Livonia Case 11) 1214 Greenleaf 

st. Evanston 111. 
Pearson Gertrude Louise B.A. 11 (Mrs 

R. W. Taylor) 
Pearson Helen Sleeper b.a. 81 m.a. 83 

17 Elliott av. Bryn Mawr Pa. 
Pearson Lillian May b.a. 13 

19 Maplewood terrace Springfield 
Pease Mrs Clarence Albert Grover 

(Arline Greenlee Brooks 11) 

Beechwood Templeton 
Pease Dorothy b.a. 11 

354 Whalley av. New Haven Ct. 

Pease Mrs Franklin Barber (Edna Allen Olds 
04) 75 Tremont st. Hartford Ct. 

Pease Mrs George Norman (Alice 

Bradford Boutwell 04) 

645 Thompson st. Portland Ore. 
Pease Helen Christine b.a. 02 (Mrs 

A. G. Wightman) 
Pease Marjorie b.a. 16 Pawling N. Y. 
Pease Sybil Huntington b.a. 13 

468 College st. Burlington Vt. 
Peck Carolyn b.a. 91 (Mrs H. B. 

Peck Julia Emily b.l. 02 

343 S. Brook st. Louisville Ky. 
Peck Julia Esther b.a. 98 (Mrs F. A. Strong) 

Peck Margaret Edna b.a. 01 (Mrs 

A. D. Edwards) 
Peck Mary Langford b.a. 04 (Mrs 
I L. B. Holsapple) 
Peck Teresina b.l. 94 (Mrs W. A. 

Peck Theona Clare b.a. 95 (Mrs W. J. 
Harris jr) 

Peddrick Helen Baxter b.a. 12 (Mrs 

E. C. Leedom) 
Peers Jennie May b.a. 05 m.a. 07 (Mrs 

E. W. Newhall jr) 

Peet Azalia Emma b.a. 10 Webster N. Y. 

Peet Mrs Nelson Rusk (Gertrude 
Martha Barry 10) 65 Harvey 
av. Lockport N. Y. 

Peirce Mrs Edwin H. (Elizabeth Free- 
man 05) 37 Lenox st. Worcester 

Peirce Eliza Metcalf b.a. 89 m.a. 99 

Brown 507 Broadway 

Providence R. I. 
Peirce Florence Ethel b.l. 00 (Mrs 

H. H. P. Wright) 
Peirce Helen b.a. 91 (Mrs Charles 

Peirce Leona May b.a. 86 m.a. 93 

ph.d. 99 Yale 247 Union st. 

Peirce Maida b.a. 02 (Mrs M. H. 

Peirce Mary Ellen b.a. 14 

36 Cary av. Chelsea 
Peirce Mary Frances b.a. 12 

The Algonquin Dayton O. 
Peirce Pauline b.a. 14 

8 Shaffner st. Worcester 
Peirce Virginia b.a. 10 (Mrs G. H. 


Pellett Sarah Frances b.a. 82 m.a. 91 Cornell 
Kelly hall Chicago university Chicago 111. 

Pelonsky Anna Sarah b.a. 13 

8 Edremont road Brighton 
Peloubet Harriet Louise b.l. 97 

132 Woodland road Auburndale 
Peloubet Mary Alice b.a. 82 m.a. 97 

(Mrs L. M. Norton) 
Pelton Mrs Ernest Williams (Augusta 

Louise Vibberts 02) 77 Forest 

st. New Britain Ct. 
Pemberton Mrs Frank A. (Mary 

Frances Hardy 07) 10 Beals st. 

Penhallow Susan Mabelle b.a. 07 

73 Washington st. New London Ct. 
Pennell Nellie Evelyn b.a. 12 (Mrs 

E. P. A. Simpson) 
Pepper Marion Anna b.a. 11 

226 Euclid av. Syracuse N. Y. 
Percy Blanche Rebekah b.s. 92 (Mrs 

V. M. Allen) 
Percy Mrs Karlton G. (Margret Eno 

13) 195 Aspinwall av. 


Perine Mary Lucinda b.a. 04 (Mrs F. L. Hadsel) 

Perkins Alice Choate b.a. 99 (Mrs 

Osborne Leach) 
Perkins Anna Katherine b.a. 97 (Mrs 

R. C. Clark) 
Perkins Mrs Charles Albert (Miriam 

Nancy Shelton Rogers 90) 
205.W. 57th st. New York 


Perkins Emelie Munson b.a. 10 
45 N. Main st. Rutland Vt. 

Perkins Mrs Enoch (Elizabeth Stone 

Gregory 10) 265 Elm st. 

Perkins Florence Gertrude b.a. 00 

Lebanon N. H. 
Perkins Helen b.a. 94 (Mrs W. J. 


Perkins Helen Margaret b.a. 12 
8 Home st. Fort Plain N. Y. 

Perkins Isabel Effie b.l. 91 82 Washington 

pi. New York 
Perkins Jane Holmes b.a. 10 Manchester Vt. 
Perkins Jessica Faxon b.a. 08 (Mrs 

J. L. Arts 2d) 
Perkins Louise Childs b.a. 02 

45 N. Main st. Rutland Vt. 

Perkins Mabel Kingsley b.a. 00 
265 Elm st. Northampton 

Perkins Marion Alice b.s. 00 

749 West End av. New York 

Perkins Mary Ruth b.a. 00 Box 185 

Perkins Ruth Shattuck b.a. 10 
Manchester Vt. 

Perkins Sarah Huntington b.a. 86 (Mrs L. B. 

Perry Charlotte Lettica b.a. 11 
1140 Grant st. Denver Col. 

Perry Edith Jane b.a. 05 pd.b. 09 N. Y. state 
normal col. 35 Rutger st. Utica N. Y. 

Perry Edna McCloud b.a. 07 b.m. 10 
Amer. conservatory Chicago (Mrs 
N. T. Yeomans) 

Perry Helen Jeannette b.a. 05 322 30th av. 
Seattle Wash. 

Perry Jeanne Hannah b.a. 09 (Mrs 

C. S. Severance) 
Perry Jennette Barbour b.a. 86 (Mrs 

G. S. Lee) 
*Perry Jennie May b.a. 90 (Mrs C. H. 

Earle) d. 31 O 12 

Perry Mrs John S. (Mary Sherman 
Wilson 06) 490 County st. 

New Bedford 

Perry Josephine b.l. 96 (Mrs E. H. 

Perry Katharine Neely b.a. 13 
Reedsburg Wis. 

Perry Marjorie b.a. 05 1140 Grant 
st. Denver Col. 

Perry Mary Alice b.a. 05 (Mrs H. It. Whitney) 

Perry Mildred Rudd b.a. 10 
Reedsburg Wis. 

Perry Mrs Ralph Barton (Rachel 
Berenson 02) 138 Irving st. 


Perry Mrs Ralph I. (Carolyn Schubert Wurster 
00) Short Hills N. J. 

Perry Mrs Thomas (Margaret Watson 
04) 2 Margin st. Westerly R. I. 

Persons Phebe Tomkins b.l. 00 (Mrs 

G. G. Scott) 
Peters Alice Lilian b.a. 15 

Hewlett's Landing Lake George 

N. Y. 

Peters Florence May b.a. 04 (Mrs F. P. 

Peters Grace Rarey b.a. 01 

891 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Peters Helen Augusta b.a. 14 

1648 Tillamook st. Portland Ore. 
Peters Mary Louise b.a. 07 

891 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Peterson Adelaide Warren b.a. 11 (Mrs 

C. W. Love) 
Peterson Mary b.a. 10 (Mrs W. T. 


Peterson Mrs Paul Chester (Elizabeth 
Seaver Sampson 03) Box 298 

Pettengill Mrs George W. (Ethel 

Marion Stratton 02) Ardenacre 

Rumford Me. 
Pettengill Hulda Elizabeth b.a. 02 

(Mrs J. A. Greene) 
Pettengill Mrs Ray Waldron (Rachel 

Thayer Little 09) 12 Rutland st. 

*Pettibone Mary Cordelia b.a. 82 (Mrs 

James Barber) d. 30 Jl 86 

Pettingell Laura Keziah b.a. 10 m.a. 15 

1 Ellsworth park Cambridge 
Pettit Roberta Elizabeth B.A. 15 

1374 Ogden st. Denver Col. 
Pettus Mrs William B. (Sarah Lydia 

DeForest 01 ) 3 Quinsan gardens 

Shanghai China 

Pfaff Gladys Barbara b.a. 09 57 Ohio st. 

Bangor Me. 

Pfaffmann Maude b.a. 11 

1398 Main st. Worcester 
Pfeiffer Mrs Benjamin S. (Margaret 

Washington 12) 103 Flora av. 

Peoria 111. 
Pfeiffer Madeline Elizabeth b.a. 13 

327 South st. Pittsfield 
Pfluke Ona Emily b.a. 10 United 

Charities Wilder bldg St Paul 



Phelan Mrs Joseph Warren (Florence 
Blanche Kimball 96) 60 Brooks 
st. West Medford 

Phelps Charlotte Lewis b.a. 11 54 West st. 
Kenilworth 111. 

Phelps Mrs Denison Shoemaker (Clara 
Louise Corbett 08) 6 North st. 
Binghamton N. Y. 

Phelps Mrs Ellsworth (Esther Henri- 
etta Mather 15) 1354 Fairmont 
st. N. W. Washington D. C. 

Phelps Mrs H. Arthur (Clara Maria Chapin 98) 
658 Lincoln st. Hazleton Pa. 

Phelps Mrs Isaac King (Martha Austin 
92) 1410 M st. N. W. Wash- 

ington D. C. 

Phelps Mrs Louis C. (Anna Maria Bliss 02) 
10 Park st. Florence 

Phelps Mrs Lyman B. (Ruby Eliza- 
beth Parmelee 13) Bernardston 

Phelps Marion Eveline b.a. 16 

2118 W. 2d av. Spokane Wash. 

♦Phelos Martha Emma b.a. 93 

d. 28 F 04 
Phelps Mary Austin b.a. 05 (Mrs G. C. 


Phelps Minna Belle b.a. 90 

501 William st. East Orange N. J. 

Phelps Mrs Oliver Austin (Flora Chap- 
man Tait 85) 2536 14th st. 
N. W. Washington D. C. 

Phelps Ruth Shepard b.l. 99 m.a. 10 
- Columbia 2323 Park av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 

Phelps Susan Hamill b.a. 12 (Mrs 
W. F. Zimmermann jr) 

Phelps Mrs William Bowler (Ella 

Schuyler Shaver 95) 

895 Myrtle st. Albany N. Y. 
Phelps Mrs William Joshua (Helen 

Perkins 94) 55 Ballard st. 

Newton Center 

Philbin Marguerite Frances b.a. 15 
179 John st. Clinton 

Philbrick Mrs Halsey Raymond (Vera 
Douglas Booth 09) 205 Ridge- 
field st. Hartford Ct. 

Philbrick Mrs Herbert Shaw (Grace 
Elisabeth Mathews 97) 2130 
Sherman av. Evanston 111. 

Philips Mrs Edward Mendinhall 

(Bertha Cranston 99) 1805 
Monroe st. Wilmington Del. 

Phillips Clara Holmes b.a. 03 

49 Northampton av. Springfield 

Phillips Clara Hunt b.l. 97 (Mrs H. L. 

Phillips Mrs Harold H. (Martha Louise Sears 
06) 33 Watsessing av. Bloomfield N. J. 

Phillips Jeannette Clarke b.a. 13 

Phillips Mary Hilliard b.a. 02 (Mrs 

C. C. Harriman) 
Phillips Mary Louise b.a. 91 (Mrs E. R. 

Phillips Mary Olive b.a. 14 (Mrs S. A. 


Phillips Maud b.a. 90 (Mrs Oswald 

Phillips Mrs Nathan Carleton (Eliza- 
beth Anna Warnick 02) 

16 Mason st. Gloucester 

Phinney Mrs Charles Merton (Ethel Susie 
Warner 97) Cummington 

Phippen Eleanor GifTord b.a. 13 

26 Lynde st. Salem 
Picher Mrs Oliver Sheppard (Emily 

Irish Stanton 99) 210 Sergeant 

av. Joplin Mo. 
Pickell Louise Ethelwynne b.a. 12 

921 Chamber of commerce Detroit 


Pickering Eleanor b.a. 09 

1109 Maple av. Evanston 111. 

Pickering Minnie Maud b.a. 94 
23 Ormond st. Mattapan 

Pickett Beatrice b.a. 00 U. S. legation 

Pekin China 

Pickett Mrs Herbert Elmer (Emily 
Ames 16) Gilman Country 

school Roland Park Md. 

Pickett Julia b.a. 98 

Tsing Hua college Pekin China 

Pickett Mary b.a. 98 

Ferry hall Lake Forest 111. 
Pier Mrs Garrett Chatfield (Pearl 

Adelaide Wilson 97) Greenwich 


Pierce Alice Marjorie b.a. 09 
182 Central st. Springfield 

Pierce Alice Reeve b.a. 96 m.a. 01 
Brown 215 E. 15th st. 

New York 

Pierce Beatrice Cranston b.a. 15 

17 Ware st. Cambridge 
Pierce Catharine Wilson b.a. 12 

47 Prospect st. Waterbury Ct. 

Pierce Mrs Ernest William (Elsie Shaw Biker 
08) 78 Charles Field st. Providence 

R. I. 

Pierce Gladys Paige b.a. 06 (Mrs 
J. A. S. Booth) 


Pierce Harriet Edith b.l. 94 m.a. 04 

Brown 243 Adelaide av. 

Providence R. I. 
Pierce Maria Valentine b.a. 16 

26 Abbotsford road Brookline 
Pierce Marie b.a. 14 

Knox school Tarrytown N. Y. 

Pierpont Mrs Henry Warner (Phoebe Cook 
Smith 04) 312 N. 21st st. Omaha Neb. 

Pierson Marion Ethel b.a. 12 

269 N. Arlington av. East Orange N. J. 

Pierson Mrs Roy Newton (Margaret 
Welles 02) 228 Clifton av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 

Pierson Mrs William David (Cherrie Edna 
Duffey 07) Charlemont 

Pigeon Anne Gardner b.a. 10 (Mrs 
J. M. van Heusen) 

Pike Mrs George Willis (Hazel San- 
derson Day 04) 5 Madison av. 

Pike Kate Stevens b.a. 10 3 Adams 
st. Eastport Me. 

Pike Mrs Otis Grey (Belle Corwin 
Lupton 04) Riverhead N. Y. 

Pillsbury Anna b.a. 14 

1176 Worthington st. Springfield 

Pillsbury Maude Alice b.a. 10 Morris 111. 

Pimper Mrs Charles (Annie Turton 
Denham 04) Primrose Chevy 
Chase Md. 

Pine Mrs Frank Woodworth (Mabel 
Edna Durand 96) Gilman 
Country school Roland Park Md. 

Pinkerton Elizabeth Downing b.a. 87 (Mrs 
J. S. Webster) 

Pinkham Mrs Arthur W. (Ruth Marie 
Griffith 1 1 ) 311 Western av. 


Pinkham Mrs Walter Samuel (Isabella 
South worth Foote 96) 111 War- 
ren av. Wollaston 

Piollet Emilie Victorine b.a. 06 (Mrs 
Ray Spear) 

Piper Florence Emily b.l. 97 (Mrs M. A. 

Piper Margaret Rebecca b.l. 01 m.a. 10 

315 W. 94th st. New York 
Pirnie Mrs G. Donald (Jean Challis 

MacDuffie 09) 286 Lloyd av. 

Providence R. I. 
Pitcher Mrs Lewis B. (Irene DuBois 

11) 300 Park pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Pitman Margareth Arnold b.a. 07 

m.a. 10 Radcliffe (Mrs H. G. 

Pittman Margaret Helen b.a. 14 

Sewanee Tenn. 

Pitts Mrs Herman C. (Lucy Esthc 
Macdonald 05) 48 S. Angell 4 
Providence R. I. 

Pitts Mrs Thomas Dorsey (Edith d 
Charny Suffren 03) 2432 Is) 

Charles st. Baltimore Md. 

Place Bertha Louise b.a. 07 (Mrs H. J 

Place Gertrude b.a. 12 (Mrs W. P. Bixby) 
Plack Martha Elizabeth b.a. 88 (Mr 
G. E. Fisher) 

Plaisted Helen Florence b.a. 04 40 Vinal snt 

Platner Mrs John Winthrop (Clar 
Avery Burnham 96) 1 Shad; 
Hill sq. Cambridge 

Piatt Ada Susan b.l. 94 (Mrs J. D 


Piatt Clara Boardman b.l. 94 (Mr 

I. A. Herrick) 
Piatt Edith Grace b.l. 02 (Mrs H. T 


Piatt Eloise Clara b.l. 91 (Mrs E. Gi 

Piatt Mrs Henry Russell (Helen Sher 

wood Kyle 86) 1404 Asbury av 

Evanston 111. 
Plaut Florence Theresa b.a. 11 (Mr; 

Martin Hartog) 
Playfair Mrs Wilfrid E. (Harriet Lewi: 

Smith 07) 562 Melrose av 

Montreal Canada 
Pleasants Marion Thomas b.a. 12 m.a. 11 

261 Crescent st. Northampton 
Plimpton Mrs Harold (Sophia Bur 

Opper 08) Hinghan 
Plumer Helen Lorainia b.a. 13 

Union N. H. 
Plumley Margaret Lovell b.a. 12 

904 Lexington av. New York 

Plummer Mrs Frank Wentwortl, 
(Deborah Allen Wiggin 99) 
340 Pleasant st. Maiden 

Plummer Mildred Douglas b.a. 11 (Mrs W. R 

Poirier Mrs Otto Arthur (Leslie 
Mitchell 00) Virginia Minni 

Pol Frances May b.a. 06 m.a. 09 Univ. of Me 
520 W. 122d st. New York 

Poland Mary Reed b.l. 96 (Mrs Robert Cush- 

Poler Mira b.a. 11 

285 5th st. Attleboro 

Polk Mrs Rollin Saxe (Anne Elizabeth 
Crandall 09) Lakewood pi. Troy 
N. Y. 


Pollock Mrs James Wendell (Con- 
stance Watson 10) 516 13th st. 
S. Fargo N. D. 

Pomeroy Dorothy Emma b.l. 04 (Mrs 
B. DeL. Hilton) 

Pomeroy Gertrude Mary b.a. 15 
1934 E. 75th st. Cleveland O. 

Pomeroy Helen Jackson b.a. 06 
246 Berkeley av. Orange N. J. 

*Pomeroy Laura Holmes b.a. 08 
d. N 12 

Pond Jean Baird b.a. 05 m.a. 06 Chi- 
cago univ. (Mrs F. W. Wentworth) 

Pond Katherine Louise b.a. 11 

2201 Humboldt av. S. Minneapolis 

Pond Mary Hattie b.a. 04 (Mrs M. A. 

Pond Mrs William Raddin (Mary 
Dorothea Burnham 03) 57 N. 
Main st. Rutland Vt. 

Pooke Florence Augusta b.a. 01 22 Winne- 

may st. Natick 
Pooke Helen Custer b.a. 01 22 Winnemay 

st. Natick 

Pooke Marion Louise b.a. 05 22 Winnemay 
st. Natick 

Pool Sarah Ethel b.a. 03 (Mrs E. T. 

Poole Harriet Schoedde b.a. 93 m.a. 97 
Cornell Lafayette High school 
Buffalo N. Y. 

Poole Marion Chamberlain b.a. 15 
17 Florence st. Hudson 

Poole Mrs Willard (Helen Bailey Spaulding 
86) 8 Elmwood av. Worcester 

Pooley Mrs Charles W. (Gertrude 
Gerrans 09) 23 Linwood terrace 
Buffalo N. Y. 

Poor Mrs Charles Franklin jr (Lucy 
Adelaide Munroe 00) 
1 Hawthorne st. Worcester 

Poore Harriet Paul b.a. 83 
9 Durham st. Boston 

Pope Amy Stoughton b.l. 01 (Mrs 
G. W. Shirk) 

(Pope Edith Gray b.a. 00 (Mrs M. C. Holt) 
; Pope Georgia Washington b.l. 96 (Mrs 
I H. B. Sawyer) 

Pope Mrs Louis Wyeth (Margaret Headden 
| 09) 111 E. Grant av. Pueblo Col. 

jPoppe Eleanor Martha b.a. 13 

1201 5th st. S. E. Minneapolis 

Port Irma Genette b.a. 93 (Mrs R. F. 
I Cheney) 

Port Mary Alice b.a. 90 Lady Jane 
Gray school Binghamton N. Y. 

Porteous Helena Wenberg b.a. 02 (Mrs B. M. 

Porteous Mrs John Benjamin (Edith 

Frances Libby 08) 208Vaughan 

st. Portland Me. 
Porter Annah Goldthwait b.l. 99 

155 Ocean st. Lynn 
Porter Clara Fisher b.a. 06 

102 E. 31st st. New York 
Porter Clementine Burns b.a. 01 

Littleton N. H. 
Porter Mrs Elias Hull (Josephine 

Perry 96) 1010 S. Oakdale av. 

Medford Ore. 
Porter Emma Ernestine b.l. 97 

137 Langley road Newton Center 
Porter Esther Baker b.a. 06 (Mrs 

N. R. Brooks) 

Porter Esther Francis b.a. 10 (Mrs R. G. 

Porter Ethel Maude b.a. 04 

374 Main st. Cumberland Mills Me. 

Porter Eva Augusta b.l. 03 25 High st. 


Porter Mrs George A. (Grace Ethel 
Lord 01) 8 Cumberland st. 


Porter Mrs Jermain Burtis (Annette 

Danforth Brumaghim 12) 

96 Fairview av. Albany N. Y. 
Porter Louise b.a. 15 

126 Longwood av. Brookline 
Porter Madeline b.a. 07 (Mrs N. L. 

Porter May Victoria b.a. 02 (Mrs 

H. V. Clements) 
Porter Mildred Burnette b.a. 16 

Box 33 Amherst 
Porter Mrs Robert B. (Kate Leland 

Lincoln 99) 4 Day st. North 


Porter Sarah Caroline b.a. 13 

137 Walnut st. East Dedham 

Posner Gertrude Augusta b.a. 14 
139 Roseville av. Newark N. J. 

Post Jessie Wells b.a. 10 60 Pierre- 
pont st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Post Laura b.l. 03 16 Newbury st. 

Post Mrs Martin Mercillian (Char- 
lotte Lowry Marsh 00) 5 Bea- 
consfield road Worcester 

Post Mary Helen b.l. 96 

1582 Alameda av. San Jose" Cal. 


Potter Anna Margaret b.a. 15 (Mrs 
F. E. Mansfield) 

Potter Ethel Annie b.a. 07 Cazenovia N. Y. 

Potter Faith b.a. 02 (Mrs H. H. C. 

Potter Helen b.a. 00 ll.b. 08 New York univ. 
855 West End av. New York 

Potter Helen Almie b.a. 16 

17 Pierce st. East Greenwich R. I. 

Potter Mary Lamb b.a. 98 (Mrs J. A. Elder) 

Potter Mrs Richard (Bertha Tamenia 
Bodwell 11) cor. 31st st. and 
Harlem av. Berwyn 111. 

Potter Mrs Roderick (Eleanor Bene- 
dict Hotchkiss 01) 50 Cleveland 
av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Pottinger Persis Mary b.a. 16 
44 Martin st. Cambridge 

Potts Beulah Josephine b.a. 03 (Mrs T. M. 

Potts Mary b.a. 07 1021 N. Lawrence av. 

Wichita Kan. 

Powell Mrs Alger W. (Elsie Leonard 
Mason 05) R. F. D. Brookfield 

Powell Mrs Ambrose V. (Hannah Belle 
Clark 87) 5227 Blackstone av. 
Chicago 111. 

Powell Amy Elmira b.a. 96 (Mrs C. H. 
J. Bliss) 

Powell Mrs Francis Foster (Mildred 
Towne 08) University ranch 

Stevensville Mon. 

Powell Katherine Jane b.a. 11 (Mrs 
D. D. Daly) 

Power Mrs Carleton E. (Marjorie Parkhurst 
Gilmore 11) 919 N. Tioga st. Ithaca 
N. Y. 

Power Dorothy D wight b.a. 11 Care J. 

Walter Thompson 44 E. 23d st. New York 

Power Isabella Veronica b.a. 13 

Powers Florence May b.a. 10 17 Stoneland 
road Worcester 

Powers Josephine b.a. 07 25 Whittlesey av. 
New Haven Ct. 

Powers Nellie Bernadette b.a. 10 
42 Prospect st. Ansonia Ct. 

Powers Theia Hardy b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Homer Watson) 
Praeger Rosamond b.a. 16 

421 Douglas av. Kalamazoo Mich. 
Praeger Winifred Birge b.a. 13 

18 S. Halsted st. Chicago 111. 

Prager Ida Marguerite b.l. 00 (Mrs 

Max Mitchell) 
Pratt Elsie Fay b.a. 92 (Mrs E. O. 


Pratt Elsie Seelye b.l. 95 m.d. 0' 
Univ. of Mich. 629 Mack bldj 
Denver Col. 

*Pratt Grace Tyler b.a. 92 d. 19 Ag li 

Pratt Mrs Harlan (Blanche Buttfield 11 
269 N. Grove st. East Orange N. J. 

Pratt Mrs Harold Irving (Harriet Ly 

cinthia Barnes 00) 232 Clintoi 

av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Pratt Harriet Maria b.a. 81 (Mrs F. P 

Barton) | 
Pratt Helen Bradford b.a. 05 (Mr; 

P. S. Sweetser) 
Pratt Helen Elizabeth b.a. 15 

250 Bloomfield av. Passaic N. J. 

Pratt Helen Portia b.a. 14 

15 Hedge road Brookline 
Pratt Katharine b.a. 15 

100 Bellevue st. Newton 
Pratt Laura Melancia b.l. 93 (Mrs 

S. B. Strang) 
Pratt Lucy Adelaide b.a. 91 (Mrs C. L. 

Pratt Madeline b.a. 13 

234 Lake st. Elmira N. Y. 

Pratt Mary Brooks b.a. 07 (Mrs O. C 

Pratt Miriam Lorraine b.a. 13 

51 Abbott road Wellesley Hills 
Pratt Ruth Edma b.a. 07 (Mrs A. I. Keener)! 

Pratt Sarah Marie b.a. 94 m.a. 09 Columbia! 
(Mrs R. G. Jenckes) 

Pratt Sophie b.a. 14 (Mrs J. C. 
Bostelmann jr) 

Pray Mrs William N. (Phoebe Ward Randall 
06) 9 Wethersfield av. Hartford Ct. 

Prentice Adelle Emarette b.a. 95 (Mrs 
H. N. Dean) 

Prentiss Bertha Helen b.a. 02 

1399 Northampton st. Holyoke 

Prentiss Henrietta b.a. 02 M.S. 07 
Univ. of la. 98 Morningside av. 
New York 

Presbrey Florence Natalie b.a. 90 
5 Harrison st. Taunton 

Prescott Helen Marguerite b.a. 03 
(Mrs J. M. Olmsted) 

Prescott Margaret Staunton b.a. 12 Concordia 

Prescott Maude b.l. 01 Salina Kan. 

Preston Adelaide Belle b.l. 95 

The Annie Wright seminary Taco- 

ma Wash. 
Preston Eva Bouton b.a. 15 

154 Read st. New Haven Ct. 


♦Preston Grace Alma b.a. 82 m.a. 89 
m.d. 86 Boston univ. sch. of med. 
m.d. 90 Woman's med. col. of N. Y. 
inf. d. 20 Mr 96 

Price Eva Alfrieda b.a. 08 (Mrs E. S. 

Prichard Elsie Hammond b.a. 07 (Mrs 

F. W. Rice) 

Prime Mrs William Albert jr (Ruth 
Melville Shaw-Kennedy 12) 42 W. 
72d st. New York 

Prince Florence Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs 

G. L. Street jr) 

Prince Melinda Crosby b.a. 06 (Mrs 

D. R. Smith) 
Prince Nellie Judith b.a. (Mrs E. H. Baker) 

♦Pritchard Mrs William Richard (Eva 
Helena Kriegsmann 01) d. 23 F 06 

Procter Adeline Winthrop b.a. 93 
84 Prospect st. Gloucester 

Proctor Alvara b.a. 07 417 13th av. N. 
Seattle Wash. 

Proctor Mrs George Newton jr (Emma 
Bartoll Bowden 07) 187 Winthrop 
road Brookline 

Proctor Mary Adaline b.a. 81 
38 Peabody pi. Franklin N. H. 

Protheroe Robina b.a. 05 (Mrs W. G. 

Prouty Mrs Lewis Isaac (Olive Chapin 
Higgins 04) 393 Walnut st. Brook- 

Prouty Mabel Lucretia b.l. 94 (Mrs 

A. M. Johnson) 
Prouty Marion Rice b.l. 04 (Mrs A. 

Van V. Bensen jr) 
Provost Jane Birtwell b.a. 08 

1226* Walnut st. Chester Pa. 
Prutsman Harriet Theo b.a. 14 

425 N. Vermilion st. Danville 111. 
|Pruyn Mrs F. McEwan (Eva Jenison 

10) 96 S. Swan st. Albany N. Y. 

Puddington Agnes Margaret b.a. 13 
99 Madison av. Madison N. J. 

Puddington Dorothy Ketchum b.a. 16 
99 Madison av. Madison N. J. 

Puffer Ethel Dench b.a. 91 ph.d. 02 
Radcliffe (Mrs B. A. Howes) 

Puffer Kate Fairbanks b.a. 00 ph.d. 09 
Radcliffe (Mrs Phillips Barry) 

Puffer Laura Dana b.a. 95 m.a. 99 
Radcliffe (Mrs R. B. Morgan) 

Puffer Louisa Wallis b.a. 06 309 
House Office bldg Washington D . C. 

Pugsley Marie b.l. 02 (Mrs A. E. 

Pullman Mrs St John (Helen Gwendolyn Ribbel 

08) Nogales Ariz. 

Pulsifer Mary Gilman b.l. 99 
150 Babcock st. Brookline 

Purdy Mildred Irene b.a. 11 2300 
Eldridge av. Bellingham Wash. 

Purmort Jean Crete b.a. 08 S. Park lane Des 
Moines la. 

Purnell Dorothea b.a. 15 863 Asylum 

av. Hartford Ct. 
Purtill Frances Margaret b.a. 03 (Mrs 

R. P. Stapleton) 
Purves Elinor Kennedy b.a. 04 

Princeton N. J. 

Purves Gertrude Colesberry b.a. 14 
25 Alexander st. Princeton N. J. 

Pusey Mary Hunter b.a. 04 306 W. 

93d st. New York 
Pusey Mrs William W. 2d (Edith 

White Lobdell 02) 1605 Broome 

st. Wilmington Del. 
Pushee Jeanne b.a. 12 (Mrs P. H. 


Putman-Cramer Antoinette b.a. 01 
322 Lawrence av. Westfield N. J. 

Putnam Beatrice b.l. 03 62 Allston 

st. West Medford 
Putnam Mrs Charles Henry (Mary 

Barnard Clark 94) E. 603 Nora 

av. Spokane Wash. 

Putnam Eleanor Chester b.a. (Mrs J. K. Bodel) 

Putnam Frances Mason b.a. 16 
331 W. 101st st. New York 

Putnam Helen Edna b.a. 06 (Mrs R. T. 

Putnam Helen Langley b.l. 93 (Mrs J. K. 

Putnam Louise Day b.a. 09 (Mrs R. C. 

Putnam Louise Priest b.a. 02 (Mrs E. B. 

Putnam Margaret Ross b.l. 99 (Mrs 

iels W. D. Lilly) 
Putnam Persis b.a. 11 606 E. Daniels 

st. Champaign 111. 
*Putnam Mrs Ralph (Mary Bell Mitchell 96) 

d. 26 Ap 15 
Putney Edith Nichols b.a. 99 45 Maurice av. 

Elmhurst N. Y. 

Putney Ellen Clement b.a. 99 (Mrs 

W. O. Lane) 
Pye Olive Fawcett b.a. 10 Ewha 

Haktang Seoul Korea 

Pyke Mrs Arthur B. (Bernice Wood Secrest 
02) 1185 Andrew av. Cleveland O. 



Quigg Louise b.a. 13 122 Brook st. 
Pawtucket R. I. 

Quigley Ellen Barrett b.l. 04 (Mrs Sanford 

Quigley Mrs James G. (Julia Gertrude Harring- 
ton 04) Lee 

Quilty Florence Mary b.a. 15 

76 Fort Pleasant av. Springfield 

Quimby Aldana Ripley b.a. 10 
278 W. 86th st. New York 

Quin Barbara Story b.a. 11 
105 E. 19th st. New York 

Quin Mrs Edward Albert (Ethel James 99) 
329 Washington av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Quinby Erma Kathleen b.a. 14 
24 Stratford pi. Newark N. J. 

Quinlan Florence Meriam b.a. 12 211 Wash- 
ington av. Bennington Vt. 

Quint Mrs John Hastings (Grace 
Grover Lane 94) 43 County 
road Chelsea 

Quirbach Mary Esther b.a. 12 134 Gorham 
at. Lowell 

Quirk Anna Marie b.a. 84 (Mr3 Dennis Short) 

Quirk Nelle Faragher b.a. 00 4030 
Alameda drive San Diego Cal. 


Raby Adrienne Mary b.a. 14 

37 Park av. Meriden Ct. 
Rae Mabel Frazer b.a. 08 (Mrs J. T. Matchett) 
Rahe Mrs Frank J. (Claire Pearl Foster 

01) 2318 Fairfield av. Fort 

Wayne Ind. 

Ralston Mrs Arthur Donald (Mildred Eva 
Varney 08) Paynesville Minn. 

Ralston Gladys b.a. 09 (Mrs G. L. 

Ralston Ruth Angus b.a. 14 

420 W. 116th st. New York 
Ramage Edith Mary b.l. 00 (Mrs 

Lawson Ramage) 
Ramage Mrs Lawson (Edith Mary 

Ramage 00) Box 161 Beaver 

Falls N. Y. 
Rambo Susan Miller b.a. 05 m.a. 13 

208 Lafayette st. Easton Pa. 

Ramsay Mrs Gordon Aiken (Edith Symonds 
00) 100 Beach road Glencoe 111. 

Ramsay Mrs William (Anna Louise 

Vogdes 02 ) 1 1 26 Foulkrod st. 

Frankford Philadelphia Pa. 
Ramsdell Mary Louise b.a. 15 

Ramsdell Ruth Alley b.a. 13 

9 Arlington st. Lynn 

*Ramsey Anna Laura b.l. 00 d. 7 Ap[ 

Ramsey Mrs Walter Reeve (Ruth Alida Lusk h 
01) 214 Grotto st. St Paul Minn. 

Rand Bessie May b.a. 15 26 11th av. 


Rand Edith Edwina b.a. 99 m.a. 02 Col- 
umbia 3 W. 92d st. New York 

Rand Grace b.a. 91 (Mrs B. E. Page) 

Rand Helen Chadwick b.a. 84 (Mrs 

L. H. Thayer) 
Rand Mrs Herbert Wilbur (Claire 

Forbes Hammond 96) 2 Garden 

terrace Cambridge 
Rand Jessie Sophia b.a. 90 (Mrs J. E. 

Rand Margaret b.a. 97 Lasell 

seminary Auburndale 
Rand Mrs William M. (Lucy Kimball 

Robbins 12) 212 Chestnut st. 

West Newton 
Rand Winifred b.a. 04 Lincoln house 

Emerald st. Boston 

Randall Bertha Thatcher b.l. 93 b.l.s. 
03 Univ. of 111. 1047 Murray 
Hill av. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Randall Mrs George M. (Gladys Weeks Newell 
12) 61 Webster st. Lewiston Me. 

Randall Maude Beatrice b.a. 00 
375 Rock st. Fall River 

Randall Phoebe Ward b.a. 06 (Mrs W. N. Pray) 

Randolph Mrs Charles Brewster 
(Helen Winsor Reed 08) 21 Circuit 
av. Worcester 

Raney Mrs Joseph Harrison (Hope Dill 02) 
Care Traders Oil co. Taft Cal. 

Ranger Alma Frances b.a. 15 (Mrs 

F. A. Brady) 

Rankin Charlotte Sherwood b.a. 11 j 
Care Lasalle & Koch co. Toledo O. 

Rankin Emily Watkinson b.a. 11 j 
Cherry hill S. Pearl st. Albany | 
N. Y. 

Rankin Isabel Poland b.l. 03 (Mrs H. B. j 

Rankin Margaret Clark B.A. 08 (Mrs 

J. M. Barker) 
Rankin Mary Poland b.l. 92 (Mrs 

G. P. Wardner) 

Ranney Alice Elizabeth b.a. 16 
2734 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

Ranney Orlana b.a. 08 55 High st. 

Brattleboro Vt. 
RansohofT Mrs Nathan (Martha 

Frances Beckman 16) 3000 Burnet 

av. Cincinnati O. 


Rathbun Mrs Seward Hume (Hope 

Willis 07) 1622 Massachusetts av. 

Washington D. C. 
Rathvon Mary Louise b.a. 07 

Brownell hall Omaha Neb. 
Rawls Adelaide Miller b.a. 16 

48 W. 94th st. New York 

Rawls Ann Elizabeth b.a. 10 310 Lafayette 
av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Rawson Florence Hemenway b.a. 12 

(Mrs N. R. Patterson) 
Rawson Mrs J. Scott (Grace Nichols 

Dustan 97) 3905 Grand av. 

Des Moines la. 
Rawson Marion Gladys b.a. 14 

781 Summit av. Milwaukee Wis. 
Ray Mrs (Medora Eva Loomis 95) 

119 W. 71st st. New York 
Ray Anna Chapin b.a. 85 m. a. 88 

Chateau Frontenac Quebec 


Ray Bertha Cornwall b.a. 86 (Mrs 
E. A. Harriman) 

Ray Mrs David Heydorn (Sara Elizabeth 
Beecher 03) 138 Livingstone st. Forest 
Hills Long Island N. Y. 

Ray Elizabeth Chesson b.a. 99 

213 Chestnut st. Holyoke 
Ray Flora b.a. 11 (Mrs W. J. Best) 
Ray Helen Davis b.a. 16 1529 S. 

Center st. Terre Haute Ind. 
Rayher Mrs Edward R. (Agatha 

Elizabeth Gruber 07) 150 W. 95th 

st. New York 
Raymond Alice Gilbert b.a. 06 (Mrs 

J. H. Biram) 
Raymond Lucy Emma b.a. 08 (Mrs 

H. W. Gladwin) 
Raymond Mary Elizabeth b.s. 91 m.a. 

96 b.a. 95 Radcliffe The Hatha- 

way-Brown school Cleveland O. 
Raymond Susan b.a. 13 35 Concord 

av. Cambridge 
Rayner Mary Balmer b.a. 88 (Mrs 

W. C. Holbrook) 
Raynolds Kate Saxton b.a. 95 (Mrs 

D. S. Dean) 

Rea Rhoda Olive b.a. 08 (Mrs W. J. Marsh) 

Read Carolyn Howe b.a. 99 (Mrs 
Arthur Eneboe) 

Read Mrs Charles Albert jr (Helen 
Lincoln Appleton 08) 38 Liv- 
ingston st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Reed Elizabeth Fisher b.l. 96 m.a. 99 Columbia 

20 W. 34th st. New York 
Read Helen b.a. 07 313 Park lane Des Moines 


Read Margaret Caroline b.a. 15 
600 Vine st. Chattanooga Tenn. 

Read Marion Pugh b.l. 98 124 Ocean 
st. Lynn 

Read Mary Alice b.l. 00 (Mrs H. K. 

Readio Helen Story b.a. 13 12 School 

st. Northampton 
Reaver Jerene Catherine b.a. 16 

Eldora la. 
Redding Grace Woodbury B.A. 12 

38 Woodland st. Worcester 
Redfern Elisabeth Goodwin b.l. 97 

(Mrs D. C. Dennett) 

Redfern Mrs Ralph B. (Marion Grace True 00) 
3 Summit av. Winchester 

Redfield Mrs Paul Whedon (Harriet 
Collins Bulkley 04) 54 Ellsworth 
av. New Haven Ct. 

Redheff er Mrs Raymond Linley (Eliza- 
beth Hoyte Moos 11) 540 
Stratford pi. Chicago 111. 

Redingfcon Ruth Hayes b.a. 05 (Mrs Harold 

Reed Mrs Allan B. (Bessie Moorhead 
07) Balboa Canal Zone 

Reed Alma Ethel b.l. 03 (Mrs R. H. Whitney) 

Reed Almeda Frances b.l. 03 (Mrs 

W. C. Hardy) 
Reed Bertha May b . a. 06 106 Wood- 
land st. Worcester 
Reed Mrs C. L. (Rosa Aurelia Nichols 

92) 35 Riverview road Brighton 
Reed Clara Everett b.a. 01 

Reed Clara Melinda b.a. 87 

54 Court st. Westfield 
Reed Dorothy Mabel b.l. 95 m.d. 00 

Johns Hopkins (Mrs C. E. Men- 


Reed Elizabeth Frances b.a. 16 
16 Grinnell st. Greenfield 

Reed Faith Hamilton b.a. 08 (Mrs J. T. 

*Reed Florence Munroe b.l. 98 (Mrs A. N. 
Cryan) d. Ja 08 

Reed Gwendolen Willits b.a. 14 

Reading Mich. 
Reed Helen Ainsworth b.a. 07 (Mrs 

C. E. Bartlett) 

Reed Helen Elizabeth b.a. 05 435 W. 119th 
st. New York 

Reed Helen Winsor b.a. 08 (Mrs C. B. 

Reed Julia Goodspeed b.a. 08 (Mrs 

R. M. Gallagher) 


Reed Mrs Kersey Coates (Helen May 
Shedd 05) 999 Lake Shore drive 
Chicago 111. 

Reed Mabel Florence b.l. 96 
147 Milk st. Boston 

Reed Marcia b.a. 09 (Mrs V. A. Bin- 

Reed Marion Guendolen b.a. 15 (Mrs 
H. F. Stuart) 

Reed Mrs Philip Bowman (Phoebe Mae Parrv 
10) Locust st. Clearfield Pa. 

Reed Ruth Severance b.a. 14 

120 South av. Whitman 
Reed Theodora Williams b.a. 89 (Mrs J. W- 


Reed Mrs Theodore W. (Katrina Macy 

Rodenbach 07) 360 Central st. 

Reeder Olive Winifred B.A. 16 

107 Lexington av. Dayton O. 
Rees Helen Newton b.a. 10 

324 W. 9th st. Erie Pa. 
Rees Sarah Tinsley b . a. 05 11 Higa- 

shi Ichibancho Sendai Japan 
Reeve Ada Belle b.a. 08 (Mrs W. H. 


Reeve Ethel Vincent b.a. 12 (Mrs E. T. 

Reeves Bertha Butler b.a. 99 (Mrs 
H. N. Laws) 

Reid Dora Allan b.a. 07 Kinnear apts 

Seattle Wash. 

Reid Edith May b.l. 00 

593 Riverside drive New York 

Reid Mrs John (Mary Lincoln Richard- 
son 93) 183 Main st. Franklin 

Reigart Mrs John R. (Elizabeth Mor- 
rison Moulton 05) Princeton Mich. 

Reilly Mary Louise b.a. 10 m.a. 11 
Trinity col. 53 Malvern road 

Reinhart Mrs McClain (Dorothy 

Hickok 11) 5221 Kenwood av. 

Chicago 111. 
Remington Agnes b.a. 14 

27 Reservoir av. Rochester N. Y. 
Remington Eunice Denison b.a. 09 

(Mrs S. B. Wardwell) 
Remmcy Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 13 

147 S. Elliott pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Reno Anne Evans b.a. 09 Box 673 

Oyster Bay Long Island N. Y. 

Reno Jane Marquis b.a. 14 

7464 McClure av. Swissvale Pa. 

Reno Leonora Stuart b.a. 15 

1016 E. Bannock st. Boise Idaho 

Revell Elizabeth b.l. 00 (Mrs Max 

Shoop) . 
Reynolds Anna Earll b.a. 07 (Mrs 

B. P. Morse) 
Reynolds Bertha Capen b.a. 08 

60 Y 2 W. Cedar st. Boston 
Reynolds Mrs George Edward (Mary 

Frances Coyle 11) 328 First st. 


Reynolds Grace Potter b.a. 04 m.a. 05 
Columbia ph.d. 10 Bryn Mawr 
(Mrs W. M. Rice) 

Reynolds Mrs Harry Campbell (Flor- 
ence Josephine Smyth 01) 
Passaic av. Passaic N. J. 

Reynolds Marion Susan b.a. 06 m.a. 
12 Boston univ. 34 Newbury st. 

Reynolds Neva N. b.a. 07 (Mrs W. J. 

Reynolds Mrs Randolph S. (Georgina Kellogg 
04) Riverside 111. 

Rhees Mrs Rush (Harriet Chapin 
Seelye 88) 440 University av. 
Rochester N. Y. 

Rheinstrom Evelyn b.a. 14 (Mrs B. J. 

Rhodes Isabella Knox b.a. 07 b.l.s. 10 
N. Y. state lib. sch. 544 Myrtle 
av. Albany N. Y. 

Rhodes Mrs Marcus (Ruth Lincoln 
Bangs 06) 5 Spring st. Taunton 

Riall Jessie Lee b.a. 10 1526 12th st. 
Detroit Mich. 

Ribbel Helen Gwendolyn b.a. (Mrs St John 

Rice Mrs Arthur L. (Anna Emeline 
Cook 93) 518 Central av. Wil- 
mette 111. 

Rice Mrs Arvin Lewis (Kate Gilbert 
11) 354 State st. Fulton N. Y. 

Rice Mrs Austin (Laura Agnes Lyman 
97) 16 Wave av. Wakefield 

Rice Mrs C. M. (Ida Imogene Paddock 84) 
1515 E. 2d st. Duluth Minn. 

Rice Ethel Hume b.a. 09 528 N. 

Tejon st. Colorado Springs Col. 

Rice Frances Electa b.a. 99 Berlin 

Rice Mrs Francis Warren (Elsie Ham- 
mond Prichard 07) 40 Nahant 
st. Lynn 

Rice Helen Hayward b.a. 01 
12 Prichard st. Fitchburg 

Rice Helen Rebecca b.a. 91 (Mrs F. D. 


Rice Mrs Howard Crosby (Amy Stet- 
son Jones 01) 12 Chestnut hill 
Brattleboro Vt. 

Rice Josephine Bell b.a. 97 (Mrs C. W. Tingley) 

Rice Laura Lewis b.a. 14 240 Bradley 
st. New Haven Ct. 

Rice Lillian Ballance b.l. 94 (Mrs 
Wilson Chase) 

Rice Lucy Fay b.a. 05 58 Summer st. Westerly 
R. I. 

Rice Mabel Agnes b.a. 98 1 18 Brad- 
ford st. Pittsfield 

Rice Margaret Corey b.a. 08 (Mrs 
H. R. Wemple) 

Rice Marion McCune b.a. 05 

12 Chestnut hill Brattleboro Vt. 

Rice Mary Livingston b.a. 11 (Mrs 
F. R. Moseley) 

Rice Mrs Walter E. (Lucy May Davis 
02) 545 N. Madison av. Pasa- 
dena Cal. 

Rice Mrs William Foster (Florence 

Emeline May 92) 28 St John st. 

Jamaica Plain 
Rice Mrs Winthrop Merton (Grace 

Potter Reynolds 04) Fairfield av. 

Stamford Ct. 

Rich Cecile Rae b.a. 12 2511 Caldwell av. 
Birmingham Ala. 

Rich Mrs Edgar Judson (Mary Louise 

Aldrich 85) 11 Pine st. 

Rich Ruby Lucy b.a. 89 Fairhaven 

Richards Alice Maud b.l. 95 
3 Dennis st. Gardiner Me. 

Richards Helen Dorothy b.a. 00 35 Hillside 
av. Montclair N. J. 

*Richards Irma Louise b.l. 97 (Mrs 
R. A. Knapp) d. 12Je09 

Richards Jean Marie b.l. 95 Winchell 
hall Syracuse university Syracuse 
N. Y. 

Richards Katharine Lambert b.a. 13 
163 Irving av. South Orange N. J. 

Richards Marian Edwards b.a. 99 m.a. 03 (Mrs 
C. C. Torrey) 

Richards Marion Stevens b.a. 10 (Mrs 
W. H. Bailey) 

Richards Martha Billings b.a. 92 Unionville 

Richards Mrs Robert Hallowell (Lilian 
Jameson 90) 32 Eliot st. Jamaica 

Richards Sara Franklin b.l. 02 
234 West av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Richardson Alice b.a. 01 213 Branch st. 


Richardson Mrs Arthur B. (Annah 
Parkman Butler 11) 11 Beech 
st. Rockland Me. 

Richardson Belle b.a. 94 (Mrs Cameron John- 

Richardson Bertha June B.A. 01 (Mrs 

W. P. Lucas) 
Richardson Carrie Anna b.a. 96 (Mrs Herman 


Richardson Carrie Lavinia b.a. 84 m.a. 
86 317 W. Main st. Ilion N. Y. 

Richardson Mrs Donald V. (Dora Lucille 
Johnson 08) 22 Stamford av. Providence 
R. I. 

Richardson Edith Maria b.a. 93 

4 Grant st. Haverhill 
Richardson Ellen Terese b.a. 05 258 W. 54th 

st. New York 

Richardson Frances Marion b.a. 08 

51 Page road Newtonville 
Richardson Grace Kyle b.a. 09 

(Mrs E. D. Leonard) 
Richardson Harriet Ellen b.a. 13 (Mrs 

A. S. Hubbard) 
Richardson Jean Scott b.a. 09 (Mrs 

R. W. Chase) 
Richardson Jennie May b.a. 84 m.d. 92 

Woman's med. col. of N. Y. inf. 

317 W. Main st. Ilion N. Y. 

Richardson Margaret b.a. 06 
729 W. 4th st. Waterloo la. 

Richardson Mary Lilias b.a. 94 m.a. 03 
Radcliffe Tyler annex North- 

Richardson Mary Lincoln b.l. 93 (Mrs 

John Reid) 
Richardson Mrs O. P. jr (Helen Keeler 

14) 165 Park st. Attleboro 

Richmond Mrs Clifton F. (Julia Anna 
Davis 02) 44 Washington av. 

Richmond Gertrude Caroline b.l. 98 
(Mrs W. D. Turck) 

Richmond Grace Angela B.A. 16 
Little Compton R. I. 

Richmond Myrtle Leila b.a. 07 m.a. 08 
Denver univ. Mt Wilson solar 
observatory Pasadena Cal. 

Ricker Alice Belle b.a. 98 (Mrs J. E. 

Ricker Alice Lillian b.a. 08 (Mrs P. L. 

Rickey Mrs Walter J. (Grace Landon 93) 
Rockfort Helensburgh Scotland 

Riddell Helen Catharine b.a. 09 Oakland av. 
Sharon Pa. 

Riddle Gertrude Frieda b.l. 01 (Mrs 

E. T. Bradbury) 
Ridenour Ethel Baker b.l. 99 

3826 McKee st. Kansas City Mo 


Rideout Mrs Percy Adams (Helen Van 
Cleve Palmer 12) Office of Public 
roads Dept of agriculture Wash- 
ington D. C. 

Ridgway Wilma b.a. 10 669 Irving park blvd 
Chicago 111. 

Riegelman Mrs Charles A. (Lilian Ida 
Ehrich 04)Woodmere Long Island 
N. Y. 

Riexinger Mrs Henry Edward (Ella 
Louise Glennie 00) 204 Rich- 
mond av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Riford Mrs Otis Everett (Lulu Alva Nickerson 

02) 293 Sherman st. Canton 
*Riggs Maria Louise b.a. 82 d. 23 Je 97 
Riggs Martha Warner b.a. 02 (Mrs 

A. D. Truax) 

Riggs Mrs P. S. (Helen Powers Manning 02) 
6 New York Post road White Plains N. Y. 

Righter Mrs Walter Leisenring (Eva 
Cornelia Foster 00) 211 W. 7th st. 
Plainfield N. J. 

Riker Edith Caroline b.a. 10 111 Cleveland st. 

Orange N. J. 
Riker Eleanor Hunter b.a. 08 (Mrs H. C. 


Riker Elsie Shaw b.a. 08 (Mrs E. W. Pierce) 
Riker Mrs Robert S. (Helen Robinson 03) 
32 Davis st. Binghamton N. Y. 

Riley Mrs Harry Lee (Minnie Winchell 
Foster 00) Box 32 Boulder Col. 

Riley Mary Frances b.a. 10 17 Highland av. 

Riley Mildred Ashton b.a. 14 12 Elm- 
wood av. North Attleboro 

Rinaldo Jeannette b.a. 12 Boise Idaho 

Rindge Madeleine b.a. 14 Franklin 
road Wellesley Hills 

Rine Mrs Walter B. (Maude Ella 
Hurlburt 03) Underwood Wash. 

Ringwalt Dorothy Rutgers b.a. 09 
429 N. 38th av. Omaha Neb. 

Ripley Bessie Whitney b.a. 05 (Mrs 

B. M. Harroun) 

Ripley Clara Denison b.a. 13 (Mrs 

G. F. Evans) 

Ripley Mrs Edward P. (Edith Helen 
Wheeler 96) Webster road Weston 
Ripley Ethelind Howe b.a. 08 (Mrs 

H. S. Giles) 

Ripley Florence Emily b.a. 03 (Mrs 

Ripley Frances Payson b.l. 97 (Mrs 

N. W. Willard) 
Ripley Jane Stanley b.a. 02 Unionville 


Ripley Nettie Melville b.a. 99 (Mrs J. T. 

Ripley Mrs Philip Franklin (Mabel 
Ginevra Bacon 96) 7 Abbott st. 


Ripley Winifred Helen b.a. 94 (Mrs F. M. 

De Forest) 

Ripton Ruth b.a. 14 College hill 
Schenectady N. Y. 

Rising Katherine Bosworth b.l. 01 
(Mrs S. L. Coy) 

Rising Rachael Emily b.l. 04 (Mrs 
H. H. Woods) 

Risley Mrs Edward Hammond (Ada 
Wilson Simpson 12) 31 Massa- 
chusetts av. Boston 

Risley Harriet Eliza b.a.*86 (Mrs H. L. Foote) 

Rispin Ethel Bayarda b.a. 12 507 W. 175th st. 
New York 

Ritter Mrs (Elizabeth Emma Shaw 96) 299 
Tappan st. Brookline 

Rix Carol May b.a. 12 412 9th av. 

New York 
Roach Edna Moith b.a. 12 (Mrs W. S. McClure) 
Robbins Alice Emily b.l. 94 176 Nassau st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Robbins Mrs Donald G. (Annie Atchin- 

son Wheelock 09) 1665 Center st. 

Newton Highlands 
Robbins Edna May b.a. 11 

61 Mechanic st. Orange 
Robbins Elsie b.a. 13 43d st. and 

Chester av. Philadelphia Pa. 

Robbins Ernestine Laurence b.a. 14 
(Mrs S. M. Sharkey) 

Robbins Mrs Herbert C. (Bertha 

Wilson Smith 07) 105 Blossom st. 

Robbins Mrs Louis L. jr (Sara Louise 

Gesner 03) 72 Highland av. Nyack 

N. Y. 

Robbins Lucy Kimball b.a. 12 (Mrs 

W. M. Rand) 
Robbins Marie Louise b.a. 15 

338 Radcliffe st. Bristol Pa. 

Robbins Mrs Morton S. (Ada Chase 
Carson 12) 44 Simmons av. 

Robe Bertha Augusta b.l. 04 (Mrs W. 
E. Conklin) 

Roberson Elinor Wilson b.a. 16 
97 W. 8th st. Bayonne N. J. 

Roberts Alice Ward b.a. 07 (Mrs W. R. Colby 

Roberts Alma Elizabeth b.a. 06 (Mrs 

C. B. Ebersol) 
Roberts Bessie Knight b.a. 10 

106 S. 10th av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 


Roberts Mrs Chester S. (Helen Louise 
Snapp 11) 421 Richards st. Joliet 

Roberts Edith Adelaide b.a. 05 M.S. 11 
Chicago univ. South Hadley 

Roberts Edna Alice b.a. 10 Stites Idaho 

Roberts Elizabeth Louise b.a. 06 (Mrs 

A. G. Browne) 
Roberts Elizabeth Potrer b.a. 13 

206 Dithridge st. Pittsburgh Pa. 
Roberts Mrs George Walton (Charlotte Helen 

White 98) Box 282 San Juan P. R. 

Roberts Gertrude b.l. 01 (Mrs H. J. 

Roberts Ila Belle b.a. 96 (Mrs A. B. 

Roberts Janet Waring b.l. 99 (Mrs 

A. E. Hunt jr) 
Roberts Josephine b.a. 12 731 7th st. 

Buffalo N. Y. 

Roberts Margaret Oborn b.a. 07 (Mrs H. W. 

Roberts Marie Darrah b.a. 07 206 N. Dith- 
ridge st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Roberts Marjorie Estabrook b.a. 10 (Mrs C. C. 

Roberts Mildred Frances b.a. 13 

Portsmouth N. H 
Roberts Mildred Jessie b.a. 12 

10302 S. Seeley av. Chicago 111. 

Roberts Mrs Paul (Marion Hunt Legate 07) 
Brookings S. D. 

Roberts Sina Sophronia b.a. 11 

206 N. Dithridge st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Robertson Edith Ogilvie b.a. 12 
36 Oakland pi. Summit N. J. 

Robertson Mrs Edward (Harriet Elizabeth 
Comstock 01) 320 Farmer st. Syracuse 
N. Y. 

Robertson Winifred Ward b.a. 11 

20 Sewall av. Winthrop 
Robie Nelle Bertha b.a. 14 

Pine terrace Baldwinville 

Robin Mrs Arthur (Elizabeth Parker Arnold 
06) Scidmouth Devonshire England 

Robinson Mrs Albert (Helen Keyes 
. .... Demond 99) 11 Warren st. Pea- 

Robinson Alice b.a. 88 (Mrs D. W. MacMillan) 

*Robinson Annie Florence b.a. 91 (Mrs 

. . H. W. Wright) d. 16 S 14 
Robinson Mrs Arthur Pierce (Mary 

Louise Wallace 02) 2123 Lincoln 

st. Evanston 111. 
Robinson Mrs Carlton (Helen Louise 

Spencer 07) 507 Colorado st. 

Pullman Wash. 

Robinson Mrs Clement Franklin 
(Myrta May Booker 03) 46 Bram- 
hall st. Portland Me. 

Robinson Dorrice Clement b.a. 15 
142 Hammond st. Bangor Me. 

Robinson Mrs E. Arthur (Elizabeth Anna 
Voorhees 97) Nye Park Inn 49 Grove st. 

Robinson Fannie Harlow b.a. 06 

142 Hammond st. Bangor Me. 
Robinson Mrs Fred Paddock (Carolyn 
• Lauter 00) 3854 Washington blvd 

Indianapolis Ind. 
Robinson Mrs George Edmund (Eva 

Cedelia Tebbetts 10) 102 Highland 

road Somerville 
Robinson Gertrude Ludlam b.a. 10 

Carthage N. Y. 
Robinson Helen b.l. 03 (Mrs R. S. Riker) 
Robinson Helen Dunford b.a. 05 

28 Green st. Newburyport 
Robinson Helen Elizabeth b.a. 15 

2105 Locust st. Omaha Neb. 
*Robinson Jennie Justina b.a. 80 m.a. 

87 (Mrs R. T. Hill) d. 16 N 13 
Robinson Julia Augusta b.a. 09 (Mrs 

R. V. Bliss) 
Robinson Katharine b.l. 04 (Mrs S. C 

Robinson Mrs Laton M. (Anna Mae Towne 

99) 368 Chestnut st. Gardner 

Robinson Lois deMoss b.a. 09 

220 Canner st. New Haven Ct, 

Robinson Marion Fulton b.a. 06 
51 Court st. Dedham 

Robinson Mary Clement b.l. 90 
44 Thatcher st. Bangor Me. 

Robinson Mrs Philip W. (Lois Cleve- 
land Gould 14) 11 Park av. Ware 

Robinson Regina Muriel b.a. 07 (Mrs 
G. H. Burr) 

Robinson Vena Louisa b.a. 11 (Mrs 
E. A. Soule) 

Robinson Mrs William Lane (Lora Agnes 
Howe 04) Mt Vernon O. 

Robotham Georgia Isabel b.l. (Mrs A. R. 

Robotham Mrs Wilson William (Jennette 
Benton Bartholomew 01) Unionville Ct. 

Robson Alice b.a. 04 135 Federal, st. 

Roby Elizabeth Rockwell b.a. 14 
Berlin Ct. 

Rochester Anna Perit b.a. 1 1 54 Ash- 
land av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Rockafellow Martha Louise b.a. 15 
200 Lawrence av. Detroit Mich. 


Rockwell Edith Antoinette b.l. 96 
185 E. Broadway Milford Ct. 

Rockwell Frances Sherman b.a. 06 (Mrs J. D. 
McLaren jr) 

Rockwell Mrs Loren Henry (Belsita 
Maud Hull 01) 72 Broadway 
Rockville Center Long Island 
N. Y. 

Rockwell Mary Lee b.a. 15 

307 Colony st. Meriden Ct. 

Rockwell Mary Watkinson b.l. 97 
(Mrs E. S. Cole) 

Rockwood Melinda Wheeler b.a. 06 
Woodland st. Englewood N. J. 

Roddey Catherine b.a. 12 (Mrs H. T. 

Rodenbach Katrina Macy b.a. 07 

(Mrs T. W. Reed) 
Rodgers Mrs Philip M. (Myrtle Smith 

08) Care Libby McNeill & Libby 

Honolulu T. H. 
Rodgers Ruth Hawley b.a. 16 

46 Orange av. Daytona Fla. 
Rodman Mrs John S. (Eunice 

Bowditch Hinman 13) 2216 Locust 

st. Philadelphia Pa. 

*Rodman Mary Mitchell b.l. 96 d. 19 N 99 

Roe Mrs Alexander V. (Ruth Eaton 
Coney 05) 414 Pelham Manor 
road Pelham Manor N. Y. 

Roe Frances b.a. 10 Branch ville N. J. 

Rogers Abby Mary b.l. 96 (Mrs A. J. 

Rogers Anna Frances b.a. 04 (Mrs C. 
M. Callahan) 

Rogers Mrs Arthur Cowan (Florence 
Cardwell Allen 09) 199 Poplar 
Plains road Toronto Canada 

Rogers Mrs Charles Knight (Amy 
Willmer 81) Craneton Page Heath 
lane Bickley Kent England 

Rogers Dorothy Millard b.a. 11 
37 Farview av. Danbury Ct. 

Rogers Edith Blackburn b.a. 13 
22 Fountain st. Orange 

Rogers Elizabeth Storrs b.a. 00 201 Edwards 
st. New Haven Ct. 

Rogers Mrs Guy (Mary Kittredge 06) 
123 Mountwell av. Haddonfield 

Rogers Helen b.a. 05 127 Spring st. 

Rochester N. Y. 
Rogers Mrs Howard Lewis (Clara 

Hunt Phillips 97) 34 Spooner road 

Chestnut Hill 

Rogers Laura Mary b.l. 02 Phenix 
R. I. 

Rogers Louise b.l. 97 (Mrs George Nichols) 
Rogers Maria Adams b.l. 92 
West Baldwin Me. 

*Rogers Mary Grace b.a. 84 (Mrs C. P. Frey) 
d. 20 Ja 10 

Rogers Mary Josephine b.a. 05 Mary knoll 
Ossining P. O. N. Y. 

Rogers Miriam Nancy Shelton b.a. 90 
m.a. 92 Cornell (Mrs C. A. 

Rogerson Frances Rice b.l. 91 (Mrs Frank 
Cochrane jr) 

Rolfe Mrs Charles E. (Edith Louise 

Wyman 03) 104 Atlantic av. 

Romano Margaret Michaela b.a. 13 

2799 Wilbur st. Scranton Pa. 
Roome Ethel Monroe b.a. 11 (Mrs G. 

J. Boutelle) 

Rooney Blanche Marion b.a. 08 13 W, Con- 
cord st. Dover N. H. 

Root Annabel Abbott b.a. 10 5911 Dibble av. 
N. E. Cleveland O. 

Root Mrs Clifford W. (Edna Bowen 

Wells 06) 54 Maple st. Greenfield 
Root Esther Sayles b.a. 15 309 W. 92d 

st. New York 
Root Florence Elizabeth b.a. 14 

29 Nelson av. CooperstOwn N. Y. 
Root Florence Kellogg b.a. 06 m.a. 14 

35 Franklin st. Northampton 
Root Frances b.a. 05 441 S. 43d st. 

Philadelphia Pa. 
Root Mrs George Frank (Ella Mabel 

Baldwin 00) 22 3d st. Newport Vt. 

Root Mary Elizabeth b.a. 06 (Mrs 

O. W. Kohn) 
Rorke Arline Hollister b.a. 12 Wash- 
ington seminary Washington Pa. 
Rose Alice Louise b.a. 96 

527 W. 124th st. New York 
Rose Dorothy b.a. 14 751 W. Ferry 

st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Rose Dorothy Grace b.a. 16 

23 Battery pi. Chattanooga Tenn. 
Rose Helen Cromwell b.l. 98 m.a. 14 

Emma Willard school Troy N. Y. 
Rose Helen Lucile b.a. 11 

23 Battery pi. Chattanooga Tenn. 

Rose Marion Elizabeth b.a. 84 4 Crown st. 

Rose Minnie b.a. 14 42 W. 97th st. 
New York 

Rose Mrs Stanwood Merton (Mabel Austin 
Harris 97) East Machias Me. 


Rosebrooks Mary Edith b.a. 86 (Mrs 

Delmer Runkle) 
Rosenberg Elsie Josephine b.a. 05 

(Mrs J. L. Loeb) 

Rosenberg Lucille Estelle b.a. 07 (Mrs H. L. 

Rosenblatt Mrs Girard B. (Elsie 
Margaret Klein 06) 78 Wolcott 
av. Salt Lake City Utah 

Rosenheim Eleanor Perry b.a. 12 
660 14th av. Paterson N. J. 

Rosenkrans Edna Lillian b.a. 05 East Strouds- 
burg Pa. 

Rosenkrans Lillian Margaret b.a. 92 

Hood college Frederick Md. 
Rosenthal Aline b.a. 11 617 W. 

Church av. Knoxville Tenn. 
Rosenwasser Mrs Paul M. (Florence 

Rose Hirscheimer 13) 

11423 Ashbury av. Cleveland O. 
Ross Adeline Rebecca b.l. 99 

Wind River Wyo. 
Ross Mrs George W. (Dagmar Louise 

Megie 05) Boonton N. J. 

Ross Harriette Mumford b.l. 00 

Cambridge Springs Pa. 
Ross Mrs John Mason (Mabel Edward Landers 

96) Warren Cochise co. Ariz. 

Ross Mrs Robert E. (Mary Tate Lord 

00) 1235 Astor st. Chicago 111. 
Rost Elizabeth Nadjy b.a. 14 

487 E. North av. Milwaukee Wis. 
Rost Martha Erminie b.a. 10 (Mrs 

Lewis Sherman jr) 
Roth Mrs Edward jr (Georgia Wolfe 

13) Fort Rodman New Bedford 
Rothholz Alma Sophia b.a. 10 m.d. 14 

Johns Hopkins 2108 Bolton st. 

Baltimore Md. 
Rounds Helen Elizabeth b.a. 14 

380 Edgewood av. New Haven Ct. 
Rounds Katharine Elizabeth b.s. 91 

Plymouth N. H. 
Roundy Mrs Rodney Wiley (Florence Augusta 

Champion 98) Keene N. H. 

Roura Katharine Fancher b.a. 07 

244 Jefferson av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Rouse Verona b.a. 16 981 Lake av. 

Rochester N. Y. 
Rowe Hazelle Anne b.a. 14 

190 Washington av.Vandergrift Pa. 
Rowell Clara Alice b.l. 04 

70 Methuen st. Lowell 
Rowell Persis Eastman b.a. 01 

451 29th st. Des Moines la. 
Rowell Mrs Wilfrid A. (Teresina Peck 

94) 743 College st. Beloit Wis. 
Rowley Dorothy Moore b.a. 13 (Mrs 

E. S. Brockie) 

Rowley Helen Antoinette b.a. 92 

43 Chestnut st. Boston 
Rowse Mrs Edward James (Edith 

Madeleine Elwell 00) 

27 Richards st. West Roxbury 
Royall Mrs William (Nina Louise 

Almirall 01) Silver City N. M. 
Royce Sarah Grace b.a. 90 m.a. 02 

Columbia 510 W. 123d st. New 


Royer Allou Whitfield b.a. 95 (Mrs William 

Roys Mrs Charles Kirkland (Mabel Milham 00) 
Wei hsien Shantung China 

Ruble Zulema Alice b.a. 86 
42 N. Avenue A Canton 111. 

Rublee Mrs Chauncy M. (Edna 
Blanche Wadleigh 98) 
East Berkshire Vt. 

*Rucker Mrs William H. (Edith Hod- 
gen Hatch 09) d. 7 F 14 

Rudd Mrs Malcolm Day (Eva Lendell 
Cook 96) Lakeville Ct. 

Rude Irene Fidelia b.a. 08 622 S. Hill st. 
Los Angeles Cal. 

Rudolph Elizabeth Anna b.a. 12 

289 Roseland av. Essex Fells N. J. 
Rue Mabel b.a. 08 1914 9th av. 

Spokane Wash. 
Ruger Harriet Marsh b.a. 94 (Mrs 

F. J. Longdon) 
Rugg Harriet Alice b.s. 94 

117 Highland st. Marlboro 
Ruggles Mrs Charles A. (Amelia Dominique 

Smith 96) 1 625 Jaynes st. Berkeley Cal . 
Rumbold Caroline Thomas b.l. 01 Dr. oec. 

publ. 07 K. Ludwig-Maximilians univ. 

ph.d. 11 Washington univ. Botanical 

laboratory University of Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia Pa. 

Rumely Mrs Edward A. (Fanny Scott 
00) 103d st. and Riverside drive 
New York 

Rummler Josephine Alice b.a. 14 

Flax Hill road South Norwalk Ct. 

Rumsey Florence Maria b.a. 03 
Himeji Japan 

Rumsey Marian Elizabeth b.a. 05 

(Mrs N. W. Ewing) 
*Rumsey Olive b.l. 93 m.a. 96 d. 12 
Runels Mrs Ralph C. (Beatrice May 

Home 12) 28 Rutland st.Lowell 
Runkle Mrs Delmer (Mary Edith 

Rosebrooks 86) 96 Classic st. 

Hoosick Falls N. Y. 
Rush Mrs John Harland (Alma Christy 

Bradley 05) Olden lane 

Princeton N. J. 


Rushmore Mrs William J. (Sarah Luella New- 
land 89) 23 Pleasant st. Ware 

Rusk Elizabeth Katharine b.a. 16 
129 Center st. Haddonfield N. J. 

Rusk Katharine Gaul b.a. 07 2000 
E. Baltimore st. Baltimore Md. 

Russ Anna b.a. 04 335 Colfax av. 
Scranton Pa. 

Russel Elizabeth B.s. 96 222 Park st. Jack- 
sonville 111. 

Russell Alice Symmes b.l. 99 (Mrs Alfred 

Russell Anna b.a. 08 1 Mall st. Salem 
Russell Annie Maria b.a. 86 m.a. 95 

(Mrs C. F. Marble) 
Russell Elizabeth Lincoln b.l. 03 

415 W. 118th st. New York 
Russell Gertrude b.a. 11 (Mrs E. C. 

Russell Gladys Elizabeth b.a. 10 

9 Phillips st. Amherst 
Russell Grace Louise b.l. 00 (Mrs H. B. 


Russell Helen Lois b.a. 07 Care 

Eugene Garnett Tribune bldg 

Chicago 111. 
Russell Mrs John Harris (Phebe 

Antoinette Arbuckle 13) 713 

Walnut st. Erie Pa. 
Russell Lucia b.l. 97 15 George st. 


Russell Lucia Goldsmith b.a. 12 
Somersworth N. H. 

Russell Margaret Helen b.a. 11 
240 Pallister av. Detroit Mich. 

Russell Mrs Waterman S. C. (Grace 
Rie Lillibridge 96) 
79 Monmouth st. Springfield 

Rust Mrs Aloney Lyman (Litz Dustin 96) 
Malone N. Y. 

Rust Mrs D. Merton (Isabel Brodrick 

07) Bristol Ind. 

Rust Mrs Stirling Murray (Mary 

Hilton Coburn 02) 

7510 Penn av. C. Pittsburgh Pa. 
Ruth Christine b.a. 15 Hathaway 

park Lebanon Pa. 

Ryals Louise Marshall b.a. 06 (Mrs Carlos 

Ryan Anna Arabella b.a. 02 

Rosemary school Greenwich Ct. 

Ryan Mary Elizabeth b.a. 16 
170 Elizabeth st. Derby Ct. 

Ryan Mary Margaret b.a. 12 

38 Pleasant st. Ware 
Ryan Nelle Mable b.a. 15 

3857 Seward st. Omaha Neb. 

Ryder Evelyn Louise b.a. 10 (Mrs 

W. G. Foye) 
Ryder Mrs Godfrev (Gertrude Yale 

83) 321 Pleasant st. Maiden 

Ryder Mrs Harland Holmes (Isabella 

Frances Paun 95) Rock 
Ryder Helen Louise b.a. 16 

310 Central av. Plainfield N. J. 
Ryder Mrs William Vernon (Aline 

Mooney 06) 67 Pomeroy terrace 

Ryerson Raena b.a. 11 

27 W. Ridgewood av. Ridgewood 

N. J. 

Ryland Mrs Garnett (Lewella Payne 
08) Richmond College Va. 

Sabin Florence Rena b.s. 93 sc.d. 10 
m.d. 00 Johns Hopkins Johns 
Hopkins Medical school Balti- 
more Md. 

Sabin Mrs George Millar (Mary Whit- 
ing Hickok 03) 244 Main st. 
Burlington Vt. 

Sabin Mary Sophia b.a. 91 m.a. 07 
Denver univ. East Side High 
school Denver Col. 

Sabine Mrs Wallace Clement (Jane 
Downes Kelly 88) 348 Marlboro 
st. Boston 

Sachs Mrs Ernest (Mary Parmly 
Koues 12) 

97 Arundel pi. St Louis Mo. 

Sachsse Mrs Arthur (Dorothea Kotzschmar 
99) 221 Highbrook av. Pelham Heights 
N. Y. 

Sackett Eleanor Lamont b.a. 15 
387 Grand av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Safford Anne Williston b.l. 92 
41 Remsen st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Safford Helen Cornelia b.a. 15 

743 Kingsley drive Los Angeles Cal. 

Safford Mrs Henry B. (Lilla Sumner Agard 
06) 296 Central park W. New York 

Safford Mrs J. Osborne (Amy Louise 
Waterbury 12) Oriskany N. Y. 

Safford Margarita b.l. 03 Trinity 

court Boston 
Sage Mrs H. Ackley (Myrrl Virginia 

Stanley 14) 

64 Main st. Middletown Ct. 
St John Mrs Charles Elliott (Martha 
Elizabeth Everett 88) 32 S. 21st 
st. Philadelphia Pa. 

St John Edith Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs J. W v Smith) 
Salad ine Eleanor Harriet b.a. 14 
Toy Town tavern Winchendon 


*Salmon Cornelia b.a. 00 d. 11 S 05 

Salmon Mrs Del B. (Edna Levi Stern 

04) 1207 Union st. 

Schenectady N. Y. 
Salmon Mrs M. H. (Mary Frances 

Hawley 07) 1833 James st. 

Syracuse N. Y. 

*Sammis Mrs Edward A. (Frances Hobbs 
Drake 97) d. 13 Ja 12 

Sammis Mrs Edward A. (Delia Maria 

Finch 98) 150 Grove st. 

Stamford Ct. 
Sampson Mrs Benedict H. (Ethel Qua 

Waite 12) Riverside 111. 

Sampson Elizabeth Seaver b.a. 03 

(Mrs P. C. Peterson) 

Samuels Mrs Edwin F. (Kate Tindall 03) 
Maryland Trust bldg Baltimore Md. 

Samuels Mrs Robert Davies (Hazel Margaret 
Cook 06) 380 Riverside drive New 


Sanborn Anna Louise b.a. 01 (Mrs 
T. B. Brown) 

Sanborn Mrs Herbert W. (Margaret Oborn 
Roberts 07) Care Mrs A. A. Sanborn 
Bitter Root Mon. 

Sanborn Lulu Morley b.a. 07 (Mrs R. 

A. Linton) 
Sanborn May True b.a. 01 (Mrs W. H. Vincent) 
Sanborn Pearl Smith b.a. 03 j.b. 08 Boston 

univ. (Mrs J. W. Bond) 

Sanders Mrs George Dana (Alice 
Manton Wonson 90) 24 Won- 
son st. Gloucester 

Sanders Mrs Henry C. jr (Ellen Permelia 
Jones 94) Claremont N. H. 

Sanders Mrs W. Murray (Louise 
Charlotte Droste 01) Duquesne 
Santa Cruz co. Cal. 

Sanderson Esther Josephine b.a. 04 
(Mrs P. C. Ladd) 

♦Sanderson Mrs Ross Warren (Mabel Bur- 
roughs 00) d. 2 S 14 

Sanderson Sarah Watson b.l. 00 (Mrs 
W. D. Vanderbilt) 

Sanford Adelaide Benton b.l. 93 (Mrs A. K. 

Sanford Bertha b.a. 00 (Mrs Welton Stanford 

Sanford Mrs Henry C. (Susan Lois Coolidge 
06) Bridgewater Ct. 

♦Sanford Mabel Warren b.l. 93 (Mrs M. N. 
MacLaren) d. 16 S 04 

Sanford Stella DeLand b.a. 94 (Mrs 

CD. Brown) 
Sanger Katherine Day b.a. 05 55 Lenox av. 

East Orange N. J. 
Santee Eloise Bentley b.a. 99 65 Main st. 

Hornell N. Y. 
Santee Winifred Elizabeth b.a. 02 (Mrs W. V. 


Saperston Ruth b.a. 16 355 Lin- 

wood av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Sargeant Ida Frances b.l. 99 (Mrs J. G. 

Sargent Mrs Bradley Eckhardt 

(Marguerite Southmayd Hatch 

09) 612 W. 112th st. New York 
Sargent Jennette Lovejoy b.a. 15 

417 Union st. New Bedford 
Sargent Loucasta Frances b.a. 00 

127 Prospect av. Revere 
Sargent Lydia Parrott b.a. 02 (Mrs 

W. O. Lee) 
Sargent Margaret Adams b.a. 12 (Mrs 

C. M. Hewett) 
Sargent Mrs William Denny (Marion 

Felt 07) 129 Columbia heights 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Sater Maroe b.a. 02 (Mrs Field Scott) 

Saul Mrs Maurice Bower (Edna Adele 

Scott 11) Rose valley 

Moylan Pa. 
Saunders Mrs Albert Edward (Elsie 

Wright Bates 00) 11 King st. 


Saunders Caroline Rhoda b.l. 01 (Mrs 

A. W. Lindeke) 
*Saunderson Laura Maria b.a. 81 

m.a. 85 (Mrs F. B. Hines) 

d. 27 F 94 
Savage Clara b.a. 13 51 Charles st. 

New York 

Savage Marion b.a. 07 Bend o'the road 

Plainfield N. J. 

Sawbridge Mrs Charles Walton (Edith 
Helen Howe 96) 9 Hampstead 
Hill gardens London N. W. Eng- 

Sawin Alice Ida b.a. 12 (Mrs I. G. 

Sawin Mrs Edward Heywood (Julia 
Frances Parker 83) Randolph 
Center Vt. 

Sawin Josephine Lyman b.a. 09 

Sawin Laura Etta b.a. 91 (Mrs C. E. 

Sawin Mrs Sanford (Ellen Barrett Quigley 04) 
Elsmere Del. 

Sawtelle Amy Leslie b.a. 08 114 
Brooks st. Madison Wis. 

Sawtelle Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 04 
Worcester Art museum Worcester 

Sawyer Mrs Henry B. (Georgia Wash- 
ington Pope 96) 26 Edgehill 
road Brookline 


Sawyer Mrs James Cowan (Mary 

Pepperell Frost 94) 

210 S. Main st. Andover 
Sawyer Mildred b.a. 10 (Mrs C. B. 

Sawyer Ruth Leighton b.a. 14 

169 Fairmount st. Lowell 
Sawyer Susan b.a. 11 64 Forest av. 

Bangor Me. 
Sawyer Mrs Walter Fairbanks (Grace 

Ethel Mossman 99) 67 Prichard 

st. Fitchburg 
Saxton Dorothy b.a. 15 Slingerlands 

Albany co. N. Y. 
Sayles Mary Buell b.a. 00 39 Charles 

st. New York 
Sayles Mary Helen b.a. 01 (Mrs H. 

Van D. Moore) 
Sayles Virginia Irene b.a. 08 

134 Appleton av. Pittsfield 
Say ward Margaret Elise b.a. 08 

69 Monadnock st. Dorchester 

Sayward Mary Amsden b.a. 01 (Mrs H. F. 

Sayward Mary Edith b.a. 94 
16 Congress st. Worcester 

Scaiefe Ethel May b.a. 10 788 Ferry st. 

Eugene Ore. 

Scales Elizabeth Cayme b.a. 04 840 Kene- 
saw terrace Chicago 111. 

Scales Mrs Robert Leighton (Laura 

Woolsey Lord 01) Museum of fine 

arts Boston 
Scandrett Rebekah b.a. 15 

8 E. North av. Pittsburgh Pa. 
Scannell Ruth Hazel b.a. 15 

12 Sherman st. Springfield 

Schaefer Mrs Walter (Katherine Ruth Weber 
11) 127 Newark av. Bloomfield N. J. 

Schaeffer Mrs Hermann (Louise Cannon Brad- 
ley 02) Fort Washington Pa. 

Schaff Sarah Swift b.l. 02 (Mrs P. G. Carleton) 

Schaffner Mrs Robert C. (Frances Stettauer 
01) Racine av. Highland Park 111. 

Scharps Hannah De Rothschild b.a. 

06 (Mrs Fred Hirschhorn) 
Scharr Marion b.a. 12 16 Bodwell st. 

Hartford Ct. 
Schaufner Clara Elizabeth b.a. 01 

2862 Marion av. Bedford park 

New York 
Schaufrler Julia Dorothea b.a. 07 (Mrs 

R. G. Higinbotham) 

Scheither Mary Sophia b.a. 05 Bask- 
ing ridge R. F. D. 1 Millington N.J. 

Schell Edna Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs B. H. 

Schelly Mrs Ralph P. (Rhoda Leila Allyn 12) 
W. 1916 Riverside av. Spokane Wash. 

Schenck Mrs Edwin jr (Grace Acheson 
Smucker 05) 5937 Overbrook 
av. Philadelphia Pa. 

Schenck Ella Louise b.a. 04 1102 Park av. 
Omaha Neb. 

Schenck Sarah Johnson b.a. 10 
Princeton N. J. 

Scherer Ethel Meta May b.a. 12 
Endeavor Pa. 

Schermerhorn Rena b.l. 94 (Mrs A. B. 

Schevill Mrs Ferdinand (Clara Edna 
Meier 08) 5745 Blackstone av. 
Chicago 111. 

Schevill Mrs William Valentine (Eliza- 
beth Porter Meier 00) 44 W. 
77th st. New York 

* Schirmer Mrs J. W. (Alice Phelps 
Goodwin 97) 865 Great Plain 
av. Needham 

Schleier Emma Gertrude b.l. 95 (Mrs 
A. H. Geeding) 

Schlesinger Alma Carrol b.a. 10 
222 Ogden av. Milwaukee Wis. 

Schlesinger Clara b.l. 98 (Mrs O. J. 

Schlesinger Harry Fanny b.a. 14 
375 W. Peachtree st. Atlanta Ga. 

Schlesinger Mae b.a. 07 (Mrs H. M. 

Schlick Mrs Moritz (Blanche Guy Hardy 03) 
Orleansstr. 23 Rostock Mecklenburg 

Schlosser Elizabeth b.a. 13 Westport 

Schmidt Eloise b.a. 14 102 College 
av. Northfield Minn. 

Schmitz Anna Louise b.a. 10 
154 Whitford av. Nutley N. J. 

Schmolze Mildred Constance b.a. 16 
1116 Columbia av. Chicago 111. 

Schneider Mrs Adolph B. (Ila Belle 
Roberts 96) 1794 Crawford road 
Cleveland O. 

Schnurr Mabel Alice b.a. 09 98 S. Munn 
av. East Orange N. J. 

Schoedinger Mrs Ferdinand P. (Florence May 
Peters 04) 191 S. 18th st. Columbus O. 

Schofield Dorothy Ogden b.a. 14 (Mrs 
Blasdel Shapleigh) 

Scholermann Harriet Amalie b.a. 13 
(Mrs H. R. Lary) 


Schoonover Elizabeth Hirst b.a. 09 
123 Amsterdam av. New York 

Schoonover Nellie Frances b.a. 13 
Old Mystic Ct. 

Schott Helen Marie b.a. 12 (Mrs G. R. 

Schricker Florence Hilda b.a. 07 (Mrs 
G. W. Swift) 

Schubart Mrs Henry A. (Pauline 
. Werner 14) 515 W. 110th st. 
New York 

Schuh Elsa b.a. 13 902 Hancock st. 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Schumacher Elizabeth Stimpson b.a. 
11 702 Wayne st. Sandusky O. 

Schupack Fannie b.a. 14 

75 Hawkins st. New Britain Ct. 

Schureman Mary Osborn b.a. 06 (Mrs 
G. F. Imig) 

Schureman Mildred Alice b.a. 11 
1223 N. 6th st. Sheboygan Wis. 

Schwartz Mrs Victor Arthur (Helen 
Ridgway Budd 09) 2 Moun- 
tain av. Maplewood N. J. 

Schwarz Gertrude Florence b.a. 09 
(Mrs O. T. McClurg) 

Schweppe Mrs Charles Hodgdon 
(Laura Abbie Shedd 00) 
33 Bellevue pi. Chicago 111. 

Seism Josephine b.a. 98 Park school Ruther- 
ford N. J. 

Scofield Mrs Clarence Powell (Nettie 

McDougall 03) 428 S. Stone av. 

LaGrange 111. 
Scofield Mrs Frank Plimpton (Alice 

Mary Webber 03) 18 Vernon 

st. Newton 
Scofield Genevieve Hall b.a. 05 (Mrs 

R. L. Barrows) 

Scollay Elinor Gertrude b.a. 09 (Mrs R. B. 

Scott Mrs Charles Ernest (Clara Emily Hey- 
wood 00) American Presbyterian mis- 
sion Tsingtau China 

Scott Mrs Edgar Hunter (Ellen Dodge 
97) 3623 Jackson st. Omaha 


Scott Edna Adele b.a. 11 (Mrs M. B. 

ScottFannyB.L.OO (Mrs E. A. Rumely) 

Scott Mrs Field (Maroe Sater 02) 46 Morris 
av. Athens O. 

Scott Mrs George Cranch (Mary Ken- 
nard 99) Framingham 

Scott Mrs George Gilmore (Phebe 
Tomkins Persons 00) 899 Val- 
ley road Upper Montclair N. J. 

Scott Mrs George Tressler (Ruth Cow- 
ing 07) 124 Pembroke st. Kew 
Gardens Long Island N. Y. 

Scott Gladys Isabelle b.a. 15 
Elmdale Uxbridge 

Scott Henrietta Turrill b.a. 11 

6 Rutland st. Providence R. I. 

Scott Marguerite b.a. 10 (Mrs D. R. 

Scott Marion b.a. 14 489 Wash- 

ington st. Brookline 

Scott Mary Blanchard b.a. 10 

Nurses home St Luke's hospital 
New York 

Scott Mary Stuart b.l. 94 

1212 Locust st. Dubuque la. 

Scott Mildred b.a. 12 4708 
Springfield av. Philadelphia Pa. 

Scott Sarah Edith b.a. 09 (Mrs R. W. 

Scott Mrs Thomas S. (Helen Arlene 
Hasson 07) Cordova Alaska 

Scott Vera Charlotte b.l. 98 (Mrs J. S. 

Scoville Florence May b.l. 93 

177 Woodruff av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Scoville Ella Josephine b.a. 03 (Mrs L. S. 

Scoville Florence Olive b.a. 09 

Riverside 111. 
Scoville Mrs Herbert (Orlena Adeline 

Zabriskie 08) 56 W. 55th st. 

New York 
Scribner Agnes Elizabeth b.a. 15 

25 Woodside av. Amherst 
Scribner Dorothy b.a. 12 51 W. 

Delaware pi. Chicago 111. 
Scribner Ella b.a. 89 (Mrs Sheldon 


*Scripture Helen Richards b.a. 90 d. 
30 Ag 06 

Scriver Helen b.a. 11 603 River 

road S. E. Minneapolis Minn. 

Scudder Vida Dutton b.a. 84 m.a. 87 
Leighton road Wellesley 

*Seabrook Mrs P. E. (Mary Olmstead 
Janes 90) d. 28 S 96 

Seabury Maria Elizabeth b.a. 90 (Mrs 
E. B. Guthrie) 

Seabury Ruth Isabel b.a. 14 51 Liv- 
ingston st. New Haven Ct. 

Seaman Florence Josephine b.a. 13 
1077 W. 30th st. Los Angeles Cal. 

Seaman Louise Pauline b.a. 08 (Mrs 
P. E. Miller) 

Seamans Dorothy b.a. 14 

345 Ridgewood av. Glen Ridge N.J. 
Seamans Ethel Eleanor b.a. 12 (Mrs 

E. S. Gillette) 
Seamans Myrtle Laura b.a. 12 (Mrs 

G. S. Seward) 
Searight Helen Fitz James b.a. 12 

8 E. 37th st. New York 
Searl Mabel Darrow b.l. (Mrs W. W. Damon) 
Searle Dolly Kathrina b.a. 11 (Mrs P. 

W. Allen) 

*Searle Edith Lucelia b.a. 92 d. 23 F 95 

Searle Esther Scott b.a. 06 (Mrs J. L. 

Sears Martha Louise b.a. 06 (Mrs H. H. Phil- 

Sears Mrs Robert (Marguerite Hume 09) 
Schofield barracks Honolulu T. H. 

Seasongood Mrs Murray (Agnes Senior 
11) 3711 Washington av. 

Avondale Cincinnati O. 

Seaton Mrs Ross P. (Kathleen Cockle 

10) 103 Barker av. Peoria 111. 
Seaver Etta Anne b.a. 92 Scituate 
Seaver Florence White b.a. 89 (Mrs 

G. A. Slocomb) 
Seaver Mrs Henry Latimer (Susan 

Russell Seaver 01) 97 Merriam 

st. Lexington 
Seaver Susan Russell b.a. 01 (Mrs H. L. 


Seay Mrs J. M. (Louise Ashley West 

11) 17 Horicone av. Glens 
Falls N. Y. 

Sebring Emma Goodeve b.a. 89 m.a. 94 
Columbia 559 West End av. 
New York 

Secrcst Bernice Wood b.a. 02 (Mrs A. B. Pyke) 

Sedgwick Mary b.a. 16 

The Olbiston Utica N. Y. 

See Mrs Edmund Thorp (Louise Edgar 
08) 140 Hey wood av. Orange 
N. J. 

See Lillian Randolph b.l. 01 

27 Forster av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Seeber Elizabeth b.a. 08 106 E. 52d st. New 


Seeley Muriel b.a. 10 (Mrs Robert 

Seelye Anna Hawley b.a. 89 (Mrs 
B. K. Emerson) 

Seelye Finette Scott b.l. 90 Care Baring Bros 
& co. London England 

Seelye Harriet Chapin b.a. 88 (Mrs 

Rush Rhees) 
Seelye Henrietta Hurd b.a. 86 

Walpole N. H. 

Seelye Henrietta Sheldon b.a. 98 (Mrs 

W. D. Gray) 
Seelye Mabel b.a. 94 (Mrs J. W. Bixler) 
Seelye Mrs Ralph Holland (Grace 

Allen Blodgett 89) 73 Chest- 

nut st. Springfield 
Seelye Mrs Walter Clark (Anne Ide 

Barrows 97) 66 William st. 

Segur Ruth Chipman b.a. 11 (Mrs 

Clinton Burke) 
Seibel Edith b.a. 12 124 Broadway 


Seiffert Mrs Otto Henry (Marjorie 
Stephens Allen 06) Moline 111. 

Seiler Grace Viola b.a. 09 30 E. Lin- 
coln st. Shamokin Pa. 

Selden Ruth b.a. 16 (Mrs Stanley 

*Selleck Mrs Joel Foster Hza Jane Good- 
sell 00) d. 30 Jl 15 

Seltzer Mrs Danie Criss (Alice Emeline Stahl 
08) Belle vue O. 

Semans Mary Frances b.a. 15 

108 E. Fayette st. Uniontown Pa. 
Semple Mrs Nathaniel M. (Margery 

Ferriss 02) 5828 Cabanne" av. 

St Louis Mo. 
Senior Agnes b.a. 11 (Mrs Murray 

Senior Clara b.a. 07 (Mrs Charles 


Sergeant Caroline Belle b.a. 84 
4 Hawthorn road Brookline 

Sergent Nellie Barney b.a. 06 pd.b. 07 
N. Y. state normal col. 503 W. 
121st st. New York 

Sessions Catherine Drummond b.l. 96 

Sessions lima Mary b.a. 11 (Mrs R. H. 

Severa Zulina b.a. 12 Linden drive 

Cedar Rapids la. 
Severance Mrs Carlton Spencer 

(Jeanne Hannah Perry 09) 634 

S. W. Temple st. Salt Lake City 


Severance Millie Alice b.a. 09 

302 Stevens st. Lowell 
Severens Mabel b.l. 91 (Mrs J. B. 


Sewall Helen Hartwell b.a. 13 (Mrs 

D. B. Young) 
Sewall Josephine Devereux b.l. 97 

(Mrs B. K. Emerson jr) 
Sewall Katharine Mussey b.a. 09 (Mrs 

R. M. Austin) 


Sewall Winifred Hoyt b.a. 15 

4721 Greenwood, av. Chicago 111. 

Seward Christine b.a. 04 (Mrs Chanter 

Seward Mrs George Schermerhorn 
(Myrtle Laura Seamans 12) 
115 S. Normandie av. Los Angeles 

Sewell Dorothy Austin b.a. 16 

56 North st. Walton Delaware co. 
N. Y. 

Sewell Mabel Elizabeth b.a. 07 (Mrs L. C. 

Sexton Gertrude Claire b.a. 1 1 2321 
Blaisdell av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Sexton Leola Logan b.a. 07 1439 La Salle 
av. Chicago 111. 

Sexton Marie Louise b.a. 01 (Mrs W. A 

Seymour Frances Barrows b.a. 97 
(Mrs H. R. Hulse) 

Seymour Helen b.a. 09 (Mrs C. S. Newcomb) 

Seymour May b.a. 80 Lake Placid 

club Essex co. N. Y. 
Seymour Olive Louise b.a. 10 (Mrs 

J. R. Miller) 
Shadd Harriette Parke b.a. 05 

901 R st. N. W. Washington D. C. 
♦Shaffer Annie Bakewell b.a. 09 

d. 27 Ja 11 
Shaffer Lucy Kennedy b.a. 08 

2260 Park av. Walnut Hills Cin- 
cinnati O. 
Shakespeare Mildred b.a. 15 

225 Jefferson st. Kalamazoo Mich. 
Shapleigh Mrs Blasdel (Dorothy Ogden 

Schofield 14) 5542 Waterman 

av. St Louis Mo. 
Shapleigh Margaret b.a. 12 

4950 Berlin av. St Louis Mo. 
Sharkey Betsey b.a. 15 

834 Berkeley av. Trenton N. J. 
Sharkey Mrs Samuel M. (Ernestine 

Laurence Robbins 14) 

834 Berkeley av. Trenton N. J. 
Sharp Annabel Hitchcock b.a. 10 

2202 E. 82d st. Cleveland O. 
Sharp Mrs Edwin Cumberland (Alice 

Lydia Leach 94) 59 North 

road Nutley N. J. 
Sharp Marion Louise b.a. 01 

12 Fairbanks st. Brookline 
Shattuck Helen Barnes b.a. 01 

University of Vermont Burlington 

Vt. " 
Shattuck Lois Mitchell b.l. 03 (Mrs 

H. F. Allen) 

Shattuck Louise Morrill b.l. 03 (Mrs 

W. W. Adams jr) 
Shattuck Maude Alice b.a. 02 

124 Winter st. Norwood 

Shaughnessy Mrs Henry M. (Alice Mary 
MacCarthy 04) 39 King st. Worcester 

Shaver Ella Schuyler b.a. 95 (Mrs 

W. B. Phelps) 
Shaw Adele Marie b.a. 87 Forest 

Hills Inn Forest Hills Gardens 

Long Island N. Y. 
Shaw Alice Julia b.a. 15 53 Berwick 

st. Berwick Me. 
Shaw Carolyn Louise b.a. 10 

694 Madison av. New York 
Shaw Clara Louise b.a. 00 (Mrs H. T. Walsh) 
Shaw Daisy Marie b.a. 15 

111 School st. Greenfield 

Shaw Elizabeth Emma b.a. 96 ch.b. 04 and 
m.d. 05 Boston univ. sch. of med. (Mrs 

Shaw Marcia Holmes b.a. 06 (Mrs 

W. F. Glidden) 
Shaw Margaret Whitman b.a. 15 (Mrs 

Herman Benkema) 
Shaw Sybil b.a. 00 (Mrs E. F. Trull) 

Shaw-Kennedy Ruth Melville b.a. 12 

(Mrs W. A. Prime jr) 
Shea Mary Elizabeth b.a. 13 

89 Nonotuck st. Holyoke 
Shedd Mrs Frederick (Agnes Jeffrey 97) 

1440 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Shedd Helen May b.a. 05 (Mrs K. C. 


Shedd Laura Abbie b.l. 00 (Mrs C. H. 

Shedd Minnie Louise b.a. 06 

106 Florida st. Springfield 
Sheffeld Mrs Charles Arthur (Marion 

Allen Mack 03) 103 High st. 


Sheffield Blanche b.a. 13 (Mrs David 

Sheffield Eleanor b.a. 16 4 Glenada 
pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Sheibley Mabel Matilda b.a. 07 

229 W. Pomfret st. Carlisle Pa. 

Sheldon Carol Louisa b . a. 09 Broad- 
way and Cedar hill Nyack N. Y. 

Sheldon Carolyn b.a. 12 714 Poplar 
av. Memphis Tenn. 

Sheldon Edith Dudley b.a. 00 

3312 Hamilton st. West Phila- 
delphia Pa. 

Sheldon Flora May b.a. 09 (Mrs B. R. Baldwin) 


Sheldon Florence Calista b.a. 08 (Mrs 

F. D. Downs) 

Sheldon Helen Mary b.a. 84 m.a. 92 
Cornell 908 Sheridan road 

Chicago 111. 

Sheldon Janet Somerville b.l. 01 (Mrs 

G. W. Gordon) 

Sheldon Sarah Meech b.a. 07 Oahu college 
Honolulu T. H. 

Shelton Mrs Henry Wood (Dorothy 
Hale Camp 08) Hanover N. H. 

Shepard Bertha Maria b.l. 93 R. F. D. 259 

Pleasant st. Winsor Ct. 
Shepard Clara Alida b.a. 93 46 Prospect st. 

East Orange N. J. 

Shepard Frances Emelyn b.a. 98 (Mrs 

M. F. Childs) 
Shepard Hazel Belle b.a. 05 

Rockville Ct. 
Shepard Helen Sears b.a. 11 (Mrs T. R. 


Shepard Mrs L. H. (Elizabeth Febiger 
Alsop 09) 48 Sidney pi. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 

Shepard Lillian Estella b.a. 92 (Mrs 

H. O. Bowers) 

Shepard Mary Ellen b.l. 97 (Mrs C. E. 

Shepardson Florence Ethelyn b.a. 00 

(Mrs E. S. Taggard) 
Shepardson Margaret b.a. 16 

102 The Fenway Boston 
Shepherd Ella Bradley b.a. 99 

17 Conant av. Gloucester 
Shepherd Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 12 (Mrs 

J. S. Hay ward) 
Sherburne Ada Louise b.a. 16 

Sherer Mrs H. J. (Gertrude Roberts 01) 

5 Belvidere av. Worcester 

Sheridan Helen b.a. 14 51 Bellevue 
pi. Chicago 111. 

Sherman Cathleen Alberta b.a. 04 
Ripon Wis. 

Sherman Clara Eliza b.l. 00 (Mrs 
W. H. Chase) 

Sherman Mrs Edwin Morgan (Helen 
Louise Harsha 01 ) Elsinore Cal. 
Sherman Ellen Burns b.l. 91 Weston 

Sherman Helen Grace b.a. 16 
Savannah N. Y. 

Sherman Helen Louise b.a. 10 (Mrs 
R. W. Erwin) 

Sherman Hope b.a. 07 Care Chi- 

cago university Chicago 111. 

Sherman Jessie Belle b.a. 08 175 Eagle st. 
North Adams 

Sherman Mrs Lewis jr (Martha 
Erminie Rost 10) 487 E. North 
av. Milwaukee Wis. 

Sherman Martha Elizabeth b.l. 01 (Mrs J. E. 

*Sherrill Cecilia Adelaide b.a. 93 d. 2 F 03 

vSherrill Elizabeth Middleton b.a. 90 

(Mrs C. F. Kent) 
Sherrill Ruth Dakin b.a. 90 Lock 

box 30 Farmington Ct. 
Sherrill Mrs Wilfrid H. (Emma Haw- 
ley Sterling 03) 75 Washington 

st. Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
Sherry Mrs Norman B. (Lucretia 

Caroline Hayes 02) 2015 15th 

st. Troy N. Y. 
Sherwood Alice Holman b.a. 91 

Mill hill Southport Ct. 
Sherwood Elizabeth Taylor b.a. 11 

113 Harvard st. Springfield 
Shevelson Rachel b.a. 88 (Mrs J. G. Deane) 
Shidler Merle lone b.a. 11 (Mrs E. B. 


Shipman Carolyn b.l. 92 m.a. 96 b.a. 95 Rad- 
cliffe (Mrs (Shipman) Whipple) 

Shipman Jennie Spaulding b.a. 01 
6131 Greenwood av. Chicago 111. 

Shippee Mrs Jesse Everett (Eva May Becker 
03) 812 Park bldg Worcester 

Shiras Mrs Oliver Cameron (Mary 

Brooks Pratt 07) 402 N. 2d st. 

Harrisburg Pa. 
Shirk Mrs Elbert Walker (Mary Emma 

Kimberly 04) Peru Ind. 
Shirk Mrs George Wvnn (Amy Stough- 

ton Pope 01) " Beacon N. Y. 
Shoemaker Helen b.a. 01 (Mrs S. L. Elmer) 
Shoemaker Lucile b.a.' 05 1418 W. 

84th st. Cleveland O. 
Shoemaker Margaret b.a. 11 

Wallingford Pa. 
*Shoemaker Mary Erety b.l. 93 

d. 22 F 02 
Shoemaker Vesta Vetura b.a. 03 (Mrs 

L. R. Palmer) 
Shoemaker Mrs William Erety (Jennie 

Howe 93) R. F. D. 9 Bridgeton 

N. J. 

Shoop Mrs Max (Elizabeth Revell 00) 

36 W. 12th st. New York 
Shores Iva Isabelle b.a. 05 (Mrs C. F. 

Short Mrs Charles Lancaster (Lucy 

Adelaide Pratt 91) 82 Elm st. 



Short Mrs Dennis (Anna Marie Quirk 84) 
1046 Bergen st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Short Mabel Amanda b.a. 93 (Mrs 

E. T. Vincent) 
Shortlidge Mrs Raphael J. (Helen 
Wetmore Houghton 12) 
Choate school Wallingford Ct. 
Shuart Christine b.a. 07 (Mrs K. R. 

Shuler Mrs Martin R. (Eliza Suter 08) 

Bottineau N. D. 
Shumway Mrs Edgar Solomon (Flor- 
ence Snow 83) 472 E. 18th st. 

Brooklyn N: Y. 
Shute Helen Winifred b.a. 87 (Mrs 

W. J. Moulton) 
Shute Mary Appleton b.a. 87 (Mrs 

C. S. Thayer) 
Sibley Eleanor Harriet b.a. 15 153 N. 

Craig st. Pittsburgh Pa. 
Sibley Jennie Clare b.a. 96 

1029 Greenleaf st. Evanston 111. 
Sibley Theo Delia b.a. 06 (Mrs R. N. Squire) 
Sicard Mrs George Hallam (Katharine 

Benedict Burrell 11) 153 Ander- 
son pi. Buffalo N. Y. 
Sickels Lois King b.a. 15 64 East av. 

Rochester N. Y. 
Siegel Elfride b.a. 12 50 Spruce st. 

Newark N. j. 
Sigafus Anna Emily b.a. 10 (Mrs C. T. 

Sihler Mrs Alfred T. (Dorothy Perkins 

Cooke 15) - 612 Cornelia av. 

Chicago 111. 
Sikes Ruth Lathrop b.a. 07 Hamp- 
shire arms Minneapolis Minn. 
Silberman May Louise b.a. 14 (Mrs 

Theo Friedlander) 
Sill Mrs Herbert F. (Josephine Comp- 

ton Bray 95) Dumas apts 

Columbia Mo. 
Sillesky Helen Lois b.a. 14 

335 Washburn st. Lockport N. Y. 
Silsbee Margaret Burnet b.s. 99 (Mrs 

F. E. Wade) 
Simmons Adeline Gertrude b.a. 91 

39 Boulevard terrace Coolidge 


Simmons Charlotte Hepburn b.a. 12 
R. F. D. 1 Great Barrington 

Simmons Dorothea Elliott b.a. 14 

912 Jefferson st. Wilmington Del. 

Simmons Marjorie Elliott b.a. 10 (Mrs 
J. I. Kane jr) 

Simon Carolyn b.a. 07 The Oregon 

28 W. 127th st. New York 
Simon Fannie b.a. 14 450 Riverside 

drive New York 
Simon Florence Jeanette b.a. 13 2122 

Aldrich av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Simon Janet b.a. 10 The Oregon 

28 W. 127th st. New York 
Simonds Gertrude Estelle b.l. 95 

42 North av. Haverhill 
Simonds Mrs Harlan Kenneth (Elsie 

Cushing Damon 06) 17 Arlington 

st. Fitchburg 
Simonds Lucile French b.a. 12 (Mrs 

D. K. Metcalf) 
Simons Eloise Frances b . a . 09 4 1 9 W . 

144th st. New York 
Simons Harriet Winter b.a. 97 (Mrs 

S. G. Gray) 
Simons Mrs Seward Adams (Grace 

Churchyard 88) 1 107 Buena 

Vista st. South Pasadena Cal. 
Simpson Ada Wilson b.a. 12 (Mrs E. H. 


Simpson Mrs Eugene Philip Adams 
(Nellie Evelyn Pennell 12) 29 
Blake st. Cambridge 

Simpson Mrs Hazen Fancher (Annie Gertrude 
Brown 08) 605 Nelson av. Peekskill 

N. Y. 

Simpson Mrs John (Mary Katharine 
Allaman 09) 50 Lexington av. 
Dayton O. 

Simpson Sarah Hull Jenkins b.a. 08 
106 E. 52d st. New York 

Simrall Mrs Leonard Bartow 
(Marguerite Morehead Monfort 
00) 918Forakerav. Cincinnati O. 

Sims Martha Anne b.a. 14 120 Juni- 
per st. Atlanta Ga. 

Sims Sara Beaufort b.a. 09 (Mrs L. L. 

Sinclair Edith b.a. 08 (Mrs P. N. 

Sinclair Lucy Evelyn b.l. 99 (Mrs 

G. A. Kingsley) 
Sisson Marion Grace b.a. 13 (Mrs F. B. 


Sites Venette Marie b.a. 12 910 N. Farragut 
Bay City Mich. 

Siviter Frances Pierpont b.a. 10 

122 Dithridge st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Sjostrom Marie Elizabeth b.a. 08 (Mrs C. A. 

Skelton Mrs Henry Herbert (Bessie 
Leland Warren 06) 50 Hyde st. 
Newton Highlands 


Skidmore Harriet Bond b.a. 16 
Deforest av. Summit N. J. 

Skidmore Maud Whipple b.a. 06 (Mrs 
E. H. Barber) 

Skilton Alice Thomas b.a. 88 m.a. 06 
9 Sewall av. Brookline 

Skilton Ida Galpin b.a. 84 (Mrs R. H. 

Skinner Mrs Arthur Jesse (Clara Clif- 
ford Sherman Mathison 96) 
65 Longmeadow blvd Springfield 

Skinner Bertha Louise b.a. 10 
South Swansea 

Skinner Mrs Charles R. jr (Abbe 
Frances Ferrin 10) 81 Clifford 
av. Pelham N. Y. 

Skinner Elizabeth b.a. 10 
Dunedin Fla. 

Skinner Mrs Fen wick Fenton 
(Charlotte Josephine Lisman 08) 
165 Park av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Skinner Mrs Fred B. (Agnes Russell 
Gray 06) Greene N. Y. 

Skinner Lilian Marchant b.a. 91 m.a. 
08 Univ. of Pa. Westfield N. Y. 

Skinner Maud Melina b.a. 03 (Mrs F. T. Dow) 
Slade Abby Maria Bennett b.a. 86 

68 Barnes st. Providence R. I. 
Slade Mrs Louis Palmer (Charlotte 

Keach Boone 96) 1536 Stanley 

st. New Britain Ct. 
Slade Ruth Eleanor b.l. 01 

68 Barnes st. Providence R. I. 
Slagle Virginia b.a. 13 1021 N. I st. 

Tacoma Wash. 
Slater Vita Laura b.a. 1 1 333 E. 9th 

st. Newton Kan. 
Slauson Mrs Kinsley (Janet DeWitt 

Mason 06) 117 Montague st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Slauson Margaret Mullender b.a. 14 

1212 Beverly road Brooklyn N. Y. 

Sligh Mrs Charles R. (Edith Ethelyn Clark 91) 

31 S. Prospect st. Grand Rapids Mich. 
Sligh Edith Conover b.a. 97 (Mrs M. C. Miller) 
Sloan Jeanne Grace Cuddy b.a. 06 

Clarion Pa. 
Slocomb Mrs George Albert (Florence 

White Seaver 89) 769 Main st. 

Slocum Agnes Elizabeth b.a. 00 (Mrs 

M. B. Biscoe) 

Slocum Caroline Fonda b.l. 99 111 N. Front 
st. Milton Pa. 

Small Allana Butler b.a. 04 (Mrs G. W. 

Krieger jr) 
Smart Anna Adelaide b.a. 1 1 1900 Irving av. 

S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Smart Elizabeth Allen b.a. 10 
132 W. 12th st. New York 

Smart Mrs Herman Winslow (Lillian Viola 
Holland 12) 5005 10th av. Pulaski 
heights Little Rock Ark. 

Smart Mrs Willard Crockett (Louise 

Davis 11) 608 Walnut st. 

Trinidad Col. 
Smead Mrs Edgar Mason (Grace 

Matilda Zink 01) 41 South st. 

Union City Pa. 
Smetters Mrs McCormick (Harriet 

Leona Wemple 04) 301 S. Idaho 

st. Butte Mon. 
Smith Mrs (Gertrude Cochrane 10) 

Smith Abigail May b.a. 94 

127 Chestnut st. Holyoke 
Smith Mrs Albert (Mabel Post Coulter 

02) 1022 7th st. West Lafayette 


Smith Alice Abigail b.l. 94 (Mrs A. D. 

*Smith Alice May b.l. 03 (Mrs Hep- 
burn) d. 26 F 14 

Smith Alice Orme b.a. 11 

501 University st. Normal 111. 

Smith Aline Morley b.a. 13 (Mrs H. L. 

Smith Alta b.a. 08 (Mrs E. R. Corbett) 

Smith Amelia Dominique b.l. 96 (Mrs C. A. 

Smith Amie Perrett b.a. 13 32 N. 

Elm st. Northampton 
Smith Amy Isabel b.a. 11 (Mrs R. S. 

Smith Anna Jaffray b.l. 00 (Mrs M. P. 


Smith Anne Dawson b.a. 10 

75 Brunswick st. Rochester N. Y. 
*Smith Bertha Blanche b.a. 90 (Mrs 

A. M. Amadon) d. 21 My 01 

Smith Bertha Chester b.a. 93 (Mrs 

J. H. Fassett) 

Smith Bertha Isabel b.a. 00 (Mrs C. F. Merrill) 

Smith Bertha Linton b.l. 92 (Mrs F. 
E. Stone) 

Smith Bertha Wilson b.a. 07 (Mrs 
H. C. Robbins) 

Smith Bridget Katharine b.a. 03 (Mrs J. J. 

Smith Mrs Carl W. (Bertha Benson Page 05) 

238 State st. Portland Me. 
Smith Mrs Chalmers (Jessie Stevens Oliver 07) 

16 Lochiel apts Niagara Falls N. Y. 

Smith Charlotte Archibald b.a. 09 
791 N. Broadway Saratoga Springs 
N. Y. 


Smith Charlotte Jewell b.a. 08 

R. F. D. 4 Aurora 111. 
Smith Charlotte Lois b.a. 14 501 

S.University av. Normal 111. 
Smith Cora Amelia b.a. 95 m.a. 13 

Cornell 814 Lars st. Erie Pa. 

Smith Mrs Corle Home (Ruth Madeline 
Holden 00) 66 W. 83d st. New York 

Smith Mrs David Robert (Melinda 

Crosby Prince 06) Uplands 

Stanley N. Y. 
Smith Dorothy Cowgill b.a. 09 (Mrs 

D. B. Abbott) 
Smith Mrs Edgar Burr (Jennie Cora 

Morse 84) 84 Green st. Brattle- 

boro Vt. 

Smith Edith Roberta b.a. 05 (Mrs 

F. E. Taplin) 
*Smith Edna Cuyler b.s. 95 (Mrs H. J. O'Brien) 

d. 8 F 13 

Smith Mrs Edward A. (Virginia Winslow 09) 
426 Linden av. Highland Park 111. 

Smith Mrs Edward Chauncey (Helen 
Barr 08) 2 Abbot st. Nashua N. H. 

Smith Elizabeth Hight b.a. 00 m.s. 05 Mass. agric. 
col. Agricultural Experiment sta- 

tion University of California Berkeley 

Smith Emily Hannah b.a. 13 

2459 Collingwood av. Toledo O. 
Smith Mrs Ernest L. (Marion Hinsdale 

Smith 00) Willett st. Bayside 

Long Island N. Y. 
Smith Mrs Erwin F. (Ruth Annette 

Warren 95) 1474 Belmont st. 

N. W. Washington D. C. 
Smith Esther Ann b.a. 10 14 5th av. New York 
Smith Esther Margaret b.a. 10 

1312 Wood st. Wilkinsburg Pa. 
Smith Ethel Floyd b.a. 14 77 W. 

Main st. Freehold N. J. 
Smith Evelyn Buckingham b.a. 12 

139 Lincoln av. Bellevue Pa. 
Smith Evelyn Hollister b.a. 13 

3 Easterly av. Auburn N. Y. 
Smith Evelyn Wilson b.l. 00 167 S. 
Mountain av. Montclair N. J. 

Smith Mrs Everett (Mary Frances 
Dibble 81) 1533 18th av. Seattle 

Smith Fannie May b.a. 05 

671 Bryson st. Youngstown O. 

Smith Florence b.a. 86 (Mrs C. S. 

Smith Florence b.a. 15 75 Mitchell 

pi. East Orange N. J. 
Smith Florence Evelyn b.a. 02 (Mrs J. M. 


Smith Florence Rutherford T. b.a. 11 

(Mrs B. F. Tillson) 
Smith Florence Van Duzer b.a. 96 

Smith Florence Virginia b.l. 93 (Mrs 

William Griepenkerl) 
Smith Frances Curtis b.a. 96 

1515 Arch st. Berkeley Cal. 
Smith Frances Grace b.a. 93 m.a. 99 

ph.d. 06 Chicago univ. 7 College 

lane Northampton 
Smith Mrs Frederic Eustace (Mary 

Herrick Bonney 79) 1410 Adams 

st. Saginaw Mich. 
Smith Mrs George A. (Klara Elisabeth 

Frank 03) 39 Linwood av. 

Newton N. J. 
Smith Mrs George Milton (Katharine Ware 94) 

Box 41 Plantsville Ct. 
*Smith Grace b.l. 94 (Mrs W. A. Adams) d. F 16 
Smith Grace Angeline b.s. 94 (Mrs M. 

B. Jones) 

Smith Grace Evelyn b.a. 09 (Mrs R. P. 

Smith Mrs H. Cowles (Helen Elizabeth 
Broadhead 03) 5037 Blackstone 
av. Chicago 111. 

Smith Harriet Lewis b.a. 07 (Mrs W. 
E. Playfair) 

Smith Harriet Mackay b.a. 11 
1361 Fairmont st. N. W. Washing- 
ton D. C. 

Smith Helen Estelle b . a. 12 20 Carle- 
ton av. Port Washington Long 
Island N. Y. 

Smith Helen Louise b.a. 15 New 
Richmond Wis. 

Smith Helen Margaret b.a. 15 
Caledonia Minn. 

Smith Helen Parmenter b.a. 01 (Mrs 
E. D. Hamilton) 

Smith Helen Porter b.a. 08 Abbe- 
ville S. C. 

Smith Helen Raymond b.a. 11 612 St Olair 

st. Cleveland O. 
Smith Mrs Horatio (Ernestine Failing 07) 

617 Johnson st. Portland Ore. 
Smith Hortense Eugenie b.a. 10 

827 Washington st. Hoboken N. J. 
Smith Irene Lathrop b.l. 01 (Mrs Paul Comp- 


Smith Iva Valeria b.a. 95 (Mrs J. H. 

Smith Mrs James Parker (Helen 
Osborne Harris 09) 270 Maple 

st. Springfield 
Smith Mrs John W. (Edith Louise St John 03) 

1820 E. 65th st. Cleveland O. 


Smith Julia Warren b.a. 02 (Mrs 

J. M. Wheeler) 
Smith Katherine Henrietta b.l. 96 

512 Bryson st. Youngstown O. 
Smith Leah Eleanor b.a. 16 77 W. 

Main st. Freehold N. J. 
Smith Leolyn Seaver b.a. 03 (Mrs 

W. S. Morgan) 
Smith Louise b.a. 16 261 Crescent st. 

Smith Louise Kirkhuff b.a. 97 m.a. 08 

Columbia 59 Downing st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Smith Lucia Lufkin b.a. 13 501 S. 

University st. Normal 111. 
Smith Lucy b.a. 04 (Mrs D. C. Dyer) 
Smith Lucy Cornelia b.l. 98 (Mrs 

Edwin Burgin) 
Smith Lucy Hannah b.a. 83 83 Sum- 
ner st. Newton Center 
Smith Madeline Strowbridge b.a. 16 

94 S. Main st. Middleboro 
Smith Margaret Dorothy b.a. 16 

31 Bridge st. Northampton 
Smith Marian Bernardine b.a. 07 

501 S. University st. Normal 111. 
Smith Marion Elmina b.a. 15 

4 Greenwood court Easthampton 
Smith Marion Hinsdale b.a. 00 (Mrs 

E. L. Smith) 

Smith Marion Moffit b.a. 03 (Mrs R. M. Lusch) 

Smith Marion Rice b.a. 09 Bradley 

av. Meriden Ct. 
Smith Marjorie Boynton b.a. 16 

Freeport N. Y. 
Smith Marjorie Dearborn b.a. 10 

123 Myrtle av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Smith Mrs Mark A. (Alice Marion 

Hanson 09) 44 Langdon st. 

Smith Martha Jeannette b.a. 05 

Box 74 North Haven Ct. 
Smith Mary Alice b.a. 97 (Mrs C. R. 

Smith Mary Alice b.a. 99 (Mrs R. G. 

Smith Mary Bartlett b.a. 97 

503 W. 121st st. New York- 
Smith Mary Byers b.a. 08 Box 273 

Smith Mary Cynthia b.a. 06 

2433 Girard av. S. Minneapolis 


Smith Mary Gove b.l. 02 

108 Summer st. Waltham 

Smith Mary Lawrence b.a. 01 (Mrs R. E. 


Smith Mary Louise b.l. 96 
79 Chestnut st. Andover 

Smith Maude Ketchum b.a. 10 Woodstock 
N. B. Canada 

Smith May Manning b.a. 91 

238 Newbury st. Boston 
Smith Mildred Louise b.a. 15 

524 a Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Smith Myrtle b.a. 08 (Mrs P. M. 


Smith Nanna Antonia b.s. 02 (Mrs 

F. A. Warner) 

Smith Nellie Gertrude b.a. 95 
38 Chase av. Springfield 

Smith Olga Lucile b.a. 08 

110 Cliff av. Shelton Ct. 
Smith Olive Mae b.a. 06 pd.b. 07 Albany 

normal col. 39 Hunter st. Glens Falis 

N. Y. 

Smith Phoebe Cook b.l. 04 (Mrs H. W. Pier- 

Smith Rebecca Elmer b.a. 11 (Mrs 

Buckingham Chandler) 
Smith Rita Creighton b.a. 99 

1640 Cambridge st. Cambridge 
Smith Mrs Robert Metcalf (Agnes 

Grace Williams Clancy 08) 

New Wilmington Pa. 
Smith Rosa b.a. 01 (Mrs W. F. Bull) 
Smith Ruth Abby b.a. 14 (Mrs F. P. 


Smith Ruth Mildred b.a. 12 

70 Chandler st. West Somerville 
Smith Sallie Genevieve b.a. 15 

521 Hancock st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Smith Sophia Lyman b.a. 13 

Newton hospital Newton Lower 


Smith Susan Dow b.a. 02 66 Cedar 

st. Clinton 
Smith Sybil Laura b.a. 04 m.a. 11 

Columbia 641 Hackett av. 

Milwaukee Wis. 
*Smith Theodate Louise b.a. 82 m.a. 84 

ph.d. 96 Yale d. 16 F 14 

Smith Valborg Sophia b.a. 07 (Mrs 

G. S. Adams) 

Smith Mrs Vernon A. (Katharine van 

Valkenburgh Drew 10) 

1618 La Loma av. Berkeley Cal. 
Smith Virginia Jeffrey b.a. 07 

123 Troup st. Rochester N. Y. 
Smith Mrs Wellington jr (Ethel Lane 

01) Lee 
Smith Winifred Barbara b.a. 10 (Mrs 

G. L. Mathewson) 


Smucker Grace Acheson b.a. 05 (Mrs 

Edwin Schenck jr) 
Smyth Florence Josephine b.l. 01 (Mrs 

H. C. Reynolds) 
Smyth Mary Winslow b.l. 95 m.a. 05 

ph.d. 10 Yale 54 Trumbull st. 

New Haven Ct. 
Smythe Alice Ring b.a. 06 Falmouth 
Smythe Evelyn Bosworth b.a. 06 (Mrs 

R. H. Grinnell) 
Snapp Helen Louise b.a. 11 (Mrs C. S. 

Snapp Josephine Phillips b.a. 14 

1216 Logan av. Danville 111. 
Sneider Helen Belle b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Norman Geddes) 
*Snell Harriet Margaret b.a. 82 m.a. 

85 d. 16 Ag 07 

Snell Maude Wesley b.a. 12 

101 Newbury st. Brockton 
Snitseler Marion b.a. 13 733 Lake 

drive Grand Rapids Mich. 
*Snook Helen b.l. 03 d. My 07 

Snow Caroline Louise b.l. 96 (Mrs I. S. 


Snow Mrs Clarence B. (Grace King Larmonth 

01) 567 W. 149th st. New York 

Snow Mrs Clifford McVicker (Virginia 

Elizabeth Moore 02) Care C. M. 

Snow 1155 Railway Exchange 

bldg St Louis Mo. 
Snow Florence b.a. 83 m.a. 88 (Mrs 

E. S. Shumway) 
Snow Florence Homer b.a. 04 

8 Bedford terrace Northampton 
Snow Grace b.a. 14 Hillburn N. Y. 
Snow Mrs Norman Leslie (Helen 

Fancher Harris 08) 234 N. 

Beacon st. Hartford Ct. 
Snow Mrs Silas (Frances Ward Clary 

08) Williamsburg 
Snyder Mrs Allen Lane (Ruth Baldwin 

10) Hampton court Brookline 
Snyder Mrs Arthur E. (Mildred 

Katherine Jones 10) 66 Central 

st. Concord Junction 
Snyder Mrs Edward James (Rosamond 

Hawthorne 15) 1210 Vine st. 

Brown wood Tex. 
Snyder Mary Helen b.a. 13 (Mrs 

Oliver Starr) 
Solomon Mrs Harry C. (Maida Herman 

12) 424 Marlboro st. Boston 

Somers Mabel Vernon b.a. 16 

295 Elm st. West Haven Ct. 
Somers Marion Strong b.l. 99 (Mrs A. C. 


Somers Mrs Paul J. (Allison Blanche Batson 

08) 970 N.Michigan av. Pasadena Cal. 
Soule Ardra b.a. 10 Hingham 
Soule Elizabeth Nye b.l. 93 

82 Walnut park Newton 
Soule Mrs El win A. (Vena Louisa 

Robinson 11) Alamosa Col. 

Soule Haidee Hobart b.a. 92 (Mrs 

H. E. Bothfeld) 
Southard Elizabeth Marie b.a. 11 (Mrs 

W. L. Stoddard) 
Southard Sara Marie b.a. 15 (Mrs 

H. W. Little) 
Souther Edith Eustace b.l. 02 

5118 Westminster pi. St Louis Mo. 

Souther Marguerite b.l. 04 6 Newsome park 
Jamaica Plain 

Southwick Mrs Benjamin G. (Amy 
Barbara Wallburg 10) Storrs Ct. 

South worth Elisabeth Shepard b.a. 04 
(Mrs J. S. Harrison) 

Southworth Mary b.a. 99 (Mrs H. F. 

Spahr Mrs Charles Barzillai (Jean 
Gurney Fine 83) 38 Stockton 
st. Princeton N. J. 

Spahr Margaret b.a. 14 Prince- 
ton N. J. 

Spalding Ethel May b.a. 06 Woodstock Ct. 
Spalding Mrs George B. jr (Emeline 

Palmer 01) Cocoanut Grove Fla. 
Spalding Mrs William (Kate Clark 

Dunn 84) 405 Comstock av. 

Syracuse N. Y. 
*Spalter Florence May b.l. 95 d. 6 Ag 10 
Spann Anna Hester b.a. 95 952 

N. Delaware st. Indianapolis Ind. 
Sparhawk Mrs Samuel (Frances Shedd 

Hall 96) 98 S. Willard st. 

Burlington Vt. 
Sparks Mary Estella b.l. 93 

2173 Bedford av. Brooklyn N. Y." 
Spaulding Mrs Frank Douglas (Mary 

Louise Dunn 08) 98 College st. 

Burlington Vt. 

Spaulding Mrs Frank Ellsworth (Mary Eliza- 
beth Trow 89) 1915 James av. S. 
Minneapolis Minn. 

Spaulding Helen Bailey b.a. 86 (Mrs Willard 

Spaulding Ruth Louise b.a. 11 
Litchfield road Norfolk Ct. 

Spear Helen Mahlon b.a. 09 

6 Williams st. Newark N. Y. 

Spear Louisa Frances b.a. 12 (Mrs A. G. 

Spear Mrs Ray (Emilie Victorine 
Piollet 06) Wysox Pa. 


Speir Mrs Oswald (Maud Phillips 90) 
2731 Dwight way Berkeley Cal. 

Spelman Mrs Hermann Beale (Mary 
Noyes 07) 270 Hicks st. Brook- 
lyn N. Y. 

Spencer Dorothy Lilian b.a. 14 
255 W. 90th st. New York 

Spencer Edith Louise b.a. 02 m.a. 08 

Spencer Ella Briggs b.l. 99 
227 Suffolk st. Holyoke 

Spencer Mrs Harry (Harriet Frederica 

Buckley 10) 643 W. 171st st. 

New York 
Spencer Helen Louise b.a. 07 (Mrs 

Carlton Robinson) 
Spencer Mrs John Edmunds (Mary Abbie 

Wheeler 96) Harper av. Drexel 

Hill Delaware co. Pa. 
• Spencer Mrs Joseph Whittlesey (Ethel Benedict 

Ayers 10) The Oregon 162 W. 54th st. 

New York 

Spencer Mary Wilson b.a. 15 

719 Amberson av. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Sperry Edith de Forest b.a. 05 152 Derby 
av. Derby Ct. 

Sperry Henrietta b.a. 10 

210 Madison av. New York 
Sperry Pauline b.a. 06 m.a. 08 m.s. 14 

Chicago univ. Plymouth Inn 

Spicer Anna Elizabeth b.a. 14 

143 Bleecker st. Gloversville N. Y. 
Spicer Muriel Delia b.a. 11 (Mrs J. F. 

Carroll jr) 
Spinney Mrs Crosby B. (Fanny Davenport 

Oakman 04) 7 Glenwood road Upper 

Montclair N. J. 

Spoehr Mrs Herman Augustus 

(Florence Mann 06) Desert 

laboratory Tucson Ariz. 
Spofford Grace Harriet b.a. 09 

1268 E. North av. Baltimore Md. 
Spottiswoode Mrs George Edward 

(Grace Bowers Field 93) 

197 Berkeley av. Orange N. J. 
Sprague Mrs Carl Otto Muller 

(Dorothy Louise Wolf 15) 

210 W. 57th st. New York 
Sprague Carolyn Woodruff b.a. 15 

353 Church st. Clinton 
Sprague Clara Dwight b.a. 01 pd.b. 02 

Albany normal col. (Mrs Harte 


Sprague Florence May b.a. 12 (Mrs 

Ellsworth Farnham) 
Sprague Helen Richardson b.a. 11 

195 Mt Auburn st. Watertown 

Sprague Ina Mabel b.a. 95 (Mrs F. J. 


Sprague Leonora Woodruff b.l. 90 
Burnt Hills N. Y. 

Spring Ellen M. b.a. 03 (Mrs J. H. 

Spring Mrs Frederick William (Ida Whitcomb 
Maclntyre 03) 
1213 Beacon st. Brookline 

Spring Helen Starr b.a. 13 (Mrs E. H. 

Spring Jennie Sweetser b.a. 85 

30 Dana st. Cambridge 
Spring Mary Louise b.l. 01 (Mrs P. W. 

Spring Mildred Ackerly b.a. 12 (Mrs 

E. R. Case) 
vSpringer Ada b.l. 99 

1 W. 64th st. New York 
Springer Beatrice Congdon b.a. 05 

(Mrs H. D. Church) 
Sprout Martha Coulter b.a. 16 

370 Brussels st. St Mary's Pa. 
Squire Anna Louise b.a. 08 

5053Winthrop av. Chicago 111. 
Squire Marjorie b.a. 08 (Mrs J. F. 


Squire Mrs Roger Nelson (Theo Delia Sibley 
06) 197 N. Oxford st. Hartford Ct. 

Staebner Louisa Emerson b.a. 14 
283 Walnut st. Willimantic Ct. 

Stafford Grace Euphemia b.a. 15 

542 Gansevoort st. Little Falls N.Y. 

Stage Mrs Charles Willard (Miriam 
Gertrude Kerruish 92) 
3304 Carnegie av. Cleveland O. 

Stahl Alice Emeline b.a. 08 (Mrs D. C. Seltzer) 

Staley Mrs Poyntell C. (Margaret 
Nichols 04) 

74 Summer st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Stanburg Bertha Anna Hovey b.a. 05 
7 Kemble st. Utica N. Y. 

Stanford Mrs Welton jr (Bertha Sanford 00) 
466 West st. Albany N. Y. 

Stanley Myrrl Virginia b.a. 14 (Mrs 

H. A. Sage) 
Stanley Mrs Neal Dow (Annie Florence 

Keene 08) 

115 Adams st. North Abington 
Stanton Dorothy Rosemary b.a. 15 

59 Hamlin st. Pittsfield 
Stanton Emily Irish b.a. 99 (Mrs O. S. 


Stanton Marjorie Howes b.a. 05 

21 Cross st. Beverly 
Stanton Natalie b.l. 04 (Mrs S. R. Kennedy)^ 

Stanwood Mrs Edward jr (Marion 
Evans 03) 

2 Arlington road Wellesley Hills 


Staples Abigail Rosilla b.a. 08 (Mrs J. A. Viele) 

Staples Blanche Lillian b.a. 13 

3 Sherman st. Portland Me. 
Staples Mary Anne b.a. 10 (Mrs W. D. 

Stapleton Julia Leah b.a. 09 (Mrs 

H. B. Hershey) 
Stapleton Mrs Richard Prout (Frances 

Margaret Purtill 03) 177 Oak 

st. Holyoke 
Starbuck Mrs William (Katharine Gager 06) 

67 Hoffman av. Columbus O. 

Starin Rosemond Dorothy b.a. 12 
628 George st. New Haven Ct. 

Starkweather Elizabeth Remmey b.a. 

11 Holms st. Nutley N. J. 

Starr Mrs Oliver (Mary Helen Snyder 

13) 650 Fillmore st. Gary Ind. 
Starr Susie Bell b.a. 05 (Mrs R. W. 


Starrett Pauline b.a. 15 73 
Harrison st. East Orange N. J. 

Staunton Juliet Lyell b.a. 15 4916 
Wallingford st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Steacy Margaret Hershey b.a. 13 
419 Chestnut st. Columbia Pa. 

Steane Mrs J. Herbert (Alice Louise Curtis 02) 
61 Imlay st. Hartford Ct. 

Stearns Mrs Charles A. (Anna Edith Greene 
85) 116 Clay st. Central Falls R. I. 

Stearns Dorothy Martha b.a. 16 

Lake Megantic Quebec Canada 
Stearns Georgia Harris b.a. 09 

11 Vernon st. Brookline 
♦Stearns Harriet b.a. 11 (Mrs J. C. 

Green) d. Ag 12 
Stearns Helen Harris b.a. 12 

98 Prospect st. Wakefield 
Stearns Mrs Hiram Austin (Elisabeth 

Scribner Brown 01) 681 Union 

st. Manchester N. H. 
Stearns Mrs Malcolm (Annis Kendall 

10) Glenside road South Orange 

N. J. 

Stearns Mrs Maurice Harrison (Maida 

Peirce 02) 1 Edison av. 

Providence R. I. 
Stebbins Eunice Burr b.a. 16 

267 Crescent st. Northampton 
Stebbins Mrs Frederick Haile (Martha 

Rumery Adams 93) 86 Bow- 

doin st. Springfield 
Stebbins Mary Granger b.a. 86 (Mrs C. B. 


Stedman Mary Hilda b.a. 09 (Mrs 
H. B. Cross) 

Steel Ellen Brodt b.a. 16 

Mt Pleasant farm Colora Md. 

Steele Caroline Lounsbury b.l. 92 
5107 Pulaski av. Germantown Pa. 

Steele Edla Sperry b.l. 03 (Mrs J. G. Chalfant) 

Steele Elizabeth Sumner b.l. 99 m.a. 
08 Univ. of Wis. (Mrs W. F. 

Steele Mrs T. M. (Edla Lansing Stout 
02) 90 Avon st. New Haven Ct. 

Steen Margaret Hallock b.a. 08 4039 Locust 

st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Steen Mary Henry b.a. 10 4039 Locust st. 

Philadelphia Pa. 

Steever Mrs Miller Didama (Dorothy 

Gladys Inglehart 10) 

110 Bartlett av. Pittsfield 
Steffen Elizabeth Goehring b.a. 09 

(Mrs J. K. Musgrave) 
Stehle Mrs John L. (Esther Scott 

Searle 06) Greensboro N. C. 
Stein Amy Esther b.a. 04 (Mrs Jonas 

Steinbach Frances Raye b.a. 16 

191 Sherman av. New Haven Ct. 
Steiner Grace b.a. 09 (Mrs J. M. 


Steinsieck Mrs William T. (Carol 
Anderson 09) 5421 Angora 

terrace West Philadelphia Pa. 

Stephens Enola Genevieve b.a. 01 (Mrs A. W. 

Sterling Emma Hawley b.l. 03 (Mrs 

W. H. Sherrill) 
Stern Edna Levi b.a. 04 pd.b. 05 N. Y. 

state normal col. (Mrs D. B. 


Stern Mrs Herbert Lyman (Lucille Estelle 
Rosenberg 07) 1140 Hyde Park 

blvd Chicago 111. 

Sternberger Elsie b.a. 07 

284 Foster st. Brighton 
Sternberger Florence Regina b.a. 06 

(Mrs H. V. Bisbee) 
Sterne Alice Louie b.a. 91 m.a. 96 

Columbia ll.b. 10 Washington col. 

of law (Mrs Gitterman) 
Stetson Clara b.a. 85 (Mrs A. G. Clark) 

Stetson Ethel Prescott b.l. 01 (Mrs N. W. 
Bingham jr) 

Stetson Jane b.a. 91 (Mrs E. A. Bowen) 

Stetson Jane Witter b.l. 99 (Mrs D. W. Bea- 

Stetson Mary Mead b.a. 13 

885 Orange st. New Haven Ct. 

Stettauer Frances b.l. 01 (Mrs R. C. Schaffner) 

*Stevens Ernesta Marion b.a. 03 (Mrs 
Spencer Carleton) d. 31 My 10 


Stevens Evelyn Sutton b.a. 16 

35 Washington av. Northampton 

Stevens Frances Osgood b.a. 09 (Mrs 
K. S. May) 

Stevens Mrs Frederick William (Edith de 
Gueldry Twining 93) 45 Madison av. 
Morristown N. J. 

Stevens Grace Mildred b.a. 93 (Mrs 

J. L. Wright) 
Stevens Helen Burnham b.l. 00 

161 Main st. Stoneham 
Stevens Mrs Horace Nathaniel (Helen 

Coburn 01) 1415 Prospect av. 

Plainfield N. J. 
Stevens Josephine Flint b.a. 05 (Mrs 

John Ayer) 
Stevens Katherine b.a. 10 

203 Sargeant st. Hartford Ct. 
Stevens Louise Frances b.a. 08 Ph.D. 

14 Univ. of Pa. (Mrs A. A. Bryant) 

Stevens Mary Burnham b.a. 09 (Mrs 

G. C. Hawkins) 

Stevens Mary Elizabeth b.a. 11 (Mrs 

H. S. Colwell) 
Stevens Mary Helen b.a. 15 

270 Orange road Montclair N. J. 
Stevens Mary Louisa b.a. 84 

26 Dexter st. Maiden 
Stevens Mrs Oscar Lundgren (Bertha 

Lizette Noyes 94) 18 Ash st. 

Stevens Mrs Roland Eugene (Anne 

Louise Morris 93) Hartford Vt. 

Stevens Ruth Hartwell b.l. 03 

20 Circuit av. Newton Highlands 

Stevens Mrs William H. (Pearl Frances 
Parsons 09) 56 Rexford st. Nor- 
wich N. Y. 

Stevenson Mrs Archibald Ewing 
(Katharine DeLaVergne 05) 128 
E. 34th st. New York 

Stevenson Mrs Donald Carnegie (Helen Vir- 
ginia Stevenson 09) 208 N. Lang av. 
Pittsburgh Pa. 

Stevenson Mrs George Stanley (Marjorie 
Louise Elder 02) 33 Concord av. Cam- 

Stevenson Helen Virginia ba. 09 (Mrs D. C. 

Stevenson Idabelle b.a. 16 232 

Westchester a v. Mt Vernon N. Y. 
Stevenson Mrs J. Ross (Florence Day 

97) Princeton N. J. 
Stevenson Jessie Macaulay b.a. 12 

Sharon Pa. 
Stevenson Josephine b.a. 11 Box 

B Netcbng N. J. 

Stevenson Mabel b.a. 00 Library pi. Oak- 
mont Pa. 

Stevenson Mary Goodman b.a. 09 

146 Langdon st. Madison Wis. 
Stevenson Mrs T. Kennedy (Candace 

Thurber 04) 1 18 Cedar st. 

Webster Groves Mo. 
Stewart Ena Susie b.a. 03 

331 Prospect st. Herkimer N. Y. 
Stewart Mrs Ernest (Caroline Garman 

Daugherty 13) Indiana Pa. 
Stewart Esther Lillian b.a. 16 

232 Midland av. East Orange N. J. 

Stewart Fannie Resor b.l. 03 2348 Auburn 
av. Cincinnati O. 

Stewart Florence b.l. 96 (Mrs C. A. 

Stewart Mrs Gilbert Henry (Elizabeth 

Finley Barnard 04) 

U. S. armory Springfield 
Stewart Grace Donald b.a. 09 

Wayne sq. Beaver Pa. 

Stewart Mrs Lambert (Edna Kilbourne 08) 
7541 Wilson av. Seattle Wash. 

Stiger Mrs William Dexter (Cornelia 
Sherman Harter 98) Hewlett 
Long Island N. Y. 

Stiles Cora Maria b.a. 13 (Mrs H. L. 

Stiles Elizabeth Catharine b.l. 03 (Mrs 

E. S. Land) 
Stiles Mrs Russell (Viola Marvin 

Sullivan 10) Pennsylvania av. 

Crestwood N. Y. 
Stimson Ethel b.a. 10 2665 Orchard 

av. Los Angeles Cal. 
Stimson Yeoli b.a. 10 (Mrs E. H. 


Stinchfield Florence Ruth b.a. 14 

Danforth Me. 
Stock Mrs Harold Frederick (Josephine 

Appleton McKey 12) Care F. W. 

Stock & sons Norfolk Va. 

Stock Leah Louise b.a. 12 Hillsdale Mich. 

Stock Mercy lone b.a. 13 

321 E. 15th st. New York 
Stockbridge Mrs Enos S. (Clara Violet 

Franklin 11) 404 Bretton pi. 

Baltimore Md. 

Stockbridge Rachel Soule b.a. 03 

121 S 8th av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Stockder Gertrude b.a. 15 

51 Griswold s,. Meriden Ct. 

Stockhausen Regina Emma b.a. 16 
6409 N. 13th st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Stockman Mrs D. D. (Mildred Eliza- 
beth Tuttle 15) 427 M st. Salt 
Lake City Utah 


Stocks Violet b.a. 07 m.a. 11 

141 Parkview av. Lowell 
Stockton Harriet Sarah b.l. 99 (Mrs 

Maulsby Kimball) 
Stockwell Addie Genevieve b.a. 12 

West Simsbury Ct. 
Stockwell Louisa Maria b.a. 07 (Mrs G. B. 


Stoddard Dorothy Leavitt b.a. 12 

(Mrs H. R. Glascock) 
Stoddard Grace Margaret b.a. 08 (Mrs 

C. H. Hull) 
Stoddard Lucy b.a. 97 m.a. 02 N. Y. 

univ. 22 W. 68th st. New York 
Stoddard May Baldwin b.l. 92 (Mrs G. D. 


Stoddard Mrs Sanford (Hannah Gould 
Johnson 01) 35 Milne st. 

Bridgeport Ct. 

Stoddard Sylvia Churchill b.a. 01 (Mrs L. H. 

Stoddard Mrs William Leavitt (Eliza- 
beth Marie Southard 11) 
922 17th st. Washington D. C. 

Stolz Mrs J . C. (Adine Vinson Hall 14) 
Ottumwa la. 

Stone Mrs Arthur Fairbanks (Helen 
Stoddard Lincoln 88) 
St Johnsbury Vt. 

Stone Carlotta Young b.a. 11 

1358 Walnut st. Newton Highlands 

Stone Mrs Charles W. (Harriet Anna 

Westinghouse 99) 18 State st. 

Schenectady N. Y. 
Stone Charlotte Sackett b.l. 93 (Mrs 

W. D. MacDougall) 
Stone Elisabeth Wolcott b.l. 96 

40 Allen pi. Hartford Ct. 
Stone Esther Atherton b.a. 08 Ayer 
Stone Mrs Frederick Edward (Bertha 

Linton Smith 92) Route A 

Wilmington Del. 
Stone Helena b.a. 08 (Mrs Roswell 


Stone Hope Hathaway b.a. 16 

219 Bridge st. Northampton 
Stone Mrs John H. (Louise Freeman 

03) Windsor road Wellesley Hills 
Stone Katharine Phetteplace b.a. 16 

3709 Belleview av. Kansas City 


Stone Mabel Eleanor b.a. 09 
600 Lexington av. New York 

Stone Margaret b.a. 06 (Mrs S. D. 

Stone Marion b.a. 13 178 Bellevue 
st. Newton 

Stone Mary Chandler b.l. 95 
Box 264 Ponce Porto Rico 

Stone Myra Josephine b.a. 93 
27 Waverley av. Newton 

Stone Mrs Ralph B. (Ethel Moulton 
Webb 99) 307 Russell st. West 
Lafayette Ind. 
Stone Sarah Cleonice b.l. 01 Petersham 
Stoppenbach Helen Margaret b.a. 12 
(Mrs De Witt Buchanan) 

Storer Mary Elizabeth b.a. 12 1185 Blaine 
av. Salt Lake City Utah 

Storey Dorothy b.a. 15 Indianola la. 
Storm Marian Isabel b.a. 13 

Stormville N. Y. 
Storrs Mary Ballou b.a. 96 (Mrs A. E. 


Story Frances Rebecca b.a. 83 (Mrs F. A. 

Story Gladys Bergen b.a. 16 

W. Merrick road Freeport Long 

Island N. Y. 
Story Helen Bruce b.a. 00 m.a. 04 

51 Henshaw av. Northampton 
Stott Mrs Frederick W. H. (Ruth 

Elizabeth Binkerd 12) John 

Phelps Taylor hall Andover 
Stotzer Jeannette Knibloe b.a. 13 

242 E. Elm st. Wauseon O. 
Stout Edla Lansing b.l. 02 (Mrs T. M. 


Stout Helen Louise b.l. 03 The 
Baldwin school Bryn Mawr Pa. 

Stout Helen Ruth b.l. 00 (Mrs W. C. 

Straight Persis Rosamond b.a. 02 m.d. 

06 Johns Hopkins 

40 Main st. Bradford Pa. 
Strang Mrs S. Bartow (Laura Melancia 

Pratt 93) 4335 Clay st. 

Denver Col. 
Strange Mary Agnes b.a. 13 

603 Chestnut st. Springfield 
Stratton Ethel Marion b.l. 02 (Mrs 

G. W. Pettengill) 
Stratton Helen Anna b.a. 07 

133 Chenango st. Binghamton N. Y. 
Stratton Helen Florence b.a. 01 

80 Highland av. Fitchburg 
Strayer Mrs Paul M. (Emily Julia 

Betts 96) 380 Oxford st. 

Rochester N. Y. 

Streator Anne Bugher b.a. 05 

85 Belmont road East Cleveland O. 

Street Mrs George Lerick jr (Florence 
Louise Prince 08) The Lonesome 
Pine Westhampton Richmond Va. 

Streeter Mary Adelaide Roxana b.a. 06 
37 Shaffner st. Worcester 


Streeter Stella Georgiana b.l. 98 m.a. 

03 Columbia 51 Summit a v. 

Jersey City N. J. 
Streibich Anna Adele b.a. 10 (Mrs 

J. D. Wilson) 
Streit Mrs Raymond Eugene 

(Margaret Linton Hotchkiss 04) 

New Canaan Ct. 

Strickland Frances Bradley b.a. 90 Lexington 

Strickland Ruth Louise b.l. 99 (Mrs 
H. E. Allen) 

Strobhar Nettie Boyd b.a. 07 

Pondfield court Bronxville N. Y. 

Strobridge Mrs William (Florence Ade- 
laide Haws 08) Riverton N. J. 

Strong Bertha Fairfax b.a. 97 The 
Baldwin school Bryn Mawr Pa. 

Strong Edith May b.a. 13 

108 Gainsborough st. Boston 

Strong Elizabeth b.l. 03 (Mrs W. S. 

Strong Mrs Frederick (Clara Myers Knowlton 
01) 250 King st. Portland Ore. 

Strong Mrs Frederick Anthony (Julia Esther 
Peck 98) North Woodbury Ct. 

Strong Helen Clark b.a. 16 

Pine Mountain Settlement school 
Pine Mountain Harlan co. Ky. 

Strong Julia Worthington b.a. 93 

106 Washington av. Northampton 

*Strong Marie Louise b.a. 01 

d. 23 S 12 
Strong Maud Evelyn b.a. 93 

52 North st. Northampton 

Strong Mrs Robert Henderson (Mabel Knowl- 
ton 98) 653 Montgomery drive 
Portland Ore. 

Strong Mrs Stewart R. (Ruth Bartle 08) 

Wash. Brick Lime and Sewer Pipe co. 
Spokane Wash. 

Strout Ethel Eulalie b.a. 08 

Strout Mrs G. M. (Mary Susan Lang 91) 
115 W. 11th st. New York 

Struble Mrs Louis Price (Alice Federer 
09) 1113 Pennsylvania station 
Pittsburgh Pa. 

Struble Phoebe Olive b.a. 09 (Mrs 
L. A. Dalrymple) 

Stuart Mrs Harland F. (Marion 
Guendolen Reed 15) 
48 Summer st. Hartford Ct. 

Stuart Marie b.a. 01 (Mrs R. E. 

Studebaker Adriana Louise b.a. 08 
529 W. Washington av. South 
Bend Ind. 

Stuntz Mrs Clyde Bronson (Florence 
Ada Watters 11) Methodist- 
Episcopal mission Lahore Punjab 

Sturtevant Florence Mildred b.a. 11 

(Mrs R. H. Norton) 
Sturtevant Julia Bemis b.a. 97 (Mrs 

C. W. Merriam) 
Suffren Edith de Charny b.s. 03 (Mrs 

T. D. Pitts) 
Sugerman Sara Caroline b.a. 11 

136 W. 118th st. New York 

Sullivan Mrs J. E. (Catherine Cullinan 89) 
819 State st. Bridgeport Ct. 

Sullivan Mrs James (Amelia Lucy 
Owen 81) 

Plandome Long Island N. Y. 
Sullivan Jessie Laurel b.a. 10 (Mrs 

J. M. Ely) 
Sullivan Julia Elizabeth b.a. 01 

139 W. 90th st. New York 
Sullivan Margaret Keefe b.a. 12 

444 Appleton st. Holyoke 

Sullivan Margaret Louise b.a. 11 (Mrs 

Fernando Lavenas) 
Sullivan Viola Marvin b.a. 10 (Mrs 

Russell Stiles) 
Sumner Amie May Rand b.a. 08 

175 Chapman st. Canton 
Sumner Bertha Cleora b.l. 01 (Mrs 

E. B. Bigelow) 
Sumner Caroline Louise b.a. 90 

Elmhurst school Connersville Ind. 
Sumner Mrs Louis Worsley (Laura Adelaide 

Matthews 03) 

Waldeck road East Milton 

Suter Eliza b.a. 08 (Mrs M. R. Shuler) 

Suter Mrs Heinrich Haws (Anna Harris Marsh 
03) Boonton N. J. 

Sutherland Mrs S. J. (Mary Adams Fassett 01) 
Care Lieut. Sutherland 13th U. S. inf. 
War dept Washington D. C. 

Sutton Mrs Carr Kemper (Anna May 

Daugherty 1 1 ) 

12 S. 7th st. Indiana Pa. 
Sutton Mrs Herbert Leonard (Frances 

Cruft Howe 00) 

Box 3083 Bridgeport Ct. 
Sutton Marian b.a. 01 

7 Lincoln st. Springfield 
Swain Rachel b.a. 08 

15 Merlin st. Dorchester Center 
Swan Ethel French b.a. 04 

42 Prentiss st. Cambridge 

Swan Ysabel b.l. 98 

88 Round hill Northampton 
Swartwout Elsie Rowena b.a. 15 

78 E. Genesee st. Auburn N. Y. 
Swasey Lena Lewis b.a. 01 (Mrs A. B. 


Sweeney Cora Elizabeth b.a. 00 (Mrs Kennedy) 

Sweeney Elsie Irwin b.a. 10 

608 E. 5th st. Columbus Ind. 


Sweet Elizabeth b.a. 11 (Mrs G. W. C. 

Sweet Martha Louise b.a. 06 1518 Oneida st. 
Utica N. Y. 

Sweet Sadie Lillian b.a. 1 1 236 Main 

st. Worcester 
Sweetser Mrs Philip S. (Helen Bradford 

Pratt 05) 130 Lincoln st. Newton 

Swenarton Jane Jenkinson b.a. 11 

261 Montgomery st. Bloomfield 

N. J. 

S wett Carolyn Patten b.l. 95 345 W . 

70th st. New York 
Swett Edith Josephine b.a. 94 

14 Hillside av. Winchester 

Swett Portia Mansfield b.a. 10 737 Cornelia 

av. Chicago 111. 
Swift Mrs Edgar Warren (Helen Christian 

Folsom 90) 33 Allerton st. Plymouth 
Swift Eliza Robinson b.a. 92 (Mrs A. L. Chute) 
Swift Frances Damon b.a. 08 

2320 E. First st. Duluth Minn. 
Swift Mrs George Wilkins (Florence 

Hilda Schricker 07) 417 13th av. 

N. Seattle Wash. 
Swift Mrs Kent (Katharine Leland 

Whitin 10) Whitinsville 
Swift Lucy Esther b.a. 09 (Mrs E. W. 


Swift Sarah Howard b.a. 12 

117 Sigourney st. Hartford Ct. 
Swingle Mrs Deane B. (Alice Crane 

Haskins 03) 713 Grand av. S. 

Bozeman Mon. 
Sykes Alice May b.a. 88 (Mrs F. S. 


Sykes Dorothy Louise b.a. 16 

22 Sprague st. Maiden 
Sykes Mildred Marie b.a. 15 (Mrs 

R. C. Whitford) 
Sylvania Lena Evelyn b.a. 12 

567 Dartmouth st. New Bedford 
Sylvester Mrs Raymond (Marion Lena 

Damon 15) Williamsburg 
Symonds Edith b.l. 00 (Mrs G. A. Ramsay) 


Taft Edith Lockwood b.l. 93 (Mrs E. 
F. Chauncey) 

Taggard Mrs E. S. (Florence Ethelyn 

Shepardson 00) R. F. D. 2 Box 

47 B Porterville Cal. 
Taggart Mary Waterworth b.l. 00 

319 W. 75th st. New York 
Taintor Amey Talbot b.l. 95 m.a. 96 

Columbia (Mrs C. E. Bronson) 

Tait Flora Chapman b.a. 85 (Mrs O. 

A. Phelps) 
Tait Jean Wilhelmina b.a. 16 

37 Vinton st. Springfield 
Talbot Marjorie b.a. 10 14 Stearns 

road Brookline 
Talbott Mary McNair b.a. 12 

209 Market st. Warren Pa. 

Talcott Elizabeth Hannah b.a. 85 Elmwood 

Talcott Mrs John Gardner (Charlotte 
Florence White 97) Talcottville 

Tallant Alice Weld b.a. 97 m.d. 02 

Johns Hopkins 1200 Spruce st. 

Philadelphia Pa. 
Tallcott Ida Belle b.a. 02 m.a. 03 

Syracuse univ. 482 E. 15th st. N. 

Portland Ore. 

Talmage Irma b.a. 03 315 N. Main st. 

Mt Gilead O. 

Talmage Rhea b.a. 13 1574 E. 108th 

st. Cleveland O. 
Talpey Irma Agnes b.a. 15 

812 Beech st. Manchester N. H. 

Tandy Mrs Eddy Warren (Ruth Elizabeth 
Munroe 08) 166 W. Market st. Tiffin O. 

Tanner Helen Louise b.a. 11 (Mrs 

John Dufphey) 
Tanner Marion Fisher b.a. 12 (Mrs 

Lingard Loud) 
Tanner Mary Creusa b.a. 15 

Groton N. Y. 

Tanner Susan Lucinda b.a. 06 (Mrs Harold 

Tapley Elizabeth Pierce b.l. 93 12 Nelson 
st. Dover N. H. 

Taplin Mrs Frank E. (Edith Roberta 

Smith 05) 19 Alvason road East 

Cleveland O. 
Taplin Mrs Warren H. (Helen Van 

Duzee 15) 98 S. Main st. Milford 
Tappan Mrs Paul R. (Harriet Heloise 

Hedges 10) Dunedin Fla. 

Tarbell Leona Estelle b.l. 98 (Mrs 
B. C. Crangle) 

Tarbox Elizabeth Dearborn b.l. 98 
(Mrs J. W. Lumbard) 

Tarbox Mrs Harry Russell (Louise 
Marie Higgins 98) 1178 Dean st. 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Tarr Mrs Raymond Porter (Frances Maria 
Cox 00) 721 N. L st. Tacoma Wash. 

Tasker Mrs George A. (Ethel Gates 01) 5315 
Harper av. Chicago 111. 

Tate Emma b.a. 80 (Mrs J. M. Hast- 


Tate Helen Hays b.a. 07 (Mrs J. W. 
Green jr) 

Taussig Mrs Albert Ernst (Harriet 
Palmer Learned 96) 5038 
Washington av. St Louis Mo. 

Taylor Agnes b.a. 15 Oakland 
road West Chester Pa. 

Taylor Alice Stanley b.a. 89 (Mrs P. W. Ayres) 

Taylor Amy Ethel b.l. 01 
85 Bedford st. Lexington 

Taylor Anna Marjorie b.a. 14 

29 Vick Park A Rochester N. Y. 

Taylor Anna May b.a. 92 4 Summer st. 


Taylor Anna Roberta b.a. 14 Care 
Mrs W. L. Fox Chestnut Hill 

Taylor Anne b.a .15 Oakland road 

* West Chester Pa. 
Taylor Caro Cushing b.l. 91 (Mrs 

O. H. Martin) 
Taylor Doris Renton b.a. 16 Care 

Punahou academy Honolulu H. T. 

*Taylor Caroline Wayland b.l. 00 (Mrs N. S. 

Ferry ) d. 25 D 12 

Taylor Mrs E. Clement (Anna Brooks Adams 

08) 25 Cherryvale av. Springfield 

Taylor Edith b.l. 97 (Mrs O. D. 

Taylor Edith Stevens b.a. 14 

255 N. 6th st. Newark N. J. 
Taylor Mrs Edwy Lycurgus (Helen 

Very Curtis 07) 165 Everit 

st. New Haven Ct. 
Taylor Eleanor Minturn b.a. 12 (Mrs 

A. B. Houghton) 
Taylor Frances b.a. 07 (Mrs L. H. 


Taylor Mrs Frank Louis (Minnie 

Mildred Harris 00) 5543 East 

End av. Chicago 111. 
Taylor Gertrude b.a. 06 Edwards- 

ville Kan. 
Taylor Gertrude b.a. 16 

13321 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 

Taylor Mrs Gordon MacDougall (Alice Alden 
Knapp 07) 543 Clay av. Scranton Pa. 

Taylor Isabella Gibson b.a. 81 

Le Roy N. Y. 
Taylor Mrs John Bellamy (Marcia 

Esterbrook Jones 97) 

23 Lowell road Schenectady N. Y. 
Taylor Mrs John Case (Elise Shattuck 

Montgomery 10) 507 W. 2d 

st. Frankfort Ky. 
Taylor JuliaJRandell b.a. 93 (Mrs C. A. 


*Taylor Lucy Burgess b.a. 85 (Mrs P. F. 
McNair) d. 11 Ap 91 

Taylor Mabel Miranda b.a. 90 4183^ 
S. Park View st. Los Angeles Cal. L 

Taylor Margaret b.a. 09 294 Wal- 
nut st. Brookline 

Taylor May Isobel b.a. 13 15 How- 
ell road Mountain Lakes N.J. 

Taylor Meron Frances b.a. 13 Bridg- 
ton Me. 

Taylor Mildred Rebecca b.a. 07 

1306 Broome st. Wilmington Del. I 
Taylor Mrs Robert W. (Gertrude • 

Louise Pearson 11) 124 Owasco jit 

st. Auburn N. Y. 
Taylor Ruth Beatrice b.a. 14 

193 Church st. Willimantic Ct. 
Taylor Susan Eleanor b.a. 10 (Mrs 

T. G. Tousey) 

Taylor Mrs Walter Willard (Marjorie Wells 10) 
Geneva 111. ■ 

Taylor Mrs William George Lang- I 

worthy (Fanny Chamberlain 

Brown 82) 435 N. 25th st. 

Lincoln Neb. 
Tead Mrs Ordway (Clara Alberta 

Murphy 13) 43 Batavia st. Boston ; 
Teagle Mrs Frank Henry (Alice Berry 

Wright 04) 8418 Euclid av. 

Cleveland O. 
Tearse Helen Horton b.a. 06 

275 Harriet st. Winona Minn. 
Teasdale Harriet Bramwell b.a. 96 (Mrs C. R. 


Tebbetts Eva Cedelia b.a. 10 (Mrs 
G. E. Robinson) 

Tebbetts Mrs Harry Herbert (Frances May 
Ayer 93) Care War dept Washing- 
ton D. C. 

Telling Elisabeth Irma b.l. 04 

2120 Lincoln park W. Chicago 111. 

Tenney Mrs H. Allen (Grace Marten 
Kelley 97) 47 Claremont av. I 
New York 

Terhune Marion b.a. 02 157 Moun- 
tain av. N. Montclair N. J. 

ter Meulen Mrs Floris Willem Ruhle 
von Lilienstern (Nora Gertrude 
Dyar 97) Wagenaarweg 9 1, 

The Hague Holland 

Terrien Mary Louise b.a. 05 i 
5 Prospect st. Nashua N. H. 

Terry Mrs Claude Porter (Chloe Parish 1 1 
Gillisll) 808 N. Main st. 

Wheeling W. Va. 

Terry Edna Roselle b.a. 08 (Mrs E. H. 1 


Terry Elsie b.a. 14 m.a. 16 (Mrs Blanc) 
Terry Harriet Wads worth b.l. 96 

228 Edwards st. New Haven Ct. 
Tew Susan Dinsmore b.a. 92 ph.d. 95 

Yale 3025 Prytania st. New 

Orleans La. 

*Tewksbury Mary Weston b.a. 93 (Mrs James 
Dickson) d. 16 

Thacher Elisabeth Bates b.a. 98 

69 Alleghany st. Roxbury 
Thacher Margaret Williams b.a. 03 

69 Alleghany st. Roxbury 
Thalheimer Ethel Seymour b.a. 02 

936 Marion av. Cincinnati O. 
Thatcher Anna Susannah b.l. 96 m.a. 15 

Columbia 417 W. 120th st. New York 

Thayer Bertha Burton b.a. 97 (Mrs 
I E. W. Lyman) 

Thayer Mrs Charles (Jessie Vallentine 06) 
Hickory farm Amherst 

Thayer Mrs Charles ] Snow (Mary 

Appleton Shute 87) 64 Gillett st. 

Hartford Ct. 
Thayer Dorothy Goldthwait b.a. 15 

664 State st. Portsmouth N. H. 
Thayer Elsie Carpenter b.a. 15 222 

Groveland av. Minneapolis Minn. 
Thayer Mrs Frederick Daniels (Mary Elinor 

Wiley 00) Dudley 
Thayer Laura Stiles b.a. "01 (Mrs M. S. Neal) 
Thayer Mrs Lucius Harrison (Helen 

Chadwick Rand 84) 664 State 

st. Portsmouth N. H. 
Thayer Lucy Clark b.a. 00 

2208 Elsinore av. Baltimore Md. 
Thayer Mary Sprague b.a. 89 

1 E. Silver st. Westfield 
Thayer Mary Vining b.a. 90 Holbrook 
Thayer Mrs Philip Hiram (Jeanne 

Pushee 12) 420 Waltham av. 

West Newton 
Theobald Gertrude Harriet b.a. 12 


Theobald Mrs Jean George (Florence 
Fannie Bushee 97) 250 County 
st. Attleboro 

Thibault Mrs Lewis R. (Adele Bon- 
field Codding 14) Riverbank 
Beverly N. J. 

Thieme Clara Jeannette b.a. 10 (Mrs 
T. S. Cooke) 

Thomas Mrs Earl J. (Mary Gail Tritch 
06) 865 Washington av. Find- 
lay O. 

Thomas Ella Louise b.a. 08 Black- 
stone st. Blackstone 

Thomas Florence Lewis b.a. 08 (Mrs 
J. H. Dingle) 

Thomas Frances Ormsby b.a. 12 

Lexington hotel Chicago 111. 
Thomas Helen Stillwell b.a. 09 

4418 San Jacinto st. Dallas Tex. 
Thomas Mrs Herbert Lloyd (Lillias 

Stone Blaikie 97) 652 Euclid 

av. Elmira N. J. 
Thomas Josephine Horton b.a. 11 

71 Dwight st. New Haven Ct. 
Thomas Julia Benner b.a. 06 

18 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct. 
Thomas Lucretia b.a. 14 (Mrs B. J. 


Thomas Marian Maria b.l. 96 

677 Washington st. Brookline 
Thomas Marion b.a. 10 73 S. Main 

st. Rutland Vt. 
Thomas Rena Jenks b.a. 08 (Mrs 

A. T. Brainerd) 
Thomas Mrs Stafford Fox (Alice 

Florella Osgood 91) 529 Surf st. 

Chicago 111. 
Thomas Verra Marie b.a. 14 

915 Hamilton blvd Peoria 111. 
Thompson Alice Constance B.A. 11 

(Mrs J. S. Currier) 
Thompson Mrs Amos Burt (Jeanne 

Julia Lockwood 94) 1962 E. 84th 

st. Cleveland O. 
Thompson Mrs Arthur Harris (Anna Douglas 

Kincaid 04) R. F. D. 3 Herndon Va. 

Thompson Bertha Mary b.l. 93 (Mrs 

G. M. Kerr) 
Thompson Caroline b.a. 10 

124 Union av. Saratoga Springs 

N. Y. 

Thompson Caroline Lee Hualani b.a. 94 (Mrs 

David Morrison) 
Thompson Mrs Collins (Nellie Lutz 03) 

E. Monroe st. Kirkwood Mo. 

Thompson Elizabeth Hardy b.a. 08 
14 Chestnut st. Albany N. Y. 

Thompson Elizabeth May b.a. 09 
Siluria Ala. 

Thompson Evelyn Frances b.a. 14 
(Mrs F. W. Jones) 

Thompson Frances Ellis b.a. 93 103 Florida 
st. Springfield 

Thompson Mrs Holland (Isobel Gra- 
ham Aitkin 99) 102 Waverley 
pi. New York 

Thompson Mrs James (Frances Whee- 
ler 93) 2 Norton st. Worcester 

Thompson Jessie Bartlett b.a. 09 Lyndon 
hall Poughkeepsie N. Y. 

Thompson Madeleine Charlotte b.a. 
feJL3 132 u South av. Whitman 


Thompson Margaret Adelia b.a. 16 

121 School st. Lowell 
Thompson Marian Richmond b.a. 13 

529 High st. Fall River 
Thompson Mary Frances b.a. 88 d. 

26 S 89 

Thompson Nellie Emma b.a. 04 
40 Main st. Wallingford Ct. 

Thompson Nina Edgerton b.a. 08 

(Mrs Harold Fay) 
Thompson Mrs Philip Laforrest (Alice 

Lillian Ricker 08) 

25 Prospect drive Yonkers N. Y. 
Thompson Mrs W. F. (Bessie Ella 

Cary 08) 

16 Cazenovia st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Thompson Mrs William (Allou Whitfield 
Royer 95) 1221 Lincoln av. Denver Col . 

Thomson Anna Speck b.s. 01 

Thomson Clark co. Ky. 
Thomson Jane Eldridge b.a. 08 

1910 S. Sawyer av. Chicago 111. 
Thomson Lucy Doolittle b.a. 90 b.s. 

96 Mass inst. of tech. 

473 West st. Pittsfield 
Thornburg Myra Haldeman b.a. 09 

(Mrs Cadwallader Evans jr) 
Thorndike Mrs Ashley Horace (An- 
nette Marion Lowell 95) 

Waldo av. Riverdale-on-Hudson 

New York 

Thorndike Carolyn Augusta b.l. 96 

140 Marlboro st. Boston 
Thorndike Myra Darling b.a. 07 (Mrs R. E. 

Thorne Anna Valentine b.l. 01 
77 High st. Yonkers N. Y. 

Thorne Dorothy b.a. 14 

259 Sylvan st. Rutherford N. J. 

Thorne Elizabeth Frances b.a. 11 

Studio club 35 E. 62d st. New York 

Thorne Louise Ophelia b.a. 07 

194 Mountain way Rutherford N. J. 

Thornton Edith b.a. 10 

103 Clay st. Central Falls R. I. 
Thornton Mrs Lewis Henry (Sarah 

Winifred Knight 98) 

421 N. Main st. Wellsville N. Y. 
Thornton Mary Louise b.a. 06 (Mrs 

P. S. McDougall) 

*Thorp Mary Kenniston b.l. 95 (Mrs F. H. 

Law) d. 23 N 07 

Thrasher Mertice Parker b.a. 06 Gardner 
Thresher Bertha Louise b.a. 04 (Mrs 

G. A. Moore) 
Thuman Jane Ellis b.a. 08 

56 S. 6th st. New Bedford 

Thurber Candace b.l. 04 (Mrs T. Kj 


Tibbetts Mrs Ralph E. (Myra Darling Thorr j 
dike 07) Care J. T. Robinson & so 
377 Broadway New York 

Tiebel Elsie Bertha b.a. 14 

414 E. 3d st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Tiedeman Inez b.a. 13 (Mrs R. D: 

Tiemann Edith Winifred b.a. 99 

128 W. 11th st. New York 
Tiemann Elsie Claire b.a. 84 

505 E. Putnam av. Greenwich Ci 
Tierney Edith Eleanor b.a. 15 

540 E. 76th st. New York 

Tifft Henrietta Hawtin b.s. 02 (Mrs J. I 

Tilden Edith Selina B.s. 01 

55 White st. Milton 
Tilden Laura Bugbee b.a. 83 

86 West st. Keene N. H. 
Tilden Mildred Edgarton b.a. 13 (Mrfl 

B. W. Cary) 
Tildsley Mrs John Lee (Bertha Alien 

Watters 94) 

Spuyten Duyvil New York 
Tilghman Mrs Howard (Edna Gladys Cherrj | 
man 12) 1203 Park av. Richmond Vi 

Tilley Mrs Charles Edward (Laur 

Etta Sawin 91) 

9 Elton st. Providence R. I. 
Tillson Mrs Benjamin Franklin (Floif 

ence Rutherfurd T. Smith llll 

Franklin Furnace N. J. 
Tilson Bess Gladys b.a. 09 

Marshall N. C. ! 

Tilson Mrs John Q. (Marguerite Fiellj 
North 05) 

Loomis pi. New Haven Ct. 
Tilton Annie Eugenia b.a. 83 

Jaffrey N. H. 
Tilton Mrs Henry Odin (Olive Noil 

throp Fobes 09) 

6 Chalmers road Worcester 
Tilton Mabel Frances B.A. 08 (Mil 

A. W. Coolidge) 
Tilton Mary Susan b.a. 89 

Laconia N. H. 
Timm Mrs Alexander (Rene Gertrudl 

Hubinger 11) 

3440 Broadway New York 

Timmons Eva Hall b.a. 13 

East Ely Nev. 
Tindall Kate b.a. 03 (Mrs E. F. Samuels) 
Tingley|Mrs|Charles Worthington (Josephinl 

Bell Rice 97) 

Care Continental Oil co. Pueblo Col. 


{ Titcomb Lucy Williams b.a. 13 

66 Stone st. Augusta Me. 
» Titcomb Miriam b.l. 01 
01 66 Stone st. Augusta Me. 

*Tite Mrs J. Reynolds (Edith Loraine Inman 
95) d. D 14 

Titsworth Ethel Lucile B.A. 05 
31 109 W. 5th st. Plainfield N. J. 
Titsworth Susan Sayre b.a. 97 m.a. 03 
Columbia 106 E. 52d st. 

New York 
Titus Mrs Willard M. (Margaret 
!t Thompson Burleigh 11) 

547 Osgood st. North Andover 
Tobey Daisy Field b.a. 11 
F 149 Retreat av. Hartford Ct. 

Tobey Grace Baxter b.a. 99 (Mrs R. L. Win- 

Tobin Lauretta May b.a. 11 
Windsor Locks Ct. 

Todd Alice Adele b.l. 98 m.a. 10 Boston 
univ. 82 Munroe st. Somerville 
R Todd Mrs Alvah Kittredge (Gertrude Freeman 
Curtis 03) Whitelawn av. Milton 

cf Todd Gretchen b.a. 13 Old Short 
Hills road Milburn N. J. 

Todd Mrs James L. (Ethel Deane Hastings 
99) 265 Chicopee st. Chicopee 

k Todd Mrs Judson Scott (Elizabeth 
K Newcomb Hall 99) Greenwich Ct. 
Todd Julia Rossette b.a. 11 
Oakville Ct. 

)f , Tolar Virginia Bell b.l. 02 (Mrs R. E. Henry) 
1) Tolman Mrs E. Mayo (Ruth Dunbar 
08) 1533 Quarrier st. 

Charleston W. Va. 
Tolman Mary Hey wood b.a. 14 
km 18 Catherine st. Worcester 
Tolman Olive b.a. 07 18 Catherine 
st. Worcester 

*Tombs Nettie Adelle b.a. 90 
Tomlin Maude Somerville b.a. 08 
I 47 High st. Florence 
Tomlin Olive Bird b.a. 13 

St Hildar's school Wuchang China 
[r « Tomlinson Edith b.a. 99 (Mrs R. G. 

*Tomlinson Emilie Curtiss b.s. 99 (Mrs 
H. S. Hitchcock) d. 16 Je 10 
. I Tomlinson Ruth b.a. 14 32 Irving 
!i st. Worcester 

Tomlinson Ruth b.a. 01 (Mrs J. W. Allen) 

iTooker Helen Violette b.a. 15 

286 Macon st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Topping Ella Rachel b.a. 08 

204 Randolph av. Peoria 111. 
in( Topping Margaret Atkinson b.a. 08 
(Mrs G. W. Tourtellot) 

Torr Mary Dykeman b.a. 99 25 E. Willi 
st. Detroit Mich. 

Torrence Mrs George Paull jr (Florence 
L. Abbott 11) Riverside 111. 

Torrence Mrs Ridgely (Olivia Howard Dunbar 
94) 53 Washington sq. S. New York 

Torrey Annie Louise b.l. 00 (Mrs 

R. G. Williams) 
Torrey Mrs Charles Cutler (Marian 

Edwards Richards 99) 

191 Bishop st. New Haven Ct. 
Torrey Elizabeth Whittier b.a. 03 

15 Pleasant st. Wakefield 
Torrison Margaret Agatha b.a. 14 

2027 Humboldt blvd Chicago 111. 
Tourtellot Mrs George W. (Margaret 

Atkinson Topping 08) 835 W. 

57th st. Kansas City Mo. 
Tousey Mrs Thomas G. (Susan Eleanor 

Taylor 10) 573 Grand av. 

Rochester N. Y. 

Tower Beatrice b.a. 07 18 Myrtle av. 


Tower Lucie Aline b.a. 05 (Mrs R. W. 

Tower Ruth Nichols b.a. 95 

158 Pleasant st. South Weymouth 
Tower Susea Bates b.a. 05 (Mrs Percy 


Towle Mrs Harvey Parker (Alice 
Maude Buswell 89) 453 Marl- 
boro st. Boston 

Towne Anna Mae b.a. 99 (Mrs L. M. Robinson) 

Towhe Marion Lynnette b.a. 14 
377 Main st. Concord 

Towne Mildred b.a. 08 (Mrs F. F. 

Townes Mrs Willis Glover (Robina 
Protheroe 05) Port Chester N. Y. 

Townsend Mrs Charles (Leslie Chapin 
04) Rectory of the Church of 
the Good Shepherd Rosemont Pa. 

*Townsend Edna Ballard b.a. 07 
d. 5 F 15 

Townsend Margaret b.a. 11 (Mrs 
J. P. O'Brien) 

Townsend Therina b.l. 97 (Mrs E. L. 

Townshend Grace Margaret b.a. 07 

(Mrs Earl Partridge) 
Tracy Mrs E. Clark (Ida Minette 

Woodward 83) 80 Mamaro- 

neck av. White Plains N. Y. 
Trafton Eleanor Somes b.a. 07 (Mrs J. E. 


Trafton Lillian May b.a. 05 
53 Lincoln av. Amherst 


Trafton Mary Adelaide b.a. 84 40 June st. 
Fall River 

Trask Ethel Mina b.a. 06 (Mrs W. O. Knight) 
Trask Mrs Henry S. (Marion Elizabeth Booth 
10) 29 River st. Boston 

Trask Mary Ellery b.a. 00 (Mrs P. H. 

Trask Mrs Robert P. (Grace Evelyn 
Smith 09) North Wilbraham 

Treadwell Grace Rich b.a. 06 (Mrs 
Edward Johnson) 

Treadwell Helen Adams b.a. 07 (Mrs 
H. S. Wilkinson) 

Treadwell Mrs Louis S. (Ella Josephine Scoville 
03) 260 West st. New York 

Treat Anna Bigelow b.a. 03 . 

670 Astor st. Milwaukee Wis. 

Treat Ethel Eddy b.l. 02 12 Merrill st. 


Tredick Helen Folsom b.a. 97 2015 
Bedford av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Treadwell Mrs K. I. (Amelia Gilman 
14) 35 Ralston av. Whitneyville 

Tripp Evelyn Atwood b.a. 12 Brunot hall 

Spokane Wash. 
Tripp Gwendolen b.a. 12 328 G st. Salt 

Lake City Utah 

Tripp Josephine Fellows b.a. 11 (Mrs 

L. W. Wright) 
Tritch Mary Gail b.a. 06 (Mrs E. J. 


Trow Mary Elizabeth b.a. 89 (Mrs F. E. 

Trowbridge Cornelia Rogers b.a. 91 

m.a. 09 Columbia 161 Lefferts 

av. Richmond Hill N. Y. 
Trowbridge Mrs Luther Stephen jr 

(Mabel Winifred Hartsuff 00) 

Grosse Pointe Mich. 
Trowbridge Miriam Augusta b.a. 01 

(Mrs John Barker) 
Truax Mrs Arthur D. (Martha Warner 

Riggs 02) 422 West End av. 

New York 

True Mrs E. Payson (Laura Keene Darling 09) 
19 Dell av. Hyde Park 

True Edna Miriam b.a. 09 

5338 Kcnmore av. Chicago 111. 
True Marion Grace b.a. 00 (Mrs R. B. Redfern) 
Truesdell Ada Fannie b.a. 02 1910 Du,pont 
av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 

Truitt Mrs Frank L. (Maida Morton 

Zulich 09) 411 E. 15th st. 

Indianapolis Ind. 
Trull Bertha Preston b.a. 03 

1061 Beacon st. Brookline 
Trull Mrs Edward Warren (Ellen 

Burrows Duckworth 96) 736 

Andovcr st. Lowell 

Trull Mrs Elliott Franksford (Sybil 

Shaw 00 ) 1 5 F rancis st . Woburn 
Trull Evelyn b.a. 04 (Mrs E. A. Bates) 
Truslow Mrs Ernest (Hilda Sherman 

Johnson 04) Short Hills N. J. 
Tryner Ethel Louise b.l. 00 (Mrs R. H, 

Tryon Emma Celine b .l . 92 36 Ham- 

mersley av. Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
Tubby Gertrude Ogden b . s. 02 202 

Bellevue av. Upper Montclair N.J. 

Tuck Mrs Lellan Judson (Ella Maria Adams 
93) 35 Lyon st. Pawtucket R. Ill 

Tucker Abbie Elizabeth b.a. 82 m.a. 

97 84 Elm st. Northampton 
Tucker Alice Lester b.a. 95 (Mrs F. H. 


Tucker Mrs Atherton Howe (Eva Sophie Fort6 
99) 101 E. Clark st. Ilion N. Y. 

Tucker Carolyn Virginia b.a. 07 

60 South st. Ware 
Tucker Elizabeth Washburn b.a. 12: 

(Mrs F. W. Cushwa) 
Tucker Helen Augusta b.a. 95 m.a. 07 

Columbia Avon 
Tucker Ruth Estabrook b.a. 98 (Mrs 

A. E. Morse) 
Tucker Mrs William Jewett (Charlotte * 

Barrell Cheever 81) Occom 

ridge Hanover N. H. 

Tucker Mrs Winthrop P. (Amy Detmold 09) 
The Rosewood Broadway and 180th st. 
New York 

Tuckerman Florence Sophia b.a. 86 
5507 Jackson st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Tufts Alice Jenney b.l. 00 236 Rawson road 

Tufts Lucy Runey b.a. 99 (Mrs F. P.I 


Tullock Florence Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs 

F. D. Bolman) 
Tulley Mrs Francis William (Susan) 

Pratt Kennedy 03) Alwingtoni 

road Chestnut Hill 

Tumey Sara May b.a. 08 East Brookfieldj 
Turck Mrs William D. (Gertrude 

Caroline Richmond 98) 11421 

May field road Cleveland O. 
Turner Edna Rose b.a. 12 

926 Argyle st. Chicago 111. 
Turner Mrs H. Jackson (Eloise Prindle , 

James 07) Pratt st. and Prindle 

av. Ansonia Ct. 
Turner Mrs James Varnum (Augusta 

Percival Crocker 85) Hyannis 

Turner Mrs Leigh C. (Mabel Elizabeth Sewall 
07) 526 Oakwood av. 

Webster Groves Mo. 


Turner Mary Ramaey b.a. 04 314 5th 

st. Marietta O. 
Tuthill Margaret Hall b.a. 09 6973 N. 

Ashland av. Chicago 111. 

Tuthill Marguerite b.a. 15 (Mrs F. E. 
Leonard jr) 

Tuthill Mrs Richard Stanley jr (Caro- 
line Elizabeth Garrett 09) 
1113 Davis st. Evanston 111. 

Tuthill Stella Weston b.a. 07 

6973 N. Ashland av. Chicago 111. 

*Tutt Mrs Paul William (Mary Muri- 
son Kern 07) d. 4 N 12 

Tuttle Annie Dyer b . a. 03 706 Irving 
av. Syracuse N. Y. 

Tuttle Berenice Rachel b.a. 02 

2 Nickwackett st. Rutland Vt. 

Tuttle Mrs Charles Augustus (Affa 

Sophia Miner 81) 288 College 

st. Middletown Ct. 
Tuttle Mrs Melsom Sabinas (Ruth 

Lucile Dietrich 09) 91 Kenmore 

pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Tuttle Mildred Elizabeth b.a. 15 (Mrs 

D. D. Stockman) 

Tuttle Mrs Morton Chase (Alice Frothingham 
Kidder 02) 22 Chestnut terrace 

Newton Center 

Tuttle Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 10 (Mrs 

J. F. High) 
Tuxbury Helen b.a. 80 m.a. 83 The 

Normandie West Philadelphia Pa. 

Tweedy Marguerite Louise b.a. 15 

(Mrs J. D. Biggs) 
Tweedy Mary Murdoch b.a. 11 

930 West End av. New York 

Twichell Sarah Edna b.a. 09 
514 W. 122d st. New York 

Twining Alice Kinsley b.a. 98 (Mrs Eliot 

Twining Edith de Gueldrv b.a. 93 (Mrs 
F. W. Stevens) 

*Twitchell Gertrude Marble b.l. 93 
d. 4 Ja 04 

Twitchell Mrs Richard Sears (May Morrill 
Bolster 97) 10 Cobden st. Roxbury 

Twitchell Susie Helen b.a. 88 d.21 
S 95 

Twyeffort Lillian Aimee b.a. 15 
61 W. 90th st. New York 

Tyler Amelia Whiting b.a. 95 
44 Prospect st. Northampton 

Tyler Elizabeth Stearns b.a. 09 

8 Tyler pi. Amherst 
Tyler Emma Bickford b.a. 05 (Mrs 

L. R. Leonard) 

Tyler Frances Maria b.a. 84 

526 Broad st. Bloomfield N. J. 

Tyler Lena Louise b.l. 92 (Mrs C. T. 

Tyler Mildred Allen b.a. 13 
Box 482 Meriden Ct. 

Ufford Helen Harriet b.a. 08 504 Win- 
chester av. New Haven Ct. 

Ufford Mabelle Morris b.l. 99 m.a. 04 Columbia 
St Agatha's school 87th St. and West End 
av. New York 

Ullrich Edna Gemmer b.a. 13 198 S. 

Gratiot av. Mt Clemens Mich. 
Ullrich Lena b.l. 96 (Mrs Spencer 


Umbstaetter Amo b . a . 1 6 72 Walnut 

st. Arlington 
Underhill Merta b.a. 09 2139 7th 

av. New York 
Underhill Norma b.a. 09 1188 Park av. 

New York 

Underwood Dorothea b.a. 16 

4843 Lake Park av. Chicago 111. 

Underwood Elizabeth Scofield b.a. 92 
127 Crary av. Mt Vernon N. Y. 

Underwood Etta May b.a. 00 Interlaken 
school Rolling Prairie Ind. 

Underwood Mrs Frank Elijah (Edith 
Ghapin 05) 102 Pond st. Natick 

Underwood Mrs George Arthur 
(Catherine DePuy Allison 07) 
32 Paradise road Northampton 

Underwood Mrs James Frank (Henrietta 
Hawtin Tifft 02) 1322 Dearborn 

av. Chicago 111. 

Underwood Marguerite b.a. 11 (Mrs 

J. R. Labaree) 
Underwood Rosamond b.a. 09 

72 South st. Auburn N. Y. 
Underwood Ruth Pauline b.a. 16 

2 Beekman terrace Summit N. J. 

Ungethuem Jennie Martha b.a. 16 

17 Avery st. Westfield 
Updike Ethel b.a. 09 (Mrs J. N. Magna) 
Upham Dorothy Quincy b.l. 04 (Mrs 

T. W. Vaughan) 

Upham Emily Clark b.a. 87 m.d. 95 Woman's 
med. col. of Pa. (Mrs C. B. Murray) 

Upjohn Dorothy b.a. 14 530 W 
South st. Kalamazoo Mich. 

Upton Eleanor Stuart b.a. 09 m.a. 10 
Brown 156 Cypress st. Provi- 
dence R. I. 

Upton Mrs Irving Hawkes (Katherine 
Lillian Haven 92) 20 Park 
View st. Grove Hall 


Upton Margaret Frances b.a. 12 

156 Cypress st. Providence R. I. 

Urban Mrs Wilbur Marshall (Elisabeth 
Newall Wakelin 94) 71 Vernon 
st. Hartford Ct. 

Urquhart Vera Beryl b.a. 10 (Mrs W. G. 

Usher Dorothy Bliss b.a. 13 

315 Knapp st. Milwaukee Wis. 
Utley Ruth Howland b.a. 15 

805 W. 3d st. Sterling 111. 
Utter Mrs George B. (Katherine 

Latham Wilbar 11) 40 Grove 

av. Westerly R. I. 


Vail Mrs Malcolm D. (Margaret Field- 
ing Nye 13) 419 Laurel av. 
Highland Park 111. 

Vail Margaret Prescott b.a. 15 
341 W. 86th st. New York 

Vaile Florence Isabella b.a. 04 Care Mrs 

Edith Lowell Gardena Cal. 

Vaill Mrs Dudley Landon (Leila 

Strobridge Holmes 98) Station 

A Winsted Ct. 
Vaille Agnes Wolcott b.a. 12 

1401 Franklin st. Denver Col. 
Vaille Edith Wolcott b.s. 04 (Mrs Otis 


Valentine Blanche Mary b.a. 05 (Mrs 
G. D. Haskell) 

Valentine Frances Wads worth b.l. 02 
67 Elm st. Westerly R. I. 

Valentine Mrs Joseph Loring (Alber- 
tine Whitney Flershem 97) 
1435 Dearborn av. Chicago 111. 

Valentine Juliet Estelle b.a. 10 Cold- 
spring Harbor Long Island N. Y. 

Valentine Marjorie b.a. 10 4342 Ellis 

av. Chicago 111. 
Vallentine Jessie b.a. 06 (Mrs Charles Thayer) 

Van Benschoten Sarah Vedder b.a. 12 

(Mrs B. C. Darling) 
Van Buren Mrs D. C. (Anne Margaret 

Deyo 14) 10707 Detroit av. 

Cleveland O. 
Vance Mrs Charles Clark (Anna 

Christina Block 09) 201 N. 

Underhill st. Peoria 111. 

Vance Martha Tenney b.l. 99 (Mrs R. F. 

Van Deman Ruth b.a. 11 706 E. 

Seneca st. Ithaca N. Y. 
Vanderbeek Mary Courtland b.a. 93 

m.a. 02 Univ. of Mich. (Mrs T. E. 


Vanderbeek Matilda Sands b.a. 12! 

Santa Fe N. M. 
Vanderbilt Edith Wheeler b.l. 02 (Mrs 

W. C. Diamond) 
Vanderbilt Mrs John L. (Julia Lyman 

Park 07) Walnut st. Engle- 

wood N. J. 
Vanderbilt Louise Dunham b.a. 021 

Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 
Vanderbilt Margaret b.l. 00 

Chestnut st. Englewood N. J. 
Vanderbilt Mrs William Dunham 

(Sarah Watson Sanderson 00)! 

527 W. 121st st. New York 
*Vanderhoof Harriet Luella b.l. 95 m.a. 

97 (Mrs E. E. Floyd) d. 17 O 09 
Van Deusen Mrs Courtland (Mary 

Lorenz 13) Tsing Tau via 

Japan China 
Van Deusen Mabel b.a. 10 129 N. 

Hill av. Pasadena Cal. 
Van Deventer Gladys Remsen b.a. 10 

234 W. 101st st. New York 
Vandiver Mrs Almuth Cunningham; 

(Eleanor Mary Shevis Williams 1 

11) 1 W. 64th st. New York 
Van Duzee Helen b.a. 15 (Mrs W. H. 


van Dyke Brooke b.a. 04 (Mrs Hamil- 
ton Gibson) 

van Emden Clara Eva b.a. 10 
266 W. 107th st. New York 

Van Evera Mrs James Wilbur (Hazel Laura 
Payne 09) 307 Locust st. Virginia Minn. 

van Heusen Mrs John M. (Anne 
Gardner Pigeon 10) 101 
Robinwood av. Jamaica Plain 

Van Hook Mrs LaRue (Edith vom 
Baur 04) 403 W. 115th st. 

New York 

Van Horn Edith b.a. 13 (Mrs J. R. 

Van Home Mabel Pauline b.a. 01 (Mrs L. E. 

Van Hovenberg Katherine b.s. 96 (Mrs 

H. W. Brown) 
Van Kirk Anne Dravo b.a. 87 (Mrs 

Frederick Geller) 
Van Kleeck Mary Abby b.a. 04 

126 E. 19th st. New York 
Van Name Theodora b.a. 95 

121 High st. New Haven Ct. ! , 
Vanneman Caroline Kerr b.a. 08 (Mrs 

C. A. Mealy) 
*Van Noorden Deborah b.a. 02 

d. 29 D 07 


Van Note Mrs Henry Clay (Anna 

Elizabeth Gardner 95) 

Atlantic Highlands N. J. 
Van Nuys Alice Douglas b.a. 13 

102 Crescent st. Northampton 
Van Nuys Margaret LaGrange b.a. 16 

102 Crescent st. Northampton 
Van Order Emily b.a. 13 (Mrs Walter 

Van Sickle Janet b.a. 15 

28 Grove st. Auburn N. Y. 

Van Slyke Ora Mae b.a. 11 58 Lansing 

st. UticaN. Y. 
Van Tuyl Ella Blodgett b.l. 02 (Mrs A. J. 


Van Valkenburgh Mrs R. D. (Clara Cornelia 
Juliand 01) Care Juliand bank 

Greene N. Y. 

Van Valkenburgh Mrs Robert R. 

(Paula Loraine Haire 11) 

Perseverance mine Juneau Alaska 
Van Vleck Marion Gray b.a. 11 

Kent pi. Summit N. J. 
Van Wagenen Mrs James H. (Lois 

Jean Andrews 12) Corning la. 
Van Wagenen Louisa Goddard b.a. 10 

156 E. 38th st. New York 
Van Winkle Charlotte Condict B.A. 14 

The Terrace Rutherford N. J. 
Varick Katharine Romeyn b.a. 09 

(Mrs W. M. Bassett) 
Varnam Laura Mildred b.a. 15 

Box 12 Oakland Me. 

Varney Alice Marguerite b.a. 07 

8 W. Concord st. Dover N. H. 

Varney Annie Katharine b.a. 04 
South Berwick Me. 

Varney Mildred Eva b.a. 08 (Mrs A. D. 

Varnum Mrs Leon E. (Helen Sturte- 

vant Gifford 10) 

838 Grand st. Jersey City N. J. 
Vaughan Agnes Gleason b.a. 07 (Mrs 

H. M. Latham) 
Vaughan Hilda Estelle b.a. 09 m.a. 12 

Wolfville N. S. 
Vaughan Ruth b.a. 08 m.a. 14 

30 Sever st. Worcester 
Vaughan Mrs Thomas Wayland 

(Dorothy Quincy Upham 04) 

1721 Riggs pi. Washington D. C. 

Vaugn Sara Jane b.a. 05 (Mrs J. A. Millard) 

Veblen Clara Matilda b.a. 16 

3328 10th av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Venard Isabel b.a. 09 527 Peachtree st. 

Atlanta Ga. 
Vennema Mrs Whiton (Mildred Carey 

12) 219 Ayrcrigg av. Passaic 

N. J. 

Ventres Adelaide Brainerd b.a. 88 
424 W. 119th st. New York 

Vermilye Jane Thomas b.s. 97 
Ly decker st. Englewood N. J. 

Vermilye Katharine Rowland b.a. 15 
Anderson av. Closter N. J. 

Veryard Mrs Robert K. (Louise Hyde De- 
Forest 07) Care Chinese Y. M. 
C. A. Tokyo Japan 

Vibberts Augusta Louise b.l. 02 (Mrs 

E. W. Pelton) 
Vicari Amelia Margaret b.a. 15 

4 Mont view road Summit N. J. 
Vickers Mrs Thomas McElderry (Lois 

Elizabeth Barnard 97) 

313 Maple st. Syracuse N. Y. 
Victor Mrs Royall (Anna Romeyn 

Varick Martin 12) 21 E. 82d 

st. New York 
Vidaud Mary b.a. 11 (Mrs H. M. 


Viele Grace b.l. 01 218 Highland 
av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Viele Mrs John Andrew (Abigail Rosilla Staples 
08) 279 Orange st. Springfield 

Viets Marion Tufts b.a. 07 

17 Fairview st. Newton 
Viles Elizabeth Hubbard b.a. 03 (Mrs 

Arthur McBride) 
Vinal Leslie Thorning b.a. 01 m.d. 09 

Tufts 9 Aldersey st. Somerville 
Vincent Mrs Eugene Todhunter (Mabel 

Amanda Short 93) 

1680 Commonwealth av. Boston 
Vincent Marian b.a. 12 

77 North st. New Bedford 
*Vincent Marie b.a. 07 d. 17 S 09 

Vincent Mrs William Howard (May True San- 
born 01) 476 Washington st. Brookline 

Vineyard Mrs Jesse J. (Alta Zens 03) 
3643 Wyandotte st. Kansas City 

Vinton Maria Mitchell b.a. 82 m.a. 86 

m.d. 86 Woman's med. col. of N. 

Y. inf. 15 Halsted pi. East 

Orange N. J. 
Vivash Mrs W. C. (Nelle Julia Gould 

98) 17 W. 35th st. Bayonne 

N. J. 

Voetsch Rose b.a. 05 (Mrs G. A. Markle) 

Vogdes Anna Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs 

William Ramsay) 
*Vogel Mrs Karl Max (Winifred Claxton 

Leeming 00) d. 14 My 08 

Vollmer Mrs (Susan Manning Homans 
90) Huntington Long Island 

N. Y. 

vom Baur Edith b.l. 04 (Mrs LaRue 
Van Hook) • 


von Harten Anne Eleanor b.a. 14 

5433 Von Versen av. St Louis Mo. 

von Horn Marie Luise b.a. 16 (Mrs 
V. G. Byers) 

von So then Freda Gertrude b.a. 11 
16 High st. College Point N. Y. 

Voorhees Elizabeth Anna b.a. 97 (Mrs E. A. 

Voorhees Mrs J. Spencer (Elizabeth 
Warner 99) La Jolla Cal. 

Voorhis Mrs V. Howey (Anna Mae Parsons 02) 

De Land Fla. 
Vose Irene b.a. 13 5 Vose av. Westerly R. I. 

Vrooman Beatrice b.a. 01 

2524 Broadway San Francisco Cal. 


Wachman Mrs John D. (Grace Frances 
Kramer 14) 

617 Nelson av. Peekskill N. Y. 
Wade Mrs Frank E. (Margaret Burnet 
Silsbee 99) 

7 Brattle road Syracuse N. Y. 
Wadleigh Edna Blanche b.a. 98 (Mrs 

C. M. Rublee) 
Wadsworth Emily Leonard b.a. 15 

24 N. 4th st. Meriden Ct. 
Wadsworth Jessie Gertrude b.l. 02 

(Mrs A. T. Burns) 
Wagenhals Katherine Hamilton b.a. 05 

216 E. Wayne st. Fort Wayne Ind. 
Wagenhals Margaret Hamilton b.a. 

03 m.a. 07 

365 W. 23d st. New York 
Wagenhals Mildred Hamilton b.a. 12 

216 E. Wayne st. Fort Wayne Ind. 
Wager Ruth Kingsley b.a. 15 

176 Turin st. Rome N. Y. 
Wagner Amelia Elizabeth b.a. 15 

570 Bridge st. Holyoke 

Waid Winnie Elsie b.a. 11 

143 E. 7th st. Plainheld N. J. 

Wainwright Florence b.a. 15 

Morris 111. 
Wait Annar Marie b.a. 10 (Mrs E. S. Bishop) 

Waite Alice Vinton b.a. 86 m.a. 94 
Wellesley college Wellesley 

Waite Ethel Qua b.a. 12 (Mrs B. H. 

Waite Mrs Guy Earl (Eliza Anne Ward 03) 
414 9th av. N. Lewistown Mon. 

Waite Jennie Gertrude b.a. 10 
10") Kim si . Worcester 

Waite Marjory Lsmene b.a. 08 (Mrs C. C. Hall 

^ >'i' Mary Mice n. v. 01 m.a. IS ( 'lark univ 
10.") Kim st. Worcester 

Wakclec Harriet Elizabeth b.a. 14 
Palisade av. Englewood N.J. 

Wakelin Elisabeth Newell b.l. 94 (Mrs 

W. M. Urban) 
Walbridge Helen Isabel b.a. 02 

49 5th av. New York 

Walbridge Wilhelmina von Colson b.l. 92 
(Mrs W. S. Buffum) 

Walch Gertrude Louise b.a. 13 

14 Hillside av. Amesbury 
Waldo Cora b.l. 98 (Mrs Pierce Butler) 
Waldo Lula b.a. 03 201 Westmore- 
land av. Houston Tex. 

Waldo Virginia b.a. 04 201 West- 
moreland av. Houston Tex. 

Waldron Mrs Charles Newman (Doro- 
thy Waterman 10) 
1 Rugby road Schenectady N. Y. 

Waldron Elizabeth b.a. 83 (Mrs A. H. 

Waldron Mrs Ethelbert W. (Marion Keep 
Patton 10) 237 W. 11th st. New York 

Wales Mrs Ernest de W. (Franc Hale 

97) 1236 N. Pennsylvania st. 

Indianapolis Ind. 
Wales Ethel Marie b.a. 11 (Mrs A. H. 

Wales Mrs Quincy W. (Isabel Amelie 

Guilbert 11) 

3 Agassiz park Jamaica Plain 
Walker Amy b.a. 15 

72 Hunter av. Albany N. Y. 
Walker Dorothy Adelia b.a. 16 

43 Rockdale st. Worcester 

Walker Edith Francis b.a. 96 

15 Chestnut st. New Bedford 

Walker Emma Elizabeth b.a. 87 m.d. 

98 Johns Hopkins Osborn hall 

426 E. 26th st. New York 
Walker Mrs F. M. (Mabel Ruth Keener 

07) Cumberland bungalow 

R. D. Box 76 Freeport Pa. 
Walker Gertrude Annie b.a. 85 m.d. 92 

Woman's med. col. of Pa. 

1610 Master st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Walker Helen Duer b.a. 02 

Low bldgs Bryn Mawr Pa. 
Walker Helen Staples b.a. 12 

873 Middle st. Portsmouth N. H. 
Walker Hope Newell b.a. 04 (Mrs J. S. 


Walker Mrs John M. (Martha Barron 
Wells 16) 312 Concord av. 

Wilmington Del. 

Walker Mrs Kenzie Wallace (Helen 
Hobart Whitman 93) 601 The 
Ontario Washington D. C. 

Walker Mrs Leon Valentine (Lucinda 
Maribel Holt 00) 
3 Walker st. Portland Me. 


Walker Louise Chase b.a. 13 

N. Main st. Fair Haven Vt. 
Walker Marion Sinclair b.a. 15 

Madison Ct. 
Walker Mary Agnes b.a. 13 1537 N. 

Topeka av. Wichita Kan. 
Wallace Anna May b.a. 13 717 Main 

st. Bennington Vt. 
Wallace Janet Monroe b.a. 91 (Mrs 

W. S. Curtis) 

Wallace Mrs Joseph Ambrose (Mary Margaret 
Doyle 12) 618 Robeson st. Fall River 

Wallace Loretta Elizabeth b.a. 11 
31 Chestnut st. East Orange N. J. 

Wallace Margaret Elizabeth B.A. 16 
1107 Davis av. N. S. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Wallace Mary Louise b.l. 02 (Mrs 

A. P. Robinson) 
Wallace Myra Louise b.a. 11 

37 Rogers st. Bluefield W. Va. 

Wallace Mrs W. K. (Winifred Woodford Dew- 
ing 02) Brown Shipley & co. 123 Pall 
Mall London England 

Wallace Mrs William V. (Nellie Rebec- 
ca Fairchild 98) 391 Angell st. 
Providence R. I. 

Wallburg Amy Barbara b.a. 10 (Mrs 

B. G. Southwick) 
Waller Olga Louise b.a. 14 

S. Tremont Kewanee 111. 

Walmsley Mrs Hardie B. (Eula Hallock 09) 
173 Watchung av. Montclair N. J. 

Walser Mrs Theodore Demarest (Gladys 
Drummond 12) Tokyo Japan 

Walsh Anna May b.a. 1 1 160 Lincoln 
st. Middletown Ct. 

Walsh Mrs Howard T. (Clara Louise Shaw 00) 
Care Mr Edward Shaw Great Barrington 

Walsh Mrs John J. (Helen Hirst Andrews 08) 
523 W. 112th st. New York 

Walsh Mrs Thomas F. (Grace Loretta Hurley 
02) 686 Laurel av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Walsh Mrs William Lorison (Lucy Pierce 
Bartlett 96) Billerica 

*Walston Louise b.l. 90 (Mrs Percival 
Chubb) d. 21 Ja 05 

Walston Mrs Marion Cragg (Jessie 
Eastman Northrop 04) 265 
Dromore av. Winnipeg Canada 

Walters Edith Alice b.a. 07 Wyoming III. 

Walters Helen Mary b.a. 10 Wyoming 111. 

Walther Lucy b.a. 06 The Lenox Buffalo 

N. Y. 

Walther Mabel Josephine b.a. 09 

208 S. Ridgeland av. Oak Park 111. 

Walton Alice b.a. 87 ph.d. 92 Cornell 
The Ludlow Copley square Boston 

Walton Alice Jeannette b.a. 08 (Mrs H. M. 
Wheeler) • 

Walton Mrs Bartlett (Helen Buffum 
Davidson 08) 45 Park av. Wake- 

Walton Mabel Lilian b.a. 94 m.a. 02 
Univ. of Pa. (Mrs W. H. Wana- 

Walton Mary Esther b.a. 00 (Mrs 
R. H. Wilkinson) 

Wamslev Mrs Stephen (Carmen Crittenden 
Mabie07) Fort William McKinley P. I. 

Wanamaker Mrs Allison T. (Mary 
Helen Allmond 08) 1810 E. 
Republican st. Seattle Wash. 

Wanamaker Mrs William H. (Mabel 
Lilian Walton 94) The Ritten- 
house Philadelphia Pa. 

Warburton Cora Isabel b.l. 94 (Mrs T. F. 

Ward Mrs (Josephine Maud Clark 98) 
64 Chestnut st. Waltham 

Ward Alice b.a. 83 d.n.c. 09 Col. of 
nature cure (Mrs Bailey) 

Ward Mrs Andrew Henshaw (Emily 
Pauline Locke 00) 241 Canton 
av. Milton 

*Ward Mrs Andrew Henshaw (Mar- 
garet Elizabeth May 99) d. 07 

Ward Mrs Arthur A. (Alice Bookwalter 03) 
Voddukkoddai Ceylon 

Ward Bertha Jane b.a. 1 1 9201 Miles 
av. Cleveland O. 

Ward Carolyn b.a. 12 (Mrs H. W. Ingling) 
Ward Eliza Anne b.a. 03 (Mrs G. E. Waite) 

Ward Ethel b.a. 16 127 S. Munn 
av. East Orange N. J. 

Ward Florence b.a. 10 1024 Madi- 
son av. Albany N. Y. 

Ward Florence b.s. 97 (Mrs J. C. Blagden) 

Ward Frances Hibbard b.l. 95 (Mrs 

H. E. Hale) 
Ward Mrs Fred L. (Anna Mabel Allen 

95) 116 Florida st. Springfield 

Ward Grace b.a. 93 243 Foster st. 


*Ward Mrs Hawley (Ruth Parsons 
Milne 98) d. 14 N 14 

Ward Helen Ashton b.a. 00 (Mrs P. T. 
B. Ward) 

WardMabel Heald b.a. 11 1211 First 
National Bank bldg Cincinnati O. 

Ward Mary Kingsbury b.a. 97 (Mrs 
M. D. Dunning) 

Ward Narka b.a. 14 308 Farm st. 
Ithaca N. Y. 


Ward Mrs Paul Theodore Bliss (Helen 
• Ashton Ward 00) 46 Pearl 

st. Medford 
Ward Rossie Grace b.a. 00 m.a. 05 Radcliffe 

210 Ocean st. Lynn 

Ward Mrs Roy Elsen (Minnie Cather- 
ine Morse 08) 719 Copeland 
St. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Ward Mrs Thomas H. (Margaret Ellen Merrill 
00) 32 Willard av. Springfield 

Ward Mrs Waldron M. (Aline Toppin 

Coursen 08) 422 4th av. 

Newark N. J. 
Ward Zoe b.a. 14 11 Center st. 

Ilion N. Y. 
Wardner Mrs G. Philip (Mary Poland 

Rankin 92) 25 Carruth st. 

Dorchester Boston 
Wardner Isabel b.a. 16 25 Carruth 

st. Dorchester Boston 

Ward well Mrs Edward H. (Elizabeth 
Armstrong Lloyd 11) 

19 Linden lane Princeton N. J. 

Wardwell Mrs Samuel Bagg (Eunice 
Denison Remington 09) 156 
Clinton st. Watertown N. Y. 

Ware Florence Emily b.a. 16 
1021 Judson av. Evanston 111. 

Ware Mrs Herbert Palmer (Alice Frances 
Merrill 09) Shelburne Falls 

Ware Hildegarde b.a. 14 

4424 Drexel blvd Chicago 111. 
Ware Katharine b.l. 94 (Mrs G. M. Smith) 
Ware Mary Lillian b.a. 97 (Mrs J. W. 

Ware Olive b.a. 04 (Mrs P. W. Bridg- 

Ware Mrs Philip C. (Laura Fisher Legate 10) 

20 Fruit st. Newburyport 

Warfield Alice Bertha b.a. 02 

11 Chapin pi. Hartford Ct. 
Warfield Grace Elizabeth b.a. 06 

1 1 Chapin pi. Hartford Ct. 
Waring Mary Kimberley b.a. 93 

33 Plymouth st. Montclair N. J. 
Warner Alice Willard b.a. 03 (Mrs 

H. A. Hamilton) 
Warner Bessie Sarah b.a. 95 m.a. 03 

Brown 28 Ogden st. 

Providence R. I. 
Warner Edith Piatt b.a. 13 (Mrs 

I lamilton Patton) 
Warner Elizabeth b.l. 99 (Mrs J. S. 


Warner Ethel Susie b.a. 97 (Mrs CM. 

Warner Mrs Eugene B. (Merle lone 
Shidler 11) 318 W. Navarre 
st. South Bend Ind. 

Warner Mrs Frederick A. (Nanna 
Antonia Smith 02) 2746 
Dwight way Berkeley Cal. 

Warner Harriet Blanche b.a. 79 (Mrs 

C. S. Palmer) 
Warner Lois Caroline b.a. 12 

Salisbury Ct. 
Warner Lucy Hunt b.a. 99 

16 Green st. Northampton 
Warner Mrs Raymond (Estella Louise 

Damon 09) Nash hill 

Warner Ruth Frances b.a. 11 

21 Rosevelt av. Chicopee 

Warner Ruth Lum b.a. 11 106 Northern 
av. New York 

Warnick Elizabeth Anna b.a. 02 (Mrs 

N. C. Phillips) 
Warnock Mrs Henry Childs (Una 

Winchester 04) 729 Hampden 

st. Holyoke 
Warren Mrs Arthur Forbush (Kate 

Estelle Haggett 86) Spencer 

Warren Bessie Leland b.a. 06 (Mrs 

H. H. Skelton) 
Warren Blanche Louise b.a. 04 (Mrs 

A. E. Alton) 
Warren Mrs Charles Jackson (Louise 

Chamberlin 99) 21 Midland 

av. White Plains N. Y. 

Warren Clara Louise b.a. 02 (Mrs E. B. Bum- 


Warren Mrs Clifford P. (Margaret 
Adams Cushman 10) 26 Park 
st. West Roxbury 

Warren Ella b.a. 03 (Mrs J. E. Nor- 

Warren Ethel Louise b.a. 96 (Mrs 
M. A. Coolidge) 

Warren Evelyn Marie b.a. 16 
47 Munroe st. Northampton 

Warren Mrs Frank Stever (Edith 
Bertha Jackson 10) 36 W. 

Miller st. Newark N. Y. 

Warren Helen b.a. 16 11 Outlook 

road Swampscott 
Warren Helen Goulding b.a. 06 Holden 

Warren Mrs Leicester (Anna Charlotte 
Holden 03 ) 83 St James av . 


Warren Mary Hodgson b.a. 08 24 Leonard 
st. Fall River 


Warren Mrs Minton (Salome Amelia 

Machado 83) 105 Irving st. 

Warren Ruth Annette b.a. 95 m.a. 00 

Columbia (Mrs E. F. Smith) 
Washburn Anna Loraine b.a. 10 (Mrs 

B. D. Hall) 
Washburn Emily b.a. 95 (Mrs A. W. 


*Washburn Mrs George Hamlin (Anna 

Marilla Hoyt 81) d. 8 Ap 15 
Washburn Helen Marilla b.a. 15 

Box 256 Foxcroft Me. 
Washburn Martha Wilcox b.a. 10 

(Mrs C. D. Allin) 
Washburn Mrs Philip Carter (Elinor 

Lothrop Daniels 07) King's 

Park Long Island N. Y. 
Washburn Sophia Clarke b.s. 96 (Mrs 

F. E. Bateman) 
Washburn Mrs William F. (Margaret 

Shaw Bryan 13) 42 Faraday 

st. Rochester N. Y. 
Washington Margaret b.a. 12 (Mrs 

B. S. Pfeiffer) 
Waterbury Amy Louise b.a. 12 (Mrs 

J. O. Safford) 
Waterman Dorothy b.a. 10 (Mrs C. N. 


Waterman Ruth b.a. 15 25 Nor- 
wood av. Summit N. J. 

Waterman Ruth Edith b.a. 15 
7 Northern blvd Albany N. Y. 

Waters Alice Evelin b.a. 09 m.a. 10 
Univ. of Mich. Pultneyville N . Y. 

Waters Genevieve b.a. 06 84 Hart- 
ford av. Wethersfield Ct. 

Waters Mary Hyde b.a. 15 

169 Glen wood av. Akron O. 

Watkins Mrs Edward Goodrich 
(Blanche Wetherell Bowman 91) 
141 Chestnut st. Gardner 

Watkins Mabel b.a. 08 (Mrs J. E. Austin) 

Watkins Mary b.a. 08 (Mrs R. C. Cubbon) 

Watkins Susan b.l. 02 (Mrs W. L. LeCran) 

Watkinson Grace Blair b.a. 02 m.a. 05 
ph.d. 08 Zurich univ. (Mrs R. W. 

Watrous Mrs Cleveland E. (Grace 
Greenwood 97) Matawan N. J. 

Watrous Mrs Eliot (Alice Kinsley Twining 98) 
3 Huntington st. New Haven Ct. 

Watson Mrs Albert Leisenring (Mabel Eager 
Wheeler 00) 637 Monroe av. 

Scranton Pa. 

Watson Constance b.a. 10 (Mrs J. W. 

Watson Esther Josephine b.a. 82 m.a. 
83 Cornell 29 Union st. Greenfield 

Watson Mrs Frederick J. (Florence 
Helen Pattison 08) 1425 Jack- 
son blvd Chicago 111. 

Watson Mrs Homer (Theia Hardy 
Powers 13) Lyndonville Vt. 

Watson Margaret b.a. 04 (Mrs Thomas 

Watson Olive Beatrice b.a. 10 (Mrs G. W. 

Watson Mrs William Harry (Edith 
Wheeler Kingsbury 04) 
32 Pleasant st. Keene N. H. 

Watters Bertha Alice b.a. 94 (Mrs 
J. L. Tildsley) 

Watters Dorothy b.a. 96 15 Arling- 
ton av. Spuyten Duyvil N. Y. 

Watters Florence Ada b.a. 11 m.a. 13 
Columbia (Mrs C. B. Stuntz) 

Watters Hyla Stowell b.a. 15 

Gammon Theological seminary 
Atlanta Ga. 

Watters Mrs Philip Sidney (Grace 
Catharine Briggs 10) Tenafly N J. 

Watterson Mrs John Sayle (Agnes Hastings 
Gilchrist 01) Hamburg N. Y. 

Watterson Roberta Franc b.l. 93 ph. m. 

95 N. Y. univ. (Mrs Emil 

Wattles Shirley Whiting b.a. 13 

208 Chapman st. Canton 
Watts Ruth Marian b.a. 12 (Mrs John 

Waymoth Ida Josephine b.a. 01 

258 South st. Fitchburg 
Wayne Mrs Glenn H. (Edith Holmes 

Willetts 10) 21 Hillside av. 

Waterbury Ct. 
Wead Eunice b.a. 02 The North- 

umberland Washington D. C. 
Wead Katharine Howes b.a. 09 

The Northumberland Washington 

D. C. 

Weatherhead Helen Rose b.a. 13 

1777 Crawford road Cleveland O. 

Weatherhead Ruth b.a. 15 " 

1777 Crawford road Cleveland O. 

Weathers Mrs Niel Alexander (Edna 
Cushing 04) Short Hills N. J. 

Weatherston Margaret Leslie b.a. 12 
(Mrs A. A. Haskell) 

Weaver Mrs George Frederick (Mil- 
dred Ernestine Baxter 10) 
Deerfield N. Y. 

Weaver Mary Alice b.a. 00 235 White 
st. Springfield 

Webb Charlotte Thruston b.a. 14 
Mrs Robert Kelly jr) 


Webb Ethel Moulton b.a. 99 (Mrs 

R. B. Stone) 
Webb Florence Kathryn b.a. 14 

Spartansburg Pa. 
Webb Miriam Worrell b.l. 96 

1407 Rodney st. Wilmington Del. 
Webber Alice Mary b.a. 03 (Mrs F. P. 


Webber Charlotte b.a. 95 (Mrs C. E. 

Webber Harriet b.a. 09 (Mrs F. G. 

Weber Dorothv b.a. 11 149 P st. Salt Lake 

City Utah 

Weber Eva Martha b.a. 09 496 5th 
st. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Weber Katherine Ruth b.a. 11 (Mrs Walter 

Weber Laura Howard b.a. 14 149 P 
st. Salt Lake City Utah 

Weber Louise Marguerite b.a. 13 (Mrs 
Gilbert Kilduff) 

Webster Elizabeth Howland b.a. 12 
447 Surf st. Chicago 111. 

Webster Mrs John S. (Elizabeth Downing 
Pinkerton 87) Belcamp R. F. D. 

Harford co. Md. 

Webster Laura AngelineB.A. 92 The 
Fairbanks 477 Main st. Orange 

Webster Laura Josephine b.a. 05 m.a. 
11 pd.b. 07 N. Y. state normal col. 

24 Cannon st. Poughkeepsie N. Y. 
Webster Margaret b.a. 08 522 Park 

av. East Orange N. J. 

Webster Marion Cecile b.a. 10 
118 Walker st. Cambridge 

Webster Mildred Frances b.a. 12 (Mrs 
W. D. Kenyon) 

Webster Mrs Roy F. (Ethel May Hub- 
bard 08) Apt B 1 820 Addison 
av. Chicago 111. 

Webster Ruth Emily b.a. 08 

25 Summer st. Haverhill 

Week Edith b.a. 13 247 Rugbv road 
Brooklyn N. Y. 

Wedgewood Mrs G. Russell (Mary Earle Hager 

87) Monticello Minn. 

Weed Mrs Frederic Barker (Marion 

Grace Sisson 13) 104 Cummings 

av. Irvington N. J. 
Weed Mrs Hugh H. C. (Faith Potter 02) 

5825 Clemens av. St Louis Mo. 
Weed Martha Gladvs b.a. 08 (Mrs 

W. B. McAllister) 
Weeden Marie Louise b.l. 03 (Mrs 

W. S. Langford) 

Weeks Florence Henrietta b.a. 12 m.a. 
14 North Berwick Me. 

Weeks Imogene b.l. 93 95 S. Moun- 
tain av. Montclair N. J. 

Weeks Madeleine Philbrick b.a. 15 
Plymouth N. H. 

Weeks Mary b.a. 14 16 Florida st. 

Weeks Mrs Otis (Edith Wolcott Vaille 
04) 1470 Cahoon av. Ogden Utah 

Weems Louise Lee b.a. 11 (Mrs Prentice 

Weidler Clara b.a. 12 (Mrs A. D. 

Weidman Hannah Belle b.a. 92 (Mrs S. M. 

Weidman Mrs John Hvnds (Mary 
Eloise Gallup 06) MarcellusN. Y. 

Weigand Louise Margarethe b.a. 16 

13 Irving st. Jersey City N. J. 
Weil Mrs Arthur William (Selma 

Eisenstadt Altheimer 02) Wood- 
mere Long Island N. Y. 

Weil Gertrude b.l. 01 200 Chest- 

nut st.W. Goldsboro N. C. 

Weil Janet b.a. 14 (Mrs Herbert 

Weil Josephine Marie b.a. 06 50 Central 

park W. New York 

Weil Selma b.l. 02 (Mrs Ludwig Eise- 

Weinberg Mrs J. S. (Clara Winifred 

Heyman 1 1 ) 4538 Drexel blvd 

Chicago 111. 
Welch Jeannette b.a. 07 (Mrs Henry 

Welch Mary Louise b.a. 14 

17 O'Connor av. Holyoke 

Welch Mrs Wilbur Abbott (Bertha Carleton 
04) Clover Leaf canyon Monrovia Cal. 

Weld Mrs Elmer (Margaret Elmendorf 
Duryee 04) 139 E. 36th st. New 

Weld Mabel Rogers b.a. 13 

East River Ct. 
Welles Alice Bradford b.a. 15 

111 Washington st. Hartford Ct. 

Welles Carolyn Aiken b.a. 14 

14 Marshall st. Hartford Ct. 
Welles Margaret b.a. 02 (Mrs R. N. 


Welles Margaret Stanley b.a. 16 
14 Marshall st. Hartford Ct. 

Welles Mary Crowell b.a. 83 PH.D. 04 
Yale Newington Ct. 


Welles Mrs Robert (Muriel Seeley 10) 

Care Mrs A. H. Fuller) 

5208 14th av. N. E. Seattle Wash. 
Wellington Alice Webster b.a. 05 

390 Meridian st. East Boston 
Wellman Marjorie Elizabeth b.a. 16 

11200 Edge water drive Cleveland 


Wells Beulah b.a. 05 (Mrs C. G. Lyman) 
Wells Dorothea b.a. 04 (Mrs P. H. 

Wells Edith Josephine b.a. 16 

71 Washington av. Northampton 

Wells Edith May b.a. 02 m.a. 06 

3305 Baring st. West Philadelphia 

Wells Edna Bowen b.a. 06 (Mrs C. W. 

Wells Mrs George Herbert (Harriet Louisa 

Parsons 86) 815 Broad st. Augusta Ga. 
Wells Grace Cornelia b.a. 14 

Wells Katherine Sturtevant b.a. 10 

69 Garland st. Chelsea 
Wells Marguerite Milton b.l. 95 

230 Oak Grove st. Minneapolis 


Wells Marjorie b.a. 10 (Mrs W. W. Taylor) 

Wells Marlea b.a. 09 (Mrs T. R. Clark) 

Wells Martha Barron b.a. 16 (Mrs 
J. M. Walker) 

Wells Mary Byrd b.a. 97 139 E. 7th 
st. Plainfield N. J. 

Wells Mrs Walter A. (Juanita Emily 
Field 10) 1206 E. 37th st. 

Kansas City Mo. 

Wells Mrs Walter Todd (Mary Peter- 
son 10) Dietrich Idaho 

Wells Mrs William R. (Mildred Douglas Plum- 
mer 11) White Salmon Wash. 

Welsh Clara May b.a. 08 11 High 

st. Hudson 
Welsh Eleanor Frances b.a. 13 

Piermont N. Y. 
Wemple Harriet Leona b.a. 04 (Mrs 

McCormick Smetters) 
Wemple Mrs Holland Russell 

(Margaret Corey Rice 08) 

Waverly 111. 
Wemple Mary Edith b.a. 05 

Waverly 111. 
Wenham Grace Putnam b.l. 94 m.a. 96 

Western Reserve univ. (Mrs W. S. 


Wentworth Beatrice b.a. 14 (Mrs 

F. W. Boye) 
Wentworth Ellen Lang b.a. 88 

2 Lincoln st. Exeter N. H. 

Wentworth Mrs Frank Wesley (Jean 

Baird Pond 05) Yosemite 

av. Berkeley Cal. 
Wentworth Mrs Henry A. (Edith 

Zeruiah Ellis 06) 158 Auburn 

st. Auburndale 
Wentworth Laura Lucille b.a. 12 

2028 3d av. Spokane Wash. 
Wentworth Mrs Philip C. (Avis Ballou 

Canfield 13) East Hiram Me. 

Wentworth Winnifred Edith b.a. 11 
2028 3d av. Spokane Wash. 

Werner Pauline b.a. 14 (Mrs H. A. 

Wesby Maude Earle b.a. 10 

9 Home st. Worcester 
Wesson Marjorie Osborn b.a. 11 

164 Waverly pi. New York 
West Alice b.a. 15 5209 California 

st. Omaha Neb. 
West Mrs David (Blanche Sheffield 

13) 7224 Emerson av. 

S. Minneapolis Minn. 
West Ethel Hebard b.l. 99 (Mrs F. Q. 

West Mrs George Whitfield (Alice Eline Theo- 
dora Johnson 03) 714 King3ley drive 

Los Angeles Cal. 

West Louise Ashley b.a. 11 (Mrs J. M. 

West Louise Bronson b.l. 02 

Route A Monrovia Cal. 
West Mary Jackson b.a. 10 Wil- 
mington O. 
Westcott Laura Johnson b.a. 02 

152 N. Scoville av. Oak Park 111. 
Westcott Martha Woodward b.a. 12 

(Mrs F. B. Davis) 
Westcott Mrs William Read (Sophia 

Lord Burnham 04) 

12 S. Broadway Irvington-on-Hud- 

son N. Y. 

Westerfield Mrs William Rogers (Flor- 
ence Ketchum 99) _ 480 Park 
st. Upper Montclair N. J. 

Westermann Mrs Bernard (Miriam Alma 
Myers 08) Hotel Bellevue San Fran- 
cisco Cal. 

Westinghouse Harriet Anna b.l. 99 

(Mrs C. W. Stone) 
Weston Grace b.a. 91 276 Franklin 

st. Newton' . '•" 
Weston Irma Delight b.a. 09 

102 Sunset av. Dayton O. 
Weston Julia Carolyn b.l. 00 (Mrs 

John McWilliams jr) 

*Westwood Elizabeth Howard b.a. 03 
d. 26 Jl 15 


Wetherbee Netta Elizabeth b.a. 80 

(Mrs E. W. Higbee) 
Whaley Bessie Roselle b.a. 15 

Dale N. Y. 
Whaley Mary Ruth b. a. 13 

Dale N. Y. 
Wham Mary b.a. 06 McMillan 

hall Washington university St 

Louis Mo. 

Wharton Mrs William R. M. (Grace Christian 
08) 16 Dartmouth av. University 

City Mo. 

Wheeler Alice Mann b.l. 95 (Mrs A. P. 

Wheeler Alice Moore b.a. 05 pd.b. 06 

N. Y. state normal col. 

165 North st. Auburn N. Y. 
Wheeler Beatrice Wavell b.a. 16 

36 W. Passaic av. Rutherford N. J. 
Wheeler Bessie Kirk b.a. 12 

Stratford Ct. 
Wheeler Blanche Emily b.l. 92 (Mrs 

E. F. Williams) 

Wheeler Edith Helen b.a. 96 m.a. 02 
Radcliffe (Mrs E. P. Ripley) 

Wheeler Elizabeth b.a. 16 

413 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Wheeler Elizabeth Anna b.l. 94 (Mrs 

F. A. Hubbard) 

Wheeler Frances b.a. 93 (Mrs James 

Wheeler Frances Elizabeth b.a. 99 Moses 
Brown school Hope st. Providence R. I. 

Wheeler Mrs Frank E. (Florence Lillie 

98) 29 Washington road 

Wheeler Mrs Harry K. (Lilian DuBois 

88) 4333 Willowbrook av. 

Los Angeles Cal. 

Wheeler Mrs Harry Maynard (Alice Jeannette 
Walton 08) Wakefield 

Wheeler Jane Barker b.a. 09 (Mrs R. L. 

Wheeler Mrs John M. (Julia Warren 
Smith 02) 90 Morningside drive 
New York 

Wheeler Leola b.a. 07 Avilla Mo. 

Wheeler Mrs Leonard (Elizabeth Ban- 
croft Cheever 85) 12 Chestnut 
st. Worcester 

Wheeler Mrs Louis A. (Carolyn Mal- 
bone Fuller 03) Venture 
farm R. F. D. 3 Bristol Ct. 

Wheeler Lucia Anna b.a. 91 m.d. 98 
Woman's med. col. of Pa. 
State asylum Wernersville Pa. 

Wheeler Lucia Mae b.s. 98 (Mrs L A. 

Wheeler Lucy May b.a. 98 (Mrs J. F. Brown jr) 

Wheeler Mabel Eager b.l. 00 (Mrs A. L. 


Wheeler Mary Abbie b.a. 96 (Mrs J. E. Spen- 

Wheeler Mary Alice b.a. 06 (Mrs W. C. 

Wheelock Annie Atchinson b.a. 09 

(Mrs D. G. Robbins) 
Wheelock Gladys Irene b.a. 12 (Mrs 

J. C. Bogue) 
Wheelock Helen Margaret b.a. 16 

1346 N. Delaware st. Indianapolis 


Whidden Rachel b.a. 13 (Mrs R. R. 

Whipple Bertha Kingsbury b.a. 03 

Fitzwilliam Depot N. H. 
Whipple Mrs Howard Gregory 

(Eugenia Valeska Fink 12) 

Turlock Cal. 
Whipple Mrs Robert Lee (Mildred 

Dean Jenks 05) 17 Claremont 

st. Worcester 

Whipple Mrs (Shipman) (Carolyn Shipman 92 

106 E. 52d st. New York 
Whitaker Anna b.a. 09 219 Spruce 

st. San Francisco Cal. 

Whitaker Mrs Chester Leland (Louise Dodge 
05) 443 Homestead av. Mt Vernon 

N. Y. 

Whitaker Mrs Hobart Karl (Ellen 
Maria Comins 91) 23 Cedar 
st. Northampton 

*Whitcomb Carrie May b.a. 85 d. 5 Jl 93 

Whitcomb Ethel Winifred b.a. 00 (Mrs F. D. 

Whitcomb Helen May b.a. 08 

2 Belmont st. Lowell 
Whitcomb Mary Sheaf er b.l. 00 (Mrs 

A. H. Clark) 

Whitcomb Mrs Philip W. (Gertrude Valerie 
McClintock 10) Osborn road 

Walton-on-Thames England 

White Mrs Alden Perley (Jessie Carter 

87) 3 Federal court Salem 

White Mrs Allan Hubbard (Blanche 

Virgilia Hixson 14) 1 Griswold 

st. Meriden Ct. 
White Annie M'ell b.a. 16 

Walton N. Y. 
White Bessie Mae b.a. 13 

1823 E. 75th st. Cleveland O. 
White Bessie Matilda b.a. 07 

140 Dharamtala st. Calcutta India 
White Charlotte Florence b.l. 97 (Mrs 

J. G. Talcott) 
White Charlotte Helen b.l. 98 (Mrs G. W. 


White Dorothy Louise b.a. 11 

140 Prospect st. Ridgewood N. J. 


White Mrs Eliot (Mabel Reynolds 
Moore 94) Mahwah N. J. 

White Florence Cora b.l. 00 154 Winthrop 
st. Medford Hillside 

White Frances Mary b . A. 00 10 South 

st. Walton N. Y. 
White Mrs Frederick G. (Harriet 

Webber 09) Brentford hall 

White Grace Grosvenor b.a. 89 

319 Tappan st. Brookline 
White Hannah Hastings b.a. 14 

33 Hollywood st. Worcester 

*White Harriet May b.a. 86 m.a. 94 Brown 
(Mrs H. A. Blake) d. 16 Je 16 

White Mrs Henry Wellington (Edith 

Florence Montague 97) 246 N. 

Oxford st. Hartford Ct. 
White Mrs Howell North (Eleanor 

Schureman Davidson 01) 75 N . 

Franklin st. Pottstown Pa. 

White Louise Mary b.a. 12 

57 W. 75th st. New York 

White Margaret Evelyn b.a. 15 
4 Parmley pi. Summit N. J. 

White Margaret Wilhelmina b.a. 15 
436 S. Idaho st. Dillon Mon. 

White Marguerite Helen b.a. 16 

49 Western av. Brattleboro Vt. 
White Mary Avery b.a. 83 m.a. 88 

319 Tappan st. Brookline 
White Maude Lucy b.a. 99 m.a. 06 

Columbia 312 Woodward a v. 

Kalamazoo Mich. 

White Ruth Dickinson b.a. 98 (Mrs A. H. 

Whitehead Dorothv Prescott b.a. 14 
507 Porter av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Whitfield Inez Harrington b.l. 89 Milton 
hotel 421 Park av. Hot Springs Ark. 

Whitford Mrs Robert C. (Mildred 

Marie Sykes 15) University 

of Illinois Urbana 111. 
Whitin Elizabeth Klock b.l. 02 (Mrs 

L. M. Keeler) 
Whitin Florence b.l. 00 (Mrs The- 

ophilus Parsons) 
Whitin Katharine Leland b.a. 10 (Mrs 

Kent Swift) 
Whiting Florence May b.l. 97 (Mrs 

C. M. Grover) 
Whiting Mrs George William Carlyle 

(Elizabeth Sweet 11) Care War 

dept U. S. A. Washington D. C. 

Whiting Grace b.a. 97 (Mrs D. E. 

Whitley Dorothy b.a. 12 (Mrs F. D. 

Whitman Mrs Arthur Dudley (Ellen 
Allwell Irwin 13) 72 Brigham 
st. New Bedford 

Whitman Edith b.a. 08 105 S. Main 
st. Middleboro 

Whitman Elaine Shefiield b.a. 10 109 Walnut 
av. Boston 

Whitman Helen b.a. 16 1334 Asbury 

av. Evanston 111. 
Whitman Helen Hobart b.l. 93 (Mrs 

K. W. Walker) 

Whitman Mabel b.l. 93 Amherst 

Whitman Mrs Russell (Alice Mason 
Miller 83) 1334 Asbury av. 
Evanston 111. 

Whitman Sarah Nason b.a. 99 
12 Central st. West Roxbury 

Whitmore Mrs William Wallace (Stella 

Rennie Eldred 00) 1 103 Fell av. 

Bloomington 111. 
Whitney Ednah Augusta b.a. 10 (Mrs 

H. T. Gerrish) 
Whitney Elizabeth Fay b.l. 00 

800 Whitney av. New Haven Ct. 

Whitney Florence Allen b.l. 00 (Mrs 
H. E. Fosdick) 

Whitney Mrs Howard Rogers (Mary Alice 
Perry 05) 5 Blaine av. Springfield 

Whitney Josephine Learning b.a. 09 
(Mrs Boyd Nixon) 

Whitney Katharine b . a. 1 1 2412 Har- 
riet av. Minneapolis Minn. 

Whitney Mrs Laurence Haines (Fran- 
ces Taylor 07 ) 72 Commonwealth 
av. Pittsfield 

Whitney Mrs Ralph H. (Alma Ethel Reed 03) 
36 Verndale st. Brookline 

Whitney Ruth Louise b.a. 14 15 Stan- 
ley pi. Yonkers N. Y. 

Whitney Mrs Warren Appleton 
(Eleanor Hinkley Brown 05) 
15 Trowbridge road Worcester 

Whitney Mrs William A. (Gertrude Holbrook 
Churchill 99) 131 Osgood st. South 

Whiton Helen Isabel b.a. 94 m.a. 97 
ph.d. 98 Columbia 65 W. 

127th st. New York 

Whiton Helen King b.a. 10 

71 Williams st. New London Ct. 

Whiton Mary Bartlett b.a. 79 River- - 
dale-on-Hudson New York 

Whittelsey Anna Horton b.a. 09 
1368 Irving st. Washington D. C. 


Whittelsey Louise b.l. 01 142 Gor- 
donhurst av. Upper Montclair N.J. 

Whittelsey Mrs Theodore W. (Winifred Marsh 
03) 142 Gordonhurst av. Upper 
Montclair N. J. 

Whittemore Mrs Harry Weston (Mary 

Bentley Eastman 94) 

Tufts College 
Whitten Helen Frances b.a. 84 

283 Beech st. Holyoke 
Whittington Amy b.l. 95 (Mrs G. M. 

Whitton Mrs W. H. (Mary Royce 

Ormsbee 07) 39 E. 10th st. 

New York 
Whyte Mrs Jessel C. (Ruth Johnson 

13) Kenosha Wis. 

Wiard Grace Louise b.l. 97 b.m. 98 

(Mrs A. E. Young) 
Wicker Lucy Southworth b.a. 02 

189 Lenox av. New York 

Wickersham Mrs William F. (Winona Bell 
Crew 90) Kennett Square Pa. 

Wickham Cora Taber b.a. 16 
153 W. Main st. Norwalk O. 

Wickham Mrs Robert S. (Eloise Came- 
ron Carpenter 95) 129 Murray 
st. Binghamton N. Y. 

Wicks Helen Davis b.a. 08 m.a. 09 
Columbia Huntington 
Long Island N. Y. 

Wicks Ruth Egert b.a. 08 

124 Jewett av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Wiggin Annie b.a. 09 244 Spring 
st. New York 

Wiggin Charlotte Monroe b.a. 08 
130 E. 24th st. New York 

Wiggin Deborah Allen b.l. 99 (Mrs 
F. W. Plummer) 

Wiggin Mary Isabelle b.a. 06 
Newfields N. H. 

Wiggin Mildred b.a. 06 24 Craw- 
ford st. Roxbury 

Wiggin Pauline Gertrude b.l. 90 m.a. 
95 Radcliffe b.l.s. 02 N. Y. state 
lib. sch. (Mrs W. J. Leonard) 

Wiggins Carrie Elva b.a. 08 Woodbury N. J. 
Wiggins Inez Louise b.a. 01 m.a. 07 Cornell 
Warsaw N. Y. 

Wiggins Mabel Emma b.a. 08 (Mrs 

J. G. Cochrane) 
Wight Gwendolen Ross b.a. 08 (Mrs 

H. P. Newton) 

Wight Isabel Caldwell b.l. 03 (Mrs F. K. 

Wightman Mrs Alfred G. (Helen 
Christine Pease 02) 635 Sum- 
mer st. Kalamazoo Mich. 

Wilbar Katherine Latham b.a. 11 (Mrs 

G. B. Utter) 
Wilber Laura Elizabeth b.a. 11 

Bishop pi. New Brunswick N. J. 

Wilber Margie Estelle b.a. 13 
Hobart N. Y. 

Wilbur Florence b.l. 03 387 Wayland 

av. Providence R. I. 

Wilcox Carra Emma b.l. 91 
5 Walton st. Dorchester 

Wilcox Florence Edna b.l. 99 25 Everett 
st. Melrose 

Wilcox Helen May b.a. 13 Milford Ct. 

Wilcox Mrs Lucian T. (Jane Steele 
Hamilton 07) 1810 Ridge- 

wood terrace Cedar Rapids la. 

Wilcox Mrs William Craig (Mary 
Frances De Vol 88) 629 N. 

Dubuque st. Iowa City la. 

*Wilcoxen Jennie Sarah b.l. 88 ph.b. 99 
N . Y. state normal col. d. 6 D 03 

Wild Eleanor Everest b.a. 16 

291 Clinton av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

Wild Laura Huldah b.a. 92 b.d. 96 
Hartford theol. sem. 
Lake Erie college Painesville O. 

Wild Mrs Prescott Franklin (Louise 

Estelle Marden 10) 

46 Browning road Winter Hill 
Wilde Mrs Allan Hoyt (Myrtle Lydia 

Kimball 98) Georgetown 

Wilder Mrs Arthur Silas (Ella Caroline 
Abbot 89) Box 70 R. F. D. 

Sterling Junction 

Wilder Bertha Frances b.l. 94 26 Exchange 
pi. Port Chester N. Y. 

Wilder Constance Perley b.a. 95 
53 Fairmont av. Newton 

Wilder Ena Vinal b.l. 00 (Mrs H. M. 

Wilder Margaret Guild b.a. 01 
53 Fairmont av. Newton 

Wilder Mary Clement b.l. 00 (Mrs 

E. E. Kent) 
Wilder Matilda Sewell b.a. 91 (Mrs 

M. S. Brooks) 
Wilds Elizabeth Piatt b.a. 10 

Middlebury Vt. 
Wilds Sophie Emeline b.a. 07 

Middlebury Vt. 

Wiley Mary Elinor b.a. 00 (Mrs F. D. Thayer) 

Wilkin Josephine Dunlap b.a. 95 
51 Park av. Jamaica N. Y. 

*Wilkinson Charlotte b.l. 94 m.a. 97 
(Mrs Claude Bragdon) d. Ja 08 


Wilkinson Mrs Howard S. (Helen 
Adams Treadwell 07) 25 Strat- 
ford st. West Roxbury 

Wilkinson Katharine May b.l. 97 
353 W. 57th st. New York 

Wilkinson Margaret Ewing b.l. 99 
(Mrs C. T. Malcolmson) 

Wilkinson Mrs R. Herbert (Mary 
Esther Walton 00) Perkins- 
wood Warren O. 

Will Mrs Roland Tracy (Gretchen 
Moore 08) 1339 State av. 

Coraopolis Pa. 

Will Mrs Walter (Pearl Evelyn LeVeque 10) 
113 W. Ohio st. Marquette Mich. 

Willard Abby Gregory b.a. 83 

Colchester Ct. 
Willard Charlotte Richards b.a. 83 

American school for girls Mar- 

sovan Turkey-in-Asia 
Willard Elisa May b.a. 94 

Carnegie library Pittsburgh Pa. 
Willard Ethel Adelaide b.a. 07 (Mrs H. F. 


Willard Mary Frances b.a. 90 
1526 Fargo av. Chicago 111. 

Willard Mary Gerrish b.a. 14 
76 Chandler av. Detroit Mich. 

Willard Mrs Nelson W. (Frances Pay- 
son Ripley 97) Riverside 111. 

Willcox Mrs Donald Denison (Alice 
Ruth Woodruff 09) 97 Linden 
st. New Haven Ct. 

Willcox Florence Estelle b.a. 13 
519 Grand av. Hackettstown N. J. 

Willett Mrs Allan Herbert (Mabel 
Hurd 95) Glenshaw Allegheny 
co. Pa. 

Willetts Edith Holmes b.a. 10 (Mrs 

G. H. Wayne) 

Williams Adeline b.a. 11 328 Union 

st. Springfield 
Williams Mrs Alexander (Anna Louise 

Palmer 79) Cohasset 
Williams Bessie Hastings b.a. 93 (Mrs 

A. H. Lewis) 
Williams Catherine b.a. 13 

. 403 E. Arch st. Marquette Mich. 
Williams Mrs Chester F. (Helen Sophia Harris 
98) 12 Claflin st. Milford 

Williams Clara Louise b.s. 87 60 Lorraine 

st. Hartford Ct. 

Williams Cora May b.a. 83 Newark 

Wayne co. N. Y. 
Williams Dorothy Eunice b.a. 14 (Mrs 

H. M. Hughes) 

Williams Edith Cadwallader b.a. 97 

Lasell seminary Auburndale 
Williams Edith Louise b.a. 12 

164 Riverside drive New York 
Williams Mrs Edward Christopher 

(Ethel Perry Chesnutt 01) Care 

Prof. E. C. Williams M st. high 

school Washington D. C. 
Williams Eleanor Mary Shevis b.a. 11 

(Mrs A. C. Vandiver) 
Williams Elizabeth Sprague b.s. 91 

m.a. 96 Columbia 95 Riv- 

ington st. New York 
Williams Ellen Elizabeth b.a. 15 

Hotel Beaconsfield Brookline 
Williams Elsie Jane b.a. 13 

308 Farm st. Ithaca N. Y. 
Williams Mrs Emile Francis (Blanche 

Emily Wheeler 92) 12 Reser- 
voir st. Cambridge 
Williams Emily Marshall b.a. 16 

221 North st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Williams Florence Adelaide b.a. 87 

19 Arch st. Providence R. I. 
Williams Mrs George Bassett (Lora 

Wright 05) 5514 East End 

av. Chicago 111. 
Williams Harriet At wood b.a. 98 (Mrs 

C. A. De Rose) 

Williams Helen Rachel b.a. 92 Canton 

Williams Mrs Herbert Frith (Mary 
Southworth 99) Monroeville 
Huron co. O. 

Williams Mrs Howard D. (Margaret 
Benton Clark 11) 374 Wads- 
worth av. New York 

Williams Kate Mallory b.l. 96 (Mrs 
H. P. Moseley) 

Williams Margaretta Raymond b.a. 11 
223 Chelsea av. Long Branch N. J. 

Williams Marjorie Lurline b.a. 13 

Hillyard Wash. 
Williams Mary Louise b.l. 95 

2205 Lincoln st. Evanston 111. 
Williams May Adeline b.a. 09 

19 Adams st. Brockport N. Y. 
Williams Mildred Claire b.a. 10 

40 College st. Brockport N. Y. 
Williams Mrs Nathan W. (Annie 

Maria Buffum 01) 

3800 Broadway New York 
Williams Olive b.a. 12 54 Irving 

pi. Buffalo N. Y. 
Williams Mrs Paul Benjamin (Elsie 

Marie Frederiksen 12) Care 

National Lawn Tennis assn 20 

Broad st. New York 


Williams Mrs Robert (Mary Ellen 

Baird 91) 115 Linwood av. 

Buffalo N. Y. 
Williams Mrs Robert Gregory (Annie 

Louise Torrey 00) Barre 
Williams Mrs Robert L. (Elizabeth 

Dunton Clarke 05) 

70 Waban Hill road Chestnut Hill 
Williams Ruth b.a. 15 

Fayetteville N. Y. 

Williams Sarah Holbrook b.a. 94 
Walnut st. Brookline 

Williams Winifred b.a. 09 (Mrs W. G. 

Williamson Mrs Arthur P. (Edna Bulkley 
Wood 07) 2934 Hampshire road 

Cleveland O. 

Williamson Clara Roulstone b.a. 13 

Willis Edna b.a. 08 47 Wheatland av. 


Willis Mrs Grenville Norcott (Florence 
Emily Ripley (3) 167 W 

Housatonic st. Pittsfield 

Willis Hope b.a. 07 (Mrs S. H. Rath- 

Willis Ruth Franklin b.a. 14 

9 Vincent st. Cambridge 
Williston Agnes Louise b.l. 93 

46 Capen st. Hartford Ct. 
Williston Constance Bigelow b.l. 95 

15 Berkeley st. Cambridge 
Williston Elizabeth b.l. 93 (Mrs H. S. 


Willmer Amy b.a. 81 (Mrs C. K. 

Willson Marjorie Butler b.a. 13 
Wharton Tex. 

Wilmot Marion Elsie b.a. 10 134 Summit 

av. Redlands Cal. 
Wilmot Sarah b.a. 16 

508 Stratford av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Wilner Dorothy Edith b.a. 13 

164 Woodward av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Wilson Anna Mary b.a. 06 (Mrs W. R. 

Wilson Mrs Arthur G. (Louisa Frances Spear 

12) 9 Fairmount st. Tufts College 

Wilson Elizabeth b.a. 12 

Gorham Me. 
Wilson Elizabeth Sophia b.a. 01 

Churchville Buchs co. Pa. 
Wilson Ethel Frambes b.a. 11 

House of Seven gables Salem 
Wilson Ethel Somers b.a. 10 (Mrs 

F. D. Lyman) 

Wilson Mrs F. Dudley (Ethel Winifred Whit- 
comb 00) 2215 Burdette st. New 
Orleans La. 

Wilson Genevieve b.a. 12 

502 N. I st. Tacoma Wash. 

Wilson Mrs George Bennett (Helen 
Turner Lewis 98) 
1002 Main st. Racine Wis. 

Wilson Gertrude Elizabeth b.a. 10 (Mrs Whit- 
ney Merrill) 

Wilson Mrs Herbert C. (Blanche 
Elizabeth Barnes 02) 
22 Berwick st. Worcester 

Wilson Jane b.a. 99 161 N. 23d 
st. Portland Ore. 

Wilson Jane b.a. 05 1160 Broadway 

West Somerville 

Wilson Jane Abby b.a. 15 45 Marcy 
av. East Orange N. J. 

Wilson Jean Shaw b.a. 01 832 N. Lincoln 
av. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Wilson Mrs John (Emma Heywood 
Otis 02) 17 Broadway Bangor 

Wilson Mrs John David (Anna Adele 

Streibich 10) 860 Moss av. 

Peoria 111. 
Wilson Mrs Luke I. (Helen Clifton 

Woodward 97) 1513 Hinman 

av. Evanston 111. 
Wilson Mabel Cynthia b.l. 03 Palatka Fla. 

Wilson Martha b.l. 95 

1450 Dearborn av. Chicago 111. 
Wilson Mary Elizabeth b.l. 91 m.l. 96 

Univ. of Cal. Miss Head's school 

2538 Channing way Berkeley Cal. 
Wilson Mary Sherman b.a. 06 (Mrs 

J. S. Perry) 
Wilson Mildred Willcox b.a. 08 

640 N. 32d st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Wilson Mira Bigelow b.a. 14 

61 Anderson st. Boston 
Wilson Pearl Adelaide b.l. 97 (Mrs 

G. C. Pier) 
Wilson Ruth b.a. 01 (Mrs G. M. B. Hawley) 
Wilson Ruth Agnes b.a. 13 

95 Broad st. Middletown Ct. 

Wilson Mrs Samuel F. (Delia Almira Hastings 
03) Palmer 

Wilson Mrs Thomas William (Anna 

Beatrice Levi 00) 

584 Franklin st. Buffalo N. Y. 
Winans Mary Grumman b.a. 10 

Princeton N. J. 
Winants Ona Lorene b.a. 01 (Mrs 

W. P. Borland) 

Winch Mrs Moses Anthony (Florence Emily 
Piper 97) East Templeton 

Winchell Mrs Raymond L. (Grace Baxter 
Tobey 99) Box 38 Santa Barbara Cal. 

Winchester Mrs Benjamin Severance 
(Pearl Adair Gunn 95) Elm 
st. Concord 


Winchester Emma Jane b.a. 00 (Mrs R. H. 

Winchester Mrs George Wesley (Flora 

Clapp Clark 96) 

1411 Blue Hill av. Mattapan 
Winchester Una b.a. 04 (Mrs H. C. 

Windle Mrs Owen Buryl (Helen Laura Hibberd 

08) 317 N. Scott st. South Bend Ind. 

Wing Adeline Flint b.l. 98 

412 State st. Bangor Me. 
Wing Caroline Roberta b.a. 96 

412 State st. Bangor Me. 
Wing Dorothy b.a. 12 

Fort Edward N. Y. 
Wing Helen Savory b.a. 09 

193 Quincy st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Wing Katharine McKie b.a. 05 

Fort Edward N. Y. 
Wing Mrs Lucius A. (Amy King 

Everett 08 ) 116 E. 63d st. 

New York 
Wingate Gladys Isabel b.a. 08 

43 Granite st. Nashua N. H. 
Winholt Hildur b . a. 14 Lake Villa 111. 

Winkler Marion Wolcott b.l. 00 (Mrs W. V. 

Winship Charlotte Elizabeth b.l. 97 

19 Warren st. Winchester 
Winslow Dorothy Scott b.a. 07 

2628 Hampden court Chicago 111. 
Winslow Mrs Guy Monroe (Clara 

Mellona Austin 99) 

145 Woodland road Auburndale 
Winslow Mina Louise b.a. 13 

1004 Oakland av. Ann Arbor 


Winslow Virginia b.a. 09 (Mrs E. A. Smith) 
Winsor Harriet Bartlett b.l. 98 

175 Forest Park av. Springfield 
Winter Mrs Dwight Randall (Mar- 
guerite Scott 10) 

36 Buckingham st. Springfield 
Winterburn Olive' Emily b.a. 15 

104 Riverside drive New York 
Winthrop Louise Cummings b.a. 09 

(Mrs G. D. Grannis 2d) 
Wintringham Frances Manning b.a. 09 

168 Hicks st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Winward Helen Bufiinton b.a. 08 (Mrs 

M. R. Brown) 

Winward Leonora Eugene b.a. 07 The 
Beverly Tompkins av. New Brighton N.Y. 

Winwood Mrs George Moody jr (Jane 
Culbertson Martin 11) 740 N. 
Limestone st. Springfield O. 

Wise Mrs Arthur Chamberlin (Marion Strong 
Somers 99) Hingham 

Wiseman Mrs Mark Huntington 
(Gwendolyn Robbins Lowe 12) 
1334 Washington st. West Newton 

Wishar Mrs Louis B. (Sarah Huntington 
86) 477 29th st. Oakland Cal. 

Wiswall Mrs Augustus C. (Alice 
Frances Griffiths 13) 15 White 
av. Wakefield 

Witham Rose Adelaide B.A. 95 
15 Westport av. Kansas City Mo. 

Witherbee Mrs Barrett Hanson (Edna 
Louise Schell 08) 
1 W. 102d st. New York 

Witmer . Helen b.a. 01 (Mrs G. S. 

Woermann Mrs Frederick C. (Lucia 
Coyle Dewey 02) 
5146 Cates av. St Louis Mo. 

Wohlgemuth Mrs Edward Jay (Stella 
Elizabeth Goss 02) 937 Lexing- 
ton av. Avondale Cincinnati O. 

*Wolcott Charlotte Augusta b.a. 86 (Mrs C. F. 
Bates) d. 16 Ap 12 

Wolcott Clara Gertrude b.a. 83 

Wolcott Grace Comins b.a. 95 (Mrs 

F. W. Duryea) 
Wolcott Helen Libby b.a. 92 

Wethersfield Ct. 
Wolf Dorothy Louise b.a. 15 (Mrs 

C. O. M. Sprague) 
Wolfe Georgia b.a. 13 (Mrs Edward 

Roth jr) 
Wolfs Helen Jane b.a. 12 

915 S. 16th st. Newark N. J. 
Wolfs Marie Leonie b.a. 08 m.a. 10 

Columbia 915 S. 16th st. 

Newark N. J. 
Wolle Helen Seiberling b.a. 07 

100 Mayfield av. Akron O. 
W^onson Alice Manton b.a. 90 (Mrs 

G. D. Sanders) 

Wood Mrs Albert Norton (Edith 
Elmer 90) Care Navy dept 

Washington D. C. 

Wood Alice Dewey b.l. 94 
8 Alcott st. Allston . . 

Wood Edna Bulkley b.a. 07 (Mrs A. P. William- 

Wood Mrs Edward Everett jr (Ella 
Florence Eames 83) 
309 Elm st. Northampton 

Wood Eleanor Muriel b.a. 16 

30 Hubbard park Cambridge 

Wood Elizabeth b.l. 00 (Mrs J. E. Hays) 

Wood Elizabeth Marshall b.a. 09 

Southern seminary Buena Vista Va. 


Wood Mrs George H. (Virginia Peirce 

10) 25 Schantz av. Dayton O. 
Wood Gladys b.a. 08 

141 Newbury st. Boston 
Wood Gladys Fay b.a. 15 

29 Abbot st. Dorchester 
Wood Mrs Hamilton Brooks (Helen 

Osgood Bradley 10) 

51 Institute road Worcester 
Wood Mrs Josiah F. (Sadie Dora Allen 

08) Terryville Ct. 

Wood Katherine Warner b.a. 14 

2742 Main st. Stratford Ct. 

*Wood Laura Aline b.a. 07 d. Ag 08 

Wood Louise b.a. 12 

5535 Clemens av. St Louis Mo. 
Wood Louise b.a. 15 

14 Sterling st. West Newton 
Wood Mabel b.l. 91 (Mrs F. T. Hill) 
Wood Margaret Emily b.a. 16 

534 Glen way av. Wyoming O. 
Wood Margaret Gertrude b.a. 12 

5625 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 
Wood Miriam Wealthy b.a. 16 

Wolcott st. Bristol Ct. 
Wood Mrs Norton Ellsworth (Emily 

Chapin Coye 12) 

Fort Sill Okla. 
Wood Ruth Anne b.a. 12 (Mrs H. J. 


Wood Ruth Goulding b.l. 98 ph.d. 01 

249 Crescent st. Northampton 
Wood Mrs Walter Childs (Ellen Rich 
Davis 86) 

Box 1000 New Canaan Ct. 
Woodberry Ethel Morton b.a. 98 

56 Parsons st. West Newton 
Woodberry Laura Goodwin b.s. 95 

28 Bartlett st. Beverly 
Woodberry Mrs Ronald Sturgis (Amy 

Isabel Smith 11) 

19 Pomfret st. West Roxbury 
Woodbridge Mrs Frederick James 

Eugene (Helena Belle Adams 92) 

Montrose Westchester co. N. Y. 
Woodbridge Margaret Hensley b.a. 13 

2134 N. Delaware st. Indianapolis 


Woodbury Mrs George Whittemore 

(Harriet Eliza Patch 97) 

28 Eastern Point road Gloucester 
Woodbury Georgiana Smith b.a. 85 

21 Washington st. Gloucester 

Woodbury Laura Brown b.l. 03 
51 Baltimore! t. Lynn 

Woodbury Louise b.l. 02 
51 Baltimore st. Lynn 

Woodburv Marion Willard b.a. 05 (Mrs John 

Woodbury Mary b.a. 02 (Mrs Tasker Howard) 

Woodhull Marianna b.a. 87 m.a. 

Concord School for girls Concord 
Woodhull Mrs Schuyler Colfax (Agnes 

Patton 01) 2417 Pillsbury av. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Woodman Esther b.a. 98 (Mrs E. H. 


Woodman Mrs Leon Elmer (Mabel Pauline 
Van Home 01) Orono Me. 

Woodruff Agnes Lloyd b.a. 90 (Mrs F. B. 

Woodruff Alice Ruth b.a. 09 (Mrs 

D. D. Willcox) 

Woodruff Anna Beardsley b.l. 97 

15 Fort st. Auburn N. Y. 
Woodruff Dorothy b.a. 09 

15 Fort st. Auburn N. Y. 
Woodruff Helen Lucy b.l. 99 

Mt Carmel Ct. 
Woodruff Marguerite Elizabeth b.a. 13 

Keene N. H. 
Woodruff Marguerite Louise b.a. 07 

(Mrs G. S. Fowler) 

Woodruff Martha Charlieana b.a. 87 
79 West st. Northampton 

Woods Mrs Charles Herbert (Norma 
Abigail Hoblit 10) 
505 College av. Lincoln 111. 

Woods Mrs Harold Hopkins (Rachael 
Emily Rising 04) 
Hotel Kimball Springfield 

Woods Jeanne b.a. 14 Thorndale Pa. 

Woods Katharine b.a. 07 (Mrs E. N. 

Woods Mrs Robert Archey (Eleanor 
Howard Bush 96) 

16 Bond st. Boston 
Woodward Carrie Belle b.a. 08 

151 Williamson av. Bloomfield N. J. 
Woodward Helen Clifton b.l. 97 (Mrs 

L. I. Wilson) 
Woodward Ida Minette b.a. 83 (Mrs 

E. C. Tracy) 

Woodward Katharine Shepard b.a. 85 
10 West st. Northampton 

Woodward Louise b.a. 83 (Mrs C. H. 

Woodward Margaret b.a. 14 
5 Bluff av. Fitchburg 

Woodward Mrs Roland (Anna Murray Yule 
Curr96) . 

220 Culver road Rochester N. Y. 


Woodward Ruth Margaret b.a. 08 

135 Lloyd av. Providence R. I. 

Woodward Sarah Nicoll b.a. 01 (Mrs 
C. F. McRae) 

Woodworth Mrs Albert Leverett 
(Ethel May Bliss 02) 
69 Pineywoods av. Springfield 

Woodworth Alice b.a. 13 

203 S. 34thst. Omaha Neb. 

Woodworth Mrs Arthur Vernon (Mar- 
garet Kennard 98) 30 Chest- 
nut st. Boston 

Wooldridge Marion Thomson b.a. 16 
Wooldridge Tenn. 

Woolf Lucy Ethel b.a. 07 The 
Prado Ansley park Atlanta Ga. 

Woollen Maria b.a. 93 (Mrs Harlow 

Woolley Carolyn b.a. 11 (Mrs E. T. 

*Woolley Edith Sanford b.a. 02 d. 09 

Woolley Mrs Erving Yale (Mary 

Emily Davis 95) 157 Eugenie st. 

Chicago 111. 
Woolley Mrs Fred F. (Eda May 

Brewer 11) 817 West End av. 

New York 
Woolson Lillian b.a. 94 (Mrs Harry 

Hay ward) 
Woolson Maud Genevieve b.a. 10 

(Mrs W. H. Macurda) 
Woolverton Ethel b.a. 07 (Mrs F. H. 


Worcester Alice Martha b.a. 12 

Piety corner Wdltham 
Worcester Mrs Charles F. (Iva Isa- 

belle Shores 05) Townsend 
Worcester Mrs Edward Strong (Mary 

Greenman 99) 122 Union st. 

Norwich Ct. 
Worden Bertha Anna b.l. 97 

30 Abbott st. Hoosick Falls N. Y. 
Workman Mabel Hyde b.a. 99 (Mrs 

H. S. Lovejoy) 
Works Marion Stella b.a. 04 

973 N. Main st. Rockford 111. 
Worrick Ada Alice b.a. 09 Tully 
Worstell Helen Skinner b.a. 14 

234 W. 113th st. New York 
Worthen Louise Wilcox b.s. 01 

320 Elmwood av. Ithaca N. Y. 
Worthen Mary b.a. 13 (Mrs W. G. 


Worthington Grace Elva b.a. 16 

364 Alexander st. Rochester N. Y. 

Wray Mrs Walter (Helen Harriet 

Parkes Doty 88) 

Box 96 Tustin Cal. 
Wright Alice b.a. 01 230 Oneida 

st. Milwaukee Wis. 
Wright Alice Berry b.a. 04 (Mrs F. H. 


Wright Alice Morgan b.a. 04 

15 Macdougal alley New York 

Wright Annie May b.l. 04 
(Mrs J. A.Munroe) 

Wright Carrie Delia b.a. 10 Colchester Vt. 

Wright Mrs Charles Albert Loring (Lillian 
Albertina Gordon Forbes 97)' 
28 McKnight st. Springfield 

Wright Mrs Chester William (Mary 

Jackson Butler 12) 

445 5th st. Niagara Falls N. Y. 
Wright Christina Cameron b.l. 98 

1472 Clifton st. N. W. Washington 

D. C. 

Wright Elizabeth Boleyn b.a. 82 (Mrs 

A. F. Hatch) 
Wright Elizabeth Curtis b.a. 10 

Y. W. C. A. Erie Pa. 
Wright Elizabeth May b.a. 09 (Mrs H. H. 

Murdock jr) 

Wright Elsie Robinson b.a. 16 
276 South st. Pittsfield 

Wright Mrs Frederick A. (Margaret Griswold 
Cox 97) 11 S. Elliott pi. Brooklyn 

N. Y. 

Wright Helen b.a. 05 

150 Elm st. Northampton 
Wright Helen Ethel b.a. 00 

230 Oneida st. Milwaukee Wis. 
Wright Helen Russell b.a. 12 

1424 Elinor pi. Evanston 111. 
*Wright Mrs Herbert W. (Annie 

Florence Robinson 91) 

d. 16 S 14 
Wright Mrs Howard H. P. (Florence 

Ethel Peirce 00) 18 Harrison 

st. Winchester 
*Wright Mrs John A. (Ella Maranda 

McKeown 82) d. 8 S 95 

Wright Mrs John Leslie (Grace 

Mildred Stevens 93) 

22 Circuit av. Newton Highlands 
Wright Mrs Lawson Wesley (Josephine 

Fellows Tripp 11) 1014 Main 

st. Evanston 111. 
Wright Lora b.a. 05 (Mrs G. B. Wil- 

Wright Lucy Fitts b.a. 86 (Mrs Dana 

Wright Martha Leola b.a. 95 

19 Clark av. Northampton 


Wright Mrs Raymond Garfield (Elizabeth 
McPherson 07) 903 Boylston st. 

Seattle Wash. 

*Wuichet Frances b.l. 95 (Mrs M. H. Mathews) 
d. 16 N 07 

Wurster Carolyn Schubert b.a. 00 (Mrs R. I. 

Wyatt Mabel Preston b.l. 93 (Mrs H. B. 

Wyckoff Anna Statesir b.a. 90 j.d. and 

ll.b. 16 New York univ. 

95 Clinton av. Jamaica N. Y. 
Wyckoff Mrs Charles Sterling (Harriet 

Burr Day 90) Walton N. Y. 
Wyeth Ellen Ashton b.a. 14 

728 N. 25th st. St Joseph Mo. 
Wyeth Hazel b.a. 16 182 Roseville 

av. Newark N. J. 
Wyeth Sara Campbell b.a. 13 

728 N. 25th st. St Joseph Mo. 

Wylie Mrs Edgar Blaisdell (Ella Gertrude 
Hulbert 86) Whitman college 

Walla Walla Wash. 

Wyman Edith Louise b.a. 03 (Mrs C. 
E. Rolfe) 

Wyman Esther Mariel b.a. 11 129 Lake 
st. Arlington 

Wyman Gladys b.a. 13 67 Temple 

st. West Newton 
Wyman Helen b.a. 14 14 Elm st. 

Wellesley Hills 
Wyman Helen Lydia b.a. 94 

49 Roxbury st. Keene N. H. 
Wynne Mrs Roland E. (May Wallace 

Brooks 14) N. S. P. H. 

service Washington D. C. 


Yale Florence Louise b.a. 11 

Brewster N. Y. 
Yale Gertrude b.a. 83 (Mrs Godfrey 


Yantis Mrs Aubrey L. (Josephine 
Elizabeth Frawley 10) Shelby- 
ville 111. 

Yates Mrs Herbert L. (Cora Maria 

Stiles 13) 789 State st. 

Yates Mrs Sheldon Smith (Edith 

Louise Cutter 10) Spring lane 

Englewood N. J. 
Yeaw Faith Leone b.a. 13 

East Dover Vt. 
Yeaw Fannie Josephine b.a. 01 

50 Greenbrier st. Dorchester 
Yeaw Marian Chandler b.a. 11 

329 Hartford road South Orange 

Yeaw Rua Louise b.a. 10 3 School 
st. Brattleboro Vt. 

Yeomans Mrs George Dallas (Mav Baldwin 
Stoddard 92) The Marigolds Cedar- 
hurst Long Island N. Y. 

Yeomans Mrs Nathaniel Tracy (Edna 

McCloud Perry 07) 53 Lorel 

av. Chicago 111. 
Yereance Jeannie Quincy b.a. 14 

418 Center st. South Orange N. J. 
Yocum Mrs John Hanna (Florence 

Knapp 97) 16 Hawthorne av. 

East Orange N. J. 
Young Anna Rachel b.a. 16 

Saugerties N. Y. 
Young Annie Horton b.a. 96 (Mrs W. 

R. Copeland) 
Young Mrs Archer Everett (Grace 

Louise Wiard 97) 622 N. Main 

st. Oxford O. 
Young Mrs Donald Brooks (Helen 

Hartwell Sewall 13) 29 Coburn 

av. Worcester 
Young Dorothy Amy b.a. 02 

908 DeGraw av. Newark N. J. 
Young Edith Marguerite b.a. 13 

179 Lynn st. Peabody 
Young Elizabeth Laird b.a. 07 

1 Belvidere pi. Montclair N. J. 
Young Ethel Fanning b.a. 05 

Huntington Long Island N. Y. 
Young Georgia Emma b.a. 16 

8 Everett av. Winchester 
Young Mrs James Watts (Anne Chap- 
man Gregory 04) 58 Townsend 

st. Roxbury 
Young Mary Louise b.a. 08 (Mrs O. A. 


Young Maude Aleine b.a. 12 
Church st. Yalesville Ct. 

Young Mrs Percy Sacret (Grace Whit- 
ing Mason 02) 830 Lake st. 
Newark N. J. 

Young Mrs Thomas Baker (Grace Gordon 03) 
Davis road Llanerch Pa. 

Young Mrs Walter Harris (Nellie Gray 89) 
St Johnsbury Vt. 

Young Willie Ramsey b.a. 09 901 S. Tryon 
st. Charlotte N. C. 

Yount Agnes Ramsey b.a. 15 
Sayles park Cincinnati O. 


Zabriskie Orlena Adeline b.a. 08 (Mrs 
Herbert Scoville) 

Zantzinger Mrs William H. (Charlotte Eliza- 
beth Hungerford 85) 11 W. 84th st. 
New York 

Zeiger Mrs Franklin (Elizabeth Caroline Bedell 
99) 20 N. Mountain av. Montclair N. J. 

Zens Alta b.a. 03 (Mrs J. J. Vineyard) 


Ziesmer Mrs Raymond (Mabel Beaver 
12) Northfield Minn. 

Zimmer Freda b.a. 12 (Mrs B. E. 

Zimmerman Elizabeth Ann b.a. 14 

721 Main st. Stroudsburg Pa. 

Zimmermann Mrs William F. jr (Susan 
Hamill Phelps 12) 369 Ridge 
av. Winnetka 111. 

Zink Grace Matilda b.a. 01 (Mrs E. M. 

Zulich Maida Morton b.a. 09 (Mrs F. 
L. Truitt) 

Zulich Marie Simon b.a. 11 1304 N. 
Alabama st. Indianapolis Ind. 

Honorary Members 

*Coles Julia Nelson b.a. 97 Wellesley 
m.a. 00 Smith d. 24 My 03 

Czarnomska M. Elizabeth J. m.a. 04 
88 Hilton av. Hempstead Long 
Island N. Y. 
Dawes Anna L. Pittsfield 
Fosdick Lucy 77-81 (Mrs C. S. Minot) 

Fosdick Sarah Woodbury 77-79, 80-82 
51 Brattle st. Cambridge 

Jordan Mary Augusta b.a. 76 and m.a. 
78 Vassar l.h.d. 10 Smith 
Hatfield house Northampton 

Kapp Frau Marie F. m.a. 04 

43 Franklin st. Northampton 

Minot Mrs Charles Sedgwick (Lucy 
Fosdick) 227 Marlboro st. Boston 

♦Peek Ludella L. m.a. 04 d. 10 Ja 13 

Vincens Berthe m.a. 10 Northampton 

Associate Members 

Abbott Lucy Kebler 92 (Mrs J. A. 

Abbott Helen Alford 08 (Mrs Lawrence 

Adams Esther Virginia 09 2110 E. 
Superior st. Duluth Minn. 

Adams Mrs Oliver Winchester b.m. 

95 (Clara Jean Burnette) 

9 Taylor st. Holyoke 
Adler Eugenia 99 (Mrs Martin Cohen) 

Aikins Ida Dredge 96 (Mrs R. D. 

Akin Frances 14 HE. 15th st. 

Atlanta Ga. 

Alexander Mrs Daniel (Minette 
Camille Baer 08) 569 E. 2d 

South st. Salt Lake City Utah 

Allen Mrs Frank Gates (Minnie Flor- 
ence Stephens 83) Allendale 
Moline 111. 

Allen Mrs Lawrence (Helen Alford 
Abbott 08) 101 Alban road 


Amerman Mrs George Loveless (Har- 
riet Eliza Duguid 88) 
Shadowside Marcellus N. Y. 

Ames Edith Theodora 98 (Mrs R. M. 

Anderson Mrs Alexander Sutherland 

(Adah Blackwell 02) 

1023 Thorndale av. Chicago 111. 
Anderson Vera Charlotte 12 

428 Cumberland st. Brooklyn N.Y. 
Angle Mrs George Albert (Antoinette 

Julia Smith 87) Belvidere N. J. 
Arkush Eda Lilly 12 (Mrs F. D. 


Armstrong Mrs William Park 

(Rebekah Sellers Purves 05) 

118 Library pi. Princeton N. J. 
Atherton Helen Hoitt b.m. 02 (Mrs 

C. E. Govier) 
Atwater Margaret Clarke 86 (Mrs 

G. N. Jones) 
Axt Mrs William Louis (Muriel Heeb- 

ner 13) 308 Orange road Mont- 

clair N. J. 
Ayer Mrs Arthur Whittier (Georgia 

Lincoln North 91) 536 E. 41st 

st. Chicago 111. 


Babbitt Mrs George H. (Jennie Maria 
Robertson 88) Bellows Falls Vt. 

Backer Mrs Clarence Adolphus (Grace 

Lilian Jones 88) Billerica 
Baer Minette Camille 08 (Mrs Daniel 

Bailey Annie Louise 88 99 Pearl 

st. Springfield 
Bailey Mrs Russel Thomas (Helen 

Esther Reeder 13) 

107 Lexington av. Dayton O. 
Baker Mrs Horace S. (Florence Lena 

Yerxa 01) 6657 Greenview 

av. Rogers park Chicago 111. 
Baker Mary Josephine 04 (Mrs W. H. 


Ball Mina 93 (Mrs W. R. Marsh) 


Ballantine Mrs William Darling 
(Yettie Antoinette DuBois 03) 
Hermosa Beach Cal. 

Bancroft Antoinette Louise 87 (Mrs 
W. H. Pierce) 

Barker Grace Sylvia 02 The Lan- 
caster cottage Bryn Mawr Pa. 

Barmore Mrs David S. (Constance 
Whitworth Britt 09) 1533 Ar- 
lington st. Los Angeles Cal. 

Barnes Eugenia Marie 91 (Mrs A. W. 

Barrows Alice Earle 00 (Mrs R. T. 

Barry Edith Herman 00 (Mrs R. C. 

Bartels Mrs Leo G. (Pauline Ottilie 
Becker 05) 5842 Von Versen 
av. St Louis Mo. 

Bassick Mrs Edgar Webb (Grace Eliza- 
beth Morris 97) 1001 Fairfield 
av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Bates Emma b.m. 83 239 Pine 
st. Holyoke 

Bean Margaret 13 

S. 707 McClellan st. Spokane Wash. 

Beardsley Mrs John (Anna Wilson 
Wyman 00) 5743 Huntington 
drive Los Angeles Cal. 

Beck Mrs Leonidas (Edna May Han- 
cock 00) Box 158 Cynwyd Pa. 

Becker Pauline Ottilie 05 (Mrs L. G. 

Bedinger Margery 12 2 Forrester 
st. Salem 

Beers Mrs Clifford W. (Clara Louise 
Jepson 98) 45 W. 11th st. 

New York 

Belden Louise Mary 06 (Mrs W. C. 

Benjamin Mrs Eugene Wyman 
(Eleanor Genevra Jones 10) 
8 Prospect av. Greenfield 

Benton Ruth Elizabeth 14 (Mrs E. V. 

Bickelmann Mrs Charles F. jr (Helen 

Louise Fonda 12) 556 Rugby 

road Schenectady N. Y. 
Bigelow Mrs Horace (Anna Sophia 

Wells 95) 738 West End av. 

New York 
Bingham Helen Eliza 94 Littleton 

N. H. 

Bingham Margaret Jane 12 

215 Seminary st. Dubuque la. 

Birge Mrs Arthur B. (Edna Mary 
Riddle 02) 311 W. 12th st. 

Anderson Ind. 

Bisbee Anna Bartlett 80 _ 83 S. Hamil- 
ton st. Poughkeepsie N. Y. 

*Bisbee Mary Otis 80 d. 14 Ja 04 

Black Mrs Morris Alfred (Lenore Ella 
Schwab 95) 1864 E. 89th st. 

N. E. Cleveland O. 

Blackwell Adah 02 (Mrs A. S. Ander- 

Bliss Annie Louise 87 (Mrs Bliss Perry) 
Bliss Helen Rockwell b.m. 91 (Mrs 

J. H. Gray) 
Blodgett Mrs Edward Willard (Alice 

May Foster 99) 9 Walnut 

st. South Framingham 
Boardman Marjorie 13 1833 Girard 

av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Boyd Mary 05 (Mrs O. R. Lichten- 


Boynton Lilian Farrand 10 (Mrs 

Eugene Smith) 
Bradley Mrs Edward Mix (Florence 

Strong Fowler 98) 

309 Edwards st. New Haven Ct. 
Bradley Elizabeth 00 (Mrs E. R. 


Brenz Frieda Christine 07 (Mrs H. B. 

Bridgman Mrs Paul Revere (Lena 
Eliza Clark 96) 11 Chestnut 
st. Ware 

Briggs Clarissa Abbot 97 129 Marl- 
boro st. Boston 

Britt Constance Whitworth 09 (Mrs 
D. S. Barmore) 

Brock Mrs Albert Gardner (Annie 
Cart wright 81) 
Box 70 Nantucket 

Brooks Lucy Bagg 88 (Mrs E. C. 

Burnette Clara Jean b.m. 95 (Mrs 

O. W. Adams) 
Burnham Mrs Charles Amos (Lucy 

Emery Pinkham 07) 

33 Everett av. Winchester 
Burt Elizabeth Clarke 00 (Mrs J. L. 


Bush Elizabeth Fanny 11 (Mrs A. E. 

Bush Mrs Harvey Safford (Clara Eve- 
line Meisel 93) Bangall N. Y. 

Butler Mrs Willis Howard (Mary 
Helen Wales 97) 15 Williams 
st. Brookline 



Cady Mrs Cecil Imbrie (Paula Louise 

Cady 14) 38 State st. 

Bridgeport Ct. 
Cady Paula Louise 14 (Mrs C. I. Cady) 
Callahan Lilian Jeanette 08 

Levi Heywood Memorial library 


Cameron Jean E. 15 314 State 

st. Albany N. Y. 
Cameron Mrs Julian Abbot (Lucy 

Kebler Abbot 92) Westford 
Carhart Mrs Alfred Bangs (Mabel 

Rosa Millett 96) 8 Ridgefield 

road Winchester 
Carpenter Mary Louise 96 18 Park 

pi. Naugatuck Ct. 
Carr Rebecca Dickinson 03 (Mrs E. J. 


Carroll Margaret Ethel 10 (Mrs A. G. 

Carter Mrs Charles Francis (Harriet 
Fidelia Herrick 84) 270 Laurel 
st. Hartford Ct. 

Carter Clara Louise 04 (Mrs J. W. 

Cartwright Annie 81 (Mrs A. G. Brock) 
Cary Lucia Beecher 91 63 W. 4th 

st. Dunkirk N. Y. 
Case Cyrena Allen 07 (Mrs Howard 


Case Mrs George Sessions (Amey Ellen 
Hall 08) 17864 Lake road 

Clifton park Cleveland O. 

Case Margaret Blair 12 (Mrs Thor 

Case Mrs Walter Summerhayes (Mary 
Soule Hadley 09) 59 Forest 
av. Glen Ridge N. J. 

Chandler Abbie Belle 88 1115 Race 
st. Denver Col. 

Chapin Catharine Howard 13 
353 Maple st. Springfield 

Chapman Mrs William Fleming (Mar- 
garet Olive Whitney 88) 
255 W. 92d st. New York 

Chase Mary Hoadly 01 (Mrs W. A. 

Cheever Ellen Tyler 82 (Mrs G. I. 

Chickering Frances Elizabeth 85 

140 The Portner Washington D.C. 
Chippendale Mrs Arthur William 

(Eugenia Marie Barnes 91) 

53 Montana st. North Adams 

Church Edith Weare 02 (Mrs E. H. 

Claflin Sue Esther 04 

470 N. Jackson st. Atlanta Ga. 
Clancy Laura Elizabeth 00 (Mrs F. W. 

Clark Ellen Pamela 87 (Mrs W. A. 


Clark Mrs George Abijah (Flora 
Emeline Wilson 83) 252 Oak 
st. Holyoke 

Clark Mrs John Kirkland (Margaret 
Chalmers Holbrook 00) 
15 St Nicholas pi. New York 

Clark Lena Eliza 96 (Mrs P. R. Bridg- 

Clark Sara Stockwell 97 

Park hotel Dallas Tex. 
Clemens Margaret Theresa 11 (Mrs 

R. E. Rollins) 
Clerihew Catharine Forman 10 (Mrs 

G. N. Northrop) 
Closson Mrs William B. (Grace 

Worden Gallaudet 86) 

77 Newtonville av. Newton 
Coale Mrs S. Chase (Helen E. Gale 06) 

700 Hinman av. Evanston 111. 

Coe Mrs Richard (Sarah Crapo Tappan 
96) 57 Highland st. Hyde Park 

Cohen Mrs Martin (Eugenia Adler 99) 
1 W. 85th st. New York 

Conn Mrs Herbert William (Julia 

Maria Joel 81) 167 High st. 

Middletown Ct. 
Conover Mabel 11 17 Arthur st. 

Winter hill Somerville* 
Conway Mrs Earle Edwin (Isabel 

Pearl Salsich 05) 48 Windsor 

road Waban 
Cook Mabell Melissa 86 

18 Hartwell st. Fitchburg 
Cookman Gertrude Morris 08 (Mrs 

Harper Silliman) 
Cooley Mrs Fred Smith (Grace 

Content Smith 93) 

603 S. Central st. Bozeman Mon. 

Corbin Mrs William Lee (Ethel Chris- 
tina Olin 02) Aurora Cayuga 
co. N. Y. 

Corser Theresa Isabel 93 196 Essex 

st. Holyoke 
Coy Jennie Evelyn 91 (Mrs Louis Derr) 

Craig Jean Maria 82 

5540 Avondale pi. Pittsburgh Pa. 


Craige Mrs Branch (Else Betty Kohl- 
berg 11) 517 Corts st. El Paso 

Crandall Augusta 88 (Mrs Hugh- 

Crispin Mrs Egerton L. (Angela Cosio 

Shipman 08) 147 Fraser av. 

Ocean Park Cal. 
Crocker Bertha 89 Hyannis 
Crosby Mrs Raymond M. (Edith 

Theodora Ames 98) 

43 W. Cedar st. Boston 
Crowe Catherine Elizabeth 07 (Mrs 

M. T. Holbrook) 
Cummings Lillian De Puy 91 (Mrs 

C. N. Fitts) 
Cunningham Marion Hobart 81 (Mrs 

J. D. Freeman) 
Curtis Mrs George Lewis (Frances 

Sophia Wilcox 00) 

402 6th av. Clinton la. 
Cushing Mrs Harry Alonzo (Mary 

Elizabeth Newton 93) 

127 W. 58th st. New York 

Cushman Hattie Frances 86 Monson 

Dane Mrs Ernest Blaney (Helen 

Folsom Pratt 90) Roughwood 

Chestnut Hill 
Daniels Mrs Charles Herbert (Mary 

Louise Underwood 85) Summit 

road Wellesley 

Davis Mrs Harry B. (Julia Harris 
Edson 03) 224 Sandwich st. 

Davis Helen Louise 95 (Mrs G. H. 

Davis Henrietta 09 (Mrs R. W. Ferris) 

Davis Maude Belmont 95 State 
Board of control St Paul Minn. 

Dayton Mrs Paul Kuykendall (Anna 
Cornelia Griggs 08) 455 Grove 
st. Upper Montclair N. J. 

Dean Elizabeth Lippencott 03 
135 E. 52d st. New York 

deHart Mrs John Somers jr (Katharine 
Seward 99) Maplewood N. J. 

Deings Marion E. 14 (Mrs M. S. 

Delatour Mrs Hunter L. (Margery 
Dohrman 12) 540 Ocean 

av. Brooklyn N. Y. 

*Denison Kate M. 94 d. 9 N 10 

Derby Alice Hubbard 85 (Mrs H. R. 

DeRemer Eleanor Craig 13 (Mrs 

Shelley Shamklin) 
Derr Mrs Louis (Jennie Evelyn Coy 

91) 83 Center st. Brookline 

Dewey Evelyn 11 2880 Broadway 

New York 
Dewey Mrs William C. (Ella Eudocia 

Flynt 83) 236 Union st. 

Dike Florence Blanchard 84 (Mrs 

J. B. Reynolds) 
Dill Helen Brooks 05 Llewellyn 

park West Orange N. J. 
Dimick Esther 02 57 Russell av. 

Divine Jeannette 01 (Mrs Chester 


Dohrman Margery 12 (Mrs H. L. 

DuBois Yettie Antoinette 03 (Mrs 

W. D. Ballantine) 
Duguid Harriet Eliza 88 (Mrs G. L. 

Dyer Ruth Burnet 11 (Mrs I. R. Mer- 



Eager Louise 85 201 W. 55th st. 

New York 
Easton Ruth 09 (Mrs G. P. Hippee) 
Edson Julia Harris 03 (Mrs H. B. 


*Edwards Adelaide Frances Dyer 79 
(Mrs F. N. Kneeland) d. 9 F 14 

Edwards Harriet Smith 95 (Mrs H. W. 

Eggleston Ruth 15 1777 Dupont 

av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 
Ellis Mrs William Shewell (Alice 

Meribah James 00) Moylan 

Delaware co. Pa. 
Elmer Blanche Annie Davis 00 (Mrs 

A. P. Hoover) 
Emerson Maud Lenore 93 (Mrs C. C. 


Everhard Ethel Rebecca 92 (Mrs C. A. 


Fairbairn Mrs Rhys Dakers (Ida 
Dredge Aikins 96) 146 Warren 
road Toronto Ont. Canada 

Fairfield Mabel Edna 99 (Mrs J. E. 
Kershaw jr) 


Favinger Mrs Charles Luff (Alice 
Poore 04) 55 Common st. 

Fay Julia Pike b.m. 00 (Mrs C. D. 

Fayerweather Mrs Frederick O. 
(Margaret Rix Ryle 08) 
376 Broadway Paterson N. J. 

Ferris Ada Josephine 87 (Mrs B. F. 

Ferris Mrs Raymond West (Henrietta 
Davis 09) 55 Rose av. Akron O. 

Field Maude Elizabeth 96 

North Amherst 
Fisher Adele Meserve 99 (Mrs Edward 


Fisk Mary 13 110 S. Ashland av. 

Green Bay Wis. 
Fitts Mrs Charles N. (Lillian De Puy 

Cummings91) 12 Bedford terrace 


Fitts Mrs Clarke Cushing (Maud 
Lenore Emerson 93) 19 Oak st. 
Brattleboro Vt. 

Flad Virginia Speck 14 5575 Water- 
man av. St Louis Mo. 

Flynt Ella Eudocia 83 (Mrs W. C. 

Follansbee Mrs Merrill (Cecile Vail 13) 
419 Laurel av. Highland Park 111. 

Fonda Helen Louise 12 (Mrs C. F. 
Bickelmann jr) 

Foster Alice May 99 (Mrs E. W. Blod- 

Foster Eleanor 89 (Mrs Robert Lan- 

Foster Mrs Harry Walter (Harriet 

Smith Edwards 95) 423 4th 

av. Newark N. J. 
Fowler Mrs Albert Edgar (Elizabeth 

Fanny Bush 11) 17 S. Maple st. 


Fowler Florence Strong 98 (Mrs E. M. 

Fowler Mrs Robert T. (Alice Earle 
Barrows 00) 53 Warren st. West 

Frazer Mona 11 231 Coram av. 

Shelton Ct. 
Freeman Florence 00 (Mrs G. H. 


Freeman Mrs James Delamater 
(Marion Hobart Cunningham 81) 
Tryon N. C. 

Friedmann Elsie Rose 12 1487 E. 

10th st. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Fuller Marjorie 11 170 Prospect st. 

Providence R. I. 
Fuller Mary Alice 95 (Mrs Charles 



Gale Helen E. 06 (Mrs S. C. Coale) 
Gallaudet Grace Worden 86 (Mrs 

W. B. Closson) 
Gamage Margaret Thurlo 04 (Mrs 

H. M. Specht) 
Garrett Martha Elizabeth 12 103 E. 

Genesee st. Auburn N. Y. 
Gilpatric Mrs George H. (Irene Taft 

Wheelock 03) 

Seward st. Putnam Ct. 
Ginsburg Mrs Samuel Lawrence 

(Martha Hyman Rafsky 09) 

5 Cardington st. Roxbury 
Goddard Imogen Burnham 13 

43 Atlantic terrace Lynn 
Goodhue Mrs Allan Edward (Gladys 

Woodruff 06) 228 W. Rittenhouse 

st. Germantown Pa. 
Goodsell Evelin Middlebrook 01 (Mrs 

E. A. Jennings) 
Goodyear Mrs Austin Briant (Florida 

Morse Winchester 99) 5 Laurel 

st. Holyoke 
Gould Ellen Frances 02 86 Firglade 

av. Springfield 
Govier Mrs Charles Emory (Helen 

HoittAtherton02) State College 

Center co. Pa. 
Grable Katharine Lee 10 326 Farnam 

st. Omaha Neb. 
Gray Mrs John Henry (Helen Rock- 
well Bliss91) 412 Walnut st. S.E. 

Minneapolis Minn. 
Grey Mrs J. Chester (Maude Ella 

Wheeler 06) 402 W. 37th st. 

Savannah Ga. 
Griggs Anna Cornelia 08 (Mrs P. K. 


Griswold Mrs M. Marsden jr (Annie 

Isabel La Monte 91) 

63 Columbus st. Newton Highlands 
Groat Mrs George Gorham (Elizabeth 

Westeen Schiff er 98) 200 Loomis 

st. Burlington Vt. 
Gutmann Gertrude Louise 91 (Mrs 

W. C. Hill) 
Guy Ruth Alline 11 107 Jackson sq . 

Baltimore Md. 



Hackstaff Mai Elmendorf 05 (Mrs 

J. B. Walker) 
Hadley Mary Soule 09 (Mrs W. S. 


Haines Mary Caroline 85 (Mrs Sherrod 

Hall Alice Evangeline 94 (Mrs H. E. 

Hall Amey Ellen 08 (Mrs G. S. Case) 

Hall Clarissa M. 14 

89 Hyslop road Brookline 
Hall Florence Louise 98 (Mrs F. J. 


Hall Mrs Henry Bass (Caroline 

Margaret Sturges 10) 

35 Mellen st. Cambridge 
Hall Sybel Imogene 94 (Mrs C. H. 

Hamilton Caroline Fidelia 94 

29 Ashley st. Hartford Ct. 
Hamilton Irene 05 (Mrs J. H. Young) 

Hammond Maud 03 

222 Elm st. Northampton 
Hancock Edna May 00 (Mrs Leonidas 

Hanna Edith Joyce 01 

3932 McGee st. Kansas City Mo. 

Haring Mary Elma 83 (Mrs H. E. 

Harriman Mary 03 

The Orphans home Concord N. H. 

Harris Mrs Almon Greene (Margaret 
Ethel Carroll 10) 

30 Tremont st.Penacook N. H. 

Harris Mary Capen b.m. 00 

16 Claflin st. Milford 
Harshaw Helen Elizabeth 09 (Mrs 

Davis Hawley jr) 

Hart Edith Maria 96 (Mrs F. A. Hol- 

Hartwell Mrs John Warren (Emma 
Todd 85) 

257 Elm st. Northampton 
Haskins Mrs Charles Henry (Sybel 
Imogene Hall 94) 
Meadow st. North Amherst 

Haskins Dorothy Margaret 13 (Mrs 
Rawleigh Warner) 

Hatch Alice Venelia 04 (Mrs J. A. 

♦Hawkins Mrs William S. L. (Ruth An- 
toinette Smith 96) d. 8 Je 11 

Hawley Mrs Davis jr (Helen Elizabeth 
Harshaw 09) 

40 Rosalind av. Cleveland O. 
Hebert Marion Agatha 12 

15 W. 65th st. New York 
Heebner Muriel 13 (Mrs W. L. Axt) 

Hellman Mrs Max (Helen Hannah 

Schwab 99) 

10628 Ashbury av. Cleveland O. 
Hemenway Carlotta Effie 13 

246 Adelaide av. Providence R. I. 

Heron Mrs Robert Pryde (Carrie Eliza 
Sayles91) 17 Scott st. Utica N. Y. 

Herr Helen Hoffman 08 

244 Riverside drive New York 

Herrick Harriet Fidelia 84 (Mrs C. F. 

Hey wood Mrs Charles D. (Julia Pike 
Fay 00) 254 Oak st. Holyoke 

Hibbard Mary Grace 91 (Mrs E. W. 

Higgins Mrs John Woodman (Clara 

Louise Carter 04) 

80 William st. Worcester 
Hildreth Hazel Ambler 08 

Maple row Herkimer N. Y. 

Hill Henrietta Chrisinda 02 (Mrs 

B. W. Kittle) 
Hill Mrs Louis Tyler (Agnes Bell 

Richardson 94) 

317 E. Franklin st. Sparta Wis. 
Hill Mary Genevra b.m. 90 

Hill Mrs William Cameron (Louise 

Mary Belden 06) 

24 S. Front st. Sunbury Pa. 
Hill Mrs William Colver (Gertrude 

Louise Gutmann 91) 

31 Firglade av. Springfield 

Hippee Mrs George Polk (Ruth Easton 
09) 3329 Crescent 

drive Des Moines la. 

Hirst Mrs Edgar C. (Mary Walker 
Stillings 99) , 

823^ Warren st. Concord N. H. 
Hogan Gertrude 90 

1024 King st. La Crosse Wis. 
Holbrook Margaret Chalmers 00 (Mrs 

J. K. Clark) 
Holbrook Mrs Melvin T. (Catherine 

Elizabeth Crowe 07) Arctic R. I . 

Holcomb Mrs Fred A. (Edith Maria 
Hart 96) 35 Everit st. 

New Haven Ct. 


Holmes Emma Charlotte 93 (Mrs 

A. K. Johnson) 
Hood Grace Winifred 08 

110 Trowbridge st. Cambridge 
Hooker Mrs Richard (Winifred Eells 

Newberry 04) 87 Mulberry 

st. Springfield 
Hoover Mrs Andrew Pierson (Blanche 

Annie Davis Elmer 00) 300 E. 

31st st. Paterson N. J. 
Horn Mary Gregg 1 1 7300 Boyer st. 

Mt Airy station Philadelphia Pa. 
Howard Miriam 12 242 Brunswick 

st. Rochester N. Y. 
Hughes Amy Madeline 90 

915 Beacon st. Boston 
Hughston Mrs (Augusta Crandall 88) 

Care W. E. Cramer 1022 Lexington 

av. New York 
Huguley Mrs Arthur Whitfield (May 

Estelle Wilder 04) 27 Ocean 

av. Swampscott 
Humphrey Alice Caroline 96 

77 Warren st. Concord N. H. 
Hutchinson Rosa Elizabeth 04 

Linden av. Englewood N. J. 
Hyde Grace Palmer 97 (Mrs F. S. 



Jager Mrs Thor (Margaret Blair Case 
12) 1257 N. Lawrence av. 

Wichita Kan. 

James Alice Meribah 00 (Mrs W. S. 

Jenkins Jeannie Cooper 04 Pen-y- 

craig Boonton N. J. 
Jennings Mrs Edward Austin (Evelin 

Middlebrook Goodsell 01) 

158 Brooklawn av. Bridgeport Ct. 
Jepson Clara Louise 98 (Mrs C. W. 


Joel Julia Maria 81 (Mrs H. W. Conn) 

Johnson Mrs Anthony Konrad (Emma 
Charlotte Holmes 93) 
1378 Beacon st. Brookline 

Jones Eleanor Genevra 10 (Mrs E. W. 

Jones Ethel Hannah 10 1415 Fair- 
child st. Manhattan Kan. 

Jones Mrs Gilbert Norris (Margaret 
Clarke Atwater 86) Wellesley 

Jones Grace Lilian 88 (Mrs C. A. 

Joseph Rosalie 13 (Mrs E. M. 


Katz Hilda Van Leer 13 

2214 Linden av. Baltimore Md. 

Kauffmann Mrs R. M. (Edith Char- 
lotte Willis 05) Care Evening 
Star Washington D. C. 

Keeler Katharine 11 1405 National 
av. Rockford 111. 

Keith Mrs Eldon Bradford (Lulie Hall 
Keith 02) 36 South st. Campello 

Keith Lulie Hall 02 (Mrs E. B. Keith) 

Kellogg Mrs Howard (Cyrena Allen 
Case 07) 42 Ashland av. 

Buffalo N. Y. 

Kelton Louise Wilkeson 03 586 E. 
Town st. Columbus O. 

Kemper Mrs William Arthur (Con- 
stance Henrietta Richardson 06) 
1301 W. Park st. Butte Mon. 

Kennard Helen May b.m. 97 (Mrs 
W. A. Mackenzie) 

Kent Mrs Richard B. (Anna Eugenia 
Reid 98) Box 344 Faribault 

Kernan Mrs John Devereux jr (Char- 
lotte Foote Sherrill 98) 238 E. 
69th st. New York 

Kershaw Mrs James Edward jr (Mabel 
Edna Fairfield 99) Box 34 


Kidder Mabel Agnes 86 (Mrs G. L. 

King Mrs Harry Eldredge (Mary 

Elma Haring 83) 1 Bronson 

pi. Toledo O. 
Kirby Louise 13 368 Summer st. 

New Bedford 
Kittle Mrs Byron Weston (Henrietta 

Chrisinda Hill 02) 55 Oxford 

st. Pittsfield 
*Kneeland Mrs Frederick Newton 

(Adelaide Frances Dyer Edwards 

79) d. 9 F 14 

Knowlton Mrs Charles D. (Anna 

Rogers 94) 574 Warren st. Boston 
Kohlberg Else Betty 11 (Mrs Branch 


Kohn Lucille 09 (Mrs Wallace Renard) 
Kriegsmann Mary Elizabeth 05 (Mrs 

Aubrey Potter) 
Kyle Mrs Harry Brigs (Frieda Chris- 
tine Brenz 07) 545 W. 141st 
st. New York 



♦Lacey Caroline Elvira 84 d. Je 11 

Lamb Mrs George Henry (Helen 

Louise Davis 95) 6 Loudon 

st. Worcester 
La Monte Annie Isabel 91 (Mrs M. M. 

Griswold jr) 
Lane Mrs Walter Appleton (Mary 

Hoadly Chase 01) 173 School 

st. Milton 

Lang Mrs Henry Roseman (Alice 
Hubbard Derby 85) 
60 Trumbull st. New Haven Ct. 

Lansing Mrs Robert (Eleanor Foster 
89) 1323 18th st. Washington 
D. C. 

Lathrop Susanne 86 81 Bridge st. 

Lawrence Mrs George Leonard jr 

(Florence May Merrill 09) 

41 Orient av. Melrose 
Lawton Mrs Edward Parker (Sara 

Wheeler Mav 92) 4 Balsam 

av. Troy N. Y. 
Leventritt Mrs Edgar M. (Rosalie 

Joseph 13) 850 Park av. 

New York 
Lewis Mrs Eugene Richards (Elizabeth 

Bradley 00) 1268 Locust st. 

Dubuque la. 

Lewis Maria Anna 87 5741 Elmer 
st. Pittsburgh Pa. 

Lichtenstein Mrs Oscar Richard (Mary 
Boyd 05) 171 W. 71st st. New 

Liggett Mrs Benjamin Franklin (Ada 
Josephine Ferris 87) Roselands 
Visalia Cal. 

Lord Mrs C. A. (Wynnifred Evalyn 
Wheeler 11) • 19 Grotto av. 

Providence R. I. 

Lovelace Mrs Marcus Guy (Anna 
Mabel Watts 08) 
607 Greendale av. Edgewood 
park Wilkinsburg Pa. 

Lovely Mrs John Emerson (Harriet 
Lawrence Whittemore 13) 
14 North st. Rutland Vt. 

Lunt Nellie 01 (Mrs R. F. Watkins) 

Lyall Katharine Earl 94 (Mrs O. B. 

Lyon Margaret Currier 08 

1629 Spruce st. Philadelphia Pa. 


McCalmont Mrs James Donald 

(Eleuthera Dupont Smith 96) 

1519 Liberty st. Franklin Pa. 
McConway Laura 92 (Mrs H. R. 

Macdougall Elisabeth 11 

561 W. 186th st. New York 
Mclndoe Mrs Frank Durrie (Eda Lilly 

Arkush 12) 502 W. 113th st. 

New York 
Mackay Mrs Edward Hart (Edith 

Weare Church 02) 92 Walnut 

st. Clinton 
Mackenzie Mrs William A. (Helen 

May Kennard 97) 390 N. 

Main st. Wallingford Ct. 
MacNeille Mrs Perry Robinson 

(Clausine Mann 94) 

Summit N. J. 
McQuigg Mrs Frederick Willis (Laura 

Elizabeth Clancy 00) 

1142 Lawrence av. Chicago 111. 
Magee Madge 15 2422 Fairfield 

av. Fort Wayne Ind. 
Mann Clausine 94 (Mrs P. R. Mac- 
Neille ) 

Manson Virginia 03 610 5th st. 

Wausau Wis. 
Marion Mrs Frank J. (Florence Louise 

Hall 98) ' Ocean drive W. 

Stamford Ct. 
Marsh Mrs Edward (Adele Meserve 

Fisher 99) 50 Court st. Dedham 
Marsh Mrs William Rodney (Mina 

Ball 93) 25 Elizabeth st. 


Marshall Jessica Smith 09 (Mrs G. H. 

Martin Alice Garrett 09 (Mrs F. A. 

Mather Mrs William A. (Florence 

Mabel Newcomb 04) 

R. F. D. 3 Adams N. Y. 
May Sara Wheeler 92 (Mrs E. P. 


Mayo Emily Stebbins 04 (Mrs W. P. 

Mead Stella Baham 94 25 Granite 

st. New London Ct. 
Meisel Clara Eveline 93 (Mrs H. S. 


Merriam Mrs Irving Russell (Ruth 
Burnet Dyer 11) 56 Thetford 
av. Dorchester 

Merrill Florence May 09 (Mrs G. L. 
Lawrence jr) 


Merrill Mrs Oliver Boutwell (Katha- 
rine Earl Lyall 94) 9 Tulip 
st. Summit N. J. 

Michelbacher Mrs A. J. (Margaret 
Adelaide Weil 00) 
552 Riverside drive New York 

Miller Mrs Albert E. (Bessie George 
Wilkinson 94) 213 Blaker st. 
Marquette Mich. 

Miller Josephine Denison 98 (Mrs H. L. 

Miller Marion F. 09 677 Chestnut st. 

Miller Mary M. 10 19 Park st. 


Miller Mrs William Hurd (Mary Jose- 
phine Baker 04) Seaford Del. 

Millett Mabel Rosa 96 (Mrs A. B. 

Minshall Mrs Arthur Gladstone (Cath- 
erine Turner 90) 95 Round 
hill Northampton 

Moise Mrs Lionel (Maryou Evelyn 
Mounts 12) 2612 Thomas 

av. Dallas Tex. 

Moodey Cornelia Chapin 90 

32 Round hill Northampton 

Moore Alice 12 Waldo hall 

Corvallis Ore. 
Moore Anne Wells 95 15 Columbia 

st. Hartford Ct. - 
Morey Jennie Jasper 06 904 S. Ohio 

st. Sedalia Mo. 
Morgenthau Florence Jessie 05 (Mrs 

J. H. Wise) 
Morris Grace Elizabeth 97 (Mrs E. W. 


Morris Mrs Levi Howell (Laura Bell 

Snyder 99) 7 Halsted st. 

Newton N. J. 
Morrison Mrs A. W. (Sarah Helen 

Truesdale 09) 2201 Pillsbury 

av. Minneapolis Minn. 

Morse Mrs Edward Alexander jr (Clara 
Margaretha Riddle 07) 
5926 Cates av. St Louis Mo. 

Morse Lillian Kimball b.m. 93 
32 Myrtle st. Melrose 

Mounts Maryou Evelyn 12 (Mrs Lionel 

Mowat Olive J. M. 02 (Mrs A. F. 

Munroe Bertha Nichols 02 (Mrs A. L. 


Munson Maud Antoinette 85 
20 Thorn st. Sewickley Pa. 

Myers Lotta Wright 89 m.d. 97 
Woman's med. col. of N. Y. inf. 
235 W. 75th st. New York 


Nelson Elizabeth Gertrude 03 

27 Lakeville pi. Jamaica Plain 

Nelson Mrs James Augustus (Alice 
Venelia Hatch 04) 47 Marl- 

borough road Brooklyn N. Y. 

Newberry Winifred Eells 04 (Mrs 
Richard Hooker) 

Newcomb Florence Mabel 04 (Mrs 
W. A. Mather) 

Newell Esther Laura 12 Palm 
View rancho Fullerton Cal. 

Newton Mrs F. Maurice (Margaret 
Ashley Shepard 11) Harvard 
club New York 

Newton Mary Elizabeth b.m. 93 (Mrs 
H. A. Cushing) 

Nichols Helen Christine 92 (Mrs H. A. 

Noble Mary Riggs 94 b.a. 96 Colorado 
col. m.d. 01 Woman's med. col. of 
Pa. 706 N. Nevada av. Colo- 
rado Springs Col. 

Norris Helen Goodshaw 12 (Mrs C. N* 

North Georgia Lincoln 91 (Mrs A. W. 

Northrop Mrs George Norton (Catha- 
rine Forman Clerihew 10) 
2213 Grand av. Minneapolis Minn. 


O'Brien Alice Geraldine b.m. 02 

942 State st. Springfield 
Oeschger Gretchen Helen 13 

Crary N. D. 
Olcott Helen Knox 01 

New Canaan Ct. 
Olin Ethel Christina 02 (Mrs W. L. 


Olmstead Mrs Charles (Mary Alice 

Fuller 95) 268 W. First st. 

Fulton N. Y. 
Olyphant Ruth 07 

D wight pi. Englewood N. J. 
Ordway Mrs Clarence Eugene (Anna 

Lyman Ripley 02) 371 Main 

st. Winchester 
Orr Helen Ager 13 11 Hawthorn 

st. Worcester 


Osborn Mary Louise 10 

850 Genesee st. Utica N. Y. 
Osborne Elizabeth 05 (Mrs S. C. Wells) 
Osborne Elizabeth Calef 02 (Mrs Lyon 


Packard Nellie Sanford 85 (Mrs J. A. 
Webb jr) 

Paine Mrs Frederick H. (Mary Elmer 

Tillinghast 99) 285 Quincy st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Parker Mrs A. Linwood (Bertha 

Nichols Munroe 02) Penacook 

N. H. 

Parker Lelia Clarissa 01 (Mrs George 

Parr Mrs Edmund Vail (Ruth Eliza- 
beth Benton 14) 22 Stratford 
road Brooklyn N. Y. 

Parrish Margaret Louise 94 Naples 
N. Y. 

Parsons Mrs Josiah W. (Lilla Emma 

Stone 03) 128 Bridge st. 

Patrick Vina Norwood 13 1022 S. 

Main st. Anderson S. C. 
Peck Alice Marion 11 (Mrs H. B. 


Perry Mrs Bliss (Annie Louise Bliss 87) 
5 Clement circle Cambridge 

Perry Marjorie 13 92 Adams st. 
Burlington Vt. 

Pierce Marion Bigelow 15 (Mrs H. H. 

Pierce Mrs Wilson Howard (Antoinette 

Louise Bancroft 87) 

219 Columbia blvd Waterbury Ct. 
Pinkham Lucy Emery 07 (Mrs C. A. 

Poore Alice 04 (Mrs C. L. Favinger) 
Potter Mrs Aubrey (Mary Elizabeth 

Kriegsmann 05) 107 Waverly 

pi. Schenectady N. Y. 
Pratt Helen Folsom 90 (Mrs E. B. 


Prew Lina Marie b.m. 95 (Mrs G. A. 

Prindle Julia Imogene 97 19 Massa- 

soit st. Northampton 
Procter Mrs James Lester (Elizabeth 

Clarke Burt 00) 538 N. Euclid 

av. Oak Park 111. 
Purvcs Rebekah Sellers 05 (Mrs W. P. 



Rafsky Martha Hyman 09 (Mrs S. L. 

Rayner Mrs William Pearce (Nellie 

E. Tyler 12) 1316 Euclid st. 

N. W. Washington D. C. 
Reed Mrs Harry Louis (Josephine 

Denison Miller 98) 25 W. 

104th st. New York 
Reeder Helen Esther 13 (Mrs R. T. 


Rees Mary Addison 13 42 Highland 

st. Hartford Ct. 
Reid Anna Eugenia 98 (Mrs R. B. 


Renard Mrs Wallace (Lucille Kohn 09) 
4 Beverly pi. St Louis Mo. 

Reynolds Mrs James Bronson (Flor- 
ence Blanchard Dike 84) 
151 Central park W. New York 

Richardson Agnes Bell 94 (Mrs L. T. 

Richardson Constance Henrietta 06 

(Mrs W. A. Kemper) 
*Richardson Mrs Frank Milne (Jennie 

Louise Scott 83) 
Ricker Mrs Frederic Smith (Grace 

Palmer Hyde 97) Care First 

National bank Somersworth N. H. 

Ricker Lillias Carrie 08 (Mrs Arthur 

Riddle Clara Margaretha 07 (Mrs E. A. 
Morse jr) 

Riddle Edna Mary 02 (Mrs A. B. 

Riker Ida Elizabeth 85 

Harrodsburg Ky. 
Ripley Anna Lyman 02 (Mrs C. E. 


Roberts Mrs (Henriette Wray Wittke 
97) 431 Hillside av.Westfield N.J. 

Roberts Mrs Henry Bellows (Lillian 
Ellinwood Tuckerman 80) 
480 Ibis st. San Diego Cal. 

Robertson Jennie Maria 88 (Mrs G. H. 

Rochester Madeleine Eugenie 15 
309 Elm wood av. Buffalo N. Y. 

Rockwood Mrs George Ichabod (Ellen 
Tyler Cheever 82) 340 May 
st. Worcester 

Rogers Anna 94 (Mrs C. D. Knowlton) 

Rogers Gertrude Huntington 88 
South Manchester Ct. 


Rollins Mrs Ralph E. (Margaret 
Theresa Clemens 11) Water- 
bury road Des Moines la. 

Rust Annie Marinda 96 113 E. 

Main st. Meriden Ct. 

Ryle Margaret Rix 08 (Mrs F. O. 


Safford Helen 82 41 Remsen st. 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Sage Mrs Evan Taylor (Sophie Miriam 

Shanks 09) Pittsburgh university 

Pittsburgh Pa. 
Salsich Isabel Pearl 05 (Mrs E. E. 


Samek Blanche 09 567 W. 113th 

st. New York 
Savoy Mrs George Arthur (Lina Marie 

Prew 95) 214 Linden st. Holyoke 
Sayles Carrie Eliza 91 (Mrs R. P. 


Schaeffer Ruth L. 14 Mt Penn 

Berks co. Pa. 

Schauffler Mrs Edward William (Mary 
Grace Hibbard 91) 3837 Wy- 
andotte st. Kansas City Mo. 

Schell Mrs William Peter (Emily Steb- 
bins Mayo 04) 37 Madison 
av. New York 

Schiffer Elizabeth Westeen 98 (Mrs 
G. G. Groat) 

Schmettan Mrs Charles A. (Ethel 
Rebecca Everhard 92) 
627 W. Woodruff av. Toledo O. 

Schwab Helen Hannah 99 (Mrs Max 

Schwab Lenore Ella 95 (Mrs M. A. 

*Scott Jennie Louise 83 (Mrs F. M. 

Scoville Mrs Homer Roswell (Laura 

McConway 92) 83 3d av. 

Scudder Mrs Charles Lock (Abigail 

Taylor Seelye 89) 209 Beacon 

st. Boston 
Seelye Abigail Taylor 89 (Mrs C. L. 


Selden Mrs George Lord (Mabel Agnes 
Kidder 86) 42 School st. 


Seward Katharine b.m. 99 (Mrs J. S. 

deHart jr) 
Shamklin Mrs Shelley (Eleanor Craig 

DeRemer 13) 6918 Carpenter 

st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Shanks Sophie Miriam 09 (Mrs E. T. 

Shepard Bertha May 08 

8 Ash st. Danvers 
Shepard Margaret Ashley 11 (Mrs 

F. M. Newton) 
Sherrill Charlotte Foote 98 (Mrs J. D. 

Kernan jr) 
Shipman Angela Cosio 08 (Mrs E. 

L. Crispin) 
Shoemaker Harriet Louisa 91 (Mrs 

L. A. Suggs) 
Silliman Mrs Harper (Gertrude Morris 

Cookman 08) ' 126 E. 22d st. 

New York 
Sleeper Doris Ernestine 13 

Lancaster N. H. 
Slocomb Mrs Charles Hamilton 

(Bertha Maria Wolcott 96) 

16 Highland av. Greenfield 
Smart Ruth 12 (Mrs H. T. Webber) 
Smith Albert Alexander 13 (Mrs H. W. 

Van Hovenberg) 
Smith Antoinette Julia 87 (Mrs G. A. 


Smith Bertha Harriet 95 (Mrs C. L. 

Smith Mrs Courtland Ninde (Helen 

Goodshaw Norris 12) 938 St 

Nicholas av. New York 
Smith Eleuthera Dupont 96 (Mrs J. D. 

Smith Mrs Eugene (Lilian Farrand 

Boynton 10) 1660 E. 82d st. 

Cleveland O. 
Smith Grace Content b.m. 93 (Mrs 

F. S. Cooley) 
Smith Mrs Harry Alexander (Helen 

Christine Nichols 92) 

639 Prospect av. Hartford Ct. 
Smith Mrs Lyon (Elizabeth Calef 

Osborne 02) Care E. R. Smith 

77 Bedford st. Boston 
*Smith Ruth Antoinette 96 (Mrs 

W. S. L. Hawkins) d. 8 Je 11 
Snow Mrs Howard Birney (Alice 

Marion Peck 11) 18 Fleming 

st. Waterbury Ct. 
Snyder Laura Bell 99 (Mrs L. H. 


Soule Mrs Sherrod (Mary Caroline 
Haines 85) 205 Sigourney 

st. Hartford Ct. 

Spalding Alice Eliza 99 

1219 Nebraska st. Sioux City la. 

Speakman Eleanor Burdette 12 

103 Euclid st. Woodbury N. J. 
Specht Mrs Harry Mortimer (Margaret 

Thurlo Gamage 04) 

460 Riverside drive New York 
Spencer Mrs George H. (Jessica Smith 

Marshall 09) 206 S. 21st av. E. 

Duluth Minn. 
Springer Mildred 08 300 Longwood 

av. Brookline 
Stephens Minnie Florence 83 (Mrs 

F. G. Allen) 
Stetson Eleanor Carleton 83 (Mrs C. S. 

Stevens Julia West 01 

1 Park st. Lowell 
Stillings Mary Walker 99 (Mrs E. C. 


Stone Mrs Edward Josiah (Rebecca 

Dickinson Carr 03) 

138 Dartmouth terrace Springfield 
Stone Lilla Emma 03 ( Mrs J. W. 


Storm Mrs George Harpell (Florence 
Freeman 00) 311 W. 85th st. 
New York 

Sturges Caroline Margaret 10 (Mrs 
H. B. Hall) 

Sturges Mrs George (Lelia Clarissa 
Parker 01) Coronado Cal. 

Suggs Mrs Leonidas A. (Harriet Louisa 
Shoemaker 91) 1517 Hemp- 

hill st. Fort Worth Tex. 


Taggart Alice 01 319 W. 75th st. 

New York 
Talmage Mrs Daniel (Mary Breck 

Vaill 82) East Hampton Long 

Island N. Y. 
Tannahill Sallie Belle 04 

420 W. 116th st. New York 
Tappan Mrs Charles Sumner (Eleanor 

Carleton Stetson 83) 33 Middle 

st. Gloucester 

Tappan Sarah Crapo 96 (Mrs Richard 


Taylor Mrs Charles Lincoln (Bertha 
Harriet Smith 95) 105 Ken- 

yon st. Hartford Ct. 

Tenney Mary Alice 82 The Eliot 

Tew Dorothy 1 1 70 Prospect st. 

Jamestown N. Y. 

Thayer Mrs Frank Herbert (Alice 
Augusta Waterman 96) 
21 Bay State road Boston 

Thompson Mrs Algernon F. (Olive 
J. M. Mowat 02) 1801 N. Broad 
st. Philadelphia Pa. 

Tillinghast Mary Elmer b.m. 99 (Mrs 
F. H. Paine) 

Todd Emma 85 (Mrs J. W. Hartwell) 

Towne Marion 99 (Mrs C. C. Wood- 

Trow Mrs William Austin (Ellen 
Pamela Clark 87) Sherburne 
Chenango co. N. Y. 

Truesdale Sarah Helen 09 (Mrs A. W. 

Tucker Ethelyn Maria 94 44 Judkins 

st. Newtonville 
Tucker Marion La Verne 04 Ohio 

State university Columbus O. 

Tuckerman Lillian Ellinwood 80 (Mrs 

H. B. Roberts) 
Turner Catherine 90 (Mrs A. G. Min- 


Turney Antoinette 12 810 N. Kel- 
logg st. Galesburg 111. 

Tyler Mary Elizabeth 81 526 Broad 
st. Bloomfield N. J. 

Tyler Nellie E. 12 (Mrs W. P. Rayner) 


Underwood Mary Louise 85 (Mrs 
C. H. Daniels) 


Vail Cecile 13 (Mrs Merrill Follansbee) 
Vaill Mary Breck 82 (Mrs Daniel 

Van Hovenberg Mrs Henry W. (Albert 
Alexander Smith 13) Bonham 


Wales Mary Helen 97 (Mrs W. H. 

Walker Mrs John Baldwin (Mai 

Elmendorf Hackstaff 05) 7 E. 

54th st. New York 
Walter Mrs Herbert Eugene (Alice 

Evangeline Hall 94) 

53 Arlington av. Providence R. I 

Warner Mrs Rawleigh (Dorothy 
Margaret Haskins 13) 
6816 Greenview av. Chicago 111. 


Warren Mrs Arthur (Lillias Carrie 
Ricker 08) Wells River Vt. 

Waterman Alice Augusta 96 (Mrs 

F. H. Thayer) 
Watkins Mrs Rawson Fuller (Nellie 

Lunt 01) 360 Marion st. 

Denver Col. 
Watts Anna Mabel 08 (Mrs M. G. 


Webb Mrs James Augustus jr (Nellie 

Sanford Packard 85) Wynde- 

hurst Madison N. J. 
Webber Mrs Harold Townley (Ruth 

Smart 12) R. F. D. Harvard 
Weil Margaret Adelaide 00 (Mrs A. J. 


Weiser Mrs Edwin C. (Lucy Bagg 
Brooks 88) 226 Pine st. Holyoke 

Wells Anna Sophia 95 (Mrs Horace 

Wells Mrs Schuyler Carl (Elizabeth 

Osborne 05) 72 E. Main st. 

LeRoy N. Y. 
Weston Alice Dexter 08 

50 Lawrence st. Danvers 
Wetherbee Marjorie 03 140 Rock 

st. Fall River 

Weymouth Mrs Frederick Abbott 
(Alice Garrett Martin 09) 719 C 
st. Sparrows Point Md. 

Wheeler Maude Ella 06 (Mrs J. C. 

Wheeler Wynnifred Evalyn 11 (Mrs 
C. A. Lord) 

Wheelock Irene Taft 03 (Mrs G. H. 

Whidden Eleanor 09 170 Ivy st. 


Whitney Margaret Olive 88 (Mrs W. F. 

Whittemore Harriet Lawrence 13 

(Mrs J. E. Lovely) 

Wilcox Frances Sophia 00 (Mrs G. L. 

Wilder May Estelle 04 (Mrs A. W. 

Wilkinson Bessie George 94 (Mrs A. E. 

Williams Mrs Harry H. (Marion Bige- 
low Pierce 15) 18 Newton 
st. Brockton 

Williams Mrs M. S. (Marion E. Deings 
14) 27 W. 64th st. New York 

Willis Edith Charlotte 05 (Mrs R. M. 

Wilson Flora Emeline 83 (Mrs G. A. 

Wilson Jennie Blanche 86 

16 Oxford st. Cambridge 
♦Wilson Nellie Frances 83 
Winchester Florida Morse 99 (Mrs 

A. B. Goodyear) 
Wise Mrs Joseph H. (Florence Jessie 

Morgenthau 05) 159 W. 85th 

st. New York 
Witherspoon Miriam Frances 84 

35 Pearl st. Worcester 
Withington Mrs Roland Coolidge 

(Edith Herman Barry 00) 

62 Elm st. Jamaica Plain 
Wittke Henriette Wray 97 (Mrs 


Wolcott Bertha Maria b.m. 96 (Mrs 
C. H. Slocomb) 

Wood Grace Winifred 95 
Bex 208 North Grafton 

Wood Mina Emma 84 333 Elm 
st. Northampton 

Woodruff Gladys 06 (Mrs A. E. Good- 

Woodworth Mrs C. Curtiss (Marion 
Towne 99) Lodi Cal. 

Wyman Anna Wilson 00 (Mrs John 


Yerxa Florence Lena 01 (Mrs H. S. 

Young Mrs Chester (Jeannette Divine 

01) Napanoch N. Y. 

Young Mrs James Herbert (Irene 

Hamilton 05) 19 Baldwin st. 

Young Olive Minerva 04 

2320 Normal st. Cedar Falls la. 

Total 357-*7 



Abbott Martha Harriet b.a. 

35 Lincoln st. Maiden 
Ackerman Mildred b.a. 

Wyckoff N. J. 
Adams Eleanor b.a. 

475 Mt Prospect av. Newark N. J. 
Adler Jeanne b.a. 

2625 Highland av. Birmingham Ala. 
Ainsworth Dorothy Sears b.a. 

1025 15th st. A Moline 111. 
Allan Vina Mary b.a. 

Orchard st. Cranford N. J. 
Allen Lula Myra b.a. 

100 Court st. Plattsburg N. Y. 
Allen Mary Emily b.a. 

1041 Lake av. Rochester N. Y. 
Alofsin Anna Sarah b.a. 

750 Main st. New London Ct. 
Ames Emily b.a. (Mrs Herbert Elmer 
Pickett) Gilman Country 

school Roland Park Md. 
Anderson Willie b.a. 

403 W. 4th st. Charlotte N. C. 
Andrews Virginia Vernon b.a. 

1427 Glenwood road Brooklyn N.Y. 
Arms Adelaide Heriot b.a. 

Attwill Dorothy b.a. 

33 Atlantic terrace Lynn 
Austin Mabel Mae b.a. 

337 N. 7th st. Erie Pa. 
Ayers Eleanor Hall b.a. 

1512 av. H Galveston Tex. 


Bachman Helen b.a. 

Jenkintown Pa. 
Bailey Mildred Louise b.a. 

838 Union st. Schenectady N. Y. 
Baker Mary Coggeshall b.a. 

Oak st. Willimantic Ct. 
Baldwin Josephine Fairchild b.a. 

405 E. Town st. Columbus O. 
Barnhart Marion Emma b.a. 

Box 1012 Ouray Col. 
Bartlett Marion Fuller b.a. 

Box 46 Walpole N. H. 
Beckman Martha Frances b.a. 

(Mrs Nathan Ransohoff) 

3000 Burnet av. Cincinnati O. 

Beebe Decia b.a. 

263 Foster st. Melrose 
Beebe Margaret b.a. 

263 Foster st. Melrose 
Bell Edith b.a. 

Walbridge and Herschel sts. Pitts- 
burgh Pa. 
Bentley Grace Elizabeth b.a. 

19 Adams st. Somerville 
Berkey Marion Sarah B.A. 

874 S. 3d st. Grand Rapids Wis. 
Betts Agnes b.a. 

4700 Beacon st. Chicago 111. 

Bicknell Marguerite Elizabeth b.a. 

1025 Wildwood av. Fort Wayne Ind. 
Billings Charlotte Lane b.a. 

Woodstock Vt. 
Bird Louise b.a. 

1126 Evergreen av. Plainfield N. J. 
Blickley Esther b.a. 

343 Wealthy st. S.E. Grand Rapids 


Bliss Florence McDowell b.a. 

Sharon Hill Pa. 
Blodgett Ruth Hartwell b.a. 

174 Temple st. West Newton 
Bordon Elizabeth b.a. 

67 Portland st. Hartford Ct. 
Bowman Helen Sarepta b.a. 

2 W. 83d st. New York 
Boyd Marion Margaret b.a. 

Glenwilde Oxford O. 
Bradshaw Frances Margaret b.a. 

267 Crescent st. Northampton 
Brandon Gwendolen b.a. 

122 W. 75th st. New York 
Briggs Ethel Nettie b.a. 

91 Main st. Ogdensburg N. Y. 
Brown Louise Boyd b.a. 

735 Chestnut st. Manchester N. H. 
Brown Nellie Pauline b.a. 

Perry apt 305 Walnut av. Syracuse 

N. Y. 

Browning Helen Palmer b.a. 

116 Union st. Norwich Ct. 
Bruner Caroline Sneath b.a. 

359 Chestnut st. Columbia Pa. 
Buhler Dorothy b.a. 

East Gloucester 
Bulley Marion Elizabeth b.a. 

150 Blatchley av. New Haven Ct. 



Cadwell Helen Grace b.a. 

45 Hawkins st. New Britain Ct. 
Cahill Rachel Ellen b.a. 

219 W. Ash st. Piqua O. 
Campbell Grace b.a. 

Warren Pa. 
Carey Zoe b.a. 

219 Aycrigg av. Passaic N. J. 
Carter Ada b.a. 

11 Piatt pi. Scranton Pa. 

Caverno Dorothea Jeannette b.a. 

522 S. Tremont st. Kewanee 111. 
Chapman Hulda Day b.a. 

446 Park pi. Bridgeport Ct. 
Cladek Margaret Cullarton b.a. 

93 W. Milton av. Rahway N. J. 
Clancy Alice Mary b.a. 

411 Farmington av. Hartford Ct. 

Clapp Emily Blanchard b.a. 

49 Temple st. West Newton 

Clark Eveiyn Elizabeth b.a. 

824 Summer av. Springfield 
Clark Geneva b.a. 

277 Woodford st. Portland Me. 
Clark Grace Dorothy b.a. 

105 North st. Ware 
Clarke Elizabeth Lawrence b.a. 

50 South st. Williamstown 
Clarke Pauline Esther B.A. 

500 N. Park av. Warren O. 
Cleverly Alice Lincoln b.a. 

61 St James av. Springfield 
Coates Marion Slocomb b.a. 

43 Highland av. Greenfield 
Cobb Helen Frances b.a. 

28 Tudor st. Lynn 
Cohen Eva b.a. 

23 Pawtucket st. Hartford Ct. 
Cohen Selma b.a. 

645 Beacon st. Boston 

Coit Eleanor Gwinnell b.a. 

277 Mt Prospect av. Newark N. J. 
Conger Bertha b.a. 

New Hackensack Dutchess co. N.Y. 
Cook Anita Marie b.a. 

310 Marion st. Herkimer N. Y. 
Copps Irene Lalor b.a. 

Central house Granville N. Y. 
Corbet Mary b.a. 

340 Main st. Brookville Pa. 

Cowing Amy Louise b.a. 

Springfield pike Wyoming O. 

Crandall Annie Ruth b.a. 

46 Sprague st. Maiden 
Crane Katharine Elizabeth b.a. 

Kenton O. 
Crosby Ruth Elizabeth b.a. 

Stonebridge River blvd St Paul 


Crowley Helen Caroline b.a. 

40 Hamilton av. Lynn 
Cushman Mary Allerton b.a. 

256 Gates av. Brooklyn N. Y. 


Darr Marjorie Helen b.a. 

390 Chestnut st. St Mary's Pa. 
Davidson Gwendolen Elizabeth b.a. 

2128 Calumet av. Chicago 111. 
Davidson Mary Claybaugh b.a. 

South Berwick Me. 
Davis Dorrice Vigneron b.a. 

74 Monroe st. Chicopee Falls 
Davis Gwen b.a. 

Redlands Cal. 
Deware Arlene Theresa b.a. 

East Pepperell 
Dey Harriet Duguid b.a. 

207 DeWitt road Syracuse N. Y. 
Dielhenn Dorothy Elizabeth b.a. 

409 E. Main st. Massillon O. 
Dobson Marguerite Elaine b.a. 

Donaldson Margaret b.a. 

Beaver Pa. 
Donnell Edna Bowden b.a. 

Cedar Grove N. J. 
Dow Sally Eaton b.a. 

Searsport Me. 
Downes Elizabeth Sargent b.a. 

63 Prospect av. Winthrop 
Downing Dorothy Elizabeth b.a. 

London O. 
Doyen Gladys b.a. 

421 W. Cedar st. Kalamazoo Mich. 
Driscoll Lucile Josephine b.a. 

Poquonock Ct. 
Dunn Helen Rachel b.a. 

39 Arlington st. Fitchburg 


Eaton Dorothy b.a. 

2902 Jackson st. Sioux City la. 
Eaton Frances b.a. 

271 Main st. Calais Me. 
Edgar Edith Howard b.a. 

11 Stewart av. Nutley N. J. 


Edsall Elizabeth b.a. 

1311 W. 13th st. Wilmington Del. 
Eis Florence Marion b.a. 

134 S. Elm st. Centralia 111. 
Elliott Margaret Knight b.a. 

120 Crescent av. Brighton 
Erwin Mary Emily b.a. 

3 Woodlawn av. Worcester 
Espy Emily Baldwin B.A. 
Caldwell N. J. 


Fellows Elizabeth Amanda b.a. 

278 Myrtle st. Manchester N. H. 
Fenton Louise Gwendolyn b.a. 

121 Suffolk st. Holyoke 
Ferguson Violet Hazel b.a. 

397 Stevens av. Portland Me. 
Fernald Helen Louise b.a. 

Fessenden Frances Alida b.a. 

10 Wilmore st. Mattapan 
Fish Mary Washburn b.a. 

Salt Point N. Y. 
Fisher Mary Harriet b.a. 

321 Cherry st. Grand Rapids Mich. 
Fisk Elsie Irene b.a. 

137 N. Oakland av. Green Bay Wis. 
Flavell Paulyle Waldron b.a. 

145 Court st. Plymouth 
Fleming Frances b.a. 

137 A st. N. E. Washington D. C. 
Flynt Esther Holmes b.a. 

High st. Monson 
Fordyce Bertha Marguerite b.a. 

221 N. 7th st. Cambridge O. 
Foreman Gertrude F. b.a. 

4550 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 
Forrest Jean b.a. 

722 Montgomery road Highland 

Park 111. 
Foster Blanche b.a. 

280 Franklin st. Woodbury N. J. 
Furbish Dorothy Reed b.a. 

67 Church st. Winchester 


Gaffield Eleanor Neidich b.a. 

1954 Commonwealth av. Boston 
Galleciez Helen Irene b.a. 

812 Sherman st. Watertown N. Y. 
Ganse Helen Woodbridge b.a. 

70 Hunnewell av. Newton 
Garlichs Edith Mary b.a. 

101 S. 17th st. St Joseph Mo. 

Gelders Emma Josephine b.a. 

1525 Beech st. Birmingham Ala. 
Gilbert Esther Lucile b.a. 

9404 Talbot av. Cleveland O. 
Gilchrist Marie Emilie b.a. 

R. F D. Painesville O. 
Gilpin Irma Hazel b.a. 

Care City schools Savanna 111. 
Glendenning Gwendolen b.a. 

Goldberg Dora b.a. 

47 Clark st. Hartford Ct. 
Goode Dorothy Howard b.a. 

170 Bellingham av. Beachmont 
Goodwin Lucy Elizabeth b.a. 

13158 Forest Hill road East Cleve- 
land O. 
Gordon Margery b.a. 

1434 Cass st. La Crosse Wis. 
Gray Elizabeth MacLean b.a. 

Care James Gray 901 Colorado bldg 

Washington D. C. 
Green Elsie b.a. 

Schenevus N. Y. 
Gulick Helen Farnsworth b.a. 

12 Fairbanks st. Brookline 
Gushee Vera Marie b.a. 

Yerkes observatory Williams Bay 



Hall Frances Evelyn b.a. 

58 Corey road Brookline 
Hammer Mabel White b.a. 

153 W. 46th st. New York 
Hankerson Jeannette b.a. 

422 Orchard pi. La Crosse Wis. 
Hannahs Helen Elizabeth b.a. 

719 Washington st.Watertown N.Y. 
Harrison Kathleen b.a. 

31 Randolph av. Meriden Ct. 
Hartford Emma Helen b.a. 

133 Miller av. Portsmouth N. H. 
Hasbrouck Katherine Roosa b.a. 

S. Broadway Dobbs Ferry N.Y. 
Hastings Mary Alice b.a. 

3015 Washington av. Cairo 111. 
Hatch Eleanor b.a. 

202 W. 8th st. Plainfield N. J. 
Hazlehurst Elizabeth Kimberly b.a. 

1021 Greenwood blvd Evanston 111. 
Healey Leonore b.a. 

133 Howe st. New Haven Ct. 
Hedlund Ruth Fredericka B.A. 

217 Shaw st. New London Ct. 


Henderson Irene May b.a. 

1776 Girard av. S. Minneapolis 

Henry Margaret Farquhar b.a. 

179 Crystal st. East Stroudsburg 

Hill Justina Hamilton b.a. 

8 Cottage st. Ware 
Hirsch Natelle Mollie b.a. 

2421 West End av. Nashville Term. 
Hodges Florence May b.a. 

77 Main st. Hatfield 
Hogel Helen Edith B.A. 

1433 Boscobel av. New York 
Holly Olive Margaret b.a. 

Branchville N. J. 
Hopper Elizabeth Mary b.a. 

12th and Harlan sts. Spokane Wash. 
Houston Alice Barse b.a. 

500 E. 44th st. Kansas City Mo. 
Hovey Eleanor Frances b.a. 

2506 Military st. Port Huron Mich. 
Hovey Grace b.a. 

29 Lancaster st. Cambridge 
Howden Mary Stuart b.a. 

104 E. Park av. Savannah Ga. 
Huber Alice Elise b.a. 

9 Irving st. Jersey City N. J. 
Hugus Elizabeth Ward b.a. 

Wheeling W. Va. 
Hunter Elizabeth Lewis b.a. 

3d st. Ashland Pa. 
Hussey Margaret Clapp b.a. 

274 Hamilton st. Albany N. Y. 
Hyman Lillian B.A. 

4305 St Charles av. New Orleans La. 


Ingram Rosaline Ethel b.a. 
Madison av. Dumont N. J. 


James Helen Hunt b.a. 

51 Park st. Montclair N. J. 
Jennison Janette Hope b.a. 

Janesville Minn. 
Johns Ella Smith b.a. 

Bayside Long Island N. Y. 
Johnson Helen Lorella b.a. 

61 White st. Springfield 
Johnson Nelle b.a. 

368 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Jones Agnes Christina b.a. 

34 Ridgewood road Maplewood N.J. 
Jones Elizabeth Dickerman b.a. 

189 Lincoln st. Newton Highlands 

Jones Ellen Bodley b.a. 

671 Prospect st. New Haven Ct. 
Jones Margaret Norris b.a. 

422 Worcester st. Wellesley Hills 
Jourdan Mildred P. b.a. 

Branford Ct. 


Kahleis Margaret pb.a. 

Hawley Pa. 
Kahn Marguerite Frank b.a. 

178 E. Broadway Winona Minn. 
Kellogg Emma Ada b.a. 

223 Glen st. Glens Falls N. Y. 
Kendig Katharine Downer b.a. 

65 Clark st. Glen Ridge N. J. 
Kennedy Muriel b.a. 

94 Franklin st. Greenfield 
Kilborn Ruth Amelia b.a. 

Sidney O. 
King Katharine Lawrence b.a. 

103 Elm st. Malone N. Y. 
King Margaret b.a. 

120 Bigelow road West Newton 
Kingsley Julia Kingman b.a. 

47 North st. Binghamton N. Y. 
Kneifel Inez Howard b.a. 

Friendship N. Y. 
Kraft Helen Martha b.a. 
Towanda 111. 


Lambert Mary Adelaide b.a. 
Glastonbury Ct. 

Leighton Margaret Dominica b.a. 
Box 63 New Haven Ct. 

Lewis Laura Barr Foster b.a. 
406 Rutger st. Utica N. Y. 

Lowman Dorothy Stix b.a. 

668 Gholson av. Avondale Cincin- 
nati O. 

Lund Frida Frimann b.a. 

63 Dryads green Northampton 

Lynch Beatrice Hollister b.a. 

48 Hollister st. Cincinnati O. 


McClellan Priscilla Daggett b.a. 

Ludlow Vt. 
McClosky Inez b.a. 

304 Varick st. Jersey City N. J. 
MacCoy Edith Mildred b.a. 

295 N. Main st. Springfield 
McDonough Nora Claire b.a. 

124 Randolph road Plainfield N. J. 
MacFarland Estella Gregg b.a. 

624 N. James st. Rome N. Y. 


McGregor Julia Moore b.a. 

126 Market st. Amsterdam N. Y. 
Mack Dorothy Anne b.a. 

1705 Lamont st. Washington D. C. 
McKinney Lois b.a. 

5720 Woodlawn av. Chicago 111. 
McLean Elizabeth Flora b.a. 

338 Goundry st. North Tonawanda 

N. Y. 
McMillan Mary b.a. 

941 James st. Syracuse N. Y. 
McNair Frances Dwight b.a. 

512 Lee st. Evanston 111. 
Mann Helen Hunter b.a. 

189 Marrett st. Westbrook Me. 
Mara Ellen b.a. 

25 3d st. Pittsfield 
Marley Frances b.a. 

64 Forest st. Boston 
Marsh Marion Elizabeth b.a. 

La Sardirura Dorado Porto Rico 
Massie Marguerite Amy b.a. 

66 Hamilton av. White Plains N. Y. 
Mathewson Doris Roath b.a. 

81 Cliff st. Norwich Ct. 
Matson Eleanor Sharp b.a. 

74 St Charles pi. Atlanta Ga. 
May Martha Morrow b.a. 

661 14th av. Paterson N. J. 
Mayo Esther Wilder b.a. 

34 Grove av. Leominster 
Meagher Mary Veronica b.a. 

Kemble st. Lenox 
Means Harriet Evelyn b.a. 

410 Lexington av. Ashland Ky. 
Melcher Margaret Sybil b.a. 

5 E. 51st st. New York 
Mellen Dorothy b.a. 

41 Queen st. Worcester 
Merrill Alberta Rosalind b.a. 

Meserve Faith Lucena b.a. 

Rye N. Y. 
Miller Marjorie Freeland b.a. 

115 Catharine st. Elizabeth N. J. 
Millikin Frances b.a. 

311 S. 2d st. Hamilton O. 
Montville Vera Lovina b.a. 

71 North st. Northampton 
Moore Mildred Dutton b.a. 

39 Chester st. Newton Highlands 
Mordecai Constance b.a. 

319 W. 105th st. New York 
Morgan Edda Doretta b.a. 

Corning N. Y. 

Moriarty Harriet Elmira b.a. 

279 Hillman st. New Bedford 
Mulvanity Elizabeth Catherine b.a. 

113 Blossom st. Nashua N. H. 


Nix Ruth b.a. • 
Homer City Pa. 


Oliphant Margaret Sayre b.a. 

267 Congress st. Bridgeport Ct. 
Oliver Hortense Lockwood b.a. 

8318 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 
OrndofE Ada b.a. 

28 W. Wayne st. Waynesburg Pa. 
Orr Luella May b.a. 

Range st. Manistique Mich. 
O'Sullivan Isabelle Dorothea b.a. 

9 Gould st. Newport R. I. 
Owen Lucy Robbins b.a. 

136 5th av. Troy N. Y. 


Parsons Dorothy Dilworth b.a. 

12 Main st. Florence 
Patton Augusta b.a. 

261 Franklin st. Newton 
Pease Marjorie b.a. 

Pawling N. Y. 
Phelps Marion Eveline b.a. 

2118 W. 2d av. Spokane Wash. 
Pierce Maria Valentine b.a. 

26 Abbotsford road Brookline 
Porter Mildred Burnette b.a. 

Box 33 Amherst 
Potter Helen Almie b.a. 

17 Pierce st. East Greenwich R. I. 
Pottinger Persis Mary b.a. 

44 Martin st. Cambridge 
Praeger Rosamond b.a. 

421 Douglas av. Kalamazoo Mich. 
Puddington Dorothy Ketchum b.a. 

99 Madison av. Madison N. J. 
Putnam Frances Mason b.a. 

331 W. 101st st. New York 


Ranney Alice Elizabeth b.a. 

2734 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 
Rawls Adelaide Miller b.a. 

48 W. 94th st. New York 
Ray Helen Davis b.a. 

1529 S. Center st. Terre Haute Ind. 
Reaver Jerene Catherine b.a. 

Eldora la. 
Reed Elizabeth Frances b.a. 

16 Grinnell st. Greenfield 


Reeder Olive Winifred b.a. 

107 Lexington av. Dayton O. 
Richmond Grace Angela b.a. 

Little Compton R. I. 
Roberson Elinor Wilson b.a. 

97 W. 8th st. Bayonne N. J. 
Rodgers Ruth Hawley b.a. 

46 Orange av. Daytona Fla. 
Rose Dorothy Grace b.a. 

23 Battery pi. Chattanooga Tenn. 
Rouse Verona b.a. 

981 Lake av. Rochester N. Y. 
Rusk Elizabeth Katharine b.a. 

129 Center st. Haddonfield N. J. 
Ryan Mary Elizabeth b.a. 

170 Elizabeth st. Derby Ct. 
Ryder Helen Louise b.a. 

310 Central av. Plainfield N. J. 


Saperston Ruth b.a. 

355 Linwood av. Buffalo N. Y. 
Schmolze Mildred Constance b.a. 

1116 Columbia av. Chicago 111. 
Sedgwick Mary b.a. 

The Olbiston Utica N. Y. 
Selden Ruth b.a. (Mrs Stanley Gris- 

wold) 6 Ahwaga av. Northampton 
Sewell Dorothy Austin b.a. 

56 North st. Walton Delaware co. 

N. Y. 
Sheffield Eleanor b.a. 

4 Glenada pi. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Shepardson Margaret b.a. 

102 The Fenway Boston 
Sherburne Ada Louise b.a. 

Sherman Helen Grace b.a. 

Savannah N. Y. 
Skidmore Harriet Bond b.a. 

Deforest av. Summit N. J. 
Smith Leah Eleanor b.a. 

77 W. Main st. Freehold N. J. 
Smith Louise b.a. 

261 Crescent st. Northampton 

Smith Madeline Strowbridge b.a. 

94 S. Main st. Middleboro 
Smith Margaret Dorothy b.a. 

31 Bridge st. Northampton 
Smith Marjorie Boynton b.a. 

Freeport N. Y. 
Somers Mabel Vernon b.a. 

295 Elm st. West Haven Ct. 
Sprout Martha Coulter b.a. 

370 Brussels st. St Mary's Pa. 

Stearns Dorothy Martha b.a. 

Lake Megantic Quebec Canada 
Stebbins Eunice Burr b.a. 

267 Crescent st. Northampton 
Steel Ellen Brodt b.a. 

Mt Pleasant Farm Colora Md. 
Steinbach Frances Raye b.a. 

191 Sherman av. New Haven Ct. 
Stevens Evelyn Sutton b.a. 

35 Washington av. Northampton 
Stevenson Idabelle b.a. 

232 Westchester av. Mt Vernon 

N. Y. 

Stewart Esther Lillian b.a. 

232 Midland av. East Orange N. J. 
Stockhausen Regina Emma b.a. 

6409 N. 13th st. Philadelphia Pa. 
Stone Hope Hathaway b.a. 

219 Bridge st. Northampton 
Stone Katharine Phetteplace b.a. 

3709 Belleview av. Kansas City Mo. 
Story Gladys Bergen b.a. 

W. Merrick road Freeport Long 

Island N. Y. 
Strong Helen Clark b.a. 

Pine Mountain Settlement school 

Pine Mountain Ky. 
Sykes Dorothy Louise b.a. 

22 Sprague st. Maiden 


Tait Jean Wilhelmina b.a. 

37 Vinton st. Springfield 
Taylor Doris Renton b.a. 

Care Punahou academy Honolulu 

T. H. 
Taylor Gertrude b.a. 

13321 Euclid av. Cleveland O. 
Thompson Margaret Adelia b.a. 

121 School st. Lowell 


Umbstaetter Amo b.a. 

72 Walnut st. Arlington 
Underwood Dorothea b.a. 

4843 Lake Park av. Chicago 111. 
Underwood Ruth Pauline b.a. 

2 Beekman terrace Summit N. J. 
Ungethuem Jennie Martha B.A. 

17 Avery st. Westfield 


VanNuys Margaret LaGrange b.a. 

102 Crescent st. Northampton 
Veblen Clara Matilda b.a. 

3328 10th av. S. Minneapolis Minn. 


von Horn Marie Louise b.a. (Mrs Vin- 
cent G. Byers) 

149 Winthrop road Brookline 

Walker Dorothy Adelia b.a. 

43 Rockdale st. Worcester 
Wallace Margaret Elizabeth b.a. 

1107 Davis av. N.S. Pittsburgh Pa. 
Ward Ethel b.a. 

127 S Munn av. East Orange N. J. 
Wardner Isabel b.a. 

25 Carruth st. Dorchester Boston 
Ware Florence Emily b.a. 

1021 Judson av. Evanston 111. 
Warren Evelyn Marie b.a. 

47 Munroe st. Northampton 
Warren Helen b.a. 

11 Outlook road Swampscott 
Weigand Louise Margarethe b.a. 

13 Irving st. Jersey City N. J. 
Welles Margaret Stanley b.a. 

14 Marshall st. Hartford Ct. 
Wellman Marjorie Elizabeth b.a. 

11200 Edgewater drive 

Cleveland O. 
Wells Edith Josephine b.a. 

71 Washington av. Northampton 
Wells Martha Barron b.a. (Mrs John 

M. Walker) 

312 Concord av. Wilmington Del. 
Wheeler Beatrice Wavell b.a. 

36 W. Passaic av. Rutherford N. J. 
Wheeler Elizabeth b.a. 

413 E. Broad st. Columbus O. 
Wheelock Helen Margaret b.a. 

1346 N. Delaware st. Indianapolis 


White Annie Mell b.a. 

Walton N. Y. 
White Marguerite Helen b.a. 

49 Western av. Brattleboro Vt. 
Whitman Helen b.a. 

1334 Asbury av. Evanston 111. 
Wickham Cora Taber b.a. 

153 W. Main st. Norwalk O. 
Wild Eleanor Everest b.a. 

291 Clinton av. Brooklyn N. Y. 
Williams Emily Marshall b.a. 

221 North st. Buffalo N. Y. 

Wilmot Sarah b.a. 

508 Stratford av. Bridgeport Ct. 

Wood Eleanor Muriel b.a. 

30 Hubbard Park Cambridge 

Wood Margaret Emily b.a. 

534 Glenway av. Wyoming O. 
Wood Miriam Wealthy b.a. 

Wolcott st. Bristol Ct. 

Wooldridge Marion Thomson b.a. 
Wooldridge Tenn. 

Worthington Grace Elva b.a. 

364 Alexander st. Rochester N. Y. 

Wright Elsie Robinson b.a. 
276 South st. Pittsfield 

Wyeth Hazel b.a. 

182 Roseville av. Newark N. J. 


Young Anna Rachel b.a. 

Saugerties N. Y. 
Young Georgia Emma B.A. 

8 Everett av. Winchester 

Total 331 



This list includes the academic graduates and those non-graduates and 
graduates of the schools of music and art who are members of the Alumnae 
Association (indicated by "a"). 

The street address will be found in the alphabetical list. 




Adler Jeanne 16 

Dow Mrs Frederick T. (M. M. Skinner 03) 
Gelders Emma Josephine 16 
Rich Cecile Rae 12 


Hadley Mrs Walter E. (A Faulkner 06) 


Thompson Elizabeth May 09 


Jaquith Mrs Charles A. (E. N. Lord 96) 


Flinn Lula Glaze 15 


Pearce Mrs Edward E. (M. T. Brown 01) 


Scott Mrs Thomas S. (H. A. Hasson 07) 


Van Valkenburgh Mrs Robert R. (P. L. 
Heire 11) 


Bridgham Mrs Elmer G. (B. F. Briggs 98) 


Ellinwood Cornelia 14 


Lund Mrs Carl H. (M. L. Gilson 02) 


Marshall Mrs Emory M. (H. Laughlin 13) 


Pullman Mrs St John (H. G. Ribbel 08) 


Garnett Anne 10 


Fish Mrs Frank W. (A. M. Ashworth 01) 
Spoehr Mrs Herman A. (F. Mann 06) 


Ross Mrs John M. (M. E. Landers 96) 

Hot Springs 

Whitfield Inez Harrington 89 

Little Rock 

Almand Mrs John F. (F. R. Edmonson 12) 
Smart Mrs Herman W. (L. V. Holland 12) 


Joyner Mary Cross 12 


Littlejohn Mrs Kenneth (J. Keiser 10) 


Alden Mrs Langford T. (L. H. Comstock 09) 

Barrows Eleanor Agnes 11 

Bumsted Mrs E. Bradford (C. L. Warren 02) 

Crozer Laura Esther 06 

Dunbar Helen Otis 09 

Elliott Ruth 12 

Hyde Mrs Charles G. (M. Isola 99) 

Irwin Mrs Frank (M. E. Barrows 97) 

Kelsey Mary Alice 15 

Mead Mrs Edwin B. (G. M. Henry 00) 

Monjes Mrs Henry B. jr (M. Breckenridge 98) 

Morgan Mrs William S. (L. S. Smith 03) 

Ruggles Mrs Charles A. (A. D. Smith 96) 

Smith Elizabeth Hight 00 

Smith Frances Curtis 96 

Smith Mrs Vernon A. (K. V. Drew 10) 

Speir Mrs Oswald (M. Phillips 90) 

Warner Mrs Frederick A. (N. A. Smith 02) 

Wentworth Mrs Frank W. (J. B. Pond 05) 

Wilson Mary Elizabeth 91 


Dixon Mrs J. Byron (E. A. Green 02) 

Chula Vista 

Cook Mrs Maxfield (H. J. Goes 06) 


Brown Mrs Albert J. (M. I. Clark 98) 
Brown Edith Imogene 00 


a. Sturges Mrs George (L. C. Parker 01) 


Sanders Mrs W. Murray (L. C. Droste 01) 


Sherman Mrs Edwin M. (H. L. Harsha 01) 


a. Newell Esther Laura 12 


Hawkes Mrs William (E. Granger 91) 


Vaile Florence Isabella 04 


Hayward Mrs Julian S. (R. E. Shepherd 12) 


Booth Mrs Charles M. (R. B. Collins 98) 

Hermosa Beach 

a. Ballantine Mrs William D. (Y. A. DuBois 03) 

La Jolla 

Voorhees Mrs J. Spencer (E. Warner 99) 


a. Woodworth Mrs C. Curtiss (M. Towne 99) 


Featherston Mrs Ren (F. Merrill 98) 


Long Beach 

Bolton Hazel Marie 14 

Los Angeles 

Andrews Gertrude Hayden 14 

a. Barmore Mrs David S. (C. W. Britt 09) 

Bartlett Levantia White 09 

a. Beardsley Mrs John (A. W. Wyman 00) 

Bingham Mary Homer 92 

Blenkiron Florence Eleanor 13 

Bliss Mrs Charles H. J. (A. E. Powell 96) 

Brem Mrs Walter V. (M. W. Winkler 00) 

Brintnall Gertrude 13 

Britton Jasmine Marie 07 

Dennen Grace Atherton 92 

Dole Sara L. 86 

Emerson Mrs Earl A. (M. H. James 11) 

Fitzsimmons Frances Jose' 15 

Gould Margaret Mitchell 12 

Hammond Maud Bernice 10 

Harvey Florence Gertrude 08 

Hill Mrs Joseph H. (M. L. Dinsmore 04) 

Holland Susie Warren 09 

Kirkley Ella 00 

Montgomery Mrs Thomas M. (B. J. Potts 03) 

Moore Mrs Hansen (L. S. London 04) 

Morris Harriet 97 

Mosher Delia Evelyn 04 

Murphey Carobel 07 

Osterberg Hildur Christina 13 

Rude Irene Fidelia 08 

Safford Helen Cornelia 15 

Seaman Florence Josephine 13 

Seward Mrs George S. (M. L. Seamans 12) 

Stimson Ethel 10 

Taylor Mabel Miranda 90 

West Mrs George W. (A. E. T. Johnson 03) 

Wheeler Mrs Harry K. (Lilian DuBois 88) 


Langmade Eloise Thornton 09 


Gernon Mrs Reginald H. (E. J. Winchester 00) 
Lord Mrs George (E. J. Luck 82) 
Welch Mrs Wilbur A. (B. Carleton 04) 
West Louise Bronson 02 


Miller Etta Laura 92 

National City 

Behr Florence 12 

Minshall Mrs Herbert L. (K. Behr 04) 


Bireley Mrs John M. (F. E. Smith 02) 
Brown Mrs John Q. (H. Gager 00) 
Wishar Mrs Louis B. (S. H. Perkins 86) 

Ocean Park 

a. Crispin Mrs Egerton L. (A. C. Shipman 08) 

Palo Alto 

Dugan Ethel Rae 10 

Evans Mrs George F. (C. D. Ripley 13) 

Hoffman Mrs J. C. (F. J. Bowley 04) 


Barton Mary Louise 84 

Bennett Mrs James S. (E. Foote 97) 

Bissell Mary Eleanor 97 

Burck Mrs Lawrence B. (P. B. Johnson 04) 

Church Cornelia Chapell 88 

Clark Ella Cleveland 84 

Clark Mrs Lincoln (C. Barber 99) 

Clark Mrs Stephen C. (G. M. Greene 82) 

Clarke Rachael Chadsey 81 

Flint Georgiana Elizabeth 06 

Hoblit Mrs Frederic M. (L. Barber 99) 

Hopkins Mrs George (J. E. Gould 85) 

Mabury Eloise 02 

McWilliams Mrs John jr (J. C. Weston 00) 
Murphy Mrs William D. jr (M. M. Carpenter 

Rice Mrs Walter E. (L. M. Davis 02) 
Richmond Myrtle Leila 07 
Simons Mrs Seward A. (G. Churchyard 88) 
Somers Mrs Paul J. (A. B. Batson 08) 
Van Deusen Mabel 10 


Leonard Mrs Burt H. (M. E. Norris 07) 


Taggard Mrs E. S. (F. E. Shepardson 00) 


Irvin Grace Edna 01 


Davis Gwen 16 

Hamilton Mary Emma 93 

Hatch Mrs Charles C. (E. M. Baine 07) 

Ide Mrs Charles E. (M. E. Davis 06) 

Jeffery Adelaide Balmforth 15 

Moore Mrs Laurence L. (E. M. Dunham 06) 

Wilmot Marion Elsie 10 


Lewis Mrs Frank D. (A. E. Bradbury 86) 

San Bernardino 

Goodcell Mrs Henry (M. H. Lamson 93) 

San Diego 

Church Mrs J. William (V. W. Frame 99) 
Fisher Mrs J. William (A. W. Day 05) 
Lang Isoline Louise 99 
Quirk Nelle Faragher 00 

a. Roberts Mrs Henry B. (L. E. Tuckerman 80) 

San Francisco 

Brown Adelaide 88 

Burtis Mrs Prentis T. (H. D. Burge 09) 
Campbell Mrs Raymond P. (K. C. Browning 

Chrysler Josephine Lee 01 

Curtis Louise Hadley 10 

DuBois Mrs Coert (M. B. Mendell 04) 

Holne Mrs John G. (A. F. Collins 07) 

Houghton Mrs Albert B. (E. M. Taylor 12) 

King Gen6vidve 01 

Lapham Mrs Roger D. (H. B. Abbot 05) 
Lucas Mrs William P. (B. J. Richardson 01) 
Mav Margarita Britton 93 
Newhall Mrs Edwin W. jr (J. M. Peers 05) 
Vrooman Beatrice 01 

Westermann Mrs Bernard (M. A. Myers 08) 
Whitaker Anna 09 

San Jose 

Giles Mabel 96 
Post Mary Helen 96 

Santa Barbara 

Moseley Mrs Henry P. (K. M. Williams 96) 
Winchell Mrs Raymond L. (G. B. Tobey 99) 

Santa Clara 

Hamilton Mrs George E. (S. M. Morse 97) 

Santa Cruz 

King Elsie Maud 03 

Santa Monica 

Dabney Mrs Vaughan (R. E. Burdett 09) 


Raney Mrs Joseph H. (H. Dill 02) 

Tiburon Point 

Griepenkerl Mrs William (F. V. Smith 93) 


Whipple Mrs Howard G. (E. V. Fink 12) 



Wray Mrs Walter (H. H. P. Doty 88) 


Howe Mrs John D. (R. M. Keith 99) 


Noble Mrs Levi F. (D. Evans 07) 


a. Liggett Mrs Benjamin F. (A. J. Ferris 87) 


Reed Mrs Allan B. (B. Moorhead 07) 


Soule Mrs Elwin A. (V. L. Robinson 11) 


Brewster Susan 12 

Brush Elizabeth Parnham 09 

Riley Mrs Harry L. (M. W. Foster 00) 

Colorado Springs 

Hurlbut Olive Ruth 07 

Jones Mrs Guilford (V. R. O'Donnel 13) 

Jones Lucy Dunbar 13 

Motten Mrs Roger H. (J. C. Barclay 06) 

o. Noble Mary Riggs 94 

Pastorius Mrs Francis D. (M. A. Lockhart 01) 
Rice Ethel Hume 09 


Biscoe Mrs Maurice B. (A. E. Slocum 00) 

a. Chandler Abbie Belle 88 

Collins Edna White 01 

Denison Mrs Henry (J. Welch 07) 

Graham Mrs Charles A. (A. McClintock 99) 

Healey Mrs Arthur E. (R. E. Manly 03) 

Herrington Isabel 09 

Keezer Madelyn Moore 14 

Long Margaret 95 

McLean Mrs Hugh (R. Denison 06) 

Morse Mrs Bradish P. (A. E. Reynolds 07) 

Norman Mrs John E. (E. Warren 03) 

Perry Charlotte Lettica 11 

Perry Marjorie 05 

Pettit Roberta Elizabeth 15 

Pratt Elsie Seelye 95 

Sabin Mary Sophia 91 

Strang Mrs S. Bartow (L. M. Pratt 93) 

Thompson Mrs William (A. W. Royer 95) 

Vaille Agnes Wolcott 12 

o, Watkins Mrs Rawson F. (N. Lunt 01) 

Fort Morgan 

Burnham Grace Emma 10 


Park Margaret Marion 10 


Barnhart Marion Emma 16 


Bronson Mrs Walter T. (L. M. Graham 10) 
Pope Mrs Louis W. (M. Headden 09) 
Tingley Mrs Charles W. (J. B. Rice 97) 


Busey Jeannette Anabel 11 

South Denver 

Boutwell Mrs Cyrus (M. McCrary 11) 


Smart Mrs Willard C. (L. Davis 11) 


Borst Mrs William A. (A. M. Alvord 11) 
Downs Mrs Frederick D. (F. C. Sheldon 08) 
Powers Nellie Bernadette 10 
Turner Mrs H. Jackson (E. P. James 07) 


Roby Elizabeth Rockwell 14 


Beecher Julie Lillian 15 

Dimond Mrs Fred D. (L. L. Anderson 12) 


Jourdan Fannie Ella 15 
Jourdan Mildred 16 

Lovejoy Mrs Herman S. (M. H. Workman 99) 
Murphy Alice 03 


a. Bassick Mrs Edgar W. (G. E. Morris 97) 

Bickford Frances Henrietta 09 

Bull Mrs William F. (R. Smith 01) 

Burns Loretta Veronica 15 

a. Cady Mrs Cecil I. (P. L. Cady 14) 

Chapman Hulda Day 16 

Foster Mildred 15 

Hurley Margretta Mary 06 

a. Jennings Mrs Edward A. (E. M. Goodsell 01) 

Keane Margaret Mary 14 

McMahon Gertrude Elizabeth 08 

Mulvihill Honora Elizabeth 09 

Nichols Elizabeth Frances 10 

Oliphant Margaret Sayre 16 

Richards Sara Franklin 02 

Smith Marjorie Dearborn 10 

Stoddard Mrs Sanford (H. G. Johnson 01) 

Sullivan Mrs J. E. (C. Cullinan 89) 

Sutton Mrs Herbert L. (F. C. Lowe 00) 

Walsh Mrs T. F. (G. L. Hurley 02) 

Wilmot Sarah 16 


Sanford Mrs Henry C. (S. L. Coolidge 06) 


Joy Mrs C. S. (A. M. Clark 02) 
Martin Anna May 06 
Wheeler Mrs Louis A. (C. M. Fuller 03) 
Wood Miriam Wealthy 16 


Camp Mrs Samuel G. (L. M. Atwater 10) 


Bonfoey Emma Comstock 02 


Farnham Mrs Ellsworth (F. M. Sprague 12) 
Willard Abby Gregory 83 


Lewis Mary Pratt 95 

Neal Mrs M. Stanley (L. S. Thayer 01) 

Cos Cob 

Ochtman Dorothy 14 

D anbury 

Biggs Mrs James D. (M. L. Tweedy 15) 
Brush Ella Mead 04 
Merritt Ann Gordon 00 
Rogers Dorothy Millard 11 


Barber Helen Mary 07 
Brewster Katharine Grant 85 
Dunne Mary Louise 13 
Kennedy Josephine Gertrude 14 
McCarthy Mary Zita 11 
Ryan Mary Elizabeth 16 
Sperry Edith de Forest 05 

East Haddam 

Elmendorf Louise Frelinghuysen 09 


East Hampton 

Luntz Jenny 14 

East River 

Weld Mabel Rogers 13 


Talcott Elizabeth Hannah 85 

Falls Village 

Hallock Josephine 97 


Howard Mrs Lawrence A. (E. H. Bond 04) 
Nichols May Louise 88 
Sherrill Ruth Dakin 90 


Loomis Mrs James (L. H. Bruce 05) 


Lambert Mary Adelaide 16 

Greenfield Hill 

Geller Mrs Frederick (A. D. Van Kirk 87) 


Austin Jennie Maude 84 

Blanke Mrs Everett N. (H. I. Cutler 97) 

Churchyard Constance 08 

Ford Clara Ray 08 

McKinney Ida Ethelyn 95 

Mead Marion Elizabeth 09 

Mead Mary Elizabeth 13 

Mead Mildred 13 

Newton Edna Florence 08 

Newton Mrs Harold P. (G. R. Wight 08) 

Pier Mrs Garrett Chatfield (P. A. Wilson 97) 

Ryan Anna Arabella 02 

Tiemann Elsie Claire 84 

Todd Mrs Judson S. (E. N. Hall 99) 


Burrows Mrs Warren B. (E. A. Copp 08) 
Crane Cassie Louise 10 


Eliot Elizabeth Maud 15 
Griswold Ruth Lee 12 
Hall Ruth Bartlett 93 
Hotchkiss Mildred Viletta 11 


Ahem Agnes Madeleine 06 

Ahern Katharine Cecilia 98 

Bailey Louise Morse 10 

Beach Mrs Goodwin B. (E. G. Curry 07) 

Beardsley Mrs Guy E. (J. R. Hills 99) 

Benton Mrs Arthur H. (R. D. White 98) 

Biram Mrs James H. (A. G. Raymond 06) 

Booth Minnie Day 90 

Bordon Elizabeth 16 

Bradley Mrs Lyman R. (K. Lewis 95) 

Brower Gladys 09 

Brown Helen 97 

Brown Helen Everton 01 

Bullard Mrs Herbert S. (E. Williston 93) 

a. Carter Mrs Charles F. (H. F. Herrick 84) 

Clancy Alice Mary 16 

Clark Mrs Walter H. (J. E. Gilman 96) 

Cohen Eva 16 

Crandall Jessica Frances 11 

Dakin Mrs Wilson S. (B. L. Kirkland 97) 

Davis Frances LeBaron 12 

Duggan Mary Elizabeth 99 

Fennell Guinevere 10 

Foley Margaret Baker 90 

Glass Mrs Edgar T. (C. Woolley 11) 

Glazier Laura Estelle 04 

Goldberg Dora 16 

Goodman Mary Almee 96 

Goodwin Mrs James L. (D. W. Davis 07) 

Gordon Mrs Lewis E. (E. Keeney 97) 

Greenwood Mrs Albert H. (M. A. Gage 00) 

Gross Helen Clarissa 05 

a. Hamilton Caroline Fidelia 94 

Hansel Mrs Charles R. (H. G. Day 87) 

Hildebrand Alice Lyon 06 

Hirth Emma Pauline 05 

Holbrooke Lilian 02 

Holcombe Mrs Harold G. (E. P. Monson 06) 

Hunt Lucy Olcott 97 

James Mary Marguerite 15 

Jones Constance Newcomb 02 

Kennedy Marguerite Florence 15 

Kenyon Alice May 12 

Lane Mrs Carl R. (E. L. Merritt 09) 

Larkin Mrs Harold (S. L. Tanner 06) 

Layton Mrs Frank D. (E. S. Keep 03) 

Little Lenore Millicent 11 

Macmillan Mrs Thomas D. (E. B. Adams 15) 

Miller Helena Franklin 10 

Mitchell Blanche 14 

Mitchell Mrs Emlyn V. (M. A. Clark 83) 

Mitchell Nellie Louise 99 

o. Moore Anne Wells 95 

Mullane Frances Marion 15 

O'Loughlin Anne Loretta 04 

Pease Mrs Frank B. (E. A. Olds 04) 

Philbrick Mrs Halsey R. (V. D. Booth 09) 

Pray Mrs William N. (P. W. Randall 06) 

Purnell Dorothea 15 

a. Rees Mary Addison 13 

Scharr Marion 12 

a. Smith Mrs Harry A. (H. C. Nichols 92) 
Snow Mrs Norman L. (H. F. Harris 08) 
a. Soule Mrs Sherrod (M. C. Haines 85) 
Squire Mrs Roger N. (T. D. Sibley 06) 
Steane Mrs J. Herbert (A. L. Curtis 02) 
Stevens Katherine 10 
Stone Elisabeth Wolcott 96 
Stuart Mrs Harland F. (M. G. Reed 15) 
Swift Sarah Howard 12 
a. Taylor Mrs Charles L. (B. H. Smith 95) 
Thayer Mrs Charles S. (M. A. Shute 87) 
Tobey Daisy Field 11 

Urban Mrs Wilbur M. (E. N. Wakelin 94) 

Warfield Alice Bertha 02 

Warfield Grace Elizabeth 06 

Welles Alice Bradford 15 

Welles Carolyn Aiken 14 

Welles Margaret Stanley 16 

White Mrs Henry W. (E. F. Montague 97) 

Williams Clara Louise 87 

Williston Agnes Louise 93 


Hopson Myra Haxtun 07 


Rudd Mrs Malcolm D. (E. L. Cook 96) 


Walker Marion Sinclair 15 


Bowers Mrs Herbert O. (L. E. Shepard 92) 


Boswell Mrs George C. (M. P. Foskett 87) 

Forcier May 08 

Hamilton Maude Lines 10 

Harrison Kathleen 16 

Raby Adrienne Mary 14 

Rockwell Mary Lee 15 

o. Rust Annie Marinda 96 

Smith Marion Rice 09 

Stockder Gertrude 15 

Tyler Mildred Allen 13 

Wadsworth Emily Leonard 15 

White Mrs Allan H. (B. V. Hixson 14) 


Ekins Mrs Grove F. (G. L. Champion 02) 
LaMonte Helen Dean 95 



Lyman Alma 11 
Lyman Esther 13 


a. Conn Mrs Herbert W. (J. M. Joel 81) 

Henry Eugenia May 04 

Hubbard Mrs G. Tracy (A. L. Gates 97) 

Hyde Mrs Edgar R. (C. A. Farwell 98) 

Palmer Ola Stanton 11 

Sage Mrs H. Ackley (M. V. Stanley 14) 

Tuttle Mrs Charles A. (A. S. Miner 81) 

Walsh Anna May 11 

Wilson Ruth Agnes 13 


Ford Mignonne 06 

Rockwell Edith Antoinette 96 

Wilcox Helen May 13 


Boyd Blanche Ruth 06 

Mt Carmel 

Woodruff Helen Lucy 99 


Brown Mrs H. W. (R. S. Hawley 11) 
a. Carpenter Mary Louise 96 
Minor Harriet May 96 

New Britain 

Booth Mary Martyn 91 

Cadwell Helen Grace 16 

Hanford Florence Lillian 15 

Judge Mabel Estelle 08 

Loomis Mrs J. Carleton (E. B. Kenyon 07) 

Mazeine Mrs Raymond (M. H. Brown 04) 

Montague Annah Juliette 13 

Pelton Mrs Ernest W. (A. L. Vibberts 02) 

Schupack Fannie 14 

Slade Mrs Louis P. (C. K. Boone 96) 

New Canaan 

Hall Mrs Louis H. (G. D. Coyle 98) 
a. Olcott Helen Knox 01 

Streit Mrs Raymond E. (M. L. Hotchkiss 04) 
Wood Mrs Walter C. (E. R. Davis 86) 

New Hartford 

Adams Mrs Walter B. (A. L. Carter 88) 
Jones Mrs Frank W. (E. F. Thompson 14) 
Jones Helen Sedgwick 15 

New Haven 

Barlow Alpha Winifred 96 
Barney Elizabeth Hunt 14 
Beecher Mabel Louise 95 

a. Bradley Mrs Edward M. (F. S. Fowler 98) 

Bright Florence Jessie 02 

Bulley Marion Elizabeth 16 

Carter Olive Ingalls 11 

Chittenden Edith Russell 99 

Crittenden Mrs Walter E. (H. R. Butler 04) 

Curtis Margaret 07 

Cutting Ruth Geraldine 14 

Daggett Mrs Leonard M. (E. E. Cutler 92) 

Day Mrs Clive (E. D. Lewis 95) 

Derby Mrs Joseph A. (L. D. Barlow 99) 

Dickerman Elizabeth Street 94 

Dozier Mrs Howard D. (K. J. Bailey 12) 

Duncan Mrs George M. (M. A. Carter 86) 

Eliot Esther Harrison 15 

Eliot Ruth Forbes 08 

Fogarty Catherine Elizabeth 02 

Fowler Mrs (M. R. Manross 07) 

Fox Eleanor Beatrice 06 

French Edna Bradstreet 02 

Fuller Grace Pierpont 03 

Gallagher Hera Shigemi 14 

Gower Ethel Margaret 98 

Graves Mrs Arthur (M. B. Dunton 06) 

Harriman Mrs Edward A. (B. C. Ray 86) 

Hazen Mabel Gibson 96 

Healey Leonore 16 

Hedrick Ellen A. 92 

Hoadley Sarah Jeannette 14 

a. Holcomb Mrs Fred A. (E. M. Hart 96) 

Hutchison Georgia Thea 12 

Jepson Mrs Harry B. (M. P. Wyatt 93) 

Jones Ellen Bodley 16 

Kent Mrs Charles F. (E. M. Sherrill 90) 

Kimball Louisa Bleecker 01 

a. Lang Mrs Henry R. (A. H. Derby 85) 

Leighton Margaret Dominica 16 

Lincoln Marion Buck 10 

McAfee Helen Flora 03 

Mansfield Mrs Frederic E. (A. M. Potter 15) 

Meara Mrs Frank S. (A. M. Sykes 88) 

Mitchell Mrs Sydney K. (M. C. Hewitt 97) 

Monson Edith Dale 00 

Nichols Mrs George (L. Rogers 97) 

Norcross Mrs Joseph A. (C. Brown 98) 

Paton Jean Agnes 14 

Paton Julia Bayles 00 

Paton Margaret Young 07 

Pease Dorothy 11 

Powers Josephine 07 

Preston Eva Bouton 15 

Redfield Mrs Paul W. (H. C. Bulkley 05) 

Rice Laura Lewis 14 

Robinson Lois de Moss 09 

Rogers Elizabeth Storrs 00 

Rounds Helen Elizabeth 14 

Seabury Ruth Isabel 14 

Smyth Mary Winslow 95 

Starin Rosamond Dorothy 12 

Steele Mrs T. M. (E. L. Stout 02) 

Steinbach Frances Raye 16 

Stetson Mary Mead 13 

Taylor Mrs Edwy L. (H. V. Curtis 07) 

Terry Harriet Wadsworth 96 

Thomas Josephine Horton 11 

Thomas Julia Benner 06 

Tilson Mrs John Q. (M. F. North 05) 

Torrey Mrs Charles C. (M. E. Richards 99) 

Ufford Helen Harriet 08 

Van Name Theodora 95 

Watrous Mrs Eliot (A. K. Twining 98) 

Whitney Elizabeth Fay 00 

Willcox Mrs Donald D. (A. R. Woodruff 09) 


Welles Mary Crowell 83 

New London 

Alofsin Anna Sarah 16 

Austin Jessie Mabel 01 

Bixler Mrs James W. (M. Seelye 94) 

Branch Anna Hempstead 97 

Calkins Mrs Arthur B. (A. C. Barber 00) 

Coit Gertrude 13 

Decker Elizabeth Cordelia 10 

Dunham Gertrude Helen Cosgrove 12 

Elder Mrs Joseph A. (M. L. Potter 98) 

Fitch Mrs Walter A. (I. Eggleston 95) 

Gay Ingovar 05 

Hedlund Ruth Fredericka 16 

Hoffecker Mrs Douglas M. (E. F. Long 13) 

Hull Mrs C. Hadlai (G. M. Stoddard 08) 

Jackson Marietta Annie 96 

Lee Mrs George B. (A. L. Mead 851 

a. Mead Stella Baham 94 

Newcomb Edith Turner 02 

Penhallow Susan Mabelle 07 

Whiton Helen King 10 


Mitchell Besse Edith 08 


Spaulding Ruth Louise 11 

North Haven 

.Goodyear Anna Lyman 99 
Smith Martha Jeannette 05 


North Stonington 

Brown Mrs James F. jr (L. M. Wheelerl98) 

North Woodbury 

Strong Mrs Frederick A. (J. E. Peck 98) 


Allen Margaret Elizabeth 13 


Browning Helen Palmer 16 
Browning Sarah Perry 85 
de Long Helen Bray 10 
Fairgrieve Amita 12 

Haskell Mrs Charles H. (L. Woodward 83) 

Leavens Delia Dickson 01 

Leavens Faith Robinson 00 

Leavens Sarah Hall 87 

MacNamara Anna Gardner 15 

Mathewson Doris Roath 16 

Worcester Mrs Edward S. (M. Greenman 99) 

Norwich Town 

Gulliver Charlotte Chester 83 
Gulliver Eunice Henrietta 91 


Todd Julia Rossette 11 

Old Mystic 

Schoonover Nellie Frances 13 

Pine Meadow 

Chapin Catharine Lines 13 


Smith Mrs George M. (K. Ware 94) 

Pomfret Center 

Brown Mrs Chester H. (B. R. Nichols~07) 
Davis Olive Elizabeth 15 


Driscoll Lucile Josephine 16 


o. Gilpatric Mrs George H. (I. T. Wheelock 03) 


Shepard Hazel Belle 05 


Craven Gertrude 99 


Howell Mrs James C. (A. E. Egbert 02) 
Warner Lois Caroline 12 


Barlow Mrs Henry N. (G. E. Burlingame 11) 
Gay Jessie Aline 02 


o. Frazer Mona 11 
O'Neill Ethel Marie 15 
Smith Olga Lucile 08 • 

South Canterbury 

Jones Marian Hastings 97 


Neal Marie Catharine 12 

South Manchester 

Cheney Emily Grace 99 

Duffy Mrs Ward E. (L. V. Day 06) 

o. Rogers Gertrude Huntington 88 

South Norwalk 

Dibble Clara May 07 
Hall Linda 06 

Rummler Josephine Alice 14 


Holman Ruth Colburn 06 
Sherwood Alice Holman 91 

Stafford Springs 

Ballantine Margaret Winthrop 12 


Brown Mrs Richard C. (C. S. Ottman 13) 
Guernsey Mrs Henry H. (M. M. Barstow 01) 
Kelso Effie Marguerite 10 
Long Mrs William J. (F. M. Bancroft 94) 
a. Marion Mrs Frank J. (F. L. Hall 98) 
Miller May Irene 07 

Rice Mrs Winthrop M. (G. P. Reynolds 04) 
Sammis Mrs Edward A. (D. M. Finch 98) 

Stony Creek 

Madeira Mrs Charles (A. A. Maynard 97) 


Davis Mrs Irving G. (A. I. Sawin 12) 
Southwick Mrs Benjamin G. (A. B. Wall- 
burg 10) 


Axtell Rachel Enslee 15 
MacDonald Mary Elizabeth 09 
Wheeler Bessie Kirk 12 
Wood Katherine Warner 14 


Knox Helen Estelle 13 
Mason Edna Harbour 98 


Talcott Mrs John G. (C. F. White 97) 

Wood Mrs Josiah F. (S. D. Allen 08) 


Judson Mary Eunice 99 


Darling Ethel Maria 99 
Mitchell Mae Kehoe 14 


Appelt Mrs Frank (M. E. Bates 03) 
Callender Mrs A. W. (E. G. Stephens 01) 


Goodhind Cora Mabel 97 
Richards Martha Billings 92 
Ripley Jane Stanley 02 

Robotham Mrs Wilson W. (J. B. Bartholomew 


Cooke Florence Marks 15 

a. Mackenzie Mrs William A. (H. M. Kennard 


Miner Mrs Robert F. (C. I. Doane 89) 
Shortlidge Mrs Raphael J. (H. W. Houghton 

Thompson Nellie Emma 04 

Warehouse Point 

Brewster Mary Bunce 10 


Hubbard Grace A. 87 

Washington Depot 

Bull Florence Louise 11 


Camp Edith Caroline 04 

Camp Hilda Mary 10 

Ells Mrs Arthur F. (D. Gross 04) 

Jones Marguerite Elizabeth 13 

Kilduff Mrs Gilbert (L. M. Weber 13) 

Merrill Mrs Alden (E. L. Cook 06) 

Pierce Catharine Wilson 12 

o. Pierce Mrs Wilson H. (A. L. Bancroft 87) 

o. Snow Mrs Howard B. (A. M. Peck 11) 

Wayne Mrs Glenn H. (E. H. Willetts 10) 



Harwood Mrs Ernest M. (E. D. Huntington 02) 


Botsford Mrs Austin N. (S. E. Goodwin 99) 

West Hartford 

Day Daisy Toles 01 

Hamilton Mrs Horatio A. (A. W. Warner 03) 
Krogh Mrs James P. (E. J. Greenough 03) 
Newlands Mrs James A. (A. Cary 06) 

West Haven 

Barrows Florence Louise 11 
Graham Bertha Ellen 98 
Somers Mabel Vernon 16 


Burr Florence Jennings 15 
Schlosser Elizabeth 13 

West Simsbury 

Stockwell Addie Genevieve 12 

West Suffield 

Nelson Christine Louise 06 


Dow Madalene Fay 12 
Waters Genevieve 06 
Wolcott Helen Libby 92 


Tredwell Mrs K. I. (A. Gilman 14) 


Baker Mary Coggeshall 16 

Cummings Mrs Frederic R. (H. Boss 97) 

Grant Florence Anthine 10 

Jordan Marion Rollinson 14 

Niles Marion Agnes 07 

Staebner Louisa Emerson 14 

Taylor Ruth Beatrice 14 


Clark Alsie Crosby 12 
Shepard Bertha Maria 93 

Windsor Locks 

McAuley Millie Gordon 99 
Tobin Lauretta May 11 


Alford Helena Bassett 06 

Gaylord Helen Margaret 14 

Girard Mabel Helen 13 

Hine Edith Caroline 83 

Vaill Mrs Dudley L. (L. S. Holmes 98) 


Spalding Ethel May 06 


Young Maude Aleine 12 


Sawin Mrs Sanford (E. B. Quigley 04) 


Brown Mrs Edward M. (M. Adkins 79) 


Hay ward Mrs Harry (L. Woolson 94) 


o. Miller Mrs William H. (M. J. Baker 04) 


Cranston Hannah Gertrude 14 


Edsall Elizabeth 16 
Emmons Lorena Bates 09 
Hawkins Dorothy Lawson 12 

Jackson Elizabeth Robinson 04 

Malone Mary Stapler 00 

Mather Mary H. Askew 83 

Morrow Mrs Herbert S. (V. Humphrey 14) 

Naylor Annie Louise 12 

Philips Mrs Edward M. (B. Cranston 99) 

Pusey Mrs William W. 2d (E. W. Lobdell 02) 

Simmons Dorothea Elliott 14 

Stone Mrs Frederick E. (B. L. Smith 92) 

Taylor Mildred Rebecca 07 

Walker Mrs John M. (M. B. Wells 16) 

Webb Miriam Worrell 96 


Adams Dorothy 13 

Atwater Helen Woodard 97 

Baker Eva 07 

Bauer Dorothea Louise 15 

Belz Mrs J. O. (E. C. Mayo 09) 

Berry Mary Lillian 04 

Bien Corabel 12 

Bien Mrs Van Tuyl H. (B. V. Conn 14) 

Booth Mrs John A. S. (G. P. Pierce 06) 

Borland Mrs William P. (O. L. Winants 01) 

Brainerd Heloise 04 

Brainerd Jessie Johnson 02 

Breckinridge Lucy Hayes 03 

Brundage Mrs Frank H. (O. L. Mann 00) 

Bryan Elizabeth Ewing 09 

Busbey Mrs L. White (K. O. Graves 94) 

Carpenter Frances Aretta 12 

Chase Mrs Wilson (L. B. Rice 94) 

a. Chickering Frances Elizabeth 85 

Colgan Mary Ella 89 

Cornwell Mrs H. King (D. Page 11) 

Coyle Susan Edmond 94 

Cromwell Otelia 00 

Cunningham Nellie 03 

Dyer Mrs Don C. (L. Smith 04) 

Eaton Mrs William E. (F. H. Fiske 09) 

Erving Mrs William G. (E. Lootz 97) 

Eveleth Mrs Edward S. (E. M. Dugan 96) 

Fawcett Edna Hague 01 

Fleming Frances 16 

Gitterman Mrs (A. L. Sterne 91) 

Goode Edith Jeannette 04 

Grandin Mabel 09 

Gray Elizabeth MacLean 16 

Harts Mrs William W. (M. D. Hale 96) 

Hartwell Mary Ann 94 

Hawks Emma Beatrice 92 

a. Kauffmann Mrs R. M. (E. C. Willis 05) 

Kennedy Mrs (C. E. Sweeney 00) 

Ketcham Anna Marie 04 

Kingsley Louise 05 

a. Lansing Mrs Robert (E. Foster 89) 

Lamer Margaret Parker 14 

Leake Mrs James P. (M. C. King 10) 

Lofton Euphemia Rosalie 14 

Logan Mrs George W. (B. Allen 95) 

MacDougall Mrs William D. (C. S. Stone 93) 

Mack Dorothy Anne 16 

McNeill Mrs W. C. (M. A. Wheeler 06) 

Marsh Genevieve Lottie 96 

Morgan Mrs Raymond B. (L. D. Puffer 95) 

Murray Annie May 03 

Murray Jessie 05 

Parker Fanny Little 04 

Phelps Mrs Ellsworth (E. H. Mather 15) 

Phelps Mrs Isaac K. (M. Austin 92) 

Phelps Mrs Oliver A. (F. C. Tait 85) 

Puffer Louisa Wallis 06 

Rathbun Mrs Seward H. (H. Willis 07) 

o. Rayner Mrs William P. (N. E. Tyler 12) 

Rideout Mrs Percy A. (H. V. Palmer 12) 

Shadd Harriette Parke 05 

Smith Mrs Erwin F. (R. A. Warren 95) 

Smith Harriet Mackay 11 

Stoddard Mrs W. L. (E. M. Southard 11) 


Sutherland Mrs S. J. (M. A. Fassett 01) 

Tebbetts Mrs Harry H. (F. M. Ayer 93) 

Vaughan Mrs Thomas W. (D. Q. Upham 04) 

Walker Mrs Kenzie W. (H. H. Whitman 93) 

Wead Eunice 02 

Wead Katharine Howes 09 

Whiting Mrs George W. C. (E. Sweet 11) 

Whittelsey Anna Horton 09 

Williams Mrs Edward C. (E. P. Chesnutt 01) 

Wood Mrs Albert N. (E. Elmer 90) 

Wright Christina Cameron 98 

Wynne Mrs Rowland E. (M. W. Brooks 14) 


Odlin Evelyn 15 

Cocoanut Grove 

Spalding Mrs George B. jr (E. Palmer 01) 


Rodgers Ruth Hawley 16 

D eland 

Hamlin Mrs Arthur G. (E. Payne 83) 
Voorhis Mrs V. Howey (A. M. Parsons 02) 


Skinner Elizabeth 10 

Tappan Mrs Paul R. (H. H. Hedges 10) 

Fort Lauderdale 

Baker Mrs Warren S. (H. M. Griffin 12) 

Hanks Park 

Marshall Eleanor 09 


Locke Alison Neal 01 


Olds Mrs Charles L. (M. A. Johnson 85) 


Wilson Mabel Cynthia 03 

West Palm Beach 

Da Camara Marian 15 


Bellhouse Mrs Tom W. (H. V. Morgan 01) 


a. Akin Frances 14 
a. Claflin Sue Esther 04 
Greene Alice Cummings 07 
Matson Eleanor Sharp 16 
Schlesinger Harry Fanny 14 
Sims Martha Anne 14 
Venard Isabel 09 
Watters Hyla Stowell 15 
Woolf Lucy Ethel 07 


Comey Gertrude Julietta 04 

Wells Mrs George H. (H. L. Parsons 86) 


Hastings Bertha Almenia 99 


Lewis Letitia Ashley 12 


Berry Dorothy 14 

Brank Mrs Rockwell S. (V. R. Cox 06) 

a. Grey Mrs J. Chester (M. E. Wheeler 06) 

Howden' Mary Stuart 16 

Lane Mrs Mills B. (M. Comer 04) 


Ayer Welcome 11 
Benedict Ruth Allen 02 
Bodel Mrs John K. (E. C. Putnam 03) 
Camp Mrs Thomas J. (M. K. Mattis 11) 
Dodge Charlotte Peabody 06 
Rodgers Mrs Philip M. (M. Smith 08) 
Sears Mrs Robert (M. Hume 09) 
Sheldon Sarah Meech 07 
Taylor Doris Ren ton 16 



Reno Leonora Stuart 15 
Rinaldo Jeannette 12 


Wells Mrs Walter T. (M. Peterson 10) 


Laird Elizabeth McCutchen 15 


Roberts Edna Alice 10 


Kelsey Gertrude Elizabeth 15 


Gillette Mrs Edmond S. (E. E. Seamans 12) 
Mack Anne Allen 12 
Smith Charlotte Jewell 08 


Deusner Mrs Charles W. (H. A. Dupuy 07) 
Johnson Mrs Nicholas L. (F. A. Fischer 00) 
Merrifield Ethel Janet 06 


Harvey Eloise 12 


Ballard Mrs Harold L. (A. M. Smith 13) 
Potter Mrs Richard (B. T. Bod well 11) 


Davis Mrs David (E. E. Melluish 97) 
Ewing Mrs Spencer (L. Ullrich 96) 
Holder Julia Montrose 07 
Whitmore Mrs William W. (S. R. Eldred 00) 


Hastings Mary Alice 16 


Hyde Mrs Walter L. (E. A. Drake 03) 
Ruble Zulema Alice 86 


Hoblit Jean Frances 14 
McNay Luella Gallagher 09 


Eis Florence Marion 16 


Gillet Mrs J. E. (M. M. Mann 08) 
Putnam Persis 11 


Ackermann Elfriede Marie 10 

a. Anderson Mrs Alexander S. (A. Blackwell 


o. Ayer Mrs Arthur W. (G. L. North 91) 
a. Baker Mrs Horace S. (F. L. Yerxa 01) 
Ball Louise Herriott 14 
Barber Mrs Albert H. (L. R. Barber 12) 
Barnes Mrs William R. (E. M. Hurtt 97) 
Bartlett Florence Dibell 04 
Batchelder Alice L. 01 


Batchelder Annie 13 
Baumann Nettie Anna 06 
Bealin Nella Ellery 94 
Becker Louise 12 

Bennett Mrs James E. (B. Bogue 97) 

Betts Agnes 16 

Blodgett Florence Wilson 11 

Booth Mrs Sheldon (C. E. Barbour 11) 

Bortz Mrs Walter J. (H. O. Kummer 08) 

Bradley Mrs Herbert E. (M. W. Hastings 05) 

Brainerd Mrs Arthur T. (R. J. Thomas 08) 

Brimson Alice Worthington 05 

Brooks Mrs N. Reynolds (E. B. Porter 06) 

Bryant Sara 15 

Buchanan Mrs Dewitt (H. M. Stoppenbach 12) 

Burchard Mrs Edward L. (A. Barton 90) 

Burley Mrs Clarence A. (M. E. Blodgett 00) 

Burnham Mary Genevieve 05 

Carhart Mrs W. H. C. (M. M. Manker 06) 

Cary Margaret Stone 15 

Charles Pauline Margaret 92 

Chivnlle Eva Harriet 07 

Clarke Mrs Walter (E. Van Order 13) 

Cohn Beatrice Daube 11 

Coolidge Helen 00 

Crane Esther 10 

Curtis Mary Isabel 03 

Davidson Gwendolen Elizabeth 16 

Deming Gertrude Chester 13 

Dickinson Mrs William R. (A. M. Wilson 06) 

Dingle Mrs John H. (F. L. Thomas 08) 

di Olliqui Mrs Valentine V. (H. A. Hawgood 13) 

Dodge Mrs A. Y. (G. Hopkins 13) 

Dole Pauline Carolyn 12 

Dwight Isabel 12 

Eckerson Sophia Hennion 05 

Eldred Mrs Warren B. (E. L. Midgley 12) 

Elliott Virginia Marie 07 

Engelke Mrs Bernard L. (I. M. Darling 97) 

Farley Sarah Matilda 90 

Fechheimer Mrs Frederic (L. Meyer 01) 

Fergus Margaret Phyllis 13 

Foley Edna Lois 01 

Foreman Gertrude F. 16 

Friedman Mrs O. J. (C. Schlesinger 98) 

Gane Gertrude 94 

Gardner Ruth 13 

Gilbert Clara Culver 92 

Giles Anne Harper 87 

Griffenhagen Mrs Edwin O. (C. A. Gloeckler 

Grow Mrs Fred A. (M. H. Brimson 01) 
Haire Anna Roberta 83 
Hanson Mrs Joseph O. (S. J. McMullin 10) 
Hartmann Mrs Adolph jr (F. M. Baumann 09) 
Healy Mrs John J. (K. H. Andrews 94) 
Heuchling Mrs Fred. G. (M. A. Koch 07) 
Hinchliff Mrs Fred (A. Newton 04) 
Hines Marion 13 

Holmes Mrs Woodward (K. S. Beers 00) 
Holt Ellen 90 

Hooper Frances Milliken 14 
Hoy Mary Elizabeth 98 
Hurlbut Elizabeth Judson 95 
Johnson Helen 13 

Johnstone Mary Margaret Sewell 94 

Jordan Mrs Edwin O. (E. F. Pratt 92) 

Joslin Ruth 12 

Judd Clarise Sophia 15 

Kendrick Mrs Carrol C. (K. Forrest 11) 

King Fanny 82 

Koehler Mary Margaret 12 

Koop Margarete Emily 14 

Larrison Eleanor Rose 82 

Lary Mrs Harold R. (H. A. Scholermann 13) 

Leavitt Helen Whitman 15 

Lehman Louise Catherine 07 

Lobdell Edith 11 

Love Mrs Chase W. (A. W. Peterson 11) 

Lowe Anne Elizabeth 09 

McClurg Mrs Ogden T. (G. F. Schwarz 09) 

McCurdy Mrs Robert H. (E. L. Tryner 00) 

McGuire Alice Browne 10 

McKinney Lois 16 

McMechan Erin Theresa 09 

a. McQuigg Mrs Frederick W. (L. E. Clancy 

Malcolmson Mrs Charles T. (M. E. Wilkinson 

Markley Eileen Hughes 07 

Marsh Mrs John P. (M. McWilliams 98) 

Meincke Helen Marie 15 

Miller Mrs Henry E. (O. K. Beaupre 04) 

Miller Margaret Elizabeth 10 

Moody Marie Agnes 13 

Moore Margaret 13 

Murison Dorothy 12 

Murison Josephine Griswold 14 

Nixon Mary Stites 92 

Northup Helen Menzies 12 

Norton Mrs Lewis M. (M. A. Peloubet 82) 

O'Donnell Sarah Catherine 96 

Pellett Sarah Frances 82 

Powell Mrs Ambrose V. (H. B. Clark 87) 

Praeger Winifred Birge 13 

Redheffer Mrs Raymond L. (E. H. Moos 11) 

Reed Mrs Kersey C. (H. M. Shedd 05) 

Reinhart Mrs McClain (D. Hickok 11) 

Ridgway Wilma 10 

Roberts Mildred Jessie 12 

Ross Mrs Robert E. (M. T. Lord 00) 

Russell Helen Lois 07 

Scales Elizabeth Cayme 04 

Schevill Mrs Ferdinand (C. E. Meier 08) 

Schmolze Mildred Constance 16 

Schweppe Mrs Charles H. (L. A. Shedd 00) 

Scribner Dorothy 12 

Sewall Winifred Hoyt 15 

Sexton Leola Logan 07 

Sheldon Helen Mary 84 

Sheridan Helen 14 

Sherman Hope 07 

Shipman Jennie Spaulding 01 

Sihler Mrs Alfred 1. (D. P. Cooke 15) 

Smith Mrs H. Cowles (H. E. Broadhead 03) 

Squire Anna Louise 08 

Stern Mrs Herbert L. (L. E. Rosenberg 07) 

Swett Portia Mansfield 10 

Tasker Mrs George A. (E. Gates 01) 

Taylor Mrs Frank L. (M. M. Harris 00) 

Telling Elisabeth Irma 04 

Thomas Frances Ormsby 12 

Thomas Mrs Stafford F. (A. F. Osgood 91) 

Thomson Jane Eldridge 08 

Torrison Margaret Agatha 14 

True Edna Miriam 09 

Turner Edna Rose 12 

Tuthill Margaret Hall 09 

Tuthill Stella Weston 07 

Underwood Dorothea 16 

Underwood Mrs James F. (H. H. Tifft 02) 

Valentine Mrs Joseph L. (A. W. Flershem 97) 

Valentine Marjorie 10 

Ware Hildegarde 14 

a. Warner Mrs Rawleigh (D. M. Haskins 13) 

Watson Mrs Frederick J. (F. H. Pattison 08) 

Webster Elizabeth Howland 12 

Webster Mrs Roy F. (E. M. Hubbard 08) 

Weinberg Mrs J. S. (C. W. Hyman 11) 

Willard Mary Frances 90 

Williams Mrs George B. (L. Wright 05) 

Wilson Martha 95 

Winslow Dorothy Scott 07 

Wood Margaret Gertrude 12 

Woolley Mrs Erving Y. (M. E. Davis 95) 

Yeomans Mrs Nathaniel T. (E. M. Perry 07) 



Prutsman Harriet Theo 14 
Snapp Josephine Phillips 14 


Gorin Katharine Douglas 15 
Klotz Mrs Harry J. (N. Jobst 12) 
Lockett Jessie Walston 97 

Deer Creek 

Danforth Mrs Benjamin (M. E. Engle 12) 


Edwards Mrs Alfred D. (M. E. Peck 01) 
McCredie Margaret Jane 07 


Abbott Mrs William T. (E. P. Bourland 95) 

Armstrong Mrs Horace W. (T. J. Cochrane 03) 

Baird Mrs Warner G. (J. L. Dole 09) 

Bartle Virginia 03 

Best Mrs Albert S. (M. Ayres 95) 

Bishop Jessie Elizabeth 11 

Bloom Margaret 14 

Blunt Mrs John E. jr (C. M. Curtis 96) 
Board Mrs Harold E. (V. R. Foster 08) 
Chandler Ruth 12 

Cleveland Mrs Paul W. (M. L. Spring 01) 

a. Coale Mrs S. Chase (H. E. Gale 06) 

Davis Mrs Frank P. (E. A. Kelly 99) 

Decker Mrs Hiram E. (G. F. Buell 89) 

Dole Josephine Hannah 12 

Ewen Mrs William R. T. jr (V. R. Harris 05) 

Foote Mrs Roger L. (M. R. Lake 04) 

Gladwin Gertrude Ella 00 

Griswold Mrs Harold (R. H. Redington 05) 

Hancock Helen 12 

Harkness Edith Alice 94 

Hazlehurst Elizabeth Kimberly 16 

Helmholz Mrs Henry F. (I. G. Lindsay 07) 

Hough Mrs Will M. (F. Lord 05) 

Hull Mrs Aubrey C. (A. Keys 04) 

Hurlbut Mis C. H. (M. Beye 06) 

Jacks Mrs Arthur H. (H. Gibson 09) 

Jenkins Mrs Robert M. (R. D. Jenkins 97) 

Knight Mrs John W. (M. L. Ware 97) 

Knight Katharine 14 

Long Mrs Omera F. (M. A. Kingsley 08) 

Lyman Margaret Hyde 00 

McCall Mrs Sumner T. (C. R. Gardner 06) 

McNair Mrs Eben O. jr (E. Linthicum 07) 

McNair Frances Dwight 16 

Merrick Mrs Clinton (G. R. Lake 12) 

Morgan Ruth Anzonetta 13 

Pearson Mrs George W. (E. L. Case 11) 

Philbrick Mrs Herbert S. (G. E. Mathews 97) 

Pickering Eleanor 09 

Piatt Mrs Henry R. (H. S. Kyle 86) 

Robinson Mrs Arthur P. (M. L. Wallace 02) 

Sibley Jennie Claire 96 

Tuthil! Mrs Richard S. jr (C. E. Garrett 09) 
Ware Florence Emily 16 
Whitman Helen 16 

Whitman Mrs Russell (A. M. Miller 83) 

Williams Mary Louise 95 

Wilson Mrs Luke I. (H. C. Woodward 97) 

Wright Helen Russell 12 

Wright Mrs Lawson W. (J. F. Tripp 11) 


Barton Anna Eliza 92 

Goddard Mrs Alpheus J. (A. M. Rogers 96) 
Knowlton Dorothy 15 


Hallock Clara Dougrey 06 
McClelland Ruth Marjorie 13 
a. Turney Antoinette 12 


Cook Edith 15 


Browne Helen Swale 94 

Taylor Mrs Walter W. (M. Wells 10) 


Hill Mrs Frederick W. (E. B. Owsley 03) 
Page Mrs Benjamin E. (G. Rand 91) 
Ramsay Mrs Gordon A. (E. Symonds 00) 

Highland Park 

Beardsley Mrs Otis L. (G. Lane 93) 
a. Follansbee Mrs Merrill (C. Vail 13) 
Forrest Jean 16 

Morgan Mrs Elisha (M. W Aull 01) 
Sehaffner Mrs Robert C. (F. Stettauer 01) 
Smith Mrs Edward A. (V. Winslow 09) 
Vail Mrs Malcom D. (M. F. Nye 13) 


Anderson Mrs William F. (M. A. Gardner 02) 
Hitchcock Mrs Albert W. (C. F. Emerson 95) 
Hutchens Mrs Martin J. (L. M. Kennedy 88) 
Monroe Mrs James B. (H. M. Colclazer 94) 


Catherwood Hazel Hartwell 07 
Dyer Mrs Charles F. (I. L. Miller 10) 

Hubbard Woods 

Adams Mrs Francis jr (F. S. Bannard 05) 
Aldrich Mrs L. Sherman (B. A. Knight 03) 
Mahony Mrs Gerald (C. L. Davis 02) 


Barnes Mary Elson 14 

Doane Mrs Levi S. (L. A. Daniels 96) 

French Mrs Howard D. (H. G. Cornell 98) 

Milligan Josephine Ewing 82 

Russel Elizabeth 96 


Martin Florence Marian 10 

Roberts Mrs Chester S. (H. L. Snapp 11) 


Phelps Charlotte Lewis 11 


Caverno Dorothea Jeannette 16 
Caverno Ellen Chesley 12 
Waller Olga Louise 14 


Bunker Mrs George T. (I. H. Bartlett 96) 
Herbert Mrs Edward (C. H. Lyle 02) 
Lewis Mrs Archibald H. (B. H. Williams 93) 
Scofield Mrs Clarence P. (N. McDougall 03) 

Lake Forest 

Ferry Mrs Horace F. (C. R. Clarke 13) 
McLennan Mrs D. R. (K. C. Noyes 05) 
Pickett Mary 98 

Lake Villa 

Winholt Hildur 14 


Norris Margaret 10 


Woods Mrs Charles H. (N. A. Hoblit 10) 


Fisher Mary Balberine 01 


Ainsworth Dorothy Sears 16 

Ainsworth Sarah Andrews 14 

a. Allen Mrs Frank G. (M. F. Stephens 83) 

Dunn Esther Marie 13 

Johnson Mrs Ernest P. (F. D. Dailey 98) 

Ladd Mrs Percy C. (E. J. Sanderson 04) 

Seiffert Mrs Otto H. (M. S. Allen 06) 

Morgan Park 

Armstrong Mrs Herbert J. (H. M. Gold 97) 



Pillsbury Maude Alice 10 
Wainwright Florence 15 

Mt Carroll 

Hartman Mrs Harry W. (M. L. Lotze 09) 


Evans Mrs E. Mark (N. L. Morgan 08) 
Miller Mrs Chester F. (F. Hedrick 12) 
Smith Alice Orme 11 
Smith Charlotte Lois 14 
Smith Lucia Lufkin 13 
Smith Marian Bernardine 07 

North Crystal Lake 

Burtch Mrs John (E. M. Howe 07) 

Oak Park 

Augheltree Mrs James W. (R. P. Maxson 05) 

Caldwell Adelaide 15 

Carleton Mrs Stanley (M. I. Davis 94) 

Dunlop Annie 13 

Durham Winifred Eleanor 13 

Dwyer Mrs Frank W. (B. B. Gormley 09) 

Ferman Mrs Royal (L. Holferty 14) 

Field Mrs Judson L. (E. P. Field 93) 

Gundaker Winifred Belle 11 

Hill Edith Naomi 03 

Hosford Mrs William F. (M. Fraser 10) 

Johnston Jessie Durant 13 

o. Procter Mrs James L. (E. C. Burt 00) 

Walther Mabel Josephine 09 

Westcott Laura Johnson 02 

Park Ridge 

Castle Mrs Ward C. (A. R. Kilburn 09) 


Baldwin Sidney 10 

Baumbach Mrs Gilbert R. (A. M. Otman 10) 

Block Agnes Sophia 15 

Block Harriet Freda 15 

Breier Louise Gertrude 14 

Clark Mrs Arthur (J. P. Bourland 05) 

Curtiss Maude Somers 96 

Faber Mrs Fred M. (E. H. Hix 11) 

Hewitt Mrs Herbert (H. R. Carter 03) 

Jack Elizabeth 03 

Jack Mrs William A. (I. H. Grier 03) 

Jamison Mrs Herbert B. (C. K. Grier 00) 

Keithley Mrs Giles (E. M. Faber 11) 

Miles Mrs William S. (B. E. Heidrich 98) 

Morron Jean McLean 01 

Otis Frances Louise 97 

Owen Mrs Llewelyn (A. F. Blair 97) 

Page Mrs Theodore H. (M. L. Heidrich 01) 

Pfeiffer Mrs Benjamin S. (M. Washington 12) 

Seaton Mrs Ross P. (K. Cockle 10) 

Thomas Verra Marie 14 

Topping Ella Rachel 08 

Vance Mrs Charles C. (A. C. Block 09) 

Wilson Mrs John D. (A. A. Streibich 10) 


Barber Mary Clarissa 14 


Bastert Florence Emma 11 
Carrott Mrs Matthew F. (E. W. Montgomery 


Evans Marion Rose J.5 
Gould Helen 13 

Lardner Mrs Ringgold W. (E. Abbott 09) 

Mitchell Catharine Adams 06 

Reynolds Mrs Randolph S. (G. Kellogg 04) 

Sampson Mrs Benedict H. (E. Q. Waite 12) 

Scoville Florence Olive 09 

Torrence Mrs George P. jr (F. L. Abbott 11) 

Willard Mrs Nelson W. (F. P. Ripley 97) 


Barnes Mrs John S. (H. N. Walker 04) 

Brearley Lucy Bernice 14 

Gulliver Julia Henrietta 79 

Gulliver Mary 82 

Ingersoll Mildred 10 

a. Keeler Katharine 11 

Nethercut Mary Bell 09 

Pearman Mrs Arthur (K. Keeler 92) 

Works Marion Stella 04 


Gilpin Irma Hazel 16 


Yantis Mrs Aubrey L. (J. E. Frawley 10) 


Utley Ruth Howland 15 


Kraft Helen Martha 16 


Hershey Mrs Harry B. (J. L. Stapleton 09) 


Blaisdell Daisy Luana 88 

Whitford Mrs Robert C. (M. M. Sykes 15) 


Collins Elizabeth Tracy 15 

Brooks Mrs Morgan (F. M. Brooks*83) 

Hutchins Margaret 06 


Wemple Mrs Holland R. (M. C. Rice 08) 
Wemple Mary Edith 05 


Bartlett Mrs Ernest P. (M. Morse 00) 
Friedlander Mrs Theo (M. L. Silberman 14) 
Gates Mrs Leslie F. (J. R. Lamson 02) 
Rice Mrs Arthur L. (A. E. Cook 93) 


Baumann Mrs Edward S. (F. M. Osgood 98) 
Belfield Mrs Andrew M. (E. T. Mills 97) 
Chandler Mrs Buckingham (R. E. Smith 11) 
Curran Mrs John M. (M. R. Fuller 97) 
Gordon Mrs George W. (J. S. Sheldon 01) 
Lloyd Mrs William B. (L. Maverick 97) 
Olmsted Mrs John M. (H. M. Prescott 03) 
Owsley Georgiana 14 

Zimmerman Mrs William F. jr (S. H. Phelps 12) 


Walters Edith Alice 07 
Walters Helen Mary 10 


a. Birge Mrs Arthur B. (E. M. Riddle 02) 


Rust Mrs D. Merton (I. Brodrick 07) 


Sweeney Elsie Irwin 10 


Sumner Caroline Louise 90 

Fort Wayne 

Bicknell Marguerite Elizabeth 16 

Bicknell Ruth Ernestine 14 

Folsom Mrs Arthur J. (M. L. Chamberlin 99) 

Gauntt Olive 15 

Hosick Lou Hinckley 01 

McCulloch Mrs Frederick H. (A. H. Foster 06) 
a. Magee Madge 15 
Mellowes Mrs Alfred (A. E. Nisbet 05) 
Ninde Mrs Daniel B. (M. A. Coe 96) 


Rahe Mrs Frank J. (C. P. Foster 01) 
Wagenhals Katherine Hamilton 05 
Wagenhals Margaret Hamilton 03 
Wagenhals Mildred Hamilton 12 


Starr Mrs Oliver (M. H. Snyder 13) 


Defrees Mrs Donald (F. Baker 13) 


Ayres Mrs Frederic M. (A. Hoegh 00) 

Bayard Mrs Maurice F. (M. D. Gilchrist 00) 

Bosart Dora Ellen 08 

Bush Selma Ingersoll 10 

Edwards Ruth Beatrice 15 

Fraser Anne 99 

Haake Annah Dora 88 

Harrison Mrs John S. (E. S. Southworth 04) 

Hellekson Ruth 14 

Hyde Mrs Harlow (M. Woollen 93) 

Jenckes Mrs Ray G. (S. M. Pratt 94) 

Lauter Sara 05 

Marmon Caroline 00 

Melcher Mrs Frederic G. (M. Fellows 01) 

Moore Julia Harrison 89 

Robinson Mrs Fred P. (C. Lauter 00) 

Spann Anna Hester 95 

Truitt Mrs Frank L. (M. M. Zulich 09) 

Wales Mrs Ernest deW. (F. Hale 97) 

Wheelock Helen Margaret 16 

Woodbridge Margaret Hensley 13 

Zulich Marie Simon 11 


Crawford Mrs Rush P. (G. A. Patten 08) 


Cutts Mrs Oliver F. (E. Ayer 08) 
Hale Louise 13 


Edwards Mrs Richard E. (M. Stuart 01) 
Shirk Mrs Elbert W. (M. E. Kimberly 04) 


Miller Mrs Charles A. (L. M. Paxton 00) 
Paxton Laura Jerauld 02 


Bond Florence M. 12 

Carr Mrs Burton J. (L. Thomas 14) 

Rolling Prairie 

Underwood Etta May 00 

South Bend 

Haeske Inez Lorene 15 

Myers Mary Margaret 11 

Studebaker Adriana Louise 08 

Warner Mrs Eugene B (M. I. Shidler 11) 

Windle Mrs Owen B. (H. L. Hibberd 08) 

Terre Haute 

King Bertha Pratt 01 
Ray Helen Davis 16 

West Lafayette 

Babson Mrs Herman (C. A. Richardson 96) 
Smith Mrs Albert (M. P. Coulter 02) 
Stone Mrs Ralph B. (E. M. Webb 99) 


Cooke Mrs Thomas S. (C. J. Thieme 10) 


Herman Mrs John F. (K. Hungerford 92) 


Jones Elizabeth Phoebe 12 , 

Cedar Falls 

a. Young Olive Minerva 04 

Cedar Rapids 

Ely Mrs John M. (J. L. Sullivan 10) 
Ely Mary Esther 11 
Hoblitt Margaret Smith 90 
Severa Zulina 12 

Wilcox Mrs Lucian T. (J. S. Hamilton 07) 


a. Curtis Mrs George L. (F. S. Wilcox 00) 


Van Wagenen Mrs James H. (L. J. Andrews 12) 

Council Bluffs 

Dodge Caroline Louise 90 


Fuller Mrs R. T. (M. L. Palmer 09) 

Des Moines 

Finkbine Anna 10 

a. Hippee Mrs George P. (R. Easton 09) 

Lehmann Mrs Frederick W. jr (M. A. Mills 08) 

McCain Gladys Moulton 13 

Martin Mrs Manning (E. R. Hager 09) 

Nollen Mrs Gerard S. (H. Witmer 01) 

Purmort Jean Crete 08 

Rawson Mrs J. Scott (G. N. Dustan 97) 

Read Helen 07 

a. Rollins Mrs Ralph E. (M. T. Clemens 11) 
Rowell Persis Eastman 01 


o. Bingham Margaret Jane 12 
Jackson Mrs John E. (E. Burch 09) 
a. Lewis Mrs Eugene R. (E. Bradley 00) 
Scott Mary Stuart 94 


Reaver Jerene Catherine 16 

Fort Dodge 

Damon Mrs Edward O. jr (G. A. Mason 01) 

Haire Mrs John (M. M. Mason 04) 

Healy Mrs Thomas D. (M. L. Huffman 90) 

Fort Madison 

Hawk Mrs Ira T. (A. B. Bowman 03) 


Bogart Nell Stevens 10 


Conard Mrs Henry S. (L. Moon 94) 


Storey Dorothy 15 

Iowa City 

Wilcox Mrs William C. (M. F. DeVol 88) 


Kiedaisch Mrs Karl (K. E. Jenkins 10) 


Balch Edna May 13 


Stolz Mrs J. C. (A. V. Hall 14) 


Cary Mrs James H. (M. J. Bryant 81) 


Murphy Ella McCulloch 15 

Sioux City 

Courshon Mrs Jacob B. (I. R. Galinsky 15) 
Eaton Dorothy 16 

Gilman Mrs W. Stewart (M. King 99) 
Gordon Margaret 14 
Loveland Helen Isabella 89 
a. Spalding Alice Eliza 99 



McClelland Myra 02 

McClelland Mrs Robert S. (M. Holman 02) 


Eicher Lydia Somer 15 


Buzzard Lucile Pearl 12 

McConnell Mrs Guthrie (G. Knapp 97) 

Richardson Margaret 06 


Day Mrs Vernon (F. E. Brown 12) 


Garrett Mrs Willard H. (N. B. Ayers 01) 
Martindale Katharine 12 

Bonner Springs 

Hays Mrs Harry C. (M. A. Mohr 99) 


Campbell Jennie Isabel 93 


Prescott Margaret Staunton 12 


Taylor Gertrude 06 


Frink Mrs Sidney M. (G. Bookwalter 06) 

Fort Leavenworth 

Boyle Mrs Frederic W. (B. Went worth 14) 
Eastman Mrs Clyde L. (M. F. Holmes 06) 


McNair Marie Louise 14 


Moody Mrs Nelson K. (M. S. Hoag 99) 


Bolman Mrs Frederick D. (F. L. Tullock 03) 
Combs Mrs G. Ralph (H. M. Schott 12) 


Laderer Olive Joy 11 


a. Jones Ethel Hannah 10 


Slater Vita Laura 11 


Prescott Maude 01 


Ames Helen Mar 11 
Estey Helen Sewail 11 
Monroe Lenore Moore 09 
Paul Zella May 14 


Hurd Dorothy Katharine 11 

a. Jager Mrs Thor (M. B. Case 12) 

Potts Mary 07 

Walker Mary Agnes 13 


Means Harriet Evelyn 16 

Fort Garrett 

Garrett Mary Louise 15 


Taylor Mrs John C. (E. S. Montgomery 10) 


Blackburn Cornelia Long 13 
Dudley Rose 08 


o. Riker Ida Elizabeth 85 


Huntington Ruth 97 


Holloway Anna Lyne 07 


Eastwood Alice Laura 02 
Peck Julia Emily 02 

Pewee Vallev 

Gaylord Mrs Paul P. (A. H. Hall 98). 

Pine Mountain 

de Long Ethel Marguerite 01 
Strong Helen Clark 16 


Thomson Anna Speck 01 


Holt Mrs Milton C. (E. G. Pope 00) 

New Orleans 

Butler Mrs Pierce (C. Waldo 98) 
Hastings Anna Lucretia 06 
Hyman Lillian 16 

Kastler Mrs Arthur C. (F. B. Ordway 91) 
Many Mrs Jack (C. E. Hepburn 09) 
Tew Susan Dinsmore 92 

Wilson Mrs F. Dudley (E. W. Whitcomb 00) 


Johnson Helen Augusta 92 


Beach Mrs Sylvester J. (H. L. Harris 01) 

Haynes Muriel Sturgis 04 

Monroe Mrs Samuel F. (E. M. James 08) 

Titcomb Lucy Williams 13 

Titcomb Miriam 01 


Rogers Maria Adams 92 


Bragg Agnes Wingate 00 

Dole Miriam Drummond 00 

Godfrey Mrs Edward R. (E. Eastman 99) 

Moulton Mrs Warren J. (H. W. Shute 87) 

Pfaff Gladys Barbara 09 

Robinson Dorrice Clement 15 

Robinson Fannie Harlow 06 

Robinson Mary Clement 90 

Sawyer Susan 11 

Wilson Mrs John (E. H. Otis 02) 

Wing Adeline Flint 98 

Wing Caroline Roberta 96 


Hazeltine Marian 11 


Shaw Alice Julia 15 


Hayward Mrs John A. (F. M. Homer 01) 

Blue Hill 

Bliss Mrs Raymond V. (J. A. Robinson 09) 


Eckstorm Mrs Jacob A. (F. P. Hardy 88) 



Bennett Dolly Chaplin 10 
Carsley Fannie Belle 08 
Taylor Meron Frances 13 


Eaton Frances 16 
Hanson Mollie Farrar 11 
Lincoln Alice Velma 99 


Alden Annie Morse 05 

Cape Elizabeth 

Hay Mrs Willis C. (M. W. Dewey 01) 

Cumberland Mills 

Porter Ethel Maude 04 


Bennett Addie Imogene 10 
Hinch Geneva Ella 11 
Stinchfield Florence Ruth 14 


Hall Mrs Crowell C. jr (M. I. Waite 08) 
Hall Mrs Robert E. (M. A. Bathgate 07) 

East Hiram 

Wentworth Mrs Philip C. (A. B. Canfield 13) 

East Machias 

Rose Mrs Stanwood M. (M. A. Harris 97) 


Milliken Annaymar 10 
Pike Kate Stevens 10 


Greenwood Vodisa Emilie 13 


Washburn Helen Marilla 15 


Aldrich Annette Howland 83 


Richards Alice Maud 95 


Wilson Elizabeth 12 


Grimes Natalie 15 


Bolster Mrs William W. (M. L. Furbush 03) 

Furbush Edith Mildred 06 

Ham Berniece Barker 10 

Randall Mrs George M. (G. W. Newell 12) 

Livermore Falls 

Nowlan Nellie Waymouth 10 


Dinsmore Mrs Charles A. (M. J. Getchell 11) 

North Berwick 

Hobbs Elizabeth Kittredge 97 
Weeks Florence Henrietta 12 

North Jay 

Munroe Hazel Josephine 14 


Varnam Laura Mildred 15 

Old Town 

Davis Ellen Margaret 15 
Gray Mrs Maurice H. (M. D. Keith 11) 
Gray Mrs Samuel B. (B. P. Benson 04) 
Lockwood Ruth Carolyn 14 


Carpenter Marion Geneva 09 

Woodman Mrs Leon E. (M. P. Van Home 01) 


Bache-wiig Ruth 13 

Barstow Mrs Donald M. (C. A. Gerrish 02) 

Chenery Margaret 11 

Churchill Jessie Naomi 12 

Clark Geneva 16 

Cook Isabelle Bailey 12 

Corey Marion Elizabeth Margaret 14 

Curtis Elizabeth Randall 15 

Eaton Mrs William C. (M. D. Dow 93) 

Ellis Mary Elizabeth 96 

Ferguson Violet Hazel 16 

Gilmore Evelyn Langdon 83 

Hay Isabel Bancroft 85 

Hinkley Helen Hartwell 07 

Hosmer Kathleen Sanders 14 

Jones Mrs Rufus H. (M. L. Hersom 97) 

Owen Mildred Van der Velde 10 

Parker Mrs Herbert M. (B. W. Johnson 03) 

Payson Mrs Harold C. (D. D. Norton 09) 

Porteous Mrs John B. (E. F. Libby 08) 

Robinson Mrs Clement F. (M. M. Booker 03) 

Smith Mrs Carl W. (B. B. Page 05) 

Staples Blanche Lillian 13 

Walker Mrs Leon V, (L. M. Holt 00) 


Cobb Anna West 13 

Richardson Mrs Arthur B. (A. P. Butler 11) 


Binford Mrs Victor A. (M. Reed 09) 


Greene Mrs John A. (H. E. Pettengill 02) 
Pettengill Mrs George W. (E. M. Stratton 02) 


Deering Annie Katharine 15 

Frey Helen Virginia 15 

Nichols Helen Margaret 12 

Palmer Mrs Frank L. (P. L. Bradbury 07) 


Dow Sally Eaton 16 

South Berwick 

Burleigh Clara Matilda 04 
Davidson Elizabeth Matilda 10 
Davidson Mary Claybaugh 16 
Varney Annie Katharine 04. 


Cameron Mrs Harry F. (E. V. Buzzell 99) 


Boutelle Katharine 15 

Parmenter Mrs George F. (M. E. Ellis 00) 

West Baldwin 

Rogers Maria Adams 92 


Dana Mrs Philip (F. Hinkley 01) 
Mann Helen Hunter 16 
Mann Lois Elizabeth 06 
Parker Florence Addie 06 


Eaton Mary Emma 95 


Morrow Mildred HammondjlS 


Allen May Alice 01 


Gray Mrs John C. (O. G. Burnham 06) 



Alden Florence Delia 04 

Brodel Mrs Max (R. M. Huntington 99) 

Greene Elizabeth 13 

a. Guy Ruth Alline 11 

Hamburger Mrs Jonas (A. E. Stein 04) 

o. Katz Hilda Van Leer 13 

Kimball Alice 01 

Lord Eleanor Louisa 87 

Mealy Mrs Charles A. (C. K. Vanneman 08) 

Morton Mrs Copeland (F. E. Comstock 98) 

Niles Mrs Edward (F. Darling 93) 

Pitts Mrs Thomas D. (E. de C. Suffren 03) 

Rothholz Alma Sophia 10 

Rusk Katharine Gaul 07 

Sabin Florence Rena 93 

Samuels Mrs Edwin F. (K. Tindall 03) 

Spofford Grace Harriet 09 

Stockbridge Mrs Enos S. (C. V. Franklin 11) 

Thayer Lucy Clark 00 


Webster Mrs John S. (E. D. Pinkerton 87) 

Chevy Chase 

Pimper Mrs Charles (A. T. Denham 04) 


Steel Ellen Brodt 16 


Rosenkrans Lillian Margaret 92 


Leiter Mrs Frank S. (E. M. McCardell 08) 
Miller Mrs William P. (A. L. McWilliams 97) 

Port Deposit 

Meng Florence Ellen 15 

Roland Park 

Bowes Jessie Reeves 09 
Lilly Mrs William D. (M. R. Putnam 99) 
Pickett Mrs Herbert E. (E. Ames 16) 
Pine Mrs Frank W. (M. E. Durand 96) 

Sparrows Point 

o. Weymouth Mrs Frederick A. (A. G. Martin 


Leonard Mrs William J. (P. G. Wiggin 90) 


Brown Mrs Fletcher S. (A. M. Barnes 14) 
Hammond Edna Elizabeth 01 
Hunter Frances 13 
Jenks Jessica Estelle 09 


Burrington Grace Alice 88 


Merrill Ida Nancy 06 
Walch Gertrude Louise 13 


Barlow Mrs Harry E. (H. E. Allen 03) 

Chase Mary Louise 08 

Crowell Jane Caroline 95 

Dyer Mrs Walter A. (M. W. Childs 05) 

Emerson Mrs Benjamin K. (A. H. Seelye 89) 

Felton Fannie Ethel 07 

Hamlin Margaret Ruth Pomeroy 04 

Henry Ruth Whipple 08 

Marsh Carrie Amelia 83 

Morse Mrs Anson E. (R. E. Tucker 98) 

Nash Ethel Scott 09 

Porter Mildred Burnette 16 
Russell Gladys Elizabeth 10 
Scribner Agnes Elizabeth 15 
Thayer Mrs Charles (J. Valentine 06) 
Trafton Lillian May 05 
Tyler Elizabeth Stearns 09 
Whitman Mabel 93 


Bancroft Mary Ethel 04 

Bell Mary White 99 

Burns Mrs Joseph L. (C. J. Home 09) 

Chapin Edna Gertrude 01 

Gay Florence Webster 96 

Hewes Carrie Madeleine 02 

Humphreys Ethel 07 

Liliard Mrs W. Huston (E. A. Hazen 04) 

Ripley Mrs Philip F. (M. G. Bacon 96) 

Sawyer Mrs James C. (M. P. Frost 94) 

a. Selden Mrs George L. (M. A. Kidder 86) 

Smith Mary Byers 08 

Smith Mary Louise 96 

Stott Mrs Frederick W. H. (R. E. Binkerd 12) 

Brodie Edith Pauline 14 


Allen Doris Irene 15 

Allen Helen Gertrude 10 

Hanscom Mrs Ralph W. (F. Moseley 13) 

Hodgdon Nancy Plumer 08 

Lacey Mrs Edward N. (K. Woods 07) 

Mooers Mrs Walter (M. A. Keyes 96) 

Umbstaetter Amo 16 

Wyman Esther Mariel 11 


Irons Helen Hathaway 96 


Brooks Annie Mabel 98 
Ellsworth Helen Clare 08 


Bushee Grace Lydia 07 

Claflin Edith Lilian 02 

Claflin Helen Mildred 13 

Ford Mrs Everett L. (M. E. Campbell 07) 

Poler Mira 11 

Richardson Mrs O. P. jr (H. Keeler 14) 
Theobald Mrs Jean G. (F. F. Bushee 97) 


Davidson Mrs Frank F. (A. W. Allen 90) 

Davidson Mary Richmond 08 

Dike Alice Norton 96 

Dike Elizabeth Anderson 01 

Dunning Mrs Morton D. (M. K. Ward 97) 

Dutton Martha Sweet 95 

Goodwin Frances Cullis 86 

Hazen Emily 89 

Peloubet Harriet Louise 97 

Rand Margaret 97 

Reed Mrs Theodore W. (K. M. Rodenbach 07) 
Robinson Mrs E. Arthur (E. A. Voorhees 97) 
Tower Beatrice 07 

Wentworth Mrs Henry A. (E. Z. Ellis 06) 
Williams Edith Cadwallader 97 
Winslow Mrs Guy M. (C. M. Austin 99) 


Tucker Helen Augusta 95 


Burns Madeline Agnesia 11 

Fisher Mrs Harry E. (A. A. Burns 07) 

Stone Esther Atherton 08 


Robie Nelle Bertha 14 


Nye Caroline Huckins 85 



Williams Mra Robert G. (A. L. Torrey 00) 

Beach Bluff 

Blodgett Mrs John H. (R. S. Paine 12) 
Dillingham Mrs Norman S. (G. T. Clark 11) 
Fritsche Mrs Edward R. (H. V. Flynn 12) 


Goode Dorothy Howard 16 

Bedford Springs 

Hayden Viola Pauline 07 


Hooker Mrs F. Brewster (H. Bigelow 10) 
Kelso Mrs Robert W. (S. B. Starr 05) 


Rice Frances Electa 99 


Phelps Mrs Lyman B. (R. E. Parmelee 13) 


Brewer Mildred Nancy 15 

Dodge Mrs Everett F. (F. A. Grey 08) 

Lee Helen Foster 13 

Stanton Marjorie Howes 05 

Woodberry Laura Goodwin 95 


a. Backer Mrs Clarence A. (G. L. Jones 88) 
Farquhar Mrs Frederick G. (F. A. Parker 98) 
Jones Alice Gertrude 13 
Walsh Mrs William L. (L. P. Bartlett 96) 


Thomas Ella Louise 08 


Spencer Edith Louise 02 

Bonds ville 

Parent Ora Winnifred 97 


Anderson Mrs Eugene S. (M. L. Ellis 09) 

Appleton Mrs Russell (R. L. Crossett 04) 

Ballou Katherine Wallace 96 

Barber Annie Mildred 02 

Barkley Mabel Merwyn 04 

Barton Maude Gertrude 13 

Baumgarten Alma 98 

Beebe Katherine Martin 05 

Belcher Lucy Frances 15 

Benedict Myrtis 04 

o. Briggs Clarissa Abbot 97 

Brigham Maude Flora 03 

Brooks Esther Clara Herrick 82 

Brown Edith Baker 92 

Bruce Grace Adelle 91 

Brunet Elizabeth Marion 09 

Burton Flora Emma 08 

Buttrick Sibyl Andrews 07 

Carberry Jennie 03 

Chamberlian Mrs Henry G. (M. A. Pitman 07) 

Chandler Mrs Robert W. (L. A. Tower 05) 

Chase Mrs Robert S. (J. M. Anderson 86) 

Chase Mrs Stuart (M. Hatfield 09) 

Churchill Anna Quincy 07 

Chute Mrs Arthur L. (E. R. Swift 92) 

Clark Abigail Williams 93 

Clark Mrs Alfred H. (A. Ayres 13) 

o. Coe Mrs Richard (S. C. Tappan 96) 

Cohen Selma 16 

Colby Helen Louise 05 

Coleman Mrs G. E. (A. W. Edwards 88) 

Colson Mrs George W. (V. S. Burrington 94) 

Comins Sara 15 

Conant Beatrice 08 

Cornelius Mary Anne Shiercliffe 15 

Covel Abbie Walker 94 

a. Crosby Mrs Raymond M. (E. T. Ames 98) 

Cummings Mabel Homer 95 

Day Carrie Elizabeth 87 

Deland Mrs Frank S. (I. F. Adams 96) 

Dieter Margaret Albertina 10 

Doyle Mrs John (M. W. Woodbury 05) 

Drake Stella Dorothy 98 

Draper Mrs Warren F. (M. G. Maxon 06) 

Duff Mrs John (R. H. Duncan 98) 

Eddy Elizabeth 10 

Eggleston Mrs George M. (A. Whittington 95) 

Eliot Mary 08 

Elliott Margaret Knight 16 

Emerson Edith Wellington 00 

Everett Ruth 11 

Farmer Mrs Thomas J. (H. L. Allen 08) 

Fessenden Frances Alida 16 

Fessenden Mrs William (A, M. Mehan 84) 

Field Mary Bates 04 

Fisher Alice Evelyn 97 

Floyd Mrs Cleaveland (H. L. Goodwin 00) 

Foss Mrs James O. (M. Chick 05) 

Foster Mrs David (C. S. Bell 99) 

Foster Mrs (L. W. Kendall 95) 

Fowler Mary Pickering 98 

a. Fowler Mrs Robert T. (A. E. Barrows 00) 

Fox Flora Augusta 14 

Frank Marion Benney 05 

Franklin Charlotte Graves 91 

French Mrs Charles A. (I. E. Devoll 80) 

Gaffield Eleanor Neidich 16 

Garey Pauline Marie 01 

Geromanos Mrs H. W. (L. A. Bradley 03) 

Gerry Annie Irene 09 

a. Ginsburg Mrs Samuel L. (M. H. Rafsky 09) 

Gleason Ellen Harris 08 

Goldthwait Mrs Joel E. (J. S. Rand 90) 

Goodridge Elinor Moody 08 

Gray Marjorie 03 

Greene Mrs Edward M. (K. S. Jameson 84) 

Greene Helen French 91 

Greene Katharine Elizabeth 15 

Greenhood Marion Charlotte 10 

Hall Mrs Arthur C. (F. E. Clexton 02) 

Hallisey Mrs Joseph E. (E. S. Trafton 07) 

Hamblett Julia Emeline 14 

Hardy Mary Chapman 85 

Hartwell Maud Appleton 93 

Haver Jessie Rehwoldt 09 

Hazlewood Ethel March 11 

Holton Susan May 97 

Hopkins Martha Austin 89 

Howard Alma Wells 12 

Howard Ethel Barstow 01 

Howes Abigail Christina 86 

Hudnut Isabel 14 

Hudson Harriet Louise 93 

a. Hughes Amy Madeline 90 

Hunting Mrs Raymond D. (T. M. Gould 12) 

Hutchins Mrs Walter D. (E. J. Dean 85) 

Hutchinson Ethel 03 

Jackson Mrs Delbert L. (F. L. Fisher 05) 

Jackson Florence 93 

Jacobs Maude Eugenia 09 

Jameson Caroline Cogswell 88 

Joslin Mary Reed 98 

Keenan Angela Mary 11 

Kendall Ramona Laura 13 

a. Knowlton Mrs Charles D. (A. Rogers 94) 

♦The following suburbs are included under Boston: Allston, Ashmont, Brighton, Charlestown, 
Dorchester, East Boston, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Neponset, Roxbury, Roslindale, 
South Boston, West Roxbury. 


Landy Lillian Mary 10 

Lange Mildred Edith 11 

Leavens Alice Emily 03 

Lee Mrs Walter O. (L. P. Sargent 02) 

Leete Mrs Percy (S. B. Tower 05) 

Libby Fanny Margaret 12 

Linsley Mrs Charles A. (J. R. Taylor 93) 

Litchfield Ruby 10 

Lovell Bertha Chase 05 

Lyding Mrs Otto (G. Kuhfuss 06) 

Lynch Caroline Vinia 94 

MacGregor Elizabeth 13 

Marley Frances 16 

Maxcy Helen Bartlett 07 

a. Merriam Mrs Irving R. (R. B. Dyer 11) 

Miner Dorothy 09 

Miner Editha 10 

Minot Annie Stone 15 

Mitchell Mrs Max (I. M. Prager 00) 

Morse Blanche Leonard 92 

Morton Mrs Lincoln E. (M. E. Goodnow 12) 

Moseley Elizabeth Lee 09 

Myrick Hannah Glidden 96 

a. Nelson Elizabeth Gertrude 03 

Noyes Mrs William (L. M. Clapp 81) 

O'Meara Alice Stephanie 10 

O'Meara Lucy Paulina 12 

O'Toole Sarah Lauretta 95 

Paine Esther Humphrey 15 . 

Palfrey Mrs John G. (M. G. Oakes 01) 

Parker Lucy Persis 03 

Paul Anne Marie 94 

Paul Mrs Richard F. (L. K. Bradley 10) 

Peabody Henrietta Chandler 12 

Pelonsky Anna Sarah 13 

Perkins Mary Ruth 00 

Pickering Minnie Maud 94 

Poore Harriet Paul 83 

Porter Mrs George A. (G. E. Lord 01) 

Post Laura 03 

Rand Winifred 04 

Reed Mrs C. L. (R. A. Nichols 92) 

Reed Mabel Florence 96 

Reynolds Bertha Capen 08 

Rice Mrs William F. (F. E. May 92) 

Richards Mrs Robert H. (L. Jameson 90) 

Risley Mrs Edward H. (A. W. Simpson 12) 

Rowley Helen Antoinette 92 

Rowse Mrs Edward J. (E. M. Elwell 00) 

Sabine Mrs Wallace C. (J. D. Kelly 88) 

Safford Margarita 03 

Sayward Margaret Elise 08 

Scales Mrs Robert L. (L. W. Lord 01) 

o. Scudder Mrs Charles L. (A. T. Seelye 89) 

Shepardson Margaret 16 

o. Smith Mrs Lyon (E. C. Osborne 02) 

Smith May Manning 91 

Solomon Mrs Harry C. (M. Herman 12) 

Souther Marguerite 04 

Sternberger Elsie 07 

Strong Edith May 13 

Swain Rachel 08 

Tead Mrs Ordway (C. A. Murphy 13) 

a. Tenney Mary Alice 82 

Thacher Elisabeth Bates 98 

Thacher Margaret Williams 03 

o. Thayer Mrs Frank H. (A. A. Waterman 96) , 

Thorndike Carolyn Augusta 96 

Towle Mrs Harvey P. (A. M. Buswell 89) 

Trask Mrs Henry S. (M. E. Booth 10) 

True Mrs E. Payson (L. K. Darling 09) 

Twitchell Mrs Richard S. (M. M. Bolster 97) 

Upton Mrs Irving H. (K. L. Haven 92) 

Van Heusen Mrs John M. (A. G. Pigeon 10) 

Vincent Mrs Eugene T. (M. A. Short 93) 

Wales Mrs Quincy W. (I. A. Guilbert 11) 

Walton Alice 87 

Wardner Mrs G. Philip (M. P. Rankin 92) 
Wardner Isabel 16 

Warren Mrs Clifford P. (M. A. Cushman 10) 

Weeks Mary 14 
Wellington Alice Webster 05 
Whitman Elafne Sheffield 10 
Whitman Sarah Nason 99 
Wiggin Mildred 06 
Wilcox Carra Emma 91 

Wilkinson Mrs Howard S. (H. A. Treadwell 07) 

Willis Edna 08 

Wilson Mira Bigelow 14 

Winchester Mrs George W. (F. C. Clark 96) 

a. Withington Mrs Roland C. (E. H. Barry 00) 

Wood Alice Dewey 94 

Wood Gladys 08 

Wood Gladys Fay 15 

Woodberry Mrs Ronald S. (A. I. Smith 11) 
Woods Mrs Robert A. (E. H. Bush 96) 
Woodworth Mrs Arthur V. (M. Kennard 98) 
Yeaw Fannie Josephine 01 
Young Mrs James W. (A. C. Gregory 04) 


Baker Ruth Stephens 03 
Kelly Susan Marie 93 
Paine Florence Eva 09 


Moore Ethel Parsons 06 


Arnold Julie Isabel 97 
Battles Beth 15 

Dow Mrs Alva M. (C G. Hilliard 07) 
Emerson Louise Kingman 12 
Hannigan Dorothy Frances 14 
Morrison Mrs Alva (A. Gallagher 08) 


Carr Mrs Arthur W. (E. A. Laughney 05) 


Alden Edith Carroll 13 

Alden Evelyn Frances 12 

Battles Edith Howard 06 

Buckley Mrs James F. (H. P. Garfield 12) 

Crocker Vesta Leach 09 

Jacobs Etta Luella 93 

Keith Clara May 09 

a. Keith Mrs Eldon B. (L. H. Keith 02) 

Keith Mrs Harold C. (E. M. Bowne 08) 

Keith Mrs James P. (M. G. Emerson 12) 

Kingman Mrs Alton H. (E. M Wales 11) 

Loheed Bertha Miriam 00 

Moore Mrs George A. (B. L. Thresher 04) 

Nutter Mrs Richard W. (A. G. Moore 99) 

Reilly Mary Louise 10 

Reynolds Marion Susan 06 

Robbins Mrs Morton S. (A. C. Carson 12) 

Snell Maude Wesley 12 

a. Williams Mrs Harry H. (M. B. Pierce 15) 


Bailey Bessie Bingham 15 
Livermore Mrs Robert G. (M. A. Smith 99) 
Powell Mrs Alger W. (E. L. Mason 05) 
Reed Clara Everett 01 


Adams Pamelia Skilton 00 

Baker Mary Tryphosa 08 

Baldwin Mrs Fritz W. jr (L. Ellis 06) 

Bent Mrs James S. jr (F. G. Manning 06) 

Blodgett Ruth Robinson 05 

Bradford Mrs Walter (D. Patterson 11) 

Bridgers Annie Preston 15 

Brodie Eleanor Marianne 13 

Brownlee Edith 08 

Burpee Carolyn Mav 08 

o. Butler Mrs Willis H. (M. H. Wales 97) 

Byers Mrs Vincent G. (M. L. von Horn 16) 

Campbell Mary Alice 05 

Carpenter Elizabeth 15 

Clapp Marion Lazell 04 

Cranshaw Mrs Harold B. (E. P. Angell 11) 


Crozier Harriet Sneaden 10 

Crozier Marion Augusta 10 

Cumston Charlotte 08 

Cushman Mrs Robert (M. R. Poland 96) 

Darling Mrs Herbert H. (H. L. Brown 91) 

Dean Mrs Paul D. (G. M. Cooper 06) 

a. Derr Mrs Louis (J. E. Coy 91) 

Douglass Josephine 14 

Dwight Julia Strong Lyman 93 

Dwight Marion McGregor 88 

Estabrook Margaret Clarissa 04 

Estes Mrs Dana (F. E. Dow 99) 

Ferguson Mrs Luther M. (E. Gray 12) 

Fisher Eleanor 11 

Fox Genevieve May 11 

Garrison Eleanor 04 

Gulick Helen Farnsworth 16 

o. Hall Clarissa M. 14 

Hall Frances Evelyn 16 

Henry Marjorie Louise 08 

Holcomb Mrs Harry C. (M. Manson 96) 

Houghton Isabel 15 

o. Johnson Mrs Anthony K. (E. C. Holmes 93) 
Johnson Grace Eleonora 09 
Lauferty Lilian 03 

Leonard Mrs F. E. jr (M. Tuthill 15) 
Lewis Mary Bell 01 

Little Mrs Herbert W. (S. M. Southard 15) 

Little Margaret 08 

Mackay Susan Haslett 98 

Mansfield Mrs Frank E. (A. J. Curtis 05) 

Moore Gwendolin 13 

Pemberton Mrs Frank A. (M. F. Hardy 07) 
Percy Mrs Karlton G. (M. Eno 13) 
Pierce Maria Valentine 16 
Porter Louise 15 
Pratt Helen Portia 14 

Proctor Mrs George N. jr (E. B. Bowden 07) 

Prouty Mrs Lewis I. (O. C. Higgins 04) 

Ritter Mrs (E. E. Shaw 96) 

Pulsifer Mary Gilman 99 

Sawyer Mrs Henry B. (G. W. Pope 96) 

Scott Marion 14 

Sergeant Caroline Belle 84 

Sharp Marion Louise 01 

Simmons Adeline Gertrude 91 

Skilton Alice Thomas 88 

Snyder Mrs Allen L. (R. Baldwin 10) 

Spring Mrs Frederick W. (I. W. Maclntyre 03) 

o. Springer Mildred 08 

Stearns Georgia Harris 09 

Talbot Marjorie 10 

Taylor Margaret 09 

Thomas Marian Maria 96 

Trull Bertha Preston 03 

Tufts Alice Jenney 00 

Vincent Mrs William H. (M. T. Sanborn 01) 

a. Whidden Eleanor 09 

White Grace Grosvenor 89 

White Mary Avery 83 

Whitney Mrs Ralph H. (A. E. Reed 03) 

Williams Ellen Elizabeth 15 

Williams Sarah Holbrook 94 


Fillebrown Mrs Winthrop (E. P. Hammond 98) 


Abbot Mrs Henry D. (D. Merriam 13) 

Adams Mary 07 

Allen Annie Elizabeth 82 

Bacon Mrs Newton S. (A. R. Dustin 94) 

Barber Mrs Earl H. (M. W. Skidmore 06) 

Barry Mrs Phillips (K. F. Puffer 00) 

Bridgman Mrs Percy W. (O. Ware 04) 

Burleigh Anita Merithew 10 

Calkins Mrs Raymond (E. B. Lathrop 92) 

Carleton Mrs Philip G. (S. S. Schaff 02) 

Cary Mrs Burton W. (M. E. Tilden 13) 

Chadbourne Martha Fabyan 14 

Cleveland Mrs Leslie L. (H. M. N. Parsons 

Darling Beatrice 13 

Day Mrs Edmund E. (E. S. Emerson 05) 
Emerson Marguerite Eliza 04 
Emerson Ruth Virginia 12 
Fisher Sara Lawrence 01 
Gardner Pauline 12 

Grover Mrs Chester M. (F. M. Whiting 97) 

Gould Mrs Albert T. (E. Creighton 04) 

a. Hall Mrs Henry B. (C. M. Sturges 10) 

Hardwick Rose Standish 90 

Heald Lucy Daisy 95 

Hildreth Ellen Elizabeth 04 

Hincks Anne Perry 00 

Hodges Margaret Burnet 14 

Holder Mrs Frederic B. (A. L. Woodruff 90) 

a. Hood Grace Winifred 08 

Hooton Mrs Earnest A. (M. B. Camp 11) 

Hopkins Alice Lucile 05 

Hovey Grace 16 

Hovey Mrs W. B. (M. Bradbury 86) 
Hull Mrs Reginald M. (F. S. Loney 10) 
Jackson Mrs Allen W. (M. E. Balch 94) 
Jouett Priscilla 04 

Lane Mrs Alfred C. (S. F. Lauriat 91) 

Lindsay Mrs Julian I. (E. E. Enright 08) 

Oiesen Nellie Joan Mari 13 

Parson Mrs Artley B. (L. L. Swasey 01) 

a. Perry Mrs Bliss (A. L. Bliss 87) 

Perry Mrs Ralph B. (R. Berenson 02) 

Pettengill Mrs Ray W. (R. T. Little 09) 

Pettingell Laura Keziah 10 

Pierce Beatrice Cranston 15 

Platner Mrs John W. (C. A. Burnham 96) 

Pottinger Persis Mary 16 

Rand Mrs Herbert W. (C. F. Hammond 96) 

Raymond Susan 13 

Simpson Mrs Eugene P. A. (N. E. Pennell 12) 

Smith Mrs Mark A. (A. M. Hanson 09) 

Smith Rita Creighton 99 

Spring Jennie Sweetser 85 

Stevens Mrs Oscar L. (B. L. Noyes 94) 

Stevenson Mrs George S. (M. L. Elder 02) 

Swan Ethel French 04 

Treat Ethel Eddy 02 

Warren Mrs Minton (S. A. Machado 83) 

Webster Marion Cecile 10 

White Mrs Frederick G. (H. Webber 09) 

Williams Mrs Emile F. (B. E. Wheeler 92) 

Willis Ruth Franklin 14 

Williston Constance Bigelow 95 

a. Wilson Jennie Blanche 86 

Wood Eleanor Muriel 16 


Draper Charlotte Hartley 09 
Draper Mrs James B. (H. Dana 09) 
Riford Mrs Otis E. (L. A. Nickerson 02) 
Sumner Amie May Rand 08 
Wattles Shirley Whiting 13 
Williams Helen Rachel 92 


Bemis Florence Louise 05 
Parker Cora Ellen 15 

Pierson Mrs William D. (C. E. Duffey 07) 


Hollis Mrs Frederick S. (G. W. Allen 91) 


Choate Helen Raymond 14 
Peirce Mary Ellen 14 
Quint Mrs John H. (G. G. Lane 94) 
Wells Katherine Sturtevant 10 


Baker Emily Huntington 12 
Baker Louisa Burnell 14 


Chestnut Hill 

a. Dane Mrs Ernest B. (H. F. Pratt 90) 
Edmands Marian Elizabeth 07 
Rogers Mrs Howard L. (C. H. Phillips 97) 
Tully Mrs Francis W. (S. P. Kennedy 03) 
Williams Mrs Robert L. (E. D. Clarke 05) 


Babcock Mrs William S. (E. H. Carter 93) 

Grant Edith Annie 01 

Kirby Mrs John P. (A. T. Lawlor 05) 

Meyer Mrs Maxwell (M. A. Campbell 08) 

Neal Elizabeth Louisa 02 

Paine Mabel Antoinette 95 

Palmer Clara Frances 83 

Todd Mrs James L. (E. D. Hastings 99) 

Warner Ruth Frances 11 

Chicopee Falls 

Bray Mrs Charles W. (G. E. Harlow 04) 
Davis Dorrice Vigneron 16 
Lyon Georgia Elizabeth 03 
Lyon Grace Taylor 97 
Martin Cora Minerva 98 


Conrad Dorothy 14 
Williamson Clara Roulstone 13 


Donaghue Mrs John J. (T. R. Dervin 03) 
Duncan Mrs James C. (J. G. Fuller 86) 
Evans Mildred Lydia 12 

a. Mackay Mrs Edward H. (E. W. Church 02) 
McLeod Jennie Crammond 15 
Philbin Marguerite Frances 15 
Smith Susan Dow 02 
Sprague Carolyn Woodruff 15 


Bryant Mrs William S. (M. L. Cox 84) 
Dean Mrs Dudley S. (K. S. Raynolds 95) 
Strout Ethel Eulalie 08 
Williams Mrs Alexander (A. L. Palmer 79) 


Bartlett Sarah Ripley 06 

Boynton Josephine Anna 08 

Brown Lucy Caroline 11 

Edgarton Mildred Morse 14 

Emerson Ellen Tucker 01 

Folsom Mrs Henry H. (M. R. Hardy 96) 

Gallagher Mrs Rollin M. (J. G. Reed 08) 

Haskell Mrs George D. (B. M. Valentine 05) 

Howe Florence Harriet 03 

Jones Mrs Wilmot R. (M. L. Bufkin 90) 

Leland Leslie 10 

Lothrop Margaret Mulford 05 

Towne Marion Lynnette 14 

Winchester Mrs Benjamin S. (P. A. Gunn 95) 

Woodhull Marianna 87 

Concord Junction 

Snyder Mrs Arthur E. (M. K. Jones 10) 


Dobson Marguerite Elaine 16 


Phinney Mrs Charles M. (E. S. Warner 97) 


Cate Carrie Quincy 90 

DeNormandie Sylvia Yardley 91 

Emerson Mrs George W. (S. M. Hood 01) 

Hood Helen Dodge 13 

Leach Mrs Osborne (A. C. Perkins 99) 

a. Shepard Bertha May 08 

o. Weston Alice Dexter 08 


Cole Mrs Henry (C. T. Mansfield 92) 
Gray Mrs William H. jr (C. H. Calhoun 01) 

Latham Mrs Harry M. (A. G. Vaughan 07) 
a. Marsh Mrs Edward (A. M. Fisher 99) 
Robinson Marion Fulton 06 


Arms Adelaide Heriot 16 

Boyden Mrs Frank L. (H. S. Childs 04) 

Brown Mabel Robinson 04 

Smith Mrs (G. Cochrane 10) 


Bulfinch Mrs Francis V. (M. S. Lunt 03) 
Jenkins Mrs MacGregor (A. B. Duncan 98) 
Moseley Mrs F. Russell (M. L. Rice 11) 


Thayer Mrs Frederick D. (M. E. Wiley 00) 


Parker Mabel Lavina 06 


Conant Esther 03 

Moulton Susy Pressey 99 

Peterson Mrs Paul C. (E. S. Sampson 03) 

East Braintree 

Edgcomb Jennie Florence 00 

East Brookfield 

Tumey Sara May 08 

East Dedham 

Porter Sarah Caroline 13 

East Dennis 

Crowell Minerva Evelyn 01 

East Freetown 

Allen Myra Leonard 03 

East Gloucester 

Buhler Dorothy 16 


Abbott Helen Louise 96 

Alvord Alice Whitney 93 

Burt Mrs O. C. (F. P. Lyman 88) 

Fargo Amy Amanda 14 

Finch Ruth Stella 06 

Low Mrs David S. (E. L. Clark 98) 

Lyman Louie Marguerite 13 

Lyman Rose Clarissa 90 

Mahoney Ida May 08 

a. Miller Mary M. 10 

Palmer Mrs George F. (M. W. Oberempt 11) 
Parsons Anne Keene 11 
Smith Marion Elmina 15 
Taylor Anna May 92 

East Milton 

Sumner Mrs Louis W. (L. A. Matthews 03) 

East Orleans 

Parker Marion 13 
Parker Ruth 08 

East Pepperell 

Deware Arlene Theresa 16 

East Somerville 

Cutler Jane Ruth 92 

East Templeton 

Winch Mrs Moses A. (F. E. Piper 97) 


Canon Bertha Violet 12 
Chandler Frances Woods 94 


Choate Helen Ashhurst 04 
Choate Miriam Foster 99 


Chase Mabelle 88 



Baker Ruth 11 
Rich Ruby Lucy 89 

Fall River 

Ashworth Lillian Frances 10 
Borden Bessey 95 
Bowen Fanny Corey 90 

Brown Mrs M. Richard (H. B. Winward 08) 

Covel Ina Frances 97 

Gunning Hester 15 

Guyer Caroline Clarkson 81 

Hawes Mary Corintha 96 

Langford Alice Gertrude 09 

McCarty Anna Gertrude 11 

Marr Mrs (J. L. Estes 93) 

Morton Mrs James M. jr (M. J. B. Brayton 90) 

Nowell Mary Ethel 03 

Randall Maude Beatrice 00 

Thompson Marian Richmond 13 

Trafton Mary Adelaide 84 

Wallace Mrs Joseph A. (M. M. Doyle 12) 

Warren Mary Hodgson 08 

a. Wetherbee Marjorie 03 


Gardner Anna Warren 88 
Smythe Alice Ring 06 


Blanchard Grace Eliza 98 

Brocklebank Ethel Susan 01 

a. Cook Mabell Melissa 86 

Coolidge Mrs Marcus A. (E. L. Warren 96) 

Dillon Katherine Louise 01 

Dunn Annie Elizabeth 03 

Dunn Helen Rachel 16 

Gifford Maud Lena 95 

Goodspeed Helen Jane 03 

Greene Rina Maude 03 

Hardy Mrs William C. (A. F. Reed 03) 

Hudson Mrs Gardner K. (A. S. Cummings 01) 

Lyons Mary Beatrice 10 

McNamara Marion Katherine 14 

Morrill Frances Ursula 07 

Rice Helen Hayward 01 

Robbins Mrs Herbert C. (B. W. Smith 07) 

Sawyer Mrs Walter F. (G. E. Mossman 99) 

Simonds Mrs Harlan K. (E. C. Damon 06) 

Stratton Helen Florence 01 

Waymoth Ida Josephine 01 

Woodward Margaret 14 


Carpenter Catherine May 15 


Irving Helen Anna 15 

Scott Mrs George C. (M. Kennard 99) 


Reid Mrs John (M. L. Richardson 93) 


Andersen Sigrid Christina A. 09 

Bancroft Mrs Alvin W. (E. Washburn 95) 

Blanchard Gertrude Helena 07 

a. Callahan Lilian Jeannette 08 

Casavant Gertrude Jessie 09 

Damon Mrs I. Newton (M. M. Conant 03) 

Robinson Mrs Laton M. (A. M. Towne 99) 

Thrasher Mertice Parker 06 

Watkins Mrs Edward G. (B. W. Bowman 91) 


Bray Pauline 15 

Bray Wilhelmine Spofford 13 

Wilde Mrs Allan H. (M. L. Kimball 98) 


Bradley Ethyl Haskell 01 

Burnham Mrs Allen S. (F. Dustin 97) 

dough Nathalie Duley 85 

Merchant Abby Shute 04 

Merchant Helen Burnham 99 

Parsons Caroline Esther 02 (class of 98) 

Patch Mrs Isaac (H. M. Andrew 99) 

Phillips Mrs Nathan C. (E. A. Warnick 02) 

Procter Adeline Winthrop 93 

Sanders Mrs George D. (A. M. Wonson 90) 

Shepherd Ella Bradley 99 

a. Tappan Mrs Charles S. (E. C. Stetson 83) 

Woodbury Mrs George W. (H. E. Patch 97) 

Woodbury Georgiana Smith 85 


Beane Elizabeth Silsbee 99 
Fiske Mavida 03 

Great Barrington 

Barnett Mrs Charles A. (L. Kurtz 05) 
Simmons Charlotte Hepburn 12 
Walsh Mrs Howard T. (C. L. Shaw 00) 


a. Benjamin Mrs Eugene W. (E. G. Jones 10) 

Blagden Mrs J. Converse (F. Ward 97) 

Christiansen Bertha Elfrida 07 

Coates Marion Slocomb 16 

Davenport Sarah Bertha 04 

Greenough Clara May 94 

Griswold Mrs Lyman W. (G. C. Kimball 97) 

Hamilton Caroline Elvira 95 

Hubbard Olive Houghton 09 

Hunter Mrs Raymond W. (C. E. Delabarre 00) 

Kennedy Muriel 16 

Lyman Ethel 96 

Lyman Helen 04 

Markle Mrs George A. (R. Voetsch 05) 
Newcomb Rebecca 14 

Newcomb Mrs William J. (M. R. Packard 03) 

Osgood Lilla May 09 

Partenheimer Louise Schuler 04 

Reed Elizabeth Frances 16 

Root Mrs Clifford W. (E. B. Wells 06) 

Russell Lucia 97 

Shaw Daisy Marie 15 

a. Slocomb Mrs Charles H. (B. M. Wolcott 96) 
Watson Esther Josephine 82 


Cook Mary Augusta 93 


Merrill Alberta Rosalind 16 


Howes Caroline Bradford 04 

Hanover Center 

Bates Mrs Horace F. (M. A. Sayward 01) 


a. Webber Mrs Harold T. (R. Smart 12) 


Billings Hannah Louisa 05 
Billings Marian Caroline 01 
Hodges Florence May 16 


Abbott Constance Lavinia 04 

Butters Mrs R. G. Walker (M. W. Lovejoy 89) 

Capen Anne 85 

Croston Rose Elaine 09 

Jones Eleanor Poore 04 

Rand Bessie May 15 

Richardson Edith Maria 93 

Simonds Gertrude Estelle 95 

Webster Ruth Emily 08 


Drabble Mrs Robert F. (M. T. Vance 99) 
Dunphy Anna Theresa 13 
Marks Althea Hortense 11 



Bisbee Mrs Henry V. (F. R. Sternberger 06) 
Fowler Florence Gove 11 
Hollis Mrs John T. (N. M. Ripley 99) 
Palmer Mrs William N. (H. B. Kuhn 97) 
Plimpton Mrs Harold (S. B. Opper 08) 
Soule Ardra 10 

Wise Mrs Arthur C. (M. S. Somers 99) 

Hingham Center 

Harroun Mrs Bryant M. (B. W. Ripley 05) 
Mitchell Myra Agnes 06 


Haydock Alma Estelle 09 


Thayer Mary Vining 90 


Warren Helen Goulding 06 


a. Adams Mrs Oliver W. (C. J. Burnette 95) 

Allen Mary Adele 86 

Bagg Mrs Aaron C. (H. P. Moore 06) 

a. Bates Emma 83 

Brady Mrs Frank A. (A. F. Ranger 15) 
Browne Mary Genevieve 14 
Burgin Mrs Edwin (L. C. Smith 98) 
Chase Mrs Richard W. (J. S. Richardson 09) 
o. Clark Mrs George A. (F. E. Wilson 83) 
a. Corser Theresa Isabel 93) 
Darby Mrs Morgan A. (J. L. Fowler 11) 
Dean Blanche Amelia 07 
Delaney Agnes Tallent 14 
Delaney Eileen Louise 15 
Dixon Margaret Elizabeth 95 
Dunn Agnes Maud 09 
Dunn Gertrude Eleanor 12 
Fay Lillian Watkins 87 
Fenton Josephine Agnes 08 
Fenton Louise Gwendolyn 16 
Fenton Theresa Elizabeth 14 
Fisk Elizabeth Samantha 95 
Franz Dorothy Norton 14 
Gear Anna Margaret 14 
Gibson Genevieve Marguerite 10 
Gilligan Annie Louise 04 
Glasheen Winifred Ursula 13 
a. Goodyear Mrs Austin B. (F. M. Winchester 

Hafey Eileen Cecilia 10 
Hall Gladys 14 

a. Heywood Mrs Charles D. (J. P. Fay 00) 

Hickey Lucy Agnes 97 

James Mrs John M. (F. W. Hitchcock 99) 

Judd Climena Lyman 97 

Lamb Lucy Inez 94 

Laporte Anna Marie 02 

Magna Mrs Joseph N. (E. Updike 09) 

Magna Mrs Russell W. (S. E. Scott 09) 

Merrick Mrs J. Leonard (M. C. Fay 93) 

Montgomery Georgina Gardiner 99 

Moore Annie Crayton 04 

Norris Charlotte A. 93 

O'Connar Mrs Thomas K. (C. V. Davis 14) 

O'Connell Frances Genevieve 15 

O'Connor May Eloise 14 

O'Donnell Alice Elizabeth 09 

Prentiss Bertha Helen 02 

Ray Elizabeth Chesson 99 

Riley Mary Frances 10 

a. Savoy Mrs George A. (L. M. Prew 95) 

Shea Mary Elizabeth 13 

Smith Abigail May 94 

Spencer Ella Briggs 99 

Stapleton Mrs Richard P. (F. M. Purtill 03) 

Sullivan Margaret Keefe 12 

Wagner Amelia Elizabeth 15 

Warnock Mrs Henry C. (U. Winchester 04) 

a. Weiser Mrs Edwin C. (L. B. Brooks 88) 

Welch Mary Louise 14 
Whitten Helen Frances 84 


Day Lucy Elizabeth 00 


Bridges Eliza Wadsworth McMechan 92 


Ramsdell Mary Louise 15 


Brown Sara Maude 00 
Gleason Clara Belle 83 
Martin Grace Eileen 13 
Poole Marion Chamberlain 15 
Welsh Clara May 08 


o. Crocker Bertha 89 

Turner Mrs James V. (A. P. Crocker 85) 


Allen Mrs Edgar F. (S. Foster 09) 
Cutter Edna 08 

Lord Mrs Raymond D. (R. Adams 08) 


Drew Emily Fuller 03 
Holmes Helen 87 


Phillips Jeannette Clarke 13 


Bascom Mrs Frank P. (L. R. Tufts 99) 
Brydon Madeleine Claire 14 
Burrage Edith May 99 


Allen Dorothea Towne 15 
Butler Gertrude Mary 08 
Merrill Bertha Alice 99 
Merrill Grace Evelyn 02 
Morrison Annie Stevens 00 
Wolcott Clara Gertrude 83 


Casey Ella Josephine 04 

Hassett Mary Christina 13 

Quigley Mrs James G. (J. G. Harrington 04) 

Smith Mrs Wellington jr (E. Lane 01) 


Mann Harriette Daniell 07 
Sawin Josephine Lyman 09 


Meagher Mary Veronica 16 
Power Isabella Veronica 13 


Burdett Mrs W. C. (M. B. Clough 84) 
Hayes Mrs Bertram H. (M. Lockey 12) 
Lockey Frances Lord 04 
Lundagen Martha Agatha 13 
Mayo Esther Wilder 16 
Munsie Margaret 15 


Clapp Lilian Saunders 14 
Eldridge Mrs Stanley H. (E. N. Fish 00) 
Glidden Mrs Waldo F. (M. H. Shaw 06) 
Houghton Mrs Herbert L. (A. S. Cowper- 

thwait 98) 
Newell Madeleine 03 
Seaver Mrs Henry L. (S. R. Seaver 01) 
Strickland Frances Bradley 90 
Taylor Amy Ethel 01 


Little Mrs Amos R. (E. M. Hilburn 11) 



Alvord Mrs James C. (L. Fairbanks 91) 
Flagg Edith Mabelle 06 
Kimball Martha Hayward 94 


Bradley Emma Louise 86 

Churchill Mrs Charles W. (A. J. Coburn 02) 

Coburn Harriet 99 

Donovan Grace Dorothy 05 

Donovan Marianna Louise 05 

Flaherty Mrs John J. (B. K. Smith 03) 

Goodell Mary Janet 14 

Hanchett Hazel 12 

Harrison Florence Louise 06 

Hill Helen Fairbanks 03 

Hyndman Helen Whitten 08 

Irish Elizabeth 15 

Lambert Helen Margaret 95 

Marshall Mrs Andrew (J. Ames 03) 

Martin Mary Etta Louise 10 

Murkland Charlotte Marie 93 

Nesmith Florence 04 

Olney Mrs Louis A. (B. H. Holden 02) 

Page Elizabeth Boot 15 

Pearson Mrs Gardner W. (A. F. Duckworth 01) 

Quirbach Mary Esther 12 

Richardson Alice 01 

Rowell Clara Alice 04 

Runels Mrs Ralph C. (B. M. Home 12) 

Sawyer Ruth Leighton 14 

Severance Millie Alice 09 

a. Stevens Julia West 01 

Stocks Violet 07 

Thompson Margaret Adelia 16 

Trull Mrs Edward W. (E. B. Duckworth 96) 

Ward Grace 93 

Whitcomb Helen May 08 


Attwill Dorothy 16 

Bartlett Mrs Lawrence V. (E. H. Hastings 10) 

Benson Sarah Louise 88 

Breed Mrs Edward F. (C. A. Kimball 10) 

Chase Mrs Cornelius T. (L. L. Tyler 92) 

Cobb Helen Frances 16 

Crowley Helen Caroline 16 

Edson Eleanor Frances 14 

Gerould Theodora Annette 03 

o. Goddard Imogen Burnham 13 

Hannan Ruth Constance 15 

Harney Esther Loyola 14 

Hyde Mrs Royal W. (N. M. Anderston 10) 

Logan Mrs Thomas H. (E. M. Manning 10) 

Manix Mrs Edward T. (S. E. Pool 03) 

Neill Grace Miller 12 

Newhall Mrs Harvey F. (M. L. Hixon 04) 
Newhall Loella 03 

Pinkham Mrs Arthur W. (R. M. Griffith 11) 

Porter Annah Goldthwait 99 

Ramsdell Ruth Alley 13 

Read Marion Pugh 98 

Rice Mrs Francis W. (E. H. Prichard 07) 

Ward Rossie Grace 00 

Woodbury Laura Brown 03 

Woodbury Louise 02 


Dikeman Ethel White 15 


Abbott Martha Harriet 16 

Brooks Anne Smith 84 

Crandall Annie Ruth 16 

Hoaford Mrs Arthur P. (A. H. French 08) 

Jones Mrs Alfred H. (E. Waldron 83) 

King Helen Cushman 10 

Martin Mrs John B. (M. Hainea 85) 

Norris Clara Maud 01 

Norris Grace May 04 

Osgood Leslie 05 

Plummer Mrs Frank W. (D. A. Wiggin 99) 

Ryder Mrs Godfrey (G. Yale 83) 
Stevens Mary Louisa 84 
Sykes Dorothy Louise 16 


Glendenning Gwendolen 16 
Goldsmith Gertrude Brown 99 
Lane Annie Leighton 09 


Mason Mary Arlina 89 


Lyman Winnifred Clare 11 


Foote Mrs Henry L. (H. E. Risley 86) 


Emery Mrs Clifton S. (E. M. Bigelow 00) 
Rugg Harriet Alice 94 


Duffee Gladys Smith 07 


Ames Ethel Taylor 11 


deRochemont Marie 01 


Donlan Anne Coughlin 13 


Buss Margaret 07 

Chamberlain Mrs William E. (B. D. Mansfield 


Hill Mrs William A. (A. L. Cranska 02) 
Homer Dora 09 
Lawrence Ruth 12 

Ward Mrs Paul T. B. (H. A. Ward 00) 

Medford Hillside 

White Florence Cora 00 


Amsden Marion Frances 13 
Beebe Decia 16 
Beebe Margaret 16 
Conant Jennie Frances 86 
Fernald Ethel Frances 02 
Flett Pauline Telma 13 
Gerrish Mrs Herbert T. (E. A. Whitney 10) 
o. Lawrence Mrs George L. jr (F. M. Merrill 

Leighton Grace Barry 97 
McHardy Ethel 15 
a. Morse Lillian Kimball 93 
Wilcox Florence Edna 99 

Melrose Highlands 

Bathrick Mrs Walter F. (F. E. Lovett 04) 
Crossman Mrs Samuel S. (P. Haskell 11) 


Bowen Mrs Everett A. (J. Stetson 91) 
Cushing Edith Hazel 13 
Maynard Mrs Newell C. (O. H. Dunne 06) 
Smith Madeline Strowbridge 16 
Whitman Edith 08 


Curtiss Mrs Harold M. (E. G. Hollis 00) 

a. Harris Mary Capen 00 

Larkin Mary Elizabeth 13 

Taplin Mrs Warren H. (H. Van Duzee 15) 

Williams Mrs Chester F. (H. S. Harris 98) 


Dempsey Mary Rosamond 15 
Morse Anna Louise 92 


Chase Mrs Frederick (R. E. Gallagher 05) 
Fowler Mrs Franklin W. C. (E. I. Clark 06) 
Goodwin Sarah Storer 92 


Hay Louise Catharine 09 

o. Lane Mrs Walter A. (M. H. Chase 01) 

Tilden Edith Selina 01 

Todd Mrs Alvah K. (G. F. Curtis 03) 

Ward Mrs Andrew H. (E. P. Locke 00) 


a. Cushman Hattie Francis 86 
Flynt Esther Holmes 16 


a. Brock Mrs Albert G. (A. Cartwright 81) 


Pooke Florence Augusta 01 

Pooke Helen Custer 01 

Pooke Marion Louise 05 

Underwood Mrs Frank E. (E. Chapin 05) 


Patterson Mrs James M. (A. E. Collier 05) 
Schirmer Mrs J. W. (A. P. Goodwin 97) 

New Bedford 

Ashley Marjorie Lois 13 

Ashley Mildred Frances 12 

Beaman Mrs David W. (J. W. Stetson 99) 

Bonney Mrs Frank S. (J. A. Greene 00) 

Chase Mrs William H. (C. E. Sherman 00) 

Fowler Jessie Agnes 95 

a. Kirby Louise 13 

Mori arty Harriet Elmira 16 

Perry Mrs John S. (M. S. Wilson 06) 

Roth Mrs Edward jr (G. Wolfe 13) 

Sargent Jennette Love joy 15 

Sylvania Lena Evelyn 12 

Thuman Jane Ellis 08 

Vincent Marian 12 

Walker Edith Francis 96 

Whitman Mrs Arthur D. (E. A. Irwin 13) 

New Braintree 

Greene Mrs James T. (F. H. Reed 08) 


Cole Mrs Harry F. (M. N. Fillmore 09) 

Connolly Mrs James T. (E. F. Cuseck 04) 

Little Eleanor Johnson 07 

Morrill Mrs Gayden W. (M. N. Dodge 09) 

Robinson Helen Dunford 05 

Ware Mrs Philip C. (L. F. Legate 10) 


Abbot Florence Hale 91 

Anthony Mary Stuart 83 

Badger Mrs Richard G. (E. Tomlinson 99) 

Bothfeld Mrs Henry E. (H. H. Soule 82) 

Calkins Mary Whiton 85 

Childs Mary Chaffin 99 

Church Mrs Elliott S. (M. Huntington 10) 

Clarke Helen 05 

a. Closson Mrs William B. (G. W. Gallaudet 

Drury Miriam 99 

Fisher Edith Richmond 13 

Foss Margaret 11 

Ganse Helen Woodbridge 16 

Gilman Ethel Sears 99 

Gilman Margaret Ellsworth 04 

Gleason Mrs Charles B. (H. Z. Howes 01) 

Glover Mary Wales 02 

Hopewell Mrs Frank B. (H. I. Clark 02) 

Huntington Eliza Prentiss 81 

Kent Mrs Everett E. (M. C. Wilder 00) 

Marcy Mrs Henry O. jr (E. H. Nichols 95) 

Patton Augusta 16 

Pratt Katharine 15 

Scofield Mrs Frank P. (A. M. Webber 03) 

Soule Elizabeth Nye 93 

Stone Marion 13 

Stone Myra Josephine 93 

Viets Marion Tufts 07 

Weston Grace 91 

Wilder Constance Perley 95 

Wilder Margaret Guild 01 

a. Young Mrs James H. (I. Hamilton 05) 

Newton Center 

Barnes Harriet Anna 01 

Dana Mrs Ripley L. (E. M. Kidder 04) 

Jones Mrs Matt B. (G. A. Smith 94) 

Kennedy Claire Louise 06 

Land Mrs Emory S. (E. C. Stiles 03) 

Leonard Mrs Edward D. (G. K. Richardson 09) 

Manning Ethelwyn 08 

Munroe Mrs James A. (A. M. Wright 04) 

Ordway Priscilla 12 

Phelps Mrs William J. (H. Perkins 94) 

Porter Emma Ernestine 97 

Smith Lucy Hannah 83 

Tuttle Mrs Morton C. (A. F. Kidder 02) 

Newton Highlands 

Allen Mrs J. Weston (C. C. Hills 99) 
Barker Mrs James M. (M. C. Rankin 08) 
Dorr Marion Harvey 08 
Elliott Mrs Luther F. (H. B. Hill 86) 
Godsoe Mrs B. Walter (F. L. Palmer 01) 
a. Griswold Mrs M. Marsden jr (A. I. LaMonte 

Hutchinson Mrs Albert S. (V. W. Mellen 00) 
Jones Elizabeth Dickerman 16 
Luitwieler Helen 10 

McKay Mrs Donald D. (M. E. Jones 08) 

Melcher Mrs Metcalf W. (M. H. Foster 06) 

Mills Mrs Silas R. (C. M. Hungerford 82) 

Moore Mildred Dutton 16 

Robbins Mrs Donald G. (A. A. Wheelock 09) 

Skelton Mrs Henry H. (B. L. Warren 06) 

Stevens Ruth Hartwell 03 

Stone Carlo tta Young 11 

Sweetser Mrs Philip S. (H. B. Pratt 05) 

Wright Mrs John L. (G. M. Stevens 93) 

Newton Lower Falls 

Smith Sophia Lyman 13 


Ballard Mrs Harian H. jr (A. W. Barker 06) 

Brown Grace Adella 05 

Chase Nellie Gertrude 98 

Gilmore Gladys Chase 08 

Hackett Bertha 05 

Hackett Sarah Balch 09 

Jellerson Louise 07 

May Mrs Kenneth S. (F. O. Stevens 09) 
Nagle Mrs Arthur R. (R. S. Hayden 07) 
Palmer Mrs Charles S. (H. B. Warner 79) 
Richardson Frances Marion 08 
a. Tucker Ethelyn Maria 94 

North Abington 

Arnold Abby Noyes 92 

Arnold Mrs William P. (E. S. Cobb 01) 

Stanley Mrs Neil D. (A. F. Keene 08) 

North. Adams 

Cady Louise 14 

o. Chippendale Mrs Arthur W. (E. M. Barnes 

Chippendale Elizabeth Burton 15 
Dowlin Mrs Fred F. (J. B. Bingham 98) 
Gallup Mrs C. W. (H. B. Lambert 94) 
Goodwin Maria Bangs 95 
Jackson Annie Brown 82 
MacDonald Mildred Louise 10 
McVeigh Merle Mary 13 
Morris Elizabeth 02 
Morris Margaret Cecilia 00 
Sherman Jessie Belle 08 

North Amherst 

Clark Mrs Allen G. (C. Stetson 85) 
Clark Doris 15 


a. Field Maude Elizabeth 96 

o. Haskins Mrs Charles H. (S. I. Hall 94) 


Abbott Harriet Parsons 04 

Abbott Mrs James T. (D. Pearson 11) 

Allison Elizabeth Shand 09 

Allison Mary Pardee 02 

Angell Florence Alberta 11 

Atwood Carolyn Mary 13 

Atwood Marion Elaine 15 

Bailey Mrs Sidney A. (M. O. Phillips 14) 

Baker Caroline Isabel 93 

Baker Mrs Everett H. (N. J. Prince 04) 

Barbour Amy Louise 91 

Barney Ida 08 

Barnum Helen Adelaide 13 

Barrangon Mrs Emile (L. E. Lord 00) 

Barrett Alice Gertrude 04 

Bartholomew Ruth 15 

Belden Dorothy 10 

Bement Dorothy Montgomery 12 

Benedict Suzan Rose 95 

Bigelow Harriet Williams 93 

Bourland Caroline Brown 93 

Bowker Mrs Charles H. (E. Dickinson 09) 

Boynton Carolyn Adelia 99 

Boynton Frances Clark 08 

Bradford Flora Belle 02 

Bradshaw Frances Margaret 16 

Brewster Caroline Williams 96 

Browne Nina Eliza 82 

Burbank Mrs Edith 01 

Burgoyne Mrs Stephen H. (I. F. Davis 93) 

Bush Mrs James F. (M. E. Gorham 79) 

Campbell Mrs Stuart M. (C. L. Cooley 06) 

Caverno Dorothea Ruth 97 

Caverno Julia Harwood 87 

Cheever Louisa Sewall 90 

Clapp Grace Lucretia 05 

Clark Alice 98 

Clark Annetta Isabel 04 

Clark Clara May 84 

Clark Mrs Clifford (R. V. Guilfoil 05) 

Clark Eleanor Billings 07 

Clark Gifford Foster 12 

Clark Josephine Adelaide 80 

Clark Marion Elizabeth 12 

Clark Miriam Belden 04 

Clark Ruth Swan 09 

Clark Sophia Cook 82 

Clark Mrs William A. (A. R. Johnson 89) 

Cobb Harriet Redfield 89 

Comstock Ada Louise 97 

Comstock Edith Claire 12 , 

Conkling Mrs Roscoe (G. W. Hazard 99) 

Connor Mrs Theobald M. (E. H. Duggan 01) 

Cook Ellen Parmelee 93 

Cooper Ruth Wendell 12 

Cushing Eleanor Philbrook 79 

Cutler Anna Alice 85 

Davis Dorothy Smith 15 

De Rose Mrs Charles A. (H. A. Williams 98) 

Dodd Marion Elza 06 

Dow Ada Florence 03 

Drury Marian 13 

Drury Mrs Samuel D. (C. F. Hough 87) 

Eastman Mary 86 

Fairchild Marion 15 

Farnum Alice Randall 15 

Fay Mary Bell 14 

Fellows Margaret Alline 10 

Field Bertha Frances 95 

a. Fitts Mrs Charles N. (L. D. Cummings 91) 

Flagg Gertrude Eusebia 93 

Follett Harriet Hopkins 07 

Foster Mary Louise 91 

Franz Edith Violet Elvira 15 

Freeman Ethel Hale 02 

Fuller Louise Stetson 04 

Fuller Mary Breese 94 
Gauthier Carrie Addie 04 
Gere Mary Elizabeth 89 
Gill Bessie Faunce 87 

Glascock Mrs Hardin R. (D. L. Stoddard 12) 

Gleason Mary Eliza 09 

Graves Mrs Lewis E. (F. B. Hall 99) 

Graves Marion Edson 15 

Gray Mrs William D. (H. S. Seelye 98) 

Griswold Mrs Stanley (R. Selden 16) 

Halloran Elizabeth Anna 13 

Hammond Ethel 06 

a. Hammond Maud 03 

Hammond May 03 

Hammond Mrs Thomas (A. K. Mead 04) 

a. Hartwell Mrs John W. (E. Todd 85) 

Hatch Mrs Azel F. (E. B. Wright 82) 

Hazen Elizabeth 12 

Heine Aida Agnes 03 

Hickey Marguerite Theresa 12 

Higbee Mrs Edwin W. (N. E. Wetherbee 80) 

Hillman Harriet Louisa 84 

Hinckley Mrs Benjamin B. (A. C. Childs 01) 

Hinckley Rose 95 

Hopkins Mary Murray 99 

Hunt Agnes 97 

Hurlbutt Ida Mae 02 

James Mary Lois 04 

Kellogg Sarah Delano 01 

Keyes Mrs Harold F. (E. I. Canning 10) 

Kieley Helen Ursula 13 

Kimball Mrs Everett (E. L. McGrew 01) 

King Florence Maud 94 

Knight Marian Vera 12 

Krause Frances Theresa 12 

a. Lathrop Susanne 86 

Lee Mrs Gerald S. (J. B. Perry 86) 

Lewis Mary Delia 94 

Lord Marguerite Anne 14 

Lucey Margaret Mary 10 

Lucia Mrs Victor N. (V. Forrest 90) 

Lund Frida Frimann i6 

Lynch Clara Julia 03 

McCarthy Anna Ursula 09 

McClellan Katherine Elizabeth 82 

McCloud Lucy Carter 85 

McGrath Margaret Cecelia 13 

McKenney Ruth Arnold 14 

Maltby Edith Frances 97 

Mann Elizabeth Ellen 95 

Mason Elizabeth Spaulding 87 

Massonneau Mrs Edward P. (C. F. Branch 96) 

Mensel Margaret Lucinda 15 

Merrick Mary Frances 92 

a. Minshall Mrs Arthur G. (C. Turner 90) 

Moakley Katharine Hylan 12 

Montgomery Florence Isabel 14 

Montville Vera Lovina 16 

a. Moodey Cornelia Chapin 90 

Moog Mrs Wilson T. (H. C. Moodey 07) 

Mullally Elizabeth Keith 98 

Norton Margaret 06 

Parker Nellie Joyce 14 

Parsons Dorothy Dilworth 16 

Parsons Ethel Earle 07 

a. Parsons Mrs Josiah W. (L. E. Stone 03) 

Pearson Mrs Dana (L. F. Wright 86) 

Pearson Elizabeth 14 

Perkins Mrs Enoch (E. S. Gregory 10) 

Perkins Mabel Kingsley 00 

Phelps Mrs Louis C. (A. M. Bliss 02) 

Pleasants Marion Thomas 12 

Porter Eva Augusta 03 

a. Prindle Julia Imogene 97 

Readio Helen Story 13 

Richardson Mary Lilias 94 

Richmond Mrs Clifton F. (J. A. Davis 02) 

Root Florence Kellogg 06 

Ryder Mrs W. Vernon (A. Mooney 06) 

a. Scoville Mrs Homer R. (L. McConway 92) 


Sheffeld Mrs Charles A. (M. A. Mack 03) 

Smith Amie Perrett 13 

Smith Frances Grace 93 

Smith Louise 16 

Smith Margaret Dorothy 16 

Snow Florence Homer 04 

Sperry Pauline 06 

Stebbins Eunice Burr 16 

Stevens Evelyn Sutton 16 

Stone Hope Hathaway 16 

Strong Julia Worthington 93 

Strong Maud Evelyn 93 

Swan Ysabel 98 

Tomlin Maude Somerville 08 

Tucker Abbie Elizabeth 82 

Tyler Amelia Whiting 95 

Underwood Mrs George A. (C. D. Allison 07) 

Van Nuys Alice Douglas 13 

Van Nuys Margaret LaGrange 16 

Warner Lucy Hunt 99 

Warren Evelyn Marie 16 

Wells Edith Josephine 16 

Whitaker Mrs Hobart K. (E. M. Comins 91) 

Wood Mrs Edward E. jr (E. F. Eames 83) 

a. Wood Mina Emma 84 

Wood Ruth Goulding 98 

Woodruff Martha Charlieana 87 

Woodward Katharine Shepherd 85 

Wright Helen 05 

Wright Martha Leola 95 

North Andover 

Jones Lydia Annie 12 

Titus Mrs Willard M. S. (M. T. Burleigh 11) 

North Attleboro 

Blackinton Alice Anna 96 

Kenyon Mrs Wallace D. (M. F. Webster 12) 

Riley Mildred Ashton 14 

North Billerica 

Kohlrausch Dorothea Edna 11 

North Brookfield 

Butterworth Mrs Louis H. (S. C. Stoddard 01) 
Doyle Anna Teresa 14 
Lawrence Frances Temple 03 

North Easton 

Ames Mrs Oakes (B. Ames 99) 

Porter Mrs Robert B. (K. L. Lincoln 99) 


Merriman Mabel Lilian 94 

North Grafton 

a. Wood Grace Winifred 95 

North Sudbury 

Barton Mrs F. P. (H. M. Pratt 81) 

North Wilbraham 

Trask Mrs Robert P. (G. E. Smith 09) 

North Wilmington 

Giles Ruth Marion 09 


Hough Mary Elizabeth 97 


Allen Mrs Harry F. (L. M. Shattuck 03) 
Coolidge Mrs Arthur W. (M. F. Tilton 08) 
Shattuck Maude Alice 02 


Blodgett Anna Elizabeth 10 
Converse Clara Adra 83 
Robbins Edna May 11 
Rogers Edith Blackburn 13^ 


Copp Gladys 12 


LeGro Alice Blanche 10 

LeGro Ruth Lucilla 13 

Wilson Mrs Samuel F. (D. A. Hastings 03) 


Paulman Caroline Louise 13 

Robinson Mrs Albert (H. K. Demond 99) 

Young Edith Marguerite 13 


Stone Sarah Cleonice 01 

Pigeon Cove 

Cleaves Mrs Charles H. (C. L. Ernst 02) 


Ballard Lucy Bishop 09 

Barker Mrs John (M. A. Trowbridge 01) 

Belden Ora Madeline 14 

Dorr Mrs Charles H. (H. L. Blinn 89) 

Ensign Ruth Otis 13 

Ferry Catherine Anita 13 

Gifford Mrs Augustus M. (F. S. Davis 04) 

Hall Mira Hinsdale 83 

Hawkins Ethel Wallace 01 

Jarvis Edith Lillian 09 

Jordan Mildred Myra 11 

Kevlin Frances Hildegarde 15 

a. Kittle Mrs Byron W. (H. C. Hill 02) 

Lord Mrs James (M. A. Foot 07) 

Mara Ellen 16 

o. Marsh Mrs William R. (M. Ball 93) 

Mills Blanche Ethel 07 

Mills Ruth Alice 04 

Morse Mrs Harold F. (R. Hull 01) 

Pfeiffer Madeline Elizabeth 13 

Reynolds Mrs George E. (M. F. Coyle 11) 

Rice Mabel Agnes 98 

Sayles Virginia Irene 08 

Stanton Dorothy Rosemary 15 

Steever Mrs Miller D. (D. G. Inglehart 10) 

Thomson Lucy Doolittle 90 

Whitney Mrs Laurence H. (F. Taylor 07) 

Willis Mrs Grenville N. (F. E. Ripley 03) 

Wright Elsie Robinson 16 


a. Davis Mrs Harry B. (J. H. Edson 03) 
Flavell Paulyle Waldron 16 
Mellor Ruth 12 

Swift Mrs Edgar W. (H. C. Folsom 90) 


McCrory Madeleine 13 


Cate Mrs Frank C. (M. L. Abbott 06) 
Davies Gile 15 


Sargent Loucasta Frances 00 


Ryder Mrs Harland H. (I. F. Paun 95) 


Donovan Ruth Warren 14 


Carleton Faith Halstead 15 


Arey Helen Louise 13 

Atwood Mrs Frank S. (A. C. Osborne 79) 

o. Bedinger Margery 12 

Bixby Alice Martin 99 

Buxton Grace Agnes 07 

Clark Hilda Goulding 05 

Gove Lydia Pinkham 07 

Hitchcock Mrs Albert W. (M. M. Osgood 83) 
Hitchcock Harriet 14 
Hoyt Mrs W. Everett (M. S. Bixby 99) 
Kelsey Mrs Harlan P. (F. Low 97) 


Lawson Mrs Ralph (E. P. Benson 10) 
Mulligan Mary 09 

Munroe Mrs Frederick C. (R. N. Kinsman 95) 
Nichols Mrs Rodman A. (S. O. Harris 07) 
Phippen Eleanor Gifford 13 
Robson Alice 04 
Russell Anna 08 

White Mrs Alden P. (J. Carter 87) 
Wilson Ethel Frambes 11 


Partridge Delia Morgan 09 


Branch Leonora 14 
Seaver Etta Anne 92 


Blake Lucy Edith 97 


Broomell Mrs Clyde W. (G. E. Browne 97) 


Buck Mrs Seaver (A. K. Allen 95) 
Gibson Mrs Hamilton (B. van Dyke 04) 

Shelburne Falls 

Hamilton Mrs Ernest D. (H. P. Smith 01) 
Ware Mrs Herbert P. (A. F. Merrill 09) 


Paul Eleanor Frances 98 


Barker Helen Almira 06 

Bateman Mrs Frank E. (S. C. Washburn 96) 

Bentley Grace Elizabeth 16 

Bradbury Katharine Lord 12 

Brannick Catherine Elizabeth 02 

o. Conover Mabel 11 

Crosby Anna Katharine 06 

Doris Mary Monica 08 

Ellis Harriet Ame 1 1 

Johnson Elizabeth 98 

Murch Mrs Elmer (E. D. Emery 00) 

Norton Mrs R. H. (F. M. Sturtevant 11) 

Plaisted Helen Florence 04 

Robinson Mrs George E. (E. C. Tebbetts 10) 

Todd Alice Adele 98 

Vinal Leslie Thorning 01 


Cheney Mrs Robert F. (I. G. Port 93) 

South Byfield 

Cochrane Mrs James G. (M. E. Wiggins 08) 

South Carver 

Costello Mrs Francis D. (J. A. Gragg 09) 

South Deerfield 

Hager Laura Winifred 03 

South Framingham 

a. Blodgett Mrs Edward W. (A. M. Foster 99) 
Hargraves Mrs Charles N. (M. J. Haberstroh 

South Hadley 

Roberts Edith Adelaide 05 

South Hadley Falls 

Griffin Anna Maria 10 
Griffin Josie Magdalene 10 

South Hamilton 

Osgood Mrs Edward H. (M. C. Nickerson 12) 

South Lancaster 

Lewis Ora Mabelle 00 
Newton Mrs (E. Chase 95) 

South Lawrence 

Whitney Mrs William A. (G. H. Churchill 99) 

South Sudbury 

Cutler Mrs Roland R. (M. E. Goodnow 99) 

South Swansea 

Skinner Bertha Louise 10 

South Weymouth 

Tower Ruth Nichols 95 


Hastings Dora Loomis 91 


Dunton Florence Prouty 03 

Green Sybil Caroline 13 

Theobald Gertrude Harriet 12 

Warren Mrs Arthur F. (K. E. Haggett 86) 


Adams Mrs Burton A. (M. K. Humphrey 94) 

Adams Mrs Robert W. (L. J. Galacar 97) 

Alden Dorothy Hazel 13 

Anslow Gladys Amelia 14 

Atwater Mrs Charles B. (M. G. Stebbins 86) 

a. Bailey Anna Louise 88 

Ball Madeline Robinson 10 

Barrows Charlotte Lou 13 

Barrows Harriet Louise 93 

Bassett Mrs Arthur F. (R. A. Kinsman 03) 

Bell Mrs Clinton E. (C. Webber 95) 

Blanc Mrs (E. Terry 14) 

Blaque Mrs Giles (H. Hulbertl2) 

Boardman Emma Irene 15 

Boynton Mrs Guy E. (M. A. Butler 11) 

Chamberlain Emily Hazard 13 

Chapin Anne McClallan 04 

a. Chapin Catharine Howard 13 

Childs Mrs Merrill F. (F. E. Shepard 98) 

Clapp Mrs Arthur M. (E. W. Bates 99) 

Clark Evelyn Elizabeth 16 

Clark Genevieve Mary 13 

Cleverly Alice Lincoln 16 

Cole Lucy Brooks 09 

Collins Helen Moseley 13 

Collins Mrs William O. (E. Lindsay 07) 

Cooley Mrs Robert C. (H. C. Mills 93) 

Danforth Alice Foster 05 

Davis Emily Porter 09 

Dearborn Bernice Walker 06 

DeForest Mrs F. M. (W. H. Ripley 94) 

Denman Helen Charlotte 10 

a. Dewey Mrs William C. (E. E. Flynt 83) 

Dibble Mrs Wallace E. (E. Fitzgerald 12) 

Dickey Mrs Maurice W. (L. M. Melius 98) 

Dorr Mrs Percy O. (M. H. Lee 09) 

Doubleday Mrs Edwin C. (G. Russell 11) 

Flynn Helen Gertrude 15 

Fowler Constance 13 

Geran Olive Carolyn 15 

Gibson Edna Theresa 10 

a. Gould Ellen Frances 02 

Hammond Mrs Karl R. (C. Shuart 07) 

Hancox Edith 02 

Harris Hart-Lester 13 

Harris Henrietta Corson 09 

Harris Mrs William A. (H. C. Harris 83) 

Hawkes Edith May 95 

Hawley Mrs Amos P. (A. M. Wheeler 95) 

Herrick Ada Elizabeth 94 

Hill Mrs George A. jr (M. M. Beasley 08) 

a. Hill Mrs William C. (G. L. Gutmann 91) 

a. Hooker Mrs Richard (W. E. Newberry 04) 

Ingraham Clara Martha 02 

Hurlburt Edith Laurana 01 

Jennings Mrs John F. (M. Squire 08) 

Johnson Anna Louise 93 

Johnson Helen Lorella 16 

Jordan Grace Cushman 13 

Kingsley Frances Hubbard 00 

Libby Mary Ethel 13 

Loomis Mrs Paul H. (M. E. Trask 00) 

McClench Marion Hill 03 

MacCoy Edith MifiJred 16 

MacDonnell Mary Eulalia 02 

Malley Grace Beatrice 03 


Mason Christine White 11 

Melius Pauline Charlotte 95 

Miller Mrs James R. (0. L. Seymour 10) 

o. O'Brien Alice Geraldine 02 

Palmer Gladys Freeman 12 

Pearson Lillian May 13 

Peirce Leona May 86 

Phillips Clara Holmes 03 

Pierce Alice Marjorie 09 

Pike Mrs George W. (H. S. Day 04) 

Pillsbury Anna 14 

Quilty Florence Mary 15 

Russell Mrs Waterman S. C. (G. R. Lillibridge 

Scannell Ruth Hazel 15 

Seelye Mrs Ralph H. (G. A. Blodgett 89) 

Shedd Minnie Louise 06 

Sherwood Elizabeth Taylor 11 

Skinner Mrs Arthur J. (C. C. S. Mathison 96) 

Smith Mrs James P. (H. O. Harris 09) 

Smith Nellie Gertrude 95 

Stebbins Mrs Frederick H. (M. R. Adams 93) 

Stewart Mrs Gilbert H. (E. F. Barnard 04) 

a. Stone Mrs Edward J. (R. D. Carr 03) 

Strange Mary Agnes 13 

Sutton Marian 01 

Tait Jean Wilhelmina 16 

Taylor Mrs E. Clement (A. B. Adams 08) 

Thompson Frances Ellis 93 

Viele Mrs John A. (A. R. Staples 08) 

Ward Mrs Fred L. (A. M. Allen 95) 

Ward Mrs Thomas H. (M. E. Merrill 00) 

Warren Mrs Leicester (A. C. Holden 03) 

Weaver Mary Alice 00 

Wheeler Mrs Frank E. (F. Lillie 98) 

Whitney Mrs Howard R. (M. A. Perry 05) 

Williams Adeline 11 

Winsor Harriet Bartlett 98 

Winter Mrs Dwight R. (M. Scott 10) 

Woods Mrs Harold H. (R. E. Rising 04) 

Woodworth Mrs Albert L. (E. M. Bliss 02) 

Wright Mrs Charles A. L. (L. A. G. Forbes 97) 

Yates Mrs Herbert L. (C. M. Stiles 13 

Sterling Junction 

Wilder Mrs Arthur S. (E. C. Abbot 89) 


Bidwell Helen Emeline 13 


Lane Josephine Augusta 06 
Lane Ruth Eleanor 12 
Oppen Lucy von Hiddessen 08 
Patten Grace Edith 14 
Stevens Helen Burnham 00 


Faxon Mrs Nathaniel W. (M. B. Conant 04) 


Bailey Mrs Percy S. (L. D. Massey 09) 

Clapp Mary Antoinette 12 

Dillon Harriet Martha 00 

Eisemann Mrs Ludwig (S. Weil 02) 

a. Huguley Mrs Arthur W. (M. E. Wilder 04) 

Jackson Mary Craig-Essie 95 

Rolfe Mrs Charles E. (E. L. Wyman 03) 

Warren Helen 16 


Dunn Rose Gertrude 13 

Hubbard Mrs Frank A. (E. A. Wheeler 94) 

Presbrey Florence Natalie 90 

Rhodes Mrs Marcus (R. L. Bangs 06) 

Seibel Edith 12 


Pease Mrs Clarence A. G. (A. G. Brooks 11) 


Clark Geneva Fuller 96 


Worcester Mrs Charles F. (I. I. Shores 05) 

Tufts College 

Eastman Fanny Mears 99 

McCollester Catharine 14 

McCollester Mrs Lee S. (L. S. Parker 88) 

Whittemore Mrs Harry W. (M. B. Eastman 94) 

Wilson Mrs Arthur G. (L. F. Spear 12) 


Worrick Ada Alice 09 

Turners Falls 

Durfee Mrs Walter H. (M. Keith 11) 


Bennett Marion 06 
Brown Ophelia Sanger 94 
Sherburne Ada Louise 16 


Scott Gladys Isabelle 15 
Sessions Catherine Drummond 96 


a. Allen Mrs Lawrence (H. A. Abbott 08) 
a. Conway Mrs Earle E. (I. P. Salsich 05) 
Holbrook Mrs William C. (M. B. Rayner 88) 
Holmes Mrs Hector M. (H. L. Dunbar 09) 
Johnson Mrs Robert H. (I. M. Sessions 11) 
Lombard Mrs Oliver C. 2d (H. J. Marcy 12) 
Marsh Mrs Frederick G. (M. C. Bailey 03) 
Miller Grace Emma 09 
a. Miller Marion F. 09 


Crandall Ethel Geneva 15 

Eaton Emma Florence 96 

Goldthwaite Bertha Louise 09 

Howe Alice Gardner 10 

Rice Mrs Austin (L. A. Lyman 97) 

Stearns Helen Harris 12 

Torrey Elizabeth Whittier 03 

Walton Mrs Bartlett (H. B. Davidson 08) 

Wheeler Mrs Harry M. (A. J. Walton 08) 

Wiswall Mrs Augustus C. (A. F. Griffiths 13) 


Chase Mrs Alfred L. (B. E. Libby 93) 
Eaton Mrs H. C. (L. F. Church 11) 
Lawrence Lulu Nell 09 
Ober Helen 00 
Smith Mary Gove 02 
Ward Mrs (J. M. Clark 98) 
Worcester Alice Martha 12 


Breckenridge Alice Hannah 03 

a. Bridgman Mrs Paul R. (L. E. Clark 96) 

Clark Grace Dorothy 16 

Hill Justina Hamilton 16 

Hyde Mrs Alvan (L. P. Hall 05) 

Robinson Mrs Philip W. (L. C. Gould 14) 

Rushmore Mrs William J. (S. L. Newland 89) 

Ryan Mary Margaret 12 

Tucker Carolyn Virginia 07 


Groezinger Mrs Christian (E. E. Catlin 05) 
Makepeace Mrs John C. (G. B. Parker 93) 


Blackburn Mrs Alexander M. (J. G. Jouett 02) 
Chidester Mrs Albert J. (R. I. Bardwell 04) 
Colby Ruth Hartwell 11 
Curtis Mrs Frank W. (M. L. Harwood 10) 
Demond Anna Louise 02 


Abbott Eleanor Alice 13 

Abbott Harriette Frances 08 

Barker Luliona May 06 

Bogue Mrs Joseph C. (G. I. Wheelock 12) 


Burr Mrs G. Houston (R. M. Robinson 07) 

c. Dimick Esther 02 , 

o. Favinger Mrs Charles L. (A. Poore 04) 

Fraser Mildred Cross 15 

Graham Mrs George C. (H. E. French 11) 

Hewett Mrs Charles M. (M. A. Sargent 12) 

Langworthy Jessica Linnell 92 

Parker Mrs J. Edgar (E. B. Laskey 01) 

Parsons Susan Morse 95 

Sprague Helen Richardson 11 


Fernald Helen Louise 16 

Jones Mrs Fred P. (R. A. Smith 14) 


Parsons Grace Hobart 11 
Parsons Josephine Sewall 14 
Parsons Mary Nesmith 15 


a. Daniels Mrs Charles H. (M. L. Underwood 


Fosdick Nellie 01 
Scudder Vida Dutton 84 
Waite Alice Vinton 86 

Wellesley Farms 

Gaunt Mrs Ernest H. (H. S. Spring 13) 

Wellesley Hills 

Blakeslee Mrs Robert E. (C. R. Brackett 08) 
Freeman Paulina 03 
Hardy Beatrice 11 

Hersey Mrs Walter A. (M. C. Page 01) 

a. Jones Mrs Gilbert N. (M. C. Atwater 86) 

Jones Margaret Norris 16 

Oldham Mrs John E. (H. E. Holden 93) 

Pratt Miriam Lorraine 13 

Rindge Madeleine 14 

Stanwood Mrs Edward jr (M. Evans 03) 

Stone Mrs John H. (L. Freeman 03) 

Wyman Helen 14 

West Acton 

Burroughs Mrs George W. (M. B. Nelson 99) 

Westfield * 

Allen Mrs Park W. (D. K. Searle 11) 

Cooley Mrs Thomas R. (H. S. Shepard 11) 

Drysdale Mrs James W. (T. W. Reed 89) 

a. Fowler Mrs Albert E. (E. F. Bush 11) 

Gladwin Mrs Harry W. (L. E. Raymond 08) 

Goodnow Anna Marion 86 

Hall Mrs Percy N. (L. M. Fales 01) 

Keenan Mary Veronica 08 

Martin Harriet Goodrich 99 

Parks Mrs Oren E. (B. P. Brooks 05) 

Reed Clara Melinda 87 

Saunders Mrs Albert E. (E. W. Bates 00) 

Thayer Mary Sprague 89 

Ungethuem Jennie Martha 16 


o. Cameron Mrs Julian A. (L. K. Abbot 92) 

West Medford 

Ayer Mrs John (J. F. Stevens 05) 
Barnard Mrs Wilbur E. (M. D. Bond 89) 
Phelan Mrs Joseph W. (F. B. Kimball 96) 
Putnam Beatrice 03 

West Medway 

Dow Blanche Hinman 13 

Labaree Mrs John R. (M. Underwood 11) 

West Newton 

Allen Lucy Ellis 89 

Bell Mrs Louis (S. G. Hemenway 86) 

Bingham Mrs Norman W. jr (E. P. Stetson 01) 

Blodgett Ruth Hartwell 16 

Clapp Emily Blanchard 16 

Dwinnell Mrs Clifton H. (E. A. Marshall 96) 

Garrison Fanny 01 

George Mrs Robert (K. H. Ames 11) 
Holmes Eleanore 13 
Howland Marion 10 
Hubbard Amy Louise 12 
King Margaret 16 
Leonard Margaret Shaw 14 
Lincoln Marjorie 13 
Marshall Sabina 02 

Merchant Mrs Roy R. (R. Whidden 13) 
Rand Mrs William M. (L. K. Robbins 12) 
Thayer Mrs Philip H. (J. Pushee 12) 
Wiseman Mrs Mark H. (G. R. Lowe 12) 
Wood Louise 15 
Woodberry Ethel Morton 98 
Wyman Gladys 13 


Palmer Marion Breed 15 

Ripley Mrs Edward P. (E. H. Wheeler 96) 

Sherman Ellen Burns 91 

West Somerville 

Davis Mrs George M. (B. G. Fuller 09) 
Smith Ruth Mildred 12 
Wilson Jane 05 


Locke Mary Stoughton 80 


Keeler Mrs Lawrence M. (E. K. Whitin 02) 

Melcher Lucy Harwood 06 

Swift Mrs Kent (K. L. Whitin 10) 


Reed Ruth Severance 14 
Thompson Madeleine Charlotte 13 


Allis Fannie Augusta 84 


a. Hill Mary Genevra 90 
Snow Mrs Silas (F. W. Clary 08) 
Sylvester Mrs Raymond (M. L. Damon 15) 
Warner Mrs Raymond (E. L. Damon 09) 


Clarke Elizabeth Lawrence 16 

Clarke Mrs Samuel F. (E. C. Lawrence 83) 

Cleland Mrs Herdman F. (H. W. Davison 03) 

Galbraith Mrs John S. (C. B. Parsons 95) 

Hardy Mrs J. G. (N. B. Mills 01) 

Hewitt Helen Witter 91 

Smith Florence Van Duzer 96 


a. Kershaw Mrs James E. jr (M. E. Fairfield 



Fay Mrs Harold (N. E. Thompson 08) 
Wells Grace Cornelia 14 


Saladine Eleanor Harriet 14 


Bond Mrs Joseph W. (P. S. Sanborn 03) 

a. Burnham Mrs Charles A. (L. E. Pinkham 07) 

a. Carhart Mrs Alfred B. (M. R. Millett 96) 

Coit Mrs George C. (A. C. Atwood 94) 

Cushman Mrs Norman L. (M. Porter 07) 

Dennett Mrs Daniel C. (E. G. Redfern 97) 

Emerson Ella May 05 

Fish Mrs Fred O. (F. F. Curtis 95) 

Furbish Dorothy Reed 16 

Giles Louise 09 

Hall Helen Annette 04 

Hawley Mrs Francis N. (M. E. French 98) 
Hildreth Mrs Alfred (A. S. Russell 99) 
Hovey Madge 15 
McCall Ruth 06 

Metcalf Mrs Robert B. (E. A. Kimball 98) 
Miller Mrs Clarence C. (H. F. Huffman 00) 


o. Ordway Mrs Clarence E. (A. L. Ripley 02) 

Redfern Mrs Ralph B. (M. G. True 00) 

Rich Mrs Edgar J. (M. L. Aldrich 85) 

Swett Edith Josephine 94 

Winship Charlotte Elizabeth 97 

Wright Mrs Howard H. P. (F. E. Peirce 00) 

Young Georgia Emma 16 

Winter Hill 

Wild Mrs Prescott F. (L. E. Marden 10) 


Allen Clara Harrington 02 
Downes Elizabeth Sargent 16 
Parker Helen Eugenia 08 
Robertson Winifred Ward 11 


Barker Katherine Devereux 00 

Champney Mrs George M. (C. J. Ambrose 09) 

Delesderniers Mrs Roy A. (F. J. E. Mann 10) 

Dow Ethel Robinson 07 

Hinckley Mercy Adeline 95 

Johnson Mrs Edward (G. R. Treadwell 06) 

Johnson Ruth 12 

Trull Mrs Elliott F. (S. Shaw 00) 


Ferrell Abigail Lucy 05 
Longworthy Mrs Louis R. (G. Parker 00) 
Monroe Mrs Charles E. (D. L. Clifford 01) 
Newell Mrs Leonard W. (N. L. Lincoln 05) 
Pinkham Mrs Walter S. (I. S. Foote 96) 


Berry Katherine Fiske 02 

Bigelow Mrs Edward B. (B. C. Sumner 01) 

Blackmer Mrs Albert W. (H. T. Dana 09) 

Blakeslee Mrs George H. (E. F. Day 05) 

Bowler Mrs Alexander (R. C. Barnard 98) 

Brannon Alice Margaret 01 

Brennan Mildred Louise 11 

Brockway Alice 10 

Butler Mary Elizabeth 08 

Callahan Mrs Charles M. (A. F. Rogers 04) 

Childs Alice Louise 96 

Childs Breta Willis 10 

Coe Elizabeth Hamilton 05 

Cole Pauline Elizabeth 13 

Crooks Mrs Charles M. (A. M. Marcy 99) 

Curtis Elnora Whitman 92 

Dana Elizabeth Mabel 04 

Daniels Mrs F. Harold (E. G. Goddard 11) 

Davis Josephine Elizabeth 06 

Day Alice Fairbanks 10 

Donohoe Marie Lois 05 

Doyle Hannah Katherine 11 

Elliott Florence Mima 11 

Emerson Mrs Benjamin K. jr (J. D. Sewall 97) 

Erwin Mary Emily 16 

Estabrook Millicent Barrett 95 

Ewell Mrs Arthur W. (J. D. Estabrook 96) 

Fisher Mrs Edgar A. (M. C. Baker 86) 

Frawley Mrs W. J. (B. Erwin 03) 

Gaillard Marion Louise 02 

Garst Mrs Julius (M. E. King 84) 

Gates Helen Fay 12 

Greene Amy Whitney 15 

Hamilton Mary 04 

Hastings Alice Irene 96 

a. Higgins Mrs John W. (C. L. Carter 04) 

Hill Susan Leland 03 

Holmes Rosamond Drexel 14 

Johnson Alice Hannah 05 

Johnson Mrs James H. (R. D. Harris 09) 

Kent Mabel Watson 06 

Kneeland Clara Louise 00 

o. Lamb Mrs George H. (H. L. Davis 95) 

Lillie Mrs Ralph S. (H. E. Makepeace 99) 

Lovelace Mrs Robert L. (M. H. Denham 95) 

Lowell Mrs James B. (E. L. Cox 11) 

Marble Anna Theresa 06 

Marble Mrs Charles F. (A. M. Russell 86) 

Marble Helen Chase 04 

Marble Sarah Almy 12 

Mellen Dorothy 16 

Moore Grace Harlow 00 

Nelson Mrs Frederick J. (I. M. Sprague 95) 

a. Orr Helen Ager 13 

Peirce Mrs Edwin H. (E. Freeman 05) 

Peirce Pauline 14 

Pfaffmann Maude 11 

Poole Mrs Willard (H. B. Spaulding 86) 

Poor Mrs Charles F. jr (L. A. Munroe 00) 

Post Mrs Martin M. (C. L. Marsh 00) 

Powers Florence May 10 

Randolph Mrs Charles B. (H. W. Reed 08) 

Redding Grace Woodbury 12 

Reed Bertha May 06 

a. Rockwood Mrs George I. (E. T. Cheever 82) 

Rose Marion Elizabeth 84 

Sawtelle Margaret Elizabeth 04 

Sayward Mary Edith 94 

Seelye Mrs Walter C. (A. I. Barrows 97) 

Shaughnessy Mrs H. M. (A. M. MacCarthy 04) 

Shippee Mrs Jesse E. (E. M. Becker 03) 

Short Mrs Charles L. (L. A. Pratt 91) 

Slocomb Mrs George A. (F. W. Seaver 89) 

Streeter Mary Adelaide Roxana 06 

Sweet Sadie Lillian 11 

Thompson Mrs James (F. Wheeler 93) 

Tilton Mrs Henry O. (O. N. Fobes 09) 

Tolman Marv Heywood 14 

Tolman Olive 07 

Tomlinson Ruth 14 

Vaughan Ruth 08 

Waite Jennie Gertrude 10 

Waite Mary Alice 04 

Walker Dorothy Adelia 16 

Wesby Maude Earle 10 * 

Wheeler Mrs Leonard (E. B. Cheever 85) 

Whipple Mrs Robert L. (M. D. Jenks 05) 

White Hannah Hastings 14 

Whitney Mrs Warren A. (E. H. Brown 05) 

Wilson Mrs Herbert C. (B. E. Barnes 02) 

a. Witherspoon Miriam Frances 84 

Wood Mrs Hamilton B. (H. O. Bradley 10) 

Young Mrs Donald B. (H. H. SewaU 13) 

Ann Arbor 

Breed Mrs Frederick S. (M. J. Mack 15) 
Donnell Rachel Eleanor 10 
Evans Alice 05 

Foster Mrs Nellis B. (J. C. Morris 98) 
McCormick Dorothy Vaughen 15 
Winslow Mina Louise 13 

Bay City 

Bishop Lola Lorraine 06 
Hauxhurst Florence Clark 10 
Sites Venette Marie 12 


Johnston Zita Wall 11 


Best Mrs William J. (F. Ray 11) 

Bissell Blanche Watson 02 

Boyle Florence McCollough 08 

Butzel Mrs Henrv M. (M. Schlesinger 07) 

Church Mrs Harold D. (B. C. Springer 05) 

Cole Mrs John S. jr (A. M. Dresser 98) 

Dexter Mrs Russell E. (M. L. Smith 01) 

Ellis Amy Elizabeth 14 

Gaines Ruth Louise 01 

Geddes Mrs Norman (H. B. Sneider 13) 

Jennings Mary Fosdick 01 

Lindquist Lilly 99 

McBride Maud Walker 04 

McCabe Delia Jean 14 


McColl Mrs Jay R. (B. G. Baldwin 97) 
MacLachlan Mary Winifred 06 
Patch Mrs Charles (M. S. Greene 93) 
Pickell Louise Ethelwynne 12 
Rockafellow Martha Louise 15 
Torr Mary Dykeman 99 
Riall Jessie Lee 10 
Russell Margaret Helen 11 
Willard Mary Gerrish 14 


Keeney Flora Strong 04 
Norton Ethel Louise 15 


Curtis Mrs William S. (J. M. Wallace 91) 

Grand Rapids 

Alexander Martha Maud 11 
Blickley Esther 16 
Clay Martha Elliot 05 
Clay Miriam Elliot 10 
Fisher Fronia Ernestine 13 
Fisher Mary Harriet 16 

Friedman Mrs Adolph (E. F. Mihalovitch 06) 

Hubbard Mrs Giles M. (T. E. Gates 08) 

Hunt Anna Isabel 11 

Idema Mrs Chester F. (M. Mead 13) 

Merriam Mrs Charles W. (J. B. Sturtevant 97) 

Miller Mrs Milton C. (E. C. Sligh 97) 

Morman Florence Adelaide 13 

Sligh Mrs Charles R. (E. E. Clark 91) 

Snitseler Marion 13 

Grosse Point 

Chapin Mrs Roy D. (I. Tiedeman 13) 
Trowbridge Mrs Luther S. jr (M. W. Hartsuff 


Adler Mrs Sigmund (E. A. Farrill 08) 


Stock Leah Louise 12 


Balch Mrs James B. (M. Severens 91) 
Doyen Gladys 16 
Honey Mildred Keith 13 

Humphrey Mrs Herbert S. (C. P. McCalmont 


McDuffee Alice Louise 96 

McQuigg Winifred Moore 13 

Milham Gertrude Ethel 10 

Praeger Rosamond 16 

Shakespeare Mildred 15 

Upjohn Dorothy 14 

White Maude Lucy 99 

Wightman Mrs Alfred G. (H. C. Pease 02) 


Barrows Marguerite 07 


Orr Luella May 16 


Field Georgie Louise 03 


a. Miller Mrs Albert E. (B. G. Wilkinson 94) 
Will Mrs Walter (P. E. LeVeque 10) 
Williams Catherine 13 

Mt. Clemens 

Ullrich Edna Gemmer 13 


Parkin Mrs Walter H. (J. B. Millard 06) 

Orchard Lake 

Noble Arlyle 11 

Port Huron 

Hovey Eleanor Frances 16 
Moore Kathleen 15 


Reigart Mrs John R. (E. M. Moulton 05) 


Reed Gwendolen Willits 14 


Bittman Ann6 Marguerite 11 

Linton Mrs Raymond A. (L. M. Sanborn 07) 

Smith Mrs Frederic E. (M. H. Bonney 79) 

St. Johns 

Dexter Florence Jeannette 10 

Three Rivers 

Linsley Margaret Ellen 12 


Gieseler Mrs Alfred M. (B. E. Lang 97) 


Curial Marie Thorndike 12 


Merrick Lulu 06 


Smith Helen Margaret 15 


Coy Mrs Sherman L. (K. B. Rising 01) 
McNair Helen Manning 13 


a. Adams Esther Virginia 09 

Bradley Mrs Leonard G. (C. W. Davis 04) 

Collins Mrs Arthur N. (F. E. Johnson 05) 

Dickerman Mrs Gilbert G. (R. N. Bullis 05) 

Graff Mrs Carroll F. (G. Gilbert 03) 

Mitchell Constance Moffitt 15 

Olcott Dorothy 13 

Olcott Elizabeth 13 

Rice Mrs C. M. (I. I. Paddock 84) 

a. Spencer Mrs George H. (J. S. Marshall 09) 

Swift Frances Damon 08 


Blodgett Helen 13 
Grant Rosamond 13 

a. Kent Mrs Richard B. (A. E. Reid 98) 

Fergus Falls 

Adams Dorothy Quincy 15 
Parsons Katharine 14 


Agnew Mrs James C. (M. McL. Edwards 08) 


Jennison Elizabeth Carey 15 
Jennison Janette Hope 16 


Little Mrs George R. (E. N. McBurnie 09) 


Allin Mrs Cephas D. (M. W. Washburn 10) 

Arnold Mrs Morris L. (K. K. Fairchild 05) 

Atwood Mrs Eben (E. Moore 06) 

Bailey Mrs (A. Ward 83) 

Bell Barbara 13 

a. Boardman Marjorie 13 

Bogan Mrs F. M. (H. M. Dean 07) 

Carter Agnes Ruth 10 

Case Mrs Charles M. (H. M. Janney 00) 

Champine Mrs Clifford C. (M. E. Roberts 10) 

Chapman Elizabeth Kimball 94 

Clerihew Mrs Alexander jr (E. J. Forman 83) 

Crangle Mrs Benjamin C. (L. E. Tarbell 98) 

Cray Marguerite 10 

Day Helen Louise 12 

Dean Agnes Louise 04 


Dean Carolyn Elizabeth 14 
a. Eggleston Ruth 15 

Faulkner Mrs Charles E. jr (C. E. Mann 02) 

Fay Adra Mary 12 

Fertig Ellen Margaret 15 

Fisher Mrs Harold C. (G. B. Chandler 10) 

Flannery Mrs Henry C. (M. Beebe 10) 

Fisher Mrs Harold C. (G. B. Chandler 10) 

Forman Mrs Frank B. (F. M. Harrison 83) 

Gale Marion 94 

Geesaman Mary Ellen 10 

Gould Mrs James A. (G. Dunham 00) 

Grannis Mrs George D. 2d (L. C. Winthrop 09) 

a. Gray Mrs John H. (H. R. Bliss 91) 

Gray Julia Marguerite 00 

Gregory Mrs William A. (M. L. Sexton 01) 

Hasey Alice Mabel 10 

Henderson Irene May 16 

Herrick Mrs I. Arthur (C. B. Piatt 94) 

Hill Louise Carter 07 

Jones Anna 15 

Jones Mrs David P. (A. Gale 87) 

Judd Mrs Harold L. (F. E. Hopwood 10) 

Kelly Mrs Robert jr (C. T. Webb 14) 

Kempton Mrs Andrew J. (E. B. Van Tuyl 02) 

Kingsley Mrs G. A, (L. E. Sinclair 99) 

Lauritzen Mrs Max R. (M. Flannery 09) 

Lindley Mrs Clarkson (A. Gale 89) 

Lyman Katharine Hart 00 

Lyon Georgia West 12 

Meech Mrs Robert (R. E. Baldwin 13) 

Merrill Mrs Edwin A. (V. I. O'Brion 85) 

Moir Agnes Pond 12 

a. Morrison Mrs A. W. (S. H. Truesdale 09) 

Nickerson Mrs Winfield S. (M. Lewis 93) 

a. Northrop Mrs George N. (C. F. Clerihew 10) 

Partridge Mrs Earl (G. M. Townshend 07) 

Phelps Ruth Shepard 99 

Pierson Mrs Roy N. (M. Welles 02) 

Pond Katherine Louise 11 

Poppe Eleanor Martha 13 

Scriver Helen 11 

Sexton Gertrude Claire 11 

Sikes Ruth Lathrop 07 

Simon Florence Jeanette 13 

Smart Anna Adelaide 11 

Smith Mary Cynthia 06 

Spaulding Mrs Frank E. (M. E. Trow 89) 

Thayer Elsie Carpenter 15 

Truesdell Ada Fannie 02 

Veblen Clara Matilda 16 

Wells Marguerite Milton 95 

West Mrs David (B. Sheffield 13) 

Whitney Katharine 11 

Woodhull Mrs Schuyler C. (A. Patton 01) 


Wedgewood Mrs G. Russell (M. E. Hager 87) 


Hunt Harriet Larned 13 


Schmidt Eloise 14 

Ziesmer Mrs Raymond (M. Beaver 12) 


Neff Mrs James M. (C. M. Benham 99) 


Ralston Mrs Arthur D. (M. E. Varney 08) 

St Cloud 

Bunnell Edna Maria 10 
Bunnell Sarah Marguerite 13 
Mitchell Ruth Hobby . 10 

St Paul 

Austin Caroline Sprague 88 
Burns Janet Mary 96 
Crosby Ruth Elizabeth 16 
a. Davis Maude Belmont 95 

Fox Hulda Marie 15 

Fuller Alice Harrison 15 

Howes Mrs Almon D. (A. L. Evans 10) 

Kedney Mrs Frederick S. (F. Fuller 10) 

Lindeke Mrs Albert W. (C. R. Saunders 01) 

McKenney Mrs Charles R. (M. A. Smith 97) 

Muir Margaret Purdum 01 

Pfluke Ona Emily 10 

Ramsey Mrs Walter R. (R. A. Lusk 01) 

Sault Ste Marie 

Goodell Mrs James M. (M. W. Clarke 12) 


Palmer Mrs Francis L. (E. E. Paine 89) 


Poirier Mrs Otto A. (L. Mitchell 00) 

Van Evera Mrs James W. (H. L. Payne 09) 


Jones Elinor 13 
Jones Perrie 08 


Dyar Gladys Eleanor 08 
Kahn Marguerite Frank 16 
Larmour Victoria Amanda 08 
Tearse Helen Horton 06 


Ervin Mrs Henry D. (M. Butterfield 11) 


Wheeler Leola 07 


Lang Helen Claire 12 


Clark Mrs Eliot R. (E. A. Linton 09) 
Jacobs Harriet Ethel 92 
Kellogg Mrs Oliver D. (E. Taylor 97) 
Kempster Mrs Harry L. (C. R. Curts 07) 
Sill Mrs Herbert F. (J. C. Bray 95) 


Bennett Mrs Corna L. (N. C. Odbert 12) 


Dow Helen Katherine 07 


Picher Mrs Oliver S. (E. I. Stanton 99) 

Kansas City 

Browne Dorothy 14 

Burr Mrs Henry (U. Minor 02) 

Criley Martha 01 

Downing Mrs John F. (J. E. Burnham 90) 

Goodrich Mrs William McP. (H. Jeffers 10) 

Ground Maud Mansfield 13 

o. Hanna Edith Joyce 01 

Hollinger Georgie Anna 99 

Houston Alice Barse 16 

Kidder Katharine Laura 11 

King Mrs Frank C. (G. M. Brackett 99) 

Lombard Mrs Albert E. (M. Pugsley 02) 

Martin Mrs Orville H. (C. C. Taylor 91) 

Miller Jeanne Marie 07 

Miller Kathleen Amy 07 

Northrop Eleanore Hammond 09 

Ridenour Ethel Baker 99 

o. Schauffler Mrs Edward W. (M. G. Hibbard 

Stone Katharine Phetteplace 16 
Vineyard Mrs Jesse J. (A. Zens 03) 


Wells Mrs Walter A. (J. E. Field 10) 
Witham Rose Adelaide 95 


Harrison Louise 98 

Thompson Mrs Collins (N. Lutz 03) 

Tourtellot Mrs George W. (M. A. Topping 08) 


Latham Mrs Rex K. (F. A. Jackson 07) 


McDonald Clara Bird 96 

St Joseph 

Albright Mrs James R. (M. M. Chase 00) 
Garlichs Edith Mary 16 
Wyeth Ellen Ashton 14 
Wyeth Sara Campbell 13 

St Louis 

Alexander Mary 10 

Allison Mrs Nathaniel (M. Aldrich 02) 

Barnhart Nancy Elizabeth 11 

a. Bartels Mrs Leo G. (P. O. Becker 05) 

Bascom Mrs Charles E. (I. R. Holliday 10) 

Bates Ellen Coalter 99 

Baumgarten Mrs Walter (L. Knapp 02) 

Bradbury Mrs Eben T. (G. F. Riddle 01) 

Carter Mrs Lemuel R. (M. L. Dillon 98) 

Compton Mrs Paul (I. L. Smith 01) 

Ewing Mrs Nathaniel W. (M. E. Rumsey 05) 

Ferriss Mrs Henry T. (E. G. Piatt 02) 

o. Flad Virginia Speck 14 

Franklin Laura Isabella Porteus 98 

Gait Mrs Thomas F. (C. G. Eaton 99) 

Goddard Mrs Charles B. (B. Montgomery 02) 

Hays Elizabeth 09 

Joerder Hazel 08 

Langenberg Mrs Harry H. (A. Morton 00) 
Long Mrs S. M. Breckenridge (C. A. Graham 

McCluney Mrs James (M. McKeighan 04) 
McCluney Mildred 04 

McCluney Mrs Samuel C. (K. Robinson 04) 
Martin Alice Lorinde 95 

a. Morse Mrs Edward A. jr (C. M. Riddle 07) 
Murphy Kathleen 12 

Neuhoff Mrs George L. jr (M. I. Alderman 11) 

a. Renard Mrs Wallace (L. Kohn 09) 

Sachs Mrs Ernest (M. P. Koues 12) 

Semple Mrs Nathaniel M. (M. Ferris 02) 

Shapleigh Mrs Blasdel (D. O. Schofield 14) 

Shapleigh Margaret 12 

Snow Mrs Clifford M. (V. E. Moore 02) 

Souther Edith Eustace 02 

Taussig Mrs Albert E. (H. P. Learned 96) 

von Harten Anne Eleanor 14 

Weed Mrs Hugh H. C. (F. Potter 02) 

Wham Mary 06 

Woermann Mrs Frederick C. (L. C. Dewey 02) 
Wood Louise 12 


a. Morey Jennie Jasper 06 


Drury Mrs Parmelee F. (G. M. Gilbert 09) 

University City 

Wharton Mrs William R. M. (G. Christian 08) 

Webster Groves 

Greenhalgh Margaret Elizabeth 09 
Patton Mrs Herbert M. (M. Hart 10) 
Stevenson Mrs T. Kennedy (C. Thurber 04) 
Turner Mrs Leigh C. (M. E. Sewell 07) 


Hastings Mrs Alfred (H. Fellows 06) 

Bitter Root 

Sanborn Mrs Herbert W. (M. O. Roberts 07) 


a. Cooley Mrs Fred S. (G. C. Smith 93) 

Evans Augusta Dillman 11 

Swingle Mrs Deane B. (A. C. Haskins 03) 


a. Kemper Mrs William A. (C. H. Richardson 


Smetters Mrs McCormick (H. L. Wemple 04) 


White Margaret Wilhelmina 15 

Fort Shaw 

Carr Mrs William W. (M. MacDougall 92) 


Hammond Mrs Trevor O. (A. M. Lindman 06) 


Waite Mrs Guy E. (E. A. Ward 03) 


•Keach Mrs John E. (A. B. Ricker 98) 


Powell Mrs Francis F. (M. Towne 08) 

Battle Creek 

Dufphey Mrs John (H. L. Tanner 11) 


Hosford Mrs Henry H. (J. Chamberlain 88) 


Merritt Mrs William H. (E. L. Clough 99) 


Cather Elsie Margaret 12 
Keener Mrs Andrew I. (R. E. Pratt 07) 
Mayhew Mrs John M. (W. G. Busbey 93) 
Taylor Mrs William G. L. (F. C. Brown 82) 


Babcock Christine Bell 13 

Brotherton Blanche Elizabeth Mae 15 

Capen Mrs Bernard W. (E. A. Greene 07) 

Gordon Mrs Alfred W. (A. M. Breckenridge 11) 

a. Grable Katharine Lee 10 

Holsapple Mrs Lloyd B. (M. L. Peck 04) 

Pierpont Mrs Henry W. (P. C. Smith 04) 

Rathvon Mary Louise 07 

Ringwalt Dorothy Rutgers 09 

Robinson Helen Elizabeth 15 

Ryan Nelle Mable 15 

Schenck Ella Louise 04 

Scott Mrs Edgar H. (E. Dodge 97) 

West Alice 15 

Woodworth Alice 13 


Brown Sarah Elizabeth 92 

East Ely 

Timmons Eva Hall 13 


Fulton Margaret 15 
Mack Effie Mona 12 


Elbert Mrs Samuel B. (M. P. Clark 05) 


Elkins Mrs Wendell P. (R. D. Conro 95) 



Hokanson Valborga Matilda 14 


Frost Miriam 12 


Foster Myra Isabel 11 


Parker Emma Harriet 87 


Bailey Florence Kate 88 

Dow Mary Windsor 08 

Forsyth Anne Louise 01 

Newell Mrs Harman (R. P. Brown 00) 

Sanders Mrs Henry C. jr (E. P. Jones 94) 


Bennett Edith Edwidge 14 

Blanchard Grace 82 

Cheney Mrs Harold (E. W. Brooks 05) 

Goodrich Mary Ida 93 

a. Harriman Mary 03 

a. Hirst Mrs Edgar C. (M. W. Stillings 99) 
a. Humphrey Alice Caroline 96 
Parker Elisabeth Abbott 04 


Bailey Mrs W. Howard (M. S. Richards 10) 


Bradbury Winifred Parry 07 

Brown Mrs Harold W. (K. Van Hovenberg 96) 

Clark Alice Benson 03 

Crosby Eliza Hale 13 

Devin Ethel Wyatt 94 

Frost Elizabeth Rollins 03 

Rooney Blanche Marion 08 

Tapley Elizabeth Pierce 93 

Varney Alice Marguerite 07 


Curry Mrs Berton E. (A. H. Coe 02) 


Chesley Eleanora Sanborn 12 


Brooks Mrs Maro S. (M. S. Wilder 91) 
Cushwa Mrs Frank W. (E. W. Tucker 12) 
Fletcher Mabel 85 
Wentworth Ellen Lang 88 

Fitz william Depot 

Whipple Bertha Kingsbury 03 


Ayres Mrs Philip W. (A. S. Taylor 89) 

Daniell Mrs Frederick H. (M. A. Barnard 81 
Daniell Marguerite 14 
Proctor Mary Adaline 81 

Franklin Falls 

Goodwin Clara Kendrick 82 


Moulton Gladys Ellsworth 10 
Odell Lillian Atherton 94 


Blake Sarah Augusta 09 


Dixon Mrs Frank H. (A. L. Tucker 95) 

Goodrich Mrs N. L. (A. Lyman 99) 

Hardy Mrs Ashley K. (A. B. Sanford 93) 

Hastings Myra 05 

Hawes Mrs C. H. (H. A. Boyd 92) 

Hazen Fanny Vose 10 

Knapp Mrs Waldo G. (M. Worthen 13) 

Lingley Mrs Charles R. (H. B. Teasdale 96) 
Shelton Mrs Henry W. (D. H. Camp 08) 
Tucker Mrs William J. (C. B. Cheever 81) 


Hill Ada Marion 15 


Head Mary Harriet 12 


Tilton Annie Eugenia 83 


Gilmore Marion Bowker 14 
Kingsbury Mrs Robert T. (H. E. Putnam 06) 
Roundy Mrs Rodney W. (F. A. Champion 98) 
Tilden Laura Bugbee 83 

Watson Mrs William H. (E. W. Kingsbury 04) 
Woodruff Marguerite Elizabeth 13 
Wyman Helen Lydia 94 


Melcher Mary Merwin 95 
O'Shea Elizabeth Mary 08 
Tilton Mary Susan 89 


Burpee Ethel Theodate 05 


Gray Hazel Pearl 13 

Ladd Mary Everett 00 

a. Sleeper Doris Ernestine 13 


Clough Mrs Clarence E. (M. E. Shepard 97) 
Dole Catherine Augusta 91 
Perkins Florence Gertrude 00 


a. Bingham Helen Eliza 94 
Fairbanks Dorothy 10 
Porter Clementine Burns 01 


Bennett Mrs Moodybell S. (G. M. Page 97) 

Brown Louise Boyd 16 

Clough Mrs Albert L. (S. Hunt 95) 

Farrington Mrs Leander M. (B. E. Clough 01) 

Fellows Elizabeth Amanda 16 

Fellows Madeleine 13 

Flack Ruth Jane 13 

Folsom Bertha Carrie 03 

Higgins Ruth Whitney 13 

Holton Sarah Cross 11 

McLane Mrs John R. (E. Bancroft 14) 

Stearns Mrs Hiram A. (E. S. Brown 01) 

Talpey Irma Agnes 15 


Howison Margaret Hinds 11 


Alley Mrs Harold C. (G. V. Bailey 13) 

Barton Katharine Louise 00 

Chase Mrs Howard (H. B. Hayes 99) 

Davis Mrs S. G. (H. E. Gilbert 09) 

Dowd Lillian Angele 13 

Fassett Mrs James H. (B. C. Smith 93) 

Flagg Mrs Guy E. (B. G. Flather 05) 

Folsom Agnes Johnson 13 

French Ruth Hawthorne 02 

Maloney Alice May 00 

Mulvanity Elizabeth Catherine 16 

Norwell Helen Hunter 05 

Smith Mrs Edward C. (H. Barr 08) 

Terrien Mary Louise 05 

Wingate Gladys Isabel 08 


Wiggin Mary Isabelle 06 



Beane Katherine Edna 08 

Coleman Florence Hoyt 10 

Howard Mrs William H. (M. A. Chase 96) 


Biddlecome Elizabeth 04 


a. Harris Mrs Almon G. (M. E. Carroll 10) 
a. Parker Mrs A. Linwood (B. N. Munroe 02) 


Fassett Anne Morrill 96 


Rounds Katherine Elizabeth 91 
Weeks Madeleine Philbrick 15 


Hartford Emma Helen 16 
Kimball Martha Smith 92 
Roberts Mildred Frances 13 
Thayer Dorothy Goldthwait 15 
Thayer Mrs Lucius H. (H. C. Rand 84) 
Walker Helen Staples 12 


Bates Leonora 07 

a. Ricker Mrs Frederic S. (G. P. Hyde 97) 
Russell Lucia Goldsmith 12 


Fountain Jessamy Lucile 15 


Gould Mrs John H. (M. L. Paine 96) 
Plumer Helen Lorania 13 


Gane Marjory 01 


Bartlett Marion Fuller 16 
Bellows Mary Howland 01 
Seelye Henrietta Hurd 86 


Boynton Etta Taylor 15 
Park Katherine Lucille 15 

West Lebanon 

French Mrs Samuel P. (F. Kelsey 90) 


Keyes Mary Willard 99 


Fisher Emma Catharine 98 

Hawkins Mrs Guy C. (M. B. Stevens 09) 

Atlantic City 

Boyer Elizabeth Leona 14 
Miller Marie Belle 14 

Atlantic Highlands 

Van Note Mrs Henry C. (A. E. Gardner 95) 


Hamilton Mrs Emmett S. (M. F. Havens 10) 
Roberson Elinor Wilson 16 
Vivash Mrs W. C. (N. J. Gould 98) 


Kilpatrick Marjorie Kent 11 


Cooper Lenita 14 


a. Angle Mrs George A. (A. J. Smith 87) 


Thibault Mrs Lewis R. (A. B. Codding 14) 


Amerman Bessie Ely 06 

Barrett Mary Franklin 01 

Phillips Mrs Harold H. (M. L. Sears 06) 

Schaefer Mrs Walter (K. R. Weber 11) 

Swenarton Jane Jenkinson 11 

Tyler Frances Maria 84 

a. Tyler Mary Elizabeth 81 

Woodward Carrie Belle 08 


Jenkins Mrs Donald V. (C. E. Marsh 03) 
a. Jenkins Jeannie Cooper 04 
Johnston Angeline 09 
Johnston Sarah 11 

Kingsley Mrs James M. (G. Megie 11) 
Marsh Helene Alicia 10 
Ross Mrs George W. (D. L. Megie 05) 
Suter Mrs Heinrich H. (A. H. Marsh 03) 

Bound Brook 

LaMonte Isabel 13 

Bradley Beach 

DeBow Mrs Robert G. (G. C. Ailing 10) 


Holly Olive Margaret 16 
Roe Frances 10 


Coyle Virginia DuCasse 11 

Shoemaker Mrs William E. (J. Howe 93) 


Chester Ruth Miriam 14 

Espy Emily Baldwin 16 

Espy Laura Frances 12 

Jackson Mrs Charles W. (M. W. Clark 95) 

Cape May Court House 

Cooper Anne Elizabeth 15 

Crema Mrs George P. (C. C. McKay 06) 

Cedar Grove 

Donnell Edna Bowden 16 


Vermilye Katharine Rowland 15 


Mershon Emma Lea 14 


Allan Vina Mary 16 

Breckenridge Mary Lois 15 

Miller Mrs Robert C. (F. A. Johnstone 10) 


Ingram Rosaline Ethel 16 


Day May Violet 15 

East Orange 

Allen Mrs Harry V. (G. A. Jackson 07) 

Alpaugh Elsie Lorena 14 

Anderson Mrs Charles A. (F. Stewart 96) 

Baker Florence Mathews 11 

Baker Ada Cary 15 

Black Mrs Carlyle H. (L. C. Fielder 11) 

Brittingham Mrs Russell (E. B. Bradbury 93) 

Browne Helen Harriet 15 

Butler Isabel 96 

Carr Katherine 13 

Cerren Dorothy Vesta 14 

Condict Mrs S. H. (E. M. Montgomery 07) 

Cornish Mrs Chanter (C. Seward 04) 

Curtis Mary Beach 01 

Davidson Adeline Theresa 02 

Dixon Mrs John E. (M. E. Sherman 01) 

Goodrich Mrs C. Burr (J. F. Jolley 98) 


Goodsell Marguerite 08 

Havell Mrs Harry P. (M. Hedden 01) 

Hepburn Dollie Booth 13 

Hinds Mrs Roger (M. Bates 11) 

Jackson Adeline Louise 05 

James Mrs William S. (I. L. Butler 00) 

Krusen Viola Marguerite 14 

Lord Helen Tucker 11 

McCaskie Florence Agnes 07 

Mead Abby Gray 06 

Muhleman Harriet Pettes 06 

Nash Doris Louise 11 

Phelps Minna BeUe 90 

Pierson Marion Ethel 12 

Pratt Mrs Harlan (B. Buttfield 11) 

Sanger Katherine Day 05 

Schnurr Mabel Alice 09 

Shepard Clara Alida 93 

Smith Florence 15 

Starrett Pauline 15 

Stewart Esther Lillian 16 

Vinton Maria Mitchell 82 

Wallace Loretta Elizabeth 11 

Ward Ethel 16 

Webster Margaret 08 

Wilson Jane Abby 15 

Yocum Mrs John H. (F. Knapp 97) 


Allen Mrs J. Warner (R. Tomlinson 01) 
Bevans Mrs George E. (I. C. Miller 14) 
Kempshall Helen Cabot 13 
Miller Marjorie Freeland 16 


Blake Mrs Clinton H. jr (M. D. Coe 07) 
Brockie Mrs Edward S. (D. M. Rowley 13) 
Derby Mrs Warren E. (G. James 90) 
Doughty Antoinette Varick 08 
Fleming Mrs Daniel J. (J. E. Cole 97) 
Fosdick Mrs Harry E. (F. A. Whitney 00) 
Godwin Alice 11 

Hulst Mrs Charles W. (M. A. Jackson 98) 
Humstone Mrs Millard C. (A. E. Dickerman 

a. Hutchinson Rosa Elizabeth 04 

Lamont Mrs Thomas W. (F. H. Corliss 93) 

Lyman Virginia Dummer 93 

Moore Mrs Harriot Van D. (M. H. Sayles 01) 

Morrow Mrs Dwight W. (E. R. Cutter 96) 

Olds Mrs Edward A. jr (E. J. Mitchell 04) 

a. Olyphant Ruth 07 

Park Mrs C. F. jr (G. R. Beecher 03) 

Park Caroline Doremus 10 

Park Marian Swift 15 

Rockwood Melinda Wheeler 06 

Vanderbilt Mrs John L. (J. L. Park 07) 

Vanderbilt Louise Dunham 02 

Vanderbilt Margaret 00 

Vermilye Jane Thomas 97 

Wakelee Harriet Elizabeth 14 

Yates Mrs Sheldon S. (E. L. Cutter 10) 

Essex Fells 

Leavitt Mrs William F. B. (H. M. Clark 99) 
Rudolph Elizabeth Anna 12 

Fair Lawn 

Demarest Mrs Garret H. (M. Duncan 86) 


Catlin Mary Helen 11 

Franklin Furnace 

Tillson Mrs Benjamin F. (F. R. T. Smith 11) 


Downes Edith Gray 13 

Ingling Mrs Harry W. (C. Ward 12) 

Smith Ethel Floyd 14 

Smith Leah Eleanor 16 


Nixon Mrs Boyd (J. L. Whitney 09) 

Glen Ridge 

Benedict Mrs James D. (A. S. Piatt 94) 
a. Case Mrs Walter S. (M. S. Hadley 09 
Davis Mrs Herbert E. (E. S. Mott 95) 
Fowler Mrs George S. (M. L. Woodruff 07) 
Kendig Katharine Downer 16 
Knox Marguerite 13 

LeMassena Mrs William (M. Lockwood 05) 
McMillen Mrs William J. (S. M. Frank 10) 
Mitchell Mrs Frank K. (I. C. Wight 03) 
Seamans Dorothy 14 


Willcox Florence Estelle 13 


Bergen Mary Disbrow 10 
Curry Mrs Edward T. (E. V. Reeve 12) 
Rogers Mrs Guy (M. Kittredge 06) 
Rusk Elizabeth Katharine 16 

Hasbrouck Heights 

Nock Mrs Albert J. (A. E. Grumbine 98) 


Smith Hortense Eugenie 10 


Weed Mrs Frederic B. (M. G. Sisson 13) 

Jersey City 

Bidwell Agnes Shngerland 11 

Dickson Louie Eleanor 07 

Hamilton Helen May 95 

Holbrook Anna Laura 08 

Huber Alice Elise 16 

Mason Mrs Charles A. (M. Johnston 10) 

McCloskey Inez 16 

Streeter Stella Georgiana 98 

Varnum Mrs Leon E. (H. S. Gifford 10) 

Weigand Louise Margarethe 16 


Blake Mrs James K. (H. L. Putnam 93) 
Chapman Marguerite Elizabeth 94 
Fuller Caroline Macomber 95 

Long Branch 

Keiser Mrs Arthur L. (M. K. McCurrach 06) 
Williams Margaretta Raymond 11 


Crowell Mary Etta 12 

Puddington Agnes Margaret 13 

Puddington Dorothy Ketchum 16 

a. Webb Mrs James A. jr (N. S. Packard 85) 


Dodge Mrs Samuel D. (M. Stone 06) 
White Mrs Eliot (M. R. Moore 94) 


Cooper Mrs William O. (J. D. Brumley 05) 

a. de Hart Mrs John S. jr (K. Seward 99) 

Guild Mrs Clark (M. A. Phelps 05) 

Hedden Gertrude Searing 10 

Jones Agnes Christina 16 

Schwartz Mrs Victor A. (H. R. Budd 09) 

Mat a wan 

Watrous Mrs Cleveland E. (G. Greenwood 97) 


Johnson Mary Almeda 14 


Todd Gretchen 13 


Scheither Mary Sophia 05 



Abbott Mrs Tilden G. jr (J. Dormitzer 11) 

a. Axt Mrs William L. (M. Heebner 13) 

Bates Mrs Edgar A. (E. Trull 04) 

Bradford Stella Stevens 93 

Brower Lesley Williams 12 

Brown Dorothy Helen 13 

Bryant Sheila 09 

Burgess Charlotte Barkley 10 

Cairns Mrs Edward (M. J. Hollo way 04) 

Campbell Mrs Andrew T. jr (S. M. Bogue 91) 

Chapin Gertrude 10 

Coale Mary Arabella 08 

Cole Mrs C. B. (B. W. Dwight 91) 

Cole Mrs Edward S. (M. W. Rockwell 97) 

Collins Mrs William F. (A. D. Howes 95) 

Coons Mrs Perry T. (E. Brown 10) 

Cornish Mrs Robert H. (I. G. Skilton 84) 

a. Dayton Mrs Paul K. (A. C. Griggs 08) 

Denman Marion A. 12 

Eastman Mrs Lucius R. jr (E. L. Hills 96) 
Ferris Mrs Frank A. jr (J. A. Bolster 01) 
Foote Mrs Edmund W. (L. E. Swift 09) 
Foth Mrs Erdman B. (M. F. Eaton 93) 
Francis Margaret Eveleth 15 
Gallie Margaret Muir 12 
Goodell Florence 12 
Gottfried Mary 11 

Grinnell Mrs Ralph H. (E. B. Smythe 06) 

Halpin Eleanor Louise 14 

Hooper Catharine Baker 11 

Hussa Mrs Theodore F. (C. I. Warburton 94) 

James Isabel 12 

James Helen Hunt 16 

Johnston Mrs Henry (H. Earle 11) 

Jordan Mary Adela 92 

Kinsman Mary Cassandra 06 

Leake Mrs Eugene W. (M. B. Paige 04) 

Lloyd Mrs Walter (M. T. Baker 96) 

Marcus Dorothy 12 

Marsh Mrs Chauncey H. (H. E. Kelley 02) 

Mitchell Anne Coe 09 

Moore Anna Lewis 95 

Nash Marguerite Amy 11 

Neal Mrs Homer C. (C. W. Newhall 10) 

Oakley Mrs J. Allyn (C. Bradford 97) 

Palmer Agnes Constance 14 

Porter Clara Fisher 06 

Richards Helen Dorothy 00 

Scott Mrs George G. (P. T. Persons 00) 

Smith Evelyn Wilson 00 

Spinney Mrs Crosby B. (F. D. Oakman 04) 

Stevens Mary Helen 15 

Terhune Marion 02 

Tubby Gertrude Ogden 02 

Walmsley Mrs Hardie B. (E. Hallock 09) 

Waring Mary Kimberley 93 

Weeks Imogene 93 

Westerfield Mrs William R. (F. Ketchum 99) 
Whittelsey Louise 01 

Whittelsey Mrs Theodore W. (W. Marsh 03) 

Young Elizabeth Laird 07 

Zeiger Mrs Franklin (E. C. Bedell 99) 


Annett Mrs Cecil B. (H. W. Arnold 07) 
Dolbeer Edna Virginia 15 

Hollinshead Mrs S. Thornton (E. Craighead 98) 


Gilbert Harriet Elizabeth 09 

Stevens Mrs Frederick W. (E. deG. Twining 93) 

Mountain Lakes 

Macfarland Mrs Charles S. (M. P. Merrill 97) 
Taylor May Isobel 13 


Stevenson Josephine 11 


Adams Eleanor 16 

Bagg Mrs Linus W. (A. S. Hudson 04) 

Barker Mrs George (M. Higbie 01) 

Blanchard Alice Arabella 03 

Burnett Mrs Russell (A. G. Bent 06) 

Coit Eleanor Gwinnell 16 

Coit Jessie Barker 13 

Cooper Florence Estelle 12 

a. Foster Mrs Harry W. (H. S. Edwards 95) 

Hague Florence Amelia 09 

Keim Mrs William F. (A. M. Madison 95) 

Kohn Mrs Oscar W. (M. E. Root 06) 

Posner Gertrude Augusta 14 

Quinby Erma Kathleen 14 

Siegel Elfride 12 

Taylor Edith Stevens 14 

Ward Mrs Waldron M. (A. T. Coursen 08) 

Warren Mrs Frank S. (E. B. Jackson 10) 

Wolfs Helen Jane 12 

Wolfs Marie Leonie 08 

Young Dorothy Amy 02 

Young Mrs Percy S. (G. W. Mason 02) 

Wyeth Hazel 16 

New Brunswick 

Cook Margaret Seabury 11 
Knox Evelyn Van Santvoord 12 
Knox Susan Varick 93 
Long Pauline Adele 02 

Minkler Mrs Frederick C. (H. R. Andrews 09) 
Wilber Laura Elizabeth 11 


Cahoon Jean Clark 11 

New Market 

Leonhauser Mrs Ulysses L. (E. B. Garretson 00 ) 


Dalrymple Mrs Louis A. (P. O. Struble 09) 
Dutcher Amelia Tuttle 13 
Frissell Mrs Nelson E. (F. W. Huston 12) 
a. Morris Mrs Levi H. (L. B. Snyder 99) 
Smith Mrs George A. (K. E. Frank 03) 


Diamond Mrs William C. (E. W. Vanderbilt 02) 

Diebitsch Mrs Emil (R. F. Watterson 93) 

Edgar Edith Howard 16 

Minsch Mrs William J. (N. N. Reynolds 07) 

Schmitz Anna Louise 10 

Sharp Mrs Edwin C. (A. L. Leach 94) 

Starkweather Elizabeth Remmey 11 


Barrett Mrs Hugh C. (E. H. Riker 08) 
Campbell Sarah Ethel 96 
Cohen Ethel Harrison 07 
Cornell Louise 13 

Edwards Mrs F. Boyd (J. F. McCarroll 03) 

Everitt Ellen Marion 15 

Freeman Mrs Hermon M. (E. W. Morse 92) 

Holmes Frances Randolph 08 

Kilborne Mary Allerton 10 

Kimball Rosamond 09 

King Mrs Landreth H. (F. Lord 95) 

Pomeroy Helen Jackson 06 

Riker Edith Caroline 10 

See Mrs Edmund T. (L. Edgar 08) 

Spottiswoode Mrs George E. (G. B. Field 93) 

Webster Laura Angeline 92 


Carey Zoe 16 

Cavanagh Mary Margaret 10 

Collinge Lillian Elizabeth 15 

Pratt Helen Elizabeth 15 

Reynolds Mrs Harry C. (F. J. Smyth 01) 

Vennema Mrs Whiton (M. Carey 12) 


Ellis Barbara 14 

a. Fayerweather Mrs Frederick O. (M. R. Ryle 


Hagen Mrs Orville R. (L. Crandall 02) 


Hennion Louise Morrow 09 

a. Hoover Mrs Andrew P. (B. A. D. Elmer 00) 

Klemm Mrs Russell (E. A. Meding 04) 

May -Martha Morrow 16 

Newkirk Grace Gilmore 14 

Rosenheim Eleanor Perry 12 


Burr Edith 15 

Perth Amboy 

Little Mary Prescott 11 


Bird Elsie Emery 15 
Bird Louise 16 

Boardman Mrs Richard M. (D. F. Leese 01) 

Burke Mrs Clinton (R. C. Segur 11) 

Burke Ellen Dawson 11 

Cowperthwait Mrs Allan (E. A. Byles 98) 

Egerton Esther 09 

Foster Sara Edith 15 

Fryhofer Mrs C. Wesley (E. I. Edwardes 02) 

Hatch Eleanor 16 

McCutchen Margaret Wilson 03 

McDonough Nora Claire 16 

Moodey Gertrude 11 

Moodey Harriet Sheldon 13 

Pearce Helen Eliza 15 

Righter Mrs Walter L. (E. C. Foster 00) 

Ryder Helen Louise 16 

Savage Marion 07 

Stevens Mrs Horace N. (H. Coburn 01) 
Titsworth Ethel Lucile 05 
Waid Winnie Elsie 11 
Wells Mary Byrd 97 


a. Armstrong Mrs William P. (R. S. Purves 05) 
Davis Mrs Roswell (H. Stone 08) 
Fincke Mrs Charles L. (M. I. Brown 98) 
Hun Mrs John G. (L. S. Crawford 04) 
Jenkins Caroline Augusta 96 
McGinness Rose Mary 15 

Marchand Mrs Richard W. (G. B. Watkinson 

Purves Elinor Kennedy 04 

Purves Gertrude Colesberry 14 

Rush Mrs John H. (A. C. Bradley 05) 

Schenck Sarah Johnson 10 

Spahr Mrs Charles B. (J. G. Fine 83) 

Spahr Margaret 14 

Stevenson Mrs J. Ross (F. Day 97) 

Wardwell Mrs Edward H. (E. A. Lloyd 11) 

Winans Mary Grumman 10 


Brearley Margaret 12 
Cladek Margaret Cullarton 16 
Morss Mrs Herbert R. (P. A. Hill 05) 

Red Bank 

Bray Mabel Hubbard 13 


Becker Edythe Bernice 15 

Cadmus Mrs Harold J. (R. A. Wood 12) 

Cary Mrs C. A. (F. D. Campbell 11) 

Doremus Nellie Budlong 12 

Hilton Mrs Benjamin D. (D. E. Pomeroy 04) 

Hope Mrs Theodore S. (W. Ayres 92) 

Ryerson Raena Westervelt 11 

White Dorothy Louise 11 


Downs Mrs Roscius I. (M. H. Curtiss 12) 


Strobridge Mrs William (F. A. Haws 08) 


Davis Mrs Albert S. (M. C. Chapin 06) 
Miller Mrs Benjamin H. (M. E. Critcherson 01) 
Ober Mabel Almira 12 


Alyea Martha Brinkerhoff 09 

Fogel Mildred Leigh 12 

Padgham Elizabeth 98 

Park Eleanor Hollister 15 

Seism Josephine 98 

Thorne Dorothy 14 

Thome Louise Ophelia 07 

Van Winkle Charlotte Condict 14 

Wheeler Beatrice Wavell 16 

Scotch Plains 

Nicholl Louise Townsend 13 

Seaside Park 

Burlew Ada Dorothy 15 


Lacy Mrs Burritt S. (K. Bradley 08) 

Short Hills 

Perry Mrs Ralph I. (C. S. Wurster 00) 
Truslow Mrs Ernest (H. S. Johnson 04) 
Weathers Mrs Niel A. (E. Cushing 04) 


Brown Elinor Garretson 10 
Lawrence Katharine Frances 12 

South Orange 

Chilson Mrs Wallace S. (H. B. Evans 10) 

Cross Mrs Harold L. (G. E. Foster 12) 

Doane Jessie 03 

Farrand Margaret Louise 14 

Grannis Mrs Pierrepont (M. R. Miller 12) 

Greene Mrs Carleton (A. B. Lathrop 90) 

Johnston Edith Gilmore 06 

Loutrel Mrs Cyrus H. (E. McCluney 08) 

Mason Mrs William H. (M. A. Dana 07) 

MiUer Mrs Philip N. (E. Sinclair 08) 

Richards Katharine Lambert 13 

Stearns Mrs Malcom (A. Kendall 10) 

Yeaw Marian Chandler 11 

Yereance Jeannie Quiney 14 

Spring Valley 

Mendum Gladys 10 


Fisk Helen Imlay 14 

Gaylord Joanna Lanman 93 

Hann Winifred Travers 10 

Hinman Caroline Borden 06 

Hinman Katharine Duble 08 

Holt Mrs Philetus H. (D. Wells 04) 

Kendal Mrs Clifford H. (M. R. Leatherbee 04) 

Kent Alice Steele 13 

Mabie Helen Rockwell 04 

a. MacNeille Mrs Perry R. (C. Mann 94) 

a. Merrill Mrs Oliver B. (K. E. Lyall 94) 

Robertson Edith Ogilvie 12 

Skidmore Harriet Bond 16 

Underwood Ruth Pauline 16 

Van Vleck Marion Gray 11 

Vicari Amelia Margaret 15 

Waterman Ruth 15 

White Margaret Evelyn 15 


Watters Mrs Philip S. (G. C. Briggs 10) 

Toms River 

Cowdrick Frances Elizabeth 15 


Apgar Mildred Higgins 09 
Case Elizabeth Browning 14 
Sharkey Betsey 15 

Sharkey Mrs Samuel M. (E. L. Robbins 14) 



Egbert Mrs Harry D. (E. A. Cowperthwaite 08) 
Keeler Marion Holmes 06 

Maxwell MrsWellwood H. (H. M. Codding 12) 

Paschal Nellie 13 

Putman-Cramer Antoinette 01 

o. Roberts Mrs (H. W. Wittke 97) 

West Orange 

a. Dill Helen Brooks 05 
Grand Mrs Gordon (E. H. Dill 04) 
Lewis Mrs Malcolm (J. B. Higby 12) 
Martin Mrs Arthur S. (A. B. Moyer 11) 
Murchie Mrs Howard F. (M. Browning 11) 


Good Mary Estella 13 


Daggett Ethel Augusta 09 

Jones Mrs Henry T. (M. B. Large 98) 


MacMillan Mrs Daniel W. (A. Robinson 88) 


Davis Mrs Francis B. (M. W. Westcott 12) 
Foster Blanche 16 
o. Speakman Eleanor Burdette 12 
Wiggins Carrie Elva 08 


Ackerman Mildred 16 


Dobson Mrs Robert C. (H. A. Crosby 07) 
Lee Mrs Lawrence F. (E. McMillen 13) 

Fort Sumner 

Parsons Mrs Harry R. (C. S. Doolittle 97) 

Santa Fe 

Vanderbeek Matilda Sands 12 

Silver City 

Royall Mrs William (N. L. Almirall 01) 


o. Mather Mrs William A. (F. M. Newcomb 04) 


Brown Ruth Lydia 14 

a. Cameron Jean E. 15 

Clement Emma Geraldine 14 

Eddy Mary Billings 07 

Fleet Mrs William H. (M. Brumaghim 10) 

Giffen Susan Olliffe 15 

Harriman Mrs Charles C. (M. H. Phillips 02) 

Hill Mabel Anna 03 

Holmes Florence Isabel 10 

Hunting Ruth Amanda 15 

Hussey Margaret Clapp 16 

Jones Alice Martin 04 

Kastl Norma Bogard 14 

O'Brien Mrs Joseph P. (M. Townsend 11) 

Oliver Mrs Charles I. (B. A. Manning 02) 

Patton Mrs Dean S. (C. M. Bullard 11) 

Phelps Mrs William B. (E. S. Shaver 95) 

Porter Mrs Jermain B. (A. D. Brumaghim 12) 

Pruyn Mrs F. McEwan (E. Jenison 10) 

Rankin Emily Watkinson 11 

Rhodes Isabella Knox 07 

Stanford Mrs Welton jr (B. Sanford 00) 

Thompson Elizabeth Hardy 08 

Walker Amy 15 

Ward Florence 10 
Waterman Ruth Edith 15 


Gardner Mrs Fred M. (A. H. Day 96) 


Bissell Mrs Norman A. (M. L .McElwain 09) 
Green Mrs James W. jr (H. H. Tate 07) 
Hardies Mrs Charles E. (G. M. Beattie 05) 
Hubbs Katharine Schuyler 10 
McGregor Julia Moore 16 


Childs Carolyn Helfenstein 02 


Moore Margaret Elizabeth 11 


Beane Nellie Bailey 99 
Childs Harriet Evelyn 08 


Clements Mrs Harry V. (M. V. Porter 02) 

Cooke Mrs Harte (C. D. Sprague 01) 

Eldredge Mrs Allan M. (E. R. Mathewson 13) 

o. Garrett Martha Elizabeth 12 

Gates Louise Knapp 10 

Hoyt Mrs Charles S. (F. Smith 86) 

Hoyt Hildegarde 12 

Hoyt Winifred 15 

Smith Evelyn Hollister 13 

Swartwout Elsie Rowena 15 

Taylor Mrs Robert W. (G. L. Pearson 11) 

Underwood Rosamond 09 

Van Sickle Janet 15 

Wheeler Alice Moore 05 

Woodruff Anna Beardsley 97 

Woodruff Dorothy 09 


Avery Lydia Coonley 15 

a. Corbin Mrs William L. (E. C. Olin 02) 


Connell Mrs James C. (M. L. Bigelow 06) 

Ballston Spa 

Kerley Mary Elizabeth 12 


o. Bush Mrs Harvey S. (C. E. Meisel 93) 


Dustin Nita Ford 95 


Johns Ella Smith 16 

Smith Mrs Ernest L. (M. H. Smith 00) 


Shirk Mrs George W. (A. S. Pope 01) 

Beaver Falls 

Ramage Mrs Lawson (E. M. Ramage 00) 

Belle Terre 

Child Mrs Frank S. jr (H. H. Bayles 13) 

Benson Mines 

Motter Ellen Inslee 98 


Blair Margene 99 

Carpenter Ada Esther 07 

Carver Mrs William B. (C. B. Finney 95) 

Conklin Agnes 13 

Corbin Jessie Ola 11 

Kingsley Julia Kingman 16 

Leach Edith 83 

Leighton Mrs Bedford (M. E. Jenkins 08) 

Patten Mary Isabel 11 

Phelps Mrs Denison S. (C. L. Corbett 08) 

Port Mary Alice 90 

Riker Mrs Robert S. (H. Robinson 03) 

Stratton Helen Anna 07 

Wickham Mrs Robert S. (E. C. Carpenter 95) 



Pearce Charlotte Crosby 15 
Pearce Katharine Standish 15 


Addis Barbara 14 

Addis Marjorie Lobdell 11 

Yale F'orence Louise 11 


Gooding Edith 86 
Williams May Adeline 09 
Williams Mildred Claire 10 


Andrews Mrs Barrett (H. Dunlop 04) 
Bensen Mrs Albert V. jr (M. R. Prouty 04) 
Goodell Mrs Roscoe H. (H. Peabody 04) 
Strobhar Nettie Boyd 07 


Abbot Dorothy 11 

Abbot Mrs Prentice jr (L. L. Weems 11) 

Adams Laura Louise 14 

Alden Mary Elizabeth 82 

Alder Mrs E. C. (H. Cilley 04) 

Alexander Margaret Charlotte 14 

Allen Mrs Archibald J. (G. B. McGuire 10) 

Allen Frances 04 (Mother Frances Katharine) 

Ames Grace Edith 91 

Andelfinger Mrs Charles E. (G. S. Packard 88) 

o. Anderson Vera Charlotte 12 

Andrews Virginia Vernon 16 

Atwater Elsie Welling 89 

Avirett Mrs Philip W. (M. A. Goodwin 89) 

Baily Gladys 12 

Baker Katherine Stevens 12 

Baker Mrs Louis F. (R. Canfield 03) 

Balcom Louise 15 

Bare Mrs Geoffrey (L. D. Major 07) 

Barnard Mrs Seymour (E. Fuller 08) 

Becker Christine Katharine 14 

Becker Louise Margaret 15 

Bennett Mrs Thomas H. (M. B. Byrne 03) 

Bentley Meta Ellis 00 

Biele Mrs Fred J. (B. K. Bender 11) 

Bogue Anne Tefft 03 

Boutelle Mrs George J. (E. M. Roome 11) 

Brander Edith Elizabeth 07 

Brander Emily Jeannette 13 

Briley Beatrice Annie 08 

Briley Elsie Nora 10 

Broadhurst Ruth Lavinia 07 

Browne Frances Eliza 94 

Bruner Mrs Warren D. (J. Foster 12) 

Bryant Helen Winifred 02 

Bull Helen Roberts 07 

Bull Vera Lillian 09 

Burns Mrs Edward jr (E. Barnes 02) 

Burrell Monica 13 

Burt Margaret Allen 12 

Carroll Mrs Otis S. (M. S. Dutcher 04) 

Catlin Mrs Frederick W. (M. L. Ensign 81) 

Chase Charlotte Goldsmith 05 

Chase Marian Coe 15 

Clifton Mrs Alfred L. (G. Burgess 11) 

Coester Mrs Alfred (L. B. Haven 81) 

Conant Mary Sybil 00 

Cooper Mrs William B. (H. F. Drake 02) 

Crespi Alberta Rosealba 12 

Cushman Mary Allerton 16 

Dana Mrs Arthur D. (A. A. Smith 94) 

Dauchy Katharine 08 

Davis Mattie Mabel 11 

a. Delatour Mrs Hunter L. (M. Dohrman 12) 

Duncan Annie Holbrook 01 

Eggleston Charlotte 00 

Elmer Mrs S. Lewis (H. Shoemaker 01) 

Everett Edith Mary 03 

Falding Phyllis 08 

a. Friedmann Elsie Rose 12 

Friedmann Ernestine Louise 07 

Fuller Marietta 13 

Gardiner Ruth 13 

Gilbert Mrs Fred M. (F. J. Anderson 98) 

Gilchrist Mrs Thomas B. (A. E. Goodman 07) 

Graff Marie Doris Schipper 15 

Griswold Mrs William C. (H. R. Stout 00) 

Gubbins Genevra Ethel 09 

Heilbrunn Jeannette Rose 14 

Hendrie Gladys Lorraine 14 

Henry Mrs Robert E. (V. B. Tolar 02) 

Hewitt Mrs Thomas D. (H. S. Dana 12) 

Hildebrant Mrs Walter G. (W. Williams 09) 

Hills Mrs James M. (H. M. Hills 08) 

Hodgman Edna Barton 11 

Hodgman Helen Emerson 13 

Holman Edith 08 

Holmes Abby Bradley 97 

Holmes Mabel 07 

Howard Mrs Heermance M. (M. Vidaud 11) 

Howard Mrs Tasker (M. Woodbury 02) 

Humstone Mary Cumming 04 

Ide Eleanore Fellowes 11 

Jacobus Mrs George (M. E. Chapman 98) 

Jenkins Anna Spalding 90 

Jones Helen Swift 10 

Kaltenbach Naomi 13 

Kearns Elsie Herndon 06 

Kelley Lena Elizabeth 11 

Kennedy Mrs Sidney R. (N. Stanton 04) 

Kneeland Mary Margaret 10 

Koons Mrs Franklin S. (B. E. Niles 09) 

Leggett Blanche Chipman 93 

Logan Julia 01 

McCarthy Mrs F. Stephen (G. E. Bussard 09) 
McMullen Mrs Thomas (J. L. Emerson 01) 
Mangam Grace Lewis 11 
Mansfield Hilda Brownell 08 
Marine Eleanor Graves 12 
Marine Mabel Frances 15 
Marples Mrs Herbert (M. F. Banks 98) 
Matchett Mrs John T. (M. F. Rae 08) 
Meakin Florence Eleand 09 
Meigs Katharine Hedges 91 
Merriam Bessie Greene 84 
Merrill Ella Patten 99 
Merrill Mrs Whitney (G. E. Wilson 10) 
Mollenhauer Virginia 14 
Moore Mary Winifred 01 
Mulvihill Catharine Margaret 03 
Murdock Dora McChesney 08 
a. Nelson Mrs James A. (A. V. Hatch 04) 
Nelson Mrs James W. (M. K. Blaikie 07) 
Nelson Lillie Harper 02 
Newman Mrs John (R. M. Watts 12) 
Noonan Marie Elizabeth 09 
Notman Winifred 11 
Ober Alice May 05 
Osborne Martha Louise 13 
a. Paine Mrs Frederick H. (M. E. Tillinghast 

Palmer Carolyn Leslie 11 

a. Parr Mrs Edmund V. (R. E. Benton 14) 

Peabody Susan Perkins 82 

Pitcher Mrs Lewis B. (I. DuBois 11) 

Post Jessie Wells 10 

Pratt Mrs Harold I. (H. L. Barnes 00) 

Quin Mrs Edward A. (E. James 99) 

Rawls Ann Elizabeth 10 

Read Mrs Charles A. jr (H. L. Appleton 08) 

Remmey Ruth Elizabeth 13 

Robbins Alice Emily 94 

Roura Katharine Fancher 07 

Sackett Eleanor Lamont 15 

Saff ord Anne Williston 92 

a. Safford Helen 82 

Sargent Mrs William D. (M. Felt 07) 

Schuh Elsa 13 

Scovill Florence May 93 

Sheffield Eleanor 16 

Shepard Mrs L. H. (E. F. Alsop 09) 

Short Mrs Dennis (A. M. Quirk 84) 


Shumway Mrs Edgar S. (F. Snow 83) 

Slauson Mrs Kinsley (J. D. Mason 06) 

Slauson Margaret Mullender 14 

Smith Louise Kirkhuff 97 

Smith Mildred Louise 15 

Smith Sallie Genevieve 15 

Sparks Mary Estella 93 

Spelman Mrs Hermann B. (M. Noyes 07) 

Tarbox Mrs Harry R. (L. M. Higgins 98) 

Tiebel Elsie Bertha 14 

Tooker Helen Violette 15 

Tredick Helen Folsom 97 

Tuttle Mrs Melsom S. (R. L. Dietrich 09) 

Weber Eva Martha 09 

Week Edith 13 

Wild Eleanor Everest 16 

Wing Helen Savory 09 

Wintringham Frances Manning 09 

Wright Mrs Frederick A. (M. G. Cox 97) 


Albright Mrs J. J. (S. G. Fuller 91) 

Aspinwall Helen Ingham 12 

Bartlett Virginia Evans 10 

Blakeslee Mrs Harvey D. jr (E. C. Mann 09) 

Bradford Elise Lord 10 

Brown Mrs Charles H. jr (E. W. Brown 02) 

Brown Henrietta Thomson 00 

Brown Laura Alice 02 

Burns Marion Agnes 15 

Carson Eleanor Lucille 15 

Churchyard Mary 91 

Deans Mrs John S. jr (H. G. Byers 09) 

Estee Helen Pierpont 13 

Evans Mrs John H. (E. M. Spring 03) 

Fellows Helen Beckwith 11 

Gemmel Marion 97 

Gerrans Grace Orpha 13 

Graves Mrs Stanley H. (R. V. McDougall 07) 
Guthrie Mrs Edward B. (M. E. Seabury 90) 
Herbold Charlotte Louise Marguerite 14 
Hollister Mrs Evan (R. Albright 00) 
Houpt Lucia Maria 12 
Hubbell Mrs Clifford (J. Hamilton 12) 
Hunter Grace 07 

a. Kellogg Mrs Howard (C. A. Case 07) 
Kennedy Mrs William H. (A. W. Heintz 11) 
Keyes Bertha Anna 91 

Kimball Mrs Maulsby (H. S. Stockton 99) 

Knapp Mrs Carroll D. (H. B. Collin 03) 

Kreinheder Charlotte Louise 03 

McDougall Mrs Philip S. (M. L. Thornton 06) 

McDougall Susanna Miller 11 

McGeorge Mrs Robert R. (E. M. Gleason 06) 

MacNabb Marion 15 

Mathe wson Mrs George L. (W. B. Smith 10) 

Matson Mrs Jesse R. (E. Van Horn 13) 

Meidenbauer Mrs John G. (I. F. Sargeant 99) 

Merry Mrs George G. (M. R. Lockhart 03) 

Michael Frances 15 

Michael Louise 12 

Mynter Agnes 99 

Norton Mildred Shaw 12 

O'Brian Mrs Roland L. (J. B. Wheeler 09) 

Olmsted Mrs Charles M. (E. H. Macniel 02) 

Olmsted Mrs Harold L. (G. H. Legate 03) 

Ottley Mrs William V. (W. E. Santee 02) 

Poole Harriet Schoedde 93 

Pooley Mrs Charles W. (G. Gerrans 09) 

Potter Mrs Roderick (E. B. Hotchkiss 01) 

Riexinger Mrs Henry E. (E. L. Glennie 00) 

Roberts Josephine 12 

Rochester Anna Perit 11 

a. Rochester Madeleine Eugenie 15 

Rose Dorothy 14 

Saperston Ruth 16 

Sicard Mrs George H. (K. B. Burrell 11) 
Staley Mrs Poyntell C. (M. F. Nichols 04) 
Thompson Mrs W. F. (B. E. Cary 08) 
Viele Grace 01 
Walther Lucy 06 

Whitehead Dorothy Prescott 14 
Wicks Ruth Egert 08 
Williams Emily Marshall 16 
Williams Olive 12 

Williams Mrs Robert (M. E. Baird 91) 
Wilner Dorothy Edith 13 
Wilson Mrs Thomas W. (A. B. Levi 00) 

Burnt Hills 

Sprague Leonora Woodruff 90 


MacColl Laura Ditto 10 


Cull Florence Estey 09 


Davies Margery Eileen 13 


Berry Harriette Esselstyn 06 


Ellis Helen Angeline 14 
Harrison Elizabeth Vincent 12 


Robinson Gertrude Ludlam 10 


Malcolm Mrs James L. (J. C. Chase 09) 


Potter Ethel Annie 07 


Paine Mrs Edward S. (F. M. Bragg 05) 
Yeomans Mrs George D. (M. B. Stoddard 92) 

Cherry Valley 

Achilles Mrs Laurence (H. Newell 10) 


Baldwin Mrs Burchard R. (F. M. Sheldon 09) 

Clifton Springs 

Butler Mrs Fergus A. (G. W. Crowley 12) 


Allen Mrs Herbert E. (R. L. Strickland 99) 
Carruth Mrs William M. (E. B. Kaiser 03) 
Metcalf Winifred Christina L. 10 

Clinton Corners 

Allen Edith Marshall 12 


Adams Alice Miller 13 

Cook Ruth Anna 05 

Doyle Mrs Edward C. (E. P. Gray 10) 

Lewis Leila Gordon 10 

Cold Spring Harbor 

Goodrich Julia Irene 97 
Valentine Juliet Estelle 10 

College Point 

Von Sothen Freda Gertrude 11 


Root Florence Elizabeth 14 


Bostelmann Mrs John C. jr (S. Pratt 14) 
Morgan Edda Doretta 16 


Gebhard Mrs Peter T. E. (I. R. Harder 11) 


Collins Katherine Estelle 07 
De Groat Mrs Harry D. (H. L. Goodrich 95) 
Gardner Mrs Charles H. (F. G. Murray 10) 
Higgins Mrs R. Paul (M. A. Brewer 01) 



Benchley Mrs Robert C. (G. Darling 12) 
Howe Mrs Charles B. (A. P. Kellogg 88) 
Stiles Mrs Russell (V. M. Sullivan 10) 


Whaley Bessie Roselle 15 
Whaley Mary Ruth 13 


Weaver Mrs George F. (M. E. Baxter 10) 

Dobbs Ferry 

Arnold Mrs John B. (R. Hill 97) 
Cushing Jane Delia 89 
Hasbrouck Katherine Roosa 16 
Herrmann Mrs Milton C. (E. S. Hammerslough 

McQuiston Marjory Fitch 13 


o. Cary Lucia Beecher 91 

Murray Mrs Lewis N. (B. Kauffmann 06) 

East Aurora 

Case Mrs Edward R. (M. A. Spring 12) 
Fisher Mrs Warren F. (E. M. Bowen 09) 

East Bloomfield 

Chapin Leila 11 

East Hampton 

Osborne Marguerite Gelston 12 

a. Talmage Mrs Daniel (M. B. Vaill 82) 

East Moriches 

MacKenzie Catherine 03 

East Patchogue 

Durkee Emma West 01 


Daly Mrs D. D. (K. J. Powell 11) 


Gross Irene Treat 09 
Putney Edith Nichols 99 


Fisher Edith 03 
Pratt Madeline 13 

Thomas Mrs Herbert L. (L. S. Blaikie 97) 


DeLand Helen Parce 92 


Beard Emma Burlew 95 
Williams Ruth 15 


Allison Mrs Horatio W. (H. I. Douglass 09) 
Cotter Julia Theresa 04 
Martin Florence Irene 12 


Averill Mary Halsey 08 

Dixon Elizabeth Marguerite 06 

Dixon Florence 08 

Egbert Carolyn Louise 15 

Miller Mrs Frank H. (C. L. Dorr 93) 

Forest Hills 

Patton Constance Saltonstall 00 
Ray Mrs David H. (S. E. Beecher 03) 

Forest Hills Gardens 

Shaw Adele Marie 87 

Fort Edward 

Wing Dorothy 12 

Wing Katharine McKie 05 

Fort Plain 

Perkins Helen Margaret 12 


Higinbotham Mrs Robert G. (J. D. Schauffler 


Hart Mrs Charles M. (M. A. Bergen 10) 
Smith Marjorie Boynton 16 
Story Gladys Bergen 16 


Kneifel Inez Howard 16 


Johnston Mary Gertrude 09 

a. Olmstead Mrs Charles (M. A. Fuller 95) 

Rice Mrs Arvin L. (K. Gilbert 11) 

Garden City 

Bishop Mrs George C. (E. R. Loomis 06) 
Churchyard Mary Bell 13 
Gould Mrs Maurice P. (A. J. Smith 00) 
Hill Mrs Frederick (K. Clark 05) 
Knapp Mrs Robert C. (J. R. Allen 07) 


Conn Mrs Harold J. (A. C. Mansfield 04) 
Eaton Mrs E. H. (E. Woodman 98) 
Hawley Mrs George M. B. (R. Wilson 01) 
Howey Martha Melissa 01 

Glens Falls 

Adamson Mrs William H. (E. Fowler 04) 
Barker Mrs Herbert W. (E. M. Adamson 06) 
Carson Edith Nancy 10 

Carson Mrs Russell M. L. (M. I. Goodman 07) 
Kellogg Emma Ada 16 

Killmer Mrs Frederick A. (C. M. Brown 90) 

King Lila Minerva 11 

King Minerva Richards 11 

McLaughlin Helen Ursula 13 

Seay Mrs J. M. (L. A. West 11) 

Smith Olive Mae 06 


Banker Mrs H. J. (B. L. Place 07) 
Mills Mrs Edward H. (E. R. Terry 08) 
Spicer Anna Elizabeth 14 


Copps Irene Lalor 16 

Great Neck Station 

Ainsworth Mrs George R. (E. B. Hutchinson 

Covey Mrs Frank H. (J. W. England 04) 
Grose Mrs Waldo (E. O. Lewis 09) 
Jacobus Dorothy 13 

May Mrs Herbert S. (E. K. Burnham 05) 


Elliott Lucy MacMillan 06 

Skinner Mrs Fred. B. (A. R. Gray 06) 

Van Valkenburgh Mrs R. D. (C. C. Juliand 01) 


Tanner Mary Creusa 15 


Watterson Mrs John S. (A. H. Gilchrist 01) 


Alton Mrs Alfred E. (B. L. Warren 04) 


Kirby Mrs Paul L. (I. H. Barclay 05) 


Fitzgerald Eleanor Elizabeth 08 

Fitzgerald Irene 08 

Morse Anna Louisa 83 

Parsons Mrs Theophilus (F. Whitin 00) 


Carter Mrs Dewey J. (N. F. D. Henderson 02) 
Cook Anita Marie 16 •* 


a. Hildreth Hazel Ambler 08 
Mark Pauline 95 
Stewart Ena Susie 03 


Stiger Mrs William D. (C. S. Harter 98) 


Snow Grace 14 


Wilber Margie Estelle 13 

Holland Patent 

Fear Mrs James W. (A. M. Douglass 01) 


Cook Sara Josephine 00 


Dunton Emily Morgan 02 

Hoosick Falls 

Flansburgh Mrs Samuel T. (A. M. Gifford 11) 
McMurray Susie Genevieve 09 
Runkle Mrs Delmer (M. E. Rosebrooks 86) 
Worden Bertha Anna 97 


Masterman Florence Clarra 11 
Santee Eloise Bentley 99 • 


Cochrane Mrs Frank jr (F. R. Rogerson 91) 
Esselstyn Mrs Charles (H. Peirce 91) 
Fletcher Mabel 89 

Gillette Mrs John W. (G. F. James 87) 
Hearn Olive Elizabeth 13 

Hewlett's Landing 

Peters Alice Lilian 15 


Burne Caroline Stinson 10 
Burne Charlotte Eden 15 
Burne Elizabeth Ray 14 
Ford Eleanor 13 
Ford Janet 13 

Vollmer Mrs (S. M. Homans 90) 
Wicks Helen Davis 08 
Young Ethel Fanning 05 


Richardson Carrie Lavinia 84 
Richardson Jennie May 84 
Tucker Mrs Atherton H. (E. S. Forte 99) 
Ward Zoe 14 


Lewis Millicent Vaughan 07 

Westcott Mrs William R. (S. L. Burnham 04) 


Bailey Ethel Zoe 11 
Birdseye Miriam 01 

Bedell Mrs Frederick (M. L. Crehore 92) 
Gill Mrs Adam C. (E. E. Eaton 80) 
Power Mrs Carleton E. (M. P. Gilmore 11) 
Van Deman Ruth 11 
Ward Narka 14 
Williams Elsie Jane 13 
Worthen Louise Wilcox 01 


Bawden Sarah Elizabeth 94 
Gay Laura Shepard 96 
Wilkin Josephine Dunlap 95 
Wyckoff Anna Statesir 90 


Farman Mary Catharine 08 

Farman Nell Day 05 

Goodell Mrs Charles E. (F. Bartlett 10) 

Larmonth Helen Mar 06 

Livingston Mrs Alfred T. (N. E. Hallock 85) 

a. Tew Dorothy 11 


Hays Mrs John E. (E. Wood 00) 
Ireland Leah 10 
Moore Helen Ruth 14 


Crim Erma Jane 09 

Kew Gardens 

Scott Mrs George T. (R. Cowing 07) 


Hanford Mrs Parmly (R. Lowrey 09) 

King's Park 

Washburn Mrs Philip C. (E. L. Daniels 07) 

Lake Mahopac 

Litchfield Mary Beatrice 13 

Lake Placid Club 

Seymour May 80 

Le Roy 

Taylor Isabella Gibson 81 

a. Wells Mrs Schuyler C. (E. Osborne 05) 

Little Falls 

Aldridge Harriet Agnes 12 
Casler Lotta Alice 96 
Ingham Katrina Anne 14 
McDonald Margaret Mary 14 
Stafford Grace Euphemia 15 


Beecher Josephine 13 


Peet Mrs Nelson R. (G. M. Barry 10) 
Sillesky Helen Lois 14 


McGraw Agnes Childs 13 


Dudley Gertrude Melissa 13 

Gilbert Lucia Fessenden 97 

King Katharine Lawrence 16 

Northup Mrs Robert M. (L. M. McCall 08) 

Rust Mrs Aloney L. (L. Dustin 96) 


Manchester Mrs Arnold R. (G. I. Robotham 



Clark Mrs Thaddeus R. (M. Wells 09) 


a. Amerman Mrs George L. (H. E. Duguid 88) 
Weidman Mrs John H. (M. E. Gallup 06) 


Gardiner Mrs William H. jr (E. McElroy 07) 


Lupton Mrs Robert M. (V. C. Craven 10) 


Palmer Leila Madge 99 


Nute Mabel Lavinia 98 


Bennett Mildred Waldron 04 


Woodbridge Mrs Frederick J. E. (H. B. Adams 



Dexter Hazel Frances 13 

Mt Kisco 

Chauncey Mrs Egisto F. (E. L. Taft 93) 


Mt Vernon 

Abbe Elizabeth Kennard 11 

Birdseye Mrs Kellogg (M. W. Barta 02) 

Bowen Katharine 14 

Chambers Mrs Herbert J. (M. L. French 94) 

Foster Mrs Graham (R. H. Lewin 12) 

Geitz Elsie Kaye 14 

Gross Elizabeth Hayden 09 

Howe Mrs Gordon M. (M. E. Moody 08) 

Johnson Mrs Arthur M. (M. L. Prouty 94) 

Lowry Mrs John jr (M. Hill 09) 

May Anna 07 

Palmer Edna Louise 00 

Roberts Bessie Knight 10 

See Lillian Randolph 01 

Skinner Mrs Fenwick F. (C. J. Lisman 08) 

Stevenson Idabelle 16 

Stockbridge Rachel Soule 03 

Underwood Elizabeth Scofield 92 

Whitaker Mrs Chester L. (L. Dodge 05) 


a. Young Mrs Chester (J. Divine 01) 


o. Parrish Margaret Louise 94 
Parrish Mary Matilda 96 


Spear Helen Mahlon 09 
Williams Cora May 83 

New Brighton 

Fletcher Katharine Ogden 00 
Frieze Mrs Lyman B. jr (M. S. Crowell 84) 
Irving Charlotte Bertha Augusta 04 
Irving Louise Henderson 02 


Barrett Anita Brienne 11 
Winward Leonora Eugene 07 


Buffum Mrs Wilder S. (W. V. Walbridge 92) 

New Hackensack 

Conger Bertha 16 

New Hartford 

Baker Mrs Edwin C. (M. Carver 00) 

New Paltz 

Hilliard Caroline Elizabeth 83 

New Rochelle 

Barnard Mrs Everett L. (T. Townsend 97) 
Carpenter Winifred Gillett 99 
Hiscox Mrs Edward (L. Evans 04) 
Holden Mrs John (L. F. Heywood 84) 
Macurda Mrs W. Hay ward (M. G. Woolson 10) 
Patterson Mrs Chester A. (M. E. Sjostrom 08) 

New York 

Adams Mrs Huntington (E. R. Baskin 11) 

Adams Mary Dean 99 

Adams Mrs W. C. (G. F. James 87) 

Adler Eleanor Henriette 05 

Adler Margaret 13 

Albert Mrs Sigmund S. (R. J. Hess 11) 
Aldrich Amey Owen 95 

Alexander Mrs Jerome (G. E. Hammerslough 

Armijo Beatrice Louise 13 

Arnold Mrs Warren H. (E. S. Page 08) 

Arrowsmith Mary Noel 13 

Atwater Mrs Charles W. (A. C. Merriam 08) 

Avery Mrs E. S. (R. J. Gilfillan 03) 

Bachelor Mrs C. Daniel (H. G. Deyo 13) 

Bacon Mrs George W. (C. T. Mitchell 97) 

Baker Margaret Adrienne 12 

Baldwin Mrs William H. jr (R. S. Bowles 87) 

Barns Mrs Maxwell (J. Garey 13) 

Bartter Mrs George C. (F. C. Buffington 01) 

Baum Charlotte 15 

Beckley Margaret Enella 14 

a. Beers Mrs Clifford W (C. L. Jepson 98) 
Beers Mrs Lucius H. (H. H. Patton 99) 
Belser Gertrude Lois 12 
Benedict Bertha 01 

Benedict Mrs Edward G. (E. C. Piatt 91) 

Benjamin Louise Stern 12 

Best Wanda Dorothy 14 

a. Bigelow Mrs Horace (A. S. Wells 95) 

Bigelow Lucy May 96 

Billings Anna Hunt 91 

Bishop Mrs Edmund S. (A. M. Wait 10) 

Bliss Elizabeth Howe 08 

Boies Bessie 03 

Bowman Agnes Gertrude 11 

Bowman Helen Sarepta 16 

Brandon Gwendolen 16 

Bridges Margaret Dickson 06 

Bridgman Amy Burt 12 

Brooks Mabel Frances 98 

Brown Aneita Doty 00 

Buell Katharine Loving 11 

Burch Cara Van Cott 98 

Burritt Marion Tilden 92 

Byam Kathleen Isabel 15 

Calhoun Mrs Harold G. (D. Donnell 09) 

Cameron Mrs William W. jr (C. M. Kent 97) 

Carman Dorothy 15 

Carstein Mrs (F. M. Edge 08) 

Chandler Mrs George W. (B. Lauriat 03) 

Chandler Jean Emily 08 

a. Chapman Mrs William F. (M. O. Whitney 


Chase Ethel Withington 02 

Cheney Barbara 15 

Cheney Sarah 13 

Chew Ruth Ethel 02 

Clark Florence Jeannette 04 

a. Clark Mrs John K. (M. C. Holbrook 00) 

Cloyd Genevieve 97 

Coe Margaret Elmer 97 

Coe Miriam Storrs 99 

a. Cohen Mrs Martin (E. Adler 99) 

Colburn Mary Peabody 04 

Cole Beulah Virginia 10 

Cole Mrs George C. (S. L. Barse 00) 

Conde Bertha 95 

Cone Mrs Frederick H. (E. Woolverton 07) 

Conklin Mrs Robert S. (M. E. Bent 04) 

Conklin Viola Percy 97 

Connelly Mrs Willard (L. L. Fletcher 00) 

Cook Elizabeth Christine 99 

Cragin Alice Gregory 15 

Cragin Miriam Willard 12 

Crandon Laura Bishop 99 

Cravioto Mrs Carlos (L. M. Ryals 06) 

Creevey Elizabeth Hale 05 

Creevey Mrs George M. (L. M. Ellsworth 01) 

Cummings Frances Walkley 00 

Cunniffe Elizabeth Waldron 15 

Curtis Lena Riley 08 

Curtiss Elizabeth Hulda 12 

o. Cushing Mrs Harry A. (M. E. Newton 93) 

Cushman Mrs C. T. (A. E. Sigafus 10) 

Cushman Mrs James S. (V. C. Scott 98) 

Cutler Martha Hill 97 

Darling Mrs Byron C. (S. V. Van Benschoten 

Darrow Alice Chamberlain 14 

Davis Letty Lucile 10 

a. Dean Elizabeth Lippincott 03 

Deane Mrs Joseph G. (R. Shevelson 88) 

de Forest Mrs Henry P. (A. C. Gilmour 89) 

Delano Sally Haskell 84 

Denison Mrs (B. L. Bennett 95) 

Detmold Elsa 11 

a. Dewey Evelyn 11 

Dexter Mrs Wilson C. (H. T. Fillebrown 06) 
Dickinson Mary Ella 11 
Dinsmore Marguerite Esther 15 
Donovan Helen Elizabeth 13 


Doty Madeleine Zabriskie 00 

Douglas Dorothy 13 

Dowd Mrs James jr (A. M. Casey 12) 

Duffield Elizabeth Green F. 11 

Dulles Dorothy Winslow 15 

Durkee Helen Winslow 02 

Duryea Mrs Francis W. (G. C. Wolcott 95) 

Dwight Adelaide Susan 00 

Dwight Marion Edith 10 

a. Eager Louise 85 

Ernst Mrs Arthur O. (F. B. Pakas 12) 

Evans Sara Campbell 11 

Fallows Alice Katharine 97 

Fallows Mrs Charles S. (E. von L. Bruna 02) 

Ferris Amy 01 

Ferry Mrs E. Hayward (A. O. Parsons 85) 
Ford Mrs George B. (H. C. Bliss 99) 
Forest Katherine 05 
Foster Jennie Groendyke 97 
Frankenstein Sally Moss 12 
Franklin Florence 14 

Frick Mrs William H. (M. F. Gaylord 89) 

Fullerton Pauline Valentine 05 

Garland Olive Rosamond 91 

Gibbs Mrs Ralph (H. B. Lane 99) 

Gibling Sophie Pauline 15 

Gildersleeve Genieve Northam 13 

Giles Mrs J. Edward (M. C. Vanderbeek 93) 

Gill Laura Drake 81 

Glogau Adele Rose 15 

Goddard Annie Celestine 12 

Grant Mrs John M. (F. S. Etheridge 94) 

Green Mrs Nathan W. (A. L. Harrington 95) 

Griggs Katharine Charlotte 00 

Groves Margaret Field 14 

Gruening Martha 09 

Gunderson Lily Elnora 99 

Gunn Elizabeth Annabellc 09 

Hadd Eugenie Celine Irene 02 

Haire Mildred Moore 07 

Hale Mrs Henry E. (F. H. Ward 95) 

Hall Mrs Basil D. (A. L. Washburn 10) 

Haller Mrs William (M. W. Emerson 08) 

Halsey Marion Spencer 13 

Hamlin Mrs Talbot F. (H. B. Edwards 12) 

Hammer Mabel White 16 

Harris Elsie Catherine 13 

Harris Gertrude Bertha 97 

Harris Mrs William J. (T. C. Peck 95) 

Haskins Anna Catherine 00 

Hastings Fanny 03 

Hazen Annan Putnam 95 

Hazen Mrs Charles D. (S. S. Duryea 96) 

Hazen Louise Coleman 98 

a. Hebert Marion Agatha 12 

Heilborn Mrs Walter S. (A. P. Gallert 00) 

Hemphill Helen Elma 10 

o. Herr Helen Hoffman 08 

Hewitt Mrs Henry M. (E. V. Wilder 00) 

Hill Mrs Frederick T. (M. Wood 91) 

Hirsch Mrs Walter A. (H. L. Mayer 07) 

Hirschhorn Mrs Fred (H. DeR. Scharps 06) 

Hobson Mrs Elmer S. (E. A. Price 08) 

Hoffman Grace May 12 

Hogel Helen Edith 16 

Holmes Mrs Jonathan H. (B. B. Allen 95) 

Holmes Katharine Wheeler 02 

Honigman Edith Lloyd 09 

Honigman Helen 11 

Houtfh Marjorie Hamilton 09 

Howe Nathalie 07 

Hubbard Alice Clark 94 

Hubbard Mrs Allen S. (H. E. Richardson 13) 

Hubbell Clara Marvin 87 

o. Hughston Mrs (A. Crandall 88) 

Hull Blanche Wyckoff 02 

Humphrey Martha King 95 

Hurlburt Katherine Maria 86 

Hyde Margaret Ellen 95 

Irwin Elisabeth Antoinette 03 

Jackson Mrs Jonathan J. (H. Creelman 03) 

Jackson Lilian 13 

Jacobson Marjorie Frances 14 

Jaretzki Maud 13 

Johnson Eleanor Hope 94 

Johnson Florence Merriam 97 

Johnson Mary Hooker 97 

Jones Frances Eaton 96 

Jones Marjorie Kip 14 

Keller Helen Rex 99 

Kelsey Louise Hoyt 84 

Kemlo Elizabeth Wilson 04 

Kendrick Mary Pearson 98 

Kenyon Dorothy 08 

a. Kernan Mrs John D. jr (C. F. Sherrill 98) 
Kilpatrick Lulu Evelyn 09 
Kimball Emily 07 

Kirkpatrick Mrs James D. (E. M. Bartholomew 

Kissock May Sutherland 08 
Knowlton Joyce 11 

o. Kyle Mrs Harry B. (F. C. Brenz 07) 

Krieger Mrs George W. jr (A. B. Small 04) 

Larabie Mary Ann 03 

Lee Mrs Ronald C. (L. D. Putnam 09) 

Lennon Alice Louise 95 

Leonard Leola Baird 09 

Leiper Mrs Henry S. (E. Cory 13) 

Lent Rosamond Roberta 01 

o. Leventritt Mrs Edgar M. (R. Joseph 13) 

Lewi Elka Saul 15 

Lewis Edith Labaree 02 

Lewis Marjory 08 

a. Lichtenstein Mrs Oscar R. (M. Boyd 05) 

Lincoln Mrs Frederic F. (A. G. Lothrop 04) 

Locke Gladys 08 

Loomis Mrs John (F. Geddes 13) 

Lord Mally Graham 13 

Loth Sara Edna 14 

Loud Mrs Herbert R. (E. Godfrey 01) 

Loud Mrs Lingard (M. F. Tanner 12) 

Lucas Marion 11 

Lyall Bertha 94 

Lyman Grace Greenleaf 96 

Lytle Florence Rebekah 09 

McClintock Anna Colton 02 

a. Macdougall Elisabeth 11 

Macdougall Grace Agnes 02 

MacDougall Mrs Robert (C. A. Chapman 91) 

McFadden Elizabeth Apthorp 98 

a. Mclndoe Mrs Frank D. (E. L. Arkush 12) 

McMillan Elizabeth Short 14 

Macomber Bertha May 03 

Mallett Audrey Langley 11 

Mann Kristine 95 

Mayer Elsa Sarah 05 

Mead Lydia Abigail 84 

Mead Mabel Converse 01 

Melcher Margaret Sybil 16 

a. Michelbacher Mrs A. J. (M. A. Weil 00) 

Middleton Grace Lee 14 

Miller Mrs Harry (C. B. Nealley 96) 

Milliken Mrs Seth M. jr (A. K. Leese 00) 

Mills Eleanor Ensign 11 

Miner Maude Emma 01 

Mordecai Constance 16 

Morgenthau Agnes Josephine 14 

Moses Mrs James G. (R. Leonard 10) 

Murkland Marie 06 

Mussaeus Marie Guenther 06 

a. Myers Lotta Wright 89 

Nellis Mrs Edward G. (L. H. Forbes 07) 

Newcomb Mrs Warren T. (R. E. Hendrick 04) 

Newell Anna Grace 00 

a. Newton Mrs F. Maurice (M. A. Shepard 11) 
Noakes Elizabeth 12 
Noland Leila 14 
Norton Ada Isabel 03 

Norton Mrs Charles D. (K. McK. Garrison 95) 
Oakes Mrs Herbert H. (E. D. Armstrong 04) 


O'Connell Grace Claudine 08 
Oiler Marie 03 

Olmstead Miriam Parmerton 08 

O'NeU Hazel Mae 11 

Ongley Lucy Evelyn 08 

Osgood Ellen Louise 02 

Packard Esther 11 

Packard Stella Emily 03 

Painter Margaret 09 

Paltsits Florence 14 

Paris Mrs Francis U. (N. P. Fisk 84) 

Parsons Mrs Edgerton (A. T. Lord 97) 

Parsons Mary Prescott 08 

Perkins Mrs Charles A. (M. N. S. Rogers 90) 

Perkins Isabel Effie 91 

Perkins Marion Alice 00 

Pierce Alice Reeve 96 

Piper Margaret Rebecca 01 

Plumley Margaret Lovell 12 

Pol Frances May 06 

Porter Clara Fisher 06 

Potter Helen 00 

Power Dorothy Dwight 11 

Prentiss Henrietta 02 

Prime Mrs William A. jr (R. M.Shaw-Kennedy 

Pusey Mary Hunter 04 

Putnam Frances Mason 16 

Quimby Aldana Ripley 10 

Quin Barbara Story 11 

Ralston Ruth Angus 14 

Rand Edith Edwina 99 

Rawls Adelaide Miller 16 

Ray Mrs (M. E. Loomis 95) 

Rayher Mrs Edward R. (A. E. Gruber 07) 

Read Elizabeth Fisher 96 

o. Reed Mrs Harry L. (J. D. Miller 98) 

Reed Helen Elizabeth 05 

Reid Edith May 00 

a. Reynolds Mrs James B. (F. B. Dike 84) 

Richardson EUen Terese 05 

Rispin Ethel Bayarda 12 

Rix Carol May 12 

Root Esther Sayles 15 

Rose Alice Louise 96 

Rose Minnie 14 

Royce Sarah Grace 90 

Rumely Mrs Edward A. (F. Scott 00) 

Russell Elizabeth Lincoln 03 

Safford Mrs Henry B. (L. S. Agard 06) 

o. Samek Blanche 09 

Samuels Mrs Robert D. (H. M. Cook 06) 

Sargent Mrs Bradley B. (M. S. Hatch 09) 

Savage Clara 13 

Sayles Mary Buell 00 

Schauffler Clara Elizabeth 01 

a. Schell Mrs William P. (E. S. Mayo 04) 

Schevill Mrs William V. (E. P. Meier 00) 

Schoonover Elizabeth Hirst 09 

Schubart Mrs Henry A. (P. Werner 14) 

Scott Mary Blanchard 10 

Scoville Mrs Herbert (O. A. Zabriskie 08) 

Searight Helen Fitz James 12 

Sebring Emma Goodeve 89 

Seeber Elizabeth 08 

Sergent Nellie Barney 06 

Shaw Carolyn Louise 10 

Shoop Mrs Max (E. Revell 00) 

a. Silliman Mrs Harper (G. M. Cookman 08) 

Simon Carolyn 07 

Simon Fannie 14 

Simon Janet 10 

Simons Eloise Frances 09 

Simpson Sarah Hull Jenkins 08 

Smart Elizabeth Allen 10 

Smith Mrs Corle H. (R. M. Holden 00) 

a. Smith Mrs Courtland N. (H. G. Norris 12) 

Smith Esther Ann 10 

Smith Mary Bartlett 97 

Snow Mrs Clarence B. (G. K. Larmonth 01) 
o. Specht Mrs Harry M. (M. T. Gamage 04) 
Spencer Dorothy Lilian 14 
Spencer Mrs Harrv (H. F. Buckley 10) 
Spencer Mrs Joseph W. (E. B. Ayers 10) 
Sperry Henrietta 10 

Sprague Mrs Carl O. M. (D. L. Wolf 15) 
Springer Ada 99 

Stevenson Mrs Archibald E. (K. De La Vergne 

Stock Mercy lone 13 

Stoddard Lucy 97 

Stone Mabel Eleanor 09 

a. Storm Mrs George H. (F. Freeman 00) 

Strout Mrs G. M. (M. S. Lang 91) 

Sugerman Sara Caroline 11 

Sullivan Julia Elizabeth 01 

Swett Carolyn Patten 95 

a. Taggart Alice 01 

Taggart Marv Waterworth 00 

a. Tannahill Sallie Belle 04 

Tenney Mrs Henry A. (G. M. Kelley 97) 

Thatcher Anna Susannah 96 

Thompson Mrs Holland (I. G. Aitkin 99) 

Thorndike Mrs Ashley H. (A. M. Lowell 95) 

Thome Elizabeth Frances 11 

Tibbetts Mrs Ralph E. (M. D. Thorndike 07) 

Tiemann Edith Winifred 99 

Tierney Edith Eleanor 15 

Timm Mrs Alexander (R. G. Hubinger 11) 

Titsworth Susan Sayre 97 

Torrence Mrs Ridgely (O. H. Dunbar 94) 

Treadwell Mrs Louis S. (E. J. Scoville 03) 

Truax Mrs Arthur D. (M. W. Riggs 02) 

Tucker Mrs Winthrop P. (A. Detmold 09) 

Tweedy Mary Murdoch 11 

Twichell Sarah Edna 09 

Twy effort Lillian Aimee 15 

Ufford Mabelle Morris 99 

Underhill Merta 09 

Underhill Norma 09 

Vail Margaret Prescott 15 

Vanderbilt Mrs William D. (S. W. Sanderson 00) 

Van De venter Gladvs Remsen 10 

Vandiver Mrs Almuth C. (E. M. S. Williams 11) 

van Emden Clara Eva 10 

Van Hook Mrs LaRue (E. vom Baur 04) 

Van Kleeck Mary- Abby 04 

Van Wagenen Louise Goddard 10 

Ventres Adelaide Brainerd 88 

Victor Mrs Royall (A. R. V. Martin 12) 

Wagenhals Katherine Hamilton 05 

Walbridge Helen Isabel 02 

Waldron Mrs Ethelbert W. (M. K. Patton 10) 

Walker Emma Elizabeth 87 

a. Walker Mrs John B. (M. E. Hackstaff 05) 

Walsh Mrs John J. (H. H. Andrews 08) 

Warner Ruth Lum 11 

Weil Josephine Marie 06 

Weld Mrs Elmer (M. E. Duryee 04) 

Wesson Marjorie Osborn 11 

Wheeler Mrs John M. (J. W. Smith 02) 

Whipple Mrs (Shipman) (C. Shipman 92) 

White Louise Mary 12 

Whiton Helen Isabel 94 

Whitton Mrs W. H. (M. R. Ormsbee 07) 

Wicker Lucy Southworth 02 

Wiggin Annie 09 

Wiggin Charlotte Monroe 08 

Wilkinson Katharine May 97 

Williams Edith Louise 12 

Williams Elizabeth Sprague 91 

Williams Mrs Howard D. (M. B. Clark 11) 

a. Williams Mrs M. S. (M. E. Deings 14) 

Williams Mrs Nathan W. (A. M. Buff urn 01) 

Williams Mrs Paul B. (E. M. Frederiksen 12) 

Wing Mrs Lucius A. (A. K. Everett 08) 

Winterburn Olive Emily 15 

o. Wise Mrs Joseph H. (F. J. Morgenthau 05) 

Witherbee Mrs Barrett H. (E. L. Schell 08) 


Woolley Mrs Fred F. (E. M. Brewer 11) 
Worstell Helen Skinner 14 
Wright Alice Morgan 04 

Zantzinger Mrs William H. (C. E. Hungerford 


Niagara Falls 

Butler Grace Marjorie 08 
Marsh Mrs W. Judson (R. O. Rea 08) 
Kremers Mrs Ernest (M. G. Burling 12) 
Smith Mrs Chalmers (J. S. Oliver 07) 
Wright Mrs Chester W. (M. J. Butler 12) 

North Tonawanda 

McLean Elizabeth Flora 16 


Stevens Mrs William H. (P. F. Parsons 09) 


Dowling Cora Inis 00 

Olp Mrs Fred G. (F. L. Dowling 02) 


Balch Gratia Dean 09 

Robbins Mrs Louis L. jr (S. L. Gesner 03) 
Sheldon Carol Louisa 09 


Beach Cora Louise 13 
Briggs Ethel Nettie 16 
Chapman Elizabeth 09 
Gillis Margaret Church 10 


Larkin Mrs Thomas S. (C. T. Gleason 02) 


Huntley Kate Eleanor 07 


Adams Marion Harriette 13 


Safford Mrs J. Osborne (A. L. Waterbury 12) 


Rogers Mary Josephine 05 


Brownell Ella Jennie 13 


Farrell Agnes 02 


Bassett Mrs Robert V. R. (H. B. Hibberd 10) 
Hastings Mrs James M. (E. Tate 80) 


Pearsall Annie May 02 

Oyster Bay 

Abbott Mrs Donald B. (D. C. Smith 09) 
Reno Anne Evans 09 


Gifford Alice Eliza 83 

Hutchins Mrs Frank A. (F. R. Story 83) 


Bailey Anna Gertrude 13 


Pease Marjorie 16 


Husted Mrs James W. (B. F. Herrick 96) 
Macduff Mrs Douglas (P. R. Herrick 09) 
Simpson Mrs Hazen F. (A. G. Brown 08) 
Wachman Mrs John D. (G. F. Kramer 14) 


Mullally Mary Clare 01 

Skinner Mrs Charles R. jr (A. F. Ferrin 10) 

Pelham Heights 

Migel Mrs Julius A. (M. Dauchy 10) 
Sachsse Mrs Arthur (D. Kotzschmar 99) 

Pelham Manor 

Brehm Mrs George (K. Bennett 10) 
Crosthwaite Mrs Burwell M. (H. W. Porteous 

Damon Mrs William W. (M. D. Searl 94) 
Roe Mrs Alexander V. (R. E. Coney 05) 


Allen Mrs Victor M. (B. R. Percy 92) 


Welsh Eleanor Frances 13 


Sullivan Mrs James (A. L. Owen 81) 


Bacon Mrs Selden (J. D. Daskam 98) 
Coggeshall Mary Bancroft 01 


Allen Lula Myra 16 

Port Chester 

Beecher Marion Esther 12 
Lewin Mrs Louis C. A. (E. F. Martin 09) 
Townes Mrs Willis G. (R. Protheroe 05) 
Wilder Bertha Frances 94 

Port Henry 

Foote Mrs Thomas H. (M. M. Barton 88) 

Port Washington 

Smith Helen Estelle 12 


a. Bisbee Anna Bartlett 80 
Holden Alice Margaret 05 
Hoyt Irene Emma 10 

Sherrill Mrs Wilfrid H. (E. H. Sterling 03) 
Thompson Jessie Bartlett 09 
Tryon Emma Celine 92 
Webster Laura Josephine 05 


Clark Emily Lucretia 09 


Waters Alice Evelin 09 

Red Hook 

Kennedy Margaret Fay 14 

Richmond Hill 

Floyd Mrs George (B. Basnett 09) 
Trowbridge Cornelia Rogers 91 


Whiton Mary Bartlett 79 


Pike Mrs Otis G. (B. C. Lupton 04) 


Allen Mary Emily 

Barker Martha 10 

Barnard Katherine Eugenie 15 

Barnes Helen Belle 12 

Barry Katherine Edwina 14 

Bartle Mildred Kathryn 13 

Brown Mrs Charles D. (S. DeL. Sanford 94) 

Conly Mrs Leslie M. (A. M. O'Brien 07) 

Davis Mrs Alexander G. (E. L. Curtiss 12) 

Earle Mrs William H. (L. B. Dempsey 09) 

Eddy Mrs Henry F. (E. A. Willard 07) 

Ely Mrs William S. (H. L. Gamwell 87) 

Field Dorothy Leonora 12 

Finucane Mrs B. Emmet (F. Zimmer 12) 

Finucane Mrs Jack (H. F. Murphy 07) 

Fisher Mrs Harold F. (U. M. Clum 12) 


Forbes Vivien Jean 09 

Furman Fanrie 06 

Graves Charlotte Mason 14 

Haskell Mrs Clayton K. (B. W. Groesbeck 00) 

Henderson Charlotte Avery 10 

Hopkins Hester Adams 12 

a. Howard Miriam 12 

Hull Lillian Preston 02 

Jameson Mrs Theodore H. (A. L. Burke 02) 

Kiehel Constance Amelia 15 

Lyman Mrs Charles G. (B. Wells 05) 

Metcalf Mrs Dellon K. (L. F. Simonds 12) 

Oliver Mrs Frederick W. (M. S. Hunter 01) 

Parsons Mrs Thomas (M. P. Crouse 85) 

Remington Agnes 14 

Rhees Mrs Rush (H. C. Seelye 88) 

Rogers Helen 05 

Rouse Verona 16 

Sickels Lois King 15 

Smith Anne Dawson 10 

Smith Virginia Jeffrey 07 

Strayer Mrs Paul M. (E. J. Betts 96) 

Taylor Anna Marjorie 14 

Tousey Mrs Thomas G. (S. E. Taylor 10) 

Washburn Mrs William F. (M. S. Bryan 13) 

Woodward Mrs Roland (A. M. Y. Curr 96) 

Worthington Grace Elva 16 

Rockville Center 

Green Mrs Clarence W. (M. E. Bushnell 10) 
Rockwell Mrs Loren H. (B. M. Hull 01) 


Armstrong Jane Buckingham 10 
Hinkley Marion 91 
MacFarland Estella Gregg 16 
MacFarland Lena Elizabeth 13 
Wager Ruth Kingsley 15 


Gowdey Catharine 13 


Meserve Faith Lucena 16 

Rye Beach 

Marshall Mrs William F. (R. P. Moore 03) 

St Johnsville 

Hyde Marietta Adelaide 05 
Nye Elizabeth Ellen 11 

Salt Point 

Fish Mary Washburn 16 

Saratoga Springs 

Allen Mrs Charles R. jr (M. S. Calef 96) 
Smith Charlotte Archibald 09 
Thompson Caroline 10 


Young Anna Rachel 16 


Sherman Helen Grace 16 


Mahony Emogene 00 


Burgess Mrs Thomas F. (L. V. Crane 96) 
Howes Mrs Benjamin A. (E. D. Puffer 91) 
Low Mrs Clarence H. (M. E. Mayer 14) 


Bailey Mildred Louise 16 

a. Bickelmann Mrs Charles F. jr (H. L. Fonda 

Boardman Mrs Henry B. (C. Peck 91) 

Cromer Mary Elizabeth 12 

Ely Mrs William G. (A. Clute 91) 

Hodges Mrs Clarence W. (A. L. DuBois 01) 

Landon Mary 93 

Maxwell Mrs Howard (A. K. Kriegsmann 07) 
Murdock Mrs Henry H. jr (E. M. Wright 09) 

a. Potter Mrs Aubrey (M. E. Kriegsmann 05) 
Ripton Ruth 14 

Salmon Mrs Del B. (E. L. Stern 04) 
Stone Mrs Charles W. (H. A. Westinghouse 99) 
Taylor Mrs John B. (M. E. Jones 97) 
Waldron Mrs Charles N. (D. Waterman 10) 


Green Elsie 16 

Seneca Falls 

Guion Mrs LeRoy P. (E. F. Lormore 97) 

Shelter Island 

Cutter Esther 14 


Golden Mrs William M. jr (E. Lathrop 95) 
o. Trow Mrs William A. (E. P. Clark 87) 


Angell Bertha 07 


Saxton Dorothy 15 

Smithtown Branch 

Blommers Mrs Bart J. jr (C. V. Bean 03) 


Payne Mrs H. M. (A. A. Allis 84) 


Fuller Edna May 10 

Millard Mrs Jesse A. (S. J. Vaughn 05) 

Spuyten Duyvil 

Lynch Mrs Frederick (M. B. Dutton 03) 
Tildsley Mrs John L. (B. A. Watters 94) 
Watters Dorothy 96 


Smith Mrs David R. (M. C. Prince 06) 

Staten Island 

Goddard Mrs Thomas J. (J. T. Johnson 11) 


Storm Marian Isabel 13 


Gilchrist Lucy Convers 08 
McConnell Edna Bertha 09 


Alexander Margaret Jean 09 

Bardeen Bertha Foote 95 

Breese Mrs Arthur B. (R. Schermerhorn 94) 

Brown Nellie Pauline 16 

Comly Lorraine Hendrickson 15 

Dey Mrs Donald (M. E. Duguid 84) 

Dey Harriet Duguid 16 

Dunning Mrs Frederick U. (E. P. Klock 99) 
Eddy Marjorie Kneeland 09 
Gere Laura Ella 01 

Hancock Mrs Stewart F. (M. McLennan 08) 
Hansen Mrs Emil (R. Leighton 10) 
Heffron Emilie Lane 11 
Jenney Mrs Alexander D. (C. King 00) 
Leonard Mrs B. Campfield (H. G. Fitzgerald 

McMillan Martha 13 

McMillan Mary 16 

Mather Annie Elizabeth 13 

Merrell Mrs Irving S. (C. L. Snow 96) 

Pepper Marion Anna 11 

Richards Jean Marie 95 

Robertson Mrs Edward (H. E. Comstock 01) 
Salmon Mrs M. H. (M. F. Hawley 07) 
Spalding Mrs William (K. C. Dunn 84) 
Tuttle Annie Dyer 03 

Vickers Mrs Thomas M. (L. E. Barnard 97) 
Wade Mrs Frank E. (M. B. Silsbee 99) 


Tarry town 

Bancroft Mary Louise 02 

Clark Elizabeth Spader 09 

Hatch Mrs Roscoe C. (S. R. Lytle 07) 

Hopkins Mrs Sheldon (E. Scribner 89) 

Houghton Mrs Elihu R. (M. L..Phillips 91) 

Lamprey Eva Blanche 91 

Pierce Marie 14 


Ferris Mrs Mortimer Y. (E. Leavitt 02) 


Daley Eva Loretta 12 
Jacot Alice Blanche 10 
Jacot Helene Louise 12 


Hadkins Marion Lockwood 11 


Arts Mrs John L. 2d (J. F. Perkins 08) 

Betts Mrs Nelson B. (E. D. Cook 12) 

Conklin Mrs William E. (B. A. Robe 04) 

Cook Margaret Cooper 03 

Draper Mrs Edward E. (J. Kimball 01) 

Giles Mrs Henry S. (E. H. Ripley 08) 

Halla Juliette Dorothy 13 

Hawley Gertrude Morgan 10 

Hunter Mrs Matthew A. (M. H. Pond 04) 

a. Lawton Mrs Edward P. (S. W. May 92) 

Morey Charlotte Francis 96 

Murray Mrs William H. (K. L. Irwin 05) 

Owen Lucy Robbins 16 

Polk Mrs Rollin S. (A. E. Crandall 09) 

Rose Helen Cromwell 98 

Sherry Mrs Norman B. (L. C. Hayes 02) 


McClure Mrs Walter S. (E. M. Roach 12) 

Tuxedo Park 

Eneboe Mrs Arthur (C. H. Read 99) 


Joyce Mrs Whitney H. (A. B. Reeve 08) 


Kilborn Hazel Ogden 14 

Union Hill 

Hockenberger Lillian Belle 11 

Upper Troy 

Alcott Helen 10 


Becker Elsie Roemer 12 

Doolittle Louise Searls 13 

a. Heron Mrs Robert P. (C. E. Sayles 91) 

Hobbs Mrs John H. (C. M. McFarland 85) 

Johnson Marcia Pratt 05 

Kirley Ada Mabel 14 

Knox Alice Adelaide 99 

Leavenworth Mrs Clarence E. (A. J. Crim 09) 

Lewis Laura Barr Foster 16 

McLoughlin Ellen Veronica 15 

a. Osborn Mary Louise 10 

Perry Edith Jane 05 

Sedgwick Mary 16 

Stanburg Bertha Anna Hovey 05 

Sweet Martha Louise 06 

Van Slyke Ora Mae 11 


Adsit Marie Clifton 07 


Bole Mrs John A. (A. S. Kitchel 95) 


Sewell Dorothy Austin 16 

White Annie Mell 16 

White Frances Mary 00 

Wyckoff Mrs Charles S. (H. B. Day 90) 


Benjamin Ruth Avery 12 


Wiggins Inez Louise 01 


Merrill Mrs Clement F. (B. I. Smith 00) 


Carpenter Natalie 15 

Gal! leciez Helen Irene 16 

Hannahs Helen Elizabeth 16 

Huntington Mrs Henry S. jr (E. M. Foster 11) 

Wardwell Mrs Samuel B. (E. D. Remington 09) 


Peet Azalia Emma 10 


Thornton Mrs Lewis H. (S. W. Knight 98) 


Nixon Mrs Samuel F. (M. G. Hequembourg 11) 
Skinner Lilian Marchant 91 

West Point 

Benkema Mrs Herman (M. W. Shaw 15) 


Harding Elizabeth Boyd 10 

White Plains 

Carr Agnes 89 

Clarke Mrs Howard (C. W. Bates 96) 
Collins Annie Olivia 02 
Dickinson Eveline 83 
French Mrs Lester G. (M. L. Deane 00) 
Goode Mrs Frederick D. (D. Whitley 12) 
Horton Mrs Charles A. (M. L. Keller 96) 
Lumbard Mrs John W. (E. D. Tarbox 98) 
Massie Marguerite Amy 16 
Nelson Mrs Allen H. (M E. Mellen 02) 
Riggs Mrs P. S. (H. P. Manning 02) 
Tracy Mrs E. Clark (I. M. Woodward 83) 
Warren Mrs Charles J. (L. Chamberlin 99) 


Howk Mrs Horace J. (M. L. Hollister 05) 


Riegelman Mrs Charles A. (L. I. Ehrich 04) 
Weil Mrs Arthur W. (S. E. Altheimer 02) 


Andrus Ida Bourne 10 

Babson Mrs George L. (G. Ralston 09) 

Bassett Mrs William M. (K. R. Varick 09) 

Batterson Florence 08 

Bliven Emma Alma 08 

Brooks Mrs Lawrence R. (E. F. Fifield 95) 
Hill Ellen Elizabeth 91 
Howe Mary Reed 02 

Hunt Mrs A. Everett jr (J. W. Roberts 99) 
Kaltenbach Alice Winifred 09 
Langford Mrs William S. (M. L. Weeden 03) 
Linke Edith Adelaide 08 

McRae Mrs Cameron F. (S. N. Woodward 01) 
Thompson Mrs Philip L. (A. L. Ricker 08) 
Thorne Anna Valentine 01 
Whitney Ruth Louise 14 


Lawrence Edith Collin 10 


Chesebrough Mrs Thomas U. (A. D. Casler 97) 



Anderson Willie 16 
Young Willie Ramsay 09 


Weil Gertrude 01 


Stehle Mrs John L. (E. S. Searle 06) 


Kelton Minnie Arlena 12 


Tilson Bess Gladys 09 


Corwith Mrs Henry P. (G. Kennedy 97) 


a. Freeman Mrs James D. (M. H. Cunningham 

Freeman Marion Delamater 14 


Bluethenthal Mrs Herbert (J. Weil 14) 


Shuler Mrs Martin R. (E. Suter 08) 


Dalrymple Mrs John S. (B. Barber 10) 


o. Oeschger Gretchen Helen 13 


Horton Mrs W. Hale (E. H. Birch 02) 

LaCroix Orpha Marie 13 

Pollock Mrs James W. (C. Watson 10) 


Mathews Sarah Elizabeth 03 


Dale Florence 13 


Bristol Mrs Leverett D. (A. L. Knox 04) 

Van Hook 

Corey Mrs Wilkes P. (K. King 10) 


Cobbs Margaret 15 

a. Ferris Mrs Raymond W. (H. Davis 09) 
Haws Mrs Henry E. (L. P. Collin 05) 
Waters Mary Hyde 15 
Wolle Helen Seiberling 07 


Armstrong Mrs^Robert G. (E. F. Porter 10) 


Scott Mrs Field (M. Sater 02) 


Seltzer Mrs Daniel C. (A. E. Stahl 08) 


Fordyce Bertha Marguerite 16 


Albert Margaret Mansfield 13 

Belden Mrs Henry S. jr (K. D. Barber 08) 

Fogle Mrs James U. (A. M. Harter 99) 


Bragdon Mrs Charles R. (H. F. Cobb 07) 

Bryant Caroline Amelia 95 

Buchwalter Mrs Morris L. (M. F. Knox 85) 

Davis Lydia 09 

Fulton Blanche Dorothea 95 

Hall Mrs Joseph A. (L. M. Wheeler 98) 

Hirsch Mrs Bertram J. (E. Rheinstrom 14) 

Hooker Evelyn Russell 05 

Iglauer Mrs Charles (C. Senior 07) 

Kirk Mrs William P. (R. Henley 09) 

Lauer Mrs Alvin H. (C. Adler 99) 

Lehmann Cara Barbara 14 

Levi Miriam Stella 11 

Lowman Dorothy Stix 16 

Lynch Beatrice Hollister 16 

Merrell Mrs Stanley W. (M. L. Caldwell 01) 

Mills Frances Hungerford 09 

Nelson Mrs Benjamin B. (M. H. Lathrop 98) 

Ransohoff Mrs Nathan (M. F. Beckman 16) 

Seasongood Mrs Murray (A. Senior 11) 

Shaffer Lucy Kennedy 08 

Simrall Mrs Leonard B. (M. M. Monfort 00) 

Stewart Fannie Resor 03 

Thalheimer Ethel Seymour 02 

Ward Mabel Heald 11 

Wohlgemuth Mrs Edward J. (S. E. Goss 02) 
Yount Agnes Ramsey 15 


Alexander Mrs Henry M. (K. Harter 02) 

Allen Mrs Horace J. (E. Q. Malone 08) 

Barkwill Mrs Ernest S. (C. R. Dering 99) 

Bauder Mrs George T. (C. M. Paton 10) 

Bayliss Mrs Jerome Z. (A. E. Martin 98) 

a. Black Mrs Morris A. (L. E. Schwab 95) 

Blanchard Mrs Ferdinand Q. (E. H. West 99) 

Bridgeman Mrs Walter A. (M. L. Parmelee 10) 

Brimson Mrs C. T. (J. Childs 05) 

Brown Harriet Mildred 14 

Burns Mrs Allen T. (J. G. Wadsworth 02) 

Carr Marjorie Leigh 09 

o. Case Mrs George S. (A. E. Hall 08) 

Chesnutt Helen Maria 02 

Cobb Mrs Frank M. (M. E. Ford 01) 

Condit Mrs Paul B. (M. C. Carr 07) 

Coulton Mildred Louise 14 

Cox Sybil Lavinia 02 

Feil Mrs Harold S. (N. R. Elgutter 14) 

Findley Mrs Edwin L. (M. Kinsley 95) 

Fisher Ruth 14 

Ford Mrs Cyrus (R. M. Hoge 14) 

Gage Mrs Robert T. (E. B. Ballard 07) 

Ganson Miriam Elizabeth 13 

Gilbert Esther Lucile 16 

Harshaw Mrs William A. (F. P. Lips 01) 

a. Hawley Mrs Davis jr (H. E. Harshaw 09) 

Hay den Mrs Warren S. (E. Strong 03) 

a. Hellman Mrs Max (H. H. Schwab 99) 

Hiss Sophie Knowlton 04 

Ibershoff Mrs Adolph E. (M. B. Storrs 96) 

I ekes Lois Marguerite 12 

Johnson Lucia Belle 06 

Kendall Mildred Angelene 13 

Knight Mrs Walter O. (E. M. Trask 06) 

Kirk Jeannie Milligan 13 

Leffingwell Ada Nicola 13 

Leffingwell Edith Dyer 13 

Locke Mrs Owen A. (M. L. Young 08) 

Loeb Mrs Joseph L. (E. J. Rosenberg 05) 

Lower Mrs William E. (M. L. Freeman 00) 

McAllister Mrs William B. (M. G. Weed 08) 

McGraw Mrs Harrison B. (E. V. Buffum 00) 

Mansfield Elizabeth Langley 94 

Miller Mrs John J. (F. H. Lynch 00) 

Miller Julia 11 

Milligan Mrs John R. (B. I. Humphrey 07) 
Murray Mildred Alice 15 
Nash Margaret 04 

Neale Mrs Harold H. (E. Denison 14) 
Nye Katherine Buell 15 
Oliver Hortense Lockwood 16 
Oppenheimer Erfie Kurz 14 
Parkhurst Mrs Edwin H. (M. Bright 08) 
Pomeroy Gertrude Mary 15 


Pyke Mrs Arthur B. (B. W. Secrest 02) 
Ranney Alice Elizabeth 16 
Raymond Mary Elizabeth 91 
Root Annabel Abbott 10 

Rosenwasser Mrs Paul M. (F. R. Hirscheimer 

Schneider Mrs A. D. (I. B. Roberts 96) 
Sharp Annabel Hitchcock 10 
Shoemaker Lucile 05 

o. Smith Mrs Eugene (L. F. Boynton 10) 

Smith Helen Raymond 11 

Smith Mrs John W. (E. L. St John 03) 

Stage Mrs Charles W. (M. G. Kerruish 92) 

Streator Anne Bugher 05 

Talmage Rhea 13 

Taplin Mrs Frank E. (E. R. Smith 05) 
Taylor Gertrude 16 

Teagle Mrs Frank H. (A. B. Wright 04) 
Thompson Mrs Amos B. (J. J. Lockwood 94) 
Turck Mrs William D. (G. C. Richmond 98) 
Van Buren Mrs D. C. (A. M. Deyo 14) 
Ward Bertha Jane 11 
Weatherhead Helen Rose 13 
Weatherhead Ruth 15 
Wellman Marjorie Elizabeth 16 
White Bessie Mae 13 

Williamson Mrs Arthur P. (E. B. Wood 07) 


Arnold Mrs Harry B. (G. L. Russell 00) 
Atcherson Lucile 13 
Baldwin Josephine Fairchild 16 
Campion Mrs Edward W. (R. B. Johnson 05) 
Carlile Mrs W. Wilson (F. Jeffrey 93) 
Chubb Mrs Charles St J. jr (M. MacD. Bohan- 
nan 02) 

Cruikshank Alice Dorothy 02 

Gladden Alice 84 

Johnson Nelle 16 

Jones Rebecca Pauline 12 

o. Kelton Louise Wilkeson 03 

Laylin Mrs Robert W. (M. Boardman 08) 

McKeever Mrs George (E. C. Beardsley 09) 

Mason Mary Lyman 84 

Miller Helen Louise 11 

Page Mrs William H. (R G. Brown 97) 

Peters Grace Rarey 01 

Peters Mary Louise 07 

Schoedinger Mrs Ferdinand P. (F. M. Peters 

Shedd Mrs Frederick (A. Jeffrey 97) 
Starbuck Mrs William (K. Gager 06) 
a. Tucker Marion La Verne 04 
Wheeler Elizabeth 16 


Adamson Mrs James M. (K. E. Hall 09) 

a. Bailey Mrs Russel T. (H. E. Reeder 13) 

Barker Mrs Frederick D. (H. R. Rice 91) 

Goodhue Mrs N. D. (R. B. Carpenter 03) 

Heathman Mrs Frank B. (G. L. Brooks 97) 

Lange Florence Elizabeth 12 

Peirce Mary Frances 12 

Reeder Olive Winifred 16 

Simpson Mrs John (M. K. Allaman 09) 

Weston Irma Delight 09 

Wood Mrs George H. (V. Peirce 10) 


MacLeod Mrs Kenneth E. (M. L. Gasche 07) 

East Cleveland 

Goodwin Lucy Elizabeth 16 


Day Mrs Lee S. (M. B. Allen 09) 

Euclid Village 

Martin Mary Virginia 13 


Thomas Mrs Earl J. (M. G. Tritch 06) 


Ramsay Mrs William (A. L. Vogdes 02) 


Erwin Mrs Raymond W. (H. L. Sherman 10) 


Abbot Helen Munro 99 


McLaren Mrs John D. (F. S. Rockwell 06) 


Millikin Frances 16 


Clarke Florence Ralston 97 


Crane Katharine Elizabeth 16 


Crowell Mrs Wilbur S. (G. P. Wenham 94) 
Dawson Mrs Archibald N. (J. W. Backus 04) 


Kershaw Mrs Abraham M. (G. E. Haworth 04) 


Downing Dorothy Elizabeth 16 


Darling Blanche Lovina 14 


Alexander Mrs George P. (A. A. Lynch 99) 
Gorman Mrs J. Carvill jr (R. Barnes 11) 


Okey Catherine Warner 15 
Turner Mary Ramsey 04 


Freeman Mrs G. Willard (O. B. Watson 10) 


Corns Sara Ann 86 

Dielhenn Dorothy Elizabeth 16 

Hunt Mrs Per L. (A. B. Day 96) 


Johnson Mrs Lane (M. E. M. Jones 00) 


Williams Mrs Herbert F. (M. Southworth 99) 

Mt Gilead 

Talmage Irma 03 

Mt Vernon 

Robinson Mrs William L. (L. A. Howe 04) 


Gardiner Frances Mary 02 
Gardiner Lucy Agnes 09 
Wickham Cora Taber 16 


Lyman Mrs Eugene W. (B. B. Thayer 97) 
Miller Mrs Herbert A. (E. N. Cravath 90) 


Boyd Marion Margaret 16 
Flower Olive 01 

Hadsel Mrs Fred L. (M. L. Perine 04) 
Held Mrs Felix E. (M. Haynes 10) 
Young Mrs Archer E. (G. L. Wiard 97) 

Paine sville 

Douglas Gertrude Elizabeth 04 
Gilchrist Marie Emilie 16 
Heinemann Eda Gertrude 02 
Hough Jean Winifred 97 
Moodey Lillian Hannah 12 
Wild Laura Huldah 92 


Patterson Ella Mae 11 
Patterson Gertrude Ernestine 13 



Cahill Rachel Ellen 16 


Bannon Mrs Arthur H. (E. M. Leeds 96) 
Bannon Charlotte 95 
Dice Elizabeth Lind 05 


Erwin Myra 05 


Anderson Marjorie 13 
Graefe Elizabeth Theresa 04 
Schumacher Elizabeth Stimpson 11 


Kilborn Ruth Amelia 16 


Bowman Katherine 10 

Martin Mrs Harrie B. (M. L. Buchwalter 03) 
Winwood Mrs George M. jr (J. C. Martin 11) 


Lyons Elizabeth Louise 15 


Fast Louisa Kimball 98 

Tandy Mrs Eddy W (R. E. Munroe 08) 


Ashley Margaret 14 

Black Gertrude May 15 

Brown Alice Kelsey 11 

Cary Mrs Walter (L. A. Lattner 12) 

Daniells Mrs Ralph P. (H. W. Kitchel 01) 

Dennison Martha PriscUla 12 

Eversman Mrs Walter A. (G. L. Greenhalgh 04) 

Garver Anna Madeline 15 

Grossenbacher Ethel Louise 14 

Hagan Mrs Joseph T. (H. M. Kilborn 09) 

a. King Mrs Harry E. (M. E. Haring 83) 

Kirkby Olive Isabel 12 

Logan Mrs Richard D. (F. I. Durflinger 03) 
Magee Ruth Agnes 09 
Maher Amy Grace 06 
Miller Mrs Walter S. (L. C. Geddes 07) 
Moon Mrs Eben D. (F. E. Hooker 12) 
Rankin Charlotte Sherwood 11 
a. Schmettan Mrs Charles A. (E. R. Everhard 

Smith Emily Hannah 13 

Van Wert 

Christie Mrs John W. (R. T. Bigelow 05) 
Gleason Hazel 11 


Clarke Pauline Esther 16 

Wilkinson Mrs R. Herbert (M. E. Walton 00) 


Stotzer Jeannette Knibloe 13 


West Mary Jackson 10 


Cowing Amy Louise 16 
Wood Margaret Emily 16 


Beecher Ruth Hellawell 14 

Jones Mrs George C. (G. B. McKelvey 11) 

Kennedy Esther Jeannette 11 

Owsley Mrs Charles F. (K. I. McKelvey 04) 

Smith Fannie May 05 

Smith Katherine Henrietta 96 

Fort Sill 

Wood Mrs Norton E. (E. C. Coye 12) 


Howe Rose Anne 09 


Patterson Mrs Nathan R. (F. H. Rawson 12) 


Brooks Helen Marcia 14 


a. Moore Alice 12 


Barnhisel Mrs Walter B. (E. K. Betts 02) 


Brubaker Mrs Lawrence G. (C. M. Goodwin 04) 
Scaiefe Ethel May 10 

Hood River 

Benton Mrs C. King (E. H. Burton 02) 


Patton Mrs Hamilton (E. P. Warner 13) 
Porter Mrs Elias H. (J. Perry 96) 


Babcock Mrs Harry J. (F. E. Agard 02) 

Bates Helen Clementina 10 

Breyman Edna Cranston 04 

Brown Mrs Theodore B. (A. L. Sanborn 01) 

Corbett Mrs Elliott R. (A. Smith 08) 

Fairbrook Mrs Joseph H. (I. V. Smith 95) 

Gates Mrs S. E. (L. F. Niles 07) 

Gauld Isabella Rebecca 09 

Geballe Pauline I. 04 

Gilbert Emily Lindsley 04 

Hitchcock Anna Stella 01 

Moses Laila Floris 15 

Norris Mrs Andrew D. (C. Weidler 12) 

Pease Mrs George N. (A. B. Boutwell 04) 

Peters Helen Augusta 14 

Smith Mrs Horatio (E. Failing 07) 

Strong Mrs Frederick (CM. Knowlton 01) 

Strong Mrs Robert H. (M. Knowlton 98) 

Talcott Ida Belle 02 

Wilson Jane 99 


Bush Sally 83 


Common Mrs William C. (R. M. Fletcher 06) 


Cobaugh Florence Hannah 13 
German Grace Miller 12 


Barrows Mrs Robert L. (G. H. Scofield 05) 
Mahl Mrs George A. (C. M. Hooper 07) 


Hunter Elizabeth Lewis 16 


Moore Edith 14 
Moore Marion Sara 11 


Donaldson Margaret 16 
Stewart Grace Donald 09 


Beaver Falls 

Martaolf Mrs Jesse E. (E. B. Mitchell 09) 


Smith Evelyn Buckingham 12 


de Schweinitz Dorothea 12 

Hall Mrs Robert W. (M. A. Bowers 95) 

Kitchel Harriet Tyrrell 05 

Madden Mrs James P. (M. E. Fisher 11) 

Otis Katharine Lois 12 

Otis Ruth Adelaide 13 


Hilton Mary 07 

Straight Persis Rosamond 02 


Bell Helen Florentine 14 
Robbins Marie Louise 15 


Corbet Mary 16 

Bryn Mawr 

a. Barker Grace Sylvia 02 
Crandall Regina Katherine 90 
Eastman Elizabeth 86 
Pearson Helen Sleeper 81 
Stout Helen Louise 03 
Strong Bertha Fairfax 97 
Walker Helen Duer 02 

Cambridge Springs 

Ross Harriette Mumford 00 


Calkins Susan Frenche 10 


Sheibley Mabel Matilda 07 


Faunce Dorothy Winslow 12 


Miller Mrs Paul E. (L. P. Seaman 08) 


Provost Jane Birtwell 08 

Chestnut Hill 

Adams Mrs William W. jr (L. M. Shattuck 03) 
Lane Mildred Hansell 09 
Taylor Anna Roberta 14 


Wilson Elizabeth Sophia 01 

Sloan Jeanne Grace Cuddy 06 

Clark's Summit 

Gibbons Eleanor Haller 15 


Latham Hattie Maude 12 

Reed Mrs Philip B. (P. M. Parry 10) 


Bruner Caroline Sneath 16 
Steacy Margaret Hershey 13 


Will Mrs Roland T. (G. Moore 08) 


Covey Mrs James G. (K. Knox 03) 


Goff Bertha Neeper 14 


a. Beck Mrs Leonidas (E. M. Hancock 00) 


Dean Mrs Harry N. (A. E. Prentice 95) 

Drexel Hill 

Garfield Mrs James L. (J. A. Hill 09) 
Spencer Mrs John E. (M. A. Wheeler 96) 


Rambo Susan Miller 05 

East Stroudsburg 

Henry Margaret Farquhar 16 
Rosenkrans Edna Lillian 05 


Scherer Ethel Meta May 12 


Austin Mabel Mae 16 

Devine Jeannette Craig 13 

Hewes Rebekah Crider 13 

MacDonald Margaret Dudley 13 

Rees Helen Newton 10 

Russell Mrs John H. (P. A. Arbuckle 13) 

Smith Cora Amelia 95 

Wright Elizabeth Curtis 10 


Doll Mrs Walter (E. Barns 10) 

Fort Washington 

Schaeffer Mrs Hermann (L. C. Bradley 02) 


Hamilton Mrs Sidney M. (H. B. Weidman 92) 
Hughes Mrs Henry M. (D. E. Williams 14) 
Hancock Mary Elizabeth 00 
a. McCalmont Mrs James D. (E. D. Smith 96) 
Mitchell Eliza Lamb 92 


Walker Mrs F. M. (M. R. Keener 07) 


Booth Olive Agnes 11 

a. Goodhue Mrs Allan E. (G. Woodruff 06) 
High Mrs J. Freeman (R. E. Tuttle 10) 
Jenkins Mrs Algernon S. (D. Davis 13) 
Mustard Mrs John (S. B. Marsh 95) 
Newell Josephine Cushing 09 
O'Neill Helen McFarlan 96 
Steele Caroline Lounsbury 92 


Willett Mrs Allan H. (M. Hurd 95) 


Overly Irene Leona 13 


Melhorn Anna Katharine 15 


Jackson Mary Kathryn 14 

Jones Mrs William R. (F. A. Kellogg 90) 

Morrison Frances Florian 13 

Palmer Mrs Lew R. (V. V. Shoemaker 03) 

Shiras Mrs Oliver C. (M. B. Pratt 07) 


Kahleis Margaret P. 16 


Phelps Mrs H. Arthur (C. M. Chapin 98) 

Homer City 

Nix Ruth 16 


Bryant Flossie Eddvinnia 13 
Bryant Olive Mary 11 
Bryant Pearl Edna 09 
Freund Marie Rose 11 


Crafts Florence Kate 04 
Daugherty Dorothy Mitchell 14 
Stewart Mrs Ernest (C. G. Daugherty 13) 
Sutton Mrs Carr K. (A. M. Daugherty 11) 



Bachman Helen 16 

Kennett Square 

Crew Caroline Ladd 87 

Wickersham Mrs William F. (W. B. Crew 90) 

Kitt arming 

McNees Helen 15 
Painter Rebecca 15 


Cliff Anna Search 12 


Keen Margaret Proctor 11 


Ruth Christine 15 


Young Mrs Thomas B. (G. Gordon 03) 


Cornish Mrs Ross C. (B. M. Harris 99) 


Cleaver Ruth Margaret 14 


Ely Mrs John C. jr (M. Hawley 13) 


Slocum Caroline Fonda 99 


Alexander Jean 15 


Hoisington Nancy Lyman 96 


Bowman Helen Parthene 11 


a. Ellis Mrs William S. (A. M. James 00) 
Saul Mrs Maurice (E. A. Scott 11) 


Gara Edith Austin 08 

Mt Penn 

a. Schaeffer Ruth L. 14 

New Castle 

Jameson Elizabeth Woodworth 10 

New Hope 

Folinsbee Mrs John F. (R. S. Baldwin 12) 

Newtown Square 

Calvert Lydia 11 

New Wilmington 

Smith Mrs Robert M. (A. G. W. Clancy 08) 


Connell Mrs Wilson McB. (M. S. Bickel 06) 
Stevenson Mabel 00 


Baker Alice Wardell 10 

Oil City 

Barr Mrs Joseph W. (F. L. Byles 01) 


Emerson Josephine Burt 08 


Atkins Bertha Myers 06 
Bartholomew Helen Gertrude 12 
Bell Mrs Leslie C. (M. C. Bassett 12) 
Bikle Mrs Henry W. (L. L. Cable 01) 
Blandin Ethel Irene 09 

Bronson Mrs Charles E. (A. T. Taintor 95) 
Bryant Mrs Arthur A. (L. F. Stevens 08) 
Carswell Harriet Townsend 08 
Clark Amy Faith 10 

Coffey Mrs Reuben B. (E. G. Scollay 09) 

Croll Elsie Lydia 01 

Crow Martha Worrell 08 

Davis Mrs Bradley M. (A. E. Paret 95) 

Dohan Mrs Joseph M. (E. H. Hall 99) 

Fales Edith Elizabeth 02 

Fisher Mrs G. E. (M. E. Plack 88) 

Folwell Mrs Philip D. (M. B. Chambers 04) 

Francis Vida Hunt 92 

Gill Isabella Rachel 05 

Griffith Mrs M. Dison (G. Kellogg 08) 

o. Horn Mary Gregg 11 

Hussie Mrs William M. (M. F. O'Malley 11) 

Hutchings Alice Marie 96 

Karlson Mrs Charles B. (M. Sawyer 10) 

Kirkpatrick Mrs William D. (M. A. Staples 10) 

Knox Gertrude Emma 04 

Lazard Marguerite 11 

Leedom Mrs Edwin C. (H. B. Peddrick 12) 
Leonard Florence 88 
Libbey Vivian Betsey 08 

Longdon Mrs Francis J. jr (H. M. Ruger 94) 

a. Lyon Margaret Currier 08 

MacAlister Julia Clyde 98 

McDaniel Ada Baird 15 

Mack Rebecca Robins 01 

Martin Cyrena Van Syckel 12 

Maynard Mrs William C. (E. L. Clark 92) 

Miller Emma Esther 03 

Miller Emma La Barre 14 

Musgrave Mrs John K. (E. G. Steffen 09) 

Natt Josephine Agnes 85 

Orwig Mrs Preston G. (H. M. Forbes 12) 

Robbins Elsie 13 

Roberts Gertrude 01 

Rodman Mrs John S. (E. F. Hinman 13) 

Root Frances 05 

Rumbold Caroline Thomas 01 

a. Shamklin Mrs Shelley (E. C. DeRemer 13) 

St John Mrs Charles E. (M. E. Everett 88) 

Schenck Mrs Edwin jr (G. A. Smucker 05) 

Scott Mildred 12 

Sheldon Edith Dudley 00 

Steen Margaret Hallock 08 

Steen Mary Henry 10 

Steinsieck Mrs William T. (C. Anderson 09) 
Stockhausen Regina Emma 16 
Tallant Alice Weld 97 

a. Thompson Mrs Algernon F. (O. J. M. Mowat 

Tuxbury Helen 80 
Walker Gertrude Annie 85 

Wanamaker Mrs William H. (M. L. Walton 94) 
Wilson Mildred Willcox 08 


Armstrong Agnes Maria 00 
Baldwin Rachel 97 
Bell Edith 16 

BufTum Mrs Frederick D. (H. C. Kerruish 00) 
Butterfield Alice 03 

Caughey Mrs Francis M. (G. A. Hazeltine 09) 
Coolidge Cora Helen 92 
a. Craig Jean Maria 82 

Cunningham Mrs Kenneth R. (E. C. Moehring 

Cunningham Lois 11 

Ebersol Mrs Charles B. (A. E. Roberts 06) 

Ely Edith Goodhue 02 

Geer Mrs Clarence J. (J. E. Fowler 96) 

Gould Miriam Caris 11 

Gray Edith 07 

Gray Jessie Callam 05 

Kerr Jane Mercer 01 

Leonard Mrs Louis R. (E. B. Tyler 05) 

a. Lewis Maria Anna 87 

Lovejoy Deborah Eliza 98 

Marks Mary Helen 09 

McConnaughv Hettie Grange 13 

McEldowney Mrs Allen W. (A. McConway 93) 

McEwan Sally Rodes 11 


Mitchell Mrs David E. (G. Whiting 97) 

O'Donnel Jean Rhea 10 

Parry Frances Camp 99 

Randall Bertha Thacher 93 

Roberts Elizabeth Porter 13 

Roberts Marie Darrah 07 

Roberts Sina Sophronia 11 

Rust Mrs Stirling M. (M. H. Coburn 02) 

o. Sage Mrs Evan T. (S. M. Shanks 09) 

Scandrett Rebekah 15 

Sibley Eleanor Harriet 15 

Siviter Frances Pierpont 10 

Spencer Mary Wilson 15 

Staunton Juliet Lyell 15 

Stevenson Mrs Donald C. (H. V. Stevenson 09) 
Struble Mrs Louis P. (A. Federer 09) 
Tuckerman Florence Sophia 86 
Wallace Margaret Elizabeth 16 
Ward Mrs Roy E. (M. C. Morse 08) 
Willard Elisa May 94 
Wilson Jean Shaw 01 


Davidson Clara Willoughby 05 


White Mrs Howell N. (E. S. Davidson 01) 


Chew Mrs Oswald (A. C. Knowlton 97) 

Ridley Park 

Bartlett Mrs C. E. (H. A. Reed 07) 


Townsend Mrs Charles (L. Chapin 04) 

St Mary's 

Darr Marjorie Helen 16 
Sprout Martha Coulter 16 


Hartman Mrs R. V. (E. C. Kaster 07) 


Carroll Mrs J. F. jr (M. D. Spicer 11) 
Carter Ada 16 
Carter Phebe 10 
Coleman Edith 10 

Daniel Mrs Frank J. (C. J. Mitchell 96) 
Evans Mrs Cadwallader jr (M. H. Thornburg 

Horton Mildred Lange 11 
Machette Ruth Howard 13 
Newcomb Helen Katherine 11 
Romano Margaret Michaela 13 
Russ Anna 04 

Taylor Mrs Gordon MacD. (A. A. Knapp 07) 
Watson Mrs Albert L. (M. E. Wheeler 00) 


Booth Marguerite 14 
McKnight Rachel Lowrie 12 
a. Munson Maud Antoinette 85 


Coleman Helen 12 

Connell Mrs Edgar W. (A. M. Lowe 06) 
Seiler Grace Viola 09 


Carley Mrs Glenn (C. McDowell 03) 
Riddell Helen Catharine 09 
Stevenson Jessie Macaulay 12 

Sharon Hill 

Bliss Florence McDowell 16 


Webb Florence Kathryn 14 

State College 

Buckhout Carolyn Reed 14 

a. Govier Mrs Charles E. (H. H. Atherton 02) 


Zimmerman Elizabeth Ann 14 


a. Hill Mrs William C. (L. M. Belden 06) 


Reno Jane Marquis 14 


Kerr Mrs Charles H. (H. Cary 06) 


Woods Jeanne 14 


Elder Louise Elliott 13 
Elder Margaret Ellen 14 
Hunter Leila May 15 


Bayliss Margaret Elizabeth 14 

Grumbine Lucy Coates 01 

Henne Mrs George (J. C. Kraffert 08) 


Little Esther Louise 03 

Union City 

Smead Mrs Edgar M. (G. M. Zink 01) 


Seamans Mary Frances 15 


Rowe Hazel le Anne 14 

Villa Nova 

How Mrs Harold W. (L. W. Bodine 06) 


Shoemaker Margaret 11 


Campbell Grace 16 

Jamieson Mrs Lewis C. (J. B. Chapin 11) 
Talbott Mary McNair 12 


Rorke Arline Hollister 12 


Orndoff Ada 16 


Wheeler Lucia Anna 91 

West Chester 

Taylor Agnes 15 
Taylor Anne 15 

West Philadelphia 

Wells Edith May 02 


Ahlborn Mrs Frederick W. (M. L. Ashley 01) 
Bridgman Mrs John C. (E. Y. Comstock 01) 
Harding Mrs John S. (M. B. Brown 91) 
Newhall Addie May 06 


Chalfant Mrs James G. (E. S. Steele 03) 

o. Lovelace Mrs Marcus G. (A. M. Watts 08) 

Smith Esther Margaret 10 


Dean Ruth 15 


Bell Lalla Rookh 15 


Gribbel Idella Louise 09 

Heacock Mrs James W. (L. D. Orne 02) 


Connely Bertha Lillian 84 



Spear Mrs Ray (E. V. Piollet 06) 


Meisenhelder Mary Edna 08 


Dalrymple Mrs Alfred V. (H. K. O'Malley 09) 

O'Malley Alice Josephine 98 

O'Malley Elizabeth Gertrude 05 

O'Malley Helen Parker 14 

Wamsley Mrs Stephen (C. C. Mabie 07) 

Porto Rico 

Bracken Margaret 10 

Glines Mrs Walter A. (E. G. Barbour 03) 

Marsh Marion Elisabeth 16 

Roberts Mrs George W. (C. H. White 98) 

Stone Mary Chandler 95 


a. Holbrook Mrs Melvin T. (C. E. Crowe 07) 


Hasbrouck Gertrude Marie 99 

Central Falls 

Burnham Mrs Albert E. (J. F. Emerson 02) 
Stearns Mrs Charles A. (A. E. Greene 85) 
Thornton Edith 10 

Cumberland Hill 

Clark Helen Ballou 14 

East Greenwich 

Potter Helen Almie 16 

Fort Adams 

Grant Mrs Homer B. (I. P. Rankin 03) 


Hadley Mrs Philip B. (R. B. Canedy 02) 

Little Compton 

Richmond Grace Angela 16 


Barrett Lillian Foster 06 

Brown Sarah Alice 81 

Caesar Mrs David C. (A. M. King 05) 

Currier Mrs James S. (A. C. Thompson 11) 

Franklin Ruth Barker 85 

Higbee Alice Frances 06 

Higbee Marguerita Emmons 12 

King Margaret Josephine 08 

King Roberta Gilchrist 14 

McCarthy Leonora Muria 11 

O'Sullivan Isabelle Dorothea 16 


Bixby Mrs William P. (G. Place 12) 

Booth Myra Budlong 99 

Eaton Mrs John N. (A. L. Allen 99) 

Hunt Shirley May 01 

Kent Mrs Royden E. (H. F. Kent 07) 

Kent Ruth Josephine 02 

Quigg Louise 13 

Tuck Mrs Lellan J. (E. M. Adams 93) 


Rogers Laura May 02 


Anthony Mrs William G. (R. G. Cushman 92) 

Arthur Mrs James H. (M. E. Bushee 97) 

Brown Mabel 87 

Budlong Jessie Valentine 98 

Chace Mrs Edward G. (C. I. MacLeod 01) 

Chapin Grace Porter 99 

Comstock Alice May 12 

Cross Mrs Henry B. (M. H. Stedman 09) 

Cubbon Mrs Robert C. (M. Watkins 08) 

a. Fuller Marjorie 11 

Gray Mildred Olney 11 

Hart Mrs Henry C. (M. S. Comstock 07) 

Haskell Mrs Albert A. (M. L. Weatheraton 12) 

Hatch Helen Hamilton 03 

Hatch Margaret Hamilton 06 

o. Hemenway Carlotta Effie 13 

Hinds Ellen Maria 89 

Howe Louise Russell 14 

Kimball Alice 99 

Kingman Cornelia Amey 00 

Law Helen Margaret 09 

Littlefield Mrs James B. (M. G. Kingsbury 08) 

o. Lord Mrs C. A. (W. E. Wheeler 11) 

Lynch Katherine Gertrude 94 

McConnell Florence Marion 14 

Mitchell Mrs Philip H. (A. H. Friend 08) 

Noble Edith Moulton 97 

Peirce Eliza Metcalf 89 

Pierce Mrs Ernest W. (E. S. Riker 08) 

Pierce Harriet Edith 94 

Pirnie Mrs G. Donald (J. C. MacDuffie 09) 

Pitts Mrs Herman C. (L. E. Macdonald 05) 

Richardson Mrs Donald V. (D. L. Johnson 08) 

Scott Henrietta Turrill 11 

Slade Abby Maria Bennett 86 

Slade Ruth Eleanor 01 

Stearns Mrs Maurice H. (M. Peirce 02) 

Tilley Mrs Charles E. (L. E. Sawin 91) 

Upton Eleanor Stuart 09 

Upton Margaret Frances 12 

Wallace Mrs William V. (N. R. Fairchild 98) 

o. Walter Mrs Herbert E. (A. E. Hall 94) 

Warner Bessie Sarah 95 

Wheeler Frances Elizabeth 99 

Wilbur Florence 03 

Williams Florence Adelaide 87 

Woodward Ruth Margaret 08 


Clark Harriet Sumner 03 


Browning Mabel Marjorie 14 
Frankenstein Katherine Dixon 07 
Perry Mrs Thomas (M. Watson 04) 
Rice Lucy Fay 05 

Utter Mrs George B. (K. L. Wilbar 11) 
Valentine Frances Wadsworth 02 
Vose Irene 13 


Ballou Marie Louise 99 

Getchell Mrs H. Eugene (E. A. Ellis 99) 

Gilbert Mrs Oscar B. (M. Ellis 06) 


Smith Helen Porter 08 


a. Patrick Vina Norwood 13 


McBee Mary Vardrine 06 


Cleveland Mrs William (M. A. Burnett 07) 


Allen Mrs Leslie L. (S. B. Sims 09) 


Roberts Mrs Paul (M. H. Legate 07) 



Lotze Hazel Catherine 07 


Adams Mrs George S. (V. S. Smith 07) 


Came Mrs William O. (F. M. Barker 92) 
Parlett Mathilde Mayer 13 


Arey Mrs Homer (E. L. Jones 13) 

Austin Mrs John E. (M. Watkins 08) 

Brown Inez 94 

Gill Edith Upham 10 

Montague Lucy Wales 97 

Read Margaret Caroline 15 

Rose Dorothy Grace 16 

Rose Helen Lucile 11 


Carson Katherine Waller 03 
Eaton Annie Thaxter 03 
Rosenthal Aline 11 


Green Susan Allen 05 


Marks Sophie Clara 14 
Sheldon Carolyn 12 


Eaton Isabel 88 

Hirsch Natelle Mollie 16 

Lindauer Blanche Rothschilde 15 


Pittman Margaret Helen 14 


Wooldridge Marion Thomson 16 


a. Van Hovenberg Mrs Henry W. (A. A. Smith 


Snyder Mrs Edward J. (R. Hawthorne 15) 


Andersson Mrs Alfred O. (R. H. Harper 12) 

Bedlow Elinor Isabel 14 

a. Clark Sara Stockwell 97 

Durbin Mrs Harvey R. (E. M. Harris 04) 

Hughes Mrs J. Huey CM. E. Luce 10) 

a. Moise Mrs Lionel (M. E. Mounts 12) 

Thomas Helen Stillwell 09 

El Paso 

a. Crnige Mrs Branch (E. B. Kohlberg 11) 
Kane Mrs John I. jr (M. E. Simmons 10) 
Keefer Mary Belle 07 
Murray Mrs Charles B. (E. Upham 87) 

Fort Sam Houston 

Hay Mrs William W. (H. F. McManigal 11) 

Fort Worth 

Bohning Anne Lizettia 15 

Harris Mrs Julian C. (V. L. Breene 06) 

a. Sukks Mrs Leonidas A. (H. L. Shoemaker 91) 


Ayers Eleanor Hall 16 


Bowles Mary 09 
Waldo Lula 03 
Waldo Virginia 04 


Crouse Mrs Harvey S. (A. A. Cass 02) 

San Antonio 

Lapham Mrs John H. (J. E. Capen 05) 


Willson Marjorie Butler 13 


Kerr Mrs Guy M. (B. M. Thompson 93) 


Weeks Mrs Otis (E. W. Vaille 04) 

Salt Lake City 

a. Alexander Mrs Daniel (M. C. Baer 08) 
Bamberger Mrs Ernest (E. F. Dooly 01) 
Dyer Winifred Henderson 10 
Greenwood Helen Barbara 15 
Heisler Mrs E. B. (L. P. Putnam 02) 
Hesselberg Tillie Beatrice 11 
Moore Margaret King 01 
Myers Sadie Rae 15 

Rosenblatt Mrs Girard B. (E. M. Klein 06) 
Severance Mrs Carlton S. (J. H. Perry 09) 
Stockman Mrs D. D. (M. E. Tuttle 15) 
Storer Mary Elizabeth 12 
Tripp Gwendolen 12 
Weber Dorothy 11 
Weber Laura Howard 14 

Bellows Falls 

Arms Caroline Holt 01 

a. Babbitt Mrs George H. (J. M. Robertson 88) 
Bodine Bertha 10 

Gray Mrs Solon G. (H. W. Simons 97) 
Judd Jessie Axtell 97 


Quinlan Florence Meriam 12 
Wallace Anna May 13 


Hale Mrs Arthur E. (E. F. Lang 95) 


Hethrington Mrs Ernest T. (M. L. Darling 05) 
Ormsbee Caroline Wyckoff 95 


Betterley Helen Mariette 13 

Brown Ruth Annie 13 

Clark Mrs Robert C. (A. K. Perkins 97) 

Esterbrook Edith Marsh 98 

a. Fitts Mrs Clarke C. (M. L. Emerson 93) 

Henshaw Mary Dana 92 

Howard Miriam Adella 14 

Osgood Ethel Lewis 02 

Ranney Orlana 08 

Rice Mrs Howard C. (A. S. Jones 01) 

Rice Marion McCune 05 

Smith Mrs Edgar B. (J. C. Morse 84) 

White Marguerite Helen 16 

Yeaw Rua Louise 10 


Dodge Anna Marion 99 


Chittenden Mrs Merritt D. (G. M. Cahee 95) 
Church Mrs Charles N. (E. S. Dalrymple 14) 
Cummings Mrs Marshall B. (L. A. Bugbee 07) 
Enright Anna Hyland 06 


Gates Hazel Merritt 06 

a. Groat Mrs George G. (E. W. Schifler 98) 

Hagar Mary Lyon 93 

Hills Bertha 15 

Lane Mrs Walter O. (E. C. Putney 99) 
Parker Mrs Frank (K. H. Lahm 97) 
Pease Sybil Huntington 13 
a. Perry Marjorie 13 

Sabin Mrs George M. (M. W. Hickok 03) 
Shattuck Helen Barnes 01 
Sparhawk Mrs Samuel (F. S. Hall 96) 
Spaulding Mrs Frank D. (M. L. Dunn 08) 


Leavenworth Mrs Philip R. (S. T. Allen 94) 


Wright Carrie Delia 10 


Adams Mrs Chauncey A. (M. Fairbanks 03) 


Carhart Anna Georgine 97 
Fahnestock Mrs Wallace W. (H. Z.Humphrey 

Haven Mrs W. LeRoy (M. L. Gilbert 10) 

East Berkshire 

Rublee Mrs Chauncy M. (E. B. Wadleigh 98) 

East Dover 

Yeaw Faith Leone 13 

East Ryegate 

MacLam Grace Ruth 10 

Fair Haven 

Walker Louise Chase 13 


Daniels Susan Elizabeth 83 


Hayes Mrs Edward C. (G. T. Osborne 02) 


Cone Alice Weston 13 

Cone Mrs Charles M. (K. E. Morris 79) 

French Louise Hewitt 09 

Stevens Mrs Roland E. (A. L. Morris 93) 

Hyde Park 

Page Alice 03 

Hamlin Mrs William R. (A. Chandler 00) 


Edson Suzane Grace 07 
McClellan Priscilla Daggett 16 


Watson Mrs Homer (T. H. Powers 13) 


Perkins Jane Holmes 10 
Perkins Ruth Shattuck 10 


Foye Mrs Wilbur G. (E. L. Ryder 10) 
Means Elinor Haven 10 
Means Margaret Appleton 10 
Wilds Elizabeth Piatt 10 
Wilds Sophie Emeline 07 


Blanchard Edith 02 

Bliss Mrs Robert F. (L. M. Bailey 03) 

Harlow Helen 14 


Hale Mary Kimball 07 


Root Mrs George F. (E. M. Baldwin 00) 


Brown Helen Gould 12 


DuBois Mary Susan 93 

Randolph Center 

Sawin Mrs Edward H. (J. F. Parker 83) 


Clement Maud Morrison 15 

Dana Mrs Edward (H. M. Dunton 81) 

Dana Marion 04 

Dunton Edith Kellogg 97 

Gary Marion 05 

Harwood Mary Emma 93 

c. Lovely Mrs John E. (H. L. Whittemore*13) 

Nelson Mrs William H. (C. L. Montgomery^) 

Perkins Emelie Munson 10 ggg 

Perkins Louise Childs 02 

Pond Mrs William R. (M. D. Burnham 03) 

Thomas Marion 10 

Tuttle Berenice Rachel 02 

St Albans 

Austin Mrs Roswell M. (K. M. Sewall 09) 
Clark Mrs Frederic B. (M. S. Ditman 11) 
Merritt Florence Mabel 07 

St Johnsbury 

Braley Carolyn 95 

Brooks Mrs Jonas H. (M. E. McLeod 96) 
Fairbanks Charlotte 94 
Stone Mrs Arthur F. (H. S. Lincoln 88) 
Young Mrs Walter H. (N. Gray 89) 


Brooks Mrs H. Kibbe (M. A. Read 00) 

Wells River 

a. Warren Mrs Arthur (L. C. Ricker 08) 

White River Junction 

Gillette Helen Burns 13 

Page Mrs Hutcheson (S. Grant 03) 


Davis Mrs Gilbert F. (A. M. Hoye 00) 
Galleher Eleanor Margaret 13 


Billings Charlotte Lane 16 

Burbridge Mrs Hereward (J. A. Oakes 94) 

Connett Mrs Lyndon R. (C. Morrow 98) 


Lewis Mamie Jay 11 

Buena Vista 

Wood Elizabeth Marshall 09 

Falls Church 

Cobb Ruth 14 


Clement Fannie Fletcher 03 


Hidden Mrs William H. jr (I. D. McKee 82) 


Goodrich Anna Mason 92 
Jones Dorothy Louise 13 


Thompson Mrs Arthur H. (A. D. Kincaid 04) 

Ivy Depot 

Greene Esther Follansbee 01 


Laws Mrs Herbert X. (B. B. Reeves 99) 



Cubberly Mrs George (A. J. Ellis 03) 
Jones Mrs Harry T. (C. Roddey 12) 
Stock Mrs Harold F. (J. A. McKey 12) 


Johnson Mrs Cameron (B. Richardson 94) 
Street Mrs George L. jr (F. L. Prince 08) 
Tilghman Mrs Howard (E. G. Cherryman 12) 

Richmond College 

Ryland Mrs Garnett (L. Payne 08) 


Purdy Mildred Irene 11 

Crystal Springs 

Gazzam Lea 13 


Broughton Mary 14 


Mersereau Mrs Eugene L. (L. Parker 08) 
Mersereau Mrs Roland W. (E. Parker 08) 


Williams Marjorie Lurline 13 


Honeyman Mrs Arthur (C. Parker 03) 

Port Angeles 

Clark Mrs Walter M. (S. T. Keniston 03) 


Robinson Mrs Carlton (H. L. Spencer 07) 


Hewett Mrs Freeman R. (A. T. Mitchell 06) 


Baker Wilma C. 10 
Coe Frantzel 14 

Colby Mrs William R. jr (A. W. Roberts 07) 
Craven Inez Helena 10 
Crowder Mrs Herbert A. (K. C. Kerr 08) 
Cruden Gertrude 07 

Curtis Mrs Frank I. (E. K. Freeland 86) 

Evans Ruth 12 

Gillette Alletta Maria 07 

Gott Mrs Edgar N. (A. E. Biggs 12) 

Graves Eva Wing 08 

Harrah Mrs Edgar E. (F. F. Curtis 10) 

Heilbron Adelaide 15 

Keyes Louise 08 

Leitch Harriet Elizabeth 06 

MacBriar Mrs Wallace N. (R. P. Flather 06) 

Marple Mrs Lucius E. (M. T. Folsom 92) 

Perry Helen Jeannette 05 

Proctor Alvara 07 

Reid Dora Allan 07 

Smith Mrs Everett (M. F. Dibble 81) 

Stewart Mrs Lambert (E. F. Kilbourne 08) 

Swift Mrs George W. (F. H. Schricker 07) 

Wanamaker Mrs Allison T. (M. H. Allmond 08) 

Welles Mrs Robert (M. Seeley 10) 

Wright Mrs Raymond G. (E. McPherson 07) 

South Bellingham 

Gamwell Hester Thacher 13 


Bacon Mary Randall 11 

Bartleson Mrs Charles A. (S. H. Mason 09) 

o. Bean Margaret 13 

Clarke Norma Willis 13 

Dart Hazel Julia 13 

Dow Doris Stella 12 

Ferris Mrs Joel E. (C. L. Hughes 08) 

Graves Mrs James C. jr (E. R. Goldthwait 99) 

Hooper Elizabeth Mary 16 

Neill Jessie Evelyn 15 

Phelps Marion Eveline 16 

Putnam Mrs Charles H. (M. B. Clark 94) 

Rue Mabel 08 

Schelly Mrs Ralph P. (R. L. Allyn 12) 
Strong Mrs Stewart R. (R. Bartle 08) 
Tripp Evelyn Atwood 12 
Wentworth Laura Lucille 12 
Wentworth Winnifred Edith 11 


Browne Mrs Arthur G. (E. L. Roberts 06) 
Church Mrs Eugene (L. A. Husted 88) 
Hunt Mrs Charles C. (M. L. Luce 87) 
Morse Mrs Willard V. (E. A. MacRobert 06) 
Preston Adelaide Belle 95 
Slagle Virginia 13 

Tarr Mrs Raymond P. (F. M. Cox 00) 
Wilson Genevieve 12 


Norton Mrs Carl J. (E. P. Huggins 07) 


Rine Mrs Walter B. (M. E. Hurlburt 03) 

Walla Walla 

Ayers Julia Caswell 06 

Beardsley Marion Way 11 

Lane Martha Grace 04 

Wylie Mrs Edgar B. (E. G. Hulbert 86) 

White Salmon 

Wells Mrs William R. (M. D. Plummer 11) 


Wallace Myra Louise 11 


Hall Mrs Harvey H. (F. M. Foster 11) 
Tolman Mrs E. Mayo (R. Dunbar 08) 


Moore Mrs Thomas W. (H. P. Hallock 97) 


Hugus Elizabeth Ward 16 
Hyde Mrs W. Francis (F. E. Keith 97) 
Mitchell Mrs William A. (M. N. Brady 12 class 
of 11) 

Terry Mrs Claude P. (C. P. Gillis 11) 


Freeman Angeline Smith 15 
Harwood Anne Penfield 09 


Rowell Mrs Wilfrid A. (T. Peck 94) 

De Pere 

Jackson Elizabeth Higgie 10 

Grand Rapids 

Berkey Marion Sarah 16 

Green Bay 

Fisk Elsie Irene 16 
o. Fisk Mary 13 


Gibbon Dorothy Stewart 14 


Whyte Mrs Jessel C. (R. Johnson 13) 

La Crosse 

Brindley Mrs Thaddeus H. (A. A. R. McCord 

Colman Anna 14 
Cunningham Laura 15 


Gordon Margery 16 
Hankerson Jeannette 16 
a. Hogan Gertrude 90 
Martindale Henrietta 13 

Lake Geneva 

Bodenschatz Rubina Lina 09 


Carpenter Mary Frances 90 
Cerf Mrs Barry (E. P. Owen 07) 
Dawson Mrs Percy M. (A. W. Learned 94) 
Ewing Mrs Addison A. (E. Learoyd 92) 
Fox Mrs Philip R. (K. Brigham 00) 
Frederickson Marion Emma 10 
Kiekhofer Mrs William H. (G. Owen 11) 
Koelker Mrs William F. (E. S. Steele 99) 
Mason Martha 94 

Mendenhall Mrs Charles E. (D. M. Reed 95) 
Sawtelle Amy Leslie 08 
Stevenson Mary Goodman 09 


Copeland Mrs William R. (A. H. Young 96) 

Finger Hazel Louise 14 

Flanders Mrs Roger Y. (A. L. Hoyt 10) 

Frink Miriam 15 

Goetz Else Wilhelmina 15 

Kerr Mina Mahala 00 

Kitchel Anna Theresa 03 

LeCran Mrs Wilbur L. (S. Watkins 02) 

Leidersdorf Mrs Carl B. (E. K. Levy 04) 

Lindsay Mrs John M. (G. Steiner 09) 

Pearse Ruth 15 

Rawson Marion Gladys 14 

Rost Elizabeth Nadjy 14 

Schlesinger Alma Carrol 10 

Sherman Mrs Lewis jr (M. E. Rost 10) 

Smith Sybil Laura 04 

Treat Anna Bigelow 03 

Usher Dorothy Bliss 13 

Wright Alice 01 

Wright Helen Ethel 00 


Farrington Mabel Idell 97 


Lavenas Mrs Fernando (M. L. Sullivan 11) 


Horsfall Mrs William N. (L. W. Hastings 03) 


Pearman Mrs T. E. (M. Capelle 99) 


Cole Vera Giddings 13 

Killam Mrs S. Douglas (F. D. Forbes 09) 

British Columbia 

Brown Mrs Philip L. (C. S. Clark 05) 


Walston Mrs Marion C. (J. E. Northrop 04) 

New Brunswick 

Campbell Mrs Grover C. (B. L. Johnson 03) 
Ganong Susan Brittain 99 
Smith Maude Ketchum 10 


Kerwin Alice Maud 06 

New Richmond 

Smith Helen Louise 15 


Downes Mrs Robert H. (N. M. Brown 06) 
Hill Adalene Rogers 08 
Mainland Mary Bell 14 


Anderson Mrs R. M. (A. Myers 05) 
Wilson Mrs George B. (H. T. Lewis 98) 


Perry Katharine Neely 13 
Perry Mildred Rudd 10 


Sherman Cathleen Alberta 04 

Imig Mrs George F. (M. O. Schureman 06) 
Schureman Mildred Alice 11 


a. Hill Mrs Louis T. (A. B. Richardson 94) 


Bond Nancy Kimball 12 
Hanitch Mary 12 


Gesell Margaret Elizabeth 09 


a. Manson Virginia 03 

Williams Bay 

Gushee Vera Marie 16 

Wind River 

Ross Adeline Rebecca 99 


Nova Scotia 

Archibald Rosamond Mansfield 07 
Vaughan Hilda Estelle 09 


Allen Mrs George F. (R. L. Homer 99) 
Cruikshank Mrs D. Phelps jr (E. T. Babcock 

Davidson Mrs William G. (V. B. Urquhart 10) 
a. Fairbairn Mrs Rhys D. (I. D. Aikins 96) 
Holden Mrs Samuel H. (L. C. Milliken 09) 
McLaurin Dorothy 09 
Rogers Mrs Arthur C. (F. C. Allen 09) 


Acton Mrs Edward H. (Y. Stimson 10) 
Bonney Mrs Harry C. (H. J. Lytle 08) 
Hackett Mrs John T. (L. Harding 05) 
Lyman Mrs Frank D. (E. S. Wilson 10) 
Playfair Mrs Wilfrid E. (H. L. Smith 07) 
Ray Anna Chapin 85 
Stearns Dorothy Martha 16 


Ward Mrs Arthur A. (A. Bookwalter 03) 


Neal Mrs Homer C. (C. W. Newhall 10) 



Crane Katharine Priest 97 

Dyer Lora Genevieve 03 

Gardner Marian Wakelee 13 

Johnson Elizabeth Holmes 13 

Leavens Mrs Dickson H. (M. L. Browning 10) 

Lenhart Laura Edna 08 

Liu Fung Yan 15 

Mead Frederica Rutherford 11 

Mitchell Julia Post 01 

Neumann Mrs George B. (L. M. Stockwell 07) 

Paine Theodora Lucy 96 

Patton Mrs Charles E. (I. Mack 98) 

Pettus Mrs William B. (S. L. DeForest 01) 

Pickett Beatrice 00 

Pickett Julia 98 

Roys Mrs Charles K. (M. Milham 00) 
Scott Mrs Charles E. (C. E. Heywood 00) 
Tomlin Olive Bird 13 

Van Deusen Mrs Courtland (M. Lorenz 14) 


Fisk Mrs Joseph B. jr (G. E. Breckenridge 97) 
Hulse Mrs Hiram R. (F. B. Seymour 97) 


Clay Mrs Howard (E. C. Fisher 92) 
Lakin-Smith Mrs Clifford (M. A. Fabens 03) 
Mark Bessie 03 

Robin Mrs Arthur (E. P. Arnold 06) 
Rogers Mrs Charles K. (A. Willmer 81) 
Sawbridge Mrs Charles W. (E. H. Howe 96) 
Wallace Mrs W. K. (W. W. Dewing 02) 
Seelye Finette Scott 90 

Whitcomb Mrs Philip W. (G. V. McClintock 


Heaume Mrs Clarence R. (S. A. Brouwer 13) 


Geeding Mrs Asa H. (E. G. Schleier 95) 
Hammond Juliet 94 
Hoiles Bee Seymour 09 


Ingelfinger Mrs Joseph (E. G. Holden 95) 
Schlick Mrs Moritz (B. G. Hardy 03) 


Hartog Mrs Martin (F. T. Plaut 11) 
ter Meulen Mrs Floris W. R. von L. (N. G. 
Dyar 97) 


Beals Mrs Lester H. (R. Fairbank 95) 
Clark Mrs Alden H. (M. S. Whitcomb 00) 
Edwards Mrs Preston H. (M. E. Griffith 03) 

Evans Mrs Thomas A. (M. D. Fairbank 99) 
McBride Mrs Arthur (E. H. Viles 03) 
Stuntz Mrs Clyde B. (F. A. Watters 11) 
White Bessie Matilda 07 


Brewster Mrs Earl H. (A. L. Barlow 02) 


Bennett Mrs Charles R. (M. D. Freeman 08) 

Cobb Mrs Edward S. (F. Brooks 00) 

DeForest Charlotte Burgis 01 

Fujita Mrs Unjiro (T. Ninomiya 10) 

Loomis Clara Denison 00 

Murray Mrs D. A. (A. L. A. Foster 00) 

Rees Sarah Tinsley 05 

Rumsey Florence Maria 03 

Veryard Mrs Robert K. (L. H. DeForest 07) 

Walser Mrs Theodore D. (G. Drummond 12) 


Hunt Mrs William B. (A. M. Lloyd 96) 
Pye Olive Fawcett 10 


Newcomb Mrs Clive S. (H. Seymour 09) 


McConnell Mrs R. F. (G. Otteson 11) 


Boyd Mrs Edwin R. (G. W. Lyford 11) 
Morrison Mrs David (C. L. H. Thompson 94) 
Rickey Mrs Walter J. (G. Landon 93) 


Davies Mrs B. V. (M. L. Aikens 91) 


Denton Louise Hardy 13 
Hutchinson Mildred 15 
Newcomb Clara Winifred 06 


Hamilton Caroline Frances 85 
Willard Charlotte Richards 83 


Drinkwater Mrs Frederick A. W. (A. W. Hill 


Colwell Mrs Howard S. (M. E. Stevens 11) 
Lusch Mrs Reuben M. (M. M. Smith 03) 



TT-nifArl Q+atAC 
UHllcU OlalcS 

Qt a tit c A\rn 

States and 



South Carolina 
South Dakota 



Alabama .... 








' 16 







Canal Zone . 


Washington .... 


Colorado . 



Connecticut . 



Delaware . 



District of Columbia . 

. . 73 

Florida . . . . . 

, . 13 


Hawaiian Territory 


. . 9 




i\ umber 



Argentine Republic 


Indiana . 





Bermuda Islands . 


Kansas . 




Kentucky . 



Louisiana . 








Maryland . 





. . 1752 




Federated Malay States . 


Minnesota . 




Mississippi . 



Missouri . 




Montana . 




Nebraska . 








New Hampshire 

. . 129 


New Jersey . 




New Mexico . 






North Carolina 

. . 11 

South Africa .... 


North Dakota . . . 

. . 9 











West Indies .... 



Philippine Islands 

. . 10 


Rhode Island . 


Total .... 

. 6418